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Crunkn' Munky
February 14th, 2006, 4:00 PM
This is an RPG I created,
This is my first time so don't be mean

12 trainers are needed, do not sign up if you are going to leave in the middle of it!!

Anyways The Areas are in order,

Orange Islands

A group of young trainers team up in the small neighborhood of Pallet town, their dream is to become Poke'mon masters (duh) but the Poke'mon Jirachi emerged from the Millenium comet one starry night with the help of Celebi to stop the end of time from happenin'
In one month a meteor shower will occur and the Poke'mon Deoxys will emerge from space and destroy the planet Earth. (of course Celebi went back in time) Your objective is to create the strongest Poke'mon team and become a strong Poke'mon team to destroy Deoxys in 30 days.

Days in the Real World are not days in my RP, every few areas we progress we will begin a new day, days are marked like this

Day 1

Anyhow here are the charecter roles,

trainers 1-12
Jirachi: Me

All is like the same in Poke'mon games and TV except for a little twist

Your Profile is here:

Age: 10-16
RPG sample:
Poke'mon: if one is already chosen then, you may not choose it!Bulbasaur, Charamander, Squirtle, Chickorita, Cyndaquil, Tododile, Treeko, Mudkip, Torchic, Pikachu, Togepi, Mareep

Have a good time, don't spam, and don't be mean

Once we get enough charecters we will start...

February 18th, 2006, 4:42 AM
This looks cool!




Description:Has big blue eyes, brown hair and a black headband, a green slleveless shirt and underneath a longs sleeve black shirt, he wears denim blue jeans and has black sneakers
Personality:strong willed, corageus, determined and

History:Lives in the pokemon research centre with his family in orre(His family is the hero from pokemon XD"s family)Flew to kanto on a jet, so he could help save the world.


RPG sample:
Since Zink had finished his breakfast, he decided to wait there and see what happens next, a smart looking detective came from the stairs, he walked into the dimning hall to make a proclamation,"I have found this paper, with information that helped me find out who the murderer it clearly was..."Sudedenly the light turned off, a scream was heard, when the lights turned back on, the detective was lying on the floor with an arrow in his back, he was murdered!


February 18th, 2006, 9:49 AM
Name: Kei Hoshi
Description: Kei has long black hair, usually kept in a high ponytail. She has soft blue eyes, that reflect her calm personality. She's about 5'6 and wears black baggy pants with white sneakers. She wears two belts that cross eachother diagonally around her waist. She wears a white top with a jean jacket over it. She also has a headband with the yin yang symbol in the middle. (like Ray's from Beyblade.)
Personality:Kei is a kind and generous person. She is somewhat quiet with strangers but when she gets to know the person she can be quite talkative. When someone is in trouble she'll drop everything to help that person out, wether it be a pokemon or a person, she'd be there to help.
History: Kei lives in the hoenn region, in Slateport city. She is usually seen hanging out with Captain Stern at his museum or at the ship yard. When she heard that Deoxys was going to destroy planet earth she decided to do something about it and help stop the pokemon from doing so.
Rpg sample: "Go Tory! Use ember!" Kei yelled. A small pokemon known as Torchic opened it's beak ready to shower a dummy with an ember attack, but a puff of smoke was released instead. Kei looked at her pokemon with an annoyed expression. "Tory! C'mon focus! Let's try it again! Ember!" She yelled. The Torchic was about to open it's beak again when it spotted a butterfly landing on it's head. The Torchic had a look of terror in it's eyes and ran around in circles trying to get the butterfly off. Kei sighed heavily, "Tory stand still I'll take the butterfly off." But before Kei had a chance to near her pokemon, it showered her with an ember attack. "Aaaah! Tory!" She yelled as she jumped in the near by pond. The chick pokemon kept on running around in circles until it hit a tree, knocking it unconcious. Kei climbed out of the pond and picked up the unconcious pokemon. "You'll never learn." She chuckled lightly. "Kei!" A voice called out to her, it was Captain Stern. "Hiya Captain, something wrong?" She asked noting the concerned look on the Captain's face. "Yes, we are in grave danger. Deoxys will destroy planet earth if it's not stopped, everyone is in a state of panic." He replied. "Deoxys? Well then I'll just have to stop it, won't I?" She grinned.
Pokemon: Torchic

