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February 7th, 2006, 1:25 PM

THIS IS AN INVITATIONAL RP, that means i invite you to join!

If you want to join, even if you were not invited, send me a rp-sample to the storyline, and your form.

I will add some items and information later, my form included.


The year 2641

After the humans and pokemon fought many horrible wars, the time of peace persistet for over 300 years. Everybody called this time "the golden age". Technique and experiments allowed to explore the universe and settle down on space colonies and colonize planets. They found a lot of new things and reached the final researches on human and pokemon dna. But the military didn?t think of peacefully research with dna, or something like that. They did want to create "the ultimate soldier" and created pokemorphs, humans which combined with pokemon dna. But as the colonies heard of this criminal, they formed together and created clans to smash the earth experiment stations. They successed and believed that the fight was over. But the earth military shot some missiles into the colonies which had a deadly virus. All humans where killed instant. The pokemon were alone now in the colonies, and the earth military knew. They gathered their experiment resulting and created a better pokemon race, which was stronger and more effective in combat, but the consequences of the experiments were that this pokemon army lost their abilitys.

The year 2647

The earth military waited 6 years to smash the pokemon which were in the colonies. Now they are ready and prepared their pokemon to fight. The pokemon of the military didn´t know anything about their enemys. They believed it was a kind of traitor or something like that, and they got into fight without knowing that it where their fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters they were fighting at. The war machines which were used, were giant robot battle suits. The military pokemon where trained for using this things, but as they arrived on the battlefield, there was a big horrible surprise waiting. The colony pokemon did learn to use the technique their dead trainers had left and learned even human language. They used this knowing to create their own battle suits and fought against the enemy machines which were approaching. So the bad history of this event was, that nobody could see which they were fighting at.

The year 2650

The final combat has come. The military of united earth defense is starting a main offense against the colonies. The clans are forming for the final fight on "Bianca", the homeplanet of the colonies. The unit "Light Eridanie Cavalry" from the earth defense is reaching Bianca in a couple of days. Will the genetic pokemon see who they are fighting? Will the colonies survive this war?

two leg battlesuits

Four leg Battlesuit


Find your destination in this war, find the answer to the question who you are and why are you here in this war, and try to find the truth.


- Earth´s pokemon are bigger and stronger than "normal" but have to relearn their abilitys
- "normal" colonie pokemon can use their abilitys and are faster
- Battle robot suits are called "Heavy Gear"
- Everyone starts in the battlefield or nearby


-follow the standart rp rules
-no godmodding, teleporting and powerplaying
-no "oneliners"
-play serious and read the plot/storyline


Race: (human/pokemon/genetic pokemon)
Alliance: (earth defense/ colonies)
Pokemon: (if you have a team/if you are a pokemon)
Battlesuit: (describe your battlesuits or weapons)
History: (personal history)
Personality: (what kind of a person you are?)
others: (something other players should know?)
RP-Sample: (post here your rp-sample)


February 10th, 2006, 9:36 AM
OOC: Thanks for inviting me! ^^

Name: Ivan

Age: 16(By human standards, anyway)

Gender: Male

Race: Pokemon

Alliance: Earth Defense

Pokemon: (He's a Golduck)

Battlesuit: A battle suit is mid-sized and in the shape of a regular battle suit. It is a silver color, with metallic blue streaks all over it. He is sort of a technical person, so he helped build much of it so it was built to exactly whatever he wanted. He installed a special program called "Deadeye" that allows him to lock on to a target and fire, but it has to recharge for a while after he uses it once. He has a missile launcher attached to the back, but like Deadeye, can only fire a tiny missile every s often. Attached to each hand is a laser gun that fires light blue lasers, and a rapid-fire machine gun is on the other.

History: Ivan was raised to learn as much as he could about technology and all about building different things. Eventually, a human commissioned him to build some sort of "Battle Suit" for himself along with a couple other humans. They worked on night and day, adding in new weapons and whatever kind of technology that they could get their hands on. Ivan was also trainer by a human and a couple other Pokemon on how to use the Heavy Gear, how to fight with it and what to do in combat. Ivan was curious why he was raised to build and develop things, and now he was being trained to fight and battle. He really had no idea what he was getting into, but the humans assured him that everything would work out, or so Ivan believed them...

Personality: Ivan can be very strong-willed at times. He has a very curious nature, so he doesn't like it when he has a question and it can't be answered. He is constantly studying and learning things about his Battle Suit and all the technology, and so is pretty good with those sort of things. He is very truthful, fighting for whatever he believes in. However, he has really no idea what he believes in because different people keep throwing ideas into his head, confusing him. He tries his hardest at whatever he does, and never gives up unless he knows he can't win.

others: Nah, 'cept he's very good with technology so if something goes wrong with his battle suit he'll usually be able to fix it pretty quickly.

RP-Sample: Hmm, you invited me here because of my role-play skills, so do I really need one? If I do, just tell me and I'll be happy to get one ^^

OOC: And, I had a little trouble understanding the plot and everything, so if the sign-up is a little weird just tell me and I'll try to fix it. Oh, and on the battle suit, if it has too many weapons, just tell me and I'll take a couple off ^^;;

February 11th, 2006, 9:47 AM
occ: Well, everything is fine, your battlesuit is ok. But it is the alliance missing: Alliance: (earth defense/ colonies) You have to decide on which side you are fighting, ok? And what didn´t you understand from the plot? Perhaps i can help... ^^

February 11th, 2006, 11:18 AM
Name: Lydia Wallace
Age: 17
Gender: female
Race: human
Alliance: Earth Defence

Pokemon: Lydia only has two pokemon; out of these, only Donner battles.
Aipom: Female -> Dilly
Dilly is more of a pet than a pokemon. Lydia is a terrible mechanic and tends to panic, whereas Dilly really has her head in machines. Dilly never, ever battles, but she’s incredibly clever and incredibly nifty. She loves tinkering in engines and fixing things, and goes with Lydia everywhere.

Granbull: Male -> Donner
Donner loves nothing better than fighting and pushing other people around. Lydia keeps him as a bodyguard, and Donner takes this job very seriously.

Battlesuit: Lydia’s battlesuit is very small – it’s only around nine feet high. It’s shaped like a fox, and built mainly for speed and infiltration than firepower. Lydia can outrun most other battlesuits, but once cornered that’s it for her. She’s more of a medic than a battler – a novel addition to most armies.

History: Lydia’s parents were both doctors, but Lydia had a slightly more exciting life in mind. Still, her parents taught her everything they knew, and tried to bring up as a sweet, pleasant girl. In many ways they managed to succeed, but at fifteen she ran away from home to fight for her planet. She ended up stealing a battlesuit - and soon found she had a knack for piloting, and she had reflexes to rival any man. However, Lydia was still a young girl; she panicked at the slightest sign of danger, and she had no mechanical skills at all.
Then she found Dilly and Donner, wandering around the outskirts of a destroyed city. Lydia adopted them both – only to find the Aipom was incredibly skilled with machines. Lydia signed up for the force with her own private mechanic and bodyguard.

Personality: On the whole, Lydia loves life. She’s quite a meek girl, and cares deeply for all living things – especially her planet. She would do anything to protect Earth, even kill other human beings. She’s kind and polite to most, but once you’ve hurt her or her allies, Lydia becomes furious. She can’t stand to see things in pain, and often reacts to other people’s suffering in bouts of almost rabid activity to try and save them or help them.
She also freaks out a lot!

Appearence: Lydia is quite pretty, and is normally found wearing baggy wears and extrememly tiny t-shirts. Her hair is an extremely dark shade of brown, as are her eyes.

others: Lydia has extensive medical training, for both humans and pokemon. She is never without Dillly.

RP-Sample: Can I link to Showgan?

{ooc| If there's anything that needs changing tell me! I also included a description of Lydia.}

February 11th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Everything is fine! I read some of your roleplay posts in showgan, i think you both don´t need a rp sample! ^^ Well, i think it´s time to create my charakters... oh, and i created a banner which you can see on the top of the storyline. I hope you like it... ;-)

Name: Iribaar
Age: 7
Gender: male
Race: Genetic Pokemon
Alliance: Earth defense
Pokemon: Jolteon

Battlesuit: A huge and good equiped battlearmor. It has the form of a jolteon ( 4 leg battlesuit) and it is a fast moving machine which can change some items of the legs to drive on wheels. It has 2 big back X101 Laserkanons and a little rocket launcher. In addition, it has battleclaws and a little machine gun on the shoulder. It has movement and infrared sensors and the only reason why this battlesuit was build is to crush enemy battletanks and eleminate humans.

History: Iribaar was created by Dr. Lambert, a professor for genetic transmutation. He created Iribaar and his unit to win the battle on "Bianca". Iribaar did many different combat trainings in simulation and reality, but he was never on the battlefield before. His best friends are his important reasons why he is fighting so hard, but the most important reasons is his girlfriend Hiruge, who he met in training. She and Iribaars unit are send to destruct the main city of Bianca and he doesn´t want to loose Hiruge.

Personality: Iribaar is a skillful pilot and soldier, but he is also smart. The only thing he knows about the colonys is that there are human traitors which are dangerous for Hiruge. He is a brave and serious friend and a lover who will protect his love with his hole strenght. In addition, he hates the fact that pokemon are killed in battle.

others: --
RP-Sample: ok, just look at my rping in "Pokemon Hazard : The escape" or "Pokemon integration Projekt" too see my skills. -_-


Name: Rey
Gender: male
Race: Pokemon
Alliance: Colonies
Pokemon: Raichu
Battlesuit: A very fast and dangerous hand to hand combat battlemecha with two legs which can transform to drive on wheels. It is equiped with jump jets and many different sensors to receive all needed information about the enemy. His weapons are a vibro-sword, a one shoulder rocket launcher, a big assault rifle and an autoaiming anti-gear missile launcher. It can be get another equipment by a mobile armor station.

History: Rey loved his female Trainer Sakure. Sakure was greate in creating tatoos, and the day the Earth defense attacket, she was tatooing him a chinese dragon on his arm. They heard the blast and explosion from missiles and before Rey could do anything, Donya was dying in his arms. She didn´t take the change to say a last word, instead she finished with her last power the dragon tatoo. As she fell down finaly, her tatoo equipment which was in use unluckily fell on the arm Rey had his dragon. Now it´s a dragon with a scar on his skin. The only thing Rey could do was joining the pokemon colonie Clans to defent his friends and the surviving pokemon.

Personality: Rey is a pensive an outfreaking, but good friend and gear pilot who takes care of his friends. He doesn´t understand why the earth defense is planning to exterminate all pokemon in the colonies. He has to stop them and show that all can live in peace.

others: no...

RP-Sample: Just look in my other rps... ^^

occ: Ah i forgot, if there are any questions about the rules, the plot or even me ( ^^ ) just ask! ;-)

February 11th, 2006, 3:21 PM
Nigma I am working on my sign-up right now. Just thought you should know..

