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February 3rd, 2006, 12:34 PM

This story reveals the other side, the side of Dante, . This is showing the life of Dante, the homunculi and many other characters along the way.

*Note: Many of you may want to read this, but don't cause it's too long. There is a summary, summarizing the chapters.*

Orleans, France during a war in 1442 against England.a few minor spoilers, in this chapter, the year.

----Please read this, it's all Chapter One. I want your opinion, please.----

Alchemy: the study of taking any kind of substance, and transforming it into a different substance/ shape. People who practice alchemy are called an alchemist.

Dante & The Homunculi

********************Chapter 1********************

November 17. 1441

A war has broken out through the region of Eporue, between two of the regions strongest countries, England and France. France, considering its incredible loss of soldiers in the war, have began drafting soilders to combat.

Why does father have to go away? young Dante asked. Dante has short brown hair, the color of a late, crisp, deep autumns leaf. And with vibrant blue eyes, the color of the sky on a cloudless day. Father has some work to get done in another city., Dantes mother replied. Dantes mother had longer, brown hair, with blonde tint to it. She had grey eyes with a copper-colored ring around the pupil. And wore a house apron that was white and a light green dress underneath, which was worn out.

Dantes father left, leaving behind two loving children and a caring wife.

May 15. 1442

A dark and gloomy day in Orlans, France. The British have invaded the town of Orlans.

Sir, what shall we do?, the one British soldier asked the colonel.

Burn down the complete city., the colonel responded.

On the other side of town, the townspeople saw the British burning down the town, and many were able to escape. Dantes mother was packing up her belongings, and left her house with her two children. Dante was seven years-old, with a younger sister about two years-old.

Mother, why do we need to leave?

Dante, dont worry, its going to be alright.

Mother dont forget fathers book.

Come on Dante, lets go. Forget the book

Mother and young Dante meet other relatives down the street and started off to the city of Apris, carrying all their important possessions. Behind them can be seen a group of English Soldiers burning down the houses they lived in.

Dante and her relatives make it to a near by city of Le Arit the next day. Oh hello Dante. Its been a while since we have last met. I am your Aunt Clara. Do you remember me? How old are you? her aunt asks. Dante pulls on her mothers dress, hiding her face. Dont be shy. her mother said. I am seven. Dante responded. Wow. Seven her aunt responds.

November 12. 1442

Dantes mother and her two children have made it to a town very close to Apris, Nothil. Nothil is known for its use of alchemy for medical uses. As they pass through it, they see a boy performing alchemy in the streets. He was decomposing different rocks, into powder. And then he got out some plants, and broke down the elements of them aswell, inabling him to create medicine. The boy had light, blonde hair, with gold eyes, the color of the sun reflecting off of water. He was a bit short, for his age of ten years. Dantes mother went up to the boy, since he looked quite knowledgible.

Do you know how to get to Apris?, Dantes mother asked the young boy.

Yes., he said as getting a map out, See here, you just take this path north, and you should be in Apris.

Thank you so much. Dantes mother said. She handed him two gold coins that had a dragon engraved upon them.

Wow! Thanks maam.

Dantes mother smiled back as she left the boy. They headed north, passing through a city that was torn to pieces, with corpses laying around the city and what was once buildings, now piles of ashes.

Mommy what happened?, Dante asked.

Its God he hates our people.

November 13. 1442

Dantes family got lost, and headed to the closest town. They were at the top of the hill, overlooking the huge city below. And in the distance the sun was setting. Filling the sky with a rainbow of colors, red, blue, purple, yellow, and orange. It was a cool evening with a small breeze in the air.

The map says this is Apris, but the sign reads Versil. Dantes mother said to herself softly..

Dante looked at the sign, Maybe this is Apris but another part of town., as she look at the huge, pure white buildings below them.

Hello., a voice said behind her mother. She turned around quickly.

Uhhh Lionel., Dantes mother said looking at the man about a foot away from her. She couldnt believe her eyes. Its been so long, she said. She blinked.

Mommy, who are you talking to? No one is there., Dante said.

Youre right, she said, as the man had disappeared.

