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January 20th, 2006, 3:52 PM
Centuries ago, a long war raged between the four main races of Meca.
The Wolf Pack: half human, half wolf warriors. They were famous for strength, brute strength.
The Kitsune Emprie: half human, half fox ninja. Fast, slient and cunning, the theifs of the planet.
The Cat Tribe: half human, half cat magicians. They magical skills surpass that of any race without practice.
The Snake Clan: half human, half snake killers. Cruel and evil. Fast, but, unlike the foxes, for only a short amount of time.
The war waged on and all the races seemes equally balanced. The only thing the war was doin was killing innocents who fought for their people. It also hurt the smaller tribes, the ones that weren't fighting. Finally, the four great leaders, came together in a private meeting. It was a meeting full of insults and harsh comments. But eventually, they came to a conclusion. Hold a tournament. The winning team would win the war, and the other races would have to regard each other by rank of who got what place. It seemed fair and so 3 people from each race was choosen and they formed teams. It seemed that it'd be a tie the whole tournament. One teaming winning, getting last the next race, thrid the next, second, and then winning again.Until the snakes broke the rules. They attacked members of another team outside of the games. The other three races banned together and banned out the snakes. But the games never ended. The war stopped but the races never got along again.
1,000 years later, the snakes are back, and the games are said to start again. That's were you come in. You have been chosen to play for your team. There are three places on each team, and several different tasks. Only two teams compete in each task, and if you lose three, your out.
1.Don't post for others unless given permission.
2.No super charcters that never lose.
3.Write out your thoughts in OOCs.
4. Don't spam other players.
5. Don't control the whole task in just your post, give others a chance.
Charcter profile.

Appereance: Basically human bodys, but still with part off your race like ears or tails.
If Wolf, weapon: (Sword and things, remember you fight with strength)
If Cat: element of your spells
If Fox, weapon: (dagger, numchucks, remember, you mainly use hand-to-hand)
If Snake, abilty: (extra long tongue, poiseness, camuoflouge, stuff like that.)
Postion on team: (leader, healer, runner)
Leader: leads the group through tasks
Healer: Stays back more and cares for team
Runner: The one normally trying things out
RPG sample:

Me, I'll be different. I'm ref, that way I can control the tasks.


Race: rabbit, one of the smaller races not competing in the tournament

Age: 17

Appereance: Pink leggings that are skinn tight. White boots the come up a little over the ankles. (like Ravens) A with leotard with long sleeves. A diamond shape slit in the middle of the chest. Long pink hair, yes it's natural, and soft, fluffy, white bunny ears. A small with tail that looks like a cotten ball.

Gender: female.

Postion on team: none, ref aka host.

History: Nothing exciting, lives with her mom and her nineteen brothers and sixeteen sisters. Basically, lived up not to noticed with the size of her family.
Always loved to talk though, when people would listen. Got choosen to be ref or host for a eating contest and slowly her fame grew. Her dream was to be host or ref or both for something that went out of her race. Fainted for three days when she found out she's be both for the game of all games.

Personality: Fair, loud, and with an unlimited amount of energy. Loves all the teams and loves to joke around with them. Flirts with the male wolves, talks for hours with the girl cats, runs races with the foxes (loses races), and sorta stalks the snakes cause their so interesting.

RPG sample: "So prettY!" I yelled as I saw the island the tournament would take place on for the first time. The race leaders sighed at my enthusiam. We started to tour the island. There was a very large feild with strange crystals sticking up all over the place. "Wow, I can't wait to think of all the games that'll be here!" I turned and starred at the beach. "Oh and we can do stuff in the water too!" I turned and ran into the forest area. If I hadn't grown up in forests, I would have been lost in seconds. 'I think I'll do some sort of scavenger hunt here!' On the other side of the forest were five cabins and a larger fort. The fort was ovously the eating place. i ran to one of the cabins and saw it said ref on it. "Mine!" I turned and bowed at the leaders who glared at each other then went back to the mainland to collect their teams. I sat on my bed and began to plan the tournament.

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January 22nd, 2006, 1:46 PM
Name: Sophi

Race: Cat

Age: 17

Appearence: Nearly 6ft tall and a slender body covered in a fine grey coat of fur and leather braces around the thighs and shoulders. Piercing light blue eyes and small, rounded ears prutruding from a tightly fitted bronze helmet.

Gender: Female

Skills specifics: Natural attunement, control of living things and uncanny awareness of emotion.

Postion on team: Runner

History: Sophi is part of a long-line of high-born Cat sorceresses, whose noble family crest is tainted by failure. Sophi's ancestors had fought in the games thousands of years before, and though the names of the original competitors may have been lost, Sophi still felt their blood flow through her and the insult of the snakes ignited in her an angry passion, willing her to right the wrongs performed centuries ago.

Personality: Sophi had stunted social life when younger, and so looks inward for support, instead of seeking comfort in others. She is distant but good-hearted and kind, unless offended, in which case she exacts a just punishment on her target.