February 11th, 2006, 11:30 PM
Name: Eliadon

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Alliance: Earth Defense


Espeon — Female

Espeon is Eliadon's one and only Pokèmon, but together, nothing can stand in their way. Whatever they wish to do, they can do together. Espeon and Eliadon are so close, that they have developed a mental link with each other, and can communicate with each other freely through their minds. They can also sense each others' feelings, and help each other when needed. Espeon is a very calm and collected Pokèmon, and hardly ever gets all hyper and excited. She takes everything in her stride, with a completely blank expression.

Battlesuit: Unlike many of the other Battlesuits, Eliadon's is very light, and flexible. He has a single chest plate, that protects his torso, and two long and elegant metal legwear, equipped with small metal shoes that have small jet propulsion enjines, that can keep him flying for about five or six minutes. On his arms, his gloves are clawed, and from on top of each knuckle, in a small gun which shoots out a tranqualizing bullet. His back, however, has a large an massive machine gun, which is connected to him temple, so that he can fire without having to press a trigger. The machine gun can move freely in all directions. His helmet has a visor that can do thermal scans, movement scans, and automatic lock-ons for his machine gun. Also, the inside of the helmet is airconditions, and filters out any bad smell.

History: Eliadon grew up on Earth, and heard scores of stories about how evil and dangerous these cononials were. Some tales told of how the colonials used to be cannibals, and whenever one of them didsomething wrong, he would be devouerd by his fellow people. He was a wee infant when the misslie to destroy the humans was launched, but even then he was happy. His father is a strategiest, who worked for the stations on earth to prepare and discuss for the upcoming war. When Eliadon turned sixteen, he was literally begged to go along to these colonies and fight the Pokèmon who were left. Reluctantly, he agreed, but only if a custom made battle suit was made for him. Thus, one was made, and he agreed to go along.

Personality: Eliadon is always one to jump to conclusions. he sees even the smallest hint of a lie, or wrong doing, and will immediately acuse the person in question. This has often caused him to lose many friends, but in his opinion, friends are nothing but weak pople, who cannot fight by themselves and need help. To him, the idea that friendship can overcome any power is bullcrap. But despite all of this, he takes after his father, and is an extrememyl smart person, and a great person to have with you on the battlefield. He makes on the spot desicions, which have saved countless numbers of people. However, he never does any of this, if it doesn't benefit him.

Others: Eliadon istrained in martial arts, for while his father was away planning, Eliadon took lessons from the number two in his country, and was soon able to beat his sensai. However, he never uses martial arts, unless absolutely nessesary, for he feels that if one shows off one's skill, then one is in more danger of being hurt, than if one is subdued.

RPG Sample: Look in "Broken Crystal, and War has Broken", or in "Reach into Time". I feel that I've done very well in those RPGs. If you need a fresh one, PM me, and I'll send you one.

February 12th, 2006, 12:05 PM
occ: well, everything looks fine! I am waiting for Light_Azumarill and Kakashi & Sasuke lover and then we could start! ^^ I hope that everyone doesn´t let this rp die, or something else. If we have started and another roleplayer wants to join, i will inform you about him and show you his form and his rp-sample and then we decide together if he is accepted or not. Well, i hope we can start together tomorrow! Ok, see ya on the battlefield! In addition, it is allowed to play 2 charakters. I just had to say that...

February 13th, 2006, 10:50 AM
Hey! I finally got around to doing this! Sorry my inbox was so full Nigma, I keep forgetting to clean it out. ^^;; Anyway, my sign-up:

Name: Kaila

Age: She's somewhere in her teens, even she isn't quite sure.

Gender: Female

Race: Pokemon

Alliance: Colonies

Pokemon: Sneasel

Battlesuit: Since she operates on two legs, Kaila uses a light and fast battlearmor that stands on two legs. It would only make sense to have a Sneasel use something light and fast, and Kaila is no exception. It's shape is a little like a Sneasel, but Kaila likes it to look more like a regular suit with no special Sneasel looks. Its weapons are a missile launcher (her favorite), large, retractable, razor-sharp claws that extend from the hands, and a small lazer beam gun that is for picking off vulnerable individuals. She enjoys using her claws to bring someone down or injure them, and then move away and use the missiles or the lazer.

History: Kaila had a male trainer that used to live in the colonies. He was very good to her, and she grew very attached to him. He was like a father to her, and since he had taken care of her since she was a baby he really was in many ways, her father. He was killed though in the reign of missiles, and she was so angry at first. This anger quickly went away though, because she knew that she wouldn't be able to concentrate on the battle ahead if she continued to be so furious. Plus, her trainer had made it clear before he died, that he did not want Kaila to become a spiteful, hateful pokemon. He said that he wanted her to live and have fun with life before hatred. She agreed, and stuck to last request.

Personality: Kaila is a no-nonsense, lives life to the fullest, rock and roll sort of person. She takes life by the horns and tackles it to the ground. She's not afraid to fight, in fact, she enjoys the thrill of combat, and she feels most alive when she is in battle. She really has no reason to fight other than to avenge her trainer's death, but she doesn't need an excuse. She doesn't like small-talk, and her idea of fun can be quite crude, but that's just her.

Others: Nothing else!

RP-Sample: Here are two RPs I'm in: Ryko (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60900) and Showgan (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449)!

February 14th, 2006, 1:09 PM
occ: ok ladys and gentleman! Here we go! Kakashi & Sasuke lover will join us later, so we start now! Fasten your seatbells and grap to your popcorn, this will be a nice long rp with much action!


Iribaar woke up. He saw bright shiny light and he was confused a second. Then he realized that he was on the "Thorn" a big battleship of the Eridany Calvalry Fleet. He went up and got out of his bed. [Good morning great warrior!] a female voice said. Iribaar looked to the left, where he saw a flareon sitting on a pokemon seat. [Hiruge, nice to see you! Something news?] he asked while he went to her. [Well, not really. It´s just one day until we arrive the colonies. I want to show this ****-talking humans who is the conqueror... how dare they are to attack our laboratory. They are traitors, and they have to die!] Hiruge said with a flaming voice. Iribaar sat down to another seat and smiled. [Perhaps they had some reasons to do that. I don´t know and the military won´t tell us. It´s just our job to eliminate everything that moves. So please calm down and lets have a nice chat while we are walking to our day check, ok?] [Ok, as you like.] Both finished with their food and walked then to the technic hall, where their mobile armors are stored. Iribaars Armor was called "Nemesis", because this strong huge good equiped battlesuit could smash everything into pieces. It had a good speed and energy level and it was especially designed for Iribaar Combat style. The silver/black metal was shiny in the light of the hall and everything looked fine. [Well, i hope i don´t have to eliminate really everything. I hate combat...] he said. [Don´t speak nonsense Iribaar!] a loud voice behind him said.

As Iribaar turned he saw the colonel, an old Charizard with big claws and a half tail coming in. [I know that you will defeat everything that moves. This is the real you, Iribaar. You don´t have feelings in combat! You are a destructing battlemachine which can´t do anything else than destroy!] the colonel laughed. [This isn´t right! I hate to defeat pokemon!] Iribaar replied. [But there isn´t a single pokemon left... so you will defeat everything right?] the colonel looked at him with full expectation. Iribaar looked down to the ground. He didn´t know what to say else than [Sir, yes sir...]


The day had started very good for Rey. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. He could look down the hill where his trainers house stood to the city and the long woods and mountains. It was beautiful. But Rey was lost in his thoughts. 3 years it was ago since the earth defense had fired human destroying virus rockets at the colonies, and his trainer and friend Sakure died. Her grave was behind the house, and Rey often visited her. It was so scary to do this alone, but he didn´t want to take even one of his pokemon friends with him. [Rey!] Rey didn´t response. [REY!, uh, here you are!] two Raichus reached Rey. The female one bite in his tail. [Ouch! Hey, who the hell is... ah, it´s you Zusu...] Rey said. Zusu went to him and pinched his ear. [Yes it´s me! I have to get someone who goes with me to the tribal dance... and i have chosen you!] [AI! Chosen me? I won´t go if you hurt me all the time!] Rey whimpered. [You have to promise that you will go with me!] she said while pinching his ear harder. [Ouch! Yes i promise, yes i promise, but please let off my poor ear!] he replied. Satisfied with this answer she let off. [Phew, i thought you will cut it off...] Rey said grinning. [Ok let´s go! You two are crazy...] now the other Raichu said.

[Crazy? I am not crazy, Rick, it´s this girl next to me!] Rey said. He received a punch on his left site. Rick was smiling. [I will go to look at Hiko, and Emin! We´ll see later on the Festival!] Rick said and went away. [This isn´t a festival...] Rey whispered, [... it´s to honor our dead trainers...] [But we have a lot of fun there, so it´s a festival...] said Zusu, while she embraced Rey, who got red in the face. [And this time i want to have fun with you my dear Rey...] [Uhm, yeah, ok...] Rey didn´t know what to say. Zusu was a beautiful girl, but Rey hadn´t much experience with girls. [Ah let´s go...] he said quick [... or we will miss the ceremony!] both went faster to the town, where much pokemon of every type gathered to join the tribal dance.

February 14th, 2006, 1:52 PM
OOC: Yay, finally starting! ^^ Oh, just so you know, his battlesuit is called Chivalry

Ivan looked around quietly after having rose out of his bed. HE was rather excited about the next day, for they were finally going to get a chance to attack those traitors, the colonies. The humans that had trainer Ivan were constantly filling his head with ides of hatred towards the traitors, so naturally, he would start to think like them because he had nothing else to believe.

"Hmm, better go do some maintenance on Chivalry. Don't want anything messing up during the big battle."

He muttered quietly to himself, exiting the room and heading down the hall. He slept only a little far from the technical hall, so it wasn't long until he he was in there, standing by Chivalry and examining it. It looked fine on the exterior, but he would need to climb inside before he would probably find any bugs or something wrong with it.

February 15th, 2006, 2:49 AM
OOC: Yay! We finally begin!


Eliadon sighed, and looked out of the hover-car window.

Houses flashed bay in a stream of never ending colours, that seemed to hypnotize Eliadon. His own eyes followed the houses quickly, darting from left to right at amazing speeds. The window was wound down, and wind whipped his face, sending his black hair into a massive frenzy. Hhe could barely follow the houses with his bangs in fornt of his eyes.

Today was the day. He was boarding "Jahar II", and going to battle the colonials. This was the biggest event in his life, and he certainly wasn't going to ruin It. His father was sitting next to him, while the automated hover-car flew through the streets, and landed next to the airport.

"This is it, Eliadon," whispered his father, patting him on the back. "Make me proud."

"I will" Eiadon replied. I hope...

February 15th, 2006, 1:31 PM
occ: well, i hope the others will join our start soon.


