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March 23rd, 2004, 7:46 AM
Okay, so I decided to start a roleplay, and I've never done it before, so please bear with me. As you can see from the title, this is for the old school versions of the games, so obviously no Pokemon are allowed from any of the more recent games. You can start out with any non-evolved, non-legendary Pokemon, so please enjoy this game! You may also be whatever you want: a trainer, a breeder, whatever, but it would probably work best if you were on some kind of journey so the characters can interact. It may be simpler, but these are the games I am most familiar with, and also it leaves more room for roleplay. I hope people join!!

Here are my Character's stats:

Name: Skye
Starting Pokemon: Pikachu (Agile)
Status: Trainer...sort of. She was kind of forced into it.
Age: 14
Height: 5'
Weight: 95lbs (don't tell her I told you!!)
Hair: long, blond, and tied back with a scarf with a pokeball emblem on it
Eyes: blueish
Clothes: carpenter jeans, a white t-shirt and a gray zip up sweatshirt over it. She wears red converse sneakers, and carries a gray messenger bag.
Personality: Very determined, but also very shy. She is not comfortable with training her Pokemon for battle and combat, but when she battles she gives it all she has. She can sometimes be a little clumsy, so please be kind! She'll give respect and friendship if she recieves it from others!

Prof. Pine
March 24th, 2004, 8:33 AM
Hello Why did no one join? I will!
Here are my charactures stats:
Name:Thomas Allen Pine
Starter Pokemon:Bulbasuar
Wheight:Can't tell
Hair:Simmilar to Oak's but he also wears a band on his head with a bulbasuar on it.
Eyes:Can't realy see because he wears sunglasses.
Clothes:Wears a green shirt and shorts he also sports a pair of sandals
Personality:Very nice and is always ready to battle. He is always helpful to begining trainers.

March 24th, 2004, 10:17 AM
OOC:Alrighty! Here we go! Anyone who still wnats to join can just hop aboard whenever!!

IC:Skye got off the bus on a dusty road. The land that stretched before her was dotted with houses that were separated by massive amounts of trees. She called Agile, her loyal Pikachu onto her shoulder, and began to walk in what she hoped was the direction to Professor Oak's Lab.

"I don't understand why we couldn't have started in Celadon," Skye said to Agile, who perked her ears up. The little pink bows on the black ends of her ears bobbed as they walked.

Skye took this oppertunity to trip on a rock that jutted out from the road, and fell down.

"Perfect," she grumbled. "Just what I needed to start off this journey anyway!"

She looked at Agile, who was stiffling laughter, and the two burst out laughing. Skye got up and brushed herself off. She reshouldered her gray messenger bag, and chuckled.

"I hope nobody saw that!"

OOC: Okay for a start? I hope so!

Prof. Pine
March 24th, 2004, 10:44 AM
OOC:Very Good Start! I like it!

IC:"Hi, I'm Thomas," said a boy who saw the girl get off the bus,"whats your name? and where ya' headed?"

March 24th, 2004, 4:44 PM
"I'm Skye," she replied.

"Pi!!" Agile exclaimed.

"And this silly creature is Agile," Skye said with a grin. "I've had her since I was eleven, but i didn't start training until this year. I didn't feel like I was ready...in a way I still feel like I'm not...but anyway! I'm heading to Professor Oak's Lab. My mom wanted me to come to Pallet to get advice and started out by the best of the best! Do you know where the lab is?"

Prof. Pine
March 24th, 2004, 6:26 PM
"Yeah I do now wear his lab is that's were I got my bulbasuar," said Thomqas pointing over to a big building over in the southern part of the town,"IT's that big building over there, where ya' from? I'm form Ceruelian City."

Rated R Superstar
March 24th, 2004, 6:41 PM
Here is my char
Starter Pokemon:Charmander
Wheight:No info
Hair:Black spike hair.
Eyes:Black eye color
Clothes:Team Magna clothes but theres not Team Magna logo on it.
Personality:He Helps people when ever possible.

March 24th, 2004, 6:46 PM
My character!

Starter Pokemon: Squirtle (Splash)
Status: Trainer
Age: 10
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 60 lbs
Hair: Long, brown, tied in a ponytail
Eyes: Gray blue, scar over one eye
Personality: Cold, Quiet, Intellegent, Loner

March 25th, 2004, 6:10 AM
OOC: Yay!! More people! Join right in!

IC: "Celadon," Skye replied, "but Pallet is where my mom grew up, so that's why I'm here."

She smiled, a rare sight since she arrived in Pallet. Suddenly, the smile faded, as a rustle in the bushes distracted the both of them. Agile looked at Skye, ready for a battle, but Skye held her back with an almost frightened expression.

"Now might be the time to show off your Bulbasaur," Skye whispered, taking a few steps backward. "That sounds like a pretty big Pokemon!"

Prof. Pine
March 25th, 2004, 6:45 AM
OOC: yeah more people!

IC:"Okay," said Thomas as he released a small pokemon with a bulb on its back,"Get ready for Battle Bulbasuar!
"Bulba!" cryed the Bulbasuar standing ready for battle.

March 25th, 2004, 7:07 AM
OOC: Ooh, ooh, I wanna join!

Name: Duc (my real name, can't think of anything else!)
Starting Pokmon: Pikachu
Status: Starting Pokmon trainer
Age: 10
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 80 lbs.
Hair: Black, style like that of Ash's but flatter
Eyes: Black, narrow like Ash's, wears glasses
Clothes: A red/white baseball cap with a small Pokball symbol, carpenter jeans, white t-shirt under blue vest, red gloves with no fingers, white running sneakers, a heavy-duty hiking backpack
Personality: Tries to be everything just like Ash (his idol), but a little less clumsy. Will try to avoid unnessesary battles, but will fight if forced
(I only can be on between 9:30AM and 10:00AM, then 12:00PM to 12:30 PM EST. If you can, please don't leave me out!)

IC: "Cool, a Pokmon battle!" Duc flies in with his dad on a Pidgiot. After saying goodbye, his dad flies off.

"I can't believe I'm in Pallet Town! I've just gotta see the Professor!"

After seeing the other trainers, he approached behind Thomas.

Prof. Pine
March 25th, 2004, 8:34 AM
Thomas had saw someone behind him and Thomas said,"Hi I'm Thomas what's your name?"

March 25th, 2004, 9:03 AM
Duc said "Hi, I'm Duc, from Cerulean City." Before anyone asked, he added "Yes, the name is like Psyduck, just without the 'Psy' and the 'k'"

His Pikachu then jumps on his head and greets Thomas with a friendly call. "This is my Pikachu. I've had it since it was a young Pokmon."

Duc then notices Thomas' Bulbasaur. "Cool, you've got a Bulbasaur! Who's it battling?"

Prof. Pine
March 25th, 2004, 9:09 AM
"Well no one yet," said Thamas pondering over Duc's name, "Skye just heard something in those bushes and... your from Cerueleon City, thats where I'm from!!"

March 25th, 2004, 9:20 AM
Duc said "Wow, you're from Cerulean City?! That's awesome! Isn't it the best place to be? I..."

Suddenly, Pikachu jumps off and runs up a tree with an apple in its mouth. Wondering where he got that apple, Duc then frantically searches his backpack. He yelled "Hey, come back down here! It's not lunch time yet and you just ate a snack while riding Pidgiot!" Pikachu ignores him and eats it anyways.

Duc sighs and explains "Even though I did raise it since it was a baby, it still won't listen to me."

Prof. Pine
March 25th, 2004, 9:43 AM
"Ceruleon City is the best,"said Thomas spacing.

He snaped out of it when he heard tell his pikachu to come down,"I can help you get it down," said Thomas.

March 25th, 2004, 10:08 AM
OOC: I'd prefer to not have any Gold/Silver Pokemon in this RPG at all...sorry! (But I love Pichu too!!) I'll do my best not to leave you out, Duc!!

IC: Skye chuckled as Duc's Pikachu scaled the tree. Agile thought it would be fun to join in on the "game" also, and climbed up after it.

"Hey, wait a minute!" she exclaimed to Agile. "Who gave you permission??"

"Chu!" Agile smirked, and made a face.

"I guess I have the same problem, Duc!" Skye chuckled. She turned her attention back to Agile. "Don't make me get your Pokeball out!"

After that threat, Agile nearly fell out of the tree, had the other Pikachu not caught her arm. She climbed down, and pouted at Skye.

"Aw, silly," Skye reassured her, "you know I'd never do that to you!"

Agile stuck out her tongue. Skye picked her up, and Agile climbed to her shoulder.

"So...erm...how are you going to get your Pikachu down, Duc?" she asked, looking from Duc to Thomas and back again.

March 26th, 2004, 6:33 AM
OOC: No problem! I love 'em both anyways!

IC: "Hmm, I've had this happen before, but I used my dad's Pidgiot..." said Duc.

While pondering, Pikachu followed Agile down the tree with still half an apple in it's mouth. After giving the other half of the apple to Agile, Pikachu climbed back on Duc's shoulder.

"Well, that was easier than I thought!" exclaimed Duc. "I guess it's because my Pikachu didn't have many friends to play with at home."

After a few minutes of talking with each other, the Pokmon then left their trainers to converse not too far away.

"It looks like that they're getting used to each other." said Duc.

March 26th, 2004, 7:03 AM
Skye smiled. Maybe this wasn't going to be too bad after all. Duc and Thomas seemed pretty cool, and they were both great with Pokemon.

"I've got to head to Professor Oak's lab to get a Pokedex," Skye told them. "If you don't feel like coming, I understand...you guys look like you are really ready to get out there and train! But I'd sure like some company..."

Agile heard this, and pleaded for them all to come with a happy, "pika pi!!"

Prof. Pine
March 26th, 2004, 7:38 AM
"I'll come with ya!" said Thomas returning his Bulbasuar to its Pokeball.
"I'm sure Duc will to." He said looking over to Duc

March 26th, 2004, 7:44 AM
OOC: Belle and Ace! Please come join us!

IC: "Great!" Skye exclaimed, smiling brightly. She tucked her long blond hair behind her ears, and blinked her purple-ish blue eyes with a little bit of confusion. "So...where is it again?"

She blushed deep red. She hoped they wouldn't think she was ditsy!

March 26th, 2004, 9:06 AM
OOC: Wow, Skye, I never would have thought there could be a good story for Brock! I just read it and it's awesome! I also read up your comments and anything Ash and Misty. You're such a Pokshipper!(That's not a bad thing! I dunno, I might be one, but I never called myself that.)

IC: "Uh, you mean that building on top of that hill with a windmill?" Duc replied, taking out a map of the town. "I've studied the map of Pallet Town while riding here." He points on the map a large building with what seems like a big field in the back.

While the group was leaving, Duc's Pikachu notices that the group was already gone. It sorta panicked and ran aroud the place until Duc ran back and picked it up.

"Geez, Pikachu, you have to be more observant." Somehow offended by this comment, Pikachu shocks Duc with a Thundershock.

A few seconds later, Duc regains conciousness.
"I'm okay! Just a little jumpy!" replied Duc while getting up. "I'm gonna need all the help I can get. My Pikachu still won't listen to me! Besides, I want to get a Pokdex myself. Traveling all alone isn't as fun as traveling with friends ya know!"

March 26th, 2004, 10:01 AM
OOC: arigatou, creator of Duc! Thanks so much for reading it! Brock is my favorite if you couldn't tell! Haha!

IC: "Thanks for coming with me," Skye said as they reached Professor Oak's lab. "I'm a little nervous, but it won't be so bad since I have friends with me!"

They walk in, and are immediately greeted by Professor Oak himself.

"Why hello!" he says, giving them all handshakes. "You must be Skye, and I recognize Thomas from just a little while ago. How is Bulbasaur holding up?? Oh, and who's this?" He asks pointing to Duc. "I believe we haven't met yet!"

Prof. Pine
March 26th, 2004, 1:09 PM
"It's mine," said Thomas, "and he's doing fine!"

March 26th, 2004, 6:56 PM
OOC: Sorry Duc, if it seemed like we skipped you or something! I didn't mean to on purpose!!

IC: "This is Duc," Skye said to Professor Oak. "I met him on the way here, and he's looking for a Pokedex too."

"Wonderful!" said the Professor. "You'll have to excuse me if I seem rushed. I don't really have a moment to talk you through all the features of it, but you all have your starting Pokemon, and I'm sure you can figure it out. I'm in the middle of helping on a faster transport system for Pokemon"

The Professor rummaged around on his desk.

"Here you are!" he exclaimed, beaming proudly. "I'm sure Thomas won't mind helping you out. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to this project. Best of luck to the three of you!!"

"Thank you Professor!"

With that, the three left the lab. Skye looked at her two human companions, and Agile climbed onto her shoulder.

"Well guys, this is it!" she exclaimed. "I wasn't too excited before, but now this looks like it will be an awesome adventure! Let's go!"

Rated R Superstar
March 27th, 2004, 10:49 AM
"Ha Ha Ha! Charmander,bite it!" Ace said. "Char Char!" the Charmander said as it bit a Oddish. "Oddish...." The Oddish had fainted. "Poke-Ball Go!" Ace said,throwing the ball at the Oddish.

March 27th, 2004, 11:28 AM
OOC: Thanks for joining us, Ace!

IC: Skye watched a trainer capture an Oddish with what seemed like ease.

"Hi!" she called. "Are you a new trainer too? I'm Skye, and this is Duc and Thomas!" She gestured towards the trainers next to her. "Oh, and this is Agile, my Pikachu."

Agile crossed her arms over her chest and stuck her tongue out at Skye.

Rated R Superstar
March 27th, 2004, 12:23 PM
OOC: Np!

".......Whatever........." Ace said,picking up the pokeball. "Char,Lets go..." Ace said turning away.

March 27th, 2004, 4:32 PM
Skye watched him turn away. She was a little confused.

"Wait!" she cried. "Why don't you..."

She trailed off as a Spearow nearly knocked her over. It knocked Agile to the ground, and made her really angry.

"Oh! Ah! I'm going to catch you!" Skye exclaimed. She rumaged in her bag for a Pokeball, and dropped it because she was nervous. Agiile handed it to her. "Erm...go Agile! Attack that Spearow with thundershock!!"

"Chuuuu!!" Agile cried fiercely, and sent a charge of electricity towards the Spearow. As Agile was a rather small Pikachu, the lightning only made the Spearow more angry.

"Dodge it, Agile!" Skye commanded, feeling a little more confident at her Pikachu's exceptional speed.

Agile dodged the attack easily, and sent another thundershock at the Spearow. This one was much more powerful than the last, and the Spearow was weakened. It wobbled a few steps on the ground, and became a lot slower. Skye took the oppertunity to throw a Pokeball at it.

The ball teetered and tottered for a few moments. Skye held her breath, and finally, the Spearow ceased to fight. It made her sad in a way. Her excited, nervous expression turned solemn.

"I hope I will train you well," she said picking up the Pokeball. "I will call you 'Fury.'"

She turned her attention back to Ace, who had made his way down the path a ways.

"Come with us!" she called. "We're on our way to Pewter!"

Rated R Superstar
March 27th, 2004, 5:22 PM
"Sure....I guess so...." Ace turned back and smiled at her.

Prof. Pine
March 27th, 2004, 6:58 PM
"Well scince we are headed to Pewter we better train around here I've seen the gym leader battle and he's prety tough," said Thomas as he walked with Skye, Duc, and Ace,"so If you need me I'll be up aheaded for awhile training,Bulbasuar Go!"

Thomas walked ahead with his Bulbasuar to train it.

March 28th, 2004, 8:40 AM
"Sounds good! I'm going to go catch some grass or water Pokemon to beat the rock Pokemon with!" Skye trotted off into the forest, making quick work of a Caterpie with Fury. She nicknamed it "Sticky."

The trouble was with the Staryu, or rather, the aftermath of the Staryu. By the time Skye had caught it, Agile was soaked to the bone. Skye was so excited about it, that she tripped over a root by the water and fell right into the pond. She changed her shirt, and they headed back to the road.

The first person she saw was Ace, and she blushed.

"Don't ask..." she trailed off, her hair dripping. She was an inch away from cracking up.

"Pi, pikachu," Agile said, exhasperated, the pink bows on the end of her ears drooping with dampness.

Rated R Superstar
March 28th, 2004, 8:49 AM
"Alright! Go Oddish!" Ace said,looking at a Weedle. "Odd!" "Ok,Oddish,Stun Spore!"

Prof. Pine
March 28th, 2004, 5:56 PM
meanwhile in the forset Thomas was trying to catch a Poliwag.

when he found one he called his Bulbasuar over from the tree it was vine whipping.

"Bulbasuar leach seed now!"said Thomas grabing a Pokeball from his belt.

"Bulba," it said as it shot out vines from it's back and started whipping the Poliwag.

"Go Pokeball!"Thomas said as he threw the ball at the Poliwag. The ball (like Skye's) tettered and tottered and finaly stoped,

"just for fun I'll name you Poliwrath" said Thomas as he held the Pokeball in his hands.

Then he headed back to the group,"What happenwed to you Skye!?!"Thomas said as he meet back up with the group.

March 28th, 2004, 8:06 PM
"Erm...had a little run in with my new Staryu, 'Ninja,'" Skye replied, squeezing the moisture out of her hiar, as Agile toweled herself off. She looked at Thomas with a pink, embarassed face. "I guess I'm not all that great!"

She noticed the pokeball in his hand.

"What did you get?" she asked. "Maybe we could have a battle to toughen up our Pokemon for the gym!"

She smiled sheepishly as she squeezed the moisture out of her pant leg.

March 29th, 2004, 6:52 AM
OOC: SORRY!!! I've been really busy over the weekend, so I couldn't post anything!

IC: "Wow, already got new Pokmon?" said Duc walking from the woods, trying to catch up with the group for he stayed far too long at Prof. Oak's lab.

"I just had to interview him! He's of course the Professor who gave Ash his Pikachu ya know!" Duc then pulls out a small voice recorder and plays a sample. "Shouldn't we head for Viridian City first? It is closer!"

Pikachu on the other hand, played around the nearby river. While he's running around, a group of Staryu jumped out of the water. Pikachu doesn't notice it, but the Staryu seems very agitated.

"Pi?" wondered Duc's Pikachu when the Staryu used a Bubble attack on it. Pikachu avoids the direct attack, but still gets knocked down to the ground.

Duc hears the cry of Pikachu and runs down to see what's the matter. "Whoa, a group of Pokmon... what are they?" He pulls out the PokDex and quickly identifies them. "Water Pokmon? That shouldn't be so hard for Pikachu." Duc orders Pikachu to use Thundershock on the Staryu.

"Pikachu!" yells Pikachu as it hits one of the Staryu, but the others intervine with another Bubble attack, knocking Pikachu against a tree. Duc is confounded by the result. "What, but electric attacks are supposed to be super effective against water!" After giving a second thought, Duc orders to try to run away from the battle. Pikachu gladly accepts the command and runs. The Staryu sees this and blocks all possible escape routes.

"Oh man, I'm gonna need some serious help with this one!"

March 29th, 2004, 8:08 AM
OOC: Yay!!! Nice to have Duc back!!

IC: Skye heard Duc yelling off in the forest. She ran after him, thinking something was wrong. She found him sprinting full tilt away from some Staryu.

"Want some helo?" she called. "Agile and I would be happy to!"

March 29th, 2004, 9:03 AM
OCC: You mean help, right?

IC: "Yeah, I'd appreciate some now!" eagerly replied Duc. "My Pikachu hasn't been in many battles since I got here. It was getting creamed by the three Staryu. They seem to be at a very high level."

Pikachu struggled to support even it's own weight when Skye and Agile came along. One Staryu diverted it's attention to Skye but the other two seemed to ignore her.

"Are you sure you can still battle, Pikachu?" asked Duc worriedly. Pikachu replies with a strong "Pika!" "Alright then. Pikachu, avoid the Staryu and use Thundershock!"

Pikachu does so and manages to barely hit a Staryu, but like before, the other Staryu used Bubble on Pikachu to stop it's attack. Pikachu manages to shake of the blow and uses Thundershock yet again on the attacking Staryu.

Prof. Pine
March 29th, 2004, 2:21 PM
"Anyways," said Thomas lokking back towards Skye," I caught a Poliwag, and sure lets battle!!"
"I'll choose Poliwag. Go Poliwrath!" said Thomas as he trew the Pokeball to release a Poliwag."

March 29th, 2004, 2:52 PM
OOC: Whoa! I'm in two places at once!! I'll fix that...hang on everybody!! (And yes...I did mean help...lol)

IC: "Go, Agile! Use thundershock!" Skye commanded.

Agile leapt right into battle, but instead of taking on the Staryu. it ran to Duc's Pikachu's side, and pushed her cheek against it. She used thundershock on the Pikachu.

"Whoa! What a cool idea! She just recharged your Pikachu!" Skye exclaimed."Help take care of those Staryu, together, Agile!"

In a jiffy, both Pikachus had triumphed over the Staryu. They were both exhaused, and Skye picked up Agile, and gave her a hug.

"You were awesome!" she exclaimed. She looked over at Duc and his Pikachu. "So were you two! We make a great team!"

Agile sighed and smiled.

"Well, what are you waiting for Duc! Capture one of those Staryu! They're really useful!"

OOC: Okay, here's the start of the battle, Thomas!!

IC: Skye returned from the forest looking tired.

"Sorry I ran off like that!" she said, exhasperated. "Duc needed some help. I'm ready to battle though. You chose a Poliwag? I choose Agile!!"

March 29th, 2004, 3:29 PM
hello,im lex and i would really like to join ur role play skye! ok here goes:

status:on a journey todefeat the elite four
apperance:a hat on backwards,hazel eyes,black short hair,faded long jeans,short,a evee shirt.
personality:determined,but sometimes too loud and happy,always has on a smile, and at times he may be conceded

March 29th, 2004, 4:27 PM
OOC: Sounds good to me, Lex! You can join right in!!

Prof. Pine
March 29th, 2004, 6:10 PM
"Okay well Poliwrath bubble!" said Thomas as he looked at Skye's Pikachu.
"Poli-wag!"said the Poliwag as it shot bubbles from the center of its boby.
The bubbles sped towards Agile at high speeds.

March 29th, 2004, 6:45 PM
"Oh my god,this is soo.... boring" said lex as he troded and the evee repeated after him "eveee..." witch was followed by a yawn of hunger.

After miles of walking lex spotted to trainers egearly batteling. Evee made a squeel of exitement.

Lex ran over to them amused at their battle style. Somehow it was unique. They did'nt pay much attention to lex, but when the battle ended a young girl about about my age said.........................

March 29th, 2004, 7:34 PM
OOC: Lex...I'm gonna have to make this during the battle, because Thomas and I haven't battled yet! Hope it doesn't ruin your ideas! Sorry!!

IC: "Go Agile, use thundershock!" Skye commanded, pointing dramatically towards the Poliwag.

Agile obeyed, but her thundershock was weak, doing little damage despite the elemental advantage. The poliwag's bubble attack hit her square in the chest, and she fell backwards, exhausted.

Agile was really tired from battleing with the Staryu twice already today. She looked back at Skye apologetically, but Skye dismissed it with a shake of her head.

"I should have known better silly," she assured the Pikachu. "Come here and have a good rest. I'll call out Sticky, my Caterpie!"

The Caterpie came out, ready to fight. Skye heard the sound of feet on gravel from a small ways away. She looked over her shoulder to see another trainer about her age.

"Hey!" she called. "That's a great Eeve you have! Can you hang tight for a few minutes, I'd like to introduce myself, but I have to finish battling Thomas here first!"

Skye smiled at the newcomer, trying her best to welcome him into the group. She then turned back to Thomas.

"I believe it's your move," she said, in a mock serious tone.

March 30th, 2004, 6:44 AM
OOC: Just out of curiosity, but when is this RP taking place? (i.e. currently in Hoenn or just finished Indigo Plateau)

IC:"Thank's for the help!" said Duc. "Now, to catch that Pokmon!

Duc reached for a Pokball, but accidently pulled out two. Before realizing it, he threw both at the down Staryu. "Oh man! I only need one Staryu!"

Before Duc had a chance to stop one of the Pokballs, both had hit their targets and captured the Staryu with no trouble at all. "Man, now I only got four Pokballs left!"

