View Full Version : Two New Poems, By PoPpLe @_@;

December 6th, 2005, 6:33 PM
I know most probably don't know who I am, because I haven't posted much, but, I have posted a few times before, and got nice feedback. :-P

Life's A Bummer

Eating those last morsels,
waltzing down the street,
stealing a small pack of gum,
from another, fast asleep.

Wandering through the park,
at midnight after dark,
Im feeling kind of sick,
and I just stepped in sh**.

Getting hungry lately,
bin sleeping on the rocks,
in a year's old underwear,
and moldy green socks.

I ask for money,
I beg and plead,
But they think I'll spend it,
on booze and weed.

If there was a way,
to get out of this place,
God, please, take me there.
Until then, I'll stay here, bear,
and rot until I die from the cold.

"Oh Great Sock"

Oh Great Sock,
Please don't stop,
Clinging onto,
My aching feet.

Oh Great Sock,
Where'd You Go,
Least I know,
You're Brownish-Green

Oh Great Sock,
Crawling away,
To Places Unknown,
And Dangers Unseen,

Oh Great Sock,
Please don't go,
This All Seems,
Like A Really Bad Dream.