View Full Version : Pokémon Wallpaper Sharing Thread (revived)

December 30th, 2005, 6:42 AM
(This should be in the right place, I think. Moderators may feel free to move this elsewhere if necessary)

Well, the other Pokémon wallpaper sharing thread died just too prematurely. I think there were probably too many rules that discouraged anybody from posting, so I'm starting this thread again, this time with less rules: you are encouraged to post offical wallpapers; fan-made wallpapers that are not made by yourself are okay, but please respect the copyrights and wishes of the author of the wallpaper (i.e. if (s)he doesn't want it to be posted here, don't post it (or simply post a link), if (s)he wants credit, include them, and so on).

I will get the ball rolling again, this time with the offical Japanese wallpaper for the sixth (first A.G.) movie: