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January 16th, 2006, 4:14 AM
Chapter 1

I am the chid of ice. I will tell you how this all began.

It started on a small boat. I was with my mother.

We were on a search for how the earth came to be.

All of a sudden there was a suname. My mom and me were pushed down into the sea.

I tried to swim to the top but I lost my breath. I drifted out to sea

. I landed in the artic a few days later. Soon I opened my eyes.

I got up and saw my cloths were all ripped up.

I started carving a ice soot. It was cold at first but I got use to it.

On the first full moon night a full moon shape appeared on my head.

Each different mooned night that moon would appear on my head.

I could soon use my powers.

One day I saw my mom. I started up to her but she surprised me.

She didnt recognize me. Mom held up a gun at me. I started to run.

I new there was only one chance.

I turned lifted my arms and brought up an ice wall and thats how it started.

Lady Akita
January 16th, 2006, 10:03 PM
Kind of mysterious, like a story from aboriginal cultures. The only problem is your mechanical errors. o.O;
Now I'm not gonna say anything about the detail or anything, coz this type of story is probably lsupposed to be like that. But I hope you continue the next chapter. And minimize the typos. XD