The technical personel gathered to get the last preparations for the start. A few ours to wait and the ships of the fleet will go into light speed and reach the colonies. Humans and genetic pokemon walked trough the passages in the ship. Both, Iribaar and Hiruge walked to the ship to search for their friends, but they couldn´t find them cause the crowd of poeple was big. Soldiers came onto the ship and some other gears and robots were brought on board. [What do you think Iribaar?] Hiruge suddenly asked. [Think about what?] he replied. [Do you think we can get peace if we smash the colonies down in one or two days? I mean, if the rumors are true, they can´t defent them self. Only the automatic tanks and turrets are there, and the humans don´t know that we attack. ] she asked with a serious face. [Perhaps... if the rumors are true...] he said. Uh, she always thinks about war and winning. What if something is fishy with this war? I don´t know about that. Then a voice came out of the speakers: "Alert Code yellow! All the personal get ready for takeoff! The fleet will start in one hour! I repeat, get ready for takeoff!" What? I thought we had time left! What happened? Iribaar run back to the meeting room, perhaps had the colonel a explanation for all that. [Hiruge, come on, hurry up!]


The tribal dance was a full success! The decoration was beautiful, and the music was something everybody likes. The night had started and the festival was moving on. Every pokemon got here and did the ceremony way to honor their dead trainers and all the other dead humans. After doing that, the pokemon started to dance to the rythm of the music, everyone with his own style. [Rey, i have something for you!] Zusu shouted to Rey. [Huh? What the...] before Rey could do anything, Zusu was kissing him. Zusu smiled and send Rey an unexplanable look. She looked beautiful in the colourfull lights of the town and her eyes shined bright. Rey was speechless and couldn´t do anything, he was too fascinated from the last moments, and what Zusu had said. Did she want to be his girlfriend? Rey got red in the face and he was kind of ashamed because he didn´t know what to say. Zusu laughed and went on with dancing. [You are a lucky one...] Rick said. Rey was shocked. Had he seen the scene? [Perhaps you can establish a family with her...] Rick said in a calm voice. And he had been right, then it was tradition in the Clan Rey and Zusu were in that the female Raichus looked for partners. And surely Zusu had choosen Rey. Rey didn´t know what to say, but then he looked up to the shiny stars and thought about his trainer. Sakure surely did want something like that for me. Living in peace with a family... Courage got big in Rey and he said to Rick [Yes, i think you are right, Rick. Perhaps i am a lucky one. Hey didn´t Tria want to go with you to this festival?] Rey smiled. [Are you sure? I thought she didn´t want to come! Excuse me Rey, i have to find her!] Rick said, while leaving him. [I wish you the same luck as me my friend...] Rey whispered laughing.

February 16th, 2006, 4:34 AM

The Jahar II was a magnificent site, and was most definitely not meant to be on of your average ships. It's entire body was encased in a platinum black coverage, and sleek to the boot. It's tail stretched out, and then curved up like a scorpion's sting, and from the tip, you could see two turrets that fired high intensity laser beams. The wings were short, and small, in the shape of a delta, and the undercarrage held a long distnce fuel tank, as well as a couple of missiles.

"I'm going to be in that?" Eliadon asked in amazement as he stared up at the beauty. "He's amazing. How'd you make her?"

Beside Eliadon stood another man, already clad in his battlesuit, although they were far from entering the battleground. His battlesuit was blue in colour, striped with yellow, and was made for destruction. It had so many weapons, that Eliadon wondered how the man inside could carry such a heavy suit. This man was the man behind the Jahar II. He created her. And his name: Edwin Jahar.

"Too many questions. I'll answer them one by one. Yes, you are going to fly in that. I have chosen a selet group of people to travel with me, and you're one of them. But remember, this is not any ship, and must be treated delicately. And to answer your second question: I don't know. I built this when my wife passed away, and I couldn't think at that time, so I relly have no clue."

A tall woman stepped out from inside the Jahar II, wearing a long white coat, with a sleveless red top, and a black skirt underneath. She held a clipboard in her had, and sported a pen behind her ear. Her hair hair was as black as her skirt, as were her eyes, and her mouth was shaped into a small smile.

"We are ready to take off, sir."

February 16th, 2006, 2:39 PM
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Later, I promise.}

February 17th, 2006, 8:34 AM
OOC: Ugh... sorry it took so long to post. I was pretty sick the past couple days with a fever and dizziness and all that, but I'm feeling much better now. ^-^ Anyway... yay, starting time!


"I despise this weather, I like it when it rains! Don't you like the rain better?" a shrill and sneering voice said aloud. It was a Sneasel, one of those pokemon that looked like something that had fallen into a bucket of paint and flower petals. Her fur was a darker, more black hue of the strange dark turquoise color of typical Sneasel fur. Her retractable claws were almost hidden in the fur of her paws and seemed to be covered in mud and dirt, but they were still visible as the leathal weapons they were. Her features were accentuated by the softly glowing blood red jewels on her head and chest, and by the pink petal-like feathers coming out of her back and right ear.

Her bright red eyes widened as if someone had answered her question.

"What do you know, you're just a rock," Kaila answered, peering down at the rock she had been staring at. She was surrounded by trees and vegetation, and had been digging around all day to find the perfect rock. The rock to add to the grave of her trainer. Every year at the tribal dance she placed a new rock on his grave and took the old one back to the land. It had become a sort of ceremony for her, and she took pride in doing it. This rock was a lovely crimson one with many tiny holes in it. Some sort of igneous rock. Kaila picked it up carefully.

The tribal dance was always a time of great fun and sorrow. Many pokemon went to it, but Kaila always brooded up in a tree somewhere. This was the only time of the year she felt right in brooding about James' death. James was the name of her trainer, and he had loved Sneasel very much. Kaila could never understand why the other humans had wanted to send those horrible missiles to the colonies, but she had promised James that she would not resort to revolving her life around revenge, and so here she was, sitting around and playing tribal games instead of seeking justice.

When Kaila made it to the tribal festival, she saw others dancing and finding love. She wasn't having much fun though, and she simply continued to make her way to James' grave. However she was interrupted by a small pokemon--a Jigglypuff.

"Hi there!" the squishy, balloon-like pokemon said cheerfully, "My name's Ollie!"

"That's a name?" Kaila said with a sneer, "Sounds more like a sports move." She was intrigued though, she had never met a male Jigglypuff.

"No no," the pink puff said back, "It's short for Oliver."

"Look dude, I've got some serious things to do okay?" Kaila told him, and then began to leave the puff's precense. However, he followed at her heels, sporting a slight frown.

He had to run to keep up with the Sneasel, but he did pretty well, "Hey wait! Don't you remember me? We met last year, in this same festival!"

Kaila thought for a moment, "Nope. Don't remember you."

The Jigglypuff looked a bit sad about this prospect. "You don't?" he said, slowing in his running and then having to rush to catch up again, "You don't remember the guy that helped get your rock back last year?"

This seemed to strike a chord with the Sneasel, she stopped in her tracks, her eyes widening in recognition, and then contracting into thin lines as she began to laugh. "Ahahaha! You! I remember you! You were that Jigglypuff that saw that Machoke take my rock, told me that he took it, and then almost got beat up by him because you squealed on him! You didn't help me, I saved your skin!" Kaila chortled, almost collasping where she stood with laughter.

The Jigglypuff looked a little ruffled by this comment, but was willing to look it over. "Well, yes, so... I was wondering...," he said, a tone of uncertanty coming into his voice.

"You were wondering... if you could ever be strong enough to withstand an attack from a fighting type?" the Sneasel finished, chuckling to herself.

"No... you see, after that happened, I asked around about you Kaila," the Jigglypuff said, his tone now both uncertain and serious, "And I found out that you're always alone; like me."

Kaila stopped again, and peered curiously at the Jigglypuff, "What're you going on about? Get to the point already dude!"

"I was thinking that with the way things are nowadays... well... maybe we could... live... together?" the Jigglypuff suggested, looking nervous. Kaila began to laugh again.

"Ahahahaha! You are too much! Ohohoho! That's the best joke I've heard all year! Oh you and I should see each other every festival, no one has ever made me laugh so hard! Live together! Really now!" the Sneasel's shrill voice cut through the air with laughter.

Ollie the Jigglypuff was not looking so happy though, and he merely dropped his gaze and turned away, his ears drooping as he trudged off alone. Kaila stopped laughing, for she suddenly realized that the little pink pokemon was being serious about his proposition. She looked down at the rock she held and wondered what James would have told her to do.

The rock stared back up at her as if saying, 'Go after him. You're so rude sometimes.'

"James... I hope you're right about this. You certainly weren't right about what weather is the nicest," the Sneasel said under her breath. She then dashed off after the puff, shouting out, "Hey! Puffy! Get back here!"

February 18th, 2006, 6:44 AM
I will read through the posts today, then post my first rp post maybe later tonight. Sorry for taking so long, but I am on Spring Break now and hopefully I will be able to post more.

Name: Kai

Age: 4 years

Gender: male

Race: Pokemon

Pokemon: Raichu

Battlesuit: Kai, unfortunately, does not have a battlesuit yet. He is working on one in an underground fort. In the meantime he uses the set of daggers that were once his trainer's and a motorized cart. The cart is exactly 2 meters wide, one meter across, and 3 feet in depth, with mini steps leading up to the top of the cart, which is covered with a steel door so that he can't be attacked from above. The cart has a padded interior, but a steel protection lined on the outside. In the cart there is a box in which Kai keeps all his weapons on one side, and on the other side there is a machine used to analyze anything foreign. The cart runs on an electric motor, which Kai has to recharge every now and then. Kai has hand built both the cart and now the battlesuit to his liking.

History: Kai grew up knowing no humans. The first Pokemon who he ever got to talk to was his mother, who told him the story of how the ‘evil’ humans and Pokemon on planet earth had destroyed and killed every good human on the planet they were on. Kai was terrified. Out of her own protection, Kai’s mother told him about the war that was coming up in exactly four more years. She said she had seen it in a dream she had. Kai also asked who his father was, but never got an answer. So, not wanting to waste any of his precious time, Kai began working on his battlesuit as soon as he was only a wee 4 months old. He had found some blueprints of this awesome looking 4 legged battlesuit that his trainer was supposedly going to start working on just before he was killed. Kai, inspired by this, immediately began working on it, suiting it for his style and making his own specifics to it. A year before the war was prophesied to come, Kai knew that he would not finish his ultimate battlesuit in time and began building a knew machine, a transportation one. He was finally finished a month before the war came, adding a few touches here and there to his transportation machine, while his mother began to get nervous. He asked her why and she never responded, she’d always change the subject. Kai just shrugged it off and tried to help her the best he could, telling her to hide out in the underground base until the war was over. Reluctantly, his mother agreed, and Kai set out to war…

Personality: Kai is an interior type of Pokemon. He never had any friends, and the only other Pokemon he ever talked to was his mother. Kai also has a computer geek personality, every day he spends in his underground chamber, either working on his transportation machine or his battlesuit.

Others: Kai’s fur is slightly paler than other Raichu’s fur, from all the days he’s spent in the dark, underground chambers where light doesn’t filter though.

RP-Sample: Nigma knows how I rp, there is no need for a sample here.

February 18th, 2006, 9:39 PM

The inside of the Jahar II was just as magnificent as the outside. The floor had been made to look and feel exactly as if one was walking across a grassy meadow, and you could see no sign of any metal. The walls were projected as tall trees that stretched up to the sky, whoch was the roof. There was also a miniature waterfall, which Edwin had used somesort of zer gravity trick to make it work.

