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February 20th, 2006, 10:03 AM
I realize that another Pokemorph roleplay was recently created. However, I thought it might be enjoyable to create a Pokemorph roleplay with a slight twist and little more defined purpose.

As a disclaimer, I wrote this late at night and early in the morning. Thus, my writing may not be entirely comprehensive. Also, I realize that there seems to be quite a bit of reading to be done before beginning the RP . . . I apologize. ^-^;;

History: A number of years ago, a violent battle was waged between Team Rocket and an army of Pokemon trainers. By this time, Team Aqua and Team Magma had disbanded, leaving Team Rocket as the sole major antagonistic power in the Pokemon world. Though no one knows exactly what Team Rocket’s final plan was, it is known that the plan failed . . . mostly. During the battle, the device Team Rocket’s scientists had worked to create since the Team’s inception was destroyed in a massive explosion—releasing a ripple of energy that affected people and Pokemon in every land. This event is now known as the “Mutation Wave” and was the birth of the Pokemorph. Now, though Team Rocket was finally destroyed three years ago, the effects of their plans can still be felt. Many humans died instantly during the Mutation Wave, and some Pokemon died as quickly. Meanwhile, several trainers were fused to their Pokemon while others were given a Pokemon’s characteristics. A few received the characteristics of multiple Pokemon, though they died within a year of the Mutation Wave and the Final Battle. However influenced, these events are now mourned deeply as society awkwardly attempts to accept the Pokemorphs now scattered throughout it.

Plot: You are (naturally) roleplaying the part of a character who has been transformed into a Pokemorph by the Mutation Wave. Though the anniversary of the Final Battle has, each year, been a solemn day, on this year’s anniversary a stunning announcement has been made. A cure for the Pokemorph mutation has been discovered. However, there is a catch. A massive tournament will be held among the Pokemorphs, the winner being the single recipient of this cure.
As might be expected, the announcement of this tournament caused quite a bit of controversy among the public, largely due to its violent nature and treatment of the morphs as Pokemon. Nonetheless, on the day of opening ceremonies, quite a few Pokemorphs arrived at the stadium in Slateport City—you being among their number.

The Pokemorphs: As would be expected, each morph gains characteristics according to their Pokemon. After being mutated, morphs are no longer able to train Pokemon, and living a “normal” life has become seemingly impossible. Despite gaining quite a number of abilities, the mutations have also been found to often have rather negative side effects. New diseases exclusive to morphs have been discovered, and shortened lifetimes among the Pokemorphs are expected—being that almost a quarter of the morphs have already died of “natural” causes.

The Tournament: Though labeled a “tournament”, this tournament is considerably more than a series of one vs. one matches. There will be double battles, contests, “team” battles, battle royales, obstacle courses, “missions” (to be explained later), etc. Unlike a typical tournament, after the first few “elimination rounds” (your character defeating an unknown, expendable one to give an example of your skills), each tournament member will be given points based on their performance in each round and for each given task they complete. In the end, the three characters with the highest number of points will battle in a one vs. one vs. one battle. I will later be keeping a “Tournament Billboard” in this post to track the points of each character. At times, creating an alliance with other characters may be beneficial or required. Thus, be cautious in not estranging yourself from too many other characters. However, also remember that you are all working toward a goal that only one of you may reach—and some morphs will do anything to win.
No one is entirely sure who is hosting The Tournament, being that the most that has been seen of its host is shadow. While the origin of The Tournament is suspect, however, most morphs are desperate—or curious—enough to still enter The Tournament.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. You are permitted a maximum of two characters (though one may enter the RP later, if you so desire)
2. While your character is permitted more than four attacks, attacks your respective Pokemon learns via TM or HM, and attacks they would logically know, please be reasonable.
3. No powerplaying.
4. Grammar is appreciated (it quite definitely need not be perfect, but it must be existent).
5. I realize this is simply reiterating the RP rules. But, please include at least 4 lines in your post.

Character Sheet:

Pokemon: (No legendaries, please)
Other (Optional):
RP Sample: (To be fair, no one is exempt from this.)


I will post my character sheet later (if enough people join for this roleplay to function).


Tournament Billboard:

Latest Update: N/A; Billboard Currently Inactive

Morph//Pokemon ------------ Latest Point Addition ------- Current Point Total {Previous Point Total}

Raven//Umbreon ------------------ 0 --------------------- 0 {0}

Star//Espeon --------------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Rave//Houndoom ------------------ 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Eve//Milotic ----------------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Arin//Raichu ----------------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Corbin AKA Magnet//Magneton ----- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Richard//Crobat -------------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Ryakugen//Charizard ---------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Christine//Vaporeon ----------------- 0 ---------------------- 0 {0}

Io//Skitty -------------------------- 0 ----------------------- 0 {0}

deoxys holder
March 1st, 2006, 6:22 PM
can I join?

Appearance:Shadow is pretty much a Blaziken and thats it.

Personality:Always keeps to himself barely talks to anyone.

History:??? Know one know's him,he came to the region to become stronger when this happend to him.

Wepons/Armor:He has a sowrd with him and thats it,and he only uses it as a last resort.

Other:He wears a pure silver pokeball around his neck its his most prized possesion.

RP Sample:He came to the region because of an invetation to a tournament where many powerful pokemon trainers would face each other to see who could claim the title of a true POKE'MON MASTER.The letter said:
Dear Trainer,
You have been invited to a tournement sponsered by THE POKE'MON LEAUGE bring your most powerful pokemon to face off many powerful trainers and claim the title POKE'MON MASTER In the kanto region.
Come to the Indego Plateu Saturday 12/1/04 at 3:00pm and register,show your invetation at regestration.Thank You
-The Elite Four
He accepted and came,then he was hit by the mutation wave.

March 1st, 2006, 9:17 PM
If I did not make this clear, I apologize. ^-^;; But, all the morphs of more than one Pokemon have died. The increased mutation caused a further accelerated death . . .

March 2nd, 2006, 5:20 AM
ooc: -squee fail pounce- >.> I've wanted to do one of these for a LONG time.... Muwahahahahaha. And I always do Raven posts in purply text. xD Charon, you member back on Neo when we had the posion poke layout and I STILL typed in purple for heem?

And I'm aware of my 90 billion typos. I had finals today. My brain hurts. I'll fix them LATER

Name: Raven Zion

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Umberon

Appearance: His eyes were quite simply the most stunning part of him. Bright Amber eyes with a touch of florecent yellow that drew ones attention all the while making it hard for one to turn away; to break the intense gaze that hardly ever faded. The raven like tressles flowed to his mid back in an elegant mannor, his long straight hair resting softly against his fluffy black fur. The rich golden ring-like highlights in his hair along with the unmistakable ears of an Umbreon that sat clearly visable amongst his hair, proved even without his tail that he was indeed a morph and the yellow rings around his wrists, shoulders, thighs and ankles shimmer in moonlight and fully affirm what he is. The soft scaring on his cheek was in the shape of a seven rests calmly below his left eye... and he doesn't like to speak about it.

As far as a more genreal apperance goes, the male is quite short, only five foot seven (I have NO idea what this is in Meters. ^^; Sorry, I'm still recuperating from finals.) and seemingly enjoys the fact he's short and uses it to his advantage. He prefers to wear his purple jumpsuit if circumstance would allow it but because this tends to draw more attention to him then he likes, he tends to stick to his black cargo pants and a plain purple or golden (Colored) t-shirt all of which is covered by his purple hood-carrying cloak which hooks onto his simple shoulder pad amour. For shoes he wears simple black combat boots that give him two extra inches in height.

Personality: First of all, Raven can not stand neither men nor women. Due to past experiences he has seen the worst in both and trusts neither, thus pushing him into a lonely little corner that he seems to enjoy being in. He's very quiet, almost never speaks unless he's spoken to or unless somebody's being entirely too stupid. He doesn't like to get involved in other people's problems as he believes this will draw attention to his haunted past and to his own hidden child-like heart that he struggles to keep hidden when matters like "boy friends and girl friends" arise in conversation and Raven has trully no idea what either of them are. He is however, extremely protective of any friends he does make. Once he's made them, he guards them fiercely. In short, he's considered very angsty and an obvious loner but his smile, even tho rare, is very gentle and sweet.

History: Raven has no true recollection of his parents. He was taken from his hometown in village raid led by some members of Team Rocket and taken back to Viridian, Kanto where he was quite simply "adopted' and then "used" in more ways than just as a test subject. Needless to say, Raven was hardened into a Team Rocket "Assassin" of sorts as he was trained by Koga for four years to become emotionless and to teach him how to silently defend himself. His missions were more dangerous than most missions that were given to others his age but because the child was all but fearless, he didn't seem to care and never came back with a mission uncompleted. However, when Team Rocket was finally disbanded, (It was disbanded, correct?) Raven escaped his base to avoid capture, slipping like a shadow into the moonless night. He had no idea that there were other morphs beside himself until the broadcast about a tourny for a cure slipped past his ears as he wandered through a small town. His immediate reaction to this was not "a cure! Oh my!" but rather, "...there... are others like me?" With the knowledge that his crimes towards the end of the war would not go unnoticed. Raven set off for the tournament in search for others like him

In search of a place where he wasn't so alone

Weapon(s)/Armor: Armor: Raven's got shoulder amour that actually rests on his arms with a metal-like wire connecting one side to the other that his cloak connects to.

Weaponry: He carries the basic ninja-items (that he recieved from Koga) which include shuriken, kunai and small little smoke bombs but he enjoys the fluid motions that moves like Faint Attack give him when it comes to getting behind somebody to deliver a Chuck Norris-like Round House Kick!

Other (Optional): He is deathly afraid of small windowless rooms.

RP Sample: Ancient Dynasty (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028)

Lemme go back to sleep for a lil more and I'll type up something fresh if you want. xD

March 2nd, 2006, 6:40 AM
Name: Star (Used to have a regualr name, but when fused with her Espeon she took her name instead of keeping her old one.)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Espeon
Apperence: She has eyes that change color to match her mood which are almost always black or red and light brown hair that goes half way down her back. Star has the ears of an Espeon and the tail of one too. She wears a black T-shirt, jeans, and black tennis shoes. Around her naeck is a gold band which she never takes off.
Personality: Star doesn't trust anyone. She is very watchful and catious. At first she can be very cold and untalkative towards people. She is not even close to the nicest or happiest of people. You can never really tell what she is thinking or her emotions because her eyes are always souless besides the different colors.
History: Star tells no one her history. All that is known about it is that she has no family because of it.
Weapon(s)/Armor: Star has three long swords which she rarely uses. She doesn't wear armor. Her main wepons are her psychic abilities, her agility and grace.
Other: N/A
RP Smaple: Jumping from tree to tree, limb to limb, Star desperately tried to run away. Why bother to run from something that can't be escaped? She asked herself in her head sadly. Dropping from the trees she landed on her feet on the forest floor. "Where to go?" She asked herlsef staring up into the trees and the bright sun beyond them. Letting out a sigh Star walked through the forest. "This place used to be so full of life...well not anymore." She said kicking a rock out of her way. Her eyes their regular souless black color as she walked through the forest alone with a wandering mind.

Alter Ego
March 2nd, 2006, 7:13 AM
D'oh...of all the available pokémon Mika went for Umbreon too? *Grumbles* Oh well, for the sake of character diversity and due to the fact that this one actually suits me quite well my char shall be a Houndoom morph instead.

Name: Rave (He used to have a real name but doesn't acknowledge it any longer)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Houndoom
Appearance: A tall and well built male, Rave stands a good two meters tall. His hair is jet black while his skin is a fairly light shade of grey which, combined with the curved pair of horns protounding from his forehead and his blood red eyes, gives him a rather intimidating appearance and clearly marks him as a morph. Rave always dressed in black or dark shades of grey, usually wearing a pair of black trousers and a grey t-shirt which is of a shade so close to his skin colour that few can tell the difference. For added effect he also often wears a black cloak, complete with a hood which, when pulled up, obscures all of his features save his eyes. Rave also has a black diamond-tipped Houndoom's tail which he usually keeps concealed under his cloak. Under normal circumstances he also wears a pair of - you guessed it - black shoes, although he often discards them in favour of moving barefoot when his hunting instinct kicks in.
Personality: Rave is...well, certainly not the nicest of people. On a good mood he can be tolerable or even enjoyable to be around, but the problem is that you can never quite know where you have him. He has been known to smile in a most friendly and disarming manner one moment, only to use that to lunge at his victim's throat the next. Rave is a manipulative person with an extremely sadistic streak and enjoys toying with his opponents before going in for the kill, he also has very little sense of loyalty and would turn on an ally without hesitation if he deemed him or her good prey. Rave is not completely honorless in his dealings however, as, despite everything else, he always lives up to his end of a bet, regardless of how the other person won. Life, it seems, is little more than a thrilling game for Rave, and he has never been known to suffer a poor sport for long. The competition appeales to him, and he will certainly strive for victory by any means necessary, even though he has no wish to change back into a human, seeing as how being a morph is so much more amusing. Rave's foremost pleasure in life is hunting, and that is also the time when his sadistic nature becomes clearest.
History: The only child of a wealthy bussinessman living in Lilycove, Hoenn, Rave never had to suffer shortage of anything save affection during his youth, and, like many bored rich kids do, quickly grew to resent everything his father stood for, growing increasingly rebellious and ending up with the wrong crowd; shady characters from back alleys, women of questionable virtue, and most of all, street gangs formed by disgruntled members of the already disbanded Teams Aqua and Magma. With his wealth and seemingly complete lack of empathy for other living beings, Rave (Self-nicknamed) quickly climbed the social ladder of the underworld, soon gaining charge of his own gang and wrecking chaos on society for his own amusement. Even then, he was notoriously cruel and sadistic, but when he became one of the many struck by the mutation wave, developing powers the likes of which he had never held before, Rave seemed to become even more unhinged, growing resentful of human beings in general and quickly taking up hunting them just for the thrill of it. Abandoning his own gang which he now loathed as much as everyone else, the youth set out into the world, determined to derive as much pleasure as possible for every minute of his new, if regrettably short, life. Despite the fact that Rave had no desire whatsoever to become a human again, he found the contest appealing for the simple fact that it was the perfect chance for him to derive his amusement without being troubled by pesky laws, and besides...the thought of being able to make other morphs jump through his hoops in hopes of getting the cure for themselves was simply too tempting to resist.
Weapon(s)/Armor: Sharp teeth and his newfound control over fire are all the weapons that Rave consider worthwhile and he has no wish for armor to restrict his movements. After all, what's life without a little risk?
Other (Optional): N/A
RP Sample: Might I direct your attention to Showgan (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=54449), Ancient Dynasty (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=58028), or perhaps Ryko (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60900)? I can write up a fresh sample too if you'd like, just as soon as I manage to round up my imagniation again. *Stabs homework* <.<

March 2nd, 2006, 9:35 AM
{ooc| *hits Alter with a herring* YOU STOLE RAVE'S NAME! Ah well. No matter. Uh.... and I really want to join this (as Mika knows, I used to have quite an obsession with 'morphs') but in four week's time I'm going away for two weeks. So.... I hope that's okay ^^;}

Name: Eve
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Milotic
Appearance: Eve is tall, curvy and very, very slim - just like the pokemon she was morphed into. Her skin is a rich shade of cream, and her almond shaped eyes are a deep ruby red. However, a long scarlet scar streaks from the corner of one eye down to her chin, marring her appearence considorably.
Her hair is coral-pink, and frames her face in the form of bangs. The rest reaches to around her hips, and is tied in bunches. A horn protrudes from her forehead, and there are three breathing holes set on either side of her neck. Two antannaes sprout from the corners of her eyes, as well. These are normally brushed back behind her ears.
From about her pelvis down, she is covered in milotic's signiture purple-and-pink scales; she also has the water-type's long, tapering tail, which is normally curled around her legs, the fan splayed in order to cover as much of her as possible.
Despite her rather stunning appearence, Eve attempts to dress down. She is normally found wearing huge, baggy jeans, and shapeless black t-shirts that bear phrases like 'speaking is not communication'.

Personality: Eve tends to shy away from interaction with humans, but when surrounded by pokemorphs she likes to let her true colours show. Eve quite quiet, and very laid back, except when it comes to battling; here, Eve becomes incredibly adamant, refusing to admit defeat.
She's very defensive, so even the smallest word against her becomes a major offence in her eyes. Call her ugly, and Eve will be livid. She is terribly self-concious, due to her scarring, and she suffers from slight paranoia. If she notices two girls with their heads together, giggling and whispering, Eve always assumes it's about her.
However, in a dangerous situation, Eve manages to keep her head. It's only when humans are close by that she panics..

History: Eve was born in sootoplois city, to a relatviely well off-family. Her father was an ice-expert, and he had a job at Wallace's gym. Pokemon were something Eve's family were passionate about. Her family were extremely happy - it was just Eve and her Dad, but they had each other, and their pokemon, so they were contented. Eve was quite a chubby, dull looking girl before the transformation - she was slightly overweight, and as a result she spent all her time with her pokemon, or her Dad, or playing video games. She liked to hide herself away, to avoid harsh comments - she was bullied a lot by the other girls at her school. Her only friends were the boys she played video games with; they didn't even notice she was a girl.
When the Mutation Wave struck, her father was one of the many killed instantly. Eve changed dramatically; in an instant she was sleek, slender and beautiful, like her father's milotic. Weak from grief, she went away to live with her grandparents, who looked after her. For a while she lived in sanctuary with them, but she couldn't live with them forever. After a few years, she returned to Sootopolis and to school.
Her bullies couldn't believe the change in Eve. They were disgusted that the Mutation Wave had changed her so positively, when they were sick, or ugly, or their family had died. In their fury, they taunted and teased her, and Eve fell back into her old ways.
The boys, however, now noticed she was definetly female.
Eve fled.

Weapon(s)/Armor: Eve believes in her own fighting abilities completely; however, she always carries a pen knife, just in case she is ever caught unaware.
Other (Optional): Nein!
RP Sample: Ryko! Yay! (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=60900&page=6)
I would write a real sample... maybe later.

{ooc| I'll finish later... I must practise my german!}

March 2nd, 2006, 10:41 AM
Kwee! Yeah, since my buddies are here, I felt the need to join. Hee hee.

Name: Arin Morrow

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Pokemon: Raichu

Appearance: At an average height, Arin is pretty normal. She is a little chubby though, which she didn't used to be like until she became part Raichu. She has chestnut brown hair that goes down to the middle of her back and has short bangs that come to her eyebrows in the front along with dark brown eyes that look almost black. Her fingers have become a little chubbier and shorter, and don't have the same extendability (<-- I think I made up that word >.>) as they had when she was human. Her skin has a fine fur on it that is colored much like a Raichu's, perhaps a little lighter. She has a cream-colored skirt on that goes down to her knees which is not in the best condition, which should come as no surprise considering where she lives. She also wears a brown shirt with long sleeves. Her most noticable Raichu features are her large Raichu-like ears, her long and quite dangerous Raichu tail, and her large, yellowish puffy cheeks. They too have a light fuzziness to them.

Personality: Arin is a person that fights for the little guy. She has always been in love with nature; it's her passion. She's a vegetarian, wears clothes that are never made from plastic, and wouldn't be caught dead throwing a recyclable material into the regular garbage. She loves pokemon and the beauty of the natural landscape. She wants to be a Pokemon Ecologist when she gets older, and study pokemon in their natural habitats, trying to learn more about them. She thinks that a pokemon's intellect is on or very near that of a human's, and in some cases, above a human's intellect. This is why she has never owned a pokemon. When she sees humans who dress up their pokemon, or train them to do tricks, she gets very angry inside. She usually ends up saying something to them in an angry tone of voice; and they usually just call her rude or crazy, and walk away. She's normally kind and happy, but when someone messes with nature or pokemon, she's not happy one bit. After the wave had hit and she had been transformed, her world was turned so upside down that she didn't really react. After she had time to calm down though, she knew that she had to do something about this new issue. When the tournament came along, she knew that it had to be her to get the antidote. No one would listen to her as a pokemorph about laws and freedoms, but they would listen to her if she became a human again. She saw what humans were doing to this new 'race' of pokemon and humans, and she didn't like it one bit.

History: Arin grew up in a loving family. Her parents were happy and had steady jobs that brought in just enough money to get everyone their basic needs, and a little extra. She had an older sister whom she adored. Arin's older sister was quite popluar at school, and Arin wanted so much to be just like her when she was little. However, Arin wasn't like her older sister, and as she began to get older, she found out that they were very different. Her sister was happy all of time around her friends, and had too many boyfriends to keep track of. Arin was happy too, but she never had as many friends or boyfriends as her sister. The close relationship that they two had when they were younger quickly deteriorated, and after a while the two just stopped talking. Arin's sister moved away to the next town, and Arin didn't ever call her. That's when the mutation wave hit, wiping out quite a few people that Arin herself knew-- including her parents. Confused, saddened, and lost without a home, Arin didn't really know what to do or where to go. She didn't want to think about the political or social effects of the wave, or what would happen to all of the newly created pokemorphs; she just wanted a home again. She didn't even know if her sister had survived the wave. So she ended up in a small forest where beginning trainers liked to catch wild pokemon. She ended up staying with a small group of Pikachu that lived in the forest. Despite their initial fear of her, the Pikachu eventually decided to let the girl join up with them, taking note of how good she was at detering trainers from capturing their own. It wasn't home, but Arin was happy with the Pikachu.