Duc's Pikachu on the other hand, wasn't all that excited. From that battle alone, Pikachu barely had enough strength to even move. Apparently, it had battled much more than it's little body could handle.

"Pikachu?" Duc asked in a soft tone. He reached for it when Pikachu fell on it's belly. "Pikachu?!? Are you all right???" Duc hurriedly carries it in his arms, trying to comfort it. "Man, I shoulda jumped in there to help you out..."

Pikachu softly cried out, trying to say that there's nothing wrong, but since a Pokmon can't talk English, Duc couldn't understand.

"Everything's gonna be all right. All you need is some rest."

Duc hurriedly went to Skye. "Skye, I think we hafta end this battle soon. My Pikachu isn't doing so well after the battle with the Staryu."

March 30th, 2004, 7:19 AM
OOC: Just out of curiosity, but when is this RP taking place? (i.e. currently in Hoenn or just finished Indigo Plateau)100% Kanto, right now near Viridian City; all the characters are newbie trainers so far. Remember, the GM is only Red/Blue fluent, so players in this one can probably operate as though Johto and Hoenn don't even exist.

March 30th, 2004, 7:47 AM
OOC: I made this R/B only so I could concentrate on roleplay more. I know a bunch about Jhoto, and nothing about Hoenn (No GB advance :()

IC: Skye looked over at Duc as she herself had withdrawn Agile, and sent in another Pokemon.

"Maybe a Potion would help?" she suggested, and tossed him a bottle. "If that doesn't work, Thomas and I will have to end our battle for now, and we can go find a PokeCenter."

March 30th, 2004, 9:04 AM
OOC: Sorry, I meant where Ash is currently.

IC: "Oh, geez." Duc replied while trying to catch the potion with Pikachu in his arms. It nearly fell out of his hands, but managed to catch it.

"Uh, how do you use this?" Duc examined the bottle carefully and saw a trigger. He pointed what seemed to be an enlarged needle at Pikachu. A fine mist came out. The air smelt of wierd chemicals while Pikachu complained about the sharp sting. Pikachu seemed to be getting better, but not by that much. It still seemed very much tired.

"I think it helped, but something else seems to be the matter. Maybe it's tired. OK, I guess a short battle wouldn't hurt. But make it quick, it's already afternoon and we still haven't eaten lunch!"

After putting Pikachu down by a nearby tree, Duc notices another boy in the group.
"Hi there! Welcome to the group!" He suddenly notices a brown Pokmon that resembles a puppy. He took out his Pokdex and identified it. "Whoa, an Eevee! Aren't those rare Pokmon?"

March 30th, 2004, 12:25 PM
OOC: Note to Duc! :) They are en route to the first gym in Pewter...which means they are soon to pass through Viridian (sp?) City!

March 30th, 2004, 12:53 PM
OOC: I know that! I just wanna know how long has it been since Ash from Pallet had left Pallet!!!

Lucky I had time today at 3:40.

Prof. Pine
March 30th, 2004, 2:22 PM
OOC:I'm lost are we still battleing or are we doing something else. I just wanted to know. If the battles over thats fine with me!

March 30th, 2004, 2:58 PM
OOC: Okay, let me see if I can get the battle confusion out of the way. And to Duc...I never really thought about how long it was since Ash left Pallet...I'll leave it up to you...how does that sound?? ^_^

IC: "Wow...you're Pikachu looks pretty bad, Duc," Skye said. "We should take a rain check on the match, Thomas."

Skye withdrew her Caterpie from the battle, and sat on a rock with a very tired Agile on her shoulder.

"It's getting late, too, so we should probably find a Pokecenter to spend the night at. The next city shouldn't be too far from here!!"

March 30th, 2004, 3:36 PM
OOC: Cool, I get to say the time! How about the more recent series where Ash had already left for the Hoenn Region. Is that too late? I've gotta have Ash as an idol, ya know!

IC: Wondering why Skye had decided to postpone the battle, Duc then looked at Pikachu, now with labored breathing. "Oh man, I didn't realize!!! We'd better go now!" Duc then grabbed Pikachu and the group departed for Viridian City.

"Sorry about the battle but it's gotta wait!"

Prof. Pine
March 30th, 2004, 4:04 PM
"Thats Okay, right now we have more important buiseness to take care of!" said Thomas as they ran to Viridian City

March 30th, 2004, 4:59 PM
"skye there's a pokemon center not to far from here,i passed by it while i was walking"
lex said as the group sat around."we could head over there and start from there.wat dou think about that duc,sky,and thomas?"

March 30th, 2004, 5:57 PM
OOC: That sound okay to me, Duc! Ash is a great idol to have!

IC: "Let's go to the Pokemon Center Lex suggested," Skye offered. Agile looked so tired. Duc's Pikachu looked even more so. "Hang in there, Agile." Skye smiled at her reassuringly.

"Lead the way, Lex!" Skye said, smiling brightly. She was feeling better about the whole training thing every moment.

March 30th, 2004, 6:48 PM
OOC: Thanks! I wanted to try something out in this RP if you don't mind, Skye. You do know about the new series, right?

IC: "Hang on Pikachu... we'll get you and Agile back on your feet in no time." Duc had only thought of getting to that Pokmon Center Lex talked about. The sun was going down.

While running, the group encountered a fork in the road. One lead to Viridian City, one to Pewter City, and the other to Cerulean City. The sign said that the closest Pokmon Center was at Viridian City. Without thinking about it, Duc just started to run towards Viridian when something caught his eyes.

"Huh? Three sets of shoe tracks and a bike trail?" Duc wondered for a second and looked back the trail.

He saw another set of prints. *And theres another set of shoe tracks with a Pikachu's going back to Pallet Town... Nah it can't be!* thought to himself and hurried off with the group.

March 30th, 2004, 7:18 PM
as the group hurried to the pokemon center in vidian city a shuffle sound came from inside the bushes. The group did not pay much attention to it except for duc,he seemed preety worried and he suggusted we'd come back later to figure this out. Agile and Duc's pikachu were in critical condition and they were panting. Thomas said "were almost there" looks like he had good eyesight because he was already seeing the city

March 30th, 2004, 7:20 PM
OOC: Please don't Power Play. (taking control of other's character(s)) If you don't know all the rules, please consult with the sticky on RP rules. In most RPs only play as your character(s), your Pokmon, or both. No one else.

March 30th, 2004, 8:03 PM
OOC: I don't know much about the new series at all....sorry! Please let me know your suggestion, so I can make a call on it though!

IC: Skye was intent on getting to the Pokemon Center. Agile wasn't doing so well, and Skye feld so bad for letting the little Pikachu down. She took no notice of the tracks Duc had seen, nor the storm clouds that were collecting in the sky above...

OOC: I almost spelled sky like Skye! LOL

March 30th, 2004, 9:21 PM
OOC: I'm joining this RPG. Gots two Pokemon and I've already cleared that with Skye. Here's a profile, formatted as normal for this RPG...
Name: Peter Gable
Starting Pokmon: Squirtle ("Squirt"), Caterpie ("Capie")
Status: Trainer, though he will adamantly reject the term.
Age: 16
Physical Description: Average build, salt & pepper hair, blue eyes.
Gear: Wears khaki-color cargo pants and a black T-shirt. Has a large backpack, and one of those "Radio Flyer" wagons in which he carries a tent and bedroll (they don't take up much space).
Personality: Peter is convinced that Pokmon are just as intelligent as humans, so he gives his an unusual amount of respect... referring to them as his "friends", letting them choose their own nicknames, and for the most part letting them stay out of their Pokballs. IC:

"Well I'd say that went well, eh guys?"
"Squirtle squirt!"
Peter was just getting back from a good round of battle practice with Squirt and Capie, and they were heading to Viridian to pick up some supplies and have a well-earned dinner at the nearest fast food outlet. As they were going towards the city limits, they noticed a frantic trainer running towards the city, with a beat-up Pikachu in his hands and several other trainers close behind him.
Darn, that looks bad... thought Peter. He then spoke up to Squirt, who was riding in the wagon behind him, on top of the luggage. "Whaddaya say we catch up to that fellow and the Pikachu and see what happened?" "Squir squirtle!", the turtle agreed. So, they took off after the group, Peter in the lead and his wagon barreling along behind.

March 31st, 2004, 6:38 AM
OOC: Don't worry, I can tell you all about the new series so far! If you want, Skye, I could PM (private message) you about what happened so far, though it may spoil the series for ya! If you want to know, just PM me back!

IC: "Pikachu, hang on. It's just a little further..." It was getting dark. The sun had already gone below the mountains.

After running for what seemed like forever, the Pokmon Center was in view. "Comon guys, we're almost there!"

Another boy seemed to notice Duc and the rest of the group. The boy caught up with the group. "Sorry, but I can't talk right not, my Pikachu and Skye's are in serious trouble!"

Just then, the Pokmon Center's security gates were starting to come down. "Oh man, not now!!!" Without thinking of the consequences, Duc dove for the door. The doors opened, but the gate was still coming down. If it weren't for his framed hiking backpack, Duc could have been crushed by the gate. The gate was jammed long enough for the group and the new companion to slip through.

"I need help right away!" yelled Duc while lying on the floor of the Pokmon Center.

March 31st, 2004, 8:29 AM
OOC: Duc, I PMed you back, and explained my decision....hope it's okay with you!! (Now I understand the footprints thing from your earlier rp message!! LOL)

IC: "Wow, Duc, thanks," Skye said, as she and the group brushed themselves off. "That was really brave of you!!"

They headed to the Pokemon Center, less worried now than before, as the Pokemon Center was in easy reach. Nurse Joy took both Pikachus, as well as the other tired Pokemon to heal them. Skye took this oppertunity to talk to the new trainer that had been following them.

"Hi," she said kindly, plopping down in a chair in the lobby. "I'm Skye, from Celadon City. Oh! What an adorable Squirtle and Caterpie! Do they have nicknames??"

Skye jumped as thunder crashed outside. A thunderstorm had been brewing while they had been walking. She looked completely terrified for a few seconds.

"Sorry," she said apologetically, as the companions she had been traveling with took seats around her and the new trainer as well. "I hate thunderstorms."

March 31st, 2004, 9:10 AM
OOC: Yeah I read it, and I PMed you back, Skye. If you didn't guess already, I've watched the shows for some time now. I hope I didn't spoil anyhting for you! I hope you can answer more of my questions.

IC:"Thanks but in case you're wondering, I was doing this for the Pokmon. Sorry if you get confused with anything." Duc answered. He looked back at the backpack that helped them get in the Pokmon Center. It didn't seemed to have taken any damage at all from the gate. (Pokmon Centers have curfews, so they close down after night.) Duc examined the pack and found everything intact.

The thunderstorm continued on. "Geez, these storms had always freaked me out." Thunder roared outside. One clap startled Duc, causing him to lose balance and fall to the ground. "Ouch, that's smarts!"

After getting up, Duc apoligized and introduced himself. "Sorry if I was rude or anything, but anyways, welcome to the group!"

Nurse Joy came to the group and talked about the Pikachu. "Skye's Pikachu is fine. All she needs is a good night's sleep. On the other hand, your Pikachu is in no condition to do anything for at least a week! It's body was pushed far too much in a battle you had. You really shouldn't have Pokmon if you aren't a responsible trainer!"

Duc flinched at the nurse's comment. Saddened, he left for an assigned bunk bed alone, hiding his eyes behind his hat.

March 31st, 2004, 10:41 AM
Peter smiled. It'll be interesting traveling with other people, instead of just these guys, he thought. Then, he answered Duc and Skye's introduction. "My name's Peter, nice to meet you. This Squirtle is named Squirt, and the Caterpie is named Capie. They chose their own names, see." "Capie! Capie!" the Caterpie added proudly.

It was about this time that Nurse Joy came in and gave her pronouncement about the two Pikachus. Peter looked with a concerned expression at Duc as he left for a bed. Turning to Skye, he said, "It's an easy mistake for a trainer to make, I'm sure. Many trainers end up focusing so much on winning that they don't notice what's happening to the Pokmon who are doing the real work. I think Nurse Joy was too hard on him; it was probably just a mistake. He just needs to be sure to avoid it in the future."

Peter paused for a moment, and then finally decided to ask, "So, what happened with those Pikachus anyway? I'm curious, see."

March 31st, 2004, 2:33 PM
"It's great to meet you, Peter," Skye said, smiling, happy that Agile would be okay. "To answer your question about our Pikachu, Duc was in the forest just outside of town training, or trying to catch Pokemon or something. He must have startled three Staryu, because they started to attack him and Pikachu. I heard him yelling, and I came to help...Agile tried to recharge Duc's Pikachu with her own electircity, but Pikachu still wasn't doing so well. I know things will get better for the both of them once Pikachu is stronger. He's a good person, and he seems to work really well with his Pokemon. I'm glad to have met him. I was really usure of myself when I started out, but now that I've met all these trainers, I feel a lot better."

A clap of thunder made her jump. When se did so, she saw a saddened Duc travel towards his bunk with a sullen expression. Her happy expression had faded.

"That storm is getting pretty bad...I hope we don't loose power or anythin!" Skye said. She looked at Peter. "Please excuse me for a little while...I'm going to see what I can do to make Duc feel better."

She started over to Duc, her face becoming more solemn as she realized what a critical condition his Pikachu was in. She did not know what she would do in the same situation.

"Hey, Duc," she said, softly and cautiously, as not to upset him further. She paused and bit her lower lip before continuing. "I'm sure your Pikachu will be fine. Nurse Joy will take good care of it, and I'm sure it'll be much stronger for it! Can I get you a soda or something to make you feel any better?"

Just then, a clap of thunder, louder than all the ones before, as if it had struck the roof of the Pokemon Center, struck loudly. A second later, the lights went out!!!

March 31st, 2004, 3:40 PM
WELL then... Peter thought. He took off his backpack and began to rummage around in it. I know I've got a flashlight here somewhere...

March 31st, 2004, 3:50 PM
ooc: Duc im really sorry for my mistake, I just did'nt know. I promise I wont do it next time.:D

"Duc,Skye,Peter,Thomas?.....are you all ok?"whispered lex in terror as the thunder roared.The room was pitch black."Guys..."whispered lex "im scared!"Lex heard no response exept for the thunder.He attempted once more "guys..."he waited for a reponse....................

Prof. Pine
March 31st, 2004, 5:01 PM
"I'm all right,and nice to meet you Lex,"said thomas looking over at the two new people,"nice to meet you to Peter."

"Well this is a bad storm I must say,"Thomas mummered looking out the window.


All the sudden the lights went out,"I've got some flashlights in my backpack any one need any?"asked Thomas as he search his Backpack.(wich was pretty hard due to the power shortage)

March 31st, 2004, 5:25 PM
The thunderstorm was roaring outside. After a few minutes, the emergency generator kicked in, tuning on all the lights, though they were dim.

"Thanks for talking to me, Skye. I'm just down about things recently. First, I had trouble even persuading my dad to let me start my training. Then I was somewhat scared of the fact that I'd be leaving home again. I did say I was from Cerulean City, but that was after I moved from Saffron City. I lost contact with my friends there. Pikachu also lost many buddies there." Duc wiped a tear from his cheek. "I'm glad to be part of your group Skye."

Finally feeling up a bit, Duc decided to leave the room and talk to the rest of his friends. "Hey guys. Hope the dark didn't scare ya!"

Suddenly, a female officer came in, wondering how everything is doing. Some trainers were startled by the outage, but most are asleep. She took a peek at the ER's window and saw an injured Pikachu. Duc came around as well to check on his Pikachu. "Is this your Pikachu?" asked the officer. "Yeah, it's been my buddy since it was a baby."
"Well, your Pikachu seems to be better off than another trainer's Pikachu that came by some time ago."
"Yeah. Somehow, that trainer's Pikachu became very healthy in a matter of hours. Wanna hear the rest of the story?"
"Well, as soon as the Pikachu got out of the ER, a gang known as Team Rocket showed up out of nowhere and started to attack the trainer. Luckly for him, a female trainer stepped up to slow them down while that trainer and the nurse escaped. Eventually though, Team Rocket cornered that trainer. Pikachu with the help of others, zapped them until the whole center exploded! Hard to believe huh?"
"Wait, you know that trainer's name?"
"I believe it was Ash..."
Upon hearing his name, Duc became fanatical and asked her all sorts of questions about him.

March 31st, 2004, 6:16 PM
ooc:Im confused???Skye we need help...this is getting mixed

March 31st, 2004, 7:55 PM
OOC: for those who are confused...my only suggestion as a person new to moderating an rpg is that try as best you can to keep up with each post. Granted, there are a lot of characters, and I understand that it can get pretty confusing, so I would like to ask that all participants try to keep writing along with whatever the last person wrote. I'm afraid i may have to close this board and allow no new members on, so please bear with me as I try to sort it all out!

Okay, so here is the lowdown, and I hope this will clear up the confusion.

Thomas, Duc, Lex, Peter, and Skye have reached Viridian City. During their travels to this city, Duc and Skye's Pikachus were very exhaused and not doing so well. A thunderstorm hit the Pokecenter (where we all are now), and caused a power outage, but due to the backup generator, everything is now under control. Duc's Pikachu is not fairing as well as Skye's is, and he's really upset about it. Peter has just joined the group and is getting to know everyone. As of now, before I post my IC part, Duc is conversing with Officer Jenny about Ash and Team Rocket.

And now, ladies and gentlemen...I will begin my rp part of the post!

IC: Skye listened intently to the conversation between Officer Jenny and Duc. Team Rocket...wonderful... (note sarcasm!!)

"I am so glad that thunderstorm is over with," Skye sighed, sinking into a chair amongst her friends. "Hopefully it will be a clear day tomorrow!"

Skye called her refreshed Pokemon (with the exception of Agile, who was resting still) out of their Pokeballs. Sticky (Caterpie), Fury (Spearow), and Ninja (Staryu) all chilled out around her, worried about the fate of the two Pikachu.

"How are you doing, Lex?" Skye asked. "I hope the thunderstorm didn't scare you as much as it did me! I heard you yelling for us...you're okay though, right?"

April 1st, 2004, 6:48 AM
OCC: Sorry for any confusion I've caused! Skye, you might have to limit the number of players soon, unfortunately. Oh yeah, no problem, Lex!

IC: Unaware of the conversation going on within the group, Duc asked, begged, pleaded, and other ways to get all of the information about Ash from Officer Jenny.

After realizing the time, Duc apoligizes, and explains his fanaticism about Ash. She seemed to understand. "Before you leave, could you tell me when was the last time Ash stopped by here?"
"I believe he just left for Pallet Town this afternoon." replied a tired Officer Jenny.

Something snapped within Duc. He ran to the nearest videophone and called Professor Oak. A tired Tracey appeared on the phone. "WHERE'S ASH?!?!?" yelled Duc. Recovering from the sound blast, Tracey replied "He's at home, but it's late now and I bet he's asleep, so you should call him tomorrow."

"Oh.... I guess your right. Sorry if I woke you up!" Duc hung up the phone, still filled with energy knowing that he could actually talk to his idol, the Pokmon Trainer known as Ash.

Realizing that there was no one left to call since it is late, he came up to the group. "Sorry I ran from you guys. I just had some issues to take care of. I--" Duc's stomach rumbled. Embarrassed, Duc said "Uh... I forgot I haven't eaten since this morning! Does anyone have any food they can share? The Pokmon Center's cafeteria is closed now."

April 1st, 2004, 7:25 AM
"I got some granola bars..." Peter offered, reaching into his backpack an pulling out a couple. "Also some of Brock's Famous Pokfood but I don't think you'd like that."

April 1st, 2004, 8:54 AM
"Sure, I'll take anything! My Pikachu ate the last of the apples on the way to Pallet Town anyways." said Duc politely.
Before munching on the granola bars, he wondered about the Pokmon food. "Wait a sec, where'd you get those Pokmon pellets? And who were they from???"

April 1st, 2004, 12:41 PM
This rpg is now closed to people who have not yet joined. It will get way too confusing if anyone else joins! Thank you, and on with the role play!!

IC: Skye yawned, and looked behind her at the clock. It was already 10 PM!

"I think we should get an early start tomorrow if we are going to make it to Pewter to battle with Brock," she said, watching Duc and Peter munching on some snacks. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm gonna go to bed!"

She got up and stretched, and called her Pokemon back into their Pokeballs for the night. She went into the bathroom to change into some pajamas, and then headed off to a bunk to sleep.

"Night, everyone!" she called to the others.

April 1st, 2004, 4:48 PM
"Sure, I'll take anything! My Pikachu ate the last of the apples on the way to Pallet Town anyways." said Duc politely.
Before munching on the granola bars, he wondered about the Pokmon food. "Wait a sec, where'd you get those Pokmon pellets? And who were they from???""From Brock, the Pewter Gym Leader," Peter explained. "See, I've been to Pewter City before... he's a real nice guy. Even though Squirt didn't want to fight him just yet, we still got the base recipie for his Pokmon food."

Prof. Pine
April 1st, 2004, 6:08 PM
"well it is getting late and we should get an early start,"said Thomas as he looked down at his watch,"I'll see everyone tomorrow!"

With that Thomas let his Poliwag and Bulbasuar out of their pokeballs and went to the bunks.

April 1st, 2004, 6:21 PM
"Whoa, you've met Brock?!?! When did he get back???" Duc asked gleefully. "See, I'm probably the greatest fan of Ash, but I'm also the greatest fan of all of his friends as well!"

Duc was about to proceed with the questioning when his stomach interrupted again as well as a headache. "Ugg... better take Thomas' advice and head for bed. We all should. But first the bars!" With that, Duc hurriedly ate the rest of the granola bars. He then walked by the ER again, checking on Pikachu.

"Don't worry. I know how you hate confined places, but you'll get out of there in no time..." he whispered. Duc then followed Thomas to the bunks. "Night guys."

April 1st, 2004, 7:43 PM
Skye slept deeply that night, dreaming of winning battles, getting closer to her Pokemon, watching them grow. She woke up with a start however, because of a cry from Nurse Joy.

"Where are all the Pokemon??" she screamed. "All the sick Pokemon that were resting and in the ER have disappeared!!"

Pokemon don't just disappear, Skye thought to herself. She checked her bag to see if her Pokemon were still there. They were, which meant that the Pokemon the trainers had on them were not stolen. Just the ones in care of the Pokemon Center...that meant Agile...and Duc's Pikachu as well!!

She wasted no time in waking everyone up.

April 1st, 2004, 8:04 PM
Lex had a heard a loud scream but,neither him or his evee pay much attention to it thinking it was thunder so they went right back to sleep.
After about a couple of hours later lex woke seeing that everyone was sleeping.He took a quik glance around the room he noticed skye was missing.

Without even thinking about it he and his evee set out to look for Skye.

April 1st, 2004, 8:11 PM
"Wha?" Duc heard the yell of Nurse Joy. He was just about to finally talk to Ash, in his dreams anyways. "What's happening?"

Nurse Joy explained everything. "The Pokmon are missing??? Man, one problem after another!" Glancing at the clock, he saw it was quite late at night (or really, really early in the morning!) He ran out of the room, forgetting his backpack, trying to catch up with Skye. "Great, all I've got now are my two Staryu, which I didn't remember to heal them after that battle!"

April 1st, 2004, 9:31 PM
Nurse Joy screamed about the missing Pokmon loud enough for Peter, Squirt and Capie to all wake up. They quickly went over to where Duc and Skye were, in order to find out what could be done.
"I'm almost sure it's those two Rocket clowns who were always following Ash around. From what I hear they're convinced that Pikachus are rare and valuable. And even if it isn't them, it's probably the Rockets... who else has the resources necessary to pull this off?"

April 2nd, 2004, 4:59 AM
"We've got to find them!" Skye exclaimed. "But how are we going to know where to start??"

She suddenly had an idea.

"Fury!" she called to her Spearow, as it popped out of its pokeball. "Fly up as high as you can, and see if you can find any signs of Team Rocket!"

While they were waiting for Spearow to find something, Nurse Joy took Duc's two Staryu and healed them as best and fast as she could.

Fury came down a few moments later, seeming like it had found something.

"Let's go teach those Rockets a lesson!" Skye exclaimed, and started at a run out the door despite the warnings from Nurse Joy.

Maybe we'll see Ash there, Skye thought to herself. Wouldn't Duc be suprised!

