View Full Version : B-DaPlayer Dome!

January 21st, 2006, 12:01 AM
Yo all you peeps this club is for anyone who likes the anime or the merchandise Battle B-Daman! These things are from the same company that made Beyblade, and they're like little robots that shoot out marbles, and you can play lots of cool games with them!

1. General PC rules apply
2. No spam
3. Respect others
4. Have fun!

To join just post your favourite B-Daman and/or character. In case you wanted to know my fave character from the series is Enjyu and my fave B-Daman is Accel Lion (it's a popular B-Daman at the moment, focuses on Rapid Fire), alothugh I have a Soul Vortex (Cobalt Blade/Yokujinmaru mix) in real life.

So all you people who are still reading, ready set B-DaFire your posts away!