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~*Silent Tattsu*~
March 15th, 2004, 9:51 AM
Hi guys !^-^

Well this is my first AAMRN here and it will hopefully be a good one !! ;)

I'll be writing this chapter by chapter.
Hope you enjoy guys and comments are really appreciated n.n- *Hands out Soda & Popcorn* Enjoy !

The prologue
Returning Home Again

A Red headed girl of around 13 and a half sat on a wooden dock post in the Harbor of Cerulean City. There was a gentle breeze in the air and the crystal blue waves rippled peacefully around the docked boats and beyond. The girl , who's name was Misty had her blue jeans rolled up to her knees with her feet dipped in the water. She was looking straight ahead of her , towards the ocean with a strong look of yearning , but happiness on her face. A group of Sugar Pink Love Discs swam and played near her feet. Something attracted the Love Discs to her , since they are normally shy little water Pokemon unless they are near a certain kind of person. That kind of person was someone who was strongly in love and someone with the strongest kind of friendship. A white egg shaped little Pokemon with a magic look was sleeping on her lap happily. Priiiiiiii.....priiiiiiiii the Pokemon chirruped softly in its sleep. The Pokemon was Togetic , Mistys pride and joy who had once left her for what Misty thought forever , was back. One Morning a month or so ago , Togetic had knocked on Mistys Bedroom window of Cerulean Gym at sunrise and Misty had woke up with suprise hearing the tap on the window , and could'nt belive it ! He had told her how he was no longer needed to watch over and protect the Kingdom and that the Kingdom was now in good hands of another Togetic who had been a close friend of Togetic while he had been there and had evolved from one of the baby Togepi. Misty's Togepi had been her baby for such a long time and then left all of a sudden , and he was one of the things that was embedded so deep inside her heart. The other thing , was Ash Ketchum the boy who she had been a close friend to Misty for over 3 years now. Ash & Brock Slate , Misty's two closest friends had been in the Region of Hoen for half a year now , along with May & Max a Sister and Brother who had joined them on their travells. Misty had sadly been left behind due to the fact that her 3 Sisters won a trip around the World and that meant that Misty was left to look after the gym for awhile. Misty had recently visited Ash & brock in Hoen and Misty had been told that her sisters were back and she no longer had the responsibility of staying at the Gym. Suprisingly though , she did not decide to stay with Ash , she decided to go back to Cerulean and that was for one reason , because she needed time alone to think , and sort out her emotions for Ash. Love is a complicated thing , but Misty struggled to admit it alot. It had now been four months since she visited them and left Togetic and after defeating four Gym Leaders in Hoen , Ash decided to come back home to Kanto with Brock for a break for them , and for his Pokemon. Ash badly missed Home and refusing to admit it , also Misty. So thats why Misty was waiting here on Cerulean Dock. Ash and Brock had said goodbye to May and Max in Hoen and left them there , basicly because Hoen was their Home and Max was too young to travel with only his sister. They would hopefully meet up with Ash and Brock when they go back to Hoen in awhile.
Misty now knew that because of Ash's home coming she would have to tell her feelings for him soon. She just could'nt wait any longer , and now as she sat scanning the Horizon she went over the words she would say to Ash over and over again with a nervous but happy heart.


Phoenix Boy
March 15th, 2004, 12:55 PM
This is such a cool fan fic it has loads of description and has a diffrent sort of setting

March 15th, 2004, 9:25 PM
Oh you did such a good job for your first aamrn. It is really good so far! I can't wait to see the next chapter!


~*Silent Tattsu*~
March 16th, 2004, 1:26 AM
*Blushes* OMG ! Thankyou so much guys ! =) Your really nice ;)
Well heres Chapter One ! ^-^ They will be rather short chapters due to the fact i can't write that much in the amount of time it takes me but enjoy !

