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December 12th, 2005, 8:44 PM
I'm working on a ton of new poems that have to do with pets =D I however am in a artist block on the next poem called a Rats Christmas, I didint see anything in the rules againced giving anyone the chance to finish a poem before the poet themselfs =D So if you want, if you can help me out before december 20th the person who helps to finish this poem with care and pride among the animal lovers will get a free request of there most beloved pet!

I think that would be a good prize anyway ^^; if not it's okay to ask for something els =3.

And so here is the poem I need help with, it's okay to enter anything as long as it flows with the poem and the rats it's being made about ^_^.

C*C is also welcome on what is made so far, And thank you for all of those who commented on my last one, I feel free to become the wondering artistic poet of Pc =D and it's all thanks to you!

the Ratties little christmas:

As the sun grew big and the new day arose ,
Up came a sheet with a little eeper nose,
Tis then was pulled back by two tiny hands,
It was but a rat ready to hike threw the lands,.
Then sniffle and cheep two more faces peak,
With fur that shimmered so beautiful and sleek,
They jumped out of bed to brush off their feet,
Then sniffled and bounded to find some new treat,
Looking around they knew a special day came,
And knew at this moment the day aint the same.
They rushed from the cage and leaped to my bed,
"Hey mommy it's christmas!" they all then said,


=3 Anyone who can help me will be greatly rewarded for this will be posted at the rat organization in goosemoose.com/ratsrule!
Thank you ^_^.