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Ok, first up:

This fic has levels!


NO don't stop reading yet! Levels are not to make these pokemon seem virtual creaters out of a GB(A), but to show their age and expierence. A person can't walk from the first day it's been born, nor can it talk, kick, run or give Physics lessons. A person must learn ALL these things, just like a pokemon has. People have age just aswell. And it mostly stops before hundred anyway ;)

This is my first Fan Fic from some years ago revised. Even if it sucks ***, I'd like someone to read it. Yelling, bashing and admiring is just fine with me, but most off all I'd like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISM! I hope you guys can pull through reading this first chapter. And although it may seem boring another 'quest' fic, it does has a plot, which you'll eventually find out where I got the title.

I hope that you'll accept these wishes. I probably left some spelling errors in aswell, if you ever find any you can always report them here.

Then here it is:

Screams of Pain

Chapter 1 : Death decisions

"Matt! Wake up! Is your stuff ready?!" his mother yelled from down the stairs. She was a blond-haired woman, around the age of 35. As she called Matt, he woke up.

"Yes mom! I've done it yesterday" Matt shouted back. Still with sleepers in his eyes, a little bit angry that his mother woke him up. Matt was a youngster who lived in Fortree city. At the age of 15 he was allowed to finally begin his pokemon journey, what was normal for a boy his age. But he was a bit late to start though. His father was the cause of this. He was very concerned and therefore Matt stayed behind when all of his friends started their journey a year ago.

"Ok, then come down and eat something! A pokemon trainer should eat a lot!" his mother yelled with the usual pep talk. She always supported him in every way. Even when he totally sucks at something she would still say that he is doing a great job at it. But Matt saw through his mother's happy face and knew when to quit.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming" Matt still half asleep. As he stumbled down the stairs his mother was already setting the table. Then took a piece of bread and started his meal.

"Dad will take you to Zuta. Pidgeot needs to get some fresh air anyway" his mother said with her always happy voice.

Zuta was a region north of Hoenn and north-west of Johto. Unlike Kanto and Johto, where it was always beautiful weather, Zuta had a more tropical climate. It was warm and beautiful, but it also rained a lot. This had its advantages and disadvantages. In or out of pokemon battles. For the rest, it looked quite like the other regions.

"Ok, should I take my cloud-goggles with me or not?" Matt asked his mother. For flying a pokemon it was better to put on some goggles, in this case called: cloud-goggles.

"No it won't be necessary, but take them with you if you want" his mother replied focussing on the dinner table yet again, passing the butter to Matt.

"Ok, I'll leave it at home, I gave enough luggage already" Matt said thinking about the tons of luggage he had. All sorts of books his mom bought, so that he knew what to eat and what not. 'You had to be careful what you eat in the wilderness!' his mother always said. But also some books on pokemon and gymleaders, that he had gotten from his father. He had been a trainer as well, back in the old days.

"Matt, finish your meal, we're going to leave" his dad said. Standing in the door opening made Matt's father seemed huge and wide. But when he came to the dinner table, he was actually a long and thin man. He had brown, not brushed, ear-length hair and a smooth, pointy face.

"Ok, dad!" Matt said. He didn't even touch his breakfast; this wasn't the time for eating. As he hugged his mother, his dad took his backpack and went outside. Matt quickly followed.

When they got far enough in the garden, his father took out a yellow, light-blue dotted pokeball. He trew it at the ground and a light flash appeared on the grassy floor. A larger then normal Pidgeot appeared and spreading its fabulous wings.

"A long flight will do you good, won't it?" Matt's father said to the magnificent bird creature, while stroking its warm fur slowly. Pidgeot nodded calmly.

"Alrighty then" Matt's father said getting more enthusiastic "We're flying to Zuta. You know, where we entered that flying contest once "Matt's father said lowering down the volume of his voice a bit. Pidgeot lowered its head; it showed a form of embarrassment.

"Ok, let's go!" Matt said to make sure this day would not be ruined by some memories. This was his great day and he would not let it be spoiled.

Matt's dad put on his cloud goggles, climbed on Pidgeot and reached his hand out to Matt's. Matt grabbed his dad's arm and settled himself on the backside of Pidgeot, holding his arms tight around his father.

As they rose up into the air. Pidgeot stroke his wings and flew up higher and higher, enjoying every minute of his flight. Matt was also excited, not by the flying but by the thought that he could finally begin his own pokemon journey. The long waiting had some good in it after all. He could now start in the Zuta region, while his friends started in the Hoenn region. And he had been studying on moves and pokemon. This might give him an advantidge, at least he hoped.

"Pidgeot! Extremespeed!" His father commanded. Matt started to tinkle and they shot off at a dazzling speed.

After a flight of about an hour and a half, flying through clouds, trying to touch an Altaria's wing and being chased by a Fearow who had no change against the speed of Pidgeot, Matt couldn't wait any longer.

"Dad, how long until we arrive in Zuta?" Matt asked his father hoping for a good answer.

"With Pidgeot's Extremespeed it will take about half an hour" His father replied with his usual calm and steady voice.

"Well that isn't too bad" Matt replied, while already seeing a small island, followed bye a coastline as far as the eye could see. He got more and more excited and almost fell of Pidgeot. He recovered his grip on Pidgeot pretty fast and started his countdown.

Suddenly he felt that Pidgeot was starting his way down. Matt enjoyed the wind in his black hair that constantly flew before his eyes. After getting rid of the hair problem, Matt focused himself on the thought of seeing any pokemon. But before he could even start looking, he saw a small city.

"So, this is the place where you're big adventure is going to start" his father said pointing out that this was Reeto city.

Unlike Johto, Kanto and Hoenn, Zuta didn't have any pre-made 'starters village' where the youngsters could come and collect a pokemon. But people like to believe idealistic fairy tales and thought they needed a starters village (mind you that the four regions were very competitive), so they chose Reeto City, because it had a professor and was quite small and quaint.