Chapter One

"Peeeeeeeep !!" "Peeeeeeeeep !!" Misty was startled from deep thinking , by a loud horn like sound. She looked up and saw a White beautiful Ship coming straight towards the Harbor a big chimmney pipe on the top , streaming out white Smoke. Misty jumped up from the post and waking up Togetic , strained her eyes to see who was on the front bow of the ship and just saw a flash of yellow on the front bars of the bow , "Pikachu !?" Misty shouted and as the boat slowly moved closer she heard a faint "Pika Pi !!" and then saw him run back inside the boat through the glass door and in only a few seconds came back but not on his own , but with Ash. Pikachu was now on his shoulder and Misty could just see Pikachu pointing out to her on the Wooden Bridged dock and Misty shouted "Ash !!" and waved her arms joyfully. Ash waved back with Pikachu and replied "Misty !!" Togetic who was still in Mistys arms but awake now , saw what was going on and with a lil flicker of is wings flew out of Mistys arms and shouted happily to Pikachu "Toge ! Toge ! Tic ! Toge !" Pikachu knew that call a mile off , and pricking up his ears on Ashes shoulder realised who it was. "Pika Pi Pi !!" he squealed exitedly and Togetic leaving Misty on the dock , flew like a flash of white to the moving boat "Tic Tic !!" and flying so fast on his wings flew straight into Pikachu knocking him off Ash's shoulder into a tight embrace on the boat deck wood floor. Ash watched them laughing happily at how strong Togetic and Pikachu's friendship was and just how sweet they looked together. Ash then realised what he was thinking , these two Pokemon where His and Mistys , and blushing slightly at the fact pushed the thought out of his mind. The Boat grew slowly closer intill it came to dock , and as soon as it did and the walkway to get off it came down , Ash ran straight off the boat to Misty grinning. "Ash!" Misty smiled as Ash walked briskly up to her , his loyal Pikachu trotting beside him "Hiya Mist!" Ash said still grinning happily. Misty loved it when Ash called her that , like a affectionate nickname "Pi Pika !!" Pikachu chirruped to Misty jumping onto her shoulder and licking her on the cheek affectionally. "So hows it been in Cerulean ?" Ash asked as togetic now on his shoulder , was rubbing his face against Ash's contentedly , Ash chuckled and tickled togetic under the chin. Misty watched them admirably , Ash was so good with Pokemon , and she loved it that he could be so nice to hers aswell. "Its been okay , me & Gyrados went to the annual water festival and won a prize for best Water Dragon , i've been training my Pokemon and Corasola learnt a new attack....but well , i've missed you. Misty stopped and quickly added and Brock !" blushing awkwardly. "Yeah we've well....y yeah both missed you too" Ash added. It was a funny moment between them two , both standing facing right to each other Togetic on Ash's shoulder and Pikachu on Misty's and Misty the whole time having to control the feeling to hug Ash , which was pretty unbearable to control , so they just stood there not saying much for a few seconds , and then Ash decided to break the ice. "Guess what Brocks doing right now Misty ?" Ash asked with a tiny grin on his face. "Ummmmmmmm now let me see.....its something to do with a girl and if i'm not mistaken its a girl with pink hair and i think theres some slapping involved , wow what a hard question" Misty replied sarcasticly as Ash fell to the floor laughing while Misty sweatdropped and then starting giggling herself. "Heheehehe....ya can say that again!" Ash whispered to Misty as he stifled his laughter , after seeing Brock come down the plank of the boat with a rather red patch on his cheek looking sullen. "Brock are you okay ?" Ash asked as brock walked up to the two friends and forced a smile as he said hello to Misty. "Hey Brocko !" Misty said smiling as she tried to cheer him up. "Don't worry theres plenty more fish in the sea Brock" Misty said reassuringly. "Yeah i guess..." Brock said with anime tears streaming down his face. "Hey Brock , Misty won a prize with gyrados for best Water Dragon !" Ash said cheerfully going off the subject of brock and Girls. "Gongrats Mist" Ash said as Misty felt her cheeks go a lil red at Ash's praise. "Yeah Gyrados must have potential Misty !" Brock said joining in. "Thanks you guys." Misty said feeling happy inside. She could'nt belive that she was back , with her two most close friends in the World and it was just them as it allways used to be. And so the Three Trainers side by side, set off to Pallet Town were everything had started , 3 years ago.