April 2nd, 2004, 6:37 AM
OOC: But he's back in Pallet Town! Also, according to the 'real' story line, he's gonna leave to somewhere else soon. Then again, this IS your RP, Skye. Just PM me if you want to know what does happen afterwards, according to the shows of course.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy." replied Duc as he got the Staryu back. "Now, who could've done this?" wondered Duc as he ran towards Skye, who was sending out her Spearow.

"Whoa, you think Team Rocket did this?" exclaimed Duc after hearing out Skye. "But they're a gang of ruthless criminals. Then again, they have Pikachu and Agile..." He thought about it and agreed to follow Skye's Fury.

"We have to be careful from now on. I've heard that Team Rocket won't stop until they get what they want. And I'm pretty sure they've got some strong Pokmon. I just hope we're strong enough to take them on..."

April 2nd, 2004, 9:36 AM
Peter at this point looked extremely concerned. "I honestly think it's most important to move quickly. The Rockets consider Pokmon to be tools and nothing more... we have to get the stolen Pokmon back quickly, before something even worse happens to them. So, which way do we go, Fury?"

April 2nd, 2004, 10:07 AM
OOC: We don't have to follow the show completely, Duc. I'm cool with whatever everyone want sto do, but I thought it might be a neat thing for them to meet up with Ash. Whatever you guys want! :)

IC: "There goes Fury!" Skye exclaimed, as the bird darted into the forest that surrounded the town.

The group ran after Fury, darting through brush that tore at their clothes, and scratched them. They came upon a clearing, where Fury landed on a branch above them, looking intently at a group of Rocket members crowded around a bag of Pokeballs.

"Now that the twerps have left, this was a much easier task!" the rocket member with long, oddly shaped red hair smirked. "I can't wait to bring them to the boss!"

The two human Rocket members and the meowth they had with them began to chuckle.

Skye accidently shifted her weight from one foot to the other, and snapped a twig beneath her feet. The Rockets looked in the direction of her and her companions.

"Who's there!" the guy with purple hair exclaimed.

The Rockets dashed towards the group!!

April 2nd, 2004, 3:35 PM
"Evee go!" screamed Lex as evee got into his fighting position. "Evee,Bite!"commanded Lex as the Evee darted towards the meoth. Before evee could even attack the suspicious meoth scratched evee without even thinking about it.
Evee fell down,he was really hurt. "Evee! are u ok?"Lex ran toward the injured evee with concern.

With the evee in his hand lex looked back at the team who were standing watching the battle Lex yelled out in a worried voice"Guys! Help".
before the team members could help, the suspitous team had taken out a ekans and a poisonous koffing who was coming directly at evee with a tackle.....

April 2nd, 2004, 7:56 PM
"Waah!" Skye panicked, as she saw the two Rocket Pokemon head towards Lex's Eevee. "Go Sticky!! Use stringshot to slow them down!"

Skye's Caterpie leapt out of its Pokeball, and proceeded to spray its sticky webbing all over the Rocket's Pokemon. It only slowed them down a little.

"Guys," Skye said, turning to her friends. "These Rocket members cheated us out of our Pokemon, so I say give em all you got!"

With that, she called out Fury and Ninja, and proceeded to get ready to really battle!

Prof. Pine
April 2nd, 2004, 8:28 PM
"Oaky Skye, go Poliwrath go Bulbasuar!"said Thomas as he threw the pokeballs,"This is for you guys, Poliwrath bubble, Bulbasaur razor leaf!"

Poliwag shot out bubbles as Bulbasuar shot razor sharp leaves out from its back. The attacks hit both Ekans and Koffing but didn't knock them out so that gave every one a chance to hearl attacks at them.

"keep it up!"said Thomas as he watch his Pokemon attack Team Rockets.

April 2nd, 2004, 9:10 PM
OOC:Oh Guys,I went to Rp's and I read the rules, so now you wont have problems with me breaking the rules.

IC:While the battle infuriated between thomas's pokemon and skye's pokemon,Lex's Evee stood up and recovered from the Meowth's scratch, once he saw his teamates
(Poliwrath,Sticky,Ninja, and Bulbasaur)battling he regained strenth to join in and help.

"Evee! Tackle!"commanded Lex,the evee dashed towards the ekans and bashed right against him with his head.The ekans,dazed, was losing energy.Before Ekans could react,lex commanded Evee."Evee finish him off with a bite!!"the Evee with his mouth wide-open,crunched right on the Ekans tail.The Ekans fainted from the bite."Great!Evee!"said lex exitedly."One down one to go!"

April 2nd, 2004, 9:56 PM
OCC: Uh, whoa. WAY out of the storyline! (assuming that the Rocket members ARE the ones we know so well) And meeting Ash so soon in the RP... But no matter, I'll go along with the RP!

IC: Duc spotted an area where Fury had just come out. From a distance, he saw what looked like a Meowth. "What, a balloon? Where have I heard of this before..."

Duc summons one of his Staryu, a little tired, but okay, nonetheless. Still having yards to run, Duc thought he needed an attack. He thought of the moves it knew. He needed a fast attack. "Bubble can't go that far, and neither can Water Gun." he whispered to himself. Realizing the shape of the Pokmon, "That's it! Staryu, spinning Tackle attack!" Because of the aerodynamics of the Pokmon, it practically flew like a helicopter towards the clearing at breakneck speeds. The Staryu quickly became smaller and smaller from Duc's view.

The Rocket members were busy trying to fend off the trainer's Pokmon. The red haired one then spotted a flying Staryu. "What?! One of the twerps' back! Let's go you buffoons!"
The male Rocket member groaned. "You mean we have to use the balloon? Do you know how many times we had to patch it up?"
"Do you have any other bright ideas?!"
The male sighed and helped load the Pokballs on to the balloon. They recalled their Pokmon and got in. The balloon lifted off the ground slowly with the new load under the aircraft, but still took off before any of the trainers could stop it.

"Staryu, hold on, I still haven't given you any other commands!" yelled Duc tiredly trying to catch up with it, but there was no stopping it. "Man, I gotta take care of you later." Duc saw the balloon already in the sky. He pulled out his other Staryu. "Staryu, cut down that net of Pokballs with your spinning Tackle attack!" It listened and got up to the balloon in no time. The net was cut and the Pokballs fell. Unfortunately, the Staryu flew on. "Wait!" yelled it's trainer as he desperately tried to recall it. After a few attempts, the flying Staryu got back in it's Pokball. The one who ran away dashed back towards Duc. "Good job! Looks like you scared them stiff!"

April 3rd, 2004, 7:27 AM
"Fury, get up there and pop that balloon!" Skye commanded, infuriated at the Rockets for taking the Pokemon, even though the Pokemon were safe with them thanks to Duc's Staryu.

"Do you think we're stupid??" the red haired girl sneered. "We've reinforced our balloon so nothing can penetrate it! And now, we'll be taking your wimpy Spearow!"

"No! Fury, get out of there!!" Skye cried. "I was way too rash in sending him up there! Help you guys!"

Skye looked to her friends desperately for help!

Prof. Pine
April 3rd, 2004, 7:33 AM
"Bulbasuar Poliwrath change of plans, Bulbasuar Vine whip razor leaf!"said Thomas looking up at Team Rocket with rage,"Poliwrath you get back in the pokeball!"

With that Poliwag returned and Bulbasuar was multiattacking with Rqazor leaf and Vinewhip.

"Come on Bulbasuar!"said Thomas watching Bulbasuar give Team Rocket all it had,"you can do it!"

April 3rd, 2004, 8:43 AM
IC:Lex,worried had no idea what to do. His Evee had no way of getting up there or attacking. Lex stood there watching Thomas's bulbasaur giving it all it had."I wish I had a flying pokemon."sighed Lex,unable to help. But, thats when he remembered that Skye had a ninja."Skye take out your Ninja it might help to take down the ballon!" Lex told Skye. "What should we do?" lex said concerned.

April 3rd, 2004, 8:44 AM
Both of Duc's Staryu were quite exausted from all the spinning they did. He saw that Team Rocket was about to abduct Skye's Spearow as well! "Oh man, what to do, what to do!" he mutter to himself. After giving a thought, he then remembered Ash. He knew that Ash would stop at nothing to get his Pikachu back even if the situation's grim. Duc reviewed all of the things Ash did, at least the ones that other trainers saw.

An idea sparked in his head. Since these Team Rocket members were scared of Staryu, he'd have to use them again. "Thomas! you think you can toss both my Staryu towards that balloon with your Bulbasaur?" Hopefully, he thought, the Staryu would listen to him, just this once!

Prof. Pine
April 3rd, 2004, 3:33 PM
"I'm pretty sure I can Duc throw them here,"said Thomas as he shifted his veiw from Team Rocket to Duc,"Bulbasuar when me and Duc say so launch his staryus at the ballon Okay?"

"Bulbasuar!" agreed Bulbasuar as he grabbed the two staryus in his vines.

April 3rd, 2004, 7:37 PM
"Maybe my Caterpie can help!" Skye suggested. "I bet it could use it's string shot to make a web bridge to the balloon! Sticky, use string shot!"

Sticky shot its sticky web as high as it would go. It stuck to the bottom of the balloon's basket, haulting them momentarily so that Bulbasaur could aim correctly, and so that the Staryu could use it if need be.

"You wretched twerps!" the red haired Rocket member cried. "You're almost as bad as that other group of twerps...that Ash kid!"

Skye just smirked. With these Pokemon working together, Skye knew that they had the Rockets right where they wanted them!

"Fury, use your peck attack again to help Duc's staryu! And avoid those Team Rocket members!!" Skye commanded.

April 3rd, 2004, 9:15 PM
OOC:I hope I won't ruin anything, but I have some awesome plans in the future. This post is long for that reason. I hope you don't mind, Skye!
By the way... 100 posts in 11 days. Very, Very impressive, Skye!

IC: "Ready... go!" Duc yells the command. Thomas's Bulbasaur tosses both Staryu towards the rising balloon. Both almost reach the basket, but they were slowing down fast. "Okay, Water Gun each other now!" Both Staryu blast their Water Guns at each other, making one of the Staryu reach the basket. The other fell, but Duc managed to catch it in time.

One of the Staryu was in the basket, staring at the Rocket members, who were quite shaken by it's appearence. "It's the twerp's Staryu! Get it!" yelled out the read heired one. Before anyone pulled out a Pokball, Staryu drenched everything in the balloon with Water Gun. It took out the flame of the balloon as well as filled the basket with water. Both Duc's and Skye's Pikachu floated out of the basket while it was still in the air though.

"I got ya guys!" yelled out Duc. He ran as fast as he could. He jumped and managed to grab both of them. Unfortunately for Duc, he jumped over a lake. "Oh, crap." he thought to himself as he got drenched. Staryu from the basket jumped out of the balloon and helped Duc get back to shore. "Great job Staryu!" he said while returning it to its' Pokball.

Duc then saw the balloon crash down on the land nearby. He thought to himself "That's not like the Team Rocket that's been chasing Ash... They would have used some sorta crazy contraption. They also couldn't have had DE-volved Pokmon. In fact, they used Arbok and Wheezing recently in the last major Pokmon competition..."

Suddenly, white paint flowed from the down balloon followed shortly by a long red wig and a purple one. Two people emerged from the down aircraft. They were wearing the standard black Team Rocket uniforms. The female of the group had bright orange hair with long bangs hanging out from the back. The other had short turquois hair.

"Oh no... it can't be them!" startled Duc "It's some of the top members of Team Rocket, Cassidy and Butch!"

"That's right kid!" yelled out Cassidy. "We're doing our usual stealing from centers when you kids showed up!"
"But this time, it was no ordinary raid." replied Butch. "We were assigned to look for some certain trainers who have foiled Team Rocket's plans before, but they weren't there."
"Enough talk! We tried to fool you kids by using weak Pokmon, but now you'll see our true power!" Suddenly, they summoned a high-leveled Sandslash and Raticate.

"Oh man, we're in big trouble guys!" said Duc worriedly. "We might be able to beat them if we use all of our Pokmon together..."

April 4th, 2004, 6:58 AM
OOC: Wow! I never realized I posted so much! What can I say? I just love these forums! ^_^

"Not so fast!" Skye exclaimed, Agile safe in her arms. She called out all her Pokemon. "If you don't fight fair, then neither will we!"

With that, she called out all her Pokemon again, and sent Agile over to Duc's Pikachu, who seemed to be fully recovered.

The Team Rocket members sent out their Pokemon as well.

"Duc, remember when Agile recharged Pikachu when we were battling the Staryu?" she whispered, after running over to him. "Let's do the same thing, but this time, combine their electirc attacks together! I bet they'd be almost as strong as a Raichu!"

April 4th, 2004, 7:36 AM
"Sure, lets do it! We don't have that much of a choice anyways." Duc said. He commanded Pikachu, a little stirred up by the tail yanking, but otherwise okay.

Both Agile and Duc's Pikachu were next together, ready at their trainer's command. Duc and Skye yelled out "Thundershock!" Both Pikachu's used their attacks as much as they could. The lightning bolt hit both of Team Rocket's Pokmon. Raticate was quite shocked, but was still standing. Sandslash on the other hand, seemed to not even be phased by the attack as it is a Ground type.

"Uh, I think we need to come up with something else!" said Duc.

Just then, the group of trainers and Team Rocket heard sirens from a distince, getting louder steadly.

"You kids got lucky this time!" yelled out Cassidy as she recalled Sandslash. "You won't see the last of us!" said Butch as he recalled Raticate. Both ran off into the nearby Viridian Forrest.

"Whew, that was a close one. We probably couldn't stand a chance against them right now." said Duc, relieved.

The Viridian City then interviewed the group of trainers, hoping to get some info on the attack on the Pokmon Center.

April 4th, 2004, 8:12 AM
IC:"Wow guys,you made a great team without me and thomas!"Said Lex,walking along with the group.
As we arrived to viridian forest the to some anxios interviewers were waiting for us."They were very strong trainers."said Lex to the interviewers.."What were there pokemon?"the interviewers asked .
"Well,they simply fooled us." "They first took out a weak Ekans along with a Koffing."But then we encountered them again and the took out and hgh leveled Sandslash and Raticate"Lex explained.The interviewers then went on to the rest of the group to ask some questions.

April 4th, 2004, 12:38 PM
"We need you guys too!" Skye said to Lex and Thomas. "If the police had not come, we wouldn't have been able to take on sandalash on our own! I'm glad we all found each other...it makes the going much less tough!"

Skye then proceeded to give the police her side of the story, giving them the detail of the Rockets escaping into Viridian Forest. She realized that that was where they had to go if they were going to get to Pewter City!

"We'll have officers all over the forest, so don't worry," Officer Jenny reassured them. "Just be extra careful!"

Skye looked towards Viridian forest, the spot where the rockets had vanished off to. Hopefully everything would be okay...

April 4th, 2004, 2:46 PM
After being interviewed, Duc reminded "You know, there's a lot more ways to get in and out of Viridian Forest than just one. When we do go, we'd just better look out for them. If we do see them, we can just back up and take a different path." Looking at his fellow trainers, "I agree with Skye. If Team Rocket hadn't run away, we'd definately have needed you guys to help out." Thinking to himself *even if they helped out, we'd probably still lose. The Thundershock barely did anything to that Raticate.*

Duc's Pikachu yawned and jumped on Duc's head and started to sleep. "He's got the right idea ya know." Duc said. "It's been a long night, and I'm pretty sure you guys are tired as well. There's no way I'm going into that forrest, wet, tired, and hungry!" Duc recalled both his Staryu and started back for the Pokmon Center. "You guys coming?"

Prof. Pine
April 4th, 2004, 3:44 PM
"I'll see how Bulbasuar is," siad Thomas as he headed over to the area he left Bulbasuar to rest,"Oh boy!"

What the group didn't know was that Bulbasuar had just evolved into Ivysuar!

"Yahoo!"said Thomas as he ran back to the group,"see my Bulbasuars an Ivysuar now!"

Thomas was a bit over reactive but he had waited months for this to happen.

April 5th, 2004, 6:09 AM
Duc looked at Thomas' new Pokmon, but didn't seem all that excited. "Sorry, but I'm really glad you got an Ivysaur. Really, I am. I'm just tired, that's all. I just want some decent rest!"

Duc continues to slump his way towards the Pokmon Center.

April 5th, 2004, 7:26 AM
"Congrats, Thomas!" Skye exclaimed, running to his Ivysaur and looking at it with admiration. "That's so awesome!"

Skye watched Duc head back towards the Pokemon Center. He seemed a little out of it to her, but she figured it was just fatigue. Agile hopped up on her shoulder.

"I think I am going to train a little," she told the others. I'll be in that patch of forest over there if anyone needs me. I've got to get stronger if I am going to beat Brock at the Pewter City gym!"

With that, she headed out into the forest, still in sight of the Pokemon Center.

April 5th, 2004, 2:36 PM
IC:"Wow,Thomas!"said Lex in exitement."Your Ivysaur is COOL!".Evee went over to the Ivysaur and hopped on his back.Evee comforted its self. "Evee..."said Lex when he saw the Evee on the Ivysaur. Lex took the Evee off.He seemed pretty tired I guess.

"Well,Guys im'a go heal my Evee and do some training."Lex headed off with the rest of the team to go heal his Evee.:d

Prof. Pine
April 5th, 2004, 3:11 PM
"Well Ivysaur what ya want to do?"Thomas asked Ivysuar,"lets go to the pokecenter to get you healed up."

"Ivysaur!" replided Ivysaur as it ran towards the Pokecenter.

April 5th, 2004, 3:35 PM
Skye watched everyone go their separate ways, and she headed intot he forest. The shade was comforting on such a warm and exciting day.

"Agile, you and Ninja should battle together. Have Ninja send some water jets at you, and try to shock them, but don't hit Ninja. I'm going to pair up Sticky and Fury too. You can all work on your weaknesses," Skye announced, and sent her Pokemon out.

She worked with each pair, throwing things for Agile to catch to work on her agility. Making targets for Ninja to hit with its water gun, and having Fury try to grab Sticky while sticky worked on slowing Fury down with string shot.

It was going pretty well, until Skye heard some twigs snapping nearby. Fearing it was the Rockets, she tensed up, calling her Pokemon to her, ready to battle!

April 5th, 2004, 3:42 PM
OOC: Unless you have soemthing planned for that snapping branch...

As Skye watched, someone stepped out from behind a tree... it was Peter. Squirt and Capie were riding along behind in the wagon, all three of them looking a little worse for wear. Seeing Skye, Peter goes over to her.
"Wow, this is embarassing. As we sterted to follow the trails into the woods, we somehow got separated from you all and... well we got lost. Is everything all right now? Are the Pokmon returned?"

April 5th, 2004, 4:59 PM
IC:Lex headed toward the rocky part of Viridian city.Lex needed to increase Evee's speed and agility beacause of how he was scatched by the meowth."Ok Evee I want you to dodge every rock as you run towards me.OK? "."Evee..."Responded the Evee to Lex's command.Over and over Evee tried again.
"Magic...Magick-Magi..?"a weird sound came from between the cracks. "Huh?"Lex said lex in suspence.A ugly dopey thing came from one on the rocks. Lex immediately took out his pokedex.

"This is the useless pokemon called Magikcarp which can be caught almost anywhere. Splash is the only move it does however,once this useless creature evolves it becomes extremely powerful."the pokedex announced.
Lex decided to catch it."Evee go.....Use tackle!"Lex commanded.Evee bashed right aganist the magickarp who fell down in pain."Is that it?"Lex said confused.He through the pokeball and without hesitating,not once, the pokemon was caught.

Lex was exited and eager to know what it will evolve to and when.Lex headed back to the pokemon center and waited for his mates to give them the news.

April 5th, 2004, 5:00 PM
OOC: I was hoping someone would jump in about htat snapping branch...I was hoping I wouldn't have to make up some wierd episode....anyway!

IC: "Oh, thank goodness it's you!" Skye exclaimed, heaving a sigh of relief. Her Pokemon eased up on the tension as well, relieved to be rid of adventure for at least a little while. "The Pokemon are all back, safe and sound. The Team Rocket people got away, of course."

She eyed Peter's tired Pokemon.

"Wow, they look tired. We should probably head back to the Pokemon Center too...these guys are pretty exhausted," Skye said.

Behind her, Fury was pestering Sticky. Sticky finally got fed up with it, and covered Fury in its sticky string shot.. Fury, looking rather mummified, stumbled over, and Skye rushed over to pull the sticky webbing off.

As she was doing so, Sticky began to glow. Its form began to change to a slender banana-shaped creature. Skye whipped out her Pokedex in disbelief.

"A Metapod!" she exclaimed. "Sticky, that's awesome!!"

She finished untangling Fury, and scooped Sticky up in her arms. "Congrats!"

Fury flew onto her shoulder, wary of Sticky. Skye tickled the feathers under Fury's chin, which it seemed to like a lot. Agile clambered onto her other shoulder, and Ninja jumped atop her head to see the new Metapod.

"You all did excellent today," Skye told them with a smile. A few moments later, she lost her balance on a tree root, and she and her tower of Pokemon tumbled onto the ground. "I think we should all go get some rest now..."

Prof. Pine
April 5th, 2004, 5:22 PM
"Hey Ivysuar wanna play whack-a-Magikarp?"asked Thomas as he walked over to a pond,"we can probably catch one later"

"Ivy"replied the Ivysuar as he walked with Thomas to the pond.

"Okay Go!" said Thomas as he saw the first Magikarp.

"Ivy!" said the Ivysuar as he hit the Magikarp with vine whip.

"Go pokeball!" said Thomas as he spotted a pretty strong looking Magikarp getting whipped.

The ball tettered and tottered and finaly stoped.

''Your name is Gyarados," said Thomas holding it's Pokeball in his hands,"these things are to easy to catch."

April 5th, 2004, 7:21 PM
OCC:Hey thats not fair Thomas,i got a magickarp too(just kidding!)

IC:As Lex patiently waited at the pokemon center he was playing around with Evee. He was also eagerly waiting for the group.

All of a sudden Skye walked in accompanied by Thomas who's pokemon seemed tired once again. Lex bounced up from his seat at the appearence of Skye and Thomas.

"Hey,Guys I got a new pokemon i caught while training."Lex whipped out his pokeball and commanded"Magickarp go!" Once again the dopey pokemon appeared this time drooling and slobbering on the floor.

Lex was a bit embarrased once they saw the weak drooly pokemon."Soo.... What do you think about it?"Lex waited for an response...

April 5th, 2004, 8:52 PM
"Cater! Caterpie!"
"What's that, Capie?" said Peter. He turned to Fury and Sticky. "How would you guys like a ride in my wagon? It'll ease the trip back to Viridian...."

April 6th, 2004, 3:20 AM
OOC: Sorry it took me so long to get back, but I'm here! Oh yeah. Lex, your Pokmon is spelt Eevee, not Evee. Just wanted to let ya know!

IC: "Did you guys realize how late it was yesterday after that incident?" Duc greeted the group at the edge of the forest. "It was WAY after midnight! Oh well, since you guys weren't tired it didn't matter. Anyways, hows about some breakfast before we head out in the forrest. I've got some cereal bars and other stuff for us and some Pokchow for everyone else." He went through his backpack. "I finally got some shopping done today! This time, I'm prepared for anything!"

Duc's Pikachu was happily enjoying the scenery on top of it's trainer. It saw the rest of the group's Pokmon and jumped off. Pikachu greeted them and they all started playing around with each other, away from rivers!

"Hmm, a Magicarp? What good are they?" asked Duc. "I can only remember two attacks that they can learn... Oh well, like my dad used to say: 'everything has it's ups and downs.'"

April 6th, 2004, 4:09 AM
OOC: Okay, let me see if I can tie up some loose ends and get everyone back on the same page! ^_^

IC: Agile happily jumped into the wagon Peter provided. Skye's other Pokemon followed suit.

"It's so neat to see how they get along, when in any other instance they would probably be battleing one another," Skye said thoughtfully, as they walked to the Center.

They were greeted by Lex, who showed them his new Magikarp. Skye blinked a few times, unsure of what to think, as she did not know they evolved int Gyrados.

"I'm happy for you, Lex," was all she could say, but she smiled.

After a night's rest, the trainers prepared to head into Viridian Forest. Skye gratefully accepted a cereal bar from Duc, and they made a quick stop at the Poke Mart for some supplies.