"This is amazing," Eliadon muttered as he looked around.

The lady in the white lab coat walked up to him with a smile on her face. "Yes, isn't it. I've always been amazed by Mr. Jahar's construction skills."

Eliadon nodded and turned to her. "Not meaning to be offensive, or anything, but who are you?"

"Call me Eva."

Eliadon nodded as she walked away to prepare the launch.

Eva...why is that name so familiar...?

February 19th, 2006, 12:28 PM

From the meeting room, Iribaar could see to another ship in the fleet. It was the Jahar II, the beautifulst and biggest ship in the fleet. Much pilots and military personal where in the meeting room, also the colonel. [Listen now!] the colonel said. [Some of our spy satelites have figured out that this is the best time to attack! In between 3 hours we will smash the home town of these stupids into pieces! I have aranged an emergency start for the hole fleet! Get ready for combat! The ship will start now!] With this words the colonel left everyone inside the meeting room. [Well then Hiruge, let´s prepare!] [Hai!] they run to their rooms and went inside the security seats. "Takeoff in 5 minutes!" a computer voice told them. The alert lights shined yellow and everyone got excited. Outside the "Thorn" everyone could see how the Thorn was lifted into a starting ramp. It was amazing to see how the big battleship looked like a spear into the sky. Long ramp streets were pulled out and the countdown begun. "Takeoff in 1 Minute!" the computer voice told. Iribaar didn´t know what to do until they had started. He was very excited. Now the war will start! The military harbour was startled about the start of the Thorn and everyone was waiting for the launch. Another Spaceship got prepared for another ramp. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,..." [Oh my god, i this is too much for me...] Hiruge said trembling. [Hey i am here at your side...] Iribaar said with an warm voice. "...2, 1, go!!!" The ship shaked heavy and the feeling to be pushed into the seats got strenuous. A big fire array came out of the engines of the Thorn, and the big battlecruiser was lifted into the air. Then some machines grasped the Thorn and shoot it like a spear into the air. The machines where a modern type of a catapult. All other ships got prepared the same way. Now the war had begun.


Rey danced with Zusu the hole night, and he was one of the cheerfullest Raichus on Bianca. But then his electronic computer on his belt told him something he didn´t like. [Uh... Zusu... i have to go now...] Rey started. [Ah, come on Rey...] Zusu said with a grin in her face. Zusu first looked angry, but then she looked soft and smiling in his face. She embraced him and looked deep into his eyes. [We meet in 2 hours in your room... then you are finished with your checks, and then i will check you...] she whispered. Reys voice was swallowed by himself. He couldn´t say anything, he was too surprised. [And tomorrow we will have a little party. Just invite someone, ok?] Zusu said and left him. [I]Wooaaa.... i don´t believe what i have heard! Unbelievabal luck! he thought while walking out of the town. I don´t get it! Why does she like me that much? Or is she talking nonsense? Then he thought about Zusus words. Inviting some poeple huh? Well, then lets see... Rey invited some Pokemon he knew and then some he hadn´t seen ever. This should be a nice mixture... Then he saw a lonely Jigglypuff coming into the town, not far away from him. Rey run to him and shouted [Hey there! Do you want to get to a party?] as Rey reached the Jigglypuff he saw a Sneasel running to them. As Rey thought both can hear him he repeated: [Hey you both, do you want to go with me to a party tomorrow? I want to invite some pokemon, and i thought you could come too!]

February 20th, 2006, 2:24 AM
The sky was blue, the air was clear, and the sun's rays warmed the backs of the pilots still on the runway. Of these, one was Lydia; the girl sat cross-legged in her open cockpit, drinking from a can of soda. Dressed as she normally was, in baggy denim jeans and a tight pink t-shirt, Lydia could have been any old teenager; however, Lydia was pilot of the Nova Fox, a hideously frail but hideously fast four-legged battle-suit. Not that is looked the part, covered in dents and coated in dust as it was. It was definetly a battlesuit in irrepair; probably because it was the only battlesuit her tteam were willing to give a pilot as reckless and clumsy as she was. Oh, and she was also a girl...

Finishing her soda in one gulp, Lydia tossed it over her shoulder. It fell to the floor with a clatter.
"How're we doing?" she yelled.
{Neeeeearly there!} a voice replied, and an Aipom popped out of nowhere, a wrench clutched in her tail and oil all over her pretty purple fur. She winked cheerfully, and vanished back into the depths of the engine. Lydia yawned. Life on Earth was so...dull these days... but she couldn't fight until Dilly was finished, and like the Aipom's name suggested, she spent the majority of her waking hour dilly-dallying about.
{Get a move on!} snapped a voice from below, and Lydia peered over the edge of her cockpit onto the floor below. Her granbull was stood on all fours for once, which was a rare sight indeed, and his ears were set straight forward. {I've just run over here from the central runway, everyone's taking off without you!} he announced gruffly, and dropped onto his haunches.
"I can't leave yet, Dilly's not-"
{Done!} the little Aipom laughed, and threw herself into the cockpit. {We're ready for take off.}

Lydia smiled to herself as the cockpit's reinforced glass window slammed shot infront of her. Yeah, this is what I was made for... She sank back into her familiar seat and buckled her seatbelt, her stomach alive with thousands of butterflies. Lydia gripped the joystick-styled controls infront of her. She was ready.

February 20th, 2006, 9:28 AM
"Oh, it's time to leave! I'm so excited.."

Ivan said, climbing out of a compartment in the ship, a couple tools in his hands. The entire battlesuit was connected through a series of tunnels so that if some sort of enemy were to make his way into it it would be almost impossible to find their way around it. He had memorized where every single tunnel led, so he never got lost.

"Takeoff time. It's finally here..."

He said, leaping out of the tunnel and looking around the control room. This is where most of the main thing were, the main chair, all the controls, the weaponry system, and of course, the controls that operated the battlesuit. He took a couple steps forward and sat down on the chair, looking around for minute, and then staring down at his controls. He placed his hands on the main things that made him move, and awaited command before actually taking off.

February 20th, 2006, 1:00 PM
occ: Everything is fine here! Cool... ^^ This is getting better from post to post, so i am waiting for everyone! Of course everybody has his own ship, so i can´t take control when they are taking off! But if you want we can connect every ship in the galaxy for the main star jump. Well then, i am waiting for you! (uh... can´t post without light_azumarill and i have to wait for you until your ships have taken off...) But now, i just can say: Hey ho, let´s go! ^^ ;-)

February 21st, 2006, 12:24 PM
Lydia slammed her gearstick forward.
"TAKE OFF!" she shouted furiously, and her Aipom clung desperately to her forehead as the Nova Fox groaned and growled, as her thrusters spurred into motion. Almsot groggily, the whole machine spluttered to live; control panels burst to life, gages and radars began to bleep and dance. The beast was alive again, and Lydia was just relieved to feel her frail, faithfull old machine back beneath her fingers after the hits it took last battle. "It's time!"

Donner the granbull had been steadily retreating, lumbering back to the barracks. Lydia had adopted him and Dilly, but Donner liked to keep is feet firmly on the ground. While she was gone, Donner would sleep on Lydia's bed and guard her space and-
The granbull swivelled on the spot, his heavy jowels flapping in the wind. Lydia had taken off in the blink of an eye. He watched catiously, as the four legs folded in for space travel, but soon the Nova Fox was just a blip on the horizon. Donner shook his head and walked away.

February 22nd, 2006, 1:11 AM
The entire craft began to vibrate as we all got ourselves strapped into the seats. Eva was sitting to my right, while Mr. Jahar was sitting in front of me. the other people were all to my left, or behind me.

"Once we've left the earth's atmosphere, you'll all have to change into your battle suits. how knows what danger's we'll meet from those colonials.

Suddenly, there was a heavy jerk, and before we knew it, we were being pushed against the backs of our chairs as the Jahar II took off, flying high over buildings. Soon, we were high above the city, and were still flying higher...

OOC: Sorry its small, but I can't think of anything else...

February 22nd, 2006, 8:15 AM
OOC: Yay! I finally managed to get on a computer! Gosh... everyone over here's been hogging them lately. >_< Anyway, let's get this party started!

Oh, and I'm putting pokespeak in [] like you are Nigma. I thought that would make it easier to read. ^-^


[A party?! Really?] Ollie the Jigglypuff said, his ears perking up as the Raichu addressed him. Ollie was certainly one to enjoy parties, and he loved the chance to meet new people. There was so much seriousness around this place he always looked forward to the happier things.

Kaila had come to her usual slow, slinking walk and eyed the Raichu carefully. [Heh, how could I say no to a party? Those are what I live for! Well, that and fighting,] she replied, shrugging ever so slightly. She then turned away from the other two pokemon and began walking away with her rock in her grasp.

[Hey, tell Puffy the place the party's at, and then he'll come tell me. I've got something I need to do right now,] the Sneasel said, walking in the direction that everyone had been celebrating. She still had things to do, and it was an indirect way of telling Ollie that he was okay to come talk with her.

The Jigglypuff blinked, [Eh? Uh... okay I guess I'm responsible. So where's this party going to be at anyway?] He smiled expectantly at the Raichu before him.


Kaila walked on in her slinking way past the late-night partiers that were still enjoying themselves, and over to the place where their trainers were laid to rest. This was a strange scene; pokemon partying and dancing all around this small spot where most looked solemn, some were crying, and everyone thinking of that terrible moment when they realized what had happened.

[Oh James... you know I hate being sad,] Kaila said in a low voice, walking up to where her trainer's grave was. It looked the same as it had a year ago. Kaila kneeled down next to the rock she had presented to her trainer last year, and quickly replaced it with the new, turquoise one. She then bowed her head and forced herself to think of a happy memory....

She focused on a memory of one sunny afternoon when the two of them were eating some candy. She always felt good when she thought of that time. It was strange... when he died, it felt as if she could never forget him, but when she remembered him now, it was getting harder to picture his face, harder to remember exactly what he wore for clothes. Would her memory stand the test of time? She shook her head and stood up, feeling angry that she was thinking of such sad things when she should be happy, but.... She turned around, glancing at the rock she had placed on the grave. It looked up at her as if saying, 'Quit it. You're just freaking yourself out. I don't care if you can't remember what I wore on some unimportant day. I know you'll never forget the really important stuff. That's what matters.'

Kaila nodded. He was right.

February 22nd, 2006, 1:54 PM

After the Thorn had left the atmosphere, the ship crossed the gravitation limit of the earth. A few minutes past by and the Thorn was still driving with full power. Then the pilot gave the ok sign and started orbit the system. “To all personal, you can get out your safety seats and have a great anti-gravitation time of 30 minutes. Until we have started the virtual gravity systems in the ship, you can fly around and have fun and relax. Feel free to enjoy, but get to the ground if the 1 Minute countdown starts.” Iribaar released the safety belt of his seat and suddenly begun to fly in his room. Because he didn´t know how to handle his flight he hovered with his head against the wall. As Hiruge saw that she had to laugh.

