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January 28th, 2006, 7:28 AM
The Second Clone


Yes, the second clone. Thats me. After the Mewtwo experiment failed so miserably, they made sure to clone a relatively weak, fairly common Pokmon like Sentret when they started fiddling with their cloning again.

And I was a complete success. My powers, while great, were not particularly dangerous, not even after I evolved. I could whip wild Sentret around my level with ease, but the higher-leveled Furret were nearly a match for me. I was the embodiment of perfection itself in their eyes, and as so they grew fond of me.

For example, my name. They always used to have DE No.1 written on my cage. The DE was some sort of an acronym they usually called me DE-one amongst each other and referred to me directly as DE. I think it was one of the scientists young daughter who first misread it as Denol. They laughed at the time, but in the end they started calling me that too, figuring that just an acronym and a number made a sad excuse for a name. When government officials came to investigate the lab, I was proudly introduced as Denol the Furretwo, the first successful super-clone.

Anyway, those government officials complained that I couldnt be kept in a cage for the rest of my life because of Pokmon cruelty, apparently, so the scientists scheduled my release. They made me infertile in some unpleasant surgery, placed a little metal object I didnt quite get what was I think they said it would enable them somehow to see where I was under the skin on my neck, and finally released me to join the group of wild Sentret living not far away from the lab.

To be honest, I always liked the lab. The scientists would pet me, the injections were easy to get used to, and I got food whenever I pressed a lever. Truthfully, I wasnt too keen on being free, but hey, it would seem rather pathetic to just run back inside, wouldnt it? So that was why I shrugged it off and went to meet with the wild Sentret.

As it turned out, the wild Sentret didnt like me very much. Much to my surprise, I found that the first Pokmon I ever battled, a small Sentret with a very long tail, was there. I remember when the scientists brought him in to test my abilities and I realized for the first time that violet fur wasnt natural for my species; the normal Sentret was just an ugly brown. And he was a pathetic battler, too a breeze to beat up.

Well, that particular Sentret turned out to be one called Ethan. Quite popular in the group; all the younger Sentret gathered around him and listened to every stupid word that escaped his mouth. I was the only one who realized he was full of crap. And now Ethan had been spreading some stupidity about how I supposedly cheated in our battle by being a clone. By that logic, you could say that now Im cheating by being an evolved Furretwo. And by the way, the winner is always cheating by being better. What an idiot.

But that was how I found myself plagued by his constant snide remarks and ignorant comments all day long after joining the colony.

Still there acting all big, are you? Ethan sneered. Yup, here we go again.

So? I retorted. Yeah, Im bigger and stronger than you. Get over it.

Oh, Im so scared, Ethan replied sarcastically; I saw him withdraw slightly into his crowd, though. How typical of him to try to intimidate me in a group. Our original battle was still fresh in both mine and his memory it made the scientists think Id do fine among others of my kind, and sure, I would have, if only Ethan hadnt been the prick he was. He spread that annoying cheating story. Not that the other Sentret didnt think I was ugly, anyway, because I wasnt the same color as them. They were pricks too.

Really, do you need to be five together to even talk to me? I snorted. Youre even more pathetic than I thought.

This ****** Ethan off; he growled at me, crouched to the ground and charged at me for a Headbutt. I rolled my eyes at his predictability before leaping out of the way in a blur, turning swiftly and tackling him in the air to throw him a meter backwards. He fell into the yellow grass and bounced against the ground like a rubber toy before rolling a few times over and then finally coming to a stop. I smirked at his sheer lack of skill.

Ethan got up with difficulty after a few seconds, his ears and tail hanging down. He gave me a nasty glare before disappearing into his hole. His friends stared after him and then looked at me with wide eyes. That was more like it. Now dont mess with the second clone, will you?

I casually licked my paw to emphasize my point, but a high-pitched shriek from one of the scouts interrupted an urgent Arbok warning. I watched them flee horrified into their underground homes, away from their most feared opponent, and wondered if I had discovered a way to prove myself.

I looked around as the last of the striped tails disappeared underground. The only thing they were ever better than me at was camouflaging. Perhaps the scientists made me purple so I would be easier to spot if I escaped by accident, but for a wild Pokmon this was very frustrating. I stood out like a sore thumb in all the tall, dull yellow grass. The only thing I could rely on for defense was my powers.

Oh, there it was. A purple cobra snake Pokmon slithered sneakily in the grass nearby, its tongue flicking out every now and then. I concentrated my psychic energy because those were my main additional powers and messed with its mind a little bit. Hmm, a female. She shrieked in mental pain, thrashing about where she was and completely forgetting about hiding.

