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January 16th, 2006, 8:49 AM
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Sequel to Through Espeon Eyes and Through Umbreon Eyes

That explains it all. I already told all of the readers of Through Umbreon Eyes that I was making this, so if you would like to understand this story a lot better than you could, I suggest you read Through Umbreon Eyes since there's a lot of reference towards that story. The link's in my signature (it will never be removed =D)

Incandescent Starlight

The season of tumbling leaves was coming to a close on a dimly lit morning for the Meadow of Gold. The wintry winds began to come in from the north, tossing the long blades of browning grass in rippling waves. The blades looked golden when the sun was shining bright against their backs, hence the title "Meadow of Gold", but this noontide the sun was blanketed by layers of gray cloud. Sufficient sun rays were nowhere in the picture.

Among the great amber lake of grass, there was one fleck of silver moving swiftly towards the Forest of the West. The fleck galloped forth, a small creature yet willing to tire himself out with such a mishapen gallop. He was foolish animal called an eevee, yet he was indeed peculiar for his kind. The typical eevee has a coat of soft coffee color, while this little bundle of fur had his metallic pelt of incandescent starlight. His mother and father had named him after his wondrous appearance. His name was Starlight.

His parents were an odd couple, which would explain his genetic mutation. Starlight's mother was an Espeon named Sunlight. An Espeon is a fox-like creature of day with a short-haired coat of lavender. Starlight's father was an Umbreon named Moonlight. An Umbreon is another fox-like creature with slightly longer fur than the Espeon and a coat of jet-black with rings of gold splashed symetrically across its body.

Starlight often thought to himself "What happens when you combine day with night?" and he often came to the answer "Twilight." He liked the name a lot better then "Starlight." Starlight was the name a sissy little girl would have. His nickname wouldn't be "Star" anymore; it would be "Twi." What a significant ring..."Twi."

He rushed into the vegetation of the western forest, feeling the branches brush through his fur. His paws reached a bare path of dry sand. He savored the shade of the canopy and ruffled his fur, feeling the cool air wash through the silver and take away the absorbed heat of the sun.

"Fron?" He asked the air as he padded along the path. "Where are you?" He was answered by the whispers of the wind. No real voice had come to his keen ears. He rushed along the path and found himself in a large clearing: the clearing where he usually found his little green friend. "Fron?" He called out again. "Are you out there?"

He assumed this to be a trick. The old trickster probably only invited him to her place for lunch just to jump out and prove to him that she was the stealthiest of the two of them. He raised his head and sniffed, taking in no familiar scent of coffee beans that the reptile so resembled. He scrutinized the boughs up high in the trees with his keen eyes, but found no long belly of scarlet.

"Starlight!" A voice called out from afar. "Starlight, is that you? Come over here! I have something to show you."

The eager eevee lightly dashed along the path in the direction where he heard the voice. He hopped about in the bushes, trying his best to keep up with the voice.

"Farther, my friend. Father. Just a little farther..."

The voice was still far away. Up high, no doubt. Starlight continued to leap through the brush.

"That's it, friend. Hop, hop, hop...nearly there, nearly there. Hop, hop, and...stop!"

Starlight found himself in yet another clearing of sand, slightly larger than the one he just left. He heard a rustle from above and looked up. A slender reptilian creature was standing on a branch next to a large egg made of grass. The house of grass was twice her size, meaning it was six times the size of Starlight. The lizard was tightening the last strand when she looked down to her little eevee friend.

"Ah, there you are." She cooed. "What do you think of it?"

"Think of it?" Starlight repeated. His mouth was hanging open in awe. "It's awesome! It's amazing! How long did it take?"

"About a day and a night. Nothing more." She chuckled and leaped down to the ground. It was such a nimble leap for her age that Starlight was frightened she had hurt herself.

"Careful, Fron." He told her. "Don't hurt yourself."

"I'm fine, I'm fine..." Fron replied, giving him a warm smile as she patted him on the head. "Now...let's have some lunch in our new hideout, shall we?"

The eevee leaped onto her back and latched on tight, preparing for a daring take off. The leaf lizard bounded upward, hooking her arm onto a tree branch, swinging upward, hooking on, swinging about, and perched steadily on the thick branch leading to the entrance of the egg of grass.