Maam. Ya need help?, a man said, watching Dantes mother. The man was sort of tall. He was a bit over-weight and had a long beard. The beard was gray, the color of silver. He had a bag over his shoulder, carrying a sholve and a pick.

Uh yes. Is this Apris?

The man laughed. No, this is the capital of France, Versil.

Wheres Apris?

Look of yander., the man said as he was pointing north. See the small city over there? Thats Apris.

Thank you so much. Dantes mother said. Hold on just a second., she said as she was searching through her bag. Here, take this. She handed the man a loaf of bread.

Uh thanks Maam.

November 15. 1442

Dantes mother, herself, and her sister have finally made it to Apris.

What do you mean you havent any room for us?!, Dantes mother exclaimed.

Sorry maam. Our inn is full.

Dantes mother grabbed Dante and her sister and left the inn. Dantes mother was so angry, since she knew the inn wasnt even near being full, but seeing that she was from Southern France, they wouldnt let her stay.

They continued down the street to only meet Dantes Aunt Clara.

Hello Clara., Dantes mother said from across the street in relief.

Hello., Aunt Clara crossed the street.

Whered you go? We were all sleeping that night and the next morning half of our group was missing, including you., Dantes mother asked.

We were taken capitive by the British., she said. She rolled up her sleeve up over her shoulder, They tortured us., showing her burn marks. We were able to find an inn here, accepting us. Youre allowed to come stay with us if you want.

Okay. I well stay. We must have went to five other inns, and all declining us.

Well this one on the other side of town., Aunt Clara said.

Aunt Clara took them to the inn. The room had no windows. It was a very chilly room, with no source of heat, accept blankets. There was only one bed, which layed on the floor with no pillows. The walls had paint chipping off them, which was a white, with a brown stains on them. The only source of light in the room was the small amount light shinning through the window across the room only in the morning, because they didnt have any candles. There wasnt a door between the bedroom and the hallway. Although this was completely different from the elegant house Dantes family had in Orlans, this was better than the streets.

April 14. 1443

Dantes mother has gotten a job in town, as a pharmacist. One day when she was coming back from work, she heard a man to another man talking on the streets.

The war is over, atleast thats what I heard., he said.

She walked near the man and listened in.

The French came through and defeated the British., the man said.

She went home to the inn, with the strong belief that her husband would come home. She went over to her sister, Clara, who was babysitting Dante since her mother was at work.

Clara, can I talk you you?, Dantes mother asked anxiously.

Clara came over to the door way where she was standing, Whats wrong?

Can you please watch Dante and Danielle for me? she asked nicely.

Didnt you just come back from work?

No, I mean I want to go back to Orlans. Dantes mother said.

No, no, no. You dont want to go back there., Aunt Clara responded, trying to get her to stay.

No, my husband should be there.

Only if you want, but it wont do you no good, she said, trying to help her.

No, hes going to be there I know it., Dantes mother said with strong hope.

Only if you insist, but it remember, it wont do you any good.

I must be going., Dantes mother said.

Dantes mother left, in the breaking of the sunset.

Wheres mommy going?, Dante asked her Aunt Clara.

Shes going to work. She told me to tell you she loves you very much and that shell be back soon.

Kay., young Danielle said as she was playing with her blocks, completely oblivious of what was going on.


Dante's mother and younger sister have fled from their previous home in Orlans, due to the war that came to close to home. The same war Dante's father is in, fighting for his country. They made it to a nearby town, Nothil, which has alchemy for only medical uses. They saw a small boy, with blonde hair and golden eyes, there who helped the fleeing family which got lost. Which is when it is made apparent they are heading to Apris. Along their way to Apris, they get lost, yet again, leading to a beautiful scene where the family is ontop of a hill overlooking the capital city of France, Versil. During this scene, Dante's mother experiences her past and within a second it's gone. Dante's family finally make it to Apris, after getting directions, and meet up with a relative from Orlans. The relative allows the traveling family to come and stay with her, in her small apartment. From Dante's mother's awkward experiences months earlier in Versil, she leaves her two children with the relative to go back to Orlans, in hopes of her husband being there since the war has ended.