After that, the trek into the forest began!

April 7th, 2004, 10:43 AM
OCC: Finally, we're getting somewhere! We stayed at Viridian for, like what, at least 20 posts!

IC: After finishing a quick breakfast of fruit and cereal bars, Duc stands in front of the imposing Viridian Forest. "Wow, it looks like a big place to me." said Duc.

His Pikachu wasn't too thrilled. It scampered behind Duc and whimpered. "Comon now, Pikachu, don't me shy. It's just a place with lots of trees." Not feeling any better, Pikachu jumped and hid in Duc's backpack. "Oh great, now I have to carry even more weight."

For some reason, Duc felt like he forgot something at the Pokmon Center. He did a quick checklist. "Got my clothes, hat, glasses, backpack, food, Pikachu and other Pokmon, brushed teeth, took quick shower, called home, ate breakfast..." Duc then paused. "Wait a minute, call home... call Ash??? Aw, crap!!!!" Duc dashed off back to the city. Luckly, there was a video phone not too far away. He immediately called Professor Oak's lab. Tracy gave him the number and Duc then called Ash. Mrs. Ketchum picked up. "Sorry, you just missed him! He just left after hearing that Gary was back. He should be back in a couple of hours."

Duc thanked her and hung up. He hurried back to the group, a little unhappy. "Sorry, I didn't mean to hold up you guys! Lets get rolling!"

April 7th, 2004, 1:23 PM
Skye chuckled as Duc's Pikachu clambered into his backpack. Agile, who had taken quite a liking to Pikachu, jumped onto Duc's backpack and tried to coax Pikachu out of it. When it didn't work, Agile returned to Skye's shoulder.

The forest was rather quiet. A few bird Pokemon could be heard chirping here and there, but it was a rather serene day. Skye breathed in the fresh air, liking the idea of a Pokemon journey more and more.

Suddenly, a group of four trainers called to them from down the path. The apparent leader had dark, stick straight hair, sunglasses, camping shorts, and a black t-shirt. Beside him was a mean looking chick in black pants and a long blue shirt. Her blue hair was tied back in a bandana. The third to show up was another girl, a little shy looking, with long purple hair and round glasses, wearing comfortable looking green cargo pants with a brown shirt. The fourth was a younger looking kid, around the age of 10 or 11, with spiky red hair, and a similar outfit as the leader of the group.

"You, down there!" the leader called. "We want to challenge you guys to a match!"

Duc returned from using the videophone just in time to hear the challenge.

Skye looked at her companions, her blueish-purple eyes indicating a hint of nervousness.

"What do you guys think??" she asked.

OOC: Please remember that this is a R/B roleplay, so there won't be any of that fancy-shmance two on two battling! Thanks! ^_^

April 7th, 2004, 3:19 PM
IC:"Im ready to take them on, how bout you guys?" Lex said as his mind shifted to battling mode."Eevee ready to take em' on!" Lex was feeling confident because of the way Eevee has been battling lately.She had a major improvement.

Even though Lex was ready to battle with his pokeball in hand he was'nt sure if the group was ready.

Skye looked at her companions, her blueish-purple eyes indicating a hint of nervousness.

With that look Skye gave, he knew that she too was a bit nervous but ready to take em' on!

April 7th, 2004, 4:54 PM
OOC: those who accept a challenge from this group can roleplay the challenger, so the battle can go how you want, but be creative!! ^_^

IC: "I'll take a challenge!" Skye offered, after a confident "pika pi!" from Agile.

"Sound good!" the mean-looking girl said, narrowing her eyebrows. "I'll take you on!"

"And I'll take you on!" the leader of the group declared, pointing to Lex.

Skye walked over to the girl who had challenged her. They both waited to see what the rest of the group would do.

April 7th, 2004, 8:09 PM
Peter thought to himself. Hard to believe that after nearly half a year with Squirt, this would be their first battle with a trained Pokmon, "Well, I think it would be an interesting challenge, but it's not my decision to make." he said. With that, he turned to Squirt and Capie, who were sitting in the wagon. "Do you guys want to battle any of them?"
"Squirtle squirt squirt!" Squirt said enthusiastically. He was clearly in the mood for a battle. Capie on the other hand, was less than enthusiastic. "Cater..." It was clear that he'd prefer not to battle any of this seemingly tough crowd.

"Okay," said Peter finally, "We'll battle, but I'd prefer if it was a one on one fight... I mean each choosing one Pokmon and first one out loses. How about you?" he said, pointing at the eleven-year-old. "You seem like an eager type."

OOC note: When I italicize in speech, it means that I'm thinking it instead of saying it. I'll usually remind you, just to be sure.

April 8th, 2004, 6:05 AM
OOC: please remember that you will rp your own battle. Have fun!!

IC: Skye did her best to not look nervous as the mean-looking chick stared her down.

"I choose you, Bulbasaur!" the girl cried, sending out a pokeball.

"Ah! Erm....go Agile!" Skye commanded, as Agile leapt off her shoulder. "Use thundershock!"

It didn't seem to phase Bulbasaur much.

"Don't you know anything??" the girl demanded. "Grass has an advantage over electricity! Blubasaur, vine whip!"

"Dodge it, Agile, and use tackle!" Skye exclaimed.

Agile missed it narrowly, and managed a good tackle attack.
Bulbasaur, however, managed a few good attacks of its own. It got a very good hit with vine whip, weakening Agile substantially.

"Don't give up, Agile! You're a lot faster than Bulbasaur, so let's use that to our advantage! Dodge those vine whips as quick as you can, and make sure you fake that Bulbasaur out!" Skye advised, getting totally immersed in the battle. "See if you can tie up those vines!"

Agile did a tremendous job, faking movement so Bulbasaur would be confused. Eventually, Bulbasaur was tangled up in its vines, leaving it open to attack.

"Hit that Bulbasaur hard with a tackle!" Skye cried, and Agile finished it off quickly.

"That's not fair!" the girl wailed. "Return Bulbasaur! You'll be sorry, because my next Pokemon is Caterpie!"

She threw the Pokeball into the battle zone, and a big, strong looking Caterpie popped out. Skye took a moment to consider what she should do...

April 8th, 2004, 2:58 PM
IC:"Your ready Eevee!"Lex said."Eevee,Eevee!"Responded the Eevee ready for action.

"Pidgey,Go-oooo!"commanded the leader of the group.A hardcore Pidgey appeard from out of the pokeball.

Before Lex could even command his Eevee, the Pidgey was headed toward to Eevee with a peck.

"Eevee Jump!"the Eevee bounce up in the air and over the Pidgey who was about to peck her. The Eevee,up in the air landed directly on top of the Pidgey.

Lex commanded,"Eevee bite!"Eevee bit the Pidgey who fell on the floor.

"Get up Pidgey!"yelled the opponent in a harsh voice.The Pidgey got up, dazed. Before the Pidgey could recover from the hit Eevee headed straight foward and bashed against the Pidgey.Who fell in pain.

The trainer gingerly picked up the Pidgey concerned.And returned it back to its pokeball.

"Now you got me real mad!"screamed the trainer in anger. He then stroked a pokeball from his poket.

"Mankey go!"A hauman shaped pokemon came from within the pokeball. Lex was now really scared when he had saw the feirce,furosious but,he and his Evee were confident

April 9th, 2004, 6:14 AM
"Hey, wait! I didn't get to choose." yelled out Duc. The remaining girl, somewhat offended, yelled back. She pulled out a Pokball and threw it.

Pikachu, hearing the sounds of Pokmon battling around him, jumped out of the backpack and landed in front of Duc. Unfortunately, it was a little too far out front as the Pokball bounced off it's head. "Pikachu! Are you alright?" Pikachu nodded back as it saw the Pokball released the Pokmon inside.

Duc quickly pulled out his Pokdex. "It's a Geodude. Great..."
Pikachu, without waiting for orders, quickly gave a Thundershock. Geodude was unphased. "Pikachu, your supposed to wait until I say something!" said Duc.
"Tackle attack now!" yelled out the female trainer with glasses. It scored a direct hit on Pikachu, sending it flying in the sky.
Pikachu recovered in the air. "Pikachu, try to store some electricity." yelled Duc. Pikachu suddenly had small sparks flying from it's cheeks. "I hope this works," muttered Duc to himself. "Pikachu has no other attacks right now..."
The female trainer ordered Geodude to tackle again, this time while Pikachu was still in the air. The Geodude flew straight at it's target.
Duc ordered "Pikachu, use your electricity!" Pikachu used the stored electricity from it's red cheed pouches. It turned out that if there was time, the Thundershock would become a Thunderbolt even if the Pokmon didn't learn the move yet, it just takes longer to do.
The lightning bolt struck the Geodude and sent it crashing down towards the ground. When the dust had settled, Geodude had fainted. "What?!" said the suprised female trainer. "How did that work? Electric attacks aren't supposed to work on Ground Pokmon at all!" Duc was just as confounded. "I have no idea how that worked. I thought the Thunderbolt would just slow down the tackle, not stop it."
Because the Pokdex in Duc's pocket was also sensitive to sounds, including voices, it inturupted. It said that although there are types that are resistant to electricity, they're only doing so when on ground; they know how to ground electricity. If the ground isn't there, electricity would affect them like any other Pokmon.
"Whoa... I didn't know that." said Duc. The female trainer agreed.

"Wanna battle some more?" asked Duc. The girl was silent. After a few seconds, she replied "Geodude's my only Pokmon right now. Sorry!"

Pikachu was in shock, literally! Because it wasn't supposed to learn the attack yet, it's body couldn't take Thunderbolt so the attack had affected it too! Pikachu was daised, stumbling around until it hit a tree. Pikachu fell over and regained its sense of direction. Duc picked up his partner and went off to see how the others were doing.

April 9th, 2004, 9:28 AM
"Fury, go!" Skye commanded, pointing towards the caterpie. "We can make shor twork of this one! Peck attack!"

"Whoa!" te girl cried. "Caterpie, use string shot to slow it down!!"

It was no use. Fury was a very edgy and angry Pokemon, so it attacked the caterpie quickly. Caterpie fainted.

"That's all the Pokemon I have," the girl snapped in defeat.

"Thanks for the match," Skye said politely, as Fury landed softly on her shoulder. Agile added in a happy "pika pi!"

"Yeah, whatever!" the girl snapped, turning on her heel and marching angrily away.

Skye hugged Agile and Fury.

"You guys were awesome! I'm so proud of you!" she exclaimed.

Agile saw Duc's Pikachu just as it hit the tree after the match. She chased him onto Duc's shoulder, giving him a high five.

"SUccessful match, Duc?" Skye asked, running over.

April 9th, 2004, 1:03 PM
"Eh, it was a wierd, short one." said Duc. "Somehow, Pikachu beat a Geodude by using an Electric attack." He pulled out the Pokdex and played the info again.

Pikachu ran around a tree with an apple that Duc gave to it on its head. "Pika Pika!" squeled Pikachu with delight.

"Shouldn't we check on everyone else's battle?" asked Duc.

April 9th, 2004, 5:12 PM
OOC: I kept getting called away to do things. I actually started working on this post 10 hours ago.

The younger boy looked surprised. "You ask your Pokmon about battling? That's weird, man. But if you want one-on-one, that's fine. Bruce, GO!" He threw a Pokball, out of which came a rather large Machop.
Immediately, Squirt went into action, running at the Machop for a tackle attack. "Bruce, counter the attack!" yelled the boy. With a cry of "Chop!" the Machop easily sidestepped the attack, then picked up the prone Squirtle and tossed him. Needless to say, this left Squirt dazed for a moment. Peter smacked his forehead in dismay.
"Squirt, Bruce is a FIGHTING Pokmon! You're using the wrong strategy!" As Squirt was getting up, the boy commanded "Quick, charge at the Squirtle and finish him off!" Bruce ran towards Squirt, but before he got there Squirt had gotten back up and was running backwards, shooting a Water Gun at the charging Machop.
The surprise strategy paid off. The Water Gun hit Bruce in the eyes, blinding him for a moment and forcing him to stop short. Squirt continued to pelt him with Water Guns, maintaining his distance to keep away from Bruce's attacks. Soon, the boy decided to admit defeat. Returning Bruce to his Pokball, he said, "I don't think that's fair. I couldn't tell what you were doing like in most Pokmon battles... you don't give real instructions!"
Peter was surprised. "I didn't realize using prearranged strategies like that was frowned upon. Let's call it a tie, okay?" "Eh, okay..." the boy replied. They shook hands, and Peter returned with a proud-looking Squirt to the area that Skye and Duc were in.
"Well, Squirt's battle went well. Apparently I'm supposed to command attack-by-attack though... didn't know that."

April 10th, 2004, 5:54 AM
"I don't think it really matters how you give commands," Skye assured Peter, congradulating him on his success. "I mean, psycic people don't even have to talk aloud to give instructions, so I don't see why you can't use yours."

Agile jumped onto the ground, noticing Duc's Pikachu had an apple. She chased him around and around the tree, hoping to catch him.

"Agile, I have some food if you want some!" Skye exclaimed, offering her some Pokemon food.

Agile completely ignored her, and continued to chase Duc's Pikachu.

OOC:...where is Prof. Pine?? :(

April 10th, 2004, 9:46 AM
OOC: Yeah, where's he? Must be something to do with Spring Break... Oh yeah, to stay true with the show, I've decided that Pikachu is to remain genderless for now. Just to let ya know.

IC: Pikachu realized that Agile was chasing, so it ran deeper into the forest. While looking back, it ran into a log cabin in the middle of the forest. After rubbing its head, it saw a kid run off in the direction of the group. The kid seemed to carry a sharp object. Forgetting the apple, Pikachu started giving chase.

Duc was busy chatting with the rest of the trainers when suddenly he heard a yell. A kid was jumping at him. Duc stumbled and fell on his back. The kid then pointed a short sword at his face. "Are you back to finish our battle?" yelled the kid. Duc was quite startled, but yelled back "I have no idea who you're talking about!!! I just got in Viridian Forest!" The kid looked closer at Duc's face and realized that he was wrong. "Sorry about that. I'm the Samurai Kid, the best bug trainer in Viridian Forest! I thought you were that Ash kid from a while ago." Upon hearing his idol's name, Duc pushed the Samurai Kid off of him and went maniacal about the questioning.

Pikachu didn't hear any of the conversation and thought that Duc was under attack from the kid with the sword. Duc heard Pikachu ready to attack, so he pushed the kid aside and Duc took the Thundershock instead.

April 10th, 2004, 7:04 PM
IC:I guess i was to late to finish my mankey battle.But hey,it's ok.:D?or can I finish it?well anywayz here it goes!

OCC:"Gooo!Mankey!"The infuriated trainer called out.

A raging mankey appeared from the pokeball. At the sight of the viscous Mankey,the Evee backed off in terror."Come on Eevee dont get scared!Aww.. man!I only have one hope."

"Magickarp go!"...."Magic!..Ma-g..ic?"Once again the dopey pokemon embarrased Lex.

"HAHAHAHA!Is this all you got!"Said the leader laughing."All right let's get this over with!Mankey chop!"commanded the leader who was'nt as angry as before.The Mankey came directly at it's target and hardly hit him.

Magickarp fell down in pain,slobbering all over the floor.

Lex took out his his pokedex."What can this stupid pokemon do?"Asked Lex worried

The pokedex responded in a simple tone of voice "Nothing."

Lex saw the Magickarp suffer, being hit over and over by mankey."Nooo!!!"said Lex who started crying. He sat on the floor and started to sobbing. The Magickarp suffered and suffered being hit constantly. The Magickarp took a quik glance at Lex who was crying. He got mad and started to glow. Lex stood up confused. The Pokedex automatically reponded "He is evolving". "Wow" Lex said amazed at the new appearence of Magicarp. The new evolved form of magickarp threw out red flames from his mouth and in one shot killed the Mankey.In amazement the trainer said "HOW DID YOU DO THAT?".........

April 10th, 2004, 7:09 PM
OOC: Remember, NO KILLING! Just fainting. It's a children's series. It can't be that violent!

Sorry, can't think of any other event to happen. It's up to you guys here!

April 11th, 2004, 5:06 AM
OOC: cool cool if you want Pikachu to remain genderless...it just helps me to not get confused, but I guess since mine has a nickname, it'll be ok! ^_^

IC:Skye turned just in time to see the Magikarp evolve into Gyrados. She gaped at it, taken aback by its size.

"Holy cow!" Skye exclaimed. "Awesome, Lex!"

And then Duc got attacked by some kid with a sword.

What a wierd day! Skye thought to herself.

Agile finally caught up to Pikachu, the apple securely in her mouth, and assisted it with the shock meant for the Samurai Kid, even though Duc took the blow.

"Agile!" Skye exclaimed. "Leave Duc alone! He didn't do anything wrong!"

Embarassed, Agile hopped into Skye's messenger bag.

"Sorry!" Skye called to Duc and the Samurai Kid.

April 11th, 2004, 9:32 AM
OOC: I'm tryin to intergrate the show as much as possible as I can. If you ever do get confused, go to http://www.tvtome.com and search for Pokemon. Look under the episode lists and look up the summeries. If not, you can always go to http://www.pokemon.com and look it up there.

IC: "Man, now I know how Ash feels!" exclaimed Duc as he shrugged off the shock. He then noticed Lex's new Pokmon, which was towering overhead. "Whoa! Congradulations, Lex!"

Pikachu ran quickly to Duc's side, seeming to apoligize as best it could. "It's no problem, Pikachu." said Duc. "It's not the first time it's happened."

April 12th, 2004, 1:13 PM
Skye smiled at the group as they prepared to leave the battle scene. She felt stronger than before, and she was having a wonderful time with her friends on this journey.

"Come on, guys! I think I see s break in the trees! We must be getting close to Pewter City!" Skye exclaimed, feeling a rush of excitement as she raced down the path.

OOC: Where IS prof. pine???? Come back soon wherever you are!!!

April 12th, 2004, 4:23 PM
IC:"Gyrados come back!"Commanded Lex as the enourmous Gyrados was withdrawn. Lex was so proud at the improvement he had made. "Wait up!"yelled Lex struggling to catch up with the group.

Just then,through the long walk they spotted light shining through the forest which was a sign of Pewter City. "Eevee!"Eevee made a squeal of excitement. Lex's adventure was going magnificant and was the group's. (hopefully!:D)

April 13th, 2004, 6:06 AM
"Hold on!" yelled the Samurai Kid. "Before you leave the forest, you have to battle me first!"
Remembering an online post of the kid's Pokmon, Duc sighed. "Are you sure you want to battle us? From what I've heard, the only decent Pokmon in your group is a Pinsir!"
"Well, you're about to be suprised!" snaped the kid back. He threw four Pokballs. Out came out not just Pinsir, but a Butterfree, a Venonat, and a Scyther.
Duc quickly used his Pokdex. Before he started for his own Pokballs, he suddenly remembered what Mrs. Ketchum said. "Kid, we don't have time for this!!! I've got to get to Pewter City right away!!!" Duc pushed the kid aside, but his Pokmon were blocking the only open path.
"Oh no you don't!" said the kid "To become the best Bug trainer, I've got to battle all trainers that come through this forest!"
Seeing that there's no other choice, Duc sent out one of his Staryu and prepared for battle.
The Samurai Kid smirked. "That's what I thought! Since there's four of you, I'll battle with one Pokmon per trainer." The kid first challenged Duc with his Pinsir.

"Staryu, Water Gun!" commanded Duc. Pinsir took a direct hit, but it didn't move one step. "Pinsir, Crunch attack!" yelled the kid. The Pinsir charged at Staryu with its horns wide open. Before Duc could react, Staryu was already caught by Pinsir. "Staryu, spinning tackle attack!" Staryu started rotating like a pinwheel in Pinsir's horns. Eventually, Pinsir couldn't hold on to Staryu. Staryu was flung in the air by the rapid spinning. Thinking now's the time, Duc yelled out "Staryu, Water Gun at Pinsir's feet now!" Staryu did so, and the ground beneath Pinsir's feet became mud. Pinsir sunk in and was trapped. Knowing that the battle was over, the Samurai Kid recalled his bug.

"Good job, novice! I haven't seen a better trainer since I challenged Ash!" Duc held himself back on hearing the name. "Thanks for the battle! now can we go?!?!" Duc said huriedly. "Not yet." replied the kid. "I have to challenge the rest of the novices first! Since I'm in a good mood, you can choose which of my Pokmon to battle."

April 13th, 2004, 6:16 AM
Skye felt herself sweat drop. This kid was nuts...

"Okay..." she trailed off, and looked at the pokemon she had to choose from. Agile did not seem to amused, but she pointed at the Butterfree, "pika pi!"

"Alright then," Skye said, raising her voice so the bug trainer could hear her. "I challenge you and your butterfree."

OOC: Duc, are you going to play the role of the samurai kid, or am I battling myself?

April 13th, 2004, 8:01 AM
OOC: You guys can take over the battle. Like you said, each person must take control of their own battles. That is, unless it requires the group (i.e. Team Rocket) If not, battles would take far too long; probably more than 5 posts. This battle scene is supposed to be a real quick one, so try to do it in one post.

"Um, are you sure about that choice?" questioned Duc as he examined the Butterfree closely. "From what I've heard, that Butterfree has taken on Beedrill before." Then again, it was a fluke say trainers. "It just got lucky and used Sleep Powder, the Beedrill fell for it, and was a 'victory' for the kid." quoted a trainer in Duc's mind. Also,when the kid had challenged Ash, the kid used the pre-evolution of Butterfree, Metapod. Ash was crazy enough to use his own Metapod. Both used only Harden. That 'battle' had lasted for hours...

After some thought, Duc reassured Skye and Agile "OK, I take that back. Go get that little bugger!" (sorry for the pun!)

April 13th, 2004, 11:25 AM
"Go Agile! Use thundershock!" Skye commanded.

Agile rushed onto the scene, powered up, and thundershocked the butterfree as hard as she could. The butterfree, dazed, fluttered around awkwardly for a few seconds, and then prepared to attack with sleep powder.

"Wah! Dodge it as best you can!" Skye cried, and fanned away the strange smelling powder from her face. "Use thundershock again and see if you can knock it out!"

Agile raced behind the butterfree, and before the powder could touch her, gave the most powerful thundershock she had ever produced.

The butterfree hovered in the air for a few seconds, and then fell gracefully to the ground. The powder hit Agile and put her to sleep as the Butterfree fainted.

"So...erm...what do we call this?" Skye asked awkwardly, shoving her hands in her pockets, and watching Agile's lids close into a pleasant slumber.

"A draw?" offered the samurai kid.

"Okay," Skye agreed. She picked up the sleeping Agile, shook the Samurai Kid's hand, and started for Pewter once more.

April 14th, 2004, 8:58 AM
OOC: Wah! Where's everyone??? BTW, I posted recently on fanfic of Brock, Skye.

IC: "Well, that wasn's what I expected." Said Duc after the battle while Pikachu was asleep on his head. "Pikachu here must have had some of that powder... Oh well! No worries about looking after it for now!" Duc glanced at the horizon. Pewter City's lights were turning on while the sun was still going down.

"Oh great, can we PLEASE just go now?!?!" yelled Duc urgently. "I just gotta talk to Ash!!!" The Samurai Kid was waiting for the rest of the trainers to decide who to fight. "You know you can go now, novice. You've already beaten me, ya know!" Feeling a bit stupid, Duc yelled as he ran "Right! I'll meet you guys at the Pokmon Center!"

April 14th, 2004, 9:40 AM
OOC: woot! Thanks, Duc!

IC: Skye raced down the road to the pokemon center with Duc, hping the other trainers would catch up soon. She left her Pokemon with Nurse Joy, and then proceeded to flop down onto a comfortable chair near the window. She sighed with relief.

"Well, that was an interesting day!" she said to Duc.

April 14th, 2004, 11:37 AM
OOC: Sorry it isn't much, but heck, no one was looking at the fanfic, so I had to post something!