[Hey, that isn´t funny, I can´t control my movement and bumped my head, and you are laughing!] [But it lookes too funny!] she laughed louder and louder. Iribaar got angry, but then he had to laugh too. [Shut up! Stop laughing, stupid!] he shouted laughing. He could jump from the wall to Hiruge and push the reveal button on the bell from her. She suddenly flew into the air and bumped with her butt on the roof. [Geek! Make it stop! That´s cold!] Now it was Iribaar who laughed outloud. It was funny to watch these two clown pokemon. On the earth the other ships were launching one by another and joined slowly the fleet. The Thorn was beside the “Sword” and the “Rapier”, and the “Fulmin” and the “Vulture” were joining them. The next ship which was starting from the earth was the “Jahar II” and soon the fleet would be ready for the light jump…


Rey was happy to see that the two pokemon did want to come too. [Well, you all know the big underground base our trainers have left to us. If you go there behind the city to the big mountain, I have my room in the base and i will open gate 3 tomorrow on 11:00 AM ok? Then you can find signs where i have my room. If all have arrived, the party can start. Ah, don´t think about the military personal, i am one of them too...]

He smiled while telling the Jigglypuff. [Is this sneasel all the time like that?]Rey asked whispering the pink pokemon. [I think she needs more friends...]then he turned his voice into normal. [Whats about you? Whats your name, and where are you living? My name is Rey.] His arm where his dragon tatoo hurted a bit so he did hold his right arm. The Scar in the middle of the dragon was like fire so Rey did want to hurry. [Well, i need to go there now, cause i have to update the programms of my Heavy Gear and do some fine tuning. And my arm hurts too, so gotta go...]

February 23rd, 2006, 2:32 AM
I flexed my fingers, glad to be reunited with my battlesuit. Once I was in this armour, I was home. As I tested to see how flexible the suit was, I soon found out that the suit hd no limitations when it came to flexibility. But as I stared around at everyone elses suits, I suddenly felt very vunerable.

The other sits were created as either tanks, or killing machines, each one so intricate with power that I felt as if I was nothing more than a piece of papaer compared to them, but I knew that I was, unlike the, a reconassaince fighter, and didn't need such elemnts of power.

"We are about to join with the ships: Thorn, Rapier, Sword Fulmin and Vulture. We were the last to exit the atmosphere, and we shall soon be enaging the light jump. Until then, feel free to wander the ship. I cannot tunr f the gravity controls to let you fly, because the waterfall would go beserk, but feel free to drink from the spring, or explore the rest of the ship."

I grinned as I walked over to the waterfall, intent on finding out how the thing worked.

February 23rd, 2006, 4:40 AM
OOC: FINALLY I CAUGHT UP! *sigh* Nigma I decided to skip ahead to where the battlesuit was dpne, since you all got so far without me. >___>

Kai said softly to himself as he walked around the battlesuit once more, look it through up and down, making sure there were no errors to it. 'Hmm..seems about right.' Kai turned to his right and grabbed what looked like a mini tv remote from a small coffee table a few feet off. Kai looked up at the battle suit and pressed a small neon green button on the remote. A clicking sound could be heard as a set of stairs from beneath the door that led to the inside of the battlesuit popped out. When they connected silently to the ground Kai walked up them and stood in front of the door. He held up a shiny golden key that he had been holding and stuck it in the door knob hole. Turning it slowly, Kai then opened the door which led to a pitch black room. Mostly all humans, and some Pokemon, could have trouble seeing in the dark, but it was different for Kai. He could see as clear as day in it. The room he walked into was just a normal room, but it had many tunnels lining the walls of it. Some of those tunnels could lead you anywhere, and only Kai knew where they would take you.

Walking over to his left, Kai trotted slowly up one medium sized tunnel, leading him to the control room. He stood up once he was in and walked over to a metal box with millions of tiny buttons and levers on it; the control panel. {Everything seems to be in order.} Kai said proudly to himself. Turning away, Kai heading for the exit tunnel. He hopped down through it and slid down it in a playful kinda way. His feet thumped lightly as he landed on the solid ground of his battlesuit base. Setting down the key and remote on the coffee table, Kai flicked off the tiny, dim lamp that was lighting the room and walked through a tunnel that led to his and his mother's living base. {Hi mom} He said exhaustedly as he walked into the room.

The room was a rectangular shape, not that big, but it wasn't that small either. The walls were lined with an unbreakable steel, and the floor was lined with the same thing. A big dark red carpet also lined the floor though, so it was at least a little comfortable for them. To the left of the base, a small tunnel showed, a tunnel that led to the main base that the trainers built for their Pokemon. The main base wasn't too far off, but far enough so that they could have some privacy at least. Kai walked past the little, blaring tv that was next to the far wall and hopped onto the big, dark blue couch that his mother was sitting on.

{So..any problems on the battlesuit?}

{Nope. It looks like it's all ready to go soon.}

{Just be careful..} Kai turned to face his mother. Her eyes were glazed with fear and dread, and she looked about to cry.

{Don't worry, I'm always careful. You know that!} Kai said softly, his paw placed upon his mother's shoulder. His mother nodded hesitantly, and turned back to the tv. The tv showed a news report of the upcoming battle. A woman in a white blouse and red skirt blared in front of the two Raichu on the screen.

"Today is the day, folks! The day of the battle between the earth forces and colonel." Kai sighed again and drifted off into his own world, gazing at the pictures of his mother and her trainer he never got to see..

{I wonder...what he was like.......}


Kai stretched out in the cushioned control seat as he looked over the huge control panel once more. {Everything will be fine mom} he complained as he turned his head to the frantic Raichu on his left. {Just as long as you are safe, I will be too. Now you should really be getting back into the base now.} His ears tweaked with frustration.

Kai's mother sighed. {Fine. I'll go already! Just..be careful.}

{I will. Trust me.}

{And here..} Kai's mother held out a box wrapped in a neon, sky blue cloth. {In case you get hungry...}

Kai sweatdropped. {Uh..yeah thanks.} He took the wrapped box and placed it beside his chair. {You need help finding your way out?}

{No. It's fine. I think I can manage.}

{Ok.} Kai turned back to his control panel as his mother left. {Finally..It's finally done..} He thought as he imagined the dark blue, two-legged battlesuit on the battlefeild, crushing all the earth defenses as they got in his way. {Ok..Now..} Kai said as he saw his mother from the giant, plastic screen leave into the base. Kai leaned over and pressed a giant dark red button in front of him. A bright light seeped through the base wall as the roof opened up to reveal the night sky. The moon was shimmering down on him and his battlesuit, casting shadows on the base floor. {Ok..} Kai pulled a lever and pressed a few more buttons as the battlesuit started to vibrate a little and turn on. Suddenly, the battlesuit crouched down and leaped up again, soaring through the air and landing perfectly outside the base. Kai breathed and pressed a few more buttons and the base roof closed behind him. {Ok, now to only wait until the colonels come..} He said to himself, the battlesuit walking away from his base and out into the open.

February 23rd, 2006, 9:31 AM
OOC: Welcome Kakashi! *waves*


[Sounds great!] Ollie said in response to Rey's description of where the party was going to be held. The Jigglypuff was a pretty good navigator, and so he could picture the way to get there as Rey said it.

After the Raichu introduced himself, Ollie grinned, [My name's Oliver, Ollie for short. You're right about Kaila, that's why I asked to live with her! She looked like she could benefit from having some more friends.] He paused for a moment, thinking about the place he called "home", and then answered Rey's question.

[I live where a small group of orphaned pokemon used to live. It's just over there, about a half a mile away in the wilderness. It's nothing special, but it has been my home ever since my mother's trainer was killed. She was killed by a Rhydon a little while after her trainer died, leaving me alone. So I went where many other confused and orphaned pokemon went. Lately though, everyone's been leaving and going out on their own and I have to do the same too,] the Jigglypuff replied, his expression not looking as if he wanted to do that part. It was scary, to suddenly be alone, to be thrust out on your own with no one or no place to turn to. It was as if his mother had died all over again, and he was now alone. This was why he had approached Kaila about living together. He needed protection, and Kaila was a strong pokemon. Not to mention, he needed friendship and inclusion, basic needs that hadn't been fufilled since his mother was alive. The others that he used to live with had never really been friends with him; they had just lived in the same place.

As Rey announced he would have to leave, Ollie gave a small wave, [Oh! Bye then!] He was wondering what was keeping Kaila, when he suddenly heard a voice from behind him.

[Well, where's this party at anyway?] It was Kaila, standing with her claws on her hips, looking curious and sporting a smirk.

[Rey told me. So I know where it is!] Ollie answered, looking at her anxiously, [Um... so... what about my proposal?] He meant to find out what Kaila thought about it.

[I thought it over and decided that it would be okay...,] the Sneasel said with a less-than-enthusiastic tone, [For a short time! I am too used to living alone to live with another, so this is only temporary until you find another place to stay! Got it?!] She was attempting to look serious about it, and she had fooled the little Jigglypuff.

Ollie nodded fervently, [Yes ma'am! You've got my word that I will not overstay my welcome!]

Kaila turned away from him, [Come on, it's getting late, and I've got to show you to MY home.] She began to walk off, her rapid speed taking over and Ollie having to rush off as fast as his Jigglypuff legs could carry him.

[Kaila!] he said as he raced up next to her, [Thank you.] Kaila rolled her eyes. What was with the sentiment? She certainly was no angel.

February 23rd, 2006, 1:18 PM
occ: Hey Kakashi, good to see you here! Uh, i don´t know if i have understood your post correct. Are you on against the colonies or with them?


The Jahar II joined forces and the fleet of 12 battleships filled with military infantry and a lot of robot battlesuits were ready. Iribaar looked outside the thick windows and saw the giant Jahar II. It was the beautifullst ship he had ever seen. Rock said. Rock, the Arcanine was bigger and stronger than Iribaar, and indeed he was a gen manipulated pokemon. [Rock! Long time not seen! When did you come in the ship?] Iribaar replied happy. [An hour ago, I saw you flying around in your room. That was funny to watch. both laughed. [Yeah, the Jahar II is one of the best ships in the fleet.] Iribaar said, [but it hasn´t the same firepower as the Thorn. The Thorn is an assault battleship you know. It was built to break through the enemy defense and to crush the frontline. There so it is the strongest one, even it is the oldest one. It don´t has the technique like the Jahar II, but it is like antique legend.] Rock added. Hiruge came to join them. [Hey Iribaar, do you not want to introduce me?] [Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. Hiruge that is Rock, a old friend he met in the academy. Rock, that is Hiruge, the beautiffulst and best pilot gen manipulated female flareon I ever met…] [So that is you girlfriend, eh?] Rock said grinning. [Something wrong with that?] Hiruge replied and went to Iribaars side.