Weapon(s)/Armor: She has a small dagger that she will use against heavily armored folks, but other than that, she relies more on her natural abilities.

Other: She has a friend from the Pikachu tribe, Denki, who admires her quite a bit.

RP Sample:

As Arin walked down the street, she felt somewhat uplifted by the swaying branches of the large willow trees that stood in front of her neighbor's house. Her neighbor, Mrs. Yalt, was an odd woman that never came out of her house. Arin always used to go over to the woman's house when she was little to see her pokemon. She had owned several of them, a Meowth, a Vulpix, the usual cat and dog pokemon; and she loved to have Arin's company. This was not why the girl was here today though. Today she was hoping to catch a glimpse of Mrs. Yalt's pokemon without Mrs. Yalt. She hadn't been here, hadn't visited this street, her old street, for quite some time, and she wanted to know what Mrs. Yalt would think of her before she made her presence known.

She stopped at the front gate, wondering if Mrs. Yalt could see her. Suddenly a squeaky voice popped up from behind her.

{Hey! You gonna go in or what?!} said a small and quite fuzzy Pikachu. He had his arms folded in an attempt to look tough. His fur was quite coarse, and was messy in some spots.

"Shh! Please be quiet Denki! I'm trying to be sneaky!" Arin hushed the Pikachu, frowning at him.

{It doesn't look sneaky to me... you're standing at her front gate!} the Pikachu reminded her, frowning back at her. Arin's eyes widened as her ears picked up the sound of the door opening. It was Mrs. Yalt! Arin quickly ducked down behind a bush, hoping that no one was wandering about the street this early in the morning to see her doing this. She didn't want to get caught.

Denki merely remained in the same place, and looked over to the front of the house. Mrs. Yalt had already shut the door again, and she was gone. Denki's brow furrowed in confusion, why open the door and then shut it? The answer soon came though as an excited-looking Growlithe bounded over to the fence, his tongue lolling out of his smiling mouth.

{ARIN! WOW! I haven't seen you in ages!} he barked happily, his tail wagging vigorously.

Arin popped her head up quickly, "Ah! Tornado don't yell! I don't want Mrs. Yalt to know I'm here yet!"

{Yeah! Shut up you stupid pet!} Denki retorted, moving away a little because of the spit coming from the lolling tongue.

{Oh... sorry!} Tornado whispered, looking a bit put-out, {Hey... how come you can understand me?}

"Uh... well... don't I look different?" Arin said in a soft voice. She did look different. Her skin was all fuzzy, and she had different tones of the fuzzy skin too. Not to mention she had a large pair of brown and yellow pointy ears along with a long, thin black tail with a rather big lightning bolt shape at the end. And she wasn't sure, but she could swear that her nose had gotten smaller too. Yeah, she was just a little different.

Tornado looked the girl over, regarding her new form, and gave her a look as if he wasn't sure, {You're still you aren't you?} he asked.

"Well of course!" Arin said, almost with too much conviction.

{Then it doesn't matter!} the Growlithe said happily, his tongue making another appearance. Denki made a grunt of displeasure.

Arin was now getting to the part she was wondering about. "Um, Tornado... do you think Mrs. Yalt will be okay with me? I mean, the way I am now? Will she think I'm an abomination or something? Some humans think that way," the girl said, her ears falling back a litte.

The Growlithe tilted his head for a moment, thinking, and then shook his head, {Master thought you were gone forever like your parents. She was really sad. Then she heard that some of the humans got turned into part pokemon. She said that maybe it happened to you since she didn't know what happened to you. I think she would like to see you. She misses you coming over to see us. You should come in and stay! Stay forever!}

"Yeah I know... but I can't stay here Tornado," Arin said thoughfully.

{You bet you can't! You're a part of our tribe now!} Denki said loudly. He didn't want Arin to leave because of some strange human lady.

{Oh... well, okay. Then just stay for a little while! Like you used too!} the Growlithe said happily, trying to come up with a compromise.

Arin nodded, "Okay... lead the way Tornado. I've missed you too you know." Denki looked bothered by the prospect of going into a human house, but gave in considering he didn't want to wait alone in the street. Who knew what childish human was lurking around waiting to capture him in one of those monster balls?

*dies* Okay, that was a LOT of typing. *eyes hurt*

deoxys holder
March 2nd, 2006, 12:28 PM
I have edited shadow's apperance.sorry about that;).

March 2nd, 2006, 6:47 PM
joining is my best option.

Apperance: He looks like any old magneton, except hes orangish silver in colour.
Personality:His personality is quiet and timid, he liked living on a poke farm with his parents and himself. Before the mutation wave he liked discussing battle tactics with his pokemon, but now hes just a broken heart on a journey all alone...Or is he?
History: He liked living his old life, battling other trainers pokemon and helping with the farm, but now the mutation wave has changed him. Most of his family died because of it, He is the only survivor in his family.
Weapon(s)/Armour: He has learned to weild the electric power like a magneton. Scince hes made of steel he has plenty of armour. He is very skilled in battle tactics, battling other pokemon here and there, but now scince hes a pokemon, he has a hard time battling other mutations. He liked his old life. But now is on a journey.
Others: He is unusually orangish/silver in colour.
RP sample: Corbin was just a normal kid, walking on a route full of lush green grass and trees. Then he heard it. Screaming and pokemon howling in pain. He looked back to see a red and white wave heading his way with the sound of electricity. "Uh oh..." Corbin said. "This doesint look good magnet." Magnet was his magneton, he was very loyal and a good companion. Corbin started running away, but he tripped on a rock. Magnet tried to save Corbin from the mysterious wave by sheilding him, But it was unsucessful. Corbin felt himself fuse with Magnet. He lost self-counsiousness. When he woke up he could see trees on fire and weird mutant pokemon on the ground. He looked around and saw that he could float! He had a magnetic feeling, like there was electricity surging through him. This is how his journey began to the tournament.

March 2nd, 2006, 8:15 PM
I feel honored to have so many people sign up for this RPG. ^-^ However, I hope it is alright if I am a little selective with my decisions . . .

deoxys holder - Not Accepted: Though I quite appreciate your editting of your profile, I am afraid your profile feels a little lacking in content.

+ Mika + - Pending: A movelist is not required. And, a link one's roleplay post or a copied and pasted piece is valid.

MariaJet - Pending

Alter Ego - Accepted: A link one's roleplay post or a copied and pasted piece is valid.

Charon-chan - Pending: Guten Abend.

Light Azumarill - Pending: I see the orange . . .

Barboach - Not Accepted: While your roleplay samply seems fairly nicely written, the rest of your profile feels a little sparse.


As may be noted above, I judged the sign-ups by the entire profile--that is, including but not exclusive to the roleplay sample.

Being that my computer is currently lacking internet access, I am--at the moment--using my family's computer. Due to the different monitors, however, I now have a headache . . . ^-^;; Thus, I will add my profile later. ::feels guilty::

March 3rd, 2006, 7:55 AM
+ Mika + - Pending: A movelist is not required. And, a link one's roleplay post or a copied and pasted piece is valid.

X3 I like, edited. -nodnod-

I now have a headache . . . ^-^;; Thus, I will add my profile later. ::feels guilty::

D: Awww Kogenta-sempai. Those smell. I have them chronically and they really stink so don't be all guilty feeling. D: Your health comes before your rpness. SO GO REST. >O

March 3rd, 2006, 8:25 AM
Okies! I added my RP Sample! Ta-da!

I think I'll just change the orange. It's starting to bug me. Perhaps I'll just type in regular ol' black and white this time.

And I agree with Mika. Headaches are no fun. I get them if I stay on the computer too long. Which will probably happen today. ^^;;

March 3rd, 2006, 2:41 PM
I am sorry Kogenta, i changed it up a bit now. The only reason is was sloppy before was because it was like 1:10 in the morning and i was tired. I couldent think straight, i changed it in hope to get in this time. Im new at rping so u might have to correct me in things if i get in. here it is now:
Name:Magnet (He used to have his real name but changed it because he is a pokemon now.)
Apperance: He looks like any old magneton, except hes orangish silver in colour.
Personality:His personality is quiet and timid, he liked living on a poke farm with his parents and himself. Before the mutation wave he liked discussing battle tactics with his pokemon, but now hes just a broken heart on a journey all alone...
History: He liked living his old life, battling other trainers pokemon and helping with the farm, but now the mutation wave has changed him. Most of his family died because of it, He is the only survivor in his family.
Weapon(s)/Armour: He has learned to weild the electric power like a magneton. Scince hes made of steel he has plenty of armour. He is very skilled in battle tactics, battling other pokemon here and there, but now scince hes a pokemon, he has a hard time battling other mutations. He liked his old life. But now is on a journey.
Others: He is unusually orangish/silver in colour.
RP sample: Corbin was just a normal kid, walking on a route full of lush green grass and trees. Then he heard it. Screaming and pokemon howling in pain. He looked back to see a red and white wave heading his way with the sound of electricity. "Uh oh..." Corbin said. "This doesint look good magnet." Magnet was his magneton, he was very loyal and a good companion. Corbin started running away, but he tripped on a rock. Magnet tried to save Corbin from the mysterious wave by sheilding him, But it was unsucessful. Corbin felt himself fuse with Magnet. He lost self-counsiousness. When he woke up he could see trees on fire and weird mutant pokemon on the ground. He looked around and saw that he could float! He had a magnetic feeling, like there was electricity surging through him. This is how his journey began to the tournament.

I am really determined to get in this time, i hope i make it :)

Mail Jeevas
March 3rd, 2006, 3:20 PM
Can I join too? This RP sounds very interesting :D

Name: Richard

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Crobat

Appearance: He wears a blue Tuxedo and has blonde hair. The only thing that changed in him, is that he now has 4 wings and Crobat's fangs.

Personality: He's quiet, but he doesn't hesistate to kill someone that would mean a threat to him. He would do anything to help his friends, even if it costs him his own life.

History: He was at a cave training his Golbat. After a few battle it evolved. He was so happy that his pokémon had finally evolved, that he hugged him. They both shared a very strong bond with each other. When they were leaving the cave, they saw a bunch of pokemons running from something. They looked in the way that those pokémons came from and they felt the Mutation Wave as it pierced their bodies. Richard felt unconscious. When he "woke up" he had a terrible ache in his back. He also felt his new fangs. After a while he reached a conclusion: He had been fused with his buddy, Crobat".

Weapon(s)/Armor: His weapons are his sharp teeths and a Muramasa (Old japanese sword made by a very skilled Blacksmith and with a steel of high quality) sword he retrieved from his mansion.

