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January 11th, 2006, 10:47 AM
This is a PG-13 fic due to violence

Esupio Sono Kamereon: Confessions of an assassin

I wondered slowly down a street that I didnt know the name of, I came to a halt to check if I was alone, with the suspicion that I was being followed confirmed I disappeared using my chameleon abilities to cling to the wall and re-main unseen as the stalker paused. I threw myself over the stalker and landed silently, drew my kunai threw it into his neck and re-appeared to drag the body into a side street. Killing was my profession after I had left the Chaotix, using my ju-jitsu training I became mobius best assassin. Being paid for something I excelled at wasnt my usual way of life but the changes that mobius had undergone have left everybody on their guard, even Charmy had changed his attitude.
If you havent guessed who I am Im Esupio Sono Kamereon, or Espio as I was known before I entered the underworld, I changed my name to Espio the Chameleon in Japanese. This is my journal Ive only given you a peak into my life as an assassin but as you read on expect many things that may shock you.

Signed: Esupio~

Espio the chameleon is copyright of sega, so is Charmy Bee and Team Chaotix

Expect more I'd love to hear some ideas for the series

Dark Quill
January 12th, 2006, 1:21 PM
Noice ^o^
I look forward to seeing more of your work. =)

January 13th, 2006, 7:50 AM
Thanks Adam :P
I'm working the next chapter into my schedule

January 17th, 2006, 5:46 PM
Too short... Even for a preview... Well I still can't wait for chapter 1!

January 18th, 2006, 9:25 AM
Chapter one is still a working progress. expect it this weekend maybe. I do have school work aswell and a social life.

Also its supposed to be short for a preview*shot*

Edit: Chapter One is here

My life as an assassin started with the break up of the Chaotix. I’ll describe this as best I can because Vector and Charmy were like family to me. After we helped Sonic and co defeat Metal Madness we returned to the office and for a couple of months we stayed put not doing much. I’d usually stay quiet and keep an eye out for Charmy. If I wanted to think I’d climb out of the window and stick to the wall and think. I knew that the Chaotix was coming to a close but when it would happen was unknown to all of us. We had one last assignment together and this involved Eggman, again. We returned to the office and just as we stepped over the threshold and argument between Charmy and Vector broke out. I knew this was the end, maybe I should have stayed instead of just turning my back and running like Mighty had. I regret that like I regret leaving my home as a young chameleon.
Returning to the present. I’m writing this after I had a visit from my brother, Blaze is a weird person. Probably an almost opposite from me, although we are both Ninja’s Blaze was born with the ability to control fire. Over the years I’ve helped him control this power and use it to his advantage. He was also born with something very unusual for a chameleon, dragon wings. None of the family knew why he had these but our father hated him for them. He believed he was a glitch in the family and deserved to be destroyed. My mother, Blaze and I, all ran away from home after a fight broke out between Blaze and our Father. Blaze almost killed our father that day. He regrets it even now.
When he appeared outside my office, I was shocked to see him badly injured.
“What happened?” I asked
“G.U.N… attacked me”
“WHAT” I roared,
“I got caught burning some re-mains of Eggman’s robots”
“Since when was disposing of un-wanted things illegal
“Since when they are stolen un-wanted things”
“ You stole them”
“No” Blaze laughed, “Who was it then?”
“Eko, he wanted to study some bits and pieces, told me to burn the parts that he had finished with”
“You still hang about with him” I asked my brother
“Yeah, he’s probably the only person I can talk to without being stared at” Blaze murmured. “What about Machi”
“Haven’t seen her since we burned down that forest and took down the Metal Triad, and saving your ***!”
“I’ve saved your sorry *** more times then you’ve saved mine” I declared “shut it” Blaze laughed. After a long silence, Blaze stood up and departed merely saying “see you,” on his way out. I looked through the window and saw him take off.
Well that ends another chapter of my journal. Nothing happened but I’m tired and need rest.