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November 12th, 2005, 4:30 PM
OK. This is the best idea I've had for an RP in a looong time, so I hope it stays alive! ^_^'''

Now, this RP is about a will. Yes, a will, the kind a person makes so that when they die, their possessions will be passed on to someone of their choice. But this isn't just any will. This is the will of a billionaire president of a company. What's the real plot here, you ask? Well, here it is:


The air was still and tense that morning. To be precise, that mourning. A funeral was in process. There was a rather large crowd of obscure family and friends gathered there, some in true mourning, others hoping to recieve something from the rich old man's will.

The priest stepped up to the front, and hushed the crowd. He made his sermon, then called up family and friends from the crowd to speak about the man.

Finally, it was time for the will. The priest was handed an envelope, and he opened it ceremoniously, seemingly hopeful that he would gain something, too. But, when he unfolded the paper, a look of shock spread across his face as he read the first line.

"There must be some mistake," He told the crowd. "This isn't Mr. Richard Hendricks' will."
The crowd instantly broke out into chaos. People screamed and cried, but the majority yelled at the priest to read the note. Panicked, he hushed the crowd again and hurriedly read the note:

This is one thing I can tell you: This is not Richard's will.
In fact, Richard's will is in my hands as I am writing this, and I can also tell you that only one person deserves it.
Why I keep it from you, that is a secret.
But let it be known that only those whose name is "Requiem" may recieve it.
Only the one who claims it will get the prize.
~A. N. Requiem~

At this, the crowd was swept with murmurs. Whose name was Requiem? What's this rubbish about? A jealous wife, perhaps? These were many of the guesses made, although only a small few of them knew what it meant, for them at least.

Slowly, a tiny amount of people went upfront. There were murmurs amongst them, too. However, these were not guesses; they were facts being passed. Names being exchanged. And one word stood out: Requiem. Eventually, they steeped up to the podium and announced, "Our names are Requiem."

And so the crowd murmured more, and parted for the "Requiems" to leave.

~ 1 Month Later~

Now, the "Requiems" have become slightly famous, and there is pressure on them to get on the trail of the will. Some want to, some couldn't care less. However, an event has happened which has spurred many into action; A series of mysterious murders which had one letter left at the crime scene:

For every week you waste, another life is wasted. Find the Cunming House, there will be someone waiting there for you.
~A. N. Requiem~

Of course, it figures that the Cunming House burnt down years ago in a terrible arson fire. But that doesn't stop some curious and/or scared "Requiems" from looking . . .


Now, this is where you come in. You are one of the "Requiems" who wants the money, who wants peace, or who just wants to find the will for one reason or another. You are to find the will, claim the money, and go home happily ever after- But, of course, you must find out who A. N. Requiem is, and what do they want? Follow these rules whilst doing so:

1. No powerplaying. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH.

2. Every character is to have the name "Requiem" in their, well, name.

3. This is, as awkward as it seems, is going to be as realistic as possible. This means your character MUST be a human, and cannot have any supernatural abilities- That is, "powers", like being able to control fire or talk to animals. Again, keep it real- ish.

4. Obviously, no godmoding. Complies with above rule.

5. I AM ALMIGHTY TO THE PLOT, AND TO YOU. This means that you will stay on plot, and I will give the characters a note or event which will alter the storyline. It also eans that I have the right to turn down your character or you from the RP at any given time, and that

6. YOU MUST GIVE AN RP SAMPLE. MAKE IT COUNT. Complies with above rule.

7. Put the name of this thread at the bottom of your post in the color green if you understand these rules.

8. Try not to post too short. If you're short on time, that's OK, but for the most part at least try to get it to four lines.

9. Please make an attempt to RP correctly. No script roleplaying, use appropriate grammar and spelling, and try to stay out of the first-person view, for it can be confusing.

10. Post a lot, don't spam, and have fun!!

Ok now. The plot and rules are done, here's the sign-up sheet!

Name (MUST include the name "Requiem" somewhere):

Age (Try to keep it between 16 and 30):

Appearance (Include both a pic and description, if you don't have a pic, keep the description):

Connection to family (This one's pretty easy to get):

Background (Give things like occupation, interests, etc. here, but don't give a bio):

RP sample (Doesn't need to be too long):


OK!! That's it, so please join, let's keep it to about 5 members, ask me if you have any questions, aaaaand . . . Yea. Thanks again, please join! ^____^'''

November 12th, 2005, 5:36 PM
Name: Asmodeus Requiem

Age: 27

Appearence: (Sorry, no pics) Tall, devilishly handsome, with jet-black slick hair and a youthful face. His most prominent features are his eyes: One Yellow, one Green. Often wearing a dark suit and tie, he's an imposing figure, despite his average height and build. He always seems to be able to look right through you when he talks, and he's generally thought of to be "creepy". He speaks little about himself, and is a very solitary figure.