Other (Optional): Since he's fused with a Crobat, he desires to drink blood, that's why lucklily he discovered a medicine that resents the blood of Crobat in him, making him lose the necesity of drinking blood. If he doesn't take the medicine, you better not be around him...

RP Sample: Richard oredered his Golbat: "Golbat, now use Wing attack!".
As soon as he commanded, Golbat flapped his wings creating a wave that striked the foe Gloom very hard, sending it flying towards a wall and making it crash against it. "Good job Golbat" Richard said as he aproached to his pokémon. "Huh?!" Said Richard surprised. Golbat was shining with a whitish glow. His pokémon was evolving! "Yeah! You did it pal!" Said Richard as he jumped in joy.
After he congratulated a few more times his pokémon, they went outside the cave where they were training. They saw a bunch of pokemon as they walked towards Richard's mansion. "What are they running from?" Wondered Richard. He then felt the Mutation Wave piercing through his body. He fell uncoscious to the ground. When he woked up, his buddy was missing, he felt sharp fangs in his mouth and a great ache on his back. He came to the conclusion that he had been fused to his pokemon.


PS: Here's a sprite of what he looks like ;) http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b230/MulteonDX/Richard.png

March 3rd, 2006, 8:02 PM
+ Mika + - Accepted: The "seven" mark on your character's cheek seems reminiscent of Raven from Zoids. Also, yes, Team Rocket has been disbanded.

Charon-chan - Accepted: Whatever you miss during your absence, I believe can be compensated for somehow.

Light Azumarill - Accepted

Barboach - Accepted: If you have any specific questions regarding RPing, feel free to PM me.

MulteonDX - Accepted

I hope I did not miss anyone. ^-^;;


Name: Io Ganymede
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Skitty
Appearance: Io's hair is an unkempt dark, solid black broken only by a series of pale, pink highlights located on the front, right portion of his hair. Though having the typical Skitty ears, his eyes are rather different from the characteristic slits. Rather, they are large, cat-like, and rose-coloured--fading to an intense crimson when Io is angered. Io's sleeveless shirt is as dark as his hair, bearing a crimson design of three slash marks across it. His black sweater jacket is partially zipped, the upper edge handing loosely down and falling beneath his shoulders. Over the jacket, a red belt is firmly fastened. When in intense battle, Io may removed the jacket or remove his arms from it to permit more freedom of motion. Io's cargo pants are a basic, khaki colour, though his black tennis shoes stand in stark contrast to them. About Io's neck rests a spiked collar while a Quick Claw hangs from one ear via a chain. And, bound about his left wrist is Silk Scarf. The most distinguishing feature, however, of Io's attire is an odd piece of armor located on his right arm.
Although lacking a Skitty's tail, Io retains a cat-like balance. And, overall, he has a mostly male, though slightly androgenous appearance.
Personality: One of the most fitting words for Io is "frusturated". Before the Mutation Wave, he was a bitter, cold, aloof individual--respected and possibly feared by reputation alone. However, the Skitty DNA now infused with him has caused a somewhat "split" of personality. Though he resists the naturally friendly, cheerful nature of his respective Pokemon, he often cannot prevent himself from displaying such characteristics. Unfortunately, though,. these bouts of kindness or enthusiasm merely add to his bitter frustration and anger when he is able to revert to his normal persona and cause him to be easily irritable. Often, in an attempt to suppress any forms of happiness, he will suppress his emotions entirely.
History: Io's father was a Pokemon scientist, while his mother was a trainer and coordinator. Though it would seem natural for him to inherit his parents' love for Pokemon, he also developed a strong resentment toward them. Completely consumed by their respective occupations and their love for the Pokemon they worked with, Io found himself often neglected. However, as his anger toward Pokemon grew, his liking for them grew as well--creating with him an eternal conflict and further increasing his irritabilty. After a time, Io seemed to hate and resent all things. And, though he had once helped his father in his lab work, on occasion, Io eventually tired of this and ran away. Exactly one month after his departure, Io was struck by the Mutation Wave. Finding himself suddenly more alone then ever, he returned home to learn of the fate of his parents. His mother had died the moment the Mutation Wave had struck. Io's father, however, suffered a different fate. Though now grieving over the loss of his wife, he had become fused with an Alakazam during the Mutation Wave. Using his new intellect, Io's father completely immersed himself in his work--seeking for ways to occupy himself completely. And, though his anger had not subsided, Io also felt some degree of guilt for abandoning his parents. Seeing his father's current condition and also finding his own interests in his father's projects, Io agreed to aid him in his research. The research of Io's father seemed to extend to any region relating to Pokemorphs--armour designed specifically for them, cures for their diseases, specific dietary supplements to increase health, and, foremost, a cure for the Pokemorph condition. A piece of experimental armour created by Io's father is now worn by him--grafted into his flesh and nervous system as a test of efficacy.
Despite his extensive research, Io's father, unfortunately, died two years after the Mutation Wave struck--his cure incomplete and his life dramativally shortened by both his condition and his grief. Curious to see those who made the cure his father could not, and desiring the cure for himself, Io has come to The Tournament.
Weapon(s)/Armor: A rather unusual piece of armour runs from Io's shoulder to the back of his hand. A light silver, the armour bears a similar resemblance to the pattern of circuits. Over the silver is raised a smooth layer of substance--a vessel canal, one might consider it--that is usually of a pale, pink colour. Through this "layer" energy is channelled, increasing at whatever point necessary to create a force to counteract any blow dealt to the armour. This applies mostly to physical blows, though it has a limited ability to counter elemental attacks. For major physical blows, the armour must draw directly from Io's energy.
On his belt, at his side, Io wears a basic, silver coloured dirk with a black leather-bound hilt.
Other (Optional): Though he often attempts to suppress or hide his emotions, Io's current mood can usually be determined by viewing his ears. Also, being at a natural disadvantage due to his being a Normal type, he often relies on skill and strategy in battle--hence his Silk Scarf and Quick Claw.
Io's Skitty-gained Cute Charm ability has also caused a number of awkward situations for him. Having an effect on humans, morphs, and Pokemon (though mostly the latter two, and the last one greatest), this ability often causes him to avoid Pokemon.
RP Sample:

"This is stupid! You all but ignore me for the first fifteen years of my life, then suddenly come to me complaining because I'm not perfect?" Io snapped, his bright blue eyes flashing with an icy rage. "If you throw me away for your sad excuse for a life with these pathetic 'Pokemon', I don't see what's wrong me me returning the favor and ignoring you." Slamming his fist against the wall, Io turned away, his rage unabated even as tears began to edge his mother's eyes.

Even as his mother began to speak, Io cut her off sharply, growling, "I don't want to listen to anything you have to say. If you want to say something, try saying it to your precious Pokemon." Without another word, he dashed down the hall and burst out the front door--leaving his mother as her tears began to flow across her face.


Io stood alone in the forest, flinching as the memory of this fight again burned itself in his mind. Even before I was ten, I started treating her like that . . . And now I'll never be able to say anything to her again. Nothing. Grimacing slightly, the male tightly closed his dull, red eyes and shook his head to clear his thoughts as he attempted to justify himself. Why does it matter? It's only what she deserved. How could she expect me to act any differently? Besides, it's not like she actually cared. If she did care, she would've tried to reach out to me years ago. But no, she wanted to spend all her time with her Pokemon. It's what she wanted, so it shouldn't matter to me at all.

Leaning his head forward and placing one hand against his forehead, Io bit his lip. And, falling back against a moss-overgrown tree, he slowly sank to the ground--dead leaves and forest verdure rustling softly about him. Feeling himself begin to tremble slightly with emotion, though he knew not what emotion it might be, Io raised his knees and dropped his head against them. Lowering his hands to his sides, he tightened his grip about the vines that crossed the forest floor, disregarding the sharp thorns that bit into his palms. For a long moment he remained there--silent, too numb for thought, and too paralyzed for motion.


The youth's head snapped upward and eyes flicked open as he heard his name echoed through the forest. His father was calling him.


The call was sounded again. Releasing his hold of the vines, Io slowly stood. Brushing dirt from himself with the back of one hand, he then checked his palms. The bleeding was minimal. Hoping that the scarlet marks would not be noticed, he started forward as he heard his name called a third time. Biting his lip slightly at the sight of his father standing at a distance, Io felt his cat ears twitch decisively. Whatever I may be feeling, for the moment . . . This is my life.

March 3rd, 2006, 8:04 PM
Well you did actually. I'm working on my RP smaple now. -_-'

March 3rd, 2006, 8:18 PM
OCC: The ability my character has inherited is magnet pull, It pulls any pokemon with any steel on them toward me.

Magnet floated down an empty route, mutant pokemon on the ground. Presumably dead. He tried to cry but couldn't. All the sad memories... His mom dieing, then his father. he winced at them. "This is my life now." He thought. He kept going, looking at the trees smoldering, like his anger.

He came up to a town that looked like it was hit by a tornado. He looked at one of the peeling posters on the battered wall. The poster said "Mutation tournament! If you win, you get the antidote to the mutation!" Magnet sent the poster up in flames with a small electric attack. "Its worth a try." He said.

Magnet looked up. He saw a weird skitty morph being called over by a Alakazam morph. "Looks to me like there are more survivor's." He said to himself. He then started floating over in there direction.

March 3rd, 2006, 8:32 PM
:: sweatdrop :: Sorry, MariaJet. ^-^;; I did mention you in my first--er, third post, though . . .

MariaJet - Accepted: Gomen-nassai. ::bows repeatedly::

Um, Barboach, there is no need to begin quite yet. ^-^;; The sign-ups are still open, and the actual roleplaying has not quite yet begun . . .

Also, my RP sample occured some time ago. During this storyline, Io's father has already died.


Tomorrow, I plan to begin the RP. At that time, due to the nature of this RP, sign-ups will close.

March 3rd, 2006, 8:33 PM
Yeah ,but all you said was that I was pending.....

March 3rd, 2006, 8:35 PM
ooo srry lol i thought we were starting ^^'

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 3rd, 2006, 8:49 PM
May i ask of what avilable pokemon are avilable to choose from?

March 3rd, 2006, 9:06 PM
Any Pokemon excluding Umbreon, Espeon, Houndoom, Milotic, Raichu, Magneton, Crobat, and Skitty is available (again hoping that I am not forgetting anyone . . . ).

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 3rd, 2006, 9:08 PM
So basically you can only be Non-Legendaries and also ones that haven't been chosen?

