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November 18th, 2005, 9:33 PM
OOC: Before we start, this is my own take on the naruto universe, therefore, I have the abilities to take whatever liberties I want.

IC: For some time, ninjas have been a very secretive group. But nothing can be kept exclusive forever. Occasionally secrets leaked, and soon there were quite a few people who had their own ninja training, at leas the basics. They gathered together over time, primarily in the USA, and with their training, developed their own, unique style of ninjitsu, much more varied than any other. There are several, sparratic groups across the country, but the main group is the Clan of Balance. We all begin as "students" at this school, (If you want another position, you need to ask permission via PM or msn, and get my approval for it first.) On our first day, assigned to our teacher. There's not very much tradition in this school, but there are some left, such as three students to a teacher, though there are exceptions to this rule, and so on.

Skills: (General abilities, nothing specific, or jutsu/techniques)
Personality: Optional
History: Optional
Special Techniques/Jutsus: Optional, can also count for "special" abilities.
RP sample: Typical rules apply

November 19th, 2005, 8:37 AM
Name: Stanlex Sparrow

Age: 13

Gender: male

Description/appearance: red flame coming out of the left half of face, usualy has black hat covering it, gold eyes, his hair is normally brown, wears red shirt that says "you play with fire, your gonna geeet burned" in black text and has black flames at each opening, wears black jeans and red shoes with black flames on them

Skills: swords and prank items(whoopie cusions, sneeze powder, ect.)

Personality: loves pulling pranks and making friends, make him mad and its your mistake

History: an outcast looking for a home, dosnt really have that many friends because he is a freak

Special Techniques/Jutsus: can create an dmanipulate fire, this is his main form of combat

Other: carries prank items for fighting and for, well, pranks

RP sample:

'where am i?'

'why am i here?'

all these thoughts rushed through my head as i saw myself standing below me

i looked around and saw neko take a knife up to her room and stick it under her pillow

'gonna have to watch out for that'

i woke up suddenly and got out of bed

'could she really have that knife?' i thought to myself

i walked out of my room and into neko's

i reached under her pillow and pulled out the knife

'oh my god....' i thought

i had seen this, yet i wasnt there, how was this possible?

(will that do?)

November 19th, 2005, 7:25 PM
Name: David
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description/appearance: Lost from the traditional clothung style, David is 5'11" with short red hair and deep blue eyes. He wears a navy blue shirt, with a small diagnol cross on the upper right. He always wears a pair of navy blue jeans, as well as black running shoes, and he wears a navy baseball cap, no symbols and such on it. David has an average build, and has a gold chain necklance on his neck, and a black watch on his left wrist.
Skills: Chakra forming, melding, and manipulating
Special Techniques/Jutsus:
Healing Flame Jutsu- A jutsu that creates a flame, that can either damage or heal, depending on what the user specifies.

Kiddie Jutsu- A jutsu that transforms its user into a kid for as long as he or she pleases. You'd think of this as a pointless ability, but it's not.

~*LiZzIe BoRdEn*~
November 19th, 2005, 7:54 PM
Name: Crystal Bensley
Age: 13
Gender: female
Description/appearance: Long Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights, blue eyes, tall and thin. She is wearing a light pink tank-top, with blue-jeans. She is also wearing her hair up into a pony-tail, with flip-flops on her feet.
Skills: Guns, Swords, some pranks, swift fighting, tough, strong.
Personality: Careing, loving, lovable, friendful.
History: None Given
Special Techniques/Jutsus: None Given
Other: None Given
RP sample: *She walked into the room, looking around quietly, calling out* "Hello?...." *She felt around the dark room, feeling for a light switch to turn on, but no luck;she carefully tries to take out her weapon, but then is suddenly attacked*