"It seems like it" Matt replied. Having big difficulty not to scream out in happiness. He couldn't believe it. His dream finally came through. Good thing he didn't say that out loud, because he was starting to feel like that ash-moron.

As Matt's father nodded. He looked at Pidgeot and then Pidgeot started to land. Slowly but aiming for the right spot. As he found his spot, right in front of the biggest building in the town. As we got of Pidgeot a young woman came out of the building, wearing a lab coat. She look only 25 years old. She had blue curly hair, blue eyes and a nice figure. She came walking our direction.

"Hi, you must be Matt, right?" She asked waving her hair back behind her shoulder
"Yes, that's right, and who are you, if I may ask" he said very polite. Trying not to scare of the only person who greeted them.

"Of course, I'm pr.Zue I'm an expert on happiness-based evolutions. I became interested in them, because I always thought love was an important factor in the." She said bragging on about her history and job; while Matt didn't find the interest to listen he started looking around into the nice little town. It looked a bit like Pallet town. He had only been there once, but still remembered it. He smirked at the thought that the Zuta gouvernement probably made sure that this town looked peacefull in the same way Pallet Town did. Surrounded by trees. Only a few houses, not even a pokemoncenter and something what he probably thought was a lab.

"Ok, enough about me, tell me something about yourself?" she asked while finally putting up her sock. In a big relief to Matt and even his father who had paid attention to her the whole time or did it only look like he did.

"I'm Matt and I want to become a trainer" he said like it was a normal thing. Even though he didn't see it like that.

"Oh, another one" she said not surprised by his answer. Matt looked confused.

"What do you mean another one?" he asked. Still not understanding her answer.

"Oh, there are a lot of trainers who wish to start, but not many of them actually become trainers" she replied changing her happy tone, into a tone that sounded more like Matt's grandmother.

"Oh..." Matt said rather disappointed, he seemed to lose his spirit after hearing this.

"Anyway you can give it a shot if you want" she said not really caring and started leaping back.

"Could you follow me?" she said turning her back to Matt and making a sort of 'follow me' sigh. While he slowly followed the prof, he began to realize that pokemon training would be harder then he had imagined. Matt's father quickly withdrew Pidgeot and then followed Matt.

They walked until they arrived at a big building. It looked like an old radiotower from the outside. The stones looked like they had been here for over a century. So Matt came to the conclusion that the building could use a fix up. As Pr.Zue did the 'follow me' sign again they started going inside.

At least the inside looked a lot better then the outside. It had portraits of famous researchers all over the wall in the main hall. And in what seemed to be a small place of worship, a statue of Pr. Oak was placed. It was surrounded by flowers and behind him hung all the different pokedex' he had ever created.

"Wow, this place is huge!" Matt responded after looking at the various things in the main hall.

"Here we are." she said while stopping before a wooden door covered with small carved-in pokemon drawings. It had a sign which said: 'Meeting room'

Pr. Zue opened the door and stepped inside. Matt and his father followed as she made her annoying 'follow me' sign again.

The Meeting room was a whole lot different then what Matt imagined. It had a weird looking machine, covered with gold buttons and switches.

"Well then, I bet you're dying to know what pokemon are in the pokeballs." Pr.Zue said to Matt showing him 3 different kinds of pokeballs. They were located in the weird looking device. The right pokeball was completely dark. The line that separated red from white on a regular pokeball was no line, but a snake tongue. And it had two little red spots on the upper side. The left pokeball was just green. The upper side was a darker green and the lower side was grass green. The middle ball was a dark blue pokeball. The upper side was light blue and had weird looking drawings of what seemed to be ice sculptures on it. The lower side was ocean blue.

"This little fellow is Salaka" Pr.Zue said pointing at the dark pokeball. She took the pokeball and threw it on the ground. A dark skinned lizard came out of it. It had two little red spots on its back, what made understood why the pokeball contained two red spots. It hissed something which revealed its split tongue. "Salaka, is a lizard pokemon, it has the ability to poison the foe on contact. Salaka has a poison skin. Though the skin is only dangerous to humans it can poison a pokemon aswell if it's threatened. It then releases deadly venom out of its 2 red spots. Salaka specializes in sneak attacks, it poisons the foe when it least expects and then uses his own attacks to keep the enemy at a distance, until the enemy faint of its deadly poison."

Matt began to feel scared. "Its poison only hurts humans. That means me!" he thought.

"The second one is Ducka" Pr. Zue said, not paying attention to Matt's scared. She tossed the blue ball on the hard, cold ground. A weird looking duck appeared. Matt immediately thought that it was psyduck. But after looking twice, he noticed that this pokemon didn't look dumb nor had its hands on his head all the time. It actually looked kinda strong. It had pretty sharp looking claws and a strong beak. The funny thing is at had three hairs on its head. which made him seem like a cartoon. "Ducka" She continued. "Is capable of cracking ice with his sharp beak. It specializes in close combat; which is rather strange for a Water-pokemon. He freezes the opponent and slashes them to pieces."

"Another one of those dangerous pokemon. He could cut you in half!" Matt thought.

"And finally Cacta" She said releasing the last pokemon out of its green pokeball. A small, green pokemon appeared. It had stingers on his head. Its face expression was not very nice, 'tseemed like it would smash everything to pieces with its boxing gloves. The gloves seemed to be formed like mushrooms. "It is a pokemon that has great endurance. It won't quit fighting until it either faints or wins. The stingers on its head can be used to fire at enemies. They contain a bit of poison. It uses the mushroom like gloves to give the opponent a big punch in the face. Cacta's combat style isn't that different from Hitmonchan's. Punching and kicking it's way to victory, but it has the ability to use spores aswell." Pr.Zue said calmly in a steady monotone voice, making it clear that the introduction was finished by taking a deep breath.