March 3rd, 2006, 9:11 PM
hey u forgot Magneton Kogenta!!!! im not meaning to be rude, just reminding u ^^'

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 3rd, 2006, 9:28 PM
Name: Ryakugen
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Charizard
Appearance: By looking downward apon Ryaku, and then looking back up it appeared that he had claws on both his paw like feet, he also had claws apon his Dragon like hands going up his legs which were of a orange color, with the lighter orange tan on the sides, his arms weren't fully covered like his legs, as some human flesh was seen near the top of his arms, most of his bodyly torso was covered in the same fashion apart from a small center bit located directly on the stomach area, with large wings again in the orange color scheme with pointy horns that scorched from his long blonde hair and a slight band round his forehead as his long orange tail burned brightly.
Personality: Just like a real Charizard he tends to be a really big hothead, he has a serious anger-management problem, but on the whole hes a generally nice guy, but it doesn't take him long till hes in a fight, and he generally does like to fight alot.
History: Many many years ago during the great battle between Team Rocket and many many Pokemon Trainers, he was a Wild Charizard left to roam the land, deserted by his own trainer, who was a Team Rocket Grunt (quite surprising isn't it? lol), from that day forward he disliked humans alot and also became very lazy, and didn't really move from the tree stump that he would lay and also sleep on, untill that fateful day when his entire genetic structure was changed and altered by the Mutation Wave, he was transformed, and he disliked the fact that he was affected by whatever had changed him, and so he had to now live with his new life. (sorry for the lack of Capitals, not all that on the grammerness but, i try.)
RP Sample: He stood on the top of the tree stump as he gazed his eyes on the pokemon trainer who had launched out with a Totodile, he didn't seem to be much intrested as his wings bowned from the ground and floated himself above from the stump. "I have absolutely no intrest in you humans, so leave me be." But the trainer seemed perstistant as he commanded his Totodile to use water gun on him as he easily avoided the attack and blasted out with a powerful Flamethrower as the Totodile was easily scared by this, but the trainer was still not giving up as he finally became very annoyed and charged at the trainer with a wing attack, sending him away from him landing back on the tree stump.

Hive Mind
March 3rd, 2006, 11:46 PM
(I would of posted sooner, but I was involved in a missing cell phone case.)

Name: Zyra, Christine V.
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Pokemon: Vaporeon
Appearance: A crest fin starts high on her forehead and curves back about four inches. The fin starts off with a sturdy blue ridge that contains cartridge, then it diffuses into a thin skin membrane covered in tiny scales. The ridge parts part of her sapphire blue long hair that touches the ground when she tries to stand on two feet. Two other similar crests curve from her ears. Most of her face remains unchanged except for two slit blue eyes and slight fangs. At the base of the neck starts a ridgy membrane that continues on to the base of the tail-fin. Slight scaling lines between this ridge. Her blue scaled arms are shorter then a normal human's and her hands appear paw-like but retain their flexibility. The ends of the fingers end in retractable claws while the bottoms of her hands and fingers are padded. Her legs while walking on all fours retain the length of her arms, but they can stretch out pretty long for their visible size. The feet are long and have a 'dew' claw at the heel. The bones are slightly visible through the skin, as well as the veins. The tows also have claws. She does has a tail that's the length of her body and head. The tail is scaled with small blues scales and ends with a fin similar to a Vaporeon's, but the tail's end-fin has a chip out of it near the edge on the left side. She is clothed with an adapted bikini, a small cotton T-shirt that has an Articuno on the back of it in an airbrushed style, and some cotton denim shorts that have been adapted.
Personality: She has a protective nature. Also parts of her Vaporeon's thinking remains in her, as they think as one. Her actions tend to change with her mood, but who doesn't?
Mad: Will growl and can be quick to judge. May bite, hard.
Sad: May mope around a bit.
Happy: Will be really bouncy and cheerful.
Confused: May bang head on things and say incomplete things.
Tired & Hungry: Complain full.
Characters change as they go along.
History: Was a prized breeder who bread, evolved, train, and fought with Eevees/Eevee evolutions. She was a bit off compared to normal trainers, and would disagree with them time to time. After she formed with her prized Vaporeon, she mourned for a bit over her loss of it and a great friend. That was until she realized that her Vaporeon lived on in her. She had learned her pokemon's abilities as well. The reason she joined the tournament was really because she really wanted a cure for a close friend. Though, when she decided to join she was a bit full of her self, but she does not regret her decision of joining the tournament. Besides, it's a good way to meet new friends in the same position, right? ;)
Weapon(s)/Armor: She holds an essence of Nevermeltice which higher her defense and attack.
Other (Optional): Her abilities are Blizzard, Bite, Surf, and Sand-Attack. Also has Water Absorb which changes water into HP.
RP Sample: (Taken from me in another board. Though this one had a bit of script flow to it, not the story flow I use in long text literate rps. All that complicated stuff. I really oppose powerplaying, and will leave if someone decides to do so and won't listen to reason.)
A well dresses person appears in a spin of her long hanging blue cloak. Her eyes glow a deep blue, but she gives a welcoming look.
Her, "I am Christine Echoes, your leader. If you have to give me an official title, call me sir."
She takes a moment to loosen her collar.
Echoes, "I just got out of a meeting. Excuse the over fancy, long, royal blue, and jewelled clothing."

March 4th, 2006, 12:58 PM
::edits:: Sorry, Barboach. I fixed my post. ^-^;;

Kakashi Hatake - Accepted: Your sentences seem slightly long and "run-on-ish". But, being that I am also guilty of writing overly-long sentences, I could hardly reject you on that premise, ne? Aside from that, your profile is fully acceptable.

Hive Mind - Accepted: Your RP sample feels a little short. But, provided that you use your "story flow" method in this RP, you should do well.

::pauses and glances about:: Well, entry to this roleplay is now closed. And, it is time to begin. ^-^


The morning of The Tournament dawned bright and clear, pale sunrays streaming down to warm the tournament contestants that stood in the cold, crisp air of the early day. Shimmering merrily, the cheerful, golden light seemed strange on the anniversary of so solemn a day. But, nature will do as it will and often seems to have purposes of its own.

Standing with impressive stature, the stadium rested at the edge of Slateport City--the view from one of its glass walls overlooking the sea. From the main area of the structure branched several glass-roofed halls, each leading to their respective individual, enclosed arenas. Between each of the arenas was extended a wall, connecting the stadium's outer areas as a single structure--even the arena placed in the sea. The central building, however, towered above the rest. Standing at the height of any skyscraper, it more than matched a colosseum in width and depth. And, though all its outer walls were composed of glass, the inner wall appeared to be of solid marble, creating a form of "building within a building".

Observing this from a position outside the wall that shielded the stadium, Io's ruby gaze raised itself toward the upper portion of the central building. Viewing the clock face there displayed, he noted the time. 7:50. The stadium should be opening soon . . .

A wisp of misted breath escaped the Skitty morph's mouth, even as few rays of sunlight strayed to his area. Amidst the crowd of morphs, a Castform morph a short distance away transformed as he felt the sun's warmth.

Suddenly, a voice boomed out across the multitude, stating the long-awaited announcement. "Welcome to The Tournament! There are seven information desks in the front lobby that will, for the moment, be doubling as registration areas. After registration, you will receive an ID card that will double as a key card. This will allow you access to certain areas and grant you certain privileges available only to tournament participants. As you move up in the tournament more abilities will granted on this card. This card will also grant you access to your profile on The Tournament's database so you can see how you're doing at any time. So, don't lose it!" There was a pause as several morphs began to grow restless.

"Well, without further ado . . . The stadium is now open, and registration will begin!"

The massive front gates of the stadium grated slowly open, allowing the flood of morphs inward. Starting forward at a more leisurely pace than many of those who surrounded him, Io brushed a strand of dark hair behind one ear. Looks like things are about to get started.

Mail Jeevas
March 4th, 2006, 1:38 PM
OOC:Nice, Kogenta I have a question, if we are pokemorphs, we can use our pokemons attack to enhance our battle styles?
I'll give you an example (I wield a samurai sword, so expect my fighting style be a stealth type, not direct attack and defense like):

"Richard flew up into the sky, he was preparing to attack fiercely his opponent. The enemy created a black energy ball between his palms, and hold it in there for a couple of seconds. Richard was ready, he flew towards the enemy at high speed, holding his sword with his right hand. The enemy finally released the Shadow Ball towards Richard that was coming downwards at high speed. Richard noticed the dark sphere that was about to hit him, and after a second he used Agility to evade the attack. Now that he was faster, he approached the enemy from the air and pierced his chest with his sword"


March 4th, 2006, 1:52 PM
OOC: If I understand you correctly, then yes. Specific attacks or characteristics of Pokemon will affect your fighting style and methods.

Mail Jeevas
March 4th, 2006, 2:42 PM
OOC: Nice, then I'll post my start

As soon as the sun rised, Richard was feeling sleepy. Being a Crobat morph made him be a Nocturnal being. His servant, who was a Mr.Mime morph, bringed him his medecines.
"Here are your Painkillers, your Melatonine restricter and the pill that you know..." Said the servant(Note: The melatonine is the fluid that makes you feel sleepy).
"Thanks Sean, you are a good friend" Replied Richard as he stood from the chair.
He grabed his clothes and dressed. He was preparing for the tournament, he had been training with Sean for several weeks, and now that it was the time, he wanted a final training.
"Okay Sean, Let's do it" he said as he took his sword and elongated his muscles.
"Richard, I must say, you are very skilled at fighting, and you combine it very well with your pokemorph skills" Said Sean, he sounded scared. "I'm pretty sure you don't need this training"
"Oh, but I do Sean!" Said Richard. "Come one, I'll go easy on you"
"Okay..." Said Sean as he sighed.

The both of them went outside Richard's mansion. It was strange that after the Mutation Wave, Richard's father didn't survived. Richard and Sean always thought that it was because they were constantly surrounded with pokemons.

"Okay. Let's start Sean" Said Richard as he drawed his sword from the vain.

Sean started to focus, his eyes were glowing bluish. After a few seconds he shouted: "Barrier!"
After his shout, a wall of psychokinetic power fromed in front of him.
"Richard, try to break it with your sword. This doesn't mean that I won't be attacking you" Said Sean as he stepped towards Richard.

Sean put his hands together. After a few moments he extended them towards Richard and as he did a rainbow-like beam came out from his hands, and it was heading in Richard's way. Richard flapped his wings and went up to avoid the beam. Sean controled the beam to chase Richard through the sky. As Sean's beam was approaching nearer to Richard, his whole body glowed for a second, and then he was flying much faster than before.
Sean knew that Richard was using Agility to be faster, flying and running.
Richard, who was now on the ground running towards the barrier, put his sword back in the vain, but he didn't released it's handheld (The part that you grab ^^). When was reaching the barrier, he drawed his sword again and sliced it diagonally. The training was over, and Richard was ready to leave.