Chapter Two coming soon ! =)

March 18th, 2004, 9:25 PM
Again excellent job! Your describing is so wonderful that your swept up into the setting and trapped until the chapter ends. Not all books do that! You are an excellent writer. Go forth and write the next chapter:pirate:

~*Silent Tattsu*~
March 19th, 2004, 3:07 PM
*Gives Ash_Misty4ever a extra large cookie* Thankyou so much ! =) *Blushes* Nobody has ever been this nice about my Fanfics before !^-^

Cheers fellow Pokeshipper ! ^^ *Hugs*

I have done the rest of Chapter One and added it on the end !

Note:I am kinda doing things from more of Ash's perception in this chapter.

Chapter Two

"Pi.....Pi.....Pi...." Ash opened his eyes to hear Pikachu , who was curled up next to Ash's feet and softly talking in his sleep. Ash smiled at his resting buddy and yawned quitely. He , Misty & Brock had managed to get to Pallet Town just before nightfall , and to his Moms suprise knocked on the door when she least expected it and as usual went all soppy over Ash and asked him about changing his underwear and all the embarrassing stuff Mothers talk about infront of your friends. Ash rolled his eyes at the thought of his mom. So they had all slept soundly through the night in his House which they would be staying in for awhile. Suprisingly Ash was the first one to wake which was unusual since he was normally the last. He then turned over to face his bedroom area rather than the wall.
Misty had slept in Ash's room on a Camp Bed next to Ash's bed and brock had slept in the Spare Bedroom next door. As Ash rolled over to face the sleeping Misty he saw the early morning light that was just touching her Orange fiery hair and he thought to himself just how pretty that hair was. Misty was snuggled up under a sky blue cover with Togetic curled up in her arms , the two looked so peacefull and cute in the Morning light. He could hear their soft breathing and smiled.
Ash then snapped back to reality and realised what he was thinking. He shook his head , Misty ? Pretty ? What am i talking about ?! Cute ? Ash Ketchum what is wrong with you ?..... Ash heard himself say in his mind. Ash shook it all out of his head and just lay there for a few minutes thinking. This is the Girl who you used to have fights with all the time.....The Girl who constantly shouted at you and called you names....why on Earth do you love her ? "Pi...?" Ash heard Pikachu whisper as he woke up with a questioning look on his face. People say that between a Pokemon and their Trainer , there is a bond so strong that pokemon can actually get into their trainers thoughts and feelings , and behave like they understand what their owner is feeling. Pikachu and Ash were no exception when it came to that. Pikachu had woke up , after feeling what Ash felt , Confusion , hate and Love mixed up together. "Yeah Pikachu?" Ash asked him scruffling his ears , "Pika..chu...pi..Pika..chu..cha...pi !" Pikachu said to his trainer. "What ? Your saying that Misty did all that stuff like shout at me because i mean so much to her ?...How can that be ? Ash asked his buddy importantly. "Pi..chu..pi..ka...chu..." "So your.. your.. your....Ash found himself stammering , saying Pikachu that i mean so much , that she expresses her feelings exactly the oppisite way because she's afraid ?".... "Pi..Pi.." Pikachu answered nodding. "Pi..chu...cha.."... but your choices are up to you Ash....pikachu said licking his trainers face. So Ash just lay there thinking for awhile waiting for Misty and Brock to wake.


I'll finish this Chapter later you guys ^^ Enjoy !

March 25th, 2004, 7:04 PM
Absolutely wonderful fic so far!!! Do not stop writing this! I love it!

Random thought: Ash's mom let Misty sleep in his room?? O_o

Phoenix Boy
March 25th, 2004, 11:36 PM
Random thought: Ash's mom let Misty sleep in his room?? O_o

They are mature..........