Connection to the family: An old friend to the deceased, back when the will was written he was a lawyer, and witnessed the affair. Since then he has quit the law practice and only takes on particular cases.

Background: Born to a rich European family, given the finest education money could buy, things looked perfect on the outside. But, alas, the beginning of Asmodeus' extrodinary, some say nefarious luck, began when he was but 16. His father was striken with Polio, and died of infection. As he died, he spasmed, and knocked aside a candle, which burned down the entire family mansion, and a great deal of the family's savings as well, which were kept in a vault inside the mansion. All of their houskeepers were killed, but his mother survived the fire, only to die two years later, in a car crash. Ironicaly, Asmodeus was able to sue the car company that his mother's car was made from, as the cause of the accident was deemed a fatal mechanical flaw. Asmodeus managed to recuperate his lost fortune, and move on to higher successs.

However, Asmodeus invested a great deal of his fortune on a large computer company, which went bankrupt two years later. However, Asmodeus was chosen to be the lawyer to close the bankrupcy suit, and ended up befriending the president of the company which bought out the bankrupted one. Made the personel attorney of the man, Asmodeus once again managed to rebuild a considerable fortune, and even got engaged.

However, on the eve of their wedding, during the reception, his wife choked on a piece of meat and died. According to her will however, written a day before, she left all of her belongings, which really only included a simple set of jewelry, to her husband.

Asmodeus, always being the inquisitive man, decided three years later to check the value of the jewels, and was astonished to find them to be worth almost 50 million dollars.

Now, after quitting his law practice in order to pursue reclusion, a considerable chunk of that money has disappeared. However, this mysterious letter has called him out of his reclusion and into the public eye once more. He desires to learn the truth over this mysterious letter, and over his friend's death, and see what turns his strange luck will lead him too next...

-Whew! That was exhausting! Does that meet approval?

November 12th, 2005, 7:26 PM
OOC: Yes. Oh, yes, you are indeed accepted fully and with much grace. Wow. ^__^''' I'm gonna post my character as soon as a few more people join. On another topic, that was my 200th post, yea. ^_^

November 12th, 2005, 9:17 PM
Congratss.:D :P :D :D

Yay for my char lol

November 13th, 2005, 9:29 PM
guess nobody was interested, huh?

November 14th, 2005, 7:47 AM
Mabye not. I invited a few people, they don't seem to be interested. Might post it later when more people are online.

.-'Infernal Hylian'-.
November 14th, 2005, 8:34 AM
Name Aqualic Requiem

Age: 18

Appearance: Long dark hair with white streaks

Connection to family: Richards wifes sisters son

Background: Caring. Angry when criticised. Generally outgoing and understanding
RP sample: Keeping things Back the tears in my eyes i spoke to her, battling against the pian that burned and raged within my very soul. I wanted to scream and shout but my brain wouldn't let me.

November 15th, 2005, 8:15 PM
Name: Arlyn 'Hawkeye' Requiem

Age: 17

Appearance: (sorry, no pic) Arlyn's most noticeable feature is her hair. You could recognize her from a mile away, because her ebony black hair falls down to her knees, with her bangs cast to the side. Her height is slightly above average, but not too tall. Her figure is curvy and alluring, with slender details to her legs, arms, and torso, and Arlyn's face is delicate and carved. However, if not for her eyes, Arlyn would be most appealing. Arlyn's eyes are pure silver. They give her a ghostly look, illuminating her pale skin and boring into every soul that passes. That is why people sometimes call her 'hawkeye', because those piercing silver orbs have a pupil of only a slit, making any glare seem stealthy and dangerous. Arlyn's first impressions are usually less positive due to her eerie glance, leaving her with few friends. Arlyn's clothes vary. She usually wears the same color that matches her mood of the day. But she despises shorts and short skirts.

Connection to family: Daughter of a distant female relative of Richard Hendrick. She was there when the will was to be read.