IC: Duc glanced out the window while the videophone was dialing. The moon was already out. He hoped to talk to Ash today. A Mr. Mime picked up the phone. Duc used the Pokdex quickly and tried to ask for Ash.
"Hi. Uh, is Ash up right now?" asked Duc a little anxiously. "Mr. Mime!" replied the Pokmon.
"Is that a yes or a no?"
"Mime, Mr. Mime!"
Frustrated, Duc started to raise his voice. "What's that mean???" Frightened, Mr. Mime dropped the phone and ran out of the kitchen where it was located. "Oh great..." muttered Duc. Suddenly, Mrs. Ketchum appeared, calming down the bewildered Pokmon. She got to the phone. "Sorry to call you so late, but is Ash avalible?" asked Duc. "Sorry, Ash is taking a nap right now. Since you've called so many times, how about I call you back when he's awake, OK?" Duc eagerly accepted and told her that he's at the Pewter City's Pokmon Center. Both hung up at the same time.

Pikachu, still asleep on Duc's head, was dreaming about a large apple tree...

Duc heard Skye and congradulated her. "That was a neat battle you did back there." said Duc. "You had that Butterfree going all over the place!" Duc then headed to the Pokmon Center's main desk to let his Staryu rest. He was suprised to see another Nurse Joy behind the counter. Startled, he wondered if she was the same Nurse Joy back in Viridian City. She explained the whole story, that all of the Pokmon Centers in this and many other regions were run by a sister or a reletive of hers that looks exactly like one another. Duc didn't wait to hear much more as he got a headache from what he just learned.
"Wonder how the other guys are doing?"

April 14th, 2004, 12:25 PM
"Thanks," Skye said in appreciation. "I don't really have any pokemon that would do well against bug types except for Fury, but though Agile has a weakness against bug types, she's really strong against flying types. She seemd to be the most eaget to battle."

She returned her gaze out the window.

"I hope the others will catch up soon," she said softly. "I wonder where they wandered off to?"

Nurse Joy returned with Skye and Duc's Pokemon, fully restored to their best health. Skye called all her Pokemon out so they could relax with her, and get ready for the gym battle that she hoped would happen tomorrow. They watched the sun set quietly over the horizon.

"I hope we can check out the gym tomorrow," she said, smiling at Duc. She tossed her long blond hair over her shoulder, her blue-violet eyes shinning with contentment. "I can't wait to get my first badge!"

April 14th, 2004, 3:17 PM
OOC:Skye got your mesaage Im very sorry.I apologize.Well, anyways here I go.

IC:"Guys!...Guys...."Lex waited for an awnser. Lex and Eevee were exhausted. Somehow they got lost in the forest and were now looking for the group. After miles and miles of walking in the deep dark forest,Eevee had spotted light bending through the trees.She squeeled in exitement. Lex was also exited and at the site of the light
he ran desperatly toward the sunshine.

Finally,they reached the city and ran immeadiatly to the pokecenter hoping to find his allies there. When he entered the pokemon center he was relived to find skye and duc there(hopefully waiting for him!:D)

April 14th, 2004, 5:31 PM
OOC: Don't worry Lex, we haven't left yet! Also, the sun had already gone down, so the lights were probably the city itself.
And Skye, I don't think that Electric types have a weakness against Bug types...

"Hey there, Lex!" yelled out Duc to the arriving buddy. "What took you so long?" Duc glanced at Lex's clothes and saw a few small branches and leaves. "Oh, lost in the forest, I suppose?"

Duc told the group that he was gonna walk around the Pokmon Center to find more info on Pewter City's gym. Suddenly, he spotted Officer Jenny. "Hi there! Remember me?" asked Duc. Jenny looked with a suprised look. "Ash! What brings you back here?" Duc guessed that was going to happen, so he let Jenny look at him a little closer. "Oh, I'm sorry! I thought you were Ash. You are wearing clothes similar to his." Duc replied "Yeah, I get that a lot. I thought you were back in Viridian City." "Oh, you mean my younger sister?" Duc looked a bit confused. "You have twins and relatives that are identical, just like Nurse Joy, right?" "You got it kid!"

Duc then realized that she had mentioned Ash, so he changed moods completely and asked the usual questions. After a few minutes, Duc then switched topics to the gym. Duc found out that Brock was back, just like one of his buddies said. Eager to meet him, Duc started to dash to the door when he realized that he too was probably sleeping. "Oh well... lets get ready for bed, Pikachu!"

Pikachu still was in a deep sleep. In its' dream, it had climbed the tree and was eating all the apples it wanted. Pikachu felt happy...

April 14th, 2004, 6:43 PM
OOC: So glad to have you back, lex! You don't need to apologize! And electric types are not necessarily weak against grass/bug types, they just aren't very effective.

IC: "Wow, Lex! It looks like you've been through some rough terrain!" Skye exclaimed, glad to see one of their companions return safely. She yawned, and stretched in her chair, her pokemon happily situated around her. "I think we should head to bed..."

She called her pokemon back into their pokeballs, and got ready for bed.

"Godnight, guys!" she called, before she disappeared into her designated bunk.

April 15th, 2004, 7:43 AM
Already changed in his pajamas, Duc cleans himself up before hitting the sack. When he got on his bunk, he didn't go to sleep immediately. He thought of what's been happening so far.

"Man, what a trip so far." he muttered to himself. "I bet Ash didn't have to go through all of this..."

Duc felt too tired to move his lips, so he just thought some random thoughts. *I expected to head off in this journey by myself, but luckly, Skye and the others tagged along. I don't know how I'd get this far without them. And Pikachu... it's finally got some friends it can be comfortable around with. Then there's Team Rocket... Butch and Cassidy did say that they were after more than just Pokmon that time. I wonder what they were looking for? They looked very serious to me...*

Duc then dozed off into a deep sleep. Remarkably, he started to dream. He never seemed to remember his dreams before, but since setting foot on Pallet Town, he's been dreaming like a little kid.

In the dream, Duc found himself back in Cerulean City. He then noticed an orange headed girl run off towards Cerulean Cape. Duc quickly followed, but followed quitely as he didn't want to be found out. After crossing a bridge and a short walk, Duc saw the girl on the beach. She was staring out into the sea. The girl looked like she was waiting for somebody. Suddenly, a photo fell out of her pack she was carrying. Oddly enough, the photo caught an updraft. It flew towards Duc. He caught it in the air. Duc quickly glanced at it. It was a picture from somewhere familiar. This photo however had pencil and pen heart shapes over a boy, who apparently was the main part of the photo. The boy did look like him, but he didn't wear glasses and he had a different emblem on his hat. Duc was about to find out who that boy was until something woke him up from his sleep.

Pikachu kicked around in his sleep, knocking Duc in the head with it's feet. The tree in it's dream had fallen. Upset, Pikachu did a Thundershock at the tree. Unknowingly, it also did so in not-dream world, shocking Duc in the process.

Smelling a bit overdone, Duc woke up as well as Pikachu. A small fire erupted from the sheets Duc covered himself with, but fortunately took it out before anything happened. "Pikachu, how many times have I told you that you shouldn't eat apples just before going to sleep?" whispered Duc, hoping not to wake the others. "You know that apples cause you to have wierd dreams!" Pikachu took on a sad face, apoligizing. "Oh come on now. You were just hungry, that's all!" After a few minutes of comforting his Pokmon, Duc dozed back off to sleep.

April 15th, 2004, 10:12 AM
The sun started creeping up over the horizon, waking Skye from her sleep. She turned over and looked at the time...6:30 am!

"Oh, it's so early," she groaned, and rolled out of bed. She looked over at Duc, who seemed a little crispy this morning, probably due to his Pikachu. Agile was still snoozing, and kicking her feet as she slept.

Skye walked out to greet the sun. She let the soft, warm rays grace her skin, filling her with energy. Some bird Pokemon started singing in the trees, and she caught sight of the gym.

A guy a bit older than she was walking into the gym. He had dark skin, and spiky black hair, and wore brown pants, an orange shirt, and a green vest. She blinked a few times, trying to clear her head, and then he caught sight of her.

Skye felt herself blush as the guy's expression gave way to a drool-ish gaze. Skye smiled weakly, hoping he didn't think she was strange...and then she realized that he must, for she was still in her pajamas! She blushed a deep red, and ran back into the Pokemon center to change.

April 15th, 2004, 11:33 AM
OOC: Uh huh... Must be that fanfic!

IC: Duc was still sleeping when Skye woke up early that morning. Pikachu though inturrupted Duc's slumber and complained about hunger. "Boy, Pikachu. you're always hungry aren't you?" teased Duc as he rummaged through his pack on the wall. He pulled out some Pokmon pellets. "Sorry. Looks like we're all out of apples for now." He said. Pikachu didn't seem to complain one bit and started munching away. Duc then noticed that there were a bunch of apple cores where the fruit used to be. "Pikachu must have had a late night snack..."

Duc noticed that Skye had run back into the room. "Hey, what's the matter?" asked Duc. He waited for a response when he suddenly saw a figure through the doors. He was unsure of the person, so he walked out the Pokmon Center. The doors opened automatically when Duc noticed that it was one of Ash's long time buddies.

"Brock?!?!" Duc startled. "He's here now?!?! I gotta get my recorder!" He ran back to retrieve his electronic equipment from his clothes. When he did finally get the recorder free from the clutches of his jeans, he ran back out, hoping that he could interview him. Unfortunately for Duc, Brock had already gone away from the Center's view. "Aw man! Missed another one!!!" Duc dragged himself back in the Pokmon Center and slumped himself back in bed.

Too bad Pikachu was there at the same time! When Duc slammed his body at the bed, Pikachu and its pellets went flying. Angry, Pikachu zapped Duc once again.

Duc was far too tired from running back and forth to even complain.

April 15th, 2004, 11:48 AM
Skye plopped down onto a chair, now in her day time clothes. Her face was still a deep red, and she looked at Duc in embarassment.

"You see...erm...that guy? Yeah...I was in my pajamas, and..." she trailed off as Duc's Pikachu electrafied him once more. She was quiet for a few moments. "He's this city's gym leader...isn't he?"

April 15th, 2004, 6:00 PM
IC:"Woah!"Lex yawned in amazement at the sight of the bright yellow of Pikachu's thundershock. He rised up from the bed and Eevee remained sleeping.

"Eevee come on we have to go!"Yelled Lex who was a bit grumpy. "Im sorry Eevee, Im a bit grumpy"Lex apoligized.

Lex immeadialy put on his close making sure not to be left back. The group walked out the door and Lex followed,Eevee comfortably layed on his head still sleepy.

April 15th, 2004, 9:53 PM
OOC: Gah, just haven't been finding time to post. I'll try to be more regular, don't worry.

The three were met outside by Peter, with all of his gear and looking only a little tired. "I suppose we got split up again," explained Peter. "It took a little time convincing that crazy Samurai Kid that I wasn't a trainer. But we got through eventually... I got a room in one of those Motel 6 places because the Center was closed. Took a nasty bite out of my funds though. Good thing I can get some Pokmon food on the cheap in this town."

"Cater, caterpie?" commented Capie, pointing to (rather singed) Duc. "I dunno," responded Peter. He turned to Duc. "So, Capie here wants to know... what happened to ya?"

April 16th, 2004, 5:51 AM
OOC:Hey Skye, I've finally finished your other fanfic, and I've got to say. I'm VERY impressed! Look it up for my comments. You guys should read both her fanfics. They're great!

IC:"Took ya long enough!" Duc said. "You didn't get lost like Lex did, did ya? Anyways, first time Pikachu zapped me, it was when I was talking to the Samurai Kid. Then, there was it's bad dream. Most recent was when Pikachu was on the bed I slammed in. Yeah, it's normal."

Duc combed his hair out so that the hair wouldn't stand out anymore. "Man, I've gotta get Brock to tell me all about Ash!" he muttered to himself. He wanted to call the Ketchum residence, but he'd know it'll be rude to call so early in the morning. Besides, Mrs. Ketchum did say she'd call the Pokmon Center when he does get up.

Pikachu, still mad about losing its breakfast, tugged at Duc's jeans. "Fine. Let's eat some breakfast at the Pokmon Center's Cafteria before we head out."

April 16th, 2004, 10:45 AM
The group enjoyed a breakfast at the Poke Center, glad to be in each other's company once more. Once they were finished, they headed to the gym, and Skye was immediately embarassed to find Brock was the guy who had seen her this morning....

OOC: More later I promise!

April 16th, 2004, 2:36 PM
IC:At the sight of Brock,once we entered the Gym,Skye started to blush in a deep red. Lex giggled a little. Lex noticed that Duc was a bit eager to talk to Brock (must have been something about ash )Lex thought. Lex was also a bit eager to get the battle going because it was his first gym battle.

OOC:Did I power play?Im not sure if i took over ducs character.Ill be writing more soon...

April 16th, 2004, 4:29 PM
OOC: I don't think you power played at all, but I'll leave that up to Duc! Nice to have you all back!! P.S. I know it may seem like I'm a little conceited when it comes to Brock being all googly at my char, but if you read my fanfic (thanks, Duc!) I think you'll understand the humor behind it....hehe.....

IC: "Wow, guys...I'm so nervous!" Skye exclaimed.

She was facing her friends, and had her back towards Brock. When she turned around to challenge him, he had gone all googly-eyed at her. She sweatdropped uncomfortably.

"Is he going to look like that the whole time?" she asked nervously. "Maybe one of you guys should challenge him first?"

Agile sweatdropped also, not looking too fond of Brock at all. She cleared her throat, and gained her composure, and waited for Duc, lex or Peter to make their challenge.

April 16th, 2004, 6:31 PM
IC:"Im certiantly ready!"yelled Lex eager and ready to battle. Brock, being Gymleader, of course accepted his challenge.

"Ok!I'll start off by using Geodue!Geodude Goo!"he said ready and prepared to battle.

"Eevee are you ready?"asked Lex. Eevee responded with a growl of terror meaning he was ready.

lex attacked first. "Ok Eevee tackle!"Lex commanded. Not noticing that this pokemon was rock,Eevee bashed right against him and fell in pain."Oh No!"Lex screamed in terror. But,the Eevee managed to get up. Lex quickly thought of a strategy to take this hard headed pokemon down.

"Ok!Eevee use sandattack!"Lex commanded. Eevee kicked up sand from the ground wich soon blinded the Geodude. "Comeon this is our chance,use the hardest tackle you have!"Eevee fully charged his tackle and headed head first to geodude. The geodude fell in pain and tried to get up but at the moment fainted.

"Very good!"Brock exclaimed surprised at the power the Eevee had unleashed.

"Now I shall release Onix!"He said as a huge enourmous pokemon appeared from within the pokeball. His size was about Lex's Gyrados."Alright come back Eevee"Lex commanded."You did awsome and great!". Lex released His Gyrados witch was towering overhead somewhat like the Onix.

Lex was already exited Knowig that the battle betwen these gigantic pokemon was going to be facinating and intruiging.

OOC:I want to give my Eevee a nickname.Can I?If so I want it to be "Neo"

April 16th, 2004, 8:26 PM
OOC: Sure Lex, you can name your Eevee anyting you want. Lex sorta did power play, but I know he won't do it again. By definition, power playing is making that person's character do something that is up to the character's person. (i.e. making people talk, do unexpected actions) If it's not obvious (obvious meaning based on previous posts), it's considered power playing. I don't mean this to offend you Lex! I'm just stating the rules in detail.

Lol, read the fanfic on Brock. It's great, and maybe Skye might do something from the fanfic... Well, that's up to her! If anybody does plan to read the fanfic, you might have to free up some of your time, but it's worth it! Oh yeah... I've got another idea after the battles. From the show, obviously; fills a blank from the new series.

IC: Duc was struggling to get to Brock as fast as he could to interview him, but his Pikachu and both his Staryu were holding him back. "Oh comon guys!! Just let me talk to him!!!" The Pokmon know that Brock's in a gym battle right now, so it's best not to disturb him.

Finally giving up, Duc stood there and stared at the battle between Lex and Brock. Lex nearly got a full arsenal of Pokmon, but Brock's only got his Geodude and Onix. (can't use his other Pokmon... they're from Johto!) Oddly enough, Duc remember Brock's face before the battle. He seemed like a complete moron. Trying to get that image out of his head, Duc was trying to remember how to get that stupid look off his face...

The Staryu were hiding behind Duc, trying to hide from Brock's view. Duc just then realized it too. "You guys are right," he said. "I'd better call you guys back or else Brock might be prepared for it." He recalled his Staryu and Pikachu hopped back on his shoulder. Pikachu was a bit angry still, but it forgave Duc for earlier this morning.

April 16th, 2004, 9:44 PM
Peter, Squirt, and Capie took a seat and watched the battle. Squirtle in particular was watching the Gyrados in hopes of getting some good strategies. Peter turned to Duc and commented, "I assume that you're going next, right? After all, he's been in contact with Ash and... well we all know how you are about Ash."

April 17th, 2004, 6:54 AM
"Go, Lex!" Skye cheered excitedly from the bleachers on the side of the battle arena. "You're doing awesome!"

Even though Skye had seen Gyrados before, she still gasped in awe when it came out of it's pokeball. The giant Pokemon was quite intimidating.

Agile cheered Lex on as well, and all the while Skye couldn't help but wonder what the deal was with Brock's attitude towards her. It kind of freaked her out...

OOC: hehehe....I'm going to have fun with this gym!!!^_^

April 17th, 2004, 7:48 AM
OOC: As will I. As will I... (Read the fanfic!)

IC: "Wait, what?!?! I can't face him next!" said Duc "That Onix is way too strong!" Remembering the articles he had read online, Brock's Onix had an impressive record of victories. Of course, it had some losses too, but they were nowhere near its victory count.

Pikachu hid behind Duc's legs as it saw the giant Onix. "See, my Pokmon are scared stiff of that Onix! I also haven't been training like I should! Maybe I should go last..."

Duc noticed that Brock was doing that googly face at Skye again. "Man, what was it that stopped him from doing that???" Duc muttered to himself.

April 17th, 2004, 11:21 AM
OOC:OK Duc I was just making sure. So well,Neo it is for Eevee.

IC:"Are you ready Gyrados?"Asked Lex. Gyrados roared showing its strengh.

"Ill attack first!" Brock yelled from across the stadium. Lex noticed that Brock was drooling over Skye he would'nt take his eyes of her. Lex did'nt pay much attention though.

"Onix! Bind!" commanded Brock. Onix wraped himself around Gyrados. Gyrados was struggling to get out. Lex though quickly. "Gyrados rage!"Lex yelled. The Gyrados started getting red all over. Onix look puzzled as he squeezed Gyrados harded and harder. Then,all of a sudden the onix went off flying .

Onix,who was in mid air,recovered from the blow.
Before Brock could order his Onix, Gyrados came directly at its target with rage which was somewhat like a tackle but stronger.

The onix flew away again. Then brock commanded "Onix Rockthrow". Rocks came showering from up top and landed right on the Gyrados."Comeon get up from there" Lex yelled.

After a moment of silence a rumbling came from within the rocks. The Gyrados,surprisingly,blasted from the rocks.

"Ok Lets get this over with,Dragon rage now!" Lex commanded. Once again the Gyradoos got red and red flames emerged from his mouth. Once the flames touched the Onix it just stood there not even scratched by the attack."Huh?"Lex said confused. Without even time to think about it,Onix came rapidly towards the Gyrados with a takle.

"Dodge it now!"lex yelled. Just in time Gyrados
move and Onix bashed right against the Gym's walls."This is your chance Gyrados water gun Now!"Lex commanded.Water came splashing from the Gyrados's mouth.

The pain built up from the crash of the wall and the Onix could'nt take. It tried to get up but before it even could Gyrados attacked with rage once again. Eventually, it fainted.

"Yes!We did it" yelled lex happily.
"Very good" Brock said amazed at the defeat as he handed over a small shiny object.
"Whats this?"Lex asked wondering.

"Its a Badge"Explained Brock."You get it every time you defeat a gymleader."

Lex took it from his hand and felt its texture and examined it. "Cool!" He said.

Lex was very happy at the improvement his team made."Yess!HAHAHA!"Lex yelled since it was his first badge. He jumped and bounced around exited. Remembering the goup was near by He said "Good luck guys!I hope you win!"

"Im going to the pokemon center to go heal my pokemon ill be back as soon as possible to watch you battle."Lex said and headed off exitedly jumping up and down.

OOC:Woah thank god im done with that:D

April 17th, 2004, 12:12 PM
OOC: Very good battle scene, Lex! I was on the edge of my seat!

IC: "Awesome job, Lex!" Skye exclaimed, jumping up and down with excitement. "Your Gyrados is so cool, and so strong!"

She gave Lex a hug in congradulations, and wished him luck as he headed to the Pokemon Center. She then proceeded to walk over to Duc, whose Pikachu was hiding timidly behind him.

"Don't worry, Duc," Skye assured him with a smile. "I'll go next, and hopefully that'll make your Pikachu a little more confident too!"

She smiled, and walked to the arena where Brock was reviving his Pokemon for the next battle.

His jaw dropped at the sight of her. She blushed, but regained her senses quickly.

"Brock Stone," she said, remembering the name she had seen on the sign at the entrance of the gym. "I challenge you!"

"S-s-s-sure...." he said, and she could have sworn there was drool coming out of his mouth.

"I want an honest battle!" Skye exclaimed, feeling insulted by Brock's funny faces. "I want to win the badge fair and square! Don't go easy because I'm a girl!"

Brock seemed to snap out of his daze, realizing that he was about to enter a battle.

"I accept your challenge," he said, his voice official and intimidating. "Go, Geodude!"

The geodude popped out of the ball, looking as aggressive as ever.

"Rock type," Skye thought to herself. "I should use water or grass, but what about his Onix? Agile might be able to handle it for a while...Go Agile!"

Skye could see that it was an immediate mistake, as Agile's electric attacks had no effect on the strong rock pokemon. Skye thought furiously...there had to be a way to make this work!

It was then that she noticed an unstable rock formation out of the many in the rock gym. If that fell on Geodude, then it would surely be out of comission!"

"Agile, use your awesome speed, and head towards that rock with a tackle attack!" Skye exclaimed, as more of a suggestion than a command.

Agile knew what Skye was thinking, and charged towards the rocks at full speed. Geodude followed suit with a strong tackle attack, and the pile of rocks fell...

...and Agile was not fast enough to dodge it completely.

"Tackle that rock!" Skye exclaimed, as she saw the shard of hard rock heading towards Agile.

Though severely weakened, Agile managed to escape the rock, and the Geodude emerged from the pile of rocks, weakened, but still able to battle.

Agile teetered for a few steps, and then collapsed on the ground.

"Oh, Agile, I'm so sorry!" Skye ran onto the playing field, and picked the exhausted Pikachu up. "You fought really well, and I'm really proud of you. Just rest now, and you'll be okay."

She looked angrily at Brock.

"Sticky, go!" she cried, sending out her Caterpie.

"Cater!" Sticky said brightly, not intimidated by the geodude.

"Use string shot to slow it down!" Skye commanded.

Sticky shot a thick, gooey web at the Geodude, hitting it in the eye. The Geodude, tried to peel the sticky stuff off, and Skye saw her advantage.

"Get in there with a solid tackle, Sticky!" Skye exclaimed, feeling a smile of premature victory cross her face.

Sticky charged full speed at the Geodude, and for its size, delivered a nice tackle, sending the severly weakened Geodude out of comission.

"Awesome job, Sticky!" Skye cried, as the Caterpie jumped into her arms. "That was so great!!"

At that point, the Caterpie started to glow, and changed shape. When the glow faded, Skye held an exceptionally heavy, banana shaped Metapod in her arms. She whipped out her Pokedex, and it gathered information on the Pokemon.

"You know harden now too?" she exclaimed in suprise. "Awesome! Are you okay to keep battling?"

"Meta!" Sticky exclaimed affirmatively.

"Go Onix!" Brock exclaimed, and the massive rock-snake emerged.

Sticky cried out in horror, and fled to Skye.

"It's okay, Sticky," she assured the Metapod, hugging it. "You did really well with that Geodude, and deserve a rest! Go Ninja!"

The Staryu flew out of its pokeball, ready for action. The Onix looked down on it, as if scoffing at the small Poikemon. Ninja seemed a little freaked out. It shuddered a few times under the glare of the massive Pokemon.

"I can't win with a size advantage like Lex did," Skye said to herself. She looked hard at the Onix, trying to find a weakness. "I bet it isn't very fast...Ninja, circle around the Onix as fast as you can!"

The Staryu, began to spin, and used that momentum to propell itself into the air, and around the Onix, moving faster and faster.

"Onix, use your bind attack!" Brock commanded, his voice becoming worried.