"So which one do you want?" she asked calmly waiting for Matt's answer.

"Do you mind if I take a while to think?" Matt asked the professor.

"No not at all, but I'll put the pokemon back in there balls, just for safety." She said while smiling at Matt.

Matt nodded as she put the pokemon back in their balls. Then she and her father left the room. Going for some coffee.

"HmmThey all look dangerous." Matt thought." Salaka will poison you. Salaka punches you to death and Ducka slices you and serves you with some vegetables." This wasn't going to be an easy decision for Matt.

Matt took a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote down all the cons and pros of the pokemon to make his decision seem easier.

After a half hour of hard thinking and going through his paper over and over again, he decided.

"Pr. Zue! I have made my decision!" Matt yelled hard enough that everyone on the first floor could hear it.


"Well Jeff, what do you think the boy is going to do?" Pr.Zue asked Matt's father.

"I don't know. He did seem a bit scared of the pokemon when you first introduced them" He replied "You were explaining to him and probably didn't see it then."

"Ah, that is possible" She said looking kind of embarrassed. "But I'm sure he will do a great job. You know the pokemon all posses a special way of combat. If he is a good trainer and a smart thinker he will figure out that their combat style is the key of his decision"

"What do you mean" Matt's father asked, not really understanding what the professor was trying to tell him.

"Well, if Matt is able to fully understand what the power of Cacta's physical strength is, he might be able to make his way fighting. Beating all his opponents to defeat. On the other hand if he is more the person who wants swift and effective moves, he should take Ducka. Its claws are razor sharp. And he can attack at a distance too. This is probably the pokemon if he wants it all. Then Salaka is something special. It is a specie
recently discovered. It has a natural feeling when a trainer is good for it or not. If Matt is worthy of training it, he won't be poisoned. If not Matt will poisoned on the spot." She calmly explained to Matt's father, who know understood and couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"But that is dangerous!" He said getting scared and angry at the same time.

"No it isn't. Calm down." She said to Matt's father." Matt will choose the pokemon that he feels the most comfortable with."

Just when Matt's father was going to say something, they heard a voice from behind. It was Matt

"Pr. Zue! I have made my decision!"

"You see" She said, smiling at him

*end of chapter 1*

January 14th, 2006, 2:44 AM
Not that anyone cares, but here's a new chapter of SOP =D

Chapter 2 : the decision

"Ok, I'm here! which one is it?" She asked appearing from behind the door, together with Matt's father. Both seeming very enthusiastic.

"I will take Salaka!" he said. He was glad that he finally made his decision. The decision that will determine his carrier as a pokemon trainer. He sighed. This was it.

"Ow, great!" she said happy." It is a good choice. In whole my carrier as a professor here in Reeto city. There are only 2 other people who have chosen this pokemon. It is a good pokemon, but hard to use and understand. I hope you will put him to good use."

Matt said nothing, he just nodded. He was surprised about how many trainers took Salaka. Actually how many trainers didn’t took Salaka. He didn’t want to be an Ash Ketchum wannabe, with picking something special and all. He just felt happy with this pokemon.

"Could you follow me please? We need to get your trainer equipment" Pr. Zue said as she made a sign to follow her again, which made Matt and his father sigh. As they left the Meeting room Matt took one last glimpse at the pokemon that could have been his, but either way, he was happy with his pokemon. But he was trying to figure out when he would get it. He only got to see it once. And then it went back in its pokeball.

They left the meeting room, walked through the beautiful hall. He looked at the paintings and tried to figure out why Professor Oak was the only one with a statue. He kept thinking and scouting around until they saw a red door. It had the same kind of sign that the Meeting room had. Matt read the sign on the door: "Trainer room" it said. As Matt was eager to get his pokemon, they hurried and arrived at the red door.

"So, here we are." Pr.Zue said while stopping at the red door. It had the same carved pokemon drawings as the wooden door.

They entered the room and Matt saw thousand of pokeballs, each more shining then the other one. They were probably from other trainers who had collected more then 6 pokemon already. From a regular Pokeball to an Ultraball. Every ball available was here, they even had some of Kurt's special balls. He saw different names above different shelves of pokemon. In the right corner of the Room was a table which had all kinds of different trainer equipment, from backpacks to potions; everything. He even started thinking that they had more items here then in the Trainers Market in Lilycove, which he had once visited with his family. The table had 4 different compartiments. Each with his own equipment.

"This here is the place were trainers pokemon are stocked. Also every newbie gets his or her equipment here." Pr. Zue said pointing at the table." This here is your most important device. It's a Poktech. It records all date on pokemon you have seen or caught. It contains a Pokedex version 5.1, the latest version, do not forget to upload version 5.2 in October" She said explaining the functions of the Poktech.
The fact that she said October made Matt realise of time and place. He almost forgot that it was only June. "You can see the gender of a pokemon, its level, if it has breeding moves, its type, its evolutions, its shiny form and explanation about the pokemon. So just the basic info the Pokedex used to give before Poktech was invented. Poknav is also included. It has map of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Zuta and Orlando. Well enough information, here you go Matt. I hope you discover its use yourself." She said ending her explanation and giving the Tech to Matt, smiling.

"Thanks" Matt said honestly. It was the greatest gift he had ever received, except for his pokemon, which he was dying to meet.

"Well we couldn't forget about your pokemon, couldn't we?" She said, teasing Matt a bit. As she knew just aswell how long Matt was been waiting for this moment. She gave him the black pokeball, who seemed even more beautiful from up close.

"Go Salaka, appear!" Matt said excited.

The lizard pokemon appeared and looked at Matt. He hissed something and looked even closer at Matt. Then he withdrew his tongue and smiled at Matt. Matt's father was relieved and smiled at his son. Then he looked at Pr.Zue, thinking the same as she. Matt then took Salaka closer and was going to pat him on the head while he suddenly remembered the info Pr.Zue had given.