Starlight, a little dizzy from the acrobatic stunts, climbed off of Fron's back cautiously, entering the tree house as he kept his balance steady. Fron came in after, smiling as always.

The inside of the house was beautiful...unspeakably beautiful. Parts of the ceiling were translucent, letting small rays of light perculate through and the whole room to glow green. It was toasty in side. Starlight was immediately comfortable.

"Here." Fron said as she laid a large, rolled up leaf in front of him. "There's your lunch."

He carefully unrolled the leaf, revealing some sweet leppa berries. "Thank you!" He said as he nodded his head in thanks. He waited for fron to open her leaf, so he could begin eating. Once she pinched an oran berry from her leafplate, he ate gratefully.

"So." Began Fron, "How's life with your parents?"

Starlight swallowed the juicy berrie. "Not good. I hear them argue at night while they think I'm asleep. They're already thinking of what I should evolve into."

"Hm." Fron looked away. "Typical with a family of an eevee."

"It's always 'jolteon this' and 'vaporeon' that. I'm sick of it. I should be the one to determine my future."

Fron nodded. "Yes, yes. It's silly to choose what your offspring should do." Fron's eyes suddenly looked down. "Have...they asked you yet?"

"Asked me what I wanna be?" Starlight swallowed a mouthful of berries. "Of course not! They don't think I'm listening, but I am! I hear every word!"

"Do you know what you want to be, then?" Fron asked in a sad voice.

"Ye--" The eevee looked down and around for an answer. "No, actually."

Fron laughed in her throat. "Well, you'll know soon enough."

There was silence for a moment. Starlight looked up at the smiling Fron. She looked at him as if she were expected something. His vision began to cloud. His thoughts began to swarm. All his feelings went numb...and then nothing.

Fron grinned down at the sleeping silver eevee. She picked up a berry of his and grinned even more.

"The sleeping draught worked precisely." She whispered. "Listen, Starlight...I wrote you song..."

She came down to his level, lying down on her belly. She put her mouth up to his ear.

"Starlight shining down on me
Of day or of the night?
The fire or the raging sea
Or forks of crashing light?

Starlight is of pleasant day,
Singing through the breeze:
"In the shining sun I lay
And watch the calming seas..."

Starlight is of daunting night
Hunting for his prey.
His skills of stealth are brilliant sight
Which lead your mind astray.

Starlight is of violent fire
Seething through the fields.
Pride is what he must desire
To catch him pleasing meals.

Starlight is of spouting water
Bubbling from the ground
In camouflage is how he slaughters
His foes as safe as sound.

Starlight is of clapping thunder
Roaring through the skies.
His brilliant ways are of plunder
And of tightening ties.

Starlight, oh Starlight...of what are you to be?
Fire, thunder, day or night, or raging as the sea?
Starlight, oh Starlight...these words I do apply.
Whatever you shall ever be, always look through the sky."

With that last note of music, the Grovyle closed her old eyes...and went to sleep. Never to wake up again.

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Butter Wars!!!

*throws lots of popcorn*

Anyway, this completely rocks! It was well worth the wait. Brilliant.

One question-Will WaterWing and Phlow return?

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Butter Wars!!!

*throws lots of popcorn*

Anyway, this completely rocks! It was well worth the wait. Brilliant.

One question-Will WaterWing and Phlow return?Not sure. I'm still not a hundred percent on the story XD

Thankies, Pete!

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YAYZ FOR SEQUELS! *smacked* You made us wait long enough. xD It's great so far; I dunno how you write so well! You've gotta be like.. one of my fanfiction writing heroes! That makes two, hooray! You know I'm gonna be watching this. *sits in front of a fireplace and gets comfy*

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I loveth you Spoony!!!!!!!! OoO *gives Spoony~Rin a cookie* Beautiful as always! I like that song of yours, too! So poetic! ^-^ 20/10! No, more!!! ^O^ *dances and prances* Starlight ish here at last! YAY!!!! :D

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A searing pain stabbed at Starlight's forehead once his senses began to regain. He gritted his teeth in pain, but feared to open his eyes. He curled over and tried to get back to sleep, but the pain was unbearable. He tried to think of things to drown out the sting, but it only made matters worse.

Then he remembered.