Staryu flew out of the reach of the Onix's bind attack each time. The Onix tangled itself up trying to catch Ninja.

"Use water gun!" Skye cried.

Ninja continued to circle around the thoroughly confused Onix, and delivered a very fine water gun attack, sending the Onix out of comission.

"All right!" Skye exclaimed happily, as her Staryu flew towards her at top speed, knocking her over. She hugged Ninja tightly, congradulating it, and giving it a good rest by returning it to its pokeball.

"Good match," Brock said, a hint of his drool-over-ever-girl-he-sees mode creeping into his expression. He started to grin sheepishly. "I, erm, apologize for beign foward back there, but erm....would you....would you want to....hang out later?"

Skye blushed furiously, as they were in hearing distance of her friends. She didn't know what to say at first.

"Can I get back to you about that...after my friends get their match?" she asked sweetly, as he handed her a badge. She thanked him and returned to her friends.

"She's probably going out with that kid there with the Pikachu," he grumbled under his breath. "I don't stand a chance."

Meanwhile, Skye was in the midst of her companions, excited about her win.

"Duc, you should really go give it a try!" Skye exclaimed. "I bet your Pokemon are totally ready! You'll do great!"

Brock overheard her encouragement to Duc, and keeping a professional outward appearance, returned to his place at the arena.

"Who's next?" he demanded.

April 17th, 2004, 2:04 PM
OOC:Wow Skye that great (Better than mine of course!) Im jealous!:D

IC:Lex walked into the gym,as Brock gave Skye the badge. "Aww!Mann!I missed it"Lex exclaimed.

Lex walked up to Skye and congradulated her with a hug.

"Alright, so who's turn is it next?"Lex asked. Well,there was only Duc. (Im not sure if any body else) However, before he had left to the pokemon center he had seen Duc's pikachu hide behind him in terror. Who ever was next, Lex was eager to see.

April 17th, 2004, 2:43 PM
Peter agreed with Skye. "Yeah, Duc, it's your turn. I'm not sure I want to compete at all. Besides, both Lex and Skye did fine. It shouldn't be TOO hard, especially with both of those Staryus!" Squirt and Capie seemed to agree, encouraging Duc's Pikachu in their own strange languages.

April 17th, 2004, 6:20 PM
OOC: Give yourself a little more credit, Lex! Your post was excellent!

IC: "Go for it, Duc! You can do it!" Skye exclaimed, clapping him on the shoulder. "Go show Brock what you're made of!"

"Pi, pikachu!" Agile exclaimed in agreement, high-fiving Pikachu in encouragement.

April 17th, 2004, 8:49 PM
OOC: I just noticed that in both of your fanfics and in this RP that you've given last names to Brock (and Misty). Officially, they don't have any. Odd, isn't it? Oh well... Maybe later they will. (wink, wink)

IC: Duc stared at how well Skye handled her Pokmon with his mouth gaping open. "Whoa... She's good." He then noticed that Skye had already finished. "Congrats, Skye! You too Lex!"

Duc tried to reason with the other trainers, but it did no good. "Okay... I'll try my best." Duc said.

After a few minutes of resting between the battle, Pikachu finally got the courage to get out of Duc's backpack. "Well, are you ready for the match?" Pikachu was a little nervous, but it decided to take the plunge.

Brock had his back turned to Duc when he enter the stadium. Just then, Pikachu decided to be playful and steal Duc's glasses. "Hey, give those back!" he yelled. Brock turned around and was startled. He walked across the stadium while Duc was struggling to get his glasses back. Brock gave Duc a heavy slap to the back and said "Hey, Ash! What are you doing in Pewter City?" Duc fell to the ground and finally got his glasses back. Duc turned around. "Sorry, wrong guy." Brock jumped back suprised. Duc then explained everything.

After a short talk, Brock agreed to battle Duc. The stadium was set. Brock threw his Pokball first. "Go Geodude!" he yelled. "As your first gym leader, I'll have to limit myself to two Pokmon."

Duc sighed. "I know the rules already. Comon, I've been doing research on a other things that just Ash! Just not that much more..." He threw his Pokball. Staryu jumped out, ready for battle.

When the judge had announced the beggining of the battle, Duc had a strange feeling in his head. He shook it off and concentrated on the situation ahead.

"Geodude, Tackle attack now!" Brock commanded. Duc yelled back "Staryu, Water Gun!" Because Geodude had many battles before this one, it easily evaded the attack that Staryu had thrown at it. Incredibly, the Geodude was faster that Staryu. Geodude hit the Pokmon head on, sending Staryu flying towards the wall on Duc's side.

"Staryu, use Water Gun on the wall to slow down!" Staryu blasted a stream of water at the wall, causing it to recover in mid-air. "That won't happen again, Brock!" Duc said.

"I see you've been training hard. Fine. Then, Geodude, Rock Throw!" Geodude bashed the ground and threw the rubble at it's opponent.

Seeing this ahead of time, Duc commanded "Staryu, spinning Tackle attack through the rocks!" Staryu blasted through the debris, sending some back at Geodude. Geodude was distracted, while Staryu landed close to its opponent. "Water Gun, now!" yelled its trainer. Staryu let out a mighty stream of water at Geodude. It rolled around the field and finally crashed into a boulder.

"Geodude is unable to battle!" yelled the judge. "Staryu wins!"

"Good work, Geodude!" said Brock as he recalled his Pokmon. "You deserve a good rest. You're good, Duc, but are you good enough to handle Onix?" He threw his last Pokball on to the field. Onix stood towering over Staryu. 28 feet of solid rock.

"Staryu, Water Gun!" yelled out Duc. Staryu blasted the Onix with all its might. Brock didn't even give Onix a command. The water hit Onix, but Onix didn't even seem to phase a bit at the attack. Staryu backed away, nervous. "Do you really expect a weak attack like that will hurt my Onix?" taunted Brock. "Time to stop playing around. Onix, Rock Throw!"

The Onix yelled a mighty roar as its tail smashed the nearby rocks. Staryu couldn't react fast enough and was buried under the heavy granite. Duc yelled for his Staryu. After a few suspensful moments, Staryu somehow got the rocks off and stood ready for commands. "It's weak now," Duc muttered to himself. "And its attacks probably can't hurt Onix at all." After thinking for a moment, Duc thought of a briliant idea. "Staryu, drench this stadium with your Water Gun attack!"

Brock knew Duc would try to pull off a stunt like that. "Onix, Bind attack!" The large creature wrapped its tail around Staryu with incredible speed. Staryu struggled as it used Water Gun on the massive beast. Nothing happened. Onix let go of Staryu after a few moments.

"Staryu is unable to battle! Onix is the winner!" yelled the judge.

"My other Staryu probably can't do anything to Onix either, so its up to you, Pikachu!" Duc said. Pikachu seemed confident to Duc even with the sudden change. "Okay, Pikachu, Thundershock!" The mouse zapped the Onix with all it could.

Brock knew this stategy all too well. "Do you really think that electric types can beat me? Onix, dodge and use Screech!" Onix easily avoided the lightning bolt and let out a high-pitch soundwave. Pikachu couldn't help but cover its ears. "Onix, Slam attack!" yelled Brock. The snake-like creature used its tail and hit the ground next to Pikachu. Pikachu went flying.

"Okay, that's not gonna work..." Duc muttered. Pikachu fortunately recovered from the blow. After the smoke cleared, there was a massive crater where the tail had landed. Suddenly, Duc came up with another plan. "It's worked on you once, and it'll work again! Pikachu, run around that Onix!"

Onix was confounded by the small rodent. "Onix, don't let it confuse you! Keep using Slam!" Onix did what it was told and continued to pummel the ground. Pikachu easily dodged every blow. Eventually, the ground around Onix was gone.

"Pikachu, Thundershock with all you can!" yelled Duc. Pikachu destroyed the ground under the behemoth. Just like in an earlier battle, Onix lost its ability to ground electricity, so took on the damage. With it all soaked by Staryu's Water Gun, the attack proved to be very effective. Brock's Onix came crashing down.

"Onix is unable to battle! Pikachu wins!" the judges said after waiting a few moments. "The winner of this battle is Duc from--" Duc interrupted before the judge finished. "Saffron City." Duc corrected.

"Wow, gotta say I'm impressed. You're the only other trainer who defeated me with an Electric Pokmon besides Ash!" complimented Brock as he gave him the Boulder Badge. "In fact, your battle stategy was just like his as well!"

"Whoa, that was wierd..." Duc muttered to himself. "I would have never thought of those stategies at all before. Something happened right before the battle..."

Pikachu, all tuckered out, ran up to Duc. "Yeah, you did a great job out there, Pikachu!" Pikachu squealed with delight and jumped on its trainer's shoulder. "Well then, it's your turn in a few minutes, Peter!"

April 17th, 2004, 9:33 PM
Peter and the two Pokemon were cheering as Duc returned. "You did a great job out there... especially with that ungrounding strategy. I've never seen anything like that before!"
Upon hearing Duc's comment, however, Peter looked a bit uncomfortable. "I dunno. I don't consider myself a trainer even... wouldn't it look strange, someone like me insisting that these Pokmon are not my property but my friends, and yet carrying Pokmon League badges? Besides, Capie's in no condition to do such a battle yet. Eh... I think I'll pass."
At this comment, however, both Squirt and Capie got angry looks and began to scold him. Peter looked surprised. Finally, he said, "Well, I could always get Boy Scout jackets made for you or something, to put the badges on... if you really want to, I suppose we could participate." "Squirtle!" "Caterpie!" the two Pokmon shouted with delight.

OOC: Battle to come soon, but not quite yet. I will post said battle within 24 hours!

April 18th, 2004, 4:50 AM
OOC: Awesome battle, Duc! I can't wait to read Peter's, Eco-Mono!!

IC: "Duc, you were amazing out there!" Skye exclaimed happily, clapping him on the shoulder. "I'm so impressed with the strategy you used!"

She took no notice of Brock's stares since she was so intent on congradulating Duc.

"Pikachu, you were so great out there!!" Skye exclaimed, scratching Duc's Pikachu behind its ears. "Duc sure is lucky to have you!"

Skye turned to Peter after he had said something about not competing. Brock must have heard as well, because he came over to speak to him.

"It's fantastic that you have that kind of respect for your pokemon," he told Peter, smiling at Capie and Squirt. "But I can tell from just looking at them that they want to do this for you. Whether you call yourself a trainer or not, you still have a great connection with your pokemon, and yours seems to be exceptionally strong. They're your friends, as your human companions are, and they will do anything for you. Now, let's get out onto that arena. I want to see what these little guys can do!"

With that, he took his place at the other end of the gym.

"Go for it, Peter, and Capie, and Squirt!" Skye encouraged, somewhat impressed by Brock's pep-talk.

She sat down with a recovering Agile, ready to watch Peter and his Pokemon kick some major butt!

April 18th, 2004, 8:18 AM
IC:Lex was agast at Duc's battle stategy. Lex walked over to Duc and congradulated him and pikachu. Eevee jumped over to pikachu and gave pikachu a great hug.

Lex,now was desprate to see Peter's battle. Because the faith in his pokemon was inmense. Lex knew this was an extrosdinary battle to come.

OOC: :pokeball: Were doing great with this rp I'm so happy!:surprised:

April 18th, 2004, 3:25 PM
OOC: Thanks guys! I really appreciate the comments. I'm glad this RP's actually lasting!

IC: "Thanks guys. I really appreciate it, but right now, I can't even begin to think right now." Duc said as he held his head. "I've got a REALLY bad headache right now, so please don't talk to me." Brock looked concerned and asked if Duc need any help. "It's all right, it happens from time to time." Duc replied.

Pikachu look concerned as it saw its master. "Don't worry, Pikachu," Duc said in an aggrivated tone. "You know how it is when I battle in major ones. I get a headache that feels like a Pinsir's squeezin' my skull." Duc sat down on a bench against the wall in the stadium. As much as Duc wanted to talk to Brock, he knows it'll be no use if he can't even concentrate on any thoughts. Besides, Duc had to rest and see how Peter would battle before any idle chat could begin.

April 18th, 2004, 4:27 PM
OOC: I'm quite glad this rp is lasting too! It'll be interesting to see how it all turns out...

IC: Skye watched Duc as he went to sit down with concern, but she said nothing, knowing it would only aggrivate him and his headache further. Agile seemed concerned too, and ready to chat it up with Duc's Pikachu, but Skye advised her to chill here for the time being.

She looked over at Brock, who was busy preparing his Pokemon for Peter's challenge. She wondered if she should take him up on that "hanging out" proposal he had. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Maybe they could be penpals over Skye's journey and meet up when it was all over...

Skye shook her head, chuckling at herself and blushing slightly. What was she thinking? He probably would just want to talk about her pokemon and her strategies...not that she would mind it...just...

She was distracted by Agile hopping up and down in excitement beside her. Brock was ready to take on Peter, it seemed. Skye looked on intently for the battle to begin...

April 18th, 2004, 6:23 PM
OOC: Oh, it'll be interesting all right. I'm just getting warmed up! I bet everyone else is too! BTW, aren't you glad I nagged on posting comments on your fanfics, Skye?

IC: The headache progressively lessened in intensity as Duc sat and tried to stop thinking about how he just pulled off his victory. "Man, this headache was the longest by far..." he said to himself. Pikachu was trying its best to massage the trainer's head. "Thanks a bunch, Pikachu. You helped out a lot today, so why don't you take a rest?" Pikachu pretended not to hear and kept on comforting the cranium.

A few minutes passed by and the headache had seemed to have gone away. "Glad that's over!" Duc said happily. He then noticed Skye glancing over at the gym leader. She quickly turned away and blushed just a bit. "Huh, wonder what's gotten into her?" he muttered. Pikachu agreed, looking confused at the issue. Duc was never good at knowing what girls think, let alone interpreting their feelings & emotions.

April 18th, 2004, 9:47 PM
Peter went into a brief huddle with the two Pokmon, no doubt to discuss strategy. After a few moments, they emerged, and walked over to Brock. Peter grinend and commented, "That talk you gave me had some good points in it; we're ready if you are. All your Pokmon fine from the last battle?" Brock nodded, and they took their places on opposite ends of the gym floor.

"Go, Geodude!"
"Okay Capie, show him what you've got!"

The two Pokmon appeared on the arena. Before Brock could even give his Geodude instructions, Capie went into action, firing String Shots at the Geodude. "Quick Geodude! One good Tackle should take that Caterpie down!" Geodude began a charge at Capie, who began to inch away from the onrushing enemy. "Don't worry Capie, keep shooting!" Capie was a bit too worried about the Geodude to keep from backing away, but he continued to use String Shot in his slow retreat. Geodude was getting closer and closer, when...
it fell onto the ground, totally entangled in the string. Capie crawled up, using several Tackles to score an easy victory. "Capie! Cater capie!"

Brock frowned. "Wow, I seem to be in a losing streak today... well that just means we need to work twice as hard at breaking it! Onix, GO!" As the huge rock snake appeared, Peter knew the Caterpie had done all it could. "Okay Capie, that's enough. We'll have Squirtle deal with this battle!" Capie quickly returned to behind Peter, and Squirt rushed onto the field.

"Onix! Rock Throw attack!" Onix began his assault on Squirt almost at once, tossing a large rock in the Squirtle's direction. "He's telegraphing his punches, Squirt!" Peter reminded him, and Squirt dodged the rock. "Slam attack, Onix!" But even if Squirt wasn't the fastest Pokmon around, he was fast enough to evade Onix's slams and rocks... but just barely, giving him no time to attack.
One attack was dodged, then another, then another, and it looked like the battle would drag on forever. Then, one of the boulders came at Squirt, and while it looked like a near miss, it found the turtle Pokmon dazed on the ground. "Use Bind and finish him off!" Brock said, hoping for a victory. But, as Onix reached down to grab Squirt, he stood up and fired a Water Gun straight at Onix's face! The combonation of surprise and the strong Water attack caused Onix to recoil, and Squirtle fired off several more water guns. It took a while for Onix to fall, but fall it did.

Brock walked up to Peter, disappointed but accepting. "Good job, Peter. Even if it was my fourth defeat today, you and your two Pokmon did extremely well. You've earned your Boulder Badge." "YAHOOO!" yelled Peter, and Squirt and Capie followed suit. After the brief celebration, Peter addressed Brock. "You did well too. Don't sweat losing; after all, you were under a handicap. Thanks again for the talk... I think I can reconcile the trainer life with my ethics now."
Then, he walked back over to his waiting friends. "I'm going to go to some of the shops in this town... chances are I can get badge vests for these two!"

April 18th, 2004, 9:52 PM
OOC: Would it be too late to join this RP?

April 19th, 2004, 4:05 AM
OOC: Shineyelectrode, I am afraid it may be too late to join this rp, and if we have too many members it may get confusing, however, I am willing to make one exception if the rest of the rpers on this thread think it's a good idea. Please wait for their imput.

And yes, Duc, thank you for publicizing my fanfiction so much! I should hire you as my agent!!

IC: "Peter, that was wonderful!" Skye exclaimed after the dust from the battle had cleared.

"Pi pika!" Agile exclaimed, running over to Peter's Pokemon and congradulating them.

It was then that she noticed Brock, not gazing at her, but smiling at the group of friends she had been traveling with. She smiled too, and decided in her mind to take him up on his offer.

"Hey, Brock!" Skye called across the gym, her face becoming a delicate shade of pink. "I, um...I will meet you here at the gym in about an hour okay?"

Brock turned bright red, and he looked like he would fall over. Skye masked a giggle, and hurried out the door after Peter.

April 19th, 2004, 6:07 AM
OOC: Hey, I don't mind new members! (we've only got Skye, dqle, Lex, and Eco-Mono as the active players right now, no word from Prof. Pine or the others...) And about that agent thing... I'll just keep nagging people until they read them!

IC: Peter finished his battle with aplomb. "Wow, great battle Peter!" congradulated Duc.

Skye and Peter left the door after a few remarks of the battles they've just had. "Hey guys, where are you going?" Duc then caught himself and saw a moment of glory. He finally has a chance to talk to Brock with his adventures with Ash.

When Duc turned around to find Brock, he only saw a door swinging where Brock had just left. "Hey, wait up!!!" yelled the trainer as he tried to catch up to Brock.

Pikachu stood from the benches, still confuesed with Skye's face. Then, it saw Duc running out the door. Pikachu sighed and followed its trainer.

It was still early morning. After a few minutes worth of running, Duc finally caught sight of the gym leader heading into a house. Duc knew that barging in was probably not the best thing to do, so he regained his composure and walked up to the door. He knocked the wood of the house when Pikachu suddenly appeared from between's Duc's legs. The door opened, and he saw a young kid. "Oh wow! Pikachu's back!" the kid yelled. 9 more kids rushed out and squealed with delight. They all started to pull Pikachu in various directions.

Pikachu feeling very annoyed began to charge up. "Pikachu, wait!" Duc yelled as he picked up his partner. The kids back away as Pikachu zapped Duc once again.

An older man came to the door. "Kids, how many times have I told you that Pokmon are not stuffed animals?" he said with a gruff voice. The children apoligized and stared at Pikachu longly. Duc regained his sense of balance. "Hi there. The name's Duc. I--" At that moment, the kids laughed at the name. Duc ignored them and continued. "I was just wondering if I could interview Brock." The old man agreed and showed Duc to Brock's room.

Brock was busy polishing up his Pokballs when Duc had entered. "Hey there, Duc. Is there anything you need?" he asked. Duc was about to ask him some questions when the phone rang. Brock picked up. "There's a message and a package waiting for me at the Pokmon Center? Okay, I'll get there as soon as possible. Oh yeah, Duc's here too." He hung up the phone. Duc wondered as he followed the gym leader to the Pokmon Center.

On the way there, Duc kept asking question after question about his adventures. Brock replied, although he seemed irritated after a while. Once there, Nurse Joy pointed over to a video phone. On the phone was Mrs. Ketchum. "Hi, Mrs. Ketchum! How's it been going?" Brock greeted her. Duc talked over his shoulder. "Hi there! Is he up yet?!?!" he said maniacally.

"Actually, that's why I've called." She said. "Earlier this morning, Ash just got a ride from Professor Oak to Saffron City. Ash couldn't wait to go to the Hoenn region even though I did tell him that you were waiting." Duc looked dismayed. "Oh, and Brock, since you only got chores to do at home, I could only suppose that you want to continue to become a Pokmon Breeder. So, I sent you tickets to the Hoenn region as well!" Brock looked suprised as Nurse Joy handed him an envelope, containing a ticket. "Also, Ash might need somebody to look after him!" She added. Both talked for a while and said their goodbyes.

Duc was confused. He had never heard of the region before. Brock was happy that he got the tickets. He remembered that he also had to meet Skye back at the gym. "Uh, Duc, could you do me a favor? Could you hold on to these tickets for now?" said Brock in a rush. "Uh, sure..." Duc said, a little angry that he didn't finish his conversation. Brock started to run off back to the gym, when suddenly Skye bumped into him.

Meanwhile, Pikachu was hapilly eating ketchup from a ketchup bottle it saw on a table in the cafteria.

April 19th, 2004, 7:56 AM
OOC: I think Duc has a good point. You're in, Shineyelectrode!! Jump in whenever you are ready!

IC: Skye had healed up her Pokemon after the long battle, and then Duc and Brock stepped in. She turned a bright red, and focused on packing her bags for the next adventure. She checked her map. They would be heading through Mt. Moon soon.

"See, Agile?" Skye said, pointing to the picutre of the mountain on her map. "Mom always told me that Clefairy live there."

"Chu..." Agile sighed apathetically, bored already. She noticed Duc's Pikachu holding a catsup bottle, andran over to investigate.

Without realizing how fast she was going, Agile ran right into Pikachu, sending the both of them flying, and catsup splattering everywhere. When they finally skidded to a stop they were covered in catsup. Agile started to laugh. She wiped a glob off of Pikachu's ears and sucked it off her hands.

"Pika!" Agile exclaimed excitedly.

"Agile!" Skye cried firmly. "Look at this mess!"

"Chu..." Agile sighed, and pouted.

"Oh cut it out! You know I'm a sucker for that pouty face of yours!" Skye chuckled. "I can't ever stay mad at you!"

She grabbed some rags from Nurse Joy and proceeded to mop up the mess. Agile tried to help also, and ended up using the rags as a sled, and slid all over the floor in an effort to mop up the mess.

By this time, Brock had finished talking to Mrs. Ketchum, and came walking towards Skye and Agile. Skye felt like her insides were going to explode!

"Hi," he said, picking up a spare rag. "Need a hand?"

"S-sure," Skye stammered stupidly, and distracted herself with mopping up the floor.

"You're a really good trainer," he told her softly, trying to clean off the catsup as best as he could. "If you hung around here for a while I could help you get stronger..."

He trailed off as his face turned red. Skye's already blushing face turned a color to match his.

"I don't know..." she trailed off, looking at Duc, and thinking of the rest of her friends. "I mean, I like to travel, and I want to keep going, to keep exploring this world. You're a great guy, Brock. I'd love to spend time with you, but..."

She trailed off, feeling guilty and upset with herself.

Brock glanced over at Duc. A pang of jealousy struck his heart as he was under the impression that Skye liked Duc. He turned his attention back to the floor.

"I understand," was all he said, as he dropped the rag in the water bucket, and left the Poke Center.

Skye, now nearly in tears, watched the door to the Center close.

"Wait, Brock!" she could barely choke out. She wiped the tears from her eyes, and held them back in an effor to stay strong, and continued to clean the catsup.

April 19th, 2004, 8:21 AM
OOC: Now THIS is getting interesting!

IC: "Man, I'll never understand girls!" Duc said to Pikachu, all covered in ketchup.(catsup, whatever) "Hey, Skye, are you all right?"

Pikachu was busy licking off the ketchup from its fur. Duc grabbed a mop and started cleaned the area up. "Geez, this girl/boy stuff never makes sense to me!" Duc muttered to himself. "Even if I'm 10 years old or 100, I'll never like girls! They're so sensative!" Duc starts making some immature comments to himself. (he is 10 after all!) "And why did Brock leave all of a sudden? I still have his ticket..." Duc suddenly gets a great idea, but keeps it to himself.