November 19th, 2005, 8:05 PM
Name: Haruka Rowen
Age: 13
Description/appearance: Haruka is a typical looking girl with shoulder lengthed black hair and a bright green eyes. She's short for her age and quite skinny. She wears a long sleeved white turtlenecked shirt with a picture of panda and a black shorts. She also wears a knee lengthed black socks and a white sneakers. She also has a bracelet which is a yellow star shaped beads.
Skills: kunais and genjutsu (she's weak at chakra controlling and taijutsu)
Personality: Cheery kind of person, but gets mad at certain things. She may sometimes be stubborn, but generally a good person.
Special Techniques/Jutsus: Forest no jutsu- Can control plants around her at her will (like attacking opponents), but uses a huge amount of chakra (and that means she doesn't use it much,unless it's needed.
Leaf blade no jutsu- Create a knife like leaf and use it against general enemies.
other:Loves spring and forests, she hates being called short (or any kind of word that is similar to it) and gets really angry. She's not good at hand to hand combat, so she usually attack from the distance.
RP sample: I'll put it later.

November 20th, 2005, 11:40 AM
Name: Kay Hyuuga
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description/appearance: Me (http://photobucket.com/albums/b301/Kay11190/th_KayNinjaByakugan.png)
Skills: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu
Special Techniques/Jutsus:

Jyuken-This is the opposite of the Tekken Taijutsu style. The attacks are softer, more open palm, and cause damage by flowing chakra into the opponent's inner coil system of chakra veins and tenketsu.

Hakkeshou Rokujuu Yonshou-A Taijutsu technique utilizing the Byakugan and the Jyuken. With the ability to see the inner coil system, the ninja performs a series of graceful movements while attacking sixty-four of the three hundred and sixty-one tenketsu.

Other: Has the Byakugan Bloodline Limit
RP sample:"What the heck is going on downstairs" Kay said getting out of bed again and rushing to see. When he got there he saw Stanlex hurtling across the room and Neko on all fours watching him. This has to stop guess I have no choice but to use the move I've been working on He thought trying to remember the seals. "Nipou Kagemane no Jutsu!" Kay called out sending shadows to bind both Neko and Stanlex. "Gotcha you both he said as both the shadows and stopped thier movement. "What are you all doing, are you trying to kill each other? If you are I'll help since I braught shuriken just in case and I'll make it quick. So either stop fighting or I'll have to put you out of your misury."

November 20th, 2005, 11:50 AM
Name: Sheiro Harata
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Skills:Chakra Manipulation, Meditation
Special Techniques/Jutsus: Ryujutsu (Jutsu, where she can create a Dragin like attack out of elements.), and Water clone Jutsu

RP sample: "Gary, use your Mirror Coat then use a Hydro Pump on Alakazam!" I shouted as I watched an uninterested group of people. "Tough crowd to please I guess..."

Gary went into his shell then it began to glow into a Silvery Mirror that blasted a more powerful Confusion right back at Alakazam. Kaze soon began to worry.

"Fai, it will be over next turn, I can tell that Gary is not even hurting. I mean there are two more moves it knows and I think one of them could knock it out."

"Gary, now use Hydro Pump and then use an Earthquake!" I shouted listening to what Kaze had to say, but to caught up in the battle. "Kaze, don't worry, I just want to be able to beat him badly."

Gary used a Hydro Pumo that shot at Alakazam full force the jumped ten feet into the air and jumped down, creating a giant earthquake leveling the sidewalk three feet into the ground.

"I think you should call Alakazam back, I have things to do eight now. My group and I have to go into the hotel and do somethings right now."

November 20th, 2005, 5:56 PM
Name:Robert Pryce

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Description/appearance: He used to look normal, but his early experiments unsupervised with chakra altered his appearance. He has very tan skin, but not bronze, with bright, gleaming red eyes. He has jet black hair, that he styles a haphazard mass of spikes, with metallic red streaks going through it. He wears a remarkeably soft leather coat, usually with jeans and black and white tennis shoes.

