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December 9th, 2005, 3:40 AM
well, i dont know why i mad ethis poem...well i just felt so happy that day...
here it its anyways..

You Rock My World!!!
as i watch the ticking clock
im thinking of how beautifully you rock!
im thinking that one day,
ill see you and be happy one day

on this cold december, i look out my window
lying down comfortly at my pillow
thinking of how happy my life will be
with you everyday i see

this chilly month has grown
but time id did not see, has flown
with you of every minuite, i think
i didnt even feel my eyes flick

i go outside and feel the air
but everything is just not fair
without you here with me
i feel so upset and unhappy

talking with you only lasts a while
but seeing you lastes forever with a smile
im just so sick of waiting for you
coz im bored, i dont have anything else to do

oh and...heres another one

Meet You There

behind the smiles i gave you
my blood spills of missing you
i want you here with me
coz i go crazy when your gone

i cant seem to know who i am
without your face smiling at me
i dont know what else to do
or where to go

you sent me words that means nothing to me
without you really saying them
those words seemed never true
without the beautiful face saying it

i wonder why you really have to be that far
i think about it on and on again
i just hope that you can see me...
but no matter where life takes me
ill meet you there
and even if i need you here
just wait for me and ill be there

Witch Girl Pilar
December 10th, 2005, 1:44 PM
Hey.... Nice! I like it. Hmmmmm.... must be the first one here! XD Anyways, you really seem happy or excited from these 2 pieces of work. Hmmmm... wonder why... Well, at least you finally wrote a happy poem!

December 11th, 2005, 4:26 AM
lolz...i guess thats the first and the last happy poem ill make....the next one will return to hell though lolz...but i once again thank you *hugs*