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November 26th, 2005, 8:58 PM
RentCavalier and I have designed this humorous RP to parody/spoof the wide world of anime and manga. We will heavily spoof the many anime cliches.


The mad scientist Dr. Schizo is plotting to take over the land of Mediocreal. The only hope for the peaceful Furries that reside in the land is the League of L33t Pwners. Consisting of powerful warriors of legend, they set out to save Mediocreal from the evil clutches of Dr. Schizo.

Your character is a member of the League of L33t Pwners, you can choose from one of the character classes listed below.

Giggly School-Girl

Character Profiles need

Character Class
Weapon of Choice
Fighting Discipline
RP Sample


1) No spamming or flaming
2) Remember this RP is completely humorous and not serious in any way
3) RP samples are required
4) Rent Cavalier is co-owner of this RP
5) No godmodding
6) Have fun

November 26th, 2005, 9:09 PM
Name: Captain John Swallow
Age: Unknown
Personality: He's a pirate. He's arrogant, eccentric and he's obsessed with Cowboy Bebop
Appearence: He wears a large pirate hat over a rather unusual afro, along with a blue coat and ribbons, beads, braids, a small mustache and beard. He's tanned, with an eyepatch and a hook hand.
Character Class: Pirate!
Weapon of Choice: Hook, Scimitar, Gun, Bass in minor D cord
Fighting Discipline: Jeet-Kun...Spike? This guy can't seriously...
History:A sworn zealot in the church of Bebop (total members: one and a half), he decided to follow in the footsteps of his idols, Jet Black and Spike Spiegal, and become a bounty hunter. He ended up being a pirate, after a drunken bout of fish-slapping dancing down in the south that resulted in the acquisition of a Pirate Ship and a large amount of uncomfortably placed itchy lumps.
RP Sample: I don't need one, cause I'm co-creator, but if you insist:


It was not an hour after seizing command of the Mantra that Lazarus received word of strange Manikans wandering about Ikebukuro Tunnel.

He investigated...

It was dark, too **** dark. He held up a small sphere and crushed it, immediatly filling the tunnel with light. He turned to his four Oni.

"Split up. Search the area fully. Once your assigned rounds are completed, you three will take up residence here, to prevent anyone from going through."

He turned to the large, black Oni. "But you...you will return to Ikubukuro. You skills will serve me well. You know your orders...carry them out!"

Immiediatly the creatures faded into the shadows, as if they belonged there.

Lazarus walked down a twisting corridor, frowning. This was ridiculous, the only Manikans he'd found were poor, wretched creatures who lived in fear of anything that moved. What could be down here to cause such rukus?

He stopped, gasping. The walls were lined with blood. Whose?

His eyes narrowed. He smelled something, something familiar. What could it be? It was an old scent, fading, but it lingered. There were many of them, maybe seven, maybe ten.

He walked through a metal door, its rusty hinges creaking as he opened it. He walked in and stopped when he saw the room's occupant.

The creature was almost beyond description. While he could make out the humanoid shape of the Manikan she had once been, so much alteration had been done, it would be almost mocking to call her that now.

Was she living or was she machine? Gears, wires, all mishmashed on a steel carapace. Her...yes, her, it was distinctly female, or at least based on a female...so, her was the best he could come up with...her hands ended in claws, blood-stained claws. In her hand she clutched a small doll, and a piece of paper.

In her other hand was a long, sharp needle, almost like a 5 foot sewing needle. But what made even him, an elder vampire who had seen hell and more, scared was her head...or lack thereof.

Her neck, and upper body were covered in blood, and where her head should be was a television...the screen slightly cracked, but visible. It was blank, as if turned off, but he heard audio playing, a strange crackling sound. He listened for a minute the realized: It was sobbing. Or at least, making a badly tuned sound of sobbing.

He gritted his teeth and walked forward. Suddenly the screen crackled on, and hissed...a hissing sound that brought both fear and sympathy to his heart. He stopped, holding his scyther defensivly, but not threateningly.

"Who...what...who are you?"

It looked at him, the screen showing a picture of a laughing skull, blood pouring out of its eyes. The demon rushed at him with surprising speed, lunging forward with the needle. He sidestepped and brought the scythe down on her back, cutting away a large, black box. There was a series of flashing and she fell down, crackling.

He turned to her, and she looked up at him, the TV turning into a crying little girl. She spoke, the words coming from nowhere.

"Location? Please, Location where?"

He widened his eyes. "Y-you are safe. Right now, you are safe."


It began to suddenly spasm, falling to the ground, a scream unlike anything Lazarus had ever heard erupting out. He fell to his knees, clutching his head.

She stopped suddenly, the strange sobbing he'd heard when he entered resuming.

"Pain...always pain.No reprieve.No release. None.none...none...no..." She stood up, crackling.

"I...I know nothing..."

He looked at her, he body still twitching...like the Manikans...that strange, spastic twitch. Her hands unclenched and the bloody piece of paper fell to the ground. He picked it up, reading.

To my darling child, I wish you all the love in the world. Remember this day as the day freedom will be yours. In the darkness, evil will never find you as long as you remain pure.

Happy Eighth Birthday,

He choked back a gasp. She...they did this to a child? Who?

"Who did this?"

She twitched.


He gasped. No...that scent...Nosferatu...

The Children did this? The creature's that his master raised to be an honorable clan of the undead did THIS to a child.

Anger filled him, his eyes glowing red. This...this was not even speakable! This broke every rule of science, alchemy and religion! With God as his witness, he would bring these fiends to justice!

He stood up, looking at her.

"What do you plan to do?"


She looked at him.

"I must have purpose. I have purpose. All life suffers pain. I will release it. Then my pain can be released."

He smiled sadly.

"I may be able to help. Join me, and we will find those who brought you pain."

She looked up, the twitching stopping. Something cracked inside her body, and Lazarus now knew that her humanity...what was left of her innocence was now gone.

"I shall join. You are one of unlife. You are already released."

"Child, what is your name?"

"...Pandora. My name...is Pandora."

November 26th, 2005, 9:21 PM
Name: Honky Tonk-Kun
Age: 25
Personality: A silent type, but wields an undying love for Country-Western Music and will burst out in song at random times. Will attack anyone unmercifully if they diss Country Music.
Appearence: A 5'11" thin man in dark Ninja Garb, black boots, a black cowboy hat.
Character Class: Ninja
Weapon of Choice: Banjo no Musa-A banjo/katana fusion
Fighting Discipline: Redneck Ninjitsu
History: The last child born to the Honky Clan in Japan, Tonk was raised in America after Dr. Scizo's forces attacked his clan's dojo/karaoke bar. Tonk swore vengeance against Schizo. Tonk spends his days playing and singing Country, the only thing that can soothe his raging soul.