"Euhm…Pr.Zue, how can I touch him? I mean her, I mean what gender is Salaka? Anyway he will poison me if I touch him or her with my bare hands." Matt asked confused.

"Oh, didn't I tell you? You can touch him if he likes you. And since he withdrew his tongue, it means he does." She said smiling and looking at Matt's father, nodding.

"Great!" Matt said while patting Salaka on its back. "Well then, let's see if this thing works… I’ll need to find out if your a boy or a girl, right?" Matt said, smiling at Salaka and pointing his Tech towards him/her. It made a little beep sound and the info began to appear on the screen in shiny blue letters.


Type: Fire/Poison
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Breeding moves: 0

It has the inborn ability of Poison Skin. It is a better version of Poison Point. 60% change that the opponent will be poisoned if he makes contact with Salaka's skin.

Salaka: The lizard pokemon. Its skin is poisonous for everyone it doesn't trust. It has the ability to poison the foe at contact. The circles on his back glow red when he is going to spew fire.

"Wow, this really is something alright, Salaka is a him." he said happy with his new Tech and pokemon." And you didn't tell me he was a fire pokemon?"

"Well, I didn't tell you he was a Poison type either, you just assumed that because he had some poison type aspects" She said smiling.

"Oh, I guess you're right." Matt said kind of embarrassed. He looked down at Salaka who happily spewed a little fire.

"Well then, let's get to the next table, shall we?" She said. Matt nodded and they proceed.

A few steps later they came to a table with 10 different circled holes, each containing pokeballs.

"Here, these are you're balls for catching pokemon: 3 Pokeballs…" Pr.Zue said taking 3 pokeballs from the first hole "…1 Greatball…" She said while taking one ball from the third hole "…1 Lureball…" Taking a ball from the last hole "…and 1 Skyball" she said while taking the last ball out of the sixth hole and handing all of them over, checking if she had given everything.

"Thanks. I never heard of a Lure ball or a Skyball before" Matt said looking at the light green ball covered with blue spots in the form of a cloud." But as the same says. I assume that they are for flying and rare pokemon?"

"Well, yes the Skyball is for Flying pokemon that's correct. You can also get a bonus on dragons with these. But the Lure ball isn’t to lure rare pokemon, it’s used on pokemon who were fished up from a sea or lake." She said with her usual calm voice, smiling again." Well the next table is right over there."

They walked to the next table and Matt saw some weird devices and some small bottles all in different colors.

"Here, this is yours" she said while giving Matt a funny looking thing.

"What is it and what does it do?" he asked while holding the thing upside down, trying to figure out what its purpose was.

"It's a TMBox. You can select a TM you bought or received…" she said while taking the TMBox and showing Matt how to hold it properly. She pressed a button and a list that was printed out of the box. It contained all the TM's Matt had. The paper was blank ofcourse.

"…once you selected your TM, you press that red button and the mini bottle will come out." she said. But Matt looked puzzled." Oh, I didn't tell you. TM's are bottles. You can put them in this machine and they will shrink so that you won't have to drag all those bottles along with you."

"Oh, and then what do I do when I get that bottle?" he continued asking; still looking puzzled at the machine, but at least he didn’t hold it upside down anymore.

"Well, you open it and put it in your pokemon's food, then train on that specific technique for 2 day's and your pokemon then will be able to use the TM as an attack! Isn't great!" She said excited.

"Yes, so my pokemon can then use attack's it normally wouldn't learn?" Matt asked understanding a bit more about the TMBox. He looked relieved, though.

"Yes, that is correct." she answered him." And to shrink the machine itself, press the green button. The orange button if to display the list on your screen."

"Ok, thanks! Is there anything else I should get?" Matt asked, he wanted to know for sure before he left.

"Yes, here take this. A potion spray with 30 sprays in it and some food for Salaka." Pr.Zue said friendly while giving Matt the stuff.

As Matt received the equipment he glared at the fourth table.

"Oh! Silly me! I forgot to give you a Trainer Card. We would want you to be an unofficial trainer, wouldn't we?" She said joking a little bit. Then she went to the fourth table. Matt followed her closely.

The fourth table was a small table compared to the others. It only had a pen, photo camera and other weird looking machines on it. Matt started to realize that all of the machines seem weird to him. Pr.Zue took the photo camera and smiled at Matt who smiled back. Then she quickly took the snapshot.

"Oh great, now I look like a moron…" Matt said, displeased by the quick snapshot.

"Oh, don't be such a baby, everyone looks ridiculous on their Trainercard" She said trying to get rid of her guilt." Well here it is. Your trainer card."

Matt accepted and saw that it just contained his name, last name, IDnumber, Professor and the lousy picture.

"That's all except for some good luck!" she said with her usual smile. Matt was getting tired of the smile and wanted to get started as soon as possible.

They left the room and went down the beautiful hall. Matt took one last glare at the statue and then Pr. Zue guided them to the exit.

"Well, thanks again!" Matt thanked her politely.

He and his father walked to the same spot were Pidgeot landed when they first arrived. It seemed like ages ago. Matt almost thought that Pr.Zue would never let them out of that building.

"Well Matt, I'll be leaving then" his father said while releasing Pidgeot. Pidgeot spread its magnificent wings again and started flapping them

"Ok dad, thanks for the ride and I hope you will win a lot of flying contests! Hopefully Pidgeot will ever transform into Pidgeos…" Matt said a bit embarrassed by saying that name. But he wished his father the best of luck and that couldn't possibly be bad.

"Yeah, I hope so too, but anyway: behave, train good, be nice to your pokemon and win a lot of battles!" his father replied giving his son the usual peptalk any father would give. Matt was sure he was going to miss his always-jolly father.