As he grabbed his stuff and took flight Sean talked to him telepatically:
"Good luck sir, I'll always be rooting for you"

After an hour, he was still halfway the road to Slateport. He decided to speed the things up, or he wouldn't make it in time.

When he finally reached Slateport he was relieved. He made it in time. He checked in at the tournament and waited patiently until his first match took place.


PS/OOC: Question: We only have 4 pokemon attacks?

March 4th, 2006, 3:28 PM
Magenet waited patiently for all the mutant pokemon to get into the gate so he could. Then he saw a skitty morph just standing there ready to go in. Magnet floated over to him. "Hi, im Magnet," He said. "Are you entering the tournement too?" Magnet needed friends.

Scince all of them died because of the mutation wave. "Looks like we should get going," "Or we'll be late." Magnet said.

March 4th, 2006, 3:41 PM
[OOC: Interesting. I researched melatonin last summer . . . Also, you may have more than four attacks.

Also, Barboach, please be careful in making your RP posts not too short.]

Stopping mid-step, Io turned as someone addressed him. One ear twitching in slight annoyance, the Skitty morph nonetheless retained an appearance of relative calm. Odd . . . By his voice, I can quite definately determine that this is a morph. But, his appearance hardly differs from a normal Magneton--if at all.

After Magnet finished speaking, Io merely nodded slightly, replying briefly, "Yeah." Turning, Io stepped into the front hall--pausing to study his surroundings as well as scrutinize his opponents. Finally selecting the fourth registration line, Io made he way wordlessly to the end and waited to register.

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March 4th, 2006, 3:48 PM
Magnet followed Io into the gate. He chose the second regestration line, witch was the shortest one. When he got to the frontdesk, the morph there said "welcome to the tounement! May I help you?" "Yes I would like to enter." Magnet said. "Sign your name here." said the morph. "Uhm, i can't really pick up anything but," "Could you write my name down?" Magnet said in disgust. he didn't like not having the ability to pick things up not steel. "Certainly!" "What is your name?" "Magnet." "....N-E-T, okay now u may enter! Here is your pass card, oh, and if you have any questions you can ask me." The morph said as he placed the card around one of the magnets on magnet.

Magnet floated to the entrance door. "Well," Magnet said. "Here goes."

OCC: I can't correct the "u" because everything i type gets deleted by another letter.

Hive Mind
March 4th, 2006, 3:55 PM
Sun glinted off freshly scrubbed scales, those of a Vaporeon morph, burning the eyes that look directly at her. She was laying on the sand so that the waves flowed up to her feet and tail. Several Eevees were chatting to her.
"Oh, really?" She replied to one in Vaporeon speech.
"Yes! You should hurry! There's already a line five Snorlax lengths long! Come on! Hurry!" enthusiastic Eevee calls said to her while they tugged on her clothing.
She picked up one with a bow tied loosely around it's neck. From the bow was a tag that had the words 'Ginger' printed in pink lettering. The Eevees were kept as companions for the Vaporeon morph, since her family had passed. She tried not to think about it much.
Getting up, she carried Ginger in her arms. It was a careful walk to the stadium, because Vaporeons don't normally walk on two legs. Ginger wiggled excitedly while the other Eevees pranced around them. A Houndour morph growled at the commotion as others filed in a line.

"You may not enter normal pokemon in this contest," a receptionist growled.
"I know, I know. They're just here to watch. Morphs can't be trainers anyway…" she felt a little irritated at the receptionist as she commented.
It took here a while to sign in, and afterwards Chris was a little fed up.

March 4th, 2006, 4:25 PM
Magnet put his card in the slot. It opened up very slowly with a creaking sound. He floated in and looked at his card. "Dorm 5..." said magnet. "that should be easy to find" As he floated down the tourney hallway many morphs were asking around for fights. One little mudkip morph ran into Magnet, and looked up terrified. "Its okay little guy," said Magnet. "Im not one of those harsh morphs that ask for fights left and right," Someone called for the mudkip morph. "Looks like you better get going." said Magnet, as the little morph ran off.

Magnet looked to the side. "Ah, there it is." He said. "Dorm five." He opened the door and floated in. Inside he saw a delibird morph, a Flareon morph and a Nidoking morph. "Hey." Was all Magnet said to them.

Mail Jeevas
March 4th, 2006, 11:11 PM
OOC: Thanks Alter ego, it will be Haze
Also, can we have battles with random morphs just for fun? Like training?

IC: Richard was very impatient because of the torunament, so he decided to go out and talk to the other morphs. Before he went out, he first talked to a roomate morph. It was a Charizard morph, he had wings, horns and a tail. Also he had a quite bad temper.

"Hi" Said Richard to George (The charizard morph). "Why are you here?" Asked George "A rich wuss wouldn't be battling with tough guys like me"

Richard went back to his room. After a while he was back. He went to look for his sword.
"Okay, let's see who's the wuss!"

George agreed and prepared for battle. They went to a wood to battle.
George fly up in to the sky. "We'll battle with some new rules" He said. "The first one that touches the ground, will lose.
"Okay!" Said Richard as he flew towards George.

George opened his mouth, a red glow was emanating from it. He then spew a large flame in Richard's direction. He barely managed to avoid it. Richard approached to George at a great speed. George was about to blast another attack. Richard saw that and he used a combination of attacks: Agility, to gain speed avoid the flame and Haze to confuse George.
The haze surrounded George as he vainly kept spewing flames in all directions trying to hit Richard. Eventually a flame hit one of Richard's wings, and he started to fall towards the ground. He recovered from the burn in a few moments, and he managed to keep flying. Fortunately, the smoke was very think, so it was still surrounding George. "At least he won't see me inside all this smoke" Thought George. Richard used his bat-like sonar to find him and he flew towards him. Richard drew his sword, but on a second thought, he only cut George's wing, so he could be in the tournament, but that he loses this fight. George was falling towards the ground. Apparently, the battle was over, but Richard wanted to be sure, so he grabed George by his neck and tossed him hard into the ground. The battle was over, since George touched the ground. He was still conscious, but very damaged from the fall.
"Who's the wuss now?" Asked Richard as he left the woods


Alter Ego
March 5th, 2006, 12:43 AM
OOC: Ehh...nope, Crobat's can't. Why don't you just edit that to Haze? I'd imagine it would, in a practical sense, have pretty much the same effect (Hey, this isn't a documentary) and could serve quite nicely.


Bloody burecruacy...

Rave let out a low growl at the continuously slow progress of the line he had chosen, his black Houndoom's tail lashing in agitation beneath his cloak and earning a few curious looks from the spectators passing by. Up ahead, an extaordinarily rotound and bald man had fallen over, his enormous shape now effectively blocking two queues at the same time. He had dark blue skin, except for the strikingly white piece of stomach sticking out from between his stretched-out old shirt (Light blue in colour) and the equally coloured pair of shorts, plainly marking him as a Wailord morph, the small beetle black eyes on top of his head - located right above the two holes which now constituted hs nose - staring at those around him with a helpless and pleading look while his stubby and fat limbs flailed fiercely in a desperate and utterly futile attempt to raise his bulk up again while no less than three of the surrounding morphs were trying to achieve the same with limited success. Located close though he was, Rave did nothing to help, merely watching this pathetic appartition with a mixture loathing and sadistic pleasure in his expression, although those around him could not notice this as he had made a point of pulling his hood up and only his blood red eyes were visible, hardly a good measure of his mood as they always looked baneful and treathening.

Rave scoffed at the sight, nonchalantly giving the wailord morph a small kick while the others weren't looking. "Pathetic..." he muttered quietly under his breath, "Just pathetic..." he had come to this tournament in search of strong opponents, prey that could truly push his abilities to the limit...not...this. He glared disdainfully at the morph by his feet as a tall and muscular man donning only a pair of jeans which had been clumsily cut off just before the knee, apparently to show off his newfound physique, with a strange belt to accompany them walked over to the scene, his skin light green in colour and his blonde hair arranged into a tomahawk haircut, no less than six arms protounding from his torso and now reaching out to the Wailord morph and, after a few moment of exertion, lifting him up and hauling off to the side, finally allowing the line to move on.

"Could you fill out this form, please?"

Rave turned his attention away from the two departing morphs as the receptionist adressed him, pushing forward a completely disinteresting piece of paper and a ballpoit pen to the Houndoom morph while taking great care to avoid eye contact.

"Whatever..." Rave muttered, absent-mindedly grabbing the pen and writing down the required information before shoving it back across the counter and impatiently drumming the desk with his fingers as the receptionist processed the information, finally handing him a plastic ID card.

"There you go, sir." she added in the routine-friendly voice which all professional receptionists seemed to possess, "Enjoy your participation in the-" she cut herself off in mid-sentence, noticing that the Houndoom morph had already dissapeared, slipping through the crowd with surprising dexterity.

Rave cast the briefest of glances at the piece of plastic in his hand before impatiently shoving it into one of the pockets under his cloak. He hadn't come her to talk with receptionists, wait in queues or hang about some second-rate hotel room. He had come to battle.

March 5th, 2006, 3:09 AM
Emerging through the gates with her head low, Eve resembled every other goth in a ten-mile radius. Dressed in a black parka jacket with the hood up, she was indistinguishable from all the other emotionally numb teenagers moping around - at least, she was, until she removed her jacket.
Finally succumbing to the incredible heat, Eve unzipped herself - slowly. She stepped out into the sunlight, blinking like a beautifly straight from a crysallis. In a way, she almost was one.
Her coral-pink hair fell to her hips, swaying and flashing as it caught the sun's light. For a moment all the 'fellow goths' that had been watching her simply gaped in shock. Her skin was a rich cream, her eyes were a bright ruby red, and her eyelashes - if you could even call though tapering antannaes that - were most definetly pink. Hissing in disgust, they all trudged off - but the milotic girl hardly noticed. She may not have looked it, but she was lost in angst. She traced a finger across the long scar that marred her features, hardly noticing the stares she was getting.

Neither the bright sunlight, nor the whimsical whirling of clouds overhead, helped lift the mood of this one very downcast girl. She walked slowly, her eyes constantly on her feet. The people she walked past stepped out of the way to avoid her; her long, brightly-scaled tail swung from side to side as she walked, that lethal fanned tip threatening to take out anybody in her way. Her black, tent-like t-shirt bore a threatening slogan, 'speaking is not communication', and most of the passers-by didn't want to risk their luck by approaching not only a strange morph, but a goth, too. After all, these 'morphs often picked up nasty side-effects - distemper was a popular one.

Dad should be here, she thought to herself, Dad and Elegance should be here, not me in her body.

