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December 12th, 2005, 5:00 PM
This is my second poem, hopefully some people have read my short poem 'Should I?' long time ago. Well, here it goes:


You could always think Rei was the smarter one.
No one ever saw Charon...
Not even one bit....
Something can come...

Generally aware of what is to come,
Swayed by the presence of what's mysterious to her.
She may not see, but she is not blind,
She may not hear, but she is not deaf,
Rei is nothing but a child in a teenage body,
Her past now back to haunt her.

Charon, though, was a grudge,
A known one to exceed those
Who ever wonder about life.
Not even fate can stop her.

Still, Rei's powers are unstoppable;
Her Meditative Release;
And her Tear Discharge,
Were powers launched.
Only then, could her true psychic power,
Meet the unexpected.

Charon's Shadow Control;
Could possess anything.
As well as full examination;
Complete with the true state.

Literally, though Rei's hair has been cut;
She leaves the unique colors behind.
And that's her one full ability,
Only with the ideal passion.
She could only levitate objects,
That only weighed 16 pounds.
Still, her serenity joins her.....

Charon, however, brings the night to life.
Her strong feeling toward the past is dark,
Only can she express it enough.
Still, can her ideal bring the life?

Rei and Charon-never saw their parents.
They still train with their abilities.
No one can ever tell their similarities.
Nor can the two girls themselves.