"Thanks dad, see you later!" he said and Pidgeot started flying.

"Ow, wait!" Matt said, he suddenly thought of something." How do I suppose to buy food if I don't have any money?" Matt said to his dad and Pidgeot landed again.

"Totally forgot! Sorry, here's 6000. It's not much but it's something, right?" his father said while handing over the money. He hold Matt's hand tight. “You’ll have to earn the rest” he said winking.

"See you!" his father waved him out as he released Matt's hand. Pidgeot flew high into the air, eager to fly.

Matt could hear his father yell 'Extremespeed' from a distance. He would really miss his old man.

"So, now I'm on my own. I'll get going then" Matt said out loud.

"Come out, Salaka!" he shouted and released him. Thinking he could use a companion.

Salaka appeared and started hissing again. He seemed rather pleased that he was able to get into the nature again.

"You're in a good mood! I hope you will fight good and strong" he said against his precious reptile.

They walked through Reeto city, watched the pretty scenery, laughed at two fighting Caterpie-each trying to get each other with stringshot- and finally came to the end of the city. A black forest awaited them, but Reeto city was rather large and because of his short legs, Salaka was tiring out.

"Salaka, you seem tired. I think you better rest a bit. Return." Matt said, Salaka nodded and he returned him with a smile, happy with his pokmon.

"Well, let's see…what is my first destination…" He asked himself while taking out his Poktech. Its red, silver color shone bright in the afternoon sun.

"Ah, here it is! A map of the Zuta region." he said while pressing the blue button on his tech. The screen started glowing blue, yellow and green. A map was forming on the screen.

"Treetop city. Hmm….north, then west, then north again. That shouldn't be too hard." Matt thought." Guess I'll have to go through this forest then…"

Matt headed north, as planned, and enjoyed the beautiful forest of Route 01. It was almost as beautiful as a tropical rainforest. He saw 2 Mankey and was eager to catch one. But then realized that Salaka needed his rest, so he skipped the catching attempt. He walked on the sandy, dirt path and saw some more pokemon, but none of them really got Matt's interest.

Suddenly a Pidgey banged into Matt's stomach and Matt fell. When he got back up, he looked at the Pidgey. It was knocked out and didn't seem able to fly away. Meanwhile a young boy arrived at the scene.

January 21st, 2006, 11:36 AM
It's saterday, that means a new chapter for all who cares.

Chapter 3 : New Trainer, new level

"Sorry…I was training my Furret you see, and I didn't expect anyone around these parts…" A boy said. He didn't look much older then Matt. He had black hair, azure blue eyes, cargo pants and wore a white T-shirt with the emblem of a Pokball on it. A black-white striped Furret appeared next to him and starting making his apologies to Matt aswell.

"You have eyes in your head don't you?!" Matt yelled angrily at the boy, rubbing his stomach. It hurt. He looked angry at the guy and the Furret.

"I'm sorry…I didn't mean to hurt you…" the boy said embarrassed. He started making circles with his foot. He looked down, watching his foot circle. He suddenly retrieved his Furret

"It's alright…I just kind of freaked out when that Pidgey suddenly hit my stomach" Matt explained his quick and angry reaction from before.

"Oh...ok" the boy said relieved. Sighing.

"Hi, I'm Jack" he introduced himself. First whipping all the dirt of his hand onto his cargo pants, before stretching his hand out to greet me

"I'm Matt, nice to meet you" Matt answered, shaking Jack's hand.

They walked a bit further in the woods. Matt still rubbing his belly, it still hurt. When he suddenly realized something. The Pidgey had made quite the impact.

"So you have a Furret, right?" Matt asked while observing the Furret. It seemed quit strong. Stronger then Salaka that was.

"Yes, that's right! He is the strongest member of my team! Actually the only member…" Jack answered a little embarrassed.

"Should I, may I…" Matt asked a bit embarrassed. He took out his Tech. It was still in its red shiny form.

"Go on, what?" Jack asked not understanding. He was confused and didn't understand what Matt was trying to say.

"May I scan your Furret with my Poktech?" Matt asked again. He formed a weak smile. Still looking a bit red on the cheeks.

"Sure go ahead!" Jack answered while releasing his Furret. It looked full of life energy. It happily bounced around Jack.

"Now Furret, stand still and let Matt scan you, ok?" Jack said to his Furret. The Furret nodded, taking a macho like pose.

"Ok, Furret! Let's have a look" Matt said, aiming the Tech at Furret. A beep sound

Type: Normal
Gender: Male
Level: 19
Breeding moves: 1
Double edge: A powerful normal attack, but the user of this move gets hurt by this attack.

Furret posses the inborn ability of Keen eye. It allows Furret to never be fooled by the foe's attempt to increase its accuracy.

Furret: It makes a nest to suit its long and skinny body. The nest is impossible for other Pokemon to enter. The deeper the nests go, the more maze-like they become. There is no telling where the tail begins. Despite its short legs, it is quick at hunting Rattata.

"Well, he's pretty darn cool, but aren't Furret normally beige-brown?" Matt asked. He seemed confused, but at the same time impressed.

"Yes, but mine's a shiny…" Jack answered like it was nothing spectacular.

"Shiny!" Matt said stunned. "That means he's rare!"

"Yes, but I don't really care if he's shiny or not. He's my partner and that is what counts." Jack said confident. Matt was stunned that Jack took this so lightly. But deep down inside he knew that Jack was right.

"Man, he's at a high level. Check it out, level 19!" Matt shouted in astonishment.

"Yeah, like I said, I've been training him" Jack smiled, happy with the compliment.

They started walking again. Deeper into the dark forest. It seemed to get darker. Not because of the nightfall, but because the forest got overgrown by tall trees. This was also better for sightseeing., actually ‘Pokemon seeing’. A lot of Hoothoots came out here, even when it was noon. The dark forest made them get used to daylight, while still being able to hide in the darkness of the forest. Those Hoothoot seemed powerful. Maybe a bit to powerful, besides Salaka needed his rest to badly. So I didn't thought about catching them.