Eve made her way over to the reception counter, and joined the queue. Wrapping her tail around her legs, which were clad in jeans at least five sizes too big, Eve turned her attention to the other pokemorphs. Certainly, there were some weirdos in the crowd, including a wailmer 'morph that looked distinctly top heavy. Eve couldn't help but smile: when she had been living with her grandparents, they had cosntantly reminded her of how lucky she was to have been looking after a milotic at the tme, not a feebas.
The houndoom morph in front of her had finished filling out his form almsot instantly, so Eve stepped up to the counter and grabbed a pen.
The receptionist was still staring after the houndoom.
"How very rude!" she muttered to herself.

Eve finished writing, and put the pen back down on the counter. She had done her best to keep her eyes down, and now she stepped back, her eyes still on her chest.
"Thanks ma'am." she mumbled, and strolled off.
She was here to fight, after all, and she would do anything to get her chance - even fill out crummy forms and sleep in stingy accomodation.

Alter Ego
March 5th, 2006, 4:00 AM
Rave didn't really feel any particular inclination to head for his newly assigned room, choosing instead to make his way to one of the less populated corners of the reception area and lean against the wall, lazily studying the crowd to get some kind of overview of his coming opposition while his tail continued to flick slowly back and forth under his cloak. Unlike most of the people around, the youth wasn't the least bit bothered by dressing in such dark colours as his outfit despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly from above, a clear indication that the day was on its merry way to become warmer, and despite the fact that the sheer number of people crowding the place was quite significantly contributing to the temperature with their combined body heat. Rave was a Houndoom morph, after all, and if anything, heat only served to increase his energy, making him all the more eager to hunt. Still, he restrained himself from these thoughts...it wouldn't do to start out a hunt in the middle of this crowd, tempting though the thought was, as that would surely lead to him being disqualified from the place where he could do some real hunting...the battleground. Yes, he just had to play nice for a while.

The Houndoom morph's gaze drifted to a rather peculiar morph, her coral pink hair and antennae, not to mention that scaled tail, standing in quite stark contrast to the dark and baggy clothing that she wore. Apparently the heat had gotten the better of little miss gothy, though, Rave noted, seeing as how she had undone her jacket. The Houndoom morph smirked, this morph seemed clearly water-based, even though he couldn't tell the exact species, and he came to think of that she could prove an...amusing opponent. Yes, even though Rave was not too fond of sunshine he could certainly picture having some fun with slowly exhausting her energy with a well timed Sunny Day, and it looked like learning those solar moves was finally going to begin paying off.

"Got fire?"

Hearing a male, deadpan voice surprisingly close to him, Rave turned away from his thoughts about the morph for a moment, focusing on the person adressing him instead; it was a lanky boy with an almost cipher-like appearance; messy faded black hair, squinty little brown eyes, and pale skin which bore a slight greyish decoloration, probably the result of long time smoking. His clothing wasn't any better; a messy greyish black t-shirt which had once more the name of some band or the other, a half-faded 'H' now the only readable letter, and a pair of baggy jeans which were hanging so low on his lanky frame that Rave wondered if it was possible for them to go any lower. The boy's expression was one of vacant emptiness, an unlit cigarette stretched towards the Houndoom morph in an almost pleading manner by a slightly wobbly hand, all of this pointing to the fact that this squib seemed completely oblivious to who he was talking to. Although Rave's initial reaction to such cadgers would have been quite violent, a more amusing thought entered his mind and he decided to go by it instead.

"Sure..." he replied in a would-be friendly voice, smiling politely as brought up his empty right hand right in front of the boy's face and suddenly lit it on fire, the flames wreathing so close to the youngster's face that they almost touched it, igniting and scorching away about half of his cigarette, "Help yourself."

The smoker's eyes suddenly widened in realization, his entire body trembling as he released the burning cigarette, allowing it to fall onto the floor as he rushed off with a sound from somewhere between a frightened squeak and a scream of terror.

Rave nonchalantly flicked his wrist, extinguishing the flames just as quickly as he had ignited them and watching in amusement as the boy fled, the Houndoom morph's tail now lashing far faster than before as the sight of a running target entered his mind.

"Allright then..." he said for himself, reaching out into the pocket of his trousers and procuring a coin which he weighed tentatively in his palm for a while, "Heads I hunt him down and kill him, tails I don't."

He flipped the coin into the air, the piece of metal twirling and glinting in the sunlight until it reached the top of its motion, at which point gravity had finally won out and now promptly dragged the object back down again, the Houndoom morph effortlessly snatching it from the air and palming it.

"Tails..." he noted for himself as he checked the result, his voice not really bearing any emotion whatsoever as he returned the piece of currency to his pocket, "It figures. Better luck next time, I guess." with that, Rave proceeded to stamp down his right foot on the still sizzling cigarette, using his heel to drive the burning tip back and forth a bit, the fire struggling for its survival for a couple of minutes before its energy ran out, a few last, thin wisps of smoke escaping into the air as it was extinguished.

March 5th, 2006, 6:30 AM
{ooc| I've got an hour's break from revising so I thought I'd post. Uh.... I have a Science (Maintenance of Life and Metals, actually) exam on Wednesday, and then mock exams in every other subject I take from the 13th, so if my posts are narly blame the stress.}

Slateport really is lovely, Eve decided, as she strolled amongst the market. She had now taken off her parka completely, and she carried it in the crook of her arm. All around her, pokemorphs bustled, and Eve felt strangely at home. There were still humans, certainly, but very few, and they could easily be avoided. With her tail stil wrapped around one leg, she could slip through the crowd with ease. She almost bought a dohnut, but even the delicious scent of warm cinnamon could not tempt her to venture over to the seller, who was a human boy about her age. Eve shuddered, and her fingers moved once more to her marked face. She moved on.

Eve didn't wander around the market for long; the heat was getting to her, especially with her parka in one hand. Her antannaes twitched uncomfortably, her gills itched and Eve swore she was sweating underneath her scales. Any other time, she would have used her newly-honed water skills to cool herself off, but they were haphazard at the best of times and in this busy town... it wasn't worth the risk. She padded back to the stadium, clutching her ID card in one hand. Maybe she could find somewhere to leave her parka... She pushed open the door with her spare hand, and slipped inside. The reception area was still bustling, she noticed, mainly taken up by a Rhydon morph with a tail even longer than Eve's own!
Finally, she caught sight of a water dispenser over by the side wall. Without even noticing she was doing it, Eve gave a sigh of relief and wandered over. She walked straight past Rave the houndoom morph, but barely noticed him; after all, he was a fire type, so he would hardly cause her any problems in the tournament. She stopped by the machine, and picked up her tail. After all, it was as nearly as long as she was tall, and there was a severe risk it would be stood on if it was left limp.

Mel's pokemon are saved somewhere... so I'llbring them back once I'm bored of the minimalistic type-thing.
BTW, does anyone know how to make images transparent without loosing colour information?}

Hive Mind
March 5th, 2006, 8:37 AM
The Eevees from around Christine's body joyfully ran off into the crowd. Christine could hear many things through the crowd with her sensitive ears. She could listen to the receptionists, and she secretly wished a bit that she had gone to one of the kinder ones. Her gaze went over a warm looking water type in black clothing.
"A little warm for goth isn't it?" she calmly asked while sneaking up on the other water type. Then winking she sent a blizzardly chill into the room. It was just enough to frost the carpet at her feet.
"That's better isn't it?" she commented, pleased with herself. At the same time she was thinking that it would be a good idea to learn moves like Hail and Raindance. Also she's got to get herself one of these fancy weapons, or maybe armor plating to protect herself from metal blades of sorts. It would be painful to get one of these things through the fins.

Ginger swirmed and barked from grasp, quikly giving pursuit to the other Eevees. They were playing a teasing game with a morph. He was evidently lost to their language. His purple skin and large ears suggested an Espeon morph. The chain hanging from his neck had a violet jewel hanging from it. A metal Mew was decorated around the surface of the jewel, the tail was what conected it to the chain. In an language as old as legiondary times was the word 'peace' inscribed on the jewel. Ginger was playfully hanging from the chain as well.

"Ginger!" protested the morph while he tugged and Eevee from his ear, though smiling. He had a Natu as a companion who was just as puzzeled. It frantically flapped it's feathers in distress, calling its owner through mind for help.

Both Christine and the Espeon morph had come from a way of living where pokemon were welcome as family, so becoming pokemon themselves did not bother them too much.

March 5th, 2006, 9:32 AM
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March 5th, 2006, 9:45 AM
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March 5th, 2006, 10:56 AM

-hides Raven Shrine in closet/webpage- << You see nothing.


The first thing he did was sigh.



In utter disgust

He'd just gotten off that bloody ship, walked through the bloody city to the stupidily huge staduim that just screamed "Bomb me!" and now that he was actually in the chaos of the statium registry, he had absolutely no idea as to where he was suposed to go. Was he supossed to go talk to that overly hyper lady at the counter who's usage of botax would probably leave her stuck in that smile forever or was he supossed to go directly to an arena for prelims or was he just supossed to sit there until somebody yelled at him to do something?

Here he was, in dark colors, in a bloody lobby with barely any air conditioning that was at a level he would've liked it to be at, and he had no idea as to what he was suposed to be doing. People scampered by him, one person snagging his raven hair with the horns on his back, a Nidorino morph, and all he could do was stand there looking like an idiot while he tried to figure out his next optional move as he pulled his hair back into a low ponytail to keep it from getting snagged again, the golden highlights clearly showing in the broad sunlight.

His black ears flicked back against his skull irritably, "Bloody sunlight.... Why can't it go shine on somebody else and leave me with my moon and my darkness...." He clenched and unclenched his gloved hands, staring slightly at the metal plates attached to the back of his gloves as he did so, his tail curling tightly around his ankle. His apperance was nothing short of iritation and nothing beyond it. But he was getting tired of all this sitting and waiting and as he was standing up, he spotted something beyond the lock of raven colored hair that had fallen into his eyes that made him hold fast to his position.

It was a very depressed-looking girl, Tropius morph by the looks of it, and she seemed to be not perky like many of the other halfwit females that pranced around this lobby, waving their bodies infront of men like they themselves were actually worth his time when in reality all he wanted to do was beat the hell out of them and continue on with his buisness or at least that's the scenario Raven himself would've abided by but she, that girl clutching her enormously long tail as she tried to get some water in this stuffy place, was different. She had some sort of life to her, she wasn't brain dead like the others for one thing, but she seemed serious, depressed almost.