RPG sample:
The long journey from my land had brought me to regret my solitude. I chose to travel alone, save for this final leg on a public ferry from the mainland, but lonelyness makes me anxious, I need the reassurance from my own people, but i had not seen a Cat for over a week.
It did not take too long to reach the island, and the ferry was almost empty, so after landing i was able to set-off for the fort instantly to recieve my instructions. Upon my arrival, a spiny creature of some lesser tribe I am not familiar with bade me halt and asked me to wait for the other contestants so that we might be greeted by our referee.

January 24th, 2006, 6:06 PM
OOC: You said that all characters had to be basically human with a few animal features, but I find that hard to do with a snake without making the character look perfectly human (*cough*Voldemort*cough*)... and besides, I've wanted to put Mnemeth in an RPG for quite a while and the description of the Snake Clan fits her almost perfectly... so I couldn't resist because of that one flaw.
Name: Mnemeth (note that the first M is silent)
Race: Snake
Age: 34
Appearance: See the top left of the attachment. Her hair is white and her eyes a bright green, her tail black with white and pale yellow stripes and red at the very end. What looks like an extension of her hair is actually of the snake part of her body and is purple with a black diamond pattern. Those peculiar symbols which you see a replica of off to the side are red in color. And finally, the shawl or cape or whatever she wears is black with a blue and gold charm on the front.
Gender: Female
Skills specifics: Mnemeth has claws as shown in the pic (don't ask why), but she doesn't even use them for attacking... she prefers to "use her head", quite literally. Besides, her overall physical weakness doesn't make that physical stuff very useful, even though she did "evolve" from a snake that contained a dangerous venom. Aside from that, Mnemeth does have a "magical" ability that sets her kind of close to the Cat Clan--this ability resides in her eyes. Her gaze can intimidate on the weakest level, or render the mind useless on the strongest level. The stronger the level, the longer the stare. The fact that Mnemeth often keeps her eyes closed tones this ability down a bit...
Position: Healer, believe it or not
History: Mnemeth wasn't actually born in Meca--she was born in a distant land in a place called the Samadan Forest. She was born as a normal snake--which she was all through her early years. Snakes were in fact the main inhabitant of the forest, and the presence of several ominous and dangerous ones caused few human visitors. However, there was one human tribe that dwelled deep in the forest, in the heart of the snakes' territory. These people lived in harmony with the snakes--neither race harmed each other. There was but one exception of that, though. There was a sort of fight between a little boy from the tribe and Mnemeth. To this day nobody knows who started it, but apparently the boy had tried to break the harmony. The boy paid the ultimate price for his "misconduct"--the next day the tribe found him to be stiff and almost dry. They would have thought the culprit was a vampire had there not been an obvious snakebite.

Probably due to a curse by the tribe (though nobody really knows), Mnemeth transformed into part-human during the remainder of her teenage years. Then without a word, she vanished from the forest and dwelled in a small cave quite a distance away. There only one person ever found her--and it was from killing him that Mnemeth discovered her abilities. Though she never got the chance to develop these abilities, she certainly had the right mindset for them. And then one day, after an earthquake caved in the cave, Mnemeth traveled on and stumbled upon Meca. There, she was astonished to find folks (sort of) like her. After staying a while, she got "initiated" into the Snake Clan just because of what she has experienced and what she could do.
Personality: Anyone who meets Mnemeth is sure to describe her in one word: silent. She hardly ever says anything even when asked to (she often keeps her "eyes and mouth closed completely"), and she shows close to no emotion at all save a few sinister expressions and feelings of mild depression and loneliness. Friends are foreign to her--she makes no attempt to make them because she knows she's way different from the rest. However, her mind is open even when her eyes aren't, and she does try to help people out, even though it's not done in a very positive-seeming way. Though she's mostly sadistic, she's also quite lazy and very patient. Also, she doesn't get caught up with big things (a war for instance) and prefers to do things on the side.
RPG Sample:
"May peace and magic be the entity that is the essence of this paradise." As Asunan said these words, Mnemeth kept her back turned on her, knowing that whoever took the fall, only fate was to blame.

Fate did take this blame, but it had to choose one particular soul. For it was then that Asunan tightened her pull on her bowstring. Her arms began to ache from holding the bow up for so long, but the time had come to relax them.
"Away with you, the demon that haunts the good hearts of the people of Avalon!"
And at last the tension was released, and the hope that guided Mnemeth along now stabbed her in the back. This feeling occured, both on an emotional and a physical level, for Asunan's arrow actually did stab Mnemeth in the back. Mnemeth did wince a little bit, but then she realized her own ill fate--that she would be disrespected no matter how she acted and who she acted upon. She had helped Asunan on her journey out here... but only to face the same punishment as she had times before when this sort of thing happened. All these things she contemplated while the king and his soldiers grabbed her and marched off. Possibly for the first time, a tear ran down her cheek.

The above sample was from a story I created that involved Mnemeth. And yes, the archer Asunan was talking about the Avalon, though that is obviously irrelevant in this RPG... Anyways, the bottom line is, hope I'm in!

January 25th, 2006, 1:34 PM
Yeah, snakes are hard. What you did was fine. Your both accepted!