April 19th, 2004, 9:58 AM
Name: Seph
Starting Pokemon: Charmander
Status: Trainer
Age: 15
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 171 lbs
Hair: Short, snow white, and slightly spiked.
Eyes: Bright green, with a slight tinge of teal.
Clothes: Grey T-shirt, faded jeans, black leather bots, and black leather tenchcoat.
Personality: Calm and quiet, but turns into a brash outgoing careless person, just about the oposite, when he battles.

OOC: I hope you don't mind me being in (I hate it when simple spelling knowledge leaves me at the worst possible time) city, but it would take too long to catch up had I started with pallet town.

April 19th, 2004, 10:24 AM
A pigey fell unconscious to the ground, stedily burning, as it's trainer rushed to put it out.

"Don't feel so bad, I've had a lot more practice battling than you have." I said to the teary eyed trainer, withdrew charmander, and went towards the pokemart to buy him some poke-treats.

OOC: Just your average into post, and in the battles of my character, the theme is Here (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gamecube/SonicHeroes_TeamDark_ThisMachine.mid), you could also go Here (http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/gamecube/index-sz.html) and look for Team Dark - "This Machine" in Sonic Heroes, and save it.

April 19th, 2004, 10:50 AM
OOC: Oh boy, Pidgy on fire... Man, wouldn't want to be in its shoes! Oh yeah, we refer ourselves in third person. You should start much closer than Pallet Town. It'll take way too long to replay everything.

April 19th, 2004, 10:54 AM
You should start much closer than Pallet Town. It'll take way too long to replay everything.

OOC: not quite sure what you meant by that. At the moment, I am in the same city you are (with brock, WHY can't I spell that name? I just can't remember for some reason) butdid you mean for me to start at pallet town? I was thinking since you were in that city, I would start there.

April 19th, 2004, 11:15 AM
OOC: No way! It would take much too long to start all the way back there. You can start at or near Pewter City, if you'd like.

April 19th, 2004, 11:17 AM
OOC: He means start closer than Pallet. If you are in Pewter already, that's excellent.

Peter strode towards the Pokemon Center, with Squirt and Capie in tow. Both were wearing bluish-purple vests, each with half of the Boulderbadge attatched. (Peter had taken it to a jeweler to divide, so both Pokmon would have a piece.) As he approached, he saw Brock leaving, looking disappointed. As they passed, Squirt commented "Squirtle squirtle..." "I don't know what's upsetting him. Maybe the others can tell us."

As the trio entered the cafeteria, they found the scene with Duc looking confused, Skye in tears, and ketchup everywhere. Peter walked up to Skye and said, "What a mess... can I help?"

April 19th, 2004, 1:22 PM
OOC: This is going so excellent!! Whohoo!

And a welcome aboard to our newest rper, ShineyElectrode!

IC: "I'm all right," Skye replied meekly, wiping her eyes one last time before the tears finally stopped. "I'm overreacting. Thanks for the help."

She managed a smile for Peter and Duc, and the mess was finally cleared up. Agile and Pikachu had cleaned the last drops of catsup from their fur, and Skye noticed the ticket in Duc's hand.

"What's that?" she asked curiously.

April 19th, 2004, 2:13 PM
After buying charmander some hot n' spicy pokemon treats, I went to the cafeteria and ordered two chily cheese dogs, (no beans) and a mountain dew: Livewire. I sat down at one of the tables, and waited for my food.

OOC: offline while I eat lunch, but I ordered the exact thing that I'm having IRL!

April 19th, 2004, 3:51 PM
OOC:Sorry I was running out of time doing homework and stuff. Anyways, watzup seph welcome.

IC:"Wow Eevee! this is the best icecream EVER!"Lex commented as Eevee and him slurped and licked the delicous chocolate icecream. Lex had taken Evee and Gyrados for some treats because of their victory.

Just entering the pokemon center,Brock,unexpectedly,angrily walked out of the Pokecenter. "Woah! What was that!"lex exclaimed shocked. Lex went in to investigate.

As soon as lex walked in to the cafetiria, he saw Skye tearing. Lex was so worried and walked over to Skye. "Whats wrong Skye?"he asked curiously...

OOC:Seph im not sure about this so dont count on it but i belive we are refering ourselves as third person.
Im confused?

April 19th, 2004, 3:56 PM
OOC: Don't sweat it Lex. As long as we can easily understand his posts, it's all good.

April 19th, 2004, 4:14 PM
OOC: I've tended to get into the habit of roleplaying in first person, is that okay? If you prefer, I can try to do third-person.

April 19th, 2004, 5:06 PM
OOC: I don't mind about POV when it comes to rping. I'm sure that we will be able to understand everything just fine, so no sweat. Thanks for checking with us thought! It's great to have you aboard!

IC: "I'm fine, Lex, really," Skye assured him, smiling as best she could. "I just have some things to sort out, that's all."

She smiled a little brighter this time, and bent down to tie her sneaker. Agile waddled over to Lex's Eevee (Agile's stomach was full of catsup, so it is waddling right now!!) and gave it a friendly hello.

"It's so good to see Agile getting along with everyone," Skye said. "Where were you just now? Looks like Eevee had something tasty for a snack! And, Duc, what IS that paper in your hand?"

Skye pointed to the ticket in Duc's hand with a puzzled expression.

April 19th, 2004, 10:01 PM
After I engulfed the chili dog, I ordered a platter of jalapenoes(sp?) and a pitcher of ice water, as well as two glasses. When it arrived, I poured both glasses full, released charmander, and we began a jalapeno eating contest, first one to drink water loses.

April 20th, 2004, 5:31 AM
OOC: That's OK, Seph. It's just that the other players have been using 3rd person, that's all.

IC: Duc was confused at first about what Skye was talking about. He then remembered that Brock had given him the envelope. "Oh, this thing! It's a ticket to the Hoenn region from Mrs. Ketchum. Don't ask me, I don't know where that is either. It's for Brock. He let me hold it for some reason."

Duc quickly changed subjects and asked her. "Why did Brock leave all of a sudden? Can anyone tell me what's going on?!?! It isn't like Brock hadn't lost girls bef---" He became silent. He realized the situation. "Oh, for cryin' out loud! How could he think that?!" Even if he didn't understand what girls think, he could somewhat understand guys. A guy like Brock is sensative about these issues. Duc thought to himself. He never reacted this way before, assuming all the reports about him are right...

April 20th, 2004, 12:09 PM
"Oh," Skye said, looking at the ticket, her face dropping at the mention of Brock. "That's cool. I've gotta...I've gotta go train some more."

Skye wandered over to her shoulder bag, and Agile followed with concern. Skye threw her bag onto her shoulder, and went outside. the afternoon air was brisk and comforting. She walked into town, past a small restaraunt where a boy and his Charmander scarfing down jalapino peppers. She blinked a few times at the sight of the little competition, and Agile seemed just as puzzled. She wondered who would be the first to reach for that glass of water...

April 20th, 2004, 1:18 PM
after about 10 minutes of eating, eventually charmander shouted "CHAR! CHARCHARCHAR!" and began gulping down water. I laughed as charmander finished the glass, tossed it aside, and began gulping from the pitcher itself. I said to him, "Final count; me, 42 you, 42, but you drank from the water first, so I win." I said, and after charmander drank about half the pitcher, I took a drink of water myself.

April 20th, 2004, 1:19 PM
OCC:Ok I was just wonderig u know.

IC:Lex looked down at his feet and saw Agile giving Evee a friendly hello.

"Ohh!so thats what it is."exclaimed Lex as Duc explained what the ticket was.

When Duc mentioned Brock,Skye's face seemed to drop. Eventually Sky said she was heading outside to do some training. Lex,wondering about Skyes situation,also decided to go train. As Lex headed to grassy part of town, she noticed skye staring throug a door of a resturant.

Even though the person who Lex assumed was Skye,was kind of murky and vague Lex ran toward there. Almost halfway ther Lex yelled "Skye!"Lex waited for an response.

OOC:Once we meet Seph can we move out of this town?

April 20th, 2004, 5:13 PM
OOC: Yeah, let's get Seph into the picture, and head on our way!

IC: Skye whipped around sharply at the sound of her name. She saw Lex coming over to her.

"Hey," she said. "I was just watching this guy and his charmander eating some hot peppers. Looks like they tied. Should we go introduce ourselves?"

WIthout waiting for much of a reply, Skye made her way over to the table.

"Hi," she said in a friendly voice, with Agile sitting on her shoulder. "I couldn't help noticing you and your Charmander there...those are pretty hot peppers arent they?" her eyes grew large as she saw all the stems left over from the contest. "Wow..."

She trailed off for a moment, then regained her senses.

"Sorry! I didn't even introduce myself! I'm Skye, and this is Agile," she gestured to her friendly Pikachu. "Glad to meet you!"

April 20th, 2004, 5:18 PM
"Hey there, I'm Seph, and that's my charmander." I said, pointing to charmander, who was now standing on the table, and held out a pepper to Agile, who ate it.

April 20th, 2004, 5:49 PM
IC:"Hello Seph!"Lex said friendly and welcoming. Eevee hoped over lex and gave Charmander a welcoming hand shake and hug. Lex took a glance over to charmander who gave Agile a pepper. "So Seph whats bring you and your Charmander here?"asked Lex curious. Lex waited for an response..

OOC:Come hurry Seph Iwant to get out of here (Yes,I know Im impatient)JUST KIDDIN'

April 20th, 2004, 5:52 PM
OOC Np, I'm the same way.

"The same thing that brings most people to pweter city." I said, and dug in a secure pocket on the inside of my coat, and pulled out my boulderbadge. "I was thinking of going through Mt. Moon to ceurulean(sp?) city next, but I hear the gym leader there uses water pokemon, and I'm not sure charmander can handle water types. No offense buddy." I added to charmander.

OOC: this is back to the past RP, so my charmander can't have an attack that he learns in fire red, correct? Just asking.

April 20th, 2004, 7:34 PM
OOC: I'm not familliar with fire red...all I know is it's a remake of the old games, so I am gonna say just stick with the old games. Sorry to inconvenience you!

IC: Agile exploded in a fit of thundershocks when the Charmander gave it a pepper. Skye ducked under the table, and Agile threw herself into a water pitcher. The Pikachu emerged, drenched, but much happier. Agile looked at the Carmander scornfully, and hid behind Skye.

Skye stood up once more.

"Well, don't take stuff from strangers," Skye told her Pokemon, who was complaining about Charmander. She looked at Seph. "We'll probably be on our way to Cerulean City soon too. We're taking the route through Mt. Moon. I'm sure your Charmander will be fine. Besides, I'll bet you can capture some Pokemon that will be strong against water too."

Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she caught sight of Brock, who was walking rather sulkily down to the Poke Mart.

"I'll be at the Pokemon Center in a little while," Skye told the boys, motioning for Agile to follow her. "I'll meet you there, but there is something I need to take care of first."

WIth that, she walked briskly away, giving a friendly and apologetic wave goodbye, and rushing over to Brock, who saw her coming.

"Hey," she said to him carefully, trying to search out his emotions with her eyes. "Um...about before..."

"You don't have to say anything," he told her quickly. "That Duc kid is a good guy."

"Duc?" Skye looked at him puzzled. "You mean, me and Duc...together? He's way too young! Oh, Brock, I don't know what gave you that impression, but it's not true at all!"

Skye felt a chuckle creep out of her mouth. Agile lookied quizzled. So did Brock.

"But you said you couldn't stay..." he trailed off.

"Of course I can't," Skye told him softly. "I can't because I am going to compete in the Pokemon League. I can't just stay in one place. I'm heading to Mt. Moon hopefully soon."

"Oh," Brock said. He didn't sound too disappointed, to Skye's relief.

"But you know," Skye said thoughtfully, innately pulling at the bottom of her shirt with nervousness. "You're a great guy, and the next time I'm in the area we should get to know each other better." She blushed faintly. "Who knows what could happen then?"

Brock smiled, and Agile became suddenly very irritated. She looked from Brock to Skye and knew exactly what was going on. A thundershock ensued. Both Skye and Brock were pretty crispy.

"Maybe even Agile will change her mind," Skye added. Her smile grew bigger. She looked over at Brock, and took his hand gently. They stopped walking. "I've got to get back to the Pokemon Center to meet my traveling friends. It was great to meet you and get to talk to you. I hope we'll meet again."

Brock nodded and squeezed her hand with a smile. Skye turned to walk to the Pokemon Center. When she was nearly there, she turned to see Brock still standing there, a smile still on his face. She gave him a big wave goodbye.

On the rest of the way back to the Pokemon Center, she started to sing to herself a song she suddenly rememberred from a while ago. Where it came from she could not remember:

When I think about expressing my feelings,
why do the words suddenly disappear?
Even though I realize what's so precious,
so irreplacable, I can't say it.

Search after something, open the door to your heart.
The sky you looked up at as you were going to give in to doubts...
Stay as you are, believe in your own strength
Let's go in search of a new season.

I can't see you any more
I'm going on to the next stage
Sepia-colored days - Sayonara
I won't forget how you gave me a big wave goodbye

Pushed by the evening winds
the train slowly begins to move.
Someday, let's come back again, to this place,
to sepia-colored days, to summer...

She felt a tear escape her eye for the second time that day, but it held a different significance. It was not sad, but hopeful that someday, she might be able to meet with Brock again. Someday...but right now, she needed to focus on her training and her journey. She would have to leave it all to fate.

She pushed open the doors to the Pokemon Center, in hopes of finding her friends there once more.

OOC: Lyrics are from Sempia No Hi from CCS

April 20th, 2004, 7:43 PM
OOC: Np, just that Charmander learns metal claw in fire red, that's why I was asking.

"Its okay, but you should know better. There aren't many people who can take these things." I said to Charmander, annd withdrew him. "I might as well stock up on some stuff to get through Mt. moon too, meet you at the route leading to it?" I asked them.

April 21st, 2004, 6:05 AM
OOC: Huh? Brock leaving too soon, Skye? I think so! Sorry if I mess anything up, but I've been planning this post for a long time! Fate has seemed to intervined already!

IC: Duc introduced himself to Seph after noticing his Charmander. The area around it was scorched a bit... "Hi there!" he said. "Sorry, I can't stay and chat. I've got to find Brock!" Pikachu on the other hand stayed behind and stared at the red peppers longingly. It always had liked red foods.

Duc just stepped outside when he saw Skye walking back to the Pokmon Center. Brock was standing on the street, staring. "Great," he muttered. "Skye's done it this time!" Duc ran up to Brock. "Hey Brock, did Skye tell you everything?"

"Yup, and its okay." said Brock.

"Really?" asked Duc.

"Really. It's alright."

"Wow, I thought you'd get angry or something at the fact that I could beat you with Pikachu!"


"Uh, isn't that what Skye talked to you about?"

Brock looked at Duc confused. "Uh... yeah. Yeah! That's what we talked about. It doesn't bother me."

"Are you sure? I thought that our battle destroyed your reputation as a gym leader!"

Brock suddenly became very aggitated. "Nah!" he said with a restrained voice.

"Well, anyways, I still have your ticket. It's a ticket for Saffron City's harbor, right?"

"Yup. I was planning to travel there later this afternoon."

"So... I suppose you want this ticket back?" Duc waved the ticket away from Brock.

"Yeah." He grabbed for the ticket, but Duc pulled his arm away.

"Hey!" said Brock. "That's my ticket!"

"I know that, but I have it!"

"As gym leader, I demand that ticket!"

"Yeah, so?! As a future Pokmon Breeder, don't you need company to help you along your journey?"

"What are you getting at?"

"I'm saying that I'll give your ticket back only if you agree to travel with us until we do get to Saffron City. I have the feeling we're gonna need some professional help later."

Brock had a suprised look on his face. (don't know how) He thought for a long moment. "Alright, I'll go with you guys, but we're leaving this afternoon, agreed? We'll meet at the Pokmon Center. Just don't tell anyone."

"Agreed." Duc said happily. His plan had worked out better than he had hoped for. "But what about the gym?"

"My father and my brothers and sisters can take care of that. They have since I left with Ash."

Duc held himself back as he heard the name. "Alright! See ya later this afternoon at the Center! I'll hold the ticket!" He ran back, ready to tell the group the news, reguardless of Brock's request.

While Duc was gone, Pikachu had eaten a handful of peppers and was running around frantically, trying to find some water. It saw a fountain just outside, so it ran to it and jumped in. Pikachu looked relieved.

"Pikachu, I didn't know you liked to swim!" Duc said as he approched the Center. He continued inside with a happy look on his face. He decided to let it be a suprise.

April 21st, 2004, 7:09 AM
OCC: Oh....hehehe.....very clever, Duc!!! I like it!

IC: Skye was busy talking to Agile about a strategy she was working on for the next gym. She had grabbed a pamphlet on the gym leaders, and had been thinking about what to use for a strategy.

Duc came in then, wearing a very satisfied expression. Skye glanced at him, puzzled, but didn't ask. She figured it had probably just been a good training day or something.

"I wonder where everyone else is?" she asked aloud to no one in particular. "We've got to be hitting the road soon."

April 21st, 2004, 11:13 AM
I was waiting at the route (I forget which number) leading to mt. moon, waiting for the others. I found a youngster there who as soon as he saw me, released a rattata, and challenged me to a battle. I released charmander, and as the rattata charged, immediatly got knocked back again with a scratch to the face.

"Rattata, quick attack! hit it on the nose!" The trainer said, and his rattata charged forwards again at very high speeds.

"Counter it with ember!" I said to Charmander, and as the rattata hit it on the face, biting down on it's nose, Charmander released an ember through his nostrils, right down rattata's throat!
It must have hit a weak spot, because after a second, it let go of Charmander's face, and fell to the ground, unconscious.

"Char?" Charmander asked, going over to poke the rattata, and when it didn't move, it lifted up it's claws and shouted "Char! Charcharmander!". We both withdrew our pokemon, and as the kid ran off to the pokemon center, I said "Great work charmander, I think we might be able to take the cerulean(sp?) gym leader after all."

April 21st, 2004, 11:34 AM
OOC: Thanks!

IC: Duc walked in, trying to look natural as best he could, but he couldn't help getting his face all bright. Like Skye, Duc grabbed a pamphlet describing the next gyms. "So, Cerulean City uses water Pokmon... Pikachu should be able to take it!" Duc said.

Pikachu jumped out of the pool and shook off all the water out of it's fur. A little cold, Pikachu hurried back inside where it was a bit warmer.

The sun was starting to come down. "He's late." Duc muttered to himself.

April 21st, 2004, 1:44 PM
OCC:Yes were moving on!

IC:Lex hurried to the pokemon center as soon as posible. He rapidly ran and then noticed Seph who was in front of a cave battling. Lex did'nt pay much attention
because it was getting late and the group had to move on to Mt. Moon.

Lex entered the pokemon center and found Skye and Duc reading some pamphlets. "When are we moving on?"said Lex shifting into his seat with a pamphlet in hand.

OOC: :sleeping: Skye think of something we have to move on...Just kidding (again)

April 21st, 2004, 2:49 PM
OOC: Okay, you're right, Lex...we have to get going!! ^_^

"Hey, Lex," Skye said as he sat down with her and Duc. "Now that you're back we can get moving! We need to meet Seph on the road to Mt. Moon."

Suddenly, the doors to the Pokemon Center flew open, and in came Brock, looking ready for some traveling with his hiking backpack on. Skye blushed, and looked at Duc, and suddenly something clicked.

"Duc, I know you have something to do with this! Is this what you were grinning wildly about??" she exclaimed, an uncontrollable smile creeping across her face.

April 21st, 2004, 3:59 PM
Peter walked in soon after Brock, his backpack looking much more full than it did yesterday. Squirt and Capie followed in the wagon, munching on a rice cake. "Okay, we've got some supplies now so we're ready to..." Peter paused for a moment as he saw Brock. "Hey Brock, nice to see you again. Erm... you going to Mt. Moon too?"
Brock explained, "I just thought it'd be fun to tag along for a while, get to know you all better." "Ah," Peter responded. "It'll be nice to get to know you better."

"So, is everyone ready to get going?"

April 22nd, 2004, 5:33 AM
"What?" Duc said to Skye. "Brock just wanted to tag along, that's all! Don't get me wrong, but I did what I did so I could learn more about you-know-who!" Skye looked very happy, so Duc sorta blushed just a bit.

He then noticed that Brock was wearing a different attire. "Hey, looking sharp!" Brock was wearing a brown coat instead of a green vest and had a bigger backpack. (From new season. If you still don't know what he looks like, go to http://www.tvtome.com/Pokemon/ It also shows everyone else in the group and their 'starter' Pokmon)

"Yeah, it's time for a change." Brock explained. "Besides, I think it looks good!"

Pikachu was still hungry, even though it went through all of that ketchup. Brock noticed that so he reached in his backpack and got some Pokmon food out. Pikachu was cautious at first, but once it tasted the food, it couldn't stop eating. Brock also offered Agile and the other Pokmon some as well. "It's my special recipie." he said. "Eat as much as you like, guys. There's plenty more where that came from."

The sun was setting. "It's getting late you guys." Duc said. "We'd better go if we want to reach Cerulean City by morning." The trainers and Brock started to head out for Mt. Moon, hoping to still catch Seph waiting.

April 22nd, 2004, 12:51 PM
"Right, let's get going!" Skye exclaimed, leading the group out of the Pokemon Center. They started off towards Mt. Moon. Seph was waiting for them, just as he had promised.

Skye looked up at the forboding mountain. She looked a little worriedly at the setting sun.

"Guys, you don't think...there's like...scary stuff around there at night?" she said softly as they made their way to the mountain base.

April 22nd, 2004, 3:16 PM
IC:"Oh!Comeon Skye dont get worried!"Lex exclaimed as he shivered at a sight of a Zubat. Eevee,on Lex's hat,hid in his backpack terrified.

As the group moved on toward the cave,Lex hesitated to go in. But,managed to overcome his fear.

OOC:OK....That was the longest post I ever wrote!

April 22nd, 2004, 5:11 PM
I entered first, and suprisingly, while it was dark, we could still see. "I wonder why we can see in here, there doesn't seem to be any light coming from anywhere but the door." I said to the others.

April 22nd, 2004, 5:27 PM
"I don't know," Skye said thoughtfully to Seph. "It's a little eerie."

She walked cautiously, as if she would step on unstable ground and fall to her doom. She shuddered. Brock came up behind her, and she shrieked.

"Whoa, it's just me," Brock said.

Skye sighed in relief, and continued on with the group. The air was moist, and Skye could feel the dampness friz out her hair. She patted it down in annoyance.

"How long do you think it will take befor we get out?"

"I think we can answer that!" an all-too-familliar voice declared. Flashlights could be seen up ahead.

"That sounds like the Team Rocket woman we ran into on our way to Viridian!" Skye exclaimed. "What are we going to do?"

"Prepare for trouble!" Cassidy cried, emerging from the darkness with Butch.

"Oh, great..." Skye moaned. "Just what we need!"

April 22nd, 2004, 11:21 PM
Butch and Cassidy launch into their usual theme rhyme. About halfway through, Peter interrupts them. "Yes, yes, we get it. You're pond scum that commit crimes and exploit Pokmon for the 'glory of Team Rocket', whatever that means. Cut to the chase and tell us what you're here for."

April 23rd, 2004, 6:03 AM
OOC: Usual? Jessie and James, sure (comon, hearing it every day!) but Butch and Cassidy only used their motto in two episodes...

IC: Team Rocket emerged from the distance with flashlights in hand. Duc saw them and became very nervous from remembering their last encounter.

"We're here to finish our battle and take your Pokmon." Butch said with a sneer.

Cassidy slapped Butch in the back of the head. "They know that, you nitwit!" she yelled angrily. "Anyway, we've been doing some research on Pikachus. That Thundershock was far stronger than a Raichu's or any other Electric Pokmon we know, so we considered your Pokmon worth stealing."

"We were impressed by the attack." Said Butch, rubbing his head. "We thought that the morons, Jessie, James, and that Meowth, were chasing rubbish, but now that we know what your Pokmon are capible of, your Pokmon now belong to us!"

With that comment, Butch sent out his Raticate. It seemed very angry from the last meeting.

Pikachu lept off of Duc's shoulder and started to charge for an attack, feeling confident from the gym. "Pikachu, wait!" Duc yelled. Pikachu ignored its trainer and sent out a Thundershock at the Raticate.