[I love him and nobody can say something against that!] Iribaar didn´t thought ever that she would say something like that. She never said that she loved him, but infact she had, it was unbelievabal. Did she say that because she got angry? What is in her mind? Perhaps she didn´t notice at all. Then a voice out of the speaker interrupted his thoughts: “To all personal get ready for the light jump. The fleet is complete, military personal have to prepare for combat. Countdown is set on 7 hours for the planet arriving. The drivers of the battlesuits have to complete the normal war check list and prepare all weapons. Mission briefing in 4 hours. Over.” That was the sign. Without saying anything the three pokemon went fast to the machine docks and arrived their battlesuits. Every pilot got an mechanic to do the checks and prepare the ammunition for the weapons and to recalibrate the systems. Iribaar met Ramon and Davon, his wingmen. They would be a team together. They prepared their battletactics and combined their knowledge for a good strategy. Everything would be fine, Iribaar thought.


As Rey looked up at 7 o´clock in the morning he was still working on his battlesuit. "System checks done. All systems downloading primary operating system." The female computer voice said. Rey climbed up to the cockpit, some metres above the ground. He looked at the screens and the buttontables, the keybords and the other controls. His gear was an unique one which didn´t need any joysticks. He pushed the hidden button to start the gear and the huge reactor inside purred slowly up and then the computer was starting too. It loaded the new system data and then identificated Rey as it´s new pilot. Now only Rey could use this Gear. Then the AI booted and linked up in the systems. "Who you are?" [Rey] "Accepted. Who am i?" [Daishi] "Positive. Recalibration of the pilots input systems completed." [Fine...] Rey closed the cockpit entrance, a small door which was a part of the gears front armor. The cockpit itself moved and matched to Reys arms and legs. Now he was the Gear. No Rey, no machine, only the Daishi. Rey tested every calibrated systems and he was pleased with the answers he got.

He tested the automaticly aiming machine gun on his shoulder. It was following Reys look and targeted some of the military personal, so they were surprised and run away. Rey smiled. Of course he wasn´t the only one in the base, but for now he was the only one who has a ready battlesuit. The jump jets and the little wings which fast got out where fine to. The main gate opened and Zusu came in. She was in fear as she saw the new giant robot which was looking at her with his red eye. The autocanon aimed at her, and the camera zoomed in and calculated where Rey should shoot to send out the fastest death. Rey walked some steps and got to the repairing station where he stoped his Daishi and shut it down. As Rey climbed down the robot he was punched by Zusu. [Don´t surprise me like that!] then she kissed him. [I]What a freaky reaction from Zusu. Punching and kissing... nice... Rey thought. The mechanical personal prepared his robot for the fight and equiped the Daishi with its weapons. [Well...] Zusu started, [let´s go to your room, some guests are waiting already...] Rey went with Zusu to his room and prepared the party which should start in several minutes. Only this Ollie from yesterday and the Sneasel where missing, but Rey was sure that they would come in time.


February 23rd, 2006, 1:42 PM
Ivan sighed softly and turned around in his swivel chair, taking a quick look around the control room, then lenaing back in his chair and closing his eyes, relaxing for a moment. He rarely had moments like this, for he was constantly training or just doing maintenance on Chivalry

[Clear away tunnels, Operation 6x..]

He mutterred softly, hearing a tiny beep from the ship that showed that the command was understood. He opened his eyes, and quickly saw all the tunnels that led around the ship fold themselves into the wall and leaving the ship clear so that he was able to walk around without crawling through the security tunnel.

He stood up swiftly and looked around for a moment before shrugging his head and taking a couple steps forward, disappearing into a room marked "Weapon Control". He stepped up onto a platform and pushed a couple buttons and then looked up at the screen as a female face appeared and looked directely at him. She was the computer program he had installed into the ship to take of routine things and make sure everything was in order.

The only thing that appeared on the screen was the face of a female girl, somewhere around the age of 14 or 15. Ivan had fallen asleep many times and had thoughts of this female gir;, just calling out something faint and inaudible to him. This is where he found the design.

"Mary...please make sure that all the weapons are running efficienttly on the battlesuit. I don't want to go into battle and have one of my key weapons offline."

"Of course, Sir Ivan, I'll get right on it."

She nodded slightly and the face disappeared from the screen. Ivan sighed and exited the room,walking back towards his main chair and sitting down, closing his eyes again.

February 24th, 2006, 10:10 AM

[Hurry up your chubby feet or we will be late!] Kaila's shrill and sneering voice sounded, a note of annoyance in the Sneasel's tone. It was bad enough having to be seen with a male Jigglypuff, but it was another to have to wait up for it.

Ollie huffed and puffed heavily, [I'm sorry! You're... so... fast...!] He was a pokemon that was not known for its speed, but for its durability. He was like a squishy, unpoppable balloon. However, his chubby, clunky feet made him slow and unpredictable.

They were hurrying to Rey's party, and they were running a little late. They were almost there though, and a few minutes later they were standing at the base, ready to find Rey's room. It wasn't too hard, as there were signs to help them out, as the Raichu had said earlier. Ollie began going in the wrong direction from one of them, and Kaila had to re-direct him, but other than that it was a cinch. They got to the room and wondered what to do next.

[Should we knock?] Ollie asked, looking curiously at Kaila with his orb-like turquoise eyes.

[Well duh! You have been to a party before, right?] she said, using the doorbell and casting a wary glance at him. The Jigglypuff made to protest this remark, but figured it would be improper to do if someone answered the door.

February 27th, 2006, 1:51 PM
occ: I can´t start the warships until Charon-Chan has joined forces!


Rey opened the door and saw olli and the sneasel. [I welcome you! Please come in and join our little party!] he said and gave them a sign to come in. Their where many pokemon like Toto, the bulbasaur, Jack the Ratata and his girlfriend Jenn. Two charmanders where drinking on the bar and a wartortle and a vulpix. It seemed to be a funny atmosphere with good music and many drinks and food. Zusu came to Rey. [I welcome you! Reys rooms isn´t that big, but i think it will go. So you are Ollie right? Come in please, do you want to have a drink?] she said and went to the bar. The wartortle came to Kaila and looked interested. [Hey you look strong! Did you trained years to get that strong?] it asked. [My name is Victor! What´s your name?] Victor the wartortle asked. Rey went to the bar and got a drink by Naumu the charmander. He drunk it slowly and watched his little party. Everything looked fine. It would probably the last party until this stupid earth defense would attack the colonies. He hoped that they wouldn´t attack this colonie. If they did, he would hate them, hate them for everything. Indeed you did want to have his revenge. But now it was party time!

March 1st, 2006, 8:26 AM

[Would I? I'd love to have a drink milady!] Ollie said cheerfully, following Zusu up to the bar. He hadn't been offered a drink in quite some time, and he was looking forward to it.

Kaila looked at Rey, [Glad to be here.] She walked in slowly for once, looking around at the various pokemon that were there and realizing that this was good to have for a change. Ollie had already been distracted by Zusu and the bar, which was a good thing too. Maybe he could find another person to live off of instead of her. She looked up when the Wartortle approached her, and smiled when she heard his question.

[Oh yes, it took a long time to get to where I am today,] she replied, folding her long arms, [I did lots of training with my partner James. He was my friend and my trainer, and even though he's gone now, I still train on, trying to become the best, trying to become stronger.] She paused for a moment, considering the Wartortle.

[So what about you Victor? Are you pretty strong?] she asked, feeling curious. Meanwhile, Ollie was gulping down a big drink, looking cute and pink, just like a Jigglypuff should.

March 2nd, 2006, 1:24 PM
Occ: I am sorry to say that, but i will continue without Charon-Chan. I can´t let you other wait so long, and in fact that i had told her that she should post... well, it´s no my fault... Ok ladys and gentlemen, let the fun begin!


"Now the time has come! Prepare yourself, the fleet is going to jump into lightspeed and we will reach the colonies in a couple of hours!" the captain said. "Our goal is a planet called Bianca! We will attack the main city and destroy everything that moves!" Iribaar and Hiruge left their battlesuits, because their preparations were finished. [Well i guess everything is fine...] Hiruge said. [hm hm...] Iribaar replied. He was in thought about what happened in the near future. Together they got to their cabines and waited for the countdown. [Are you frightened to kill somebody which has nothing to do with the military?] Hiruge suddenly asked. [Well... if we just killing humans, it´s no problem. But i hope that we aren´t killing pokemon!] [You talk to much nonsense, Iribaar.] "To the hole fleet. Get ready for lightspeed!" The Thorn should go into lightspeed at first. Nobody could think that this old monster ship could do such a thing like lightspeed, but it could. The huge ship got to the front of the fleet and prepared to launch. "To all ships: Prepare to follow the Thorn! I repeat, prepare to follow the Thorn! a message was sendet to the other ships. The Thorn got in the front position and the main engines was started. It´s old thick metal body flew away from the other ships. Like a Queen of ancient time the huge battleship was monstrous but beautiful at once. "Lightspeed in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... launch!" Iribaar felt that the big ship got a unknown, unbelievable thrust.

From the other ships could be seen that the Thorn gathered much speed as it was surrounded by a light aura and then disapeared with unbelievable speed into the direction of the colonies. War begun.


[I think that i am pretty strong!] Victor replied. [I am not sure if i can reach your skills, but i know that i am doing hard training with Rey. Perhaps you could visit us if we do training again. Is this Jigglypuff a friend of yours?]

Rey came to Ollie and Zusu. [Wheee!] Rey said as he saw that the Jigglypuff gulped down a big drink. [I want a drink too!] he said. [My dear, you don´t get a drink...] she said grinning. [This is a nightmare! I can´t get a drink on my own party?! Nooo....] Rey said while he looked down to the ground. [Just kidding!] a voice behind the bar said. The two charmander twins behind the bar apeared and gave Rey a drink. [Dolly and Molly! Good that you are here! Zusu doesn´t want to give me a drink!] he said. [Bad Zusu...] Zusu said and acted like punching herself. Everybody laughed. [Well Molly and Dolly, we have new guests! This guy here is Ollie!] [Hi Ollie...] the twins said syncron with warm small and giggling voices. [Nice to meet you...] the twins said and sat next to Ollie. [How cute!]

Zusu patted Rey on his head. [When you have to leave?] she asked. [In about 2 hours.] [Well, then let´s have fun until the war starts!] Zusu said and kissed Rey on his right face side. [Don´t let our guests wait!] Zusu said and turned the music louder. [Yeah you are right! Do you want to have a dance with me Miss?] Rey asked. [Sure!]

March 4th, 2006, 3:28 PM
Ivan quickly hurried back to his seat, pushing a couple buttons rather quickly and then speaking into a microphone, telling Elizabeth(His computer) to prepare for the lightspeed launch. Elizabeth, her face appearing on a large screen, nodded and began a countdown, each number flash slowly on the screen beside of her face.

"Lightspeed shall commence in five seconds. Five, four, three...."

Ivan grabbed ahold of the steering device preparing to take control of the sip when lightspeed kicked in. He had his seatbelt wrapped tight against his blue body, and closed his eyes anxiosuly, awaiting for the countdown to finish.


And his ship took off, gathering a golden yellow aura around it as it soared forward, following after the large ship in front of it, the Thorn. Ivan smiled and knew full well that soon the war would begun, and he would get a chance to show off his powerful battlesuit.