Skills: He dpoesn't have too much defined skill yet, but he contains an insane ammount of raw power, both physical, and in terms of chakra

History: (I despise this section, so all you're getting is a nutshell, so there! ;p) He was raised for most of his life, and taught what he learned of being a ninja from his parents, until he decided to try expirimenting with chakra flows outside of his body. At first it went all right, until one expiriment killed his parents,and nearly him,, warping his appearance and abilities, which has a lot to do with his current personality.

Special Techniques/Jutsus:

Chaos Jutsu: By focusing his emotions into a torrent, he can unleash them in a massive chakra attack, that can vary in form.

Control Jutsu: By focusing on a voice of emotion however, and upon a single goal, he can temporary slow time for all the world around him,. or speed time for himself, he's not sure which it is.

IC: I grumbled as I sat in the field by a massive tree, waiting. I didn't really care that it was an 'honor' that Master Washu had taken an intrest in me, and wanted to teach me, but I was going to be teaming up with two other "rookies" one of them Named David, and the other Cecilia. What kind of a name was Washu? To top it all off, I was the only one who was here on time!

November 20th, 2005, 6:34 PM
"Yo, you're Robert, right?" I questioned the boy sitting under the fairly large tree as I approached him, a large bag flung over my back.. "I'm David, I believe I'll be working with you from this point on. I specialize in healing techniques of sorts. What about you?" It was easy to tell the strengths and weaknesses of others based on their appearance. This guy seemed pretty strong. I'd never be a match for him if I was to fight him.

November 20th, 2005, 6:39 PM
I opened my eyes, the bright red focusing on him. So this was david. Not too bad, having someone who could heal might come in handy... "Yeah, I'm Robert." I said, pausing. I didn't like giving away anyhting, but if I was going to be working with him... "Power, I don't have that much technique or control yet, but I can harness massive ammounts of Chakra to suit my purposes." I said, before returning to my cross-legged position under the tree, my arms across my chest, and my arms closed. Well, this wasn't too bad, but where were the other two? Washu especially, wasn't she supposed to be our TEACHER?

November 20th, 2005, 6:42 PM
ooc; eesh, can Mari still join~? X3;

Name: Cecilia, or simply Cecily, Raine
Age: 13
Gender: Female

Description/appearance: With shoulder length light brown hair and piercing emerald eyes, Cecily stands at five feet. She has a slender, though somewhat athletic, frame and cheeks that are almost always a shade of pink. She wears a sleeveless black bodysuit and a loose yellow shirt that shows her shoulders on top. She wears an armband on her left arm and fingerless gloves cover her hands.

Skills: Ninjutsu and Taijutsu. She lacks control, but makes up with her vitality; it seems that her energy never fades. She is rather good at mimicking as well. She isn't from a family or clan that has a bloodline which permits them the ability of copying other jutsus, as Sharingan would, she simply loves mimicking people.

Personality: In a nutshell, she's a mix of fiery, dense, and energetic. She has a hot temper and is bound to explode after a few insults towards herself of her friends. She's the type that acts before thinking.

History: *ish feeling lazy*

Special Techniques/Jutsus: Other than the basics, she only knows onewell, so far.

Awa no jutsu//Bubble jutsu [X3]: Cecily has the choice of either forming literally hundreds of bubbles, in the normal small bubble size, and use it offensivelyit might not look like it, but it can hurt you. She can even transfer more chakra through the jutsu in order to make more powerful, but, of course, she doesn't know how exactly to do it.

The other form of the jutsu is a defensive type; she could form a huge bubble that acts as a barrier. The barrier can defend attacks against simple kunais or shurikens, but fairs badly when it is against another stronger jutsu.

November 20th, 2005, 6:45 PM
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November 20th, 2005, 6:53 PM
Kay continued across the field trying to remember the directions he had been given the previous day. "Alright the meting spot shoud be around here somewhere." He said to himself crossing a small clearing. As he continued he came upon a tree with two people under it who seemed to be waiting for something. "Ummm hi I'm Kay, I'm guessing you two are David and Robert." he said a bit nervous seeing as he wasn't to good with meeting new people.

