View Full Version : why?

code zerro the deluge
December 16th, 2005, 4:51 PM
why do we go through struggle
is this in a life passage of struggle
when i win
and when i lose
again i chose
to be me or be you

i don't like it
not one bit
it is not fair as i go throguh this
but as i see life is so uniqu
that is all we need to do is see

be a little kinder
just a bit nicer
just a bit wiser
act older
and be a bit bolder

God will show the way
don't qustion why with mistakes
can't you see God has a plan in life for you and me
so just beleive
don't say why
if you do it might be your last ride
so say jello and good by
goo mornig and good knight
wanna now why

it is good for you
always be true
semmi semmi this and that
people just listen to my rap
give me my dap
listen to the words
just listen boys and girls!