March 7th, 2006, 10:03 AM
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[Eh... no. He's not a friend of mine, he's just a freeloader. He's staying at my place for a while until he finds his own. Right Puffy?] Kaila replied, looking over to the Jigglypuff. Ollie didn't answer though, he was having to much fun and interacting with too many people to hear her. [Whatever, I guess he's busy. So, do you think that we have any chance against the Earth Defense? I hope not, it's always funner and better when you win with the odds against you!] the Sneasel said with a glint in her eye.

She loved the odds being against her; it made her want to prove herself even more. She fought for the colonies, and she loved what she did. She did it for her trainer, and for her friends here, even if she didn't have many.

Ollie was having a good time. He smiled at the twins, [Heh! You guys are the cute ones, not I! I'm just a chubby ol' Jigglypuff, you two are twins! That's much cuter.] At least they didn't think he was a girl. Just because you're pink and have a high-pitched voice doesn't mean you're female.

March 7th, 2006, 10:21 AM
occ: Hey Azu, am i doing anything wrong? Why is it always the same? I create a thread, everybody says "yes i join" and then everybody escapes or doesn´t post! Is this rp that bad, or are the poeple just busy, or what? Well, it shouldn´t be my fault if this rp dies. Here we go, let´s start the action!


A big shock shaked the Thorn and with a big light flash it came out of the lightspeed. After the light values turned to normal, everybody could see planet Bianca on the mainscreen. “Aproaching enemy territory. Entering the system of Bianca, maintown. Pilots and soldiers, get ready for combat, I think they haven´t located us yet. Dropships are loaded and ready for take off!” The captain shouted into the voice system. Iribaar got excited. “Unit firebrand, get ready for assault!” the commander said. “Take off!” the dropship revealed from the Thorn battleship and fell down to the planet. The heat was unbelievable but the battlesuits had headsincs to compare it. A swarm of dropships where now approaching the mean city of Bianca. Slowly the city could be seen in the window. “Higure, don´t you think they know that we are coming?” “I am not sure…” “If it´s a trap, it could be suicide to fly to the maincity…”


The party was going on and everybody was doing fine, until the alert was heard. “Level 3 warning! Enemy ships are approaching. Time of arriving is 20 minutes. All military personal have to equip with battlesuits. Automatical robot tanks are getting prepared. Orbital defense activated. I repeat, this is battlestatus 3, get ready for combat!” That was the sign. The earth had send out their battleships and armies for real! Rey jumped up and run to the door. {Rey, where are you going?} {Did you forget? I am a gear commander. I have to follow the orders of our planet defense! Victor, prepare your battlesuit aswell!} he shouted while he was running out. His battlesuit was prepared for combat, but not yet equipped with weapons. He climbed up the preparing station and activated the computers. He choose the option of the automatic preparation. It was slower as if mechanical personal would do it, but these wheren´t here. They were busy to prepare other mechs, so Rey could only choose this way. Slowly the missile launcher got reloaded, his gear got equipped with an assault rifle and his sword. The autocanon on the shoulders which were already on the gear got reloaded. To prepare the jump jet wings it would take 5 minutes, so Rey had to wait. He looked at the radar and gave some orders. He wasn´t the commander of his unit, so he couldn´t do much. Victor did the same to prepare his battlesuit as Rey. They were in the same unit.

occ: Well, i thought i had invited good roleplayers, and i think they are good. But do i realy need roleplayers which don´t post? :-(

March 7th, 2006, 11:11 AM
OOC: I don't know... I think your RPs are really good, I don't think it's your fault at all. Actually, there are really only a couple of RPs here that are really fast-paced, and have kept going for a long time, so I don't think it's anyone's fault really. Many RPs do the same thing yours do Nigma. I remember when I used to join Digimon RPs on ThePokeMasters, and it would end after we all got to the Digital World (which was like, the beginning). People would just lose interest and stop posting.

This is probably why some really good RPers end up becoming fan fiction writers. There the only one you have to wait for is yourself. Unfortunately, you don't have as much fun doing it. ^-^



[What?! Huh... I guess it's time to play!] Kaila said, rubbing her claws together. She hadn't had a good battle in a long while. She turned to Ollie to tell him to get home and out of danger, when she saw him suddenly behind her.

He looked seriously at her, [Are we going?]

She blinked in slight confusion. [What're you talking about 'we'? You go home and hide or something. Whatever it is you do,] she said to him, looking unconcerned.

[Okay then, what it is I do is fight,] he said, his tone serious as well.

[Quit playing around Ollie! This isn't funny! Now go home!] Kaila yelled, feeling frustrated that the idiot wouldn't save himself. She wasn't going to repeat it again.

The Jigglypuff closed his eyes and shook his head, [No, you don't understand. I'm part of the military too Kaila.]

[WHAT? But I thought you said you grew up in an orphanage?! All alone!] Kaila said with surprise, looking very confused, [Look! Explain it to me on the way! We've gotta go!] She took off, Ollie at her heels.

The Jigglypuff tried to explain everything on as he struggled to keep up with the Sneasel's speed. He panted a bit, but was otherwise clear and concise with his speech. he began, panting a little, [They said... I would have to find my... own place, there was no room for new recruits, and so I had no place to stay. All of my friends had gone and didn't want me anymore. So there you go!]

Kaila turned her head as she ran, eyeing the Jigglypuff. [So you have a battlesuit? You fight good?] she asked, wondering how good the little balloon-like pokemon was. He nodded.

[Yeah I've got one, it's not the best but it's okay!] he said, not panting as much anymore as Kaila had slowed down a bit, [I'm not that good at fighting yet, but I will do what I can!]

[i]'Great,' thought Kaila, 'Someone to protect... why'd he have to be so... innocent and cute.'

They soon parted ways as they were not in the same unit, but they knew that they would probably see each other again since they were all in the same battle. Ollie wished Kaila luck, and Kaila told Ollie not to get killed out there or try anything stupid. She was also extremely annoyed by these protective feelings she was having over the little puff. He was no one to her, and really annoying, so why did she care so much? He was just one pokemon.

Kaila pushed these thoughts out of her mind though as she sat in her battlesuit, awaiting her orders, and tried to focus. Focusing was what made her strong, and she always focused on the same thing-- James.

March 7th, 2006, 12:30 PM
occ: Yeah, you are right as always... ^^ But i think i should write a message to all players that the thread goes on. Perhaps they´ve just forgotten...


"Ok guys, i want that you kill all of them! I want to see corpses, i want to see blood! Kill everything that moves!" the commander screamed. Iribaar did the last checks. Then he turned to Hiruge. [Is everything alright?] [Yeah i think so. Just fight and don´t think about bad situations Iribaar.] Then they got silent and looked out of the window to the city.


Rey´s Daishi was now totally equiped. The dangerous battlesuit got out of his preparation cage and went to the road, leaded by lights and mechanics. The main hall by gate 3 was now full of battlesuits. He searched and find his banner. "7th unit Wolf-Dragoneer" was on the banner which showed an evil dragon. [Good to see you all here!] the commander, a wartortle said. [Everyone of you prepared the last 3 years for this fight, and now it´s here! The earth will kill us all if we don´t fight! This wartortle/raichu devision will go on a search and destroy mission. The scouts of the 3th Thunderhawks will send us information about the enemy. If we went out there, the city will be under attack already! DON´T FORGETT! They don´t know that we have the battlesuit technology! Our remote battletanks are activated soon, so wait just some minutes here until the gates open! I whish you much luck and a good fight soldiers!] he shouted. [SIR, YES SIR!] the crowd screamed.

Rey´s Daishi was an model the human military had build and never got tested because the trainers died before that. But Rey had tested it well and he had done fine tuning. He won´t loose he had promised.

On the city the pokemon had hidden in bunkers and other security stations. But very much of them equipped with weapons, or controlled the defense stations of the town, and remote tanks from their battlecomputers. [Sir, the enemy ships are approaching fast. Should we fire?] [No… wait just a minute… wait…]

The City could been seen from the windows out of the dropships and everyone got excited. It was too easy. Did the humans deactivate the automatical defenses? Why didn´t they fire?

[Sir, we are awaiting your command…] [Wait… wait……… shoot now! Get them down!] The flaks and canons also the missile turrets begun to shoot a wave of destruction, hidden machine gun towers fired a swarm of bullets to the approaching ships, and soon the first ships exploded under the heavy defense of the town.

It was a terrible scene. Iribaar looked out of the window at the city as he saw many firing turrets. In seconds the sister-dropship next to Iribaars ship was shoot down and formed into a falling fireball. [Captain, we have to do a faster movement to evade the bullets!] he shouted. Then the next explosion shook the ship. [We are at landing height. Get ready for your jump!] the captain shouted.

March 7th, 2006, 1:07 PM
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Ivan held tightly onto his controls and braced himself as he began to enter into the atmosphere. he was getting close to the city, and his ship began to slow down as the large city came into view. He saw some turrets beginning to fire at his ship, but earlier, before he had even known about the heavy weapons, he had activated his defense shield that created a blue aura around the ship which temporarily protected it. However, it wouldn't last very long so he needed to reach the ground and unload his battlesuit rather quickly.

"Preparing to land, Ivan...please get ready...."

Elizabeth said, ger shining face appearing on the large screen in his ship. Ivan nodded and turned on his mechanism that he had installed that would steer the ship for him. He climbed out of his chair and hurried to a different room in his ship, putting on a dark blue protective suit and making sure that he had everything on. Earlier he had told Elizabeth to begin preperations for unloading his battlesuit, and she was currently working on that as he got ready.

March 8th, 2006, 3:23 AM
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Kai stared coldy ahead at the landing battleships. He pulled a few levers and the machine guns attached to the back of the machine slowly arched down until they were facing straight ahead. "Ready..aim...Fire!" Kai leaned foward and quickly pressed a few buttons. The battlesuit shook and virated as bullets flew out of the guns. A loud sound could be heard from outside the battleship, but thankfully Kai put soundproof, non-breakable glass up, so the sound was only a muffled roar. "Now to get moving.." Kai leaned to the left and pressed the buttons hastily as the battlesuit turned and ran left. The gun facing the enemy battleships swirved and continued firing at them as the battlesuit continued running down the line, dodging any other attacks from the earth defence.

OOC: The earth defence is the ones that have trainer right? and the colonies are the ones that don't? Cause if so, then I'm from the colonies.

March 8th, 2006, 3:19 PM
occ: You are right that nobody had interact with you and i am sorry about that, but i didn´t know how to meet your charakter. Perhaps we can meet on the battlefield... ^^ erm Tyson: How does your ship look like? I hope i described it well...


