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Athena Winters
December 29th, 2005, 2:00 PM
Athena Winters sighed as her youngest sibling banged the pots and pans on the floor. She was cooking lunch and had decided to keep her youngest sibling with her, her little sister Lily. As she stirred the stew she looked down at Lily who looked up at her with the, look at me I'm helping you look. Athena shook her head and whispered, "You love to make my head pound don't you Lily."

Lily simply giggled as the front door opened and a chorus of "Mommy! Daddy!" floated to her ears. She called out a greeting of her own as she took the stew off the stove and placed it on the table over a pot holder. She picked up her protesting baby sister and placed her in her high chair and called out, "Lunch is ready, with your sandwiches all on your plates."

Athena laughed as three of her siblings rushed in while her parents carried the remaining two in. Athena smiled at her brother David, a year younger than herself, and said, "Thank's for helping me with the stew David and then stopping those three from tearing apart the living room."

"No problem, your vulpix helped." David said, "Besides, you start your adventure tomorrow right? So I have to get used to this."

Athena smiled and nodded her head as her vulpix, Rachel, walked in and rubbed itself against her legs. Athena scratched behind Rachel's ears as her parents looked at each other with worry on their faces. Her father turned to her and said, "Are you sure you want to do this sweetie? You know you could always work with the pokemon at the lab with us."

"This is something I want and need to do." Athena answered, "As it is I'm getting an extremely late start. How many other nineteen year olds have you seen doing this? It's mostly kids and those that are my age and still battle have been doing so since they were ten or so!"

"Very well dear. Stop by the lab before you leave tomorrow and we'll give you some things that will help." Her mother said with a smile.

The rest of the meal continued normally with kids attempting a food fight only to be thwarted by the adults and their eldest two siblings. The rest of the day went by in a blur for Athena as she began to make preparations for her journey. Night fell and she could barely sleep with excitment the culprit. All to soon it was morning and her adventure was soon to begin.

Athena Winters
December 31st, 2005, 7:35 PM
Athena smiled as she looked around her room, she shared it with two of her siblings both of which were sound asleep. Their sleeping forms looked so angelic as they slept. She lightly kissed their foreheads as she picked up her pack and walked as silently as possible to the bedroom door and out to the hall. She made her way around the toys scattered about the hallway and into the living room where her Vulpix, Rachel, lay curled up on a large, overstuffed pillow. Athena knelt beside her and smiled down, watching Rachel sleeping soundly.

"Rachel, it's time for our journey to begin girl." Athena whispered, gently stroking Rachel's fur.

Rachel stirred and looked up at her with excitment in her eyes. Athena smiled as she rose to her feet and attempted to make it to the front door. Right when she thought she'd made it safely to the door she felt herself being tackled by at least three or four of her siblings. Athena turned, as best as she could, and smiled at four of her younger siblings clinging close to her. She looked up and saw David holding Lily and smiled at him and said, "I guess I couldn't just slip out without a big commotion."

Drew, her youngest brother, smiled up at her, his amber eyes shining and said, "Since when are we ever quiet Sis?"

"Point taken." Athena said with a smile as she picked up her little sister Emily.

Athena gave all of them a great big hug and pulled David and Lily in for another one and said, "Rachel and I have to go now. Don't worry we'll be back. I promise."

After much protests of, 'You can't leave.' or 'I don't want you to go.' Athena finally managed to untangle herself from her siblings and make it out of the house. Her siblings filed out onto the lawn and waved goodbye as she headed down the street and around the corner towards the pokemon lab. She entered the lab with a wave to a few of the researchers. She made her way down to her parent's workcenter and found them coaxing a rather affectionate Chikorita to go back with it's fellow pokemon.

"Hi Mama, Daddy." Athena said as she waved Rachel forward.

Rachel guided the Chikorita back to it's fellow pokemon then leaped up into Athena's arms as her parents closed the gates. Her father scratched Rachel behind her ear affectioinately and said, "Thank you Rachel girl."

Her Mother smiled and said, "Wait right here. Your father and I have presents for you."

Her Mother made her way out of sight as her Daddy smiled at her and said, "You can still reconsider."

Athena shook her head and said, "Now what kind of a Winters would I be if i didn't stick to my convictions?"

Her Daddy laughed and smiled, his eyes shining with pride as he nodded his agreement. He brought her into a wordless hug as Athena whispered, "I'll make you and Mom proud."

Her mother returned with a box of pokeballs, some potions, antidotes, an assortment of other useful potions, and the infamous pokedex. She hugged her family closely and for a moment it looked like her parents would never let her go. After a tearful wish of luck from her mother and an assurance that they were already proud of her from her father they let her go from their embrace.

Athena Winters smiled brightly, Racher still in her arms, and turned and walked straight into someone's chest.

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