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February 6th, 2006, 4:49 PM
Influenced by a drug-free convention I attended yesterday.

I've shamed myself looking back at the past
Trying to decipher what went wrong
It was just that there was no communication at all
Amid fights and slaps and tubes of cocaine
The threats and ghosts that tore you apart
It wasn't long before you would take the fall

You were my brother, lad of the house
Reaching your hand out to grab those stars
Before the two-faced gangs wandered up the drive
Then there were raves and sex and bloodshot eyes
Your diplomas burned to tiny ashes
A sign that by now you wouldn't be anymore alive

Forsook to be forsaken again
Ran to be run away from again
Duped and shoved and left on the ground to die
Fires, guns, and cops on the left
Suicide, amphetamine, and black on the right
The pleasure for which you'd vainly vie

I was told of how you were a singing angel
You made it to all the TV networks
Which opened you to the dripping jaws of the hood
You were an arts major with college at a touch
And a peachy smile strewn on your face
And a gleaming white aura where you stood

(Repeat chorus)

Dead at seventeen
Propped in front of the Viper
The blue of your skin falling
In wiggled lines
Killed at seventeen
No brain had been left
No friend could save you
If there was one at all

(Repeat chorus)

February 6th, 2006, 6:50 PM
omg that's so sad. I don't see anything that need to be corrected. I'm not very good at those correction stuff though. ^_^ Really good poem.