November 20th, 2005, 7:37 PM
There still an open spot?

Name: Hayate Uchiha
Age: 15
Gender: male
Description/Appearance: He has jet black hair and Onyx eyes. His hair is slightly pulled back by a blue head band and his bangs falls down towards his eyes. He wears a navy blue shirt ,with a white undershirt, and a tan-colored shorts. He wears a pair of blue shoes with white stripes on the side. He carries a shuriken/kunai holder on his right leg.
Skills: Ninjutsu & Taijutsu
Personality: (Try guessing it as the thread progresses. :P)
Special Techniques/Jutsus:
Sharingan: A.K.A. The Mirror-Wheel Eye. This eye can see what's real and what's not. It also allows the user to copy other ninja's abilities excluding Bloodline Techniques.
Katon: Gyokakyuu no Jutsu- A fire technique. The user accumulates chakra to his chest and blows a gaint fireball from his/her mouth.
Katon: Ryuuka No Jutsu- A fire technique. The user shoots out a large fire dragon of intense heat that can obliterate the opponent. This is the strongest of the Fire Style Techs.
Rp Sample:
Though there were numerous conversations going on, I haven't engaged in any of them. They were total strangers to me yet a bond would somehow form. Why were we, trainers, summoned? What's the purpose of the letter? Would we be traveling together? These questions stood out in my head. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to make some friends." I said to myself. "Come out guys." I tossed 4 pokeballs out. After a large blinding flash, four pokemon stood in front of me.
{Yawn... Huh? What?} The Wartortle named Stream had muttered as it stretched itself.
{Hmph. As lazy as always.} Came a reply from the Blaziken named Blaze.
{Teehee. He's always like that.} Sky, the Dragonair, spoke.
{Take it easy now Blaze.} Drizzle, a Milotic, had calmly said.
"It's good to be out huh guys? Sorry for not letting you out for so long. I was kind of busy." I explained.
{You work yourself off to much. You should rest.} Sky said.
"It's alright. I'm fine."
{I'll take that request.} Stream had said.
{You should be training more.} Blaze glared and began practicing his kicks.
{Ah poowee. I'm not you, you know.} Stream replied.
{Sigh.} Blaze shook his head.
"Ok enough. There are some new people there. We should greet them." I said.
{Uh. You haven't met them yet?} Drizzle asked.
"I. uh. Well not yet but. uh." I studdered.

November 20th, 2005, 7:41 PM
"Well this is just fine." I said as Iwalked over to three boys. "I suppose I am not the first one here then. This is going to be fun I suppose." I continued to walk over to the see of boys. The field was very clear and nice looking. I stopped several times hoping they would not notice me. "I am just going to walk up to them and say hello. I am not going to be nervous." I ran up to them blushing. "Hi, my name is Sheiro. What are all of your names?"

November 21st, 2005, 1:24 AM
Name: Bryan Lee
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Description/appearance: Messy black hair and a band-aid down his right cheek. Bryan has a chinese skin complexion and usually wears a white shirt that he surprisingly can keep clean when doing ninja tasks, black knee length shorts and black ninja sandals. Occasionally Bryan would wear black fingerless gloves, but only when in a dire situation.
Skills: Studied a lot of Bruce Lee's fighting so relies mainly on Taijutsu, his Ninjutsu skills are above average, and his genjutsu is also pass, but he seldom uses it.
Personality: Humorous and never takes things seriously. He never gives up, an advantage to learning.
History: Born in Hong Kong, Bryan emigrated to USA when he was 3. His mum was half Japanese so Bryan has a bit of Japanese culture in him.
Special Techniques/Jutsus:

'One Inch Punch' - Holds fist 1 inch away from the enemy then punches hard enough to knock the person away. A skill he learnt from studying Bruce Lee movies.