"What do you want to do with your life?" Matt asked Jack trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

"I wanna be like my dad and become a breeder, but my ultimate goal is to own a Pidgeos." Jack answered rather calmly. He seemed to enjoy the conversations.

"Ah, that’s why you were battling that Pidgey when I passed, but a Pidgeos that's hard to obtain you know?!" Matt said understanding the boy’s actions before.

"How do you mean?" Jack asked, not really understanding.

"Well first you need to train a Pidgey until it becomes a Pidgeot, his happiness level should be above limits, and don't forget you only have one shot, because at l.56 Pigeot's happiness needs to be at 300, or else it won't evolve." Matt explained to Jack, who seemed to be amazed.

"Ow…that's hard. But I can try, can't I? And if I fail I will have a Pidgeot anyway…" he said like he didn't really care, but Matt knew he did.

"Sure, the least thing you can do is try. Actually you must try, don't give up. A trainer without any spirit isn't a worthwhile trainer" Matt supported Jack" My father always says that."

"Ok, I will try." Jack replied. He did understand Matt, and his father.

"Well, where are you off to?" Jack asked Matt after a moment of silence.

"I'm of to Fatala city" Matt answered his question. Hoping that Jack would keep him company until Fatala.

"Oh, that's convenient. I'm heading there as well. I want to train a Pidgey, and my Furret ofcourse. And maybe even take the Gym challenge" Jack explained looking forwards as they walked, while Matt was pleased to hear this, Jack seemed to look a bit strange.

"I just want to be a trainer and compete in the Zuta Trainer League" Matt said normally. He seemed to look a bit like the famous Ash Ketchum when he started his quest. It's a good thing the age finally caught up with Ash. He was more mature now, he even competed in last years Zuta league.

He followed Jack through the rough forest, realizing that they weren't following the original route anymore. Suddenly Matt stopped and Jack turned around, smiling.

"I know it seems funny but this is a short way to Fatala city" Jack explained. Laughing at the weird look on Matt's face.

And believe it or not, but it was! They had almost skipped route 02 and went straight through the rough forest. And when they saw light again, they seemed to be at the end of a route. A big building was standing in the distance, shining with the suns reflection on its metal walls…

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Saterday = new chapter day =D Enjoy!

Chapter 4 : The Federation Building

"Look Jack!" Matt pointed at the building." Look at the size of it! What would it be? Is it located in Fatala?"

"Ah, THAT building" Jack said. He clearly recognized it." It's the Federation Building of Fatala. We have reached the city borders."

They walked to wards the city. Pleased that they were able to get some food, when suddenly Jack tripped over what he thought to be a rock.

"What was that?" Jack asked confused. He clearly didn't see it.

Suddenly an angry Pidgey appeared. It was sleeping in the grass when Jack fell over it and woke it. The Pidgey released a surprise Sand attack which caused Matt and Jack to be blown away to wards a big tree.

"Watch out!" Matt warned Jack who was about to hit the tree. Matt missed it either way, but Jack saw it only after Matt's warning and dodged it with only a few millimeters to spare.

"Wow that was close!" Matt said relieved.

"That Pidgey has potential" Jack said, standing up, clearly interested in the Pidgey.

"Hey Matt, I'm going to catch this one, I think it might be the one that I'm waiting for" Jack said and made it clear to Matt that he needed some room to work.

"Go Furret!" Jack yelled and he released Furret out of his luxeryball. The ball was gold and silver, with black diamonds on the sides. Matt was impressed.

"Furret, use Fury swipes!" Jack commanded him. Not letting the Pidgey making his attack. Again Matt was impressed by the speed of Furret, his jaw just dropped.

"Furr!" He said and took its battle positions.

Furret's claws began to glow white and he knew he was ready. He moved at incredible swiftness to wards the Pidgey and then started slashing like a madman. The Pidgey was hit, it was hurt badly, but not ready to give up. It flew up high above the trees and only a few seconds after it rose, it began to rush down again preparing for its Tackle attack.

"Furret, use defense curl!" Jack yelled to wards Furret. Seeing the attack coming long before it could even make a surprise.

Furret understood the command. He curled himself into a ball. Then a silver glance appeared around the curled Furret. As the Pidgey stormed down through the trees, it saw Furret, curled up. Pidgey aimed at the ball and rushed down hitting Furret.

"Furr…" Furret said as he uncurled himself. The defense curl had taken most of the damage, he only received minor damage.

"Good job Furret! Now attack with Double-edge!" Jack said getting ready to unleash the second attack.

Furret nodded and rushed at Pidgey. While Furret was running his entire body began to glow a shining white. Then slamming his entire body against the flying pokemon. Pidgey was thrown back wards due the force of the impact. Furret gained his normal color again, but seemed to be hurt by his own attack. The Pidgey was sent flying against a tree and was unconscious.

"Alrighty then. Good work Furret. Now Skyball!" Jack said as he threw the shiny green, blue spotted ball. It moved for 2 seconds. Wobbling, and then finally moved to a halt.

"Nice! I hope this Pidgey will be worth the effort" Jack said cheerful, happy with his new catch. It might be the Pidgey he was dreaming about.

"Good, now you finally got the Pidgey you wanted!" Matt cheered him on.

"Yes. Now I'll be able to try and get the Pidgeos I want." Jack replied, hoping that this Pidgey will fur fill this difficult task.

"Well then, let's get going shall we?" Matt asked, trying to proceed into Fatala.

"Sure! I need to get my Pidgey healed anyway." Jack responded.

They started walking again. This time into the city. With the large building looking over them.

"Jack, what is the Federation building actually?" Matt asked Jack. Looking at the enormous building.

