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December 29th, 2005, 9:15 PM
Hey all, here is my one-shot. Can you guess what the narrator is? Rated M for violence and POSSIBLE horror theme (it depends on how easily you are scared)

~For Shala~

She was beautiful, even on her last day with me. There are no words that can describe her better. Just beautiful. The way she smiled, like a sweet flower dripping with nectar, just waiting for the bees to find it. The way she walked, elegantly, gracefully, beautifully. Her coat shone in the moonlight, as she prowled the undergrowth of our forest, the place we called home.

During the day she was a loving and caring mother, tending to her six children. By nightfall, they were safe in the den with their father, Shade. He did love those kids, they loved him. She loved him. That is why I could not stand him. That is why he was killed.

I remember finding him one night in the forest, his beautiful white coat gleaming under the night sky, his scythe on his head, well polished. He took pride in his appearance, something that I could never understand. We always had straggly black and grey coats; we were never groomed, and never groomed our offspring. We lived like wild animals, not like humans. We did not ‘work’ like he did; we hunted, played and slept. That was our job description. Watch out for yourself, and only yourself.

"Nice evening, isn’t it Shade?" I asked him, approaching from behind. I had been waiting in the undergrowth for hours, waiting for him to leave his ‘office,’ so that I could talk.

"What? Oh, hello there Karma. How are you tonight?" Shade asked me, he didn’t suspect a thing.

"My evening has been going quite well, thank you for asking" I said, smiling and bearing my razor-sharp white teeth. It was easy enough to drop hints to him, as he would not pick them up. That is the problem with Absol, they are too proud of themselves that they never looked at their surroundings, never bothered to look out for themselves.

They only cared about looks, and their personal lives. He cared about her, his kids, and his job. That was it. He never looked out for himself, never once stopped to say "wow, I may one day be in trouble. I should look out for myself more often." That is where they go wrong, unlike us. We always look out for ourselves, there is nothing more important.

"Hard day at work?" I asked, trying to make conversation. Of course it hadn’t been. All he did was review the laws of the forest.

"Actually, yes. Today we had to review law B-Three-Two"

"Which is...?"

"Oh, you’re not familiar with the law? Well, law B-Three-Two states that ‘all beings living within the forest must learn to live with each other, and neither will be hunted or hunt the other. Whoever breaks this law will receive banishment from the forest, and will be cast into the Nothingness"

The Nothingness had never been explored. For centuries it was believed that Nothingness was a representation of hell, no one had ever traveled out of the forest and survived. It seemed to me that by breaking this law, the criminal was giving himself a death wish.

"What was the problem with this law?" I asked, now I was eager to find out why. I never knew that Shade had the power to change the law. I only ever thought that he reviewed them. He didn't answer, so I repeated the question.

"And what was wrong with this law?"

"Well it has recently come to our attention that those being cast into the Nothingness have found a way to return, so we must review it and change it. The safety of the forest is at stake here, Karma."

"Really?" I asked. It was getting closer to midnight; I had to stall a while longer. "How do they get back?"

"I am afraid we don't know. It is currently under investigation."

"So, how are your wife and kids?" I asked, edging closer to him. His eyes gleamed and he began to brag.

"Oh, yes they’re fine. Shala is preparing to go back to work; the kids are almost old enough to leave the den now, so she is thinking of going back to the force"

"The what?"

"Police force, Karma"

Perfect I thought, I will get to see her every day, if my plan works.

"Anyway, I better be heading off now" Shade said, and he began to leave the clearing.

"What? No, no you can’t leave, we’re just getting started!" I said, rushing to block the exit.

"No Karma. It’s near on midnight. I have to go home to Shala and the kids"

"But I wanted to talk to you…"

"Not tonight, Karma, maybe tomorrow, I have the day off. We can go to lunch."

"NO!" I howled, "I mean… I have something to tell you"

"Well, it can wait. Goodnight Karma" and with that, Shade pushed me out of the way, knocking me to the ground, winding me.

I slowly stood up, trying to regain my breath. It took a few minutes, but I was able to pursue Shade quickly. The forest was dark now. No, he can’t be gone. I have to make my plan work, I have to be there for her when he goes…

My steady pace had turned into a fast run and I continued to follow the scent left by the Absol. It smelt masculine, but I could sense femininity in his odor. It reminded me of my father, which was strange. He had been dead for years, ever since his brother murdered him. Apparently he had ‘stolen’ my mother from him, which was a lie. She ran to him after he beat her up. She was bleeding that night. My father died, and my mother gave birth to me.

My uncle is now dead as well. He spent the rest of his life behind bars at the jail. They told me he was insane. I remember saying "Insane! He killed my dad. Of course he is INSANE!"

I was almost arrested as well, assaulting a police officer. Now looking back on it, it was rather fun seeing the Tauros on the ground, pleading for his life after I threatened to rip his throat apart.

I snapped back into consciousness. It seemed I had strayed from the path. Nothing bad, I could easily catch him. In the forest, Absol were rather slow. Especially working-class Absol.