'Godai No Jutsu' [Element No Jutsu]
Bryan summons 5 balls of energy, each on his limbs in this manner http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/46/Interactions_of_Five_Chinese_Elements.png
He concentrates the energy and fires them at the opponent.

Summon No Jutsu
Bryan boasts the ability to summon 5 different creatures, the White Tiger, the Red Phoenix, the Black Tortoise, the Azure Dragon and the Yellow Dragon. This time he summons 5 balls of energy which surround Bryan like a hoolahoop. The black ball of energy (Water) points north automatically, the other ones point at their respective direction, and the Yellow ball forms an aura around Bryan. Bryan then reaches his hand to the one he wants to summon and the summoning is complete.
Other: Bryan's skills are heavily influenced by Chinese culture.
RP sample: [This will also be my starting post]
Bryan gasped. He took a sports drink and started sipping away. The garden he was practicing in was stripped bare. Some of the trees were knocked down but technically all the grass was gone with the exception of a weed or two. Bryan concentrated again. Yellow lights began to glow around Bryan 4 balls shot out, red, black, white and azure. They spun around and found the right direction. The azure ball was pointing east, the white was pointing west, the black one pointed north and the red one south. Bryan whipped out his hand and retrieved the white ball. A puff of smoke appeared as a white tiger came out. Bryan smiled. "To the fields it is, Baihu" Bryan ordered.

The white tiger roared. "Can you call me by me proper name?" the tiger grunted, annoyed by the romanization.

"Just go." Bryan called out. The white tiger nodded and sped off.

November 21st, 2005, 3:21 AM
i wathced everyone on the grass below me, i was in the tree they were all standing under

'greeat' i thought, "thats alot of people"

i got out a stinkbomb "and this should clear them out"

i activated the stinkbomb and dropped it


November 21st, 2005, 7:58 AM
"Meep, sorry! Sorry!" Cecily's arms vigorously fluttered about as she rushed towards the two boys. Even with the small sized brain of hers, she knew they were her teammates...or something like that. David and Robert, was it? "Waaah, sorry! I was going to be early, but then there was this dog who was injured and I took him home and then when I got home I saw how late it is and stuff."

She gasped for air after finish her story before waving happily at the two boys. She managed to stare a bit at the guy with crimson orbs, but then shook her head, realizing her gestures were a bit rude. "The name's Cecilia, by the way! You guys can just call me Cecily, though~!"

November 21st, 2005, 1:50 PM
I watched as the rude girl introduced herself and completely ignored me. "This is exactly why I hate meeting new people, they always ignore me..." I said as I cleaned off the smell off of me with my water jutsu. "Well I am still waiting to know all of your names if you don't mind. I mean if you want I will help you all."

~*LiZzIe BoRdEn*~
November 21st, 2005, 1:51 PM
I am sorry, but I withdraw my request to be in this rpg....

November 21st, 2005, 2:00 PM
"dang" i mutterd, as everyone was competely uneffected by the stinkbomb

"hmm....." i muttered, bringing out my larges stinkbomb

this was the smellyest stinkbomb on the market, i had two of them and the smell was unbearable

"here goes nothing" i said, i activated and dropped teh stinkbomb on the head of teh kid who had just washed off the smell of the first

it exploded as it hit his head

i put on noseclamps as the smell wafted up to the branches of the tree

i looked down and saw taht teh kids hair was plastered to his head from the liquid inside the stinkbomb

a bird fell from the tree and landed in his lap

November 21st, 2005, 2:10 PM
"Byakugan" Kay said almost scilently making a seal withhis hand."Hey who ever is in that tree sitting on the third branch from the top better stop dropping those stink bombs. Anyway my name is Kay Hyuuga, nice to meet you Cecily and Sheiro." He said bowing to them. So where is the teacher anyway, she should've been here berfore us if anything. Kay though to himself looking around for any sign of her. I wonder if she go tlost like I did.