The dropships gates opened and Iribaar could see the huge buildings of the town. Direct above the enemy city the soldiers got ready to jump out of the ship. Iribaar got excited. How is the appearance of the enemy? Perhaps just some stupid humans in their battletanks. He started his "Nemesis" and got ready for jump. "Life care, online. Sensors, online. Weapons and movement pneumatic online. All systems nominell." the computer said. "We are ready or the jump! The human commander said. "Get ready Gene-Soldier-Pokemon! Go!!!" he shouted. All soldiers jumped out with their suits and prepared for the combat. Some metres before Iribaars battlesuit would crush into the streets he activated his jets. Before he touched the grounds his computer identificated 35 enemy battletanks. [Here they are! Smash them into pieces!] Iribaar shouted and got on the ground with his four paws. [Roger that!] The weapons activated and auto-aimed as he saw a tank approaching him. He pushed the fire button and his double X-101 disruptor back canons released two big hot lasershots which burned into the enemy armor. The metal melt away and then the tank exploded. Several screames where heard. [Die you traitors!]


[Enemy units has arrived the city! We are leaving now!] the commander shouted. The gates opened slowly and Rey which was standing at gate 3 could see that the combat had already begun. His two leg heavy gear moved forward to the street. Now much robot battlesuits leaved the hill fortress and got to the mainstreet. [Enemy aircraft!] some soldiers shouted. 5 battlesuits moved away from the crowd and pulled out their rocket launchers. The enemy ship seemed to fly by autopilot and something tried to jump out. The soldiers fired an amount of rockets to the ship but it had something like a defense shield. Rey got to the street and his gear folded out some tank chains on his legs. He got into the right position and now Rey could drive with high speed on the roads. Fast he and his unit got into the citys, taking care of escaping pokemon and got into defense position for the turrets which fired on the dropships. Until now Rey didn´t had to fight against an enemy machine. His scanners searched for a target and the autoaiming high speed gun on his shoulder followed Reys sight. [Where are they?]

March 11th, 2006, 8:40 AM
"Release Chivalry X!"

Ivan shouted as he leaped out of his ship, soaring through the air and his destination being the ground. Elizabeth screamed "Be careful!" before activating the procedure of dropping the battlesuit. It soared to the ground faster than Ivan and landed unharmed on the grass below. The head opened up, releasing a small cushion for Ivan to land on. He smiled as he flew in and landed on the cusion, still on his feet.

"Prepare for combat! Begin fighter mode!"

Several different pieces of equipment rose out of the floor, and Ivan quickly strappe them on. this sllowed him to control the battlesuit...with his body. Whatever motions he made, the battlesuit would make them as well. A big screen opened up in around him, which allowed him to see everything that was around him.

"Let's charge the battlesuits!"

He said, moving his feet so that the battlesuit would run forward. He then clenched his fist so that the arm would power up. The arm began glowing and he shoved it forward in an attempt to smash one of the enemy battlesuits.

March 12th, 2006, 7:30 AM
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[Ack! Blast these stupid Earth Defence idiots! Let's just wipe 'em all out!] Kaila growled, as she and her unit hurried off to the nearest city. Apparently they were attacking there, and of course they would hurt and kill many innocent pokemon there no doubt. Kaila's intercom suddenly flicked on, and a familiar voice came from it.

[Kaila? You there?] said a small and sqeaky voice. It was Ollie.

Kaila blinked, [Ollie? I though you were in another unit?] The Sneasel was confused.

[I know, but my unit's here too, there are quite a few in this city actually. Watch out, I think they're getting ready to charge at us!] Ollie said, his voice shaking a little.

Kaila cursed under her breath, she could handle anything with her suit on, but Ollie? Well... she couldn't watch out for him all of the time. This was the battlefield, and it was every pokemon for themselves. Kaila turned on her targeting systems, and peered around, her large metallic claws ready to strike at any opponent that came her way.

March 14th, 2006, 12:55 PM
occ: Ready for combat! ^^


[They are easy going Iribaar!] Ramon shouted. Ramon was one of Iribaars combat lance mates. [Yeah, that´s too easy for me!] Iribaar replied. The tanks were all to slow for the armed robots, so they had an easy game. A huge battletank was reaching them. It had a big main canon on his armored vehicle part. It was more powerfull and bigger than the other battletanks. [Ramon, Davon, over there! This one looks dangerous! Be carefull!] Iribaar shouted. [Don´t be foolish!] Davon laughed and dashed to it. [Davon! Stop joking around, this tank is...] Iribaar was interupted as a big yellow laser beam flew through the air and burned a big hole in the middle of Davons robot. It was like a nightmare as Davons robot fell down to the ground. Iribaar knew Davon was dead, but he couldn´t believe what happened. [NOOOO!!!!] Ramon shouted and run to the battletank. Iribaar turned to Ramon and did want to say something as he saw another terrible scene. Like in slow motion he saw Ramon passing a crossing as a unknown robot jumped out of the right street and cuted Ramons Robot in two pieces with a mighty sword. Ramon exploded and the enemy machine looked out of the fire with a red horrible eye ad Iribaar. It was like the demon and fear rised in Iribaar


Rey had never seen such terrible things before. The enemy machines could destroy battletanks! Unbelievable! He had scouted the city and located some of the evil machines from the hated earth. As he saw a mirrodin-battletank which was attacking some of the enemy robots he decided to help him. The "mirrodin" had killed a robot and as the second did want to attack Rey had jumped out with his sword and cut him in pieces. Then he turned to the third one. It seemed to be the leader of the group. His machine was bigger and better armed than the other. There he stood, in flames, looking at the other robot. But it was a srange feeling because the enemy didn´t move. Was the pilot dead? Or was he shocked? Then his sensors told him that another battlesuit was behind the enemy machine and it seemed to be a friendly one. It was Ovik, one of Reys old friends. Before Rey could say anything Ovik jumped out of his hiding and tried to fight the enemy battlemachine which suddenly turned and attacked Ovik with battleclaws...

March 17th, 2006, 6:57 PM
Ivan growled at the enemy ship as it managed to evade his powered-up punch. he clenched his fist again, charging up another attack. He then sent his own arm flying forward, which, because if his attachments, also caused the battlesuit's arm to sail staright into on of the enemy robots.

"Yes! Let's finish it off with the machine gun!"

He moved his arm around in a circular patterrn, which activated the large machine gun on the back of his suit. It reached out and pointed down at the enemy, beginning to start its rapid fire. It managed to slip past the suit's defenses and reached the heart of the machine, causing it to burst into flames. Ivan smirked and swung his leg forward, which sent the enemy suit sailing into the air and slamming back on the ground, incinerated.

"Yes, let's keep going!"

He shouted, starting to charge against another battlesuit.

March 26th, 2006, 1:48 PM

An hour had passed since this bad scene happened. The enemy robot he had destroyed... there was a pokemon! And the eyes of this Raichu as it came out of this other heavy robot had frightened him. He had let the Raichu go and tried to get to another unit. He looked at the radar and saw a blue spot on it. A friendly battle machine! I have to go there! he thought.

occ: Tyson this machine Iribaar is getting to is yours!

[Friendly battlesuit, please identificate! Here is Iribaar from the southern hunter battlefront! I repeat, friendly battlesuit identificate, i want join forces!] Iribaar shouted into the radio. He hoped that the battlesuit would answer soon.


After the enemy robot had killed Ovik and let Rey go it was like a nightmare. He had to think about his other friends, about Ollie, Kaila and Zusu! He had to go back and check if they were ok. Then suddenly his radar sounded an alert. "Friendly enemy under fire." the computer said. [Give me the location!] Rey said. "124.235.6" the computer answered. [That is near the woods!] he said and turning his robot. With high speed he got near to the other robot. As he could see it, it was firing to the battleships in the sky. It was a machine Rey never had seen before and should be as unique as Reys robot. [Hey you! Please identificate!] Rey said into the radio. Perhaps they could get together and fight the enemy robots back and go to the base to get more equipment.
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March 28th, 2006, 2:36 PM
Kai turned his head to the approaching battleship. "Who goes there?!" He yelled back, turning his canons toward the figure. [Ally ship appraoching. Ally ship approaching} Kai turned his ears on to the his battlesuit's loudspeakers. "Not an enemy?! Then why the hell is he bothering me..." Kai heaved his cannons in front of him again and aimed at the enemies. Pushing a few more buttons he fired at them again.

Kai leaned foward and pulled on a medium sized orange lever, causing it to flip over and be replaced with a mini microphone. "What do you want?!" Kai called into the mic. 'Hopefully, if the wire is set correctly, this should go into the ally battleship that is nearest me..I hope." Kai nervously glanced at the approaching ship then turned back to shooting.

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March 29th, 2006, 3:07 PM
Ivan continued to pummel another battle suit and then send it flying. He smiled weakly, and then prepared to launch another laser when he noticed another machine approaching him. He looked down at his radar and noticed that it was marked with a blue dot that signaled an ally.


He spoke into his microphone, which he hoped that the ship would be able to hear.

“Join you? Of course, it would only make destroying this place that much easier.”

He smiled weakly and turned his head, noticing that another battle suit was approaching him from the side. Ivan sighed and moved his arms around in a certain pattern that opened the back of the suit and released a small missile that rocketed towards the enemy and tore it apart.

March 30th, 2006, 2:01 PM

Iribaar was happy that the friendly battlesuit could hear him. He moved to his side and aimed at some battletanks and fired with his shoulder canons. The big laser beams were released and burned through the mobile armor. [Hey, you know what? The enemy... they ARE POKEMON too! I am not sure that this war is right anymore. By the way, my name is Iribaar from the second front devision!] he said quick and activated his machine gun and fired in the middle of some air fighters which tried to aim at him. His thoughts were by this other battlesuit where this Raichu was in. Why didn´t he destroy him? Why did he felt this fear as he looked into the Raichus eyes?


he moved his battlesuit next to the allied battlesuit and aimed at some robots that tried to get into the woods. His deadly autoaiming machine gun on his shoulder looked at the robots too and as a little sound was heared Rey was sure. "Locked on enemy." the computer said. [I]Fire... Rey thought. As he pulled the fire button the machine gun tubes started to spin and in the next moment a fire storm of bullets reached and destroyed the enemy. [You have to watch out! The enemy is using gene manipulated pokemon as battlesuit driver! They are much more dangerous than normal units!] "Base under attack" the computer told Rey. [****! Our base is under attack! I have to move! If you want to join and come with me than let´s go! If we stick together we can better attack the enemy!] he turned his battlesuits and started the jumps jets. Zusu is in the mainbase! I have to protect her and my friends!

March 30th, 2006, 2:12 PM
"Activate Deadeye!"

Ivan called out, watching as the battle suit statred running the program that allowed him to lock on to anything in his sight. He pointed his laser cannon up at a ship that was passing by in the air. Ivan smiled and clenched his hands together that called for the suit to fire the laser. The cannon powered up, sending the powerful blue laser rocketing through the air and slamming into the ship.

"Yeah, I kinda noticed a lot of them were Pokemon. I wonder what's up with that..."

April 3rd, 2006, 1:19 PM
occ: Uh... why are you now Tempest, Tyson?


[By the way, my name is Iribaar!] he said. [Who are you? Do you know why the military send us to kill human livings, but we find only pokemon?] he asked. Surely he knew that he couldn´t waste time to do a conversation, but there were some things he had to know. And on top of that they should get to the main army of the earth to regroup. It was a chaos here outside, and the enemy body suits were more dangerous as he could imagine at first.