"Shade! We must talk!" I called out into the forest, but heard no reply. I began panting; the trip was tiring me out. I was not as fit as I once was, nor as young either. But I still could catch an Absol. That I was sure of.

My tail was getting thrown around, smacking into trees and shrubs. I could feel prickles piercing my skin as I made my way back to the path. I could see it now, in the distance. It was there in front of me, and so was Shade. He was traveling quite fast for an Absol, probably trying to lose me.

"Oh Shaaade" I called out from the bushes. I saw him stop, and look around. He looked scared. I could sense the hairs on his body standing up. He was sweating, shivering. He was scared of me.

"Are you scared, Shade?" I asked, moving silently through the forest around him. He had no idea where I was.

"Whatever it is you’re up to, don’t bother Karma. You should know, what goes around comes around. It’s bad, Karma. If you hurt me, you will end up hurting yourself" Shade called out. He was looking into the forest in front of him. It was too bad, I was behind him. I lay on the ground, and slowly edged my way towards the end of the path. I lay there, patiently. He wasn’t going anywhere, nor was I.

"I don’t want to play this silly game with you" Shade called out again. I remained silent. Shade sniffed the air. There was no way he could get my scent, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, taking my odor away from the path.

I stood up on the path, remaining still. He could not see me in the darkness, yet I could see him. To me it was as bright as day. I saw every little detail on his body, the skin on his nose, the grass stains on his pearlescent claws. Everything.

I stepped onto the path, and called out "Who said I was playing a game?"

Shade turned. I could see pure horror on his face. He began to run, gaining speed as his muscles powered his body away from me.

I laughed, and then howled into the night sky. A ruffle of feathers came from a flock of Taillow in the trees; a few even flew away in fright. Then I began my chase. It was like cat and mouse. He was the mouse, I was the cat. The cat kills the mouse; it’s as simple as that. This cat was going to catch the mouse, and then kill it.

I could feel myself gaining speed as I pursued Shade. He was slowing down, I was moving faster. I was only a few metres behind him when I leaped, grabbing onto the white fur. Shade howled in pain. He turned and attempted to knock me off. He succeeded, knocking me to the ground. Dust from the path rushed up my nose, causing me to sneeze a few times before I stood up, and continued the chase.

He was moving faster now, desperately trying to escape me. I could see the blood from his body trickling down the side of his body, creating a small, red trail on the path as he ran. His blood smelled sweet, and I couldn't wait to draw more. The chase continued for a few minutes, and I managed to claw my way onto his back, my claws piercing his skin, causing Shade to holler in pain.

More blood trickled from his skin, staining the once beautiful fur on his body. I clawed my way onto his back, putting pressure on his spine. He collapsed on the ground, and I moved for the throat. He managed to throw me from his body, but that was all he could do. The throw had snapped his spine. I heard it crack, and I heard him holler in pain. All he could do was lie there, paralyzed, and wait for me to put an end to his pain.

"You should always look out for yourself and only yourself" I said calmly as I approached his body. I could see the fear in his eyes. I could sense the fear. I slowly bent down, and whispered in his ears "Shala is mine." I anticipated that he would scream quite loud, and I was right. Shade managed to let a blood-curdling scream erupt into the forest, so I silenced him.

I felt my teeth pierce his jugular, and the blood from his body spilled into my mouth. It tasted so sweet, like melted chocolate. He remained quiet, so I tore through his neck some more, waiting for him to scream. The trouble was that he was dead before I had finished, which angered me. I broke his legs in three different places, and mutilated his body, taking his eyes and burying them in the dirt a few metres from the path. I ripped apart his body with my teeth, and left him there until morning.

I remember Shala when she heard the news. I remember her face, the tears that flowed from her eyes. The children were crying too, but they did not really understand much. The funeral was three days later. I even attended, knowing full well what I had done. They didn’t know, and by nightfall, Shade was buried under ground.

Shala ended up moving in with me, and in the next year we married. I was even there when her children moved out. It was a happy day for us both, our lives were perfect. Shala loved me, and I loved her. It was beautiful.

It took them three years to figure out what had happened that night, and in those three years I had gotten what I had wanted for so long. Shala was mine now. My life was perfect, until I was arrested.

They took me away at eight o’clock on the seventh of November last year. Shala looked horrified, asking me why I did it. I had only one reply, "I did it for you Shala."
That is what I told the court.

"For Shala"

Now I sit here for the rest of my life, remembering that night that Shade died, and the night my dream became a reality. Within these walls I can ponder about my future, what I will become. Was it worth the death of an honourable Absol? Yes. Was it worth the life I live now? Yes. I can only say one thing now. It was worth every second of it. I did it for the one I love. I did it for Shala. Yes, for Shala.

Well? Comments, criticism etc.


January 2nd, 2006, 11:58 AM
An.....absol? I'm probably wrong.
I really enjoyed reading this, though.
Well done and congratulations! You also managed to pull off first-person very well, Normally reading something written from thsat point of view annoys me but I really enjoyed this.

January 3rd, 2006, 6:06 PM
Wow, powerful. I could so feel how this Absol wanted to be with the other one. Talk about desire ^^;
I really enjoyed every word of this fic. Very, very good.