Snapping the buckles on his boots tighter, he rolled down his pant leg over them and stood up, smoothing out his blandly violet colored shirt somewhat before walking towards her, his cloak swaying lightly in the non-existant breeze. Taking a familiar stance by leaning against the wall with his arms crossed, he turned his head towards her lightly, his eyes staring intently at her, "So do you have any idea as to what on earth we're suppossed to be doing?" He blew a lock of hair that had fallen from it's prison from his eyes, quite annoyed by its untimely appearence, "And no I'm not trying to hit on you or whatever you women think men are trying to do when they speak to you. You seem sane compared to some of the others racing around here like they either have too much energy or they have some sort of twisted evil plan that will never work out in the end so I thought you might know what I'm suppossed to do because I have absolutely no idea and if I don't get out of this bloody sun I'm going to make something bleed."

March 5th, 2006, 12:20 PM
Magnet came to the regestration area. To see if any one familiar was there. He floated around, only to see a umbreon morph talking to a troupuis morph. Somehow, he liked the looks of this. The two were not running around and asking for battles, But simply chatting. "At least im not the only sane person here." He thought. He floated over to them. stopping just short so he could talk to them.

"You guys entering the tournement?" he asked. "If you are, you should go to line 2." "It's the shortest one. if you want to know what we do here, we basically battle in small arenas to gain more places up." He said. "If you didn't know."

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 12:41 PM
OOC: Sorry that i haven't been on, my computer had a virus and had to wait a day to get it sorted can anyone summerise for me?

March 5th, 2006, 12:53 PM
OCC: Well some of the people are already in the tourney (Me, Kogenta) But some of them are in the regestration area. srry i don't know how to summerize this at this point

March 5th, 2006, 1:41 PM
{ooc| Miiika, I'm sorry, I got dragged off by my family to eat roast duck. It's been cooking all day, but my Mum was all... 'KAY READY NOW!!!'... randomly... and she kicked me off... ;;
BTW, Eve is a milotic morph.}

The pokemorph blinked in confusion, as a Vaporeon 'morph appeared from behind her. "I'm not a-!" Eve began irratably, but the vaporeon had already cast a blizzard attack and moved on. Eve frowned. She wasn't a goth, as far as she knew. She turned away.

Eve was still struggling with the drinks machine when Raven approached her. She nearly dropped the plastic cup she had been holding when he adressed her. She snapped her head round to face him, her own ruby eyes suddenly fearfull. Struggling to meet his gaze, Eve stared at his shirt instead, which was a rather garish shade of violet, if she didn't say so herself. He was leaning against the wall in ever such a smug way, his arms crossed with his head tilted towards her - as if he really couldn't be bothered with giving her his full attention. Eve was actually glad; males made her uneasy.
"I'm not trying to hit on you..." he said, and Eve looked up to listen. He was asking her what they were doing, nothing else. Eve allowed herself to smile, if only shyly.

"We're waiting for the tournament to start. Not much to it." she replied, attempting to keep her voice deadpan. After all, she had only just met this - Umbreon 'morph? She looked him up and down, noting thee ears and tail. He was most definetly an umbreon. He was also a good deal shorter than her. He's not so bad. she decided. After all, if it came to it, he would be easily overpowered. She hoped.
"The weather sucks, doesn't it?" she added, in an attempt to be friendly. After all, he had made the effort to come and see her - that was something.

March 5th, 2006, 1:44 PM
OCC: o srry i thought u were a tropuis morph. btw i came over to were u guys were

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 3:53 PM
He looked over to where the others were he didn't seem to be really intrested in what they were doing his wings floated him above some "Mind telling me what you guys are up to?, it doesn't seem very intresting..." he yawned some breaking out some fire floating in mid air as he closed his eyes yawning once more.

March 5th, 2006, 3:59 PM
Christine smiled and replied, "Of course you're not goth, I was just referring to your outfit. Maybe you might like to barrow some of my cooler ones. I might have something to match those pretty scales of yours…" an Eevee nudged Christine's leg, "…and, oh! I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Christine. I say you suffering over here so I decided to bring down the temperature. Anyway, what's your name?"
Christine held a paw out to shake, and was watching with a slight curiosity. Then she shook her head and put her hand down. I sly smile crept up her face.
"Well then, if you don't mind the heat, why don't I get someone to raise the heat?" she said in a low tone. (The Espeon earlier had gone already)
Though quickly she straightened up when she saw the Umbreon morph. She also looked him over, turned to the morph she had been looking at, then back to the Umbreon. Her eyes narrowed a bit but contained curiosity.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 4:01 PM
He opened one eye, eyeing them still "Isn't one of you sly's gonna answer me, i might be a Charizard-PokeMorph, but that doesn't mean you can ignore me, why in my day, kids like you actually listened to their elders..." (( XD ))

March 5th, 2006, 4:34 PM
Christine turned her head to the Charazard morph and smiled.
"Some still do," she replied back to him, "but I doubt you'll find any of those here."
She shrugged, watching other morphs around here. Some gathered and tripped around each other's tails. A few were blasting each other even. The temperature lowered around her. It felt good apart from the hot atmosphere. Besides the fact the cool air-conditioner seemed to have broken. That or there was never one to begin with.
"The museum? That's where I go to relax. I might get a job as an undersea explorer. I heard there might be a lost city not too far under water from here. Things written in braille. Ack, I seem to be rambling today. Anyway, the name's Christine. Nice to meat you. So, why are you joining this tournament? I joined to help one of my friends. I actually love being a Vaporeon. I feel sorry for those with unlucky forms. I did see a very unlucky top heavy one earlier. I wish they could come out with good quantity of cures. There is something odd about this. Reminds me of the Shadow Pokemon incident one of my cousins told me about."

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 4:51 PM
He then blew off some steam and flame as he looked to Christine. "I agree, especially with these young hot heads, as for you, what do you mean by Shadow Pokemon Incident...i don't quite understand that..."

March 5th, 2006, 5:07 PM
Christine shook her head and answered, "A group called Cipher tried to turn pokemon into pure fighting machines by destroying the pokemon's heart. They basically turned into heartless creatures that would even attack humans. Luckily a few heros have come along and destroyed Cipher's plans. They also returned the pokemon to normal loving creatures. Well, that's what I heard anyway. Then again, that's pretty far from here. I wouldn't expect to see those kind of people out here in Hoen, except for Team Rocket. I don't expect to see Team Rocket cloning pokemon… at the least I don't think so. That's the only effective way to create shadow pokemon. Nah, the whole thing is too much to think about. I must be just nervous. Nervous like a contest pokemon behind another who just used yawn."

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 5:16 PM
"Ah i guess, but even so, its technically impossible to do that to us PokeMorphs, because of the fact were part Human, but thats my theory..anyway this might sound funny from an old guy like me but, your quite the attractive young PokeMorph..."

March 5th, 2006, 5:31 PM
OOC: Ugh you guys go fast.

IC: Before entering the Espeon morph looked around carefully. Shrugging she entered the building. Walking past everybody Star made her way to one of the regestration lines and waited. When it was finally her turn she quickly filled out the form and handed it back to the reseptionist.

"Here's your ID card." the reseptionist said handing her the plastic card. "Enjoy your time in the-" She started, but then quickly stopped as the Espeon morph's eyes turned a blood red. Star snatched up the card and stuck it in her pocket.

Glancing at a Houndoom morph as she passed, her eyes slowly changing from the red blood color to a midnight black. She walked over to a wall and leaned against it with one foot against the wall and her arm crossed. She surveyed the area and morphs all around her hoping none would approach her.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 5:38 PM
He watched the Young Female Espeon Morph perculiarly as he yawned softly "I really don't understand what you younglings really get from these things, they really bore me to death...literally."

March 5th, 2006, 6:21 PM
Turning her attention to the Charizard morph she frowned. "I'm no youngling." She said simply. Her eyes went back the thr blood red color that they were earlier. All she wanted was for no one to even notice her until the battles started. "These things aren't that boring." Star muttered with more of a scowl on her face than a frown. Looking at the Charizard morph she waited for his answer not like it really mattered to her anyway. This time her eyes did not turn back to the midnight black color, but stayed blood red instead.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 6:24 PM
He then stood up straight as his face went straight in front of hers "Now you listen to me, i'm older than you, wiser than you, and i think i know more than you about life, so if you'd like to battle me to prove it, then bring it on kid."

He smirked some, "i'll assume that means you want to battle little girl, very well if it'll teach you little kids a thing or two, then consider me signed up for this little battle, because you kids will know discipline after this."

March 5th, 2006, 8:23 PM



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He nodded lightly, "Yes. I prefer dusk, dawn... midnight... anything without that bloody sun shining down on my head constantly... " Closing his eyes for a moment, his head dropped to the ground, "Have you signed in at all?" His hair was still in his eyes and his ponytail was in pretty bad shape. He looked as if he'd been travelling.... all day. "I really need to get out of this sun... at least into a waiting room or something where I can kill some if not all of the lights..." He gently tapped his forhead with the back of his glove, "Forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. I go by Raven and don't expect a handshake, bow or anything like that. I find that silly tradition... rather unnessecary as the person I'm directing it towards has the upper hand were he to start a fight with me. I'd leave myself wide open to an upper body attack, a lower attack or he could snap my feet out from under me-" Tapping his forehead again, he sighed, "Sorry, I went off on a spiel (sp?) again. To put it simply, I find the tradition... dangerous. There are people... people out there that don't... like us if you know what I mean."

His eyes opened and for a second he caught her eyes before he looked away, blushing lightly. Eyes like his... were often seen as eriely (sp?) disturbing and he trully didn't want that. He couldn't help a smirk, however, when he spotted the houndoom like morph just a few feet away from him.

Fire good...

Fire very good....

"Hey. You." Raven blinked, arms still crossed against his chest, "You a pyro?"

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 5th, 2006, 8:29 PM
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March 5th, 2006, 8:36 PM
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Keeping the frown on her face she sighed. "You seem to have misunderstood me. I'm used to speaking a different language and in that language youngling is a very bad insult. Since I'm used to that language I took it as one." She explained and then looked past him at an Umbreon morph who was asking the Houdoom morph something.

"Umbreon." Star muttered queitly to herself. Even though she was an Espeon and had little interest in anyone here she couldn't help but watch it for a little while. After all he was the opposite of her.

Her eyes then went to a blue color that gave her an enchanting yet somewhat strange appearence. Sighing again she looked back at the Charizard morph waiting to see what he would do.

March 5th, 2006, 8:39 PM

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He looked at the girl who was affirminting to her (( AKA MARIA WHO I'M PICKING A FIGHT WITH, sorry for caps. )) Well, are you willing to take on an old geezer like me, or do you seem afraid to have a battle with someone as experinced as me?

March 5th, 2006, 8:55 PM

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Eve watched the Umbreon talk, strangely amused. He was far too busy worrying about his own safety to cause even the slightest threat to Eve, and he was kind of self-absorbed. In a good way. He looked tired too, which Eve could understand; she had travelled from sootopolis, but stayed in Mauville overnight. She had got a lot of peculiar stares, but at leats she hadn't had to come straight off the road