November 21st, 2005, 4:09 PM
OOC: DM, Uzumaki, I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I cxan't let you join.

IC: Sudenly, I heard a voice right next to me say "Well, there are a lot more of you than I expected, have you been breeding or somehting?" A pink haired figure said. I looked over, and to the common eye, she was a child, her eyes held way too much knowledge though, and she seemed to be typing at a keyboard and screen made out of shadows. "Well, I suppose if too many of you prove good enough, I can direct you to another instructor." She said, crossing her legs so that she was sitting in mid air. "Anyway.. I am the great Washu, and I'll be testing you today to see if you're really anywhere near good enough to become a ninja someday."

November 22nd, 2005, 3:47 PM
OOC: DM8000, Shiney has removed you from the RP, so please don't post again. I have removed your latest post.

IC: "She's our instructor...?" I whispered to the boy, Robert, as I glanced over the woman, before with holding a laugh. This was too funny, as SHE was our instructor. She looked like a child! How could she be any better than us? This had to be some sort of practical joke. I should probably make fun of her discreetly, however.

November 22nd, 2005, 4:06 PM
"Yes, I am." She said, obviously hearing the whisper. "It takes a real genius like me to become a ninja anyway." She said, and the shadow computer dissapeared, and she put her feet on the ground. With a snap of her fingers, sparks began snapping on the ground of everyone who had made fun of her, or at least said anything for a second. "Okay kids, just to make sure you're up to speed. As a ninja, you'll be required to obtain certain items or people, who will usually be guarded heavily." She said, and trailed off.

Almost a full minute later, when no one said anything, she turned around, and walked several step away form us, and without looking back, she said "I'll be wandering this area. There are several items on my person that will let you pass the test, and some decoys. Use whatever methods you want to get them, but you have to get them from me un-damaged, is that clear?" She asked, turning back to face us. "If you have what it takes to be a ninja, it shouldn't be too difficult. Even against a genius like me!" She said, beginning to laugh hysterically as twodolls appeared on her shoulder, that looked like miniature versions of ehrself. "Washu, you're the best, the greatest!" One said, and the other replied "You're number one, Washu!" And with that, she dissapeared, as though she had never been there in the first place...

November 22nd, 2005, 5:56 PM
"Hey, wait!" Cecily yelled, calling after their instructor, who looked like she was just her age; even that Robert guy looks more teacher-ish than her. Her attempt was in vain, however, as the Great Washu had suddenly poofed away. "But I didn't understand a thing you said!"

Still baffled by the instructions Washu had given them, Cacily glanced at all the others around her, hoping at least one could explain it to her. Perhaps the only part she heard was the bragging praises those two little mini-thingies had cried out. With a quick roll of her eyes, she poked the guy next to Robert. Now, if that was Robert, then he must be David.

"Hey, can you explain what we're supposed to do? Pretty pretty please?" She whispered, her eyes darting around the room in any case Washu was really with them, vieweing what they were doing.

November 22nd, 2005, 6:32 PM
"What a showoff..." I muttered as the sparks shot out of the ground below me. Obviously to prove the point that Washu didn't like being made fun of. She then explained the task to us and dissappeared.

"Besically, we have to locate the 'genius' and steal an item from her of some sort. What that item is, however, she did not specify." I said to the younger girl in responce to her inquiry. "Well, I'm off!"

I decided it best not to bring any weapons along for this mission, since they'd only slow me down, and from that girls appearance, I'd need to be fast to catch her. I sat my pack on the ground by the tree, and ran off into the forest ahead of me. Judging by her previous reaction, I began calling out things like "Here kiddie, kiddie! Would you like a toy?" and such. It would be easier if I could lure her out.

My ears caught a sound behind me, and I made a variety of signs with my hands, a flame surrounding the area. It wouldn't damage anyone but Washu however, since that's what I wanted to do. A nearby dead tree caught in the flame suddenly flew back to life, its leaves restoring to their original glory. Another sound caught my attention, and I ran at it with amazing speed, reaching out to it...

