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January 31st, 2006, 8:13 PM
Ok, so this is my first try at making an RPG so if you're new to RPG's this would be a pretty good place to come. The storyline is basically as follows:

In the town of Fortree, it is time for the new trainers to leave on their Pokemon Journeys. 5 trainers, inparticular, decided that they wanted to travel together. As they leave on their plane to start their journey in Littleroot, they get caught in a horrible storm. The plane crash lands and all 5 trainers end up in different places. They now know what they must do before challenging any Gym Leaders...they must find each other.

The towns you can choose from are:

Littleroot:(Taken By Me)

The when you post your information please have:


for example, mine is

Name: Shawonn

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Seedot

Description: Shawonn is about 6'1 with an average sized body. He has two very light brown eyes that are the first thing to be noticed when he is in the company of others. His hair is messy, yet controlable. To him, hairstyles are not a worry, because of the black bandana he has wrapped around his forehead. He chooses to where a pair of baggy black khaki shorts with a white T-shirt partially covered by a black shirt. He is usually found to be walking so he does not mess up his extrememly clean, white running shoes. He has a pure silver Pokeball around his neck, which is a momentum from his late uncle.

Personality: You woul never know that Shawonn was in battle by the way he acts. He treats battles as the funnest events he's ever seen with acts such as laughing, making jokes, and carrying on as such. Because of this, none of his opponents take him seriously when they battle against his, some-what, well-trained Pokemon. Off of the Pokemon Field, he is the same way. His attitude is always well-mannered, but never serious.

History: Having being born, and raised in Fortree City, in the Hoenn Region, Shawonn was always found skipping school and playing with the Pokemon in the forest. His uncle would constantly come down on him for this, but soon realized that Shawonn wouldn't change. One day, things took a turn for the worst when Shawonn's uncle had a heart attack, but the school was not able to find Shawonn. When Shawonn went home that day, he noticed that Nurse Joy and Chansey were waiting for him outside of his house. They explained the situation, and before they could finish, Shawonn was already busting through the door of his home. He went to the room where his uncle had died, and searched around. He noticed a box on his uncle's bed that he had never seen before. He opened it, to see a lettter, and a silver Pokeball. The letter read "This was supposed to be your birthday present, but I decided to give this to you early." Shawonn pulled out the silver Pokeball, and as soon as he did, a Seedot was released from it. Shawonn still has that Seedot to this day. Shawonn has to live with the guilt of never making his uncle proud, but he never lets it show...

Other: When Shawonn was in elementary school, he noticed a small Seedot in the courtyard, crying in terrible pain. Without thinking twice, he scooped up the Seedot and brought it home with him. He thought he could nurse it back to health and keep it, but when his uncle found it, he immediatley sent it to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy informed Shawonn that the Seedot miraculously healed and was to be sent back to the wild. Shawonn thought he would never see that Seedot again. This was true until the day his uncle passed...

Ok we'll get started when we have 5...


February 16th, 2006, 10:02 PM
Can my guy land in Verdanturf?
Name: Scottura (likes 2 b calld Scott)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Pikachu
Description: Around 6'5, with a bit of a toned body. His skin is slightly tanned from all the time he spends traveling. His eyes are a light brownish-red and his hair is the darkest black. His hair is a bit spiky but really messy. Around his neck is a gunmetal silver necklace or pendant in the shape of a crown. He has a scar coming from his right shoulder blade to his left rib on his back. His clothes are dark gray cargo-pants, black long-sleeve shirt with a dragon inprint on the back, dark brown traveling cloak, and black and red sneakers. On his hands are some black fingerless gloves.
Personality: He is the quite type, though he talks rarely to people he has met. The only person he ever really speaks to is his twin sister. He doesn't question people about their lives and their history; as long as people don't question him. He is very adept at reading books on anything, so he knows alot about pokemon and other stuff like their behavours. He has no friends except for his sister and his Pikachu. He speaks his mind, but considering he is a quite person, it's a bit hard to here him. When he does make friends with people, they can find he is very trustworthy, yet he does seem to infuriate them alot. He never picks a fight with anyone, it's usually someone else picking a fight with him. Most people find that when they're around him, if he's angry, that they sense a dark aura coming from him.
History: He was born in Pallet Town, in the Kanto region. He originally left to find his family, but a little pikachu made him change his mind. He found the pikachu in a forest nearby, when he left Pallet Town. Before that, the people tried to convince him that it was dangerus and tried to stop him, but he escaped and ran, into the forest. That's when he bumped into the pikachu. They got along quiet well, and are still together to this day.
Other: His family is very special to him, as well as his friends. He would do anything for them, including risking his own life just to save them.