BTW this is really fab silent tattsu! i want to see more

~*Silent Tattsu*~
March 26th, 2004, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by Skye: Absolutely wonderful fic so far!!! Do not stop writing this! I love it! Random thought: Ash's mom let Misty sleep in his room?? O_o

Thanks so much Skye ! ^-^ I love it when people enjoy my fics ! Thankies for being so kind =)

*Cringes* ^^; Yessu it was pretty unreal to have Misty in Ash's bedroom but well , Ash's mom is'nt that paranoid (Hopefully =P) I just thought , well Misty & Ash are only 13 if they were 15 or 16 then yeah i would'nt have done it but they are mature but still pretty young so i just wanted it to be more cute as in when Ash wakes up and turns over =3

Don't worry the next Chapter is coming up later today ! *Grabs School books*
I'll do it when i get back ^_^

Thankies Phoenix Boy *Hugz you and Skye*

3 Chapter on its way !

March 26th, 2004, 7:07 AM
Awesome!! It was a wicked adorable scene to read about Ash waking up and seeing Misty there...totally cute! I love it! I'll be waiting for the next chapter!!! wOOOOOt!

~*Silent Tattsu*~
March 27th, 2004, 6:05 AM
Yup yup !! I love scenes that just make you melt with cuteness too Skye ! ^^ Thanks so much for your enthusiasm ^-^ *Also gives you a Big Cookie* :D

Well heres the next Chapter Enjoy !

Chapter Three

"Krrp...Krrp..Ummm.." Ash gobbled down his Mom's homemade Golden Pancakes with Syrup ravenously. Him , Misty , Brock & Delia sat at the Wooden table in Ash's Kitchen it was late Morning and Ironically Ash , after being the first to wake up had fallen back asleep and been pleasantly woken by Pikachu's electricity. He was acting slightly sulky towards Pikachu after that. "Oh these are great Mom !" Ash said with his mouth full , "Yeah Mrs Ketchum your Pancakes are the best !" Misty and Brock agreed also waffling them down. Pikachu & Togetic were sitting inbetween Ash and Misty each with a small plate with a slice of Pancake on , looking very content as they ate. "Why thankyou guys !" Mrs.Ketchum said smiling happily. "So what do ya guys want to do today ?" Ash asked Misty and Brock. "Well i'd like to go to the Shopping Mall....!" Misty said her eyes suddenly glistening while Ash formed a big sweatdrop. "Uhhhh Misty do we have to ?!" Ash said sarcasticly.... "Here we go again..." Brock said groaning and rubbing his forehead. "Guys...guys i'm sure we can work something out" Brock said trying to break up the fastly growing arguement with little success. "Well Mr.Pokemon Master you tell us where we should go then !" Misty said fire slowly rising in her Sea Green eyes. "Well....i thought that i'd do some training today !" Ash scowled at Misty "Training ?! I thought you came back to Kanto to have a break for your Pokemon and rest at Home !" Misty shouted. "Calm down Kids!" Delia exclaimed grabbing Ash's shoulders to brake it up. "My i thought you were the best of friends..." Delia sighed rolling her eyes. Misty then looked at Ash straight in the eye with such a strong longing and sad expression that Ash felt something tingle inside his heart. Misty then got up and ran towards the open family room. Ash sat there for a few seconds awkwardly and then getting off his chair , walked out of the kitchen and into the big but cosy living room only to see no Misty. "Misty..." Ash called with a small gulp. He then spotted a flicker of Fiery Orange hair in the slight breeze and saw her sitting on the front stairs of the Shiny White Porch her head down and her hair covering the side of her face so Ash could not see her expression. Ash silently walked through the wooden painted front summer doors and stepped onto the porch and then slowly sat down on the top step down next to Misty. "Mist..." Ash said shuffling a lil closer to her intill he was almost sitting right next to her. "I'm real sorry...you can go shopping , anyway Togetic and Pikachu will like it , they love wizzing round the shops with plushies and stuff." Ash said trying to cheer her up. Misty then turned her face to look at Ash and not realising how close his face was to hers felt her heart skip a beat for a second. Misty wiped her eyes quickly worried that Ash would see the tears. "Sorry Misty." Ash said with a guilty look in his eyes. "Its okay Ash." Misty said smiling at him. Ash grinned , "So shall we go to the Shopaholics Mall then ?" Misty giggled "yeah okay".