"Fron!" He barely gasped. He jolted onto his feet, his eyes wide open and searching around. He looked down and saw the green body resting gently on the ground. She was smiling.

She must be having a nice dream. He thought as a thin smirk crossed his face. He bent down and cuddled up to her arm, about to drift into sleep again...but didn't feel right. Something was missing.

"Fron?" He asked. "Fron, wake up." She didn't move. She kept smiling. What was missing? What was it? Was it the fact that she didn't pull him towards her chest to warm her body? Was it the fact that the scent of coffee beans had faded? Was it the fact...the fact that she was smiling...?

"Fron!" He cried. "Wake up! Can you hear me? What's wrong?" His voice began to croak. His eyes welled up with water. What was missing? What was wrong? What was happening...?

"Fron, answer me!" Starlight cried out. "Stop playing around! What's wrong with you?"

He knew it was a joke. He knew she would come up at any moment and cry, "Boo!" and they would both break out in laughter.

He felt the wind come in through the cracks of the treehouse...the wind of evening. Time had passed while he had slept...how much time, though? It didn't matter. He had to know if Fron was okay.

"Fron..." He pressed his wet nose to her scaly nose. "Why won't you wake up?" She smiled back at him with closed eyes. Her scales didn't shine. Her scent was gone...and her breath...her breath wasn't there. No air escaped her nostrils.

Starlight shook his head in disbelief. He rolled her body over to reveal her faded scarlet chest and stomach. He pressed his right paw at the center of her chest...and felt no rhythm. No beat. No heart. No life.

She was dead.

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Fron.... *sniffles* The only mistake I saw was 'scaley', and that isn't anything major. I'm an accuracy nut. n.n; Nay. I actually like it when people correct me. It makes me spell better o.o

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As long as WaterWing and Phlow don't die.....


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As long as WaterWing and Phlow don't die.....


Anyway another class chapter. Keep it up!Don't give me any ideas xD

Next chapter coming soon~

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Starlight muffled his wet face into the Grovyle's armpit. He wept with vehemence, howling with pain in his spirit. His tears did not seep into the tree lizard's tissue...but rolled off as if she were made of plastic.

His face fur was drenched in liquids. Tears...sweat...maybe even blood. Maybe even vomit. He couldn't tell. His eyes were blinded by tears. His nerves were numbed by the the stone-cold body of Fron. His nose was clogged. He could barely breath through his hiccuping sobs...

Fron was dead. Dead. She was gone. She was never to be seen in motion again...with life dwelling within her body. She would never be seen rushing about the trees with a will of her own. She would never...she would never sing again...she would never--

She would never smile? But she was smiling! She was dead and she was smiling. Did she know she would die?

"Fron." Starlight croaked as he walked over her sprawled out arm. He maneuvered his body around so he was face-to-face with her smiling visage. "Why do you smile? What do you hide?"

Shining on me...
Day or night?
Fire or sea...
Or crashing light...?

Brocken words passed his sorrow-filled mind after he said this. Day...night? Fire, sea, crashing light? Why was he thinking this? Why did it rhyme?

He looked closer at her face. Smiling, eh? What for? It was planned. It was planned, wasn't it?

Pleasant day...
Through the breeze...
Sun I lay...
The calming seas...

Nonsense. Just nonsense jumbled in his mind. They were illusions of good things, trying to get him to come out of his depression state. But the voice that spoke them...was it her voice?


More broken than ever..."What are you trying to tell me?" Starlight asked the lifeless form.


His mind was confused. What was this song? It rhymed, it had rhythm...yet why did it have her voice? What did it mean?

He bounded up instantly, afraid of these ghostly words. He dashed out the entrance of the treehouse, losing balance on the branch. His claws extended and he tried to cling on as his back feet dangled below the branch.

Water ground slaughters sound...

The words were faster now. He scratched the bark from the branch he clung to until he finally fell down...down...down...

Starlight, oh Starlight...of what are you to be?
Fire, thunder, day or night, or raging as the sea?
Starlight, oh Starlight...these words I do apply:
Whatever you shall ever be, always look to the sky.

t3h shortness

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Don't feel lonely, Amy-chan is here. Gah, shortness!!! o.o; *hides* It was very good for being of that length, though. 8D Lookin' forward to more! The gag I helped with in particular. ;) *significant grin*

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