November 22nd, 2005, 6:48 PM
I was thinking hard, and slowly, an idea began to take shape. I slipped off at the first oportunity I got, deciding to go for a less honorable tactic... Washu turned, and seeing David right on her, she delivered a lightning fast, and extremely painful sounding kick to the stomach. But before gravity even had time to take effect, she held her hands together in an advanced symbol, and a beam of orange light shot right into him, sending him flying backwards. "I suppose you'll be a good test for my new Jutsu!" She said triumphantly, though not really suprised. She was a master, after all...

November 23rd, 2005, 10:07 AM
Kay watched David and Robert from the entrance of the forest with his Byakugan trying to figure out a way to get passed her. She's too fast, theres no way I can get passed her. Kay thought to himself seeing her stand triumphant over th other two. He then entered the forest with caution trying his best to avoid beeing seen. Alright I just need to wait for those two to give me an opening then I might be able to get one of those objects for everyone.

November 23rd, 2005, 2:19 PM
Cecily carefully watched as David made the initial attack, noting the hand seals he executed. His jutsu seemed to have needed control at most, without it he could accidentally burn even himself. She sighed. Great, a cool-looking jutsu and she can't handle it.

Ugh, Ceciy, concentrate. Ridding of her previous thoughts, her eyes darted towards their instructor. After David explained it, the task seemed rather simple. But then she had to go all showoff-y with her new jutsu. She was lightning fast, super strong, and really sly. One alone can't stop her.

After Washu had delivered her jutsu, Cecily warily inched her way forward. She couldn't risk performing the only jutsu she knew so quickly, so she stuck with the basics. Seeing as she was a bit distracted by David, she quickly rushed towards Washu, throwing three kunai knives.

It would prove futile, but she needed to get close to her, right?

November 23rd, 2005, 6:03 PM
As the beam disappeared, a tree branch was left flying to the ground, and a group of four much sharper sticks flew out from the trees at Washu, coming at her from the opposite direction of the kunai knives. When they were close enough to her, I jumped out of the spot in which I was hiding at, and threw a kunai knife of my own, before leaping at her, ready to grab the item when she attempts to defend herself. Just what did that beam do though...

November 23rd, 2005, 6:08 PM
Washu stood behind david, and gently poked him on the shoulder. "You can have that doll if you want," She said, sounding slightly confused. "But I gotta ask that you don't do anything innapropriate to it, you know?" Sure enough, whgat david had grabbed a hold of had somehow become a life sized, and obviously fake Washu doll. The branches suddenly shifted due to a sudden change of wind, and she grinned, looking at him. "So, it seems my new jutsu is a complete success."

November 23rd, 2005, 7:06 PM
How did I fall for that... I thought to myself as she poked me on the shoulder. Was I too careless, or is she just too strong for me?

As I turned around to face her, my face red with anger, I suddenly felt extremely weak, like someone had deflated my muscles. I fell to my knees, but quickly sat up and ran at her, only to become unstable and fall flat on my face, long strands of red air flowing over my eyes. My legs ached slightly from just that little dash, too. What the hell happened?

November 24th, 2005, 2:47 PM
Washu looked over david, nodding to herself. "Yes, yes, a complete sucess, though that wasn't quite what I had hoped for." She said, putting a hand on her chin, just in time to notice me behind her, holding a small gemstone on a string in front of her eyes. "Well," She said, smiling, but not turning around. "It looks like I may have underestimated you, Robert." She said, her attention still on David. "As for you, you'll need to adjust to the changes. These should be better suited to you now, anyway." She said, and with a snap of her fingers, a shadow appeared in the air, and she reached INTO it, pulling out a slim red and white shield, and a small staff with a miniature hadleberd blade on it, tossing them to David...

November 25th, 2005, 2:48 AM
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