View Full Version : Next Door

December 18th, 2005, 6:58 PM
Part one

I look back at those day's, and see how pethatic I was.
Peering throurgh the window,
down at her,
just because.
Everyday you woke up,
I stood there stareing,
hoping and praying that one day you wouldn't Scare me.
You were the best,
at everything you did,
Your rosey red cheeks,
matched your perfect blue eyes,
It was no wonder you had all the guys.
All of them except for me,
the neighbor you've had scince you were three.
Yea we talked a couple time's,
Three if you count the day I built up my strength and asked for a pen last march.
I threw up that day,
and didn't sleep that night.
fortantly the next,
you and your boyfriend,
got into a fight.
I had my chance that day
To stay in your sight,
but my fear was to big,
my heart filled with fright.
I blew it then,
so here I stand,
Peering down on you,
in hopes for your glance.