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December 17th, 2005, 3:28 AM
As you may have understood it's based on the famous nowadays RPG-MMORPG or Anime/Manga is you want, .hack. The plot is quite like .hack's one. The characters from .hack ot Pokemon Anime or Manga or Video Games are not allowed. We're having our own characters. Ok here's the plot:

A hard world is taking place in the 21th-22th Century (2014-2113). America has dissapeared in the 21th Century (2014) after the meteorits which fall on. Fortunately most of people (the 70%) survived since they were informed and went to other places. But now all countries are full of people, no jobs can be found easily and even Japan has great society problems. Skyscreppers are being more and more and people are living the one on the other's head. As a result, people are not trustworthy and definately not friendly. The scientist that found out about the meteorits is being God to many people. Other people, just don't beleive in God. From 2082 scientists were trying to find a way to reduce the number of people of the world. In 2107 they finaly came up to an idea. They were working on a "Digital World" known as D.I.F.A.P.T.I.O.N (Definately Interesting For All People Thing, Internet Online Network). The IBM, Nintendo and Nokia are now together as IN (International Neon Network). It hasn't do something yet; no people know just for it's existance. After a 7-year-work (2113) the plan fails. Actually, it's either too dangerous, not-like-earth and something they can't just understand; when someone get in, its body is still in earth. They have no money, and in first place they have taken money from government. Only one idea came to their mind; do some changes to the D.I.F.A.P.T.I.O.N and release it as a game. They do that, and finaly in 2114 (100 years after the America's dissapearance). They rename it as Neon Pokemon Generation since D.I.F.A.P.T.I.O.N had Pokemon in first place. However, the question is just who does remember Pokemon. They don't care for that, since the game is being sold crazilly. It really is cheap, and does not require many things from the PCs of people as it has some hardware which helps. So, in 20th December of 2114 (Exactly 100 years after) the gates to game open (even though the game has been released 9 months ago - in March).

Hope you like the plot, many other things will be revealed as we're playing, we start at 23th July 2114. We need at least 6 characters to start. Everyone can take up to two characters. Anyone can take part anytime Here's the form:

Real Name: optional - can be false and noone in the game know it
Age/Birthday: optional - can be false and noone in the game know it
Real Outfit: optional - can be false and noone in the game know it
Bio: optional

Userage/Joined: (Everyone puts 20th December in the Game hasn't started yet. If it has started he/she puts the date he joined with 2114 or 2115 if it's actually 2006 - Userage is how tear old the useravatar looks like as it gains age forreal)
Avatar Outfit:
Staff Place: (System Moderator, Member)


Real Name: Shugo
Age/Birthday: 14 - 26 December 2100
Real Outfit: -
Location: Japan - Tikari (Village near Tokyo)
Bio: It will be learned as the came comes by.

Username: Ash
Userage/Joined: 14 - 20 December 2114
Avatar Outfit: Green hair, red scraps... Like Kite
Staff Place: (System Moderator, Member)


Real Name: Hotaru
Age: 18
Real Outfit: -
Location: Japan - Tokyo
Bio: Same as the other char.

Username: Balmung
Userage: 18
Avatar Outfit: Like Balmung from .hack
Staff Place: System Moderator

Ok please join it will be DEFINATELY interesting.

December 17th, 2005, 4:41 AM
Your in Satoshi ;) Hope more will join soon, so that we'll e able to play. :)

December 18th, 2005, 8:51 AM
OCC: I start since in 20th December the Gates open and we'll have to play forreal. Did I say that it's a real time RP? :D

Chapter 1 - The Beggining...
Date: 18th December 2115
Time: 6:32 pm, GMT
Location: Greece, Thessaloniki

The largest scientistic group in the world, IN, is almost ready to "open the gates" for the Neon Pokemon Generation. The game has made the biggest record of all games. The 30% of people has already bought it. Even in palces like Hawai, which is almost destroyed, many people have bought it.
"It's time now!" said a mysterious voice.
"Huh, do you think so? Give me a break" said a brown hair man with glasses.
"Hotaru, there's no time for jokes, you have to be powerfull, in two dyas anyone will be on, and that means that with so many challengers it will be difficult for you to catch up to them." added the mysterious voice.
"Oh well Yuri... then give me an exclusive avatar and let me start a party!" said the brown-hair man, Hotaru
"Ok you choose" said the mysterious voice, Yuri and shows to Hotaru the avatars.
"Hmm... too red, too fat, too slim... I'll choose this" he says and points a white-hair man arround 18 years old.
"Ok... let me edit the program and make oyou Moderator aswell." says Yuri.
"Meh, ok I'm getting inside." he says and after a minute or so his body goes down.

Date: 18th December 2115
Time: 6:46 pm, GMT
Location: Japan, Kyoto

"Umm... dad I'll choose this one" says a teen voice.
"How come? It's too cheap and what's that Pokemon?" says the teen's father.
"Come on daddy I know what I'm doing" answers the teen.
"Ok Shugo." says Shugo's father again and gets the game.
"Alright" says Shugo and gets into his father's car.