"It's a building where you can trade pokemon." Jack replied with his calm and steady voice." It is the greatest Trade building in the world. It's even bigger then the new one they recently set in Goldenrod."

"Great! Let's go visit it!" Matt suggested. He was already fantasizing about the pokemon when Jack interrupted his fantasy.

"Do you even have a pokemon that you can trade?" Jack asked, making Matt face the hard reality.

"I only have Salaka and I don't want to trade him…what a bummer" Matt said disappointed. He sighed.

"Well, you could always have one of my Pidgey; I already got 12 of them..." Jack said. A bit embarrassed about what Matt thought was his Pidgeos obsession.

"Really! You're the best" Matt thanked Jack. He was glad to have such a companion, maybe even a friend, although they didn’t really knew each other long enough to be real friends.

"No problem. Just see it as a favor for telling me about the evolution technique for Pidgeos" Jack said, stopping Matt's thought about the fact that he owed him something.

They visited the pokemon center and took 2 Pidgey from the box. Actually ‘box’ was a bad word these days. Stored pokemon were put in a park located in Hoenn, outside of Sootopolis. The park was located on an island recently discovered. It had water, grass and rock fields, thus the basic things different pokemon needed to survive. Every captured and stored pokemon in the world went to that island. It was forbidden for Pokemontrainers to enter there. Only the employees were allowed to enter the domain, although Matt hoped to enter it once.

They were on their way to the Federation Building when Jack just realized that in the commotion of the Pidgey he forgot to heal his Pokemon.

"Look Matt, you go ahead. I forgot to charge up my Pokemon. I'll see you at the Federation Building. I'll go heal them first!" Jack said and he left off to wards the center.

Matt walked on as planned and was even more impressed when he got close to the building. It was really enormous. There were all kinds of trainers, and also a lot of security. He entered the shiny automatic doors and arrived in a great hall. Even more beautiful then the one in Pr.Zue's laboratory. The hall was full of people shouting, buying, barging, etc…

"Wow, this place is huge!" Matt thought as he saw a dozen elevators at each side of the hall.

He pressed a button of the second elevator on the right side. As he waited for the elevator to come down, he did some walking. Watching some salesmen argue, seeing 2 little boys trading there pokedolls and then finally the elevator made a 'pling' sound and the doors opened.

"Hey Matt! I'm back! Hold the elevator!" A voice yelled. Jack had appeared from the crowd. He pushed the people away, very careful making his way to the elevator.

"Gee. Thanks man!" Jack replied as he finally stood besides Matt, handing over the pokeball.

"No, thank YOU!" Matt replied taking the pokeball out of Jack's hand." Is this place always so crowed?"

"Don't mention it" Jack said." And yes, it's always this full. Well, what do you expect of the greatest trade building in the world…"

They talked some more when the elevator finally started going up. It took almost 5 minutes. The elevators here could use a fix up.

"Where are we going anyway?" Matt asked "A building as big as this one, isn't all trading pokemon, right?"

"Here's a sign: 1st floor: Meeting hall, 2nd floor: Trainer swap, 3rd floor: Poketrade, 4th floor: Vending machines 5th floor: Barging sales" Jack read it out loud, answering Matt's question.

"I want to visit the Poketrade." Matt said in excitement.

"Ok, let's go!" Jack said, nodding

The elevator was nice and warm. With red carpet surrounding walls and floor. The speakers were in the shape of a pikachu. Its cheeks were boxes to put out the sound.

"2nd floor: Trainer swap" a calm and boring woman's voice said. The pikachu speakers didn't fit the voice.

Matt observed the elevator once more when the boring womans voice said that they had arrived on the 3rd floor.

"We need to get off here!" Matt told Jack. Pointing to the display which read '3rd floor'.

They stepped outside the elevator and saw a big room. It was filled with all kinds of stands: Water pokemon, Fire pokemon, rare pokemon, starter pokemon, etc…All the stands were crowded with trainers, eager to receive some new pokemon.

"Come on Jack, let's check this out!" Matt said overexcited, pulling on Jacks sleeve.

"Ok, ok don't need to rush it…" Jack said to Matt. Calming him down.

They walked, looked and offered until they saw a little stand in a corner. It seemed deserted. It only had 2 pokeballs lying in a wooden box.

"Hello, what do you have for us?" Matt asked the shopkeeper. Hoping that it would be a rare pokemon.

"Well, I've got some very special pokemon for you…" the man said. He looked mysterious. The man had black hair and a pointy nose. He wore a black and blue cape, seemed rather small for an adult man and had a scar on his left cheek. He grabbed a blue and a black ball. Jack seemed to be distracted by something in another corner, he seemed as if he was in a trance.

"And what's in it?" Matt asked intrigued.

"These are Crawto and Marine…" the man answered." Very rare pokemon. Some of the last of their kind."

"Wait, you mind if I look them up in my Tech?" Matt asked the shop keeper as he grabbed his Tech.
"Sure, go ahead. I don’t mind…" The mysterious man said. There was something fishy about his voice. It seemed…unnatural.

Type: Dark/Flying
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Breeding moves: 0

Crawto has the inborn ability of Insomnia. This makes sure that Crawto cannot be put to sleep.

Crawto: the crow pokemon, it is know for its nightly flights. People said when you've seen this pokemon fly during the day, you were cursed for eternity. That's why it species have been hunted and murdered until this day. After a law to forbid the hunt on this pokemon was made, the species were declared rare. This creature can summon darkness and moonlight…

Matt looked at the display of its Poktech. A black bird appeared. It seemed devilish, particularly through the skull like iron plate over his head and its red eyes glimming through it. It had a sharp beak which looked like the one of a Murkrow.

"And now Marine…" Matt thought as he entered the name.

