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Forest Grovyle
October 31st, 2005, 1:43 PM
The PokéCommunity Artstravaganza - Results!

Hello all!

I am pleased to announce that we have the results for the contest! Before I say them, I'd like to once again thank everybody for entering, and for making this next contest a success! Also, a big thank you goes to ~*Strider*~, who came up with the idea for this competition! :D

We had a range of wonderful entries this month, and you won't believe how close it was! The first and second place entries had a total of 0.3 of a point separating them! There were also many people who just missed out on getting a spot in the top 3 - which shows how great the calibre of this contest was! All the entries were fantastic - well done everyone!

So without further ado...the results!


In first place we have...

In second place we have...

In third place we have...

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who took part in the competition! It really was a pleasure looking at all your wonderful art! :D We hope to see you entering again!

Attached are three banners that the winners can use if they so desire, and another one for participants, since this was requested last month. ^_^

On behalf of the judges, thanks again to everyone, and we're looking forward to seeing your entries for next month's contest!

--FG :)

October 31st, 2005, 1:55 PM
YAHOO!!! I won second place XD I was so scared I wouldint place in this months competition my nails are all gone o_o or what was left of them! Thank you so much for a nerve racking and some what tramatizing competition =D! :hugs everyone: this was awesome ^^ And congrats.

I also see that there is a new forth one for partisapints. Awesome ^^ you all deserved it =3 and thanks so much for the close call, I feel like me and cowrie are always rivaling in some way or another ^^ This makes are friendship closer and are watch over eachothers art secrets are possibly deeper ¬¬ at least my spying on em is . lolXD Just kiddin' bud :hugs:

Awesomecontest o_O now I only wonder if there is a judge posision open for the next one: goes to look: lol

October 31st, 2005, 2:04 PM
Congrats to everyone that got a place.

October 31st, 2005, 2:18 PM
Congrats everyone!! I didn't deserve it anyway (grunges for not finishing harpy) darn, now I forgot what the winning entrys looked like.

October 31st, 2005, 2:22 PM
Cowrie was the dragon red,
Mine was the unicorn
And Stars was a dragon to I think o.o

Crystal Clair
October 31st, 2005, 2:33 PM
Clair: Hey! Congradulations you guys! You all did awesome. Sorry, Crystal Clair cant come to the laptop right now, she's really pissed. She's cursing up a storm. She says she gave three "freaking weeks" into doing her "beautiful art". She's also high on sugar. We haven't gotten any trick-or-treaters so our girl is gulping down butterfingers. She also says to..... HEY! I cant say that! They'll ban this account!
Well, I hope Amanda gets off her sugar-high soon. I bet if she was normal and calm, she'd be modest and congradulate you all.
CC: >:[
Clair: Excuse me? *grabs candy basket* Enough sugar for you. And you all, see you around!

October 31st, 2005, 4:35 PM
well at least I tried.... *smiles* I'm entering november too...

October 31st, 2005, 9:12 PM
I know alot of people arnt happy that they didint win, but most of all it's best to remember there are other contest and the best a artist can do is get off their ares and try again =D I learned that when I was at Dadragonz oekaki and PokemonMasters oekaki ^^ It's about the only reason I whent searching for Claires web page. I knew back then that I had to prove myself worthy of somethin oO; even if it was to bust my back for a 300X300 thingie.

I know most of you did your best, Claire and Stevo I know for most sure out of everyone that entered , and you all did your best. You may feel down and like you tried your hardest and why should you try again ^^; But if you look at it , do all artists ever get it easy? some may be "Tallented" but tallent is only what you can find in the heart of determanation.

=/ Alot of people say that someone or soforth have tallents. But the only thing that makes a tallent a tallent is the hard workmanship, care and respect. You all are tallented people but the best way to keep it that way is to keep trying, it may sound like things you hear from alot of disney movies like finding nemo. But it's the truest thing you can believe in now a days. No matter how many times you try you will become what you wish when time gives it to you, there are alot of people who get it easy and right off. But it's not like its their fault or anything ^^ They just have been doing it longer or family members helped train them into sculpted artists. I myself have a mom that whent to the art instatute of chicago o_o So I already know I'm doing okay with her Comments and helpful crits ^^. But I'm one of the least popular artists elswhere which shows that sometimes not even that counts o_o ya just get a lucky run once in awhile and get seen by people who love your art.

Another thing about making artestry your passion is that there are thousands of styles. These judges have their own likes and for this contest it happend to have swung more to Furry or Scale smooth images and less to the anime portion or More modern art capasity in their eyes this time. Or more originality or less of a sertan something. When you enter contests it's sometimes very rare to even win once, Claire , you did a good job of winning last month and so did everyone els. But you cant catch all of them or people would also think it was a unfair tradeoff or that you have links. it's not always good to win them all and in the end the contests will possibly go on forever X_X. Just cause you dont win once out of 12 this year doesint meen you wont win the next, or the one after that.

You will catch someones eyes for sure. but untill that time there is no need to tell us your anger ^^ We know you worked hard and doing that just shows a sign of immature actions and may end up harming your next chance depending on the judges that enter, acting like you'rs is the only good one or that you could beat the others single handedly cause of working so long wont help ether. I once worked four months and I ended up getting voted as 25th place out of 32, you can try as hard as possible but it's making that legend or creature you are working on in possible form or Backround work.

I know you all did great and I wouldint even be abile to vote that last time if I was a judge..

o_o And yeah I know I won second. But I wasint one to complane when I lost last years contest ^^ or some new contests at deviantart. I know you may be heartbroken for loosing or ticked at the world oO; Or us. But artists are always learning that it isint the first, second,therd,forth,fith,six.ect time you draw that everybody should choose. but it's actualy the Remorce and the determanation to try again that may make you champion. The point of being a artists is to keep trying and make it as much a part of you life as everything els so that no matter what your art always comes out on top even if you dont win a contest ^^ I myself already let people know that if I won or lost I would still finish my unicorn after the contest and consider it my own badge of honor for it was my first large piece, that may have been your first piece of that kind. Or your first way in shading and what not ^^ Be proud for what happyness your piece of work brought into the world. And not what you are rewarded in turn .

I'm not meening to argue or anything ^^; Just thought I would give a little to possibly uplift your spirits. you all did a great job. no matter what anyonw says.

October 31st, 2005, 10:27 PM
I want everyone to know that I was greatly impressed by this month's entries and that it was VERY difficult for me to judge. You all did fantastic jobs and I can't wait to see more of everyone's work! ^_^It's funny you know, every month the entries are getting better and better, even though the same people and a few new faces enter. It shows that this contest is a wonderful idea and a way to push everyone to improve their skills.

Oh and FNA, I didn't know that you lived in Indiana!!!! I live in Indiana!! -dies- O_o;; ok I'm done....

November 1st, 2005, 4:12 AM
lol as expected ^-^ well done to you all. FreeNature, I told you you're hard work would pay off ^-^. A note about the contest getting better..enjoy it whilst it lasts! I've seen this happen countless times on PC then the contests just die. I hope FG is able to keep coming up with thrilling idea that make this last longer, though ML did a wonderous job in her time, and they still collapsed. Well done and good luck to everyone for the next contest ^-^

Cybex Mewtwo
November 1st, 2005, 4:16 AM
I hereby bow to all of your entries for they were incredible. I was overimpressed by all of you, and if I were to have entered that contest I would have been SMOKED! XD!

Great job all.

November 1st, 2005, 8:30 AM
lol as expected ^-^ well done to you all. FreeNature, I told you you're hard work would pay off ^-^. A note about the contest getting better..enjoy it whilst it lasts! I've seen this happen countless times on PC then the contests just die. I hope FG is able to keep coming up with thrilling idea that make this last longer, though ML did a wonderous job in her time, and they still collapsed. Well done and good luck to everyone for the next contest ^-^

I gave yours almost full marks I thought it was awesome ^^

Overlord IX
November 1st, 2005, 3:29 PM
Oh well. Congrats to those who won!!!

November 2nd, 2005, 1:11 AM
Nice, we all get the participant banner?

November 2nd, 2005, 1:18 PM
Wow...! What the heck took me so long to comment on this? >.<

Cowrie's was without a doubt awesome! Very awesome. ^___^

FNA, I was hoping you'd at least place, because you just worked so very hard on yours and I knew it was worth so much to you. Congrats.

Poke-STAR-girl (yeah whatever, I can't do Japanese on this thing), congrats to you too! I really liked yours. Very nice.


November 2nd, 2005, 1:47 PM
Congrats to Cowrie FNA and Star-girl (gives them all a cookie each ^^)
Me thought that FNA was going to win o.o

November 2nd, 2005, 7:33 PM
:munchies cookie: Nummy ^_^~ Now I'm ready for christmas!
I know:hugs: you really helped me out back there when it was only the head ^^. Same with everyone els, you all did so much I cant help but think my work and hardship was all lightened due to your cheers =3:hugs: Thank you so much, and LA I was so wishing you could enter cause I really like your work as well ^^ But thanks a whole lot for being so sweet :glomp: I really cant wait for the next contest to get alot of enteries lol ^^.

And I'm so proud of getting the second place =D I know it's not first but heck, when you think you've been snuffed out and come out in the middle ^.^ it's all good! And in a way =D if it wasint for all of you when I came to the site a year ago I would have never goten the honor to join in such a great contest ^^ So though I won second =3 all of you are the real winners.

November 3rd, 2005, 3:42 PM
You guys did awesome!Congrats to all of you!