Crunkn' Munky
February 17th, 2006, 1:45 PM
Name: Ray-Ray Wayans ( likes to be called Little Man)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Alakazam
Description: He has Black hair in Fearow cornrows w/ a tan bandanna with other hat , an african american, Brown eyes, about 5,6; weighs 135 pounds, He has on the new Air Jordan XXI in white/black, Some Indigo Red jeans, A orange/white striped shirt, a LA angels special tan angelwings hat with the rim flat backwards on the west side tipped, A Timberland Blue on white pouch bag for his belongings, a Black leather jacket with a black fur bristle for the cold, and a tan on red adidas beanie w/ nautica black gloves for the cold. long, but not real long clean fingernails. Smells like toasted vannila and sugar. Talks like Martin Lawrence... w/ a gold/silver world peace jewlery set by aviannes and diamond earrings large
Personality: Sorta Thuggish, mostly a rebel, you don't want to see him pissed off, strong, and smart, good in school, fights compton/ karate style, has a dark nervous felling when you get near him, always talks mad and rough, does everything ghetto (Kool Aid, Letric slide, ect.) tough fighter, no compassion
History: He lived in the Viridian city projects for two years, found a job further in Cerelean city to support his mom, dad, and 3 brothers and 3 sisters, while working at the bike shop he got fired for indecent language and was kicked out. He stole some Poke'balls from the Poke'mart and got away from the police, caught a Abra next to Uknown Dungeon and began training from there, Him and his family moved to Rustboro through all the money he had won from battles. Moved to Fortree to live on his own, he escaped the Ghetto life
Other: He loves fire, Ghost, and steel poke'mon, got his Poke'mon evolved when someone stole his Kadabra and he stole it back, That is all I guess

February 17th, 2006, 7:19 PM
Can I take Petalburg?
Name: Nariko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Charmander (has an everstone)
Description: She is 5'2" and has bright red hair and sharp emerald green eyes. She usually wears a black headband around her forehead. Her clothes consist of a plain white t-shirt and baggy black jeans with a chain hanging of one side. Around her neck, she wears her Charmander's Pokeball and for her items, she carrys around a black backpack.
Personality: She's generaly a pretty calm and laid back person. She has a good sense of humar and can be a true and loyal friend. She has a tough personality and she's quick to anger.
History: Nariko lived in Fortree City all her life with her mom and her little brother. When she was seven, her father left on some sort of mission and hasn't come back since, but when she was old enough to have a Pokemon, her first Pokemon, Charmader was sent to her from her father.

February 20th, 2006, 12:14 PM
Can I take Oldale?
Name: Maria
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Espeon

Appearance: Maria has brown eyes that are a sort of almond shape. She has light brown hair that goes halfway down her back with two natural blond highlights on each side of her head. Maria wears a blue sleeveless shirt with a white skirt. She has a sapphire belt with all her Pokemons pokeballs on it. She also has a matching necklace that was given to her by her great-grandmother that is in the shape as an rain drop. She wears the same backpack that the main girl character wears in Leaf Green except it's blue.

Personality: Maria is usually absent-minded and funny. She's smart but she never really acts like it. She has never gotten really, really mad before and when she's upset she gets all quiet and tends to avoid people. She's very kind and caring and gets very, very serious when she is battling.

History: Maria grew up in Petalburg with her Mother and Father until Maria's father was killed by a mysterious Pokemon when she was three. After he died, Maria's Mother decided that they should moved to Fortree, were Maria's Father grew up. Maria's Espeon was her Fathers. Once he was killed it was given to her. Her sapphire necklace was given to her a few moments before her Great-Grandmother died(Which happened when she was 6). She has never taken off her necklace and she calls it her lucky charm.

Other: Maria has an obsession for nature. She loves flowers, trees, plants, etc. Her Mother moved to Fortree for two reasons: Maria's father grew up there and because she knew how much Maria enjoyed nature.