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Keo Kirito
December 5th, 2005, 6:33 PM
Zembert Acadamy
The city of Zembert hold a acadamy for the top trainers in the region to go to this acadamy. They have three ranks, Mewtwo Grey is the lowest.Next is Articuno Blue, and lastly is Lugia Silver. Battles at the begining of the year determine where the trainers will go. This year a new batch of freshman are here and they show great potentail. They have a good 4 or 5 years of training under their belt and they are ready to battle. Can you feel the heat.


Your job is going ot be either dukeit out as a freshman or buff em up being a upper classman. I dont want to many upper classman so one or two to each grade. No senoirs though!



Pokemon: (4 or less as a freshman, 5 or less as a Sophomore, then 6 or less as a Junior)
RP Sample: ( Don't even try to join if your going to quit or your RP Sample is crappy. )

Dark Draco
December 5th, 2005, 7:58 PM
Name: Bane Draconus

Age: 17

Grade: Junior

Pokemon: Tyranitar (Tyrant), Metagross (X-Factor), Aggron (Rampage), Nidoking (Venom), Scizor (Razor), Flygon (Blitz)

Appearance: Bane is about 6’4” tall and fairly well built. Bane has spiky black hair lined with red (like Shadow the Hedgehog’s) and unusually black eyes. His otherwise normal face has a scar running through his left eye towards his nose. Bane always wears a dragon emblazoned shirt and his black denim shorts, ripped at the knees. Overtop his dragon shirt, Bane wears a loose fitting, dark red vest, which holds his pokeballs along the inside. Finally, Bane wears a black trench coat, usually with the collar over his right shoulder.

Personality: Cold-hearted and merciless, Bane has locked away his feelings of everything from everyone. He shows off his skills in battle, but is ruthless as he does so, finding battling his only outlet for his anger.

RP Sample (Taken from one of my previous rpg, a Pokemorph escape): I…I’m free…free…yet Tyrant is dead…or, is he within me? Bane thought as he lay huddled beneath a large tree amongst the forest. He looked to the sky, only to see the foliage blocking his sight. Grunting from the pain of multiple wounds, Bane staggered out of the tree’s cover into the night.
“Why, why did this happen? What was the point in it all?” Bane spoke to himself, and then raised his head to the sky, looking at the stars.
“Now I have become this…this monster!” Bane whirled around, swinging his tail into the trunk of the tree that had covered him, snapping the trunk.
“No one will know who I really am, I’m just a freak. No, I’m not a freak…I’m a killing monster!” Bane slammed his fists to the ground in anguish, hating what had happened to Tyrant and himself.
Bane, get over it! You can’t change what happened, nor can you return to being human. Your past life is over, accept this new form. Besides, you know where you can go. That school for pokemorphs, you’re one of them now. Bane heard this from inside his head, not sure if it was his thoughts…or maybe Tyrant’s.

December 5th, 2005, 8:27 PM
Count me in:

Name: Shadow (Charon Ameo Nayra)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: Junior
Pokemon: Umbreon, Ninetales, Dragonair, Blissey, Alakazam, Misdreavus
Appearance: Charon's black hair stands out with a white diamond clip and a brown highlight. Her earrings are small black garnets and a little bit of silver hanging on the top. She has no interest in makeup, though. Charon wears a black top, with the two straps twisted, to surround her neck. She also wears a black skirt, with some silver stripes on the ends. She makes it simple to wear by wearing her silver belt complete with amethysts surrounding it. To finish it off, Charon wears black boots, with a white lining and a little bangle to make look fancy. She also wears a black armguard on her left wrist, and some other dark clothes.
Personality: You can never tell what Charon will do next. A cold-hearted spirit might make her seem tough, but she always wonders what can happen to others. That's what makes her have a positive side in her heart. Some people call Charon, "Shadow" because her mind is always up to itself. Charon ended up with this personality because of her violent past.
History: When Charon was nine, some theives broke into her house. They dropped a flash grenade in the house that it went off and the house was filled with smoke. Charon couldn't see her parents, and when the smoke cleared up, Charon found herself alone. Two years later, Charon had been banished from her hometown because of her violent attitude towards the city. While walking on the streets, Charon found herselves a pair of Shadow Balls. They were only normal PokeBalls, but they could catch Dark and Ghost Pokemon easily (which I will not use in this RP). Charon found this a lucky streak.
Other: Charon's voice is really haunting, and she's only someone who you might not want to get mad with. Otherwise, Charon can take you down.
RP Sample: As a girl walked through the deserted streets, she looked at the sky and wondered how she got herself into this mess. She was known as Shadow, but her real name was Charon. As she passed by many people, they would mostly gossip about her.
Shadow passed by someone near a traffic light. She heard him whisper something about her:
"Isn't that Shadow? I bet she doesn't want to battle."
Ooh! This just makes me want to defeat that blasted trainer! That's it, I'm doing it! Shadow thought in her mind.
Upon approaching the Trainer, three of Shadow's Pokemon came out of their PokeBalls: There was Blacky, an Umbreon, Kinesis, an Alakazam, and Missy, a Misdreavus. Some people would play pranks on Shadow, but whenever that occured, Blacky, Kinesis, or Missy would go and give them a warning attack.
"So you wish to challenge me? All right, then, but I'm warning you, I'm pretty strong." Shadow replied.
The trainer's name was Marin. He stepped up and took out a PokeBall.
"Go, Charizard!" Marin exclaimed as a Charizard entered the battlefield. Shadow prepared her PokeBall, for it was a good strategy.
"Here's your last chance. Go, Starlight!" Shadow said as a shining Dragonair appeared. This will be a nice battle. Shadow thought as Starlight focused on power.

December 5th, 2005, 9:54 PM
Name:Takamiya Rioko
Pokemon: Flygon (Suna), Vaporeon (Ame), Kirlia (Ryoku), Pikachu (Rai), Typhlosion (Enka)
Appearance: shoulder lengthed brown hair, an emerald green eyes, and sightly tanned skin. She wears a short sleeved blue shirt with star on the middle and a plain long jeans. She also has a sparkly pearl bracelet on her right wrist.
Personality:Rioko, known as Rio, is an average girl. She loves to talk, and easily trusts her people, which they probably takes an advantage of. She sees good in everyone and will accept people for who they are.
RP Sample: (I'll put my sample later, if it's alright.)

Keo Kirito
December 6th, 2005, 3:29 PM
Dark Draco, accepted, but please dont have all strong pokemon so please edit one or two of them! ~Amethyst_Callista_Moon~, your RP sample is good but its not good enough...I am sorry. Babe, you dont need a sample!

Name: Shou Rezei
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Pokemon: Umbreonhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon342.gif, Typhlosionhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon312.gif, Lapras, http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon286.gif. Medichamhttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon077.gif,Amphroshttp://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon329.gif
Personality:SHou is rather kind and caring. He will do anything for friends. He likes his friend Takamiya. He protects the freshman from the upper classman
and is rather tough comes to battle.


December 6th, 2005, 7:38 PM
The system of the school seems reminiscent of Yu-gi-oh! GenX.

Name: Kaika Tsubakika
Age: 13
Grade: Freshman
Pokemon: Mawile, Gyrados, Houndoom, Abra
Appearance: Naturally seeming docile and calm, Kaen is somewhat similar in appearance to a Mawile. Dark-haired, youthful, and slightly feminine in appearance, Kaen's eyes range from a dull, soft red to blood-coloured scarlet, changing with his mood. If not by actions, Kaen's appearance can charm others, or, at the least, deceive them in regard to his true self.
Personality: Rarely losing his composure, Kaen's actions are carefully calculated and controlled, even when occasionally appearing otherwise. Though he seems relatively friendly, he also has a somewhat distant aura. Beneath Kaen's kind gestures and words dwells a dangerous mind that is constantly observant and naturally strategizing. A formidable opponent in battle, Kaen is merciless when neccessary. When possible, however, he implements his skills toward understanding minds rather than crushing them. Though he is only a freshman, Kaen has gained a reputation for being able to tame any Pokemon.
RP Sample: If this is needed, I will add it later. ^-^;;

Keo Kirito
December 7th, 2005, 2:09 PM
No Kogenta, its not needed I have RPed with you enough.