"Toge ! Toge !" Togetic squealed tugging at the head of a Plushie , Misty was in a Store called "All Things Kawaii" Ash was busy with a Computer Game Battle at the Mall Arcade and Brock was occupied chatting up Nurse Joy who he had bumped into , so Misty , Togetic & Pikachu had sneaked into the shop and Misty and Togetic were currently in a squabble over buying a rather expensive Delcatty Plushie which Togetic had immediatly fell in love with and refused to let go of it. "Tiiiiiiiiiic !" Togetic cried hanging onto the plushie with all his might while Misty tried to tease Togetic of it by saying that instead he could choose a smaller plushie. "Pi..kaaaa.." Pikachu sweatdropped as he watched the them behave as if they were fighting over a large bottle of ketchup , not a Plushie (LOL Pikachu likes Ketchup so yeah :P) "Togetic please let go of it" Misty asked. "Ti..ti..tic ?" Togetic looked up at Misty with the biggest , soppiest puppy dog eyes he could muster , and Misty could'nt help but give a lil cry of love for her cute lil egg. "Oh whatever Togetic you can have the Delcatty Plush but thats the only thing you can have today." Misty tickled his wings and bought the Plushie. Just as the lady at the till handed her a bag with a Azurill on with the Plushie in , She felt something tugging at her leg "Pi..Pi ! Cha Chu ?" It was Pikachu who after seeing that Togetic had bought something and was now fluttering around with the bag in his lil white hand cheerfully , had decided that he had to buy something aswell. He sat there at Misty's feet with a shiny red bottle of "Pikachi Ketchup" which was especially for Pikachu. He had roundest "Craving Ketchup" eyes Misty had ever seen. Misty giggled and took the bottle off Pikachu "Yup your just like your trainer Pikachu !" Misty said admirably. "Allways has liked food , allways will do" After paying , Misty Togetic & Pikachu went to find Ash and Brock.

Misty had been feeling like her feet were hovering above the ground after sitting on the Porch with Ash that Morning. Whenever something like that happened , all she could think about was Ash for the next 24 hours. "Hey Toge do you think you could zoom ahead to see if Ash's still in the Arcade ? "Toge !" Togetic nodded and sped ahead of her and Pikachu towards the Arcade. Misty and Pikachu got to the Arcade to see Togetic showing Ash the Delcatty plushie with pride. Ash grabbed Togetic playfully and tickled him in his arms. "Hey Ash" Misty said walking up to him "We've been wondering were you are !" Misty said "Hey sorry i just got carried away with the Games" Ash said putting his hand behind his head in his usual I'm embarassed way. "No sweat Ash" "Pi ka pi !" Pikachu exclaimed jumping on Ash's shoulder and showing him the Bottle of Ketchup "Awwww Pikachu thats your 4th bottle this week buddy !" Ash laughed. "Hey Misty did you pay for the ketchup ?" "Uhh yeah i don't mind" "Nah you should'nt have paid for it he's my Pokemon , here i'll pay you back" "Honest Ash i don't care" Misty said truthfully ruffling Pikachu's ears , "Okay Mist whatever you say." Ash said grinning in his appreciation.

"So wheres Brocko gone then ?" Ash asked Misty as they scanned the Mall and shop windows to try and find him. "Well i left him with Nurse Joy and i don't think thats a good thing" Misty said sweatdropping slightly. "Hey he's over there Misty" Ash said pointing to the glass doors of a big Pokemon Store called "Breeders Heaven".


EDIT: I'll finish this later !

March 27th, 2004, 7:17 AM
Aw....this is getting really awesome!! Hehe....I love AAM stories!! What a neat idea to take them to a mall...are you going to add a potentially "disasterous" episode with Pikachu and some catsup??? That would rock!!

March 29th, 2004, 6:49 AM
oh this is a great fanfic good work on it !! i really like the way its storyline goes