Then I noticed that she wasnt alone. Following her was a young, blond-haired human boy. He stopped to stare at me and his Arbok for a second, and then proceeded to yell, Its the Furretwo I saw on TV!


He threw a red and white sphere at me; I ran off to the side but the ball hit the tip of my tail and opened. Stupid tail. I fought to concentrate and keep myself solid, smashing the ball back towards the human.

Arbok, Poison Fang!

The snake-like creature lunged down at me with a hiss and sank her poisonous fangs into my skin. Slightly numb, I retaliated with another Confusion just to get her off me. It was successful and I started retreating to the Sentret holes, but then realized I wasnt making much of a name for myself by running away.

I turned around. The Arbok appeared to be severely weakened. Perhaps I had a chance.

I focused all my power for another psychic distraction while I quickly approached her and slammed my tail into her head. The snake spread out the two patterned flaps on either side of her neck in some sort of an attempt to scare me away instinct, Im guessing but then dropped limply to the ground, hopefully out cold.

Now that I had done something heroic, the Sentret would have to accept me as somebody great, and at least much greater than that idiot Ethan, right? I ran back towards the Sentret holes, but just before I managed to slip into the safety of my hole, I felt the poison kick in again and immobilize me for a second.

Then everything went white.

January 29th, 2006, 11:40 AM
Interesting, how you pulled off the whole clone concept. Quite frankly I'm seeing too many of them these days, but I like how you chose a common, overlooked Pokemon.

I love the basis you picked. I felt overall the plot was going by smoothly, except for some parts where it seemed so..bland, if you know what I mean. You also did well on the first person point of view and the interaction with the other Sentrets...Ethan is annoying.

I thought some parts sounded weird when I read them audibly, but it might just be me. Anyway, try checking it over, just in case. Otherwise, it seems perfectly normal for a first chapter with a semi cliffhanger at the end. I'm curious to see how you're going to develop this second clone. o_o;

Keep going. =D

January 29th, 2006, 2:13 PM
*pokes* Everybody seems to be all "Yeah, Ethan is annoying", but nobody comments on the fact that Denol himself is just as much of an arrogant idiot. o.o

January 29th, 2006, 7:29 PM
But I like Denol, as he reminds me so much of m- er, people. =D

Maybe it's because in comparison to Ethan, Ethan stands out more as the annoying one. The antagonist-like character. XP

May 16th, 2006, 3:23 PM
W00t, chapter two after... dunno how long.

I just love the characters in this fic...


The guy’s name was Michael, apparently. I found out when he let all his Pokémon out in some sort of an exercise yard in the Pokémon Center while he presumably went to eat or something – I guess he wanted us to meet or something. My first thought was that it was rather considerate of him, actually.

I looked over at the group of Pokémon that had been sent out with me. A purple catlike Pokémon with a narrow, forked tail that she swung around was talking in whispers to another strange Pokémon that looked exactly like her except that instead of purple fur, she seemed to have a shiny, reflective skin. They looked at me in between their whispering, which gave me the feeling they were expressing some opinions about me. I frowned slightly as they started to giggle.

The Arbok that I had fought was also there. She was looking at the cats and at me with some sort of an apologetic, passive look that annoyed me a little. Near her was a little green lizard of some sort with a bright red belly that seemed too be examining something in the grass (he had those huge yellow eyes that gave me the creeps). Finally, a yellow semi-humanoid with black tiger stripes snored a few feet away – I got the feeling that this was the most powerful Pokémon in the group from his size and muscles, but since he was asleep, he looked comically harmless.

“Hi,” I finally said after getting fed up with them just standing there and blinking.

“Hello,” responded the Arbok in a low hiss that still somehow sounded pleasant in a way. Well, I can’t explain it, so I won’t try.

“Do you have a name?” asked the purple cat in an uninterested manner – I would later learn that her species was called Espeon.

“I’m Denol,” I said. “Denol the Furretwo.”

The chrome-cat snorted in a metallic, uncomfortable fashion. “Aww, poor widdle Denol didn’t feel speshul enough being just a Furret.”

“It’s true,” I said, offended. “I’m a super-clone. I’m more powerful than any Furret you’ll ever see.”

The cat’s shape suddenly melted into a perfect replica of me, only minus the colors. She – or was it a he now? – walked towards me.

“The thing is, Denol,” she said in a mocking, sweet tone, “that Furret are weak Pokémon. In general.”

She slammed her tail into my body unexpectedly, catching me off guard for a moment. I was thrown heavily backwards and landed in the grass. Not particularly hurt, though.

