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December 13th, 2005, 11:38 PM
PG13 to God know's what.

The sun crisened the newly built house in the Hoen region, as a flock of Tailow flew above. The house would bring the of a million dollar's in funding to a select trainer's dream, as well as broadcast 24/7 to the outside world.

There really isn't much of a story due t the fact its a community RP. The rules are pretty basic. No God Modding. Every 5 or so day's there will be a new head of house hold, this will be a random drawing. The HOH will have to pick 2 people to be put up for eviction. A day after there will be a contest for the power of Vitto. Then later the house guests will evict one person ect.
Each person is requried to bring one first stage pokemon with them into the house. They will be used in the Vitto as well as other competitions.
HOH has an entire floor to his or herself. Take realationships as far as you want to take them, just play as if you were really there.

In the floor 1 map, the light blue box is the diary room, the grey box is the living room/kicthen. The light brown box is the very unprivate bath room area . The dark brown box is the porch. The yellow is the very unprivate boarding area. The purple is the self serve pokemon center. The green is the back yard and the dark blue is a pool.(Has no hot water)

In the floor 2 map, or HOH floor, the black is the very comfortable living room. The green is the very private bathroom, equiped with a hot tub, and warm water. The red is the very comfortable bed room.

Fill out your Char like this.

Name :
Age : (13-18)
Sex :
Discription : Detailed
Personality :
Came to the House for :
RP Sample :