"Raticate, dodge and use Super Fang!" Butch commanded. The Raticate easily dodged the bolt and scored a direct hit on Pikachu. It landed hard and couldn't battle anymore.

Duc yelled for his partner, picking up the injured Pokmon. "Pikachu, you shouldn't have waited for me!" he said softly. Pikachu still wanted to battle, but Duc knows that Pikachu can't battle now. He remembered that Pokmon still can battle after they have 'fainted', but serious problems would occur to that Pokmon, like the battle with the three Staryu.

"Anyone else dare challenge Team Rocket?" said Butch confidently. The Raticate growled at the group.

April 23rd, 2004, 8:38 AM
Skye narrowed her eyebros, and stepped foward from the group.

"I'll challenge you, and you'll be sorry!" she exclaimed. The Raticate looked at her menacingly. "Go, Ninja!!"

The Staryu popped out of its Pokeball, ready for action.

"Use your water gun attack to slow that Raticate down!" Skye exclaimed, looking fiercely at Team Rocket.

"Take that stupid Staryu down!" Cassidy laughed. "Hyper fang!"

The Raticate charged after Skye's staryu, its fur flying wildly with the water gun attack striking its body. It tried to bite into Ninja, but Skye saw it coming...

"Spin around really fast!" she cried, feeling a little panicked.

Ninja began to spin just as the Raticate made contact. In the next instant, the Staryu had flung the Raticate into a wall. It had fainted.

"That's ridiculus!" Cassidy exclaimed angrily. "Butch will get you for that!"

Skye remembered Butch's Pokemon from last time, and backed off. She withdrew Ninja and hoped someone else would take Butch on.

April 23rd, 2004, 10:14 AM
"Hello there." I said, appearing behind Butch and Cassidy. "I don't know who you are, but I suggest you leave immediatley, before I have to hurt you." I told them.

They whirled around and said "Oh yeah? You and who's army?"
I replied "No army, just him." and I pointed behind them to charmander, or should I say, Charmeleon

"Charrrrr..." It growled ready to fight.

OOC: I'll explain how he evolved after the battle scene.

April 23rd, 2004, 11:27 AM
OOC: Yup, in the show, he only had a Raticate, but you can let him have any other Team Rocket Pokmon (mostly Poison types) I let Cassidy have a Sandslash, although she didn't have one in the show, only Drowzee.

April 23rd, 2004, 11:29 AM
OOC: Sandslash is the other Pokemon :) Just went back to the first few pages when we met up with them before to check....go for it, Shineyelectrode!

April 23rd, 2004, 11:39 AM
As the battle between Seph and the two Rockets began, Peter, Squirt, and Capie exchanged whispers. Then, they slowly backed away from the area with enough light to see. As the focus at that moment was on the battle, nobody saw them go.

April 23rd, 2004, 11:43 AM
OOC: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/sega/dreamcast/LiveNLearn_SA2MainTheme.mid

"Fire type? No problem! go Sandslash!" Butch shouted, and the Sandslash popped out of it's pokeball, claws beared. "Scratch attack!" He shouted. "Counter it with your own!" I said to charmeleon, and they rushed at eachother, and locked claws. "Charr!" "Snnd!" They seemed to be evenly matched.
"Sandslash! Dig!" Butch ordered. And as it submerged, charmeleon just stood there. "What's the matter? Afraid? Attack now Sandslash!" Butch said, and as it rose up and struck charmeleon, I shouted "NOW!"
"CHAAAAAARMELEON!!" It screamed, grabbed ahold of Sandslash, and tossed it into the wall with such massive force the wall cracked! Sandslash fell without a sound, unconscious.
"Bide attack." I said simply, withdrawing charmeleon to it's pokeball.

OOC: Gotta go offline for a while, sorry. Rushing this post as it is.

April 23rd, 2004, 7:04 PM
Skye sighed with relief, and watched the two Team Rocket members fume for a little while.

"You worthless little...." Cassidy cursed, scowling at the group. "You'd better believe this isn't the last time you'll see us!"

With that, they threw some kind of ball to the ground, which began to emit a haze of smoke. When it cleared, the Rocket members were gone, but the Pokemon were safe and sound.

"Wow...that was a little freaky," Skye muttered, then looked at the others. "Let's get through this mountain as soon as possible!"

Brock looked at her, and put a reassuring hand on her shoulder. He didn't say anything, but somehow...she felt...safer...

OOC: Heehee.....Duc, thank you for the brilliant idea of bringing Brock along for the ride!!!

April 24th, 2004, 7:28 AM
OOC: Heh, no problem! Since you guys know by now I love the show, I wanted to try to fill in any blanks, like how Brock found Ash in Hoenn.

I'm just wondering, but the battles with Team Rocket do seen too easy for us. Maybe they should be a little harder?

IC: "Nice one, Seph!" Duc said with a sigh. Pikachu woke up after being knocked out by Raticate. "Pikachu, you all right buddy?" Pikachu gave Duc a little happy jolt. "Yup, your gonna be fine." Duc then used a potion to Pikachu. It complained from the stinging mist, but still was happy to see its trainer.

After looking around a bit, Duc noticed that Peter was missing. "Hey, where's Peter?" Duc asked a little worried.

April 24th, 2004, 9:25 AM
IC:"I dont know.He was around us at the battle!"Lex said. "How about we go look for him!"Lex exclaimed. "Peter!Pe-eeee-tterr!"Lex yelled in a woried voice as the words echoed.

Lex,all of a sudden heard a screech come from deep inside the cave. A flying bat came rushing at Lex ready to attack. "Bite!Eevee!" Lex commanded. With his mouth wide open,Eevee crunched right on the zubat and it fainted.

Lex immeadiatly took out his pokedex unawear of this pokemon. "This pokemon is very posinous. Usually found around in caves,this poemon evolves into the powerful Golbat."

Lex was'nt fond about the pokemon so did'nt catch it.

"Good job Eevee!" said Lex patting Eevee on his head. Lex moved along with the group.

April 24th, 2004, 1:16 PM
"Yeah...where is Peter?" Skye asked worriedly, and looked about her, as if he had been misplaced.

"Pika?" Agile asked curiously.

Skye began to follow Lex, and promptly tripped over a rock, which happened to be a sleeping Geodude. It woke up, very irritated, and proceeded to swing its rocky fists about in an effort to frighten away its intruders. Skye crawled away as quickly as she could, stumbling to her feet and fleeing the scene, despite the fact that her friends were all there. Shaken, she darted down a dark pathway and promptly found herself very lost.

"Guys??" she cried meekly, as Agile shuddered on her shoulder. "Where are you??"

April 24th, 2004, 2:40 PM
OOC: GAHHH!!!! I've made this mistake twice now... I was planning to sneak up behind them and have Caterpie tie them up... but I wasn't on at the right time to pull it off. I'll post an action in a moment.

April 24th, 2004, 2:46 PM
I was the first to notice someone was missing. "Uhh, do any of you know where Skye is?" I asked the rest of them.

April 24th, 2004, 3:39 PM
As Skye was blindly walking down a path, she saw a light ahead of her. It came closer, and turned out to be Peter, carrying a flashlight! He was pulling his wagon behind, as always, but with some changes. Squirt was carrying a Metapod and behind sat... a Clefairy!
"Ah, Skye! I heard you guys calling... during the battle, I thought I saw a Clefairy in the dark. I figured you guys had those two Rocket goons covered, so I went off to find her. Skye, Agile, meet Fairy. Fairy, meet Skye and Agile."
"Clefairy!" the new arrival said happily.
"So, which way back to the others?"

April 24th, 2004, 4:00 PM
"Wow, congrats!" Skye exclaimed, seeming to forget about the present situeation. "What a cute Clefairy! Mind if I pokedex it?"

She whipped out her Pokedex, and before Peter had answered, she suddenly remembered that she was lost.

"I don't know where the others are! I couldn't find my way back!" Skye exclaimed, starting to feel panicked.

She looked at the slightly illuminated darkness around her. Agile had wandered over to Peter's wagon to socialize and meet Fairy. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a swarm of Zubat flew towards them, fangs bared, and ready to attack!

April 24th, 2004, 5:14 PM
"Well, we could always shine this flashlight around, it has a high-beam opt... WHAT THE KARP!?" Peter jumped in surprise as the swarm of Zubats appeared. "Okay time for quick thinking... let's get gone!" Peter put Agile on Skye's shoulder, grabbed her by the arm, and started running from the Zubat swarm. "Okay fellas, lets try to shoot a couple of long-range attacks at those Zubat, maybe stop a couple..."

April 24th, 2004, 7:59 PM
OOC: Whoops! Sorry if I posted a little too soon!

IC: Duc was wandering aimlessly in the dark. Apparently, he too became lost while looking for Peter. After noticing Skye was missing too, he went off by himself. Pikachu was reluctant to follow, but knew that Duc was a little clumsy when traveling by himself.

"Uh, guys?" Duc yelled out, a little scared of the fact that he's alone. He sent out both his Staryu to keep him company as well as Pikachu. "Well, we're going to have to stay here for now until someone can find us." He said.

Suddenly, he heard a giant rustling in the air, as if a flock of birds were flying Duc's way. "Wait," he muttered. "Birds aren't supposed to fly at night. The only flying Pokmon at night are--" Before he could finish his sentence, a mass of Zubat fluttered out, but weren't headed for his direction. Startled, Duc hid from them, but then heard some yelling. He recongnized Peter's voice. "Hold on guys!" he yelled, hoping Skye was with him as well.

As soon as Duc was there, he had the strange feeling in his head again. Thoughts flooded his mind. After a few moments, he ordered his Pokmon. "Staryu, Water Gun!" Both sprayed the general area where the Zubat were. Most were drenched, but not phased as the Zubat were too far for the attack. "Pikachu, Thundershock!" Pikachu zapped some Zubat, and because they were soaked, some fainted on the spot. Unfortunately, some other Zubat turned on Duc and his Pokmon. They were about to be attacked when Brock intervined.

"Geodude, Rock Throw!" Brock yelled out. His Pokmon pounded the ground and threw out the rocks. Most hit the attacking Zubat, causing them to faint. "Thanks a bunch, Brock! I owe you one!" Duc said with a relieved sigh. There were a significant number of Zubat remaining. "Looks like today's gonna be a big battle!" Duc said loud tone. Pikachu, a little startled, continued with the Thundershocks, supporting the Staryu and Brock's Geodude.

April 24th, 2004, 10:39 PM
Squirt and Capie rush into action, shooting Water Guns and Stringshots left and right, trying to ward off the incoming Zubats. Capie is being unusually efficient for a Metapod, entangling several Zubats with its string. Peter does his part, whacking Zubats with his backpack and holding Fairy, a noncombatant in this battle, in his left arm.

April 25th, 2004, 5:54 AM
Skye stumbled a little as Peter grabed her arm and started to run. His Pokemon began to fire attacks left and right, and Skye suddenly got an idea.

"Flying types are weak against electricity!" she realized. "Agile, use whatever you've got for thundershocking power!"

Agile knew just what Skye meant, and withing a second the cave was alight with the intense lightning bolts the little Pikachu did its best to put out.

Unfortunately, Skye took this oppertunity to trip over another Geodude, and landed hard on the stone floor, knocking the wind from her. The Zubats caught up quickly, trying to attack Agile and Peter's Pokemon. They tangled themselves up in Skye's hair, and Agile did the best she could to thundershock them, but when one came up to deliver a decent bit attack to Agile, the Pikachu dodged, and the attack...

Hit Skye instead.

She shrieked in pain as the Zubat's fangs made contact with the skin on her shoulder. Agile, infuriated at her own inability to protect Skye sent an enormous thundershock attack at all the Zubats she could find. Soon, Agile became exhausted, and slumped to the ground beside Skye, breathing heavily.

By this time, the poison had seeped into Skye's bloodstream, making her very drowsy. Two little pools of blood stained her white t-shirt.

April 25th, 2004, 9:09 AM
IC:"Sky!Peter!"Lex yelled worried. All of a sudden a bright shock of thunder came within the cave. At the sight of the lightning,Lex ran as fast as he could because he could scence trouble.

When Lex finally got there,Skye layed on the floor with two blood stains on her shirt. Lex was shocked in terror. Lex picked up Skye who layed on his shoulder drowzee(like the pokemon!)

Agile also layed on the on the floor exhausted. Lex picked her/him up. Lex noticed A whole army of zubats laying around the place where Skye layed. Lex came to the conclusion that Zubats had bitten Skye.

trembling in terror,Lex remembered that he had antidotes in his backpack. Lex quickly took them out and used it on Skye.

OOC:OK and know...

Lex then just reme

Rated R Superstar
April 25th, 2004, 10:25 AM
In a flash of light,Ace appeared. "um..."

April 25th, 2004, 11:55 AM
Skye felt a strange sensation moving through ber body. There was almost unbearable pain, and then...something warm, liquid, moving under her skin. She felt the urge to open her eyes. They fluttered open in a brilliant show of violet.

"Lex??" she asked weakly. "Wow...I must have....how did you find us?"

She regained her feet wobbily and looked around her.

"Agile??!" she cried, only to notice that she lay in Lex's free arm. Skye picked up her fallen companion. "Hang on. Everything will be okay."

She reached into her bag and withdrew a potion to work with Lex's antidote. She applied it to Agile's exhausted body and watched her friend awaken.

"Thank you, Lex," she told him.

Suddenly, in a bright flash, Ace appeared.

"Huh? Ace???" Skye looked at him puzzled. "Um...am I still asleep?"

April 26th, 2004, 5:49 AM
OOC: Finally, LatiosMaster! Where were you for the past month?

IC: The battle went on with ferocity. Pikachu, still attacking, was getting tired. The Zubat don't seem like they were backing down. Duc heard a yell from Skye, despite the fluttering Zubat. He knew she was in trouble. Brock heard it too. "Skye?!" He yelled out for her.

Duc knew they had to get to her. "Staryu, use your Water Gun together with Pikachu's Thundershock to make a path through the Zubat!" The Pokmon attacked with all they could, seperating the wall of Zubat for a while. Duc and Brock ran through, while Geodude bounced along, defending the trainers from stray Zubat. As soon as Duc and Brock got to the rest of the trainers, Pikachu and the Staryu pulled off their attack. They were too tired to do much of anything now. The Zubat closed the gap, leaving the trainers on one side with Duc's Pokmon on the other.

Luckly, the Zubat didn't pay much attention to Pikachu and the Staryu. Unfortunately, they concentrated on the trainers.

Geodude was busy using Rock Throw as Brock ran up to Skye. "Skye, are you alright?!" He said to her, scared at the fact that she was injured. Duc examined her over Brock's shoulder and noticed two bite marks, ones that resembled a Zubat's. "Brock, you know what's wrong?" he asked.

"She's been poisoned. But I don't have the stuff needed to get a proper antidote!" he yelled.

"Can't we use an antidote for Pokmon?"

"That kind of antidote isn't strong enough for a person. Man, I wish I was a doctor right now!"

"Hey now, don't blame yourself! Right now, just get her comfortable and we'll try to hold off the Zubat."

Duc noticed that Ace was there. "Ace! Where were you?" The Zubat were getting angrier. "No time to talk! We gotta get Skye outta here!"

April 26th, 2004, 7:46 AM
Skye collapsed after the temporary relief of the antidote wore off. She feel to her knees, hitting the floor with her hands. Agile fell out of her arms.

Brock, knelt at her side, scooping her up like a baby, and motioned for Duc to pick up Agile. Skye was out cold, and Brock made sure to cradle her head on his shoulder.

"We've got to get out of here," he told the others. "This is really serious!"

With that, he began to dash towards a tunnel that hopefully led to the outside. Skye's face becoming paler with every passing moment. She moaned, and that was the last sound they heard from her...

April 26th, 2004, 8:36 AM
Pikachu was despertately trying to reach the group, but it couldn't pass the Zubat, even with the Staryu's help. It caught a glimspe of the group for a second, and saw that Agile and Skye were injured. Suddenly, something snapped inside Pikachu. Electricity built up inside its body at a dangerous rate.

Duc was trying to get through the Zubat with his backpack, but it was no good. He then heard Electricity crackling behind the Zubat. Then he saw bolts jumping from where he last saw Pikachu. "NO!!! Pikachu, stop that right now!" he yelled desperately, but Pikachu ignored him. Duc had seen Pikachu do this before, but afterwards, Pikachu was out cold and needed support to do just about anything.

Pikachu's body was surging with energy. It tried to hold it in while running in the middle of the Zubat group. The Staryu knew what Pikachu was trying to do, so they stopped any Zubat coming at Pikachu. Battered, Pikachu let out the energy. A bright light emmited from its body and then the whole cave became lit. After the light dimmed, there was a crater where Pikachu was. It was lying unconcious in the middle of it. Most of the Zubat were knocked out while the others fled.

From his studies, Duc knew that an anti-venom could only be made with the venom that's infected the person, so he pulled out two empty Pokballs at two downed Zubat. They didn't resist. After capturing them, Duc ran up to Pikachu, trying to wake it up. "Comon, Pikachu. You've gotta be okay..." he whispered to his Pokmon. Agile, knowing all there is to being a Pikachu, zapped Duc's Pikachu to awaken it. Duc was also caught in the zapping, but he stood his ground. Pikachu suddenly was up and running, but collasped after a while, falling asleep. Relieved, Duc picked up both Agile and Pikachu. "Thanks a lot, Agile. I bet Pikachu says thanks too."

The group had reached the tunnel's end, and apparently, it was the way out of Mt. Moon. It was very dark, but was broken by the lights of Cerulean City. Concerned about Skye, Brock kept pushing us towards Cerulean City. He knew at this rate, though, that Skye could be in serious trouble.

Down the road in front of the group, Duc heard sirens. They were coming from police vehilcles. Officer Jenny of Cerulean City stopped the cars and took the group to Cerulean City's hospital. Officer Jenny then proceeded to explain the situation. "I see that you've been attacked by Zubat on the way here. They've been attacking people on Mt. Moon ever since Team Rocket has been causing trouble in Cerulean City. The gang keeps telling us that they won't stop until they've found three certain trainers who've foiled their plans before, but they didn't specify who."

In a different room, Nurse Joy happened to have the antidote for people poisoned by Pokmon. Brock saw her administer the antidote. He didn't go all crazy for Joy as he was concerned about Skye. "Is she gonna be all right?" he asked. "She's gonna be just fine." replied the nurse. "All she needs is a good night's rest so the antidote can take full effect, then she can go on her way!" Brock, relieved, sat by her side as the night went by.

"We've been patroling those roads to catch any Team Rocket Members and to find anybody that's been injured." Officer Jenny said in the lobby. "So far, no luck." Duc remembered his two Zubat. He was about to take them out when Nurse Joy reported the news. "She's going to be just fine! Come by tomorrow to see her." Releived, he took both Agile and Pikachu to the nearby Pokmon Center, hoping to catch some shut-eye.

April 26th, 2004, 12:38 PM
Skye felt her eyelids rising slowly. A blurry face lay by at her side on the bed, the body belinging to it hunched over in a chair. Dark skin, squinty black eyes, uncontrollable black hair. She blinked once more, and turned her head to get a better view.

"Brock," she gasped, sitting up slowly. He didn't stir. Skye slid a shaky hand under his cheek that rested lightly on the blanket, and he stirred. "Wake up."

Brock slowly rose his head and rubbed his eyes tiredly. He managed a tired smile.

"Glad to see you pulled through okay," he told her, the strain from trying to stay awake all night evident in his voice.

"Were you here the whole time?" she asked, smiling with a gratefullness that could not be expressed in words.

Brock only nodded.

Skye proceeded to throw her arms aroud him, pulling him into a tight hug. Totally taken aback, Brock blushed furiously, and hugged her back. When she realeased him, her smile was wide and refreshed.

"Thank you," she said, her face turning a light shade of pink.

"Don't thank me," he told her. "If Duc and the others hadn't found you, you would have been toast. I just happened to be the one who carried you out. But...you're welcome."

Skye only smiled, relaxing back into the comforts of the hospital bed. She looked over at Brock, concern flooding to her face.

"What about the others?? Where is Agile?" she asked quickly, becoming worried.

April 26th, 2004, 1:32 PM
I had gone off for a walk, interested in training charmeleon some more for the cerulean gym. I was up on the cape, near Bill's lighthouse, when I thought I saw something flash. I looked over, to see an abra looking around nervousley. I knew they teleported as soon as they sensed danger, so I quickly threw a pokeball at it, and in a flash it dissapeared inside it, as the ball began shaking violently...

OOC: I know that's not much of a story, but I'm not sure how to make a fight out of a pokemon that only teleports, mind if I catch it? I didn't finish the post with my catching it in case you guys felt I need to make a real battle post to catch this.

April 26th, 2004, 1:39 PM
((Are you still allowing random twits to take part...?))

April 26th, 2004, 1:43 PM
OOC: I think it would be okay if you hopped aboard, Hajime...we kind of lost a few rpers a while back, so just post your stats and jump right in! Welcome aboard!

April 26th, 2004, 5:15 PM
OOC: Go on, Seph. We all know that Abra can only teleport at first. And as for HAJIME, you are welcome to join the group! Just start out near or at Cerulean City, please!

IC: Duc was sleeping with his pal Pikachu and took care of Agile while Skye was in the hopspital. Duc again had a large headache after the Zubat incident, so he took no notice of Seph's late departure. It was later than midnight by the time he'd reach the Pokmon Center.

Just like in Viridian City, Duc had the same dream. Only this time, there was a dark shroud looming in the sky. The shroud covered the orange-headed girl as well as the picture. Freaked out by this, Duc suddenly woke up. It was early morning.

Pikachu was sleeping heavily along with Agile. Duc thought that they could take care of themselves and left his backpack behind. Since Duc was wide awake and couldn't sleep anymore, he decided to take a stroll around Creulean City. He looked at the strip malls and other stores that he remembered before heading out on his journey. He stopped in the front of the Cerulean City's gym, with the Dewgong sculpture rising off it's roof. Duc walked to the door and saw a notice. It said "The Cerulean sisters will be out for a while due to an unexpected trip. Instead, Misty will be the gym leader until they get back." It was signed by Misty. Duc stood there, thinking all the things she and Ash and Brock have been thourgh. Then he noticed another notice. "I'll be out for a few days, so please challenge me some other time. --Misty." That note was signed two days ago.

Duc was confused by the notice. He asked a nearby store clerk about the gym leader. He said that Misty was out for some time now and didn't say when she was going back. He did mention that she was headed to Cerulean Cape. Without thinking about it, Duc went off to find Misty. Something was drawing him towards her, but he couldn't tell.

April 26th, 2004, 5:28 PM
Lex imptiently waited around in the "waiting room". The repetitious tick of the clock was driving Lex fanatical. Then the glorious voice came, "You may come in."Nurse Joy whispered in her satisfying voice. Lex then sauntered towards the room pondering why such agony and anguish had fallen upon Skye.

Lex silently and gradually opened the door. To his surprise he found Skye awake!

Lex darted towards Skye and gave Skye a hug. He could feel warmth scattering across his body and now,at this point he felt as if hiself and Skye were junctured.

OOC:Ace you better start posting now -_-

April 26th, 2004, 5:33 PM
"Everyone's alright," Brock assured her. "Agile's just fine, and Duc's taking good care of her from what I can tell."

Skye smiled.

"So does that mean I can leave this place soon?" she asked.

"I'll be the judge of that!" a nurse said, hurrying in. She carried a clipboard of charts with her. "Now let's see..."

She bustled about, checking the monitors and IV Skye had not even noticed she was hooked up to.

"Well, everything checks out okay," she told her. "I'll sign your release. You're good to go!"

"Thank you," Skye said politely, and she slowly got out of bed. Brock exited the room so she could change out of the hosital robes and into her normal clothes. When she emerged, she looked more herself, but still a little pale.

"Well, Brock," said the nurse. "You're quite a good boyfriend to have stayed watching over her all night."

The nurse disappeared down the hall, leaving Skye and Brock blushing and avoiding each other's eyes.

"I'm really glad you're okay," Brock told her, as Skye wobbled unsteadily on her feet. He put his arm around her to support her.

Skye smied at him, her cheeks a little pink. They walked outside and down the street towards the gym, where they spotted Duc.

"Duc!!" Skye cried out. "Hey Duc!"

She grinned wildly to see her friend again.