February 18th, 2006, 11:32 AM
Name: Danyelle Alguire

Age: 10

Gender: Female

Description: Danyelle is exactly 5.5 feet tall. She has dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She weard a red baseball hat backwards on her head when she is walking and only takes it off otherwise. She also wears red sunglasses which she wears on sunny traveling days. She had fire shaped earrings. Danyelle wears a red t shirt and blue jeans. Her shirt has a flareon laying under a tree on it. She wears orange sneakers with charizards on them to finish her firey outfit.

Personality: Danyelle has a bad temper which is very easy to be unleashed. She prefers fire pokemon to all other types except grass which is why her outfit is firey and her starter is the powerful grass type starter Chickorita.

History: Danyelle was born in Mauville City May 7th 1995. She lived in between the gym and the game corner. She checks out what her brother who works as a gym trainer in the gym. Then she would go to the game corner.

Other: Leafy stays out of her pokeball to walk with her trainer as she prefers fresh air to her pokeball.

RPG sample: Danyelle startled shot up awoken by a loud noise downstairs. She craned her neck to see what was going on down there. Then she grabbed her alarm clock which had been beeping. She shut it off and slipped out of her pygamas. Then she got dressed and walked down the stairs slowly. Her sneakers squeaked with each step. She stepped off the last step to see the mauville gym leader with her mother.
"So you see, we need to find trainers skilled enough to fullfil this task." Wattson finished explaining. He turned his attention to Danyelle.
"Oh, is this Danyelle? Well deary, I must tell you that you are accepted to get your first pokemon. The professors lab is pretty far so I called my friends. Theyre Salemence will escort you."

Danyelle gulped then looked at her sneakers.
"Why would I get my first pokemon now? Whats going on? Mom said when I`m eleven I got my pokemon." She stared at her mother who turned away.
" There is a problem. I got a call from the space center in Mossdeep that Deoxys is going to try and destroy the universe and we need all the help we can get to stop it." Wattson sighed and Danyelle gasped.
"But, Deoxys is only supposed to be a myth mommy... Thats what you told me." Danyelle stared at her mother.
"I said that for your own saftey."

Poke'mon: Chickorita (Leafy)

deoxys holder
February 27th, 2006, 10:08 PM
hey this looks fun!!
Description:He is about 5'8 and wears a black shirt and a Jacket with fire desighns his pants are baggy blue jeans,He has a platinum pokeball that he keeps his charmander in(this ball was a family hierloom).
History:He was orphaned at the age of 10,he is isn't relly that positive because of his loss,he discoverd the platinum pokeball a year later,he then found a charmander egg in his burned down house,and hatched and catpured him in the ball.
Other:He keeps a photo of his parents with him
RPG Sample:Shadow wasen't home we he noticed firefighters and thier poke'mon going to his home,thats when he saw his house on fire,and when it was out he asked about his parents,and they told him they both have died.

February 28th, 2006, 4:17 PM
Ill be Celebi Oh And By The Way...WHAT ROLE DOES CELEBI HAVE

_Mighty Mawile_
March 29th, 2006, 1:16 PM
Ill join! It seems fun.