Background: Details are mysterious, but some answers were wrestled from clues. Arlyn's mother was a kind woman who was widowed when her husband passed away from an unknown disease. Soon, the woman too, passed away, at the work of the same, bizarre sickness. Their names are unknown by everyone but Arlyn. Left alone in a world so cold, Arlyn struggled to keep the bright side of life in view. But things only got worse when her new foster parent turned out to be abusive. She was the slave of the house, and the woman who pledged to take care of Arlyn would beat her. After such traumatizing experiences, Arlyn's personality changed into something she had never wanted before.

Arlyn's occupation is unknown, like many other details of her life. She makes little money, but she gets by... somehow. The only thing her foster father would do for her was pay her school tuition. Arlyn also likes to sing and is fairly good at it. She also has interests in things unknown. Arlyn likes to confuse people with her misty voice.

When she turned 16, her foster father kicked her right out of the house and into the incoming traffic of life. Alone and tragically scared, Arlyn was forced to live on her own. She worked twice as hard and could barely afford an apartment and food. Arlyn was advised by her few friends to take out a loan, but she refused, saying that she would not like to put off her troubles and rest them on someone else's shoulders, even if it was their duty.

Arlyn's past has caused her to become closed away from the world, rarely trusting anyone due to her loneliness and neglect. All she wants is happiness, and to go back to her original self. She beleives that there is someone out there who can show her that there is more to the world than just darkness...

~Ok, LishaKara, the insane toaster has FINALLY arrived. But! There will be no insane-ness for this RP, I guess. ^^ It took me awhile...

November 15th, 2005, 8:58 PM
(Everyone has Asmodeus' last name, yet no relations...creeepy...:P :bandit: )

November 16th, 2005, 6:59 AM
*shifty eyes* Yes, creeeeepy... :D

.-'Infernal Hylian'-.
November 16th, 2005, 12:17 PM
i can't wait to get started... as long as i can play too that is.

Grey Fox
November 16th, 2005, 8:44 PM
Name: Kristopher Requiem

Age: 17

Appearance: Average height, medium build, shoulder-length, brown hair with blond highlights visible at a closer inspection, odd magenta/red eyes, a scar across the bridge of his nose. Often wears black, and red. (Basically, my avatar.)

Connection to family: Despite his being at the funeral, he's not quite sure how he's connected to the family (read background for more info on this.) Although, while he was in a coma, he oftened mentioned A. N. Requiem, and brother, often, although these could've been completely random.

Background: Kristopher Requiem came to the funeral a wealthy entrepenuer, with a clear sense of purpose, and a clever wit.
He left in an ambulence, barely able to cling on to the basic knowledge that kept him healthy and employed.
Kristopher went to a local convienence store after the funeral, why he was there, is unknown, what is known, however, is that he left comatose.
He walked there, it was across the street from the ceremony, and he was young.
When he got there, a young man pulled a gun on him, and shot him several times.
Kristopher recovered a week later with retrograde amnesia, while he still knew basic skills, such as reading and writing, he forgets where he learned these, how he learned these, he didn't even remember his name at first.
Now Kristopher has learned of the will, and believes that if he can solve that mystery, he may be able to figure out some of his own past.

RP sample: Kristopher relaxed, his muscles calmed, and his heart returned to a normal pace. He had just awoken from a terrible nightmare, he felt the bullet holes in his shoulder, leg, and arm.
They were healing.
He sighed, it had been a month since the accident, he was sure he'd be over it by now.
But he was not.
He, had however, gotten a new sense of purpose, he learned that he was one of "the Requiems", which meant he had to find some dead guy's will in order to find out who he was.
Not his first method.
But it would do. He quietly went back to sleep, tomorrow, he would investigate at the Cunming House, tomorrow, he would find answers.
Requiem Will

November 20th, 2005, 11:52 AM
Ok, everybody, I have an important announcement to make. LishaKara is unable to use her computer at her house, and therefore must use the school library. However, our middle school (yes, I know her in person ^^) has banned PC from the server. So when Lisha can log in, she is going to re-make the Requiem Will thread. She asked me to tell you this because she herself can't. ^^ Sorry everyone, this RP will be completely active once the one and only LishaKara is back! I would start myself, but I felt it would be really confusing, since this really wasn't my idea. And I wouldn't want to face the wrath of Lisha. O____o;; *shifty eyes* XD

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November 22nd, 2005, 1:06 AM
ok. if this is so i should suggest you get a mod to lock the thread.