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February 7th, 2006, 3:57 PM
Yeah, um. This is a message to everyone. Not just friends or other members, but Administrators, Super Moderators, etc,. So, here we go.

Ever since I got here, I felt like no one was gonna be nice but everything went fine when I met Frost (originally Latios619) at then end of the year
2004. He was my frist friend here. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have made it this far. Later on, somewhere near the end of 2005 or something, I was ready to leave PC for a month, for all who seen my post on the Leaving Thread. Then I made a slight return after a few visits of PC. In a few months, there was a fight. PokemonKid333 (Southern Islands, now Tyler), E.O (ExtraOrdinary), and me versus a few creeps in the Game Development forum. Do any of you remember that? That was the time I got banned for cussing out. I had to! Those reeps were bugging the 3 of us! Well, I kinda got over it this year but, I can't help but to just wanna strangle them or something. Its 2006, I call it "The Unexpected Year". Where everyone doesn't know what'll happen next or was that every year? But back to the topic. I almost forgot to tell something that happened last year in the Summer. I was about to keep it myself. BTW, some (or few) of you may know it but here it goes. Posers. Definition; A person that pretends to be someone they're not, or acting like someone else. I, for a very long time, was one of them. You see, it all started when I was 5 or 6 years old. My sister and our cousin made a bashing s/n (on aim). They started bashing, flaming, and stuff at there friends. 4 years later (2005), my cousin (the one that started the s/n)'s little sister asked me if I wanted to make a bashing/flaming s/n. I said yes. Now, before you something, I never really wanted to do it. I thought it was cruel and uncool, but I did it anyway. I felt bad that I did it. I promised myself I wouldn't do it anymore, but then it struck to me. I forgot all about my promise. Later on, I felt like commiting suicide so I stopped. Even though a few people on AIM that I flamed/bashed aren't here on PC, I'd like to say, I'm really really sorry.

So there it is. My speech. After my 2/3 year of experience here on PC, I'll have to say, it was one of my best memories. Even though some stuff weren't PC-related. I'd like to say, thanks for the greatest time of my life here on PC. I'm very glad I'm a member here.

Pokeflute, out.

February 7th, 2006, 4:40 PM
Don't concern yourself over it. PC's only a forum; it's not a place where you have to make life altering decisions. How you wish to experience PC is entirely up to the user.

I'm glad you had an enjoyable time, though. ^^;