Type: Water/Electric
Gender: Female
Level: 5
Breeding moves: 0

Marine has the inborn ability of Volt absorb. Lighting bolts heal him instead of hurting him.

Marine: This pokemon was once very common. This all changed when people found out that this electric type was the solution to kill the cursed pokemon: Crawto, it was bred and caught for that single purpose only. After the law finished the hunt, the Marine were abandoned and starved to death. Until this day Marine is a rare pokemon.

This pokemon looked like a sea tank, a big one. It had a shell with yellow marks on it and looked like a big turtle. Matt couldn't understand how this thing swum. And even less how the hell it was an electric type.

"You're right, they're both rare!" Matt said. "Well, would you want to trade your Crawto for my Pidgey?" Matt asked the man. He realized that Fire/Poison was extremely weak to Ground attacks and a Flying pokemon could cover that weakness, aswell did he know that the changes of him receiving the Crawto for a Pidgey were very, very, very slim. Matt already made signs of departing, until something rather strange happed.

"I agree…" the mysteryman replied with his unnatural creepy voice. He approved.

Matt couldn't believe it. It was to good to be true. A mere Pidgey was going to be traded for a rare -almost extinguished pokemon. He thought about how its evolutions would be like, when suddenly the man interrupted Matt's fantasy.

"Step forward please…" the man asked, still silently as ever.

Matt stepped forward like he was told to and put his pokeball into the tradingmachine. The man put up a strange looking ball. Matt identified it as a Skyball.

The pokemon were swapped by the machine and they had now received a mind flash about how their new trainers would look like. This was the big secret behind the trading machines and why most traded pokemon automatically obey there new masters. It also registered the original trainer's ID number on your own Trainer Card. The machine made a ‘phew’ sound and the Pokeballs came out.

"Go Crawto!" Matt yelled the moment he grabbed the ball and tossed it onto the floor. A black bird with small red eyes, an iron plate on its head - which was shaped into a skull - and awesome sharp claws - which made scratches on the beautiful, yet expensive floor- appeared, it was cleaning its feathers when it laid its eyes on its new trainer. It flew towards Matt greeting him with a hoot, it then turned his attention to the ceiling.

"Well…Your Crawto seems to be male…"The black haired man said silently.

"Hmm? How did you know?" Matt asked, he was puzzled. He didn't see the man using any Pokedex or Tech.

"A male Crawto will always look up to the sky as if it is his own territory. A female will always look to the ground, as if it's bowing down before the male, and seeing that your Crawto seems to be constantly staring at the ceiling its bound to be male. " He answered Matt's question.

Matt gave the man a strange, yet satisfied look. He then turned his attention back to his beloved black bird pokemon.

"Hi, I'm Matt, you don't mind If I called you Morpheus, don't you?" Matt responded. The pokemon nodded and started looking up again.

"Morpheus, return…" Matt said when he returned his brand new pokemon into his ball.

"Thanks, for the trade mister. I’ll always…" Matt tried to thank the man but he and his stand had suddenly disappeared.

"Hmm? What happened? Mister?" Matt said puzzled "Jack, where did that fellow just went?"

"What fellow?" he replied, making a impression as if he had just gotten out of a dream. He seemed even more puzzled then Matt.

"Well, the guy who gave me Crawto. The guy I traded your Pidgey for!" Matt said explaining it to Jack.

"There wasn't any stand there, only an empty corner." Jack said to Matt, lifting his eyebrow, eying him with suspicion.

"But…" Matt didn't understand, he was sure that he traded his Pidgey with that weird man. It was real, it had to be real, it couldn’t be any other way."There is only one way to prove it"

"Go Morpheus!" Matt yelled releasing the black bird pokemon. Crawto waved majestically with his wings.

"Where did you receive that?" Jack asked looking at the bird pokemon in awe. He was utterly confused.

"Well, like I said! At that stand in the corner!" Matt said. He was starting to get frustrated.

Suddenly Jack started to laugh.

"What's the matter?" Matt asked confused and still frustrated.

"You sure fooled me. Believing that there was a stand that disappeared." Jack said started laughing again.

"But I told you: there WAS a stand in the corner! Where in heavens name would I’ve gotten Morpheus?" Matt said. He was really getting angry this time.

"I think you just traded it somewhere else and forgot about it" Jack said laughing out loud, but honestly doubting himself.

"You know what? Let's just skip it…" Matt said. He’d figure out himself and Morpheus was going to help him with it.

"Yeah, let's go." Jack said still laughing a bit.

They got back to the nice lifts and made there way down in the beautiful hall again. Once they were out of the Federation Building, the mystery man was standing on the roof; smiling…

Once Matt and Jack were out of the Federation Building they noticed that it was getting late, so they changed direction to the pokemoncenter. The Pokemoncenter now had rooms for trainers, it was a new law which got approved 3 years ago. Ofcourse trainers had to pay like in a normal Motel, but it was cheaper and you’d be with your pokemon just as well.

"So…What kind of type does the Treetop city leader uses?" Matt asked Jack trying to end the awkward silence.

"I think it's Bug" Jack replied." I heard some people talking about a bug pokemon expert when I came back from the center to meet up with you at the Federation Building."

"Great! I hope so. I have a flying AND a fire pokemon!" Matt said confident, this Gym Leader didn’t seem to hard.

"Yeah, I have a flying pokemon as well!" Jack said, less confident about his abilities, though.

They arrived at the Center after crossing the same road again and rented 2 rooms with shower.

"Ok then. You take 201 and I'll take 213! It's right across the hall so we'll be seeing each other soon tomorrow." Matt said to Jack.

"Yeah fine…Now let's get some sleep now. It's already 22.13…" Jack replied.

"Yeah fine…" Matt said, getting drowsy. He handed over the key and disappeared behind his own chamber door. "Good night…"

"Yeah, good night…" Jack responded silently and the 2 doors closed.

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