Name: Alison Quen (Ali)
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Description: She is 4'7,with brown hair that has blond highlights and wears glasses with a purple rim. She always wears a lavender T-shirt, with black jeans with white edges. A base-ball cap covers her hair which is tied in a ponytail.
Personality: A hyper, but kind young girl that just loves having swimming lessons with her Mudkip. She can get quit angry if someone says something mean about her father or her pokemon. If she sees anyone in trouble, she will always try to help them. Her motto: "Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the real ones stay."
History: Ever since she was 6, she imagined having wonderful adventures with her father and his pokemon. Sadly, her father was killed by Deoxys, who wants to destroy the planet. Since then, Alison never spoke about him. One night, she escaped from her house with her pokemon, Kippy, a Mudkip, determined to destroy Deoxys... for her beloved father!
Other: She has a necklace that has a lovely heart symbol on it. She got it from her father. Kippy hates pokeballs, so he intends to stay outside with Alison.
RP Sample: Alison scanned the ground, hoping to find a good, safe place to land when she was going to jump from her bedroom window. She suddenly saw a soft patch of dirt with grass by her mother's garden. Ok, she thought,this is it! Hold on Kippy!! Holding on tightly to her Mudkip, she braced herself for the worst... "Waaaah!" She cried as she jumped, with nothing to hold onto but her pokemon! She then crashed face-down on the patch of dirt. With a groan, she stood up, her knees shaking. Brushing dirt off her pants, she ran toward the dark, deep woods with Kippy beside her.By the soul of my father's heart I will get you Deoxys, mark my words!...
Pokemon: Mudkip (Kippy)
Region: Hoenn

March 30th, 2006, 7:32 AM
Name: Rarule Romona

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Description: He wears a burgandy set that contains a blue bullseye in the back ad front center. His hair is long and stringy, and jet black. he wears these blue shades that match the blue on his clothes. Look at the attachment to see how he looks.

Personality: He is calm ad quiet. He doesn't look like the battle type at first but completely changes during battle.

History: There's not much to Rarule. Only the fact that he was always bullied and taunted in school about the fact that h had no pokemon of his own and couldn't get one. His parents weren't exactly high on the money, so buying him one was not an option. He always dreamed of becoming a strong trainer one day, and defeat all those who made fun of him. Now, after months of watching his classmates leave off to become trainers, and enough money saved up, he can finally become a trainer.

Other: Nothing

Rp Sample: Rarule headed towards professor Elms lab. He wasn't in a rush, but he couldn't wait to recieve his first pokemon and set off on his journey. His classmates were probably off training somewhere, and most likely had already obtained one or two badges. But Rarule was not intimadated at the least. "I will surpass them, believe it!"

He opened the door to the lab and saw Elm working on his computer. The profesor looked up and greeted him. "Ah, I was wondering when you'd get here."

"Sorry professor, but mother was lecturing me on keeping clean out there." The professor nodded and led him towards the back. Rarule saw on a table a pokeball.

"I preserved this for you." He handed him the pokeball and Rarule threw it up, "Go pokeball!"

a mareep happily frolicked around Rarule's feet. "Yeah! Thanks professor! Now let's go mareep... no Jolt!"

Pokemon: Mareep

Region: Johto

March 30th, 2006, 4:29 PM
May I join

Name: Dylan Peroko
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Description: Dylan wears a plain red hat. But under the hat is his very dark black hair. He has a plain white t-shirt on and a red over jacket that is a t-shirt with deep pockets. Dylan has blue shorts down to his knees. He has black and red shoes. Mostly black but with red on the rim. Dylan is about 6'11 and wegihs 120 pounds.

Persinaltiy: Dylan is very aggressive in compitions and stuff. He can get stubboron and angry alot. He puffers to be left alone and quite. He says all he needs is his pokemon. He is very shy about meeting new people but he is kind to them in all ways.

History: Dylan has only a mother because his father vanished one day after he left for work and never returned. He has a brother that left to become a pokemon trainer and now Dylan is following his foot steps. Dylan was tormeteted by people because he was skinny than normal people but it did not bother him. Dylan is very tall than most people so he has something to commet back about.

other: His hat was his when he was kid.

RPG Sample: I shall go get one right now
Pokemon: Treecko