“Being stronger than any Furret is, to be honest… not much to be proud of.” The Pokémon looked at me with an expression that reeked of superiority complex.

I shook my head as I got on my feet again. “What are you, anyway, if you think you’re so much better than me?”

She gave me an unpleasant grin. “Oh, you don’t know? Ditto, Coppy, Flex… Surely you must know that evolution line?”

I shook my head. The scientists really could have given me some pictures of other Pokémon species, on second thought. This wasn’t a very comfortable situation, and actually I felt kind of dumb knowing nothing about any of them.

“Well, I’m a Flex, and that means I can transform into other Pokémon and use their attacks from memory. Useful, don’t you think?”

“Eh, are you male or female?” I wasn’t liking the way she was looking at me at all by now, and to be honest, I hoped she’d go away. Every subject I brought up only seemed to give her more opportunity to mock me. Sadly I found that her grin only widened at the question.

“Technically genderless, but I copy the whoop-ee-doo parts too.” She glanced between my legs and frowned. “Not that you have much to whoop-ee-doo about. Christ, what the hell happened to you? Got so emo about being different that you resorted to self-mutilation?”

I felt myself blushing. “The… the scientists didn’t want my enhanced genes to mix with those of the wild species,” I muttered.

She snorted. “Well, there goes your only chance at making friends,” she said coldly. “Anyway, I may be genderless, but if you ever feel the need to talk about me to anybody, I’m a she by preference. My name is Victoria.”

I nodded curtly to show I had heard her and decided to ignore her. I heard her snicker as I turned to the Espeon, who snickered back at Victoria.

“Let’s get the introductions over with. Who are you?”

The cat rolled her eyes. “Wow, you’re not making much of an effort to be liked, are you?”

“What – is – your – name?” I growled, trying to ignore her comment.

“Mystic,” she said shortly. “And I’m an Espeontwo!” she then added in a mocking voice before having a giggling fit with Victoria again. I sighed.

“Will you two cut it out? You’re just jealous or something.”

“Jealous?” Mystic exploded in laughter. “You need to have your ego deflated, dear. Badly.”

I wondered for a couple of seconds whether I should bother responding to that and decided not to.

“Fine, be that way,” I just muttered. “Is the guy who caught me nice?”

Mystic stopped giggling before answering. “Michael? He sucks, but at least you can laugh at his cluelessness sometimes. Kind of like you.”

I sighed, ignoring the insult. Not only was my new trainer one whose Pokémon had a severe attitude problem, but also one who wasn’t even good. Just great.

“So why don’t we, like, escape or something?” I suggested.

“And I guess you have a ready-made escape plan up there in that wonderful brain?” Mystic said sarcastically. “You know what would happen if we ran away? Some trainer would just get us again, that’s what. And all those human kids are the exact same, anyway. There is no point.”

“He’s not that bad,” the Arbok said quietly, speaking for the first time in a while. “He’s just… a bit clueless sometimes. I mean, he’ll get better,” she added quickly. “I think all trainers start out a bit like that.”

Victoria snorted. “Start out? It’s been a while since this guy started out, and he hasn’t gotten one bit better at battling. But he gives us nice food, and we get to battle without having to search for worthy opponents. What else is a trainer supposed to do?”

“My name is Vera,” the Arbok said to me in a clear attempt to change the subject back to introductions.

“Leonardo,” the little green gecko piped up, glancing briefly up at me before suddenly shooting out a long, sticky pink tongue at a small insect somewhere in the grass and bringing it helplessly back into his mouth.

Vera looked at the big yellow thing, who was now scratching his back in his sleep.

“That’s Sparky,” she said, pointing at him with the tip of her tail. “He was Michael’s starter as an Elekid. Michael’s father owns a breeding center. Michael hasn’t really used him a lot since he became an Electabuzz because he tends to sleep during battle, so don’t expect to see much of him.”

I nodded, making a mental note of the Pokémon’s species name.

“Excuse them, too,” Vera whispered, leaning a little closer to me and looking at Victoria and Mystic. “That’s just the way they are.”

I nodded and smiled to her. I was already kind of liking Vera. She seemed to be the only Pokémon worth talking to out of my new ‘friends’.

One thing was certain: I would have to devise an escape plan.

May 21st, 2006, 6:23 AM
This... Is... Pretty good! I like it alot! Oh - Are Coppy and Flex Fan Pokemon? If not, sorry, but I don't have Pokemon Diamond/Pearl yet.

May 22nd, 2006, 8:47 AM
Diamond and Pearl aren't even out in Japan. o.o;;;

So yes, they're made-up.