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March 3rd, 2004, 12:39 PM
Please tell me what u ppl think about it so far..If you want to read more..Tell me and I will add chapter 2.

The Pokemon Project

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This is a FanFic project. I do not own Pokemon, Nintendo and GameFreak, and 4Kids, etc. do. Some of the characters in this book are in fact mine though.

Description: This book was written as a fanfic project. It was inspired by the TV Show "Pokemon". A young man, J-Mac, finds out that the CIA "secretly" used him as an experiment. Through this experiment, he was turned into the Pokemon Mewtwo.

I, J-Mac Paul Carthage, was born in Seattle on October 27, 1984. I was a pretty average young child living in a somewhat average family. My father was an angry man, who did some awful things, most of which was illegal. That meant that my father was wanted in several states. My sister, who was 4 years older than me, told me that he was a member of the KKK. Well, that just meant that my young life was ****.

My main young life activity was going to school. I wasn't allowed to do much else. We went to a Nazarene Church nearby. I knew my father couldn't really be a Christian. I wasn't allowed to have friends, so I became a deep follower of God. I still am a Christian to this very day.

My dad left sometime in August. I was about 11 years old at the time. He hurt my mother real badly when he left he always hurt her. He beat us, too. But she wasn't just hurt by him; she was hurt by her love for him, even though he was a real jerk, to put it kindly. She was heartbroken when he left, and this caused her to collapse in my sister's room. My sister and I tried to help her out. We called everyone we knew, to tell them what just happened and to get help.

My mother eventually healed from her heartbreak, and she began to realize what freedoms we all had now. So, she started a whole new life. We all have healed from his abuse, but he still would haunt us. He left evil spirits in my mom's room that not even the Pastor could deal with.

My post-father life became as normal as it could be. His abuse still has a lasting impression on my life. I have made some friends, but sadly I now have to make up for a childhood that I never had.

I just turned 14 when my friend, Brandon, and I decide to start a yardcare business. I've been mowing lawns for a few years, and I realized that I could make some money by mowing other peoples' lawns. That was a very fun job, indeed! I enjoyed that job so much that I still mow lawns for that extra dough.

When I was about 16 years old, I began to notice some changes. My first thought was "I must be going through that puberty crap." I was so convinced of it that I never paid much attention to those changes.

It was when I started to get weird feelings that this was somehow different when I started paying close attention to what was going on. At about this time, I received this idea of a completely non-crashable system that would be able to run perfectly, without any humans, and to be able to run any program possible. It became known as PowerBat Systems. Then a major merger put PowerBat Systems as just an OS that ran in NTEK computers.

I did so well on designing the first PowerBat that I decided to build, and run, a ship off of these computers. I had a great deal of help, after some publicity from the news. The ship was small at first, and we called it the NFS NorthStar. The first ship of NorthFleet Federation. She is the flagship, and she's still in use! I never stepped down from my command, so I am still the captain.

Soon after the NorthStar was built, I started an underground law enforcement crew called DK, the Dark Knights. It wasn't long before we became people who registered and monitored aliens on planet earth! Therefore, if anyone found out about DK, we would be screwed!

My life was going rather well, but deep down inside, something felt dramatically wrong. There were times I thought I was going against the human race, but I took nothing of it. That was until I was struggling with major mood swings, that made me think that something was definitely up, and I wanted to know what.

I went to a friend of mine, John Boring, and his wife, Rose. Well, it was a wonderful, warm summer day, so John and I were sitting outside. I was going to work on his lawn. I was sitting there in the sun, and I looked at my arms. I looked like there was white hair on my arms. I just sat there wondering how.

That night, I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that I was in a lab that was similar to the one I built on my ship, but this wasn't my lab. It had the most peculiar scent, and there were people in this lab. The only people even allowed in my lab were crewmembers. I didn't recognize these people, and they were all wearing lab coats. They were up to something, and I did not know what.

I woke up and shook it off. I almost forgot about it until I went into my lab that day.

I went over to John's house and found him outside, doing some work. I decided to ask if he needed help.

"Hey, John! Would you like some help."

"Right on, J-Mac. Sure!"

As I was helping John I was thinking if any of the strange things had any connection to my dream. By the end of the day, I decided it was nothing, and I shouldn't worry about it.

How wrong I was!

That night, I had the same dream. Now I thought something was defanantly up. I had to fin out what was going on, and I was praying that it was really nothing. Praying that it would go away.

The next day, I was looking for answers. I went straight to John's house, to see if he could help. I tried to explain to him what has been going on.

"You've been feeling strange lately? It might just be a phase, it just might go away soon," John replied.

"John, this doesn't seem like a phase. I've tried to make it go away, but it keeps coming back!"

"It might be a tough phase to drop. Just let it run its course."

"How long will that be?"

"It might end up lasting quite some time, so be patient."

"Thank you, John. You are a huge help."


"Well I've got to go. Got work to, do you know."

"Alright, see ya J-Mac."

I left Johns house, thinking it would go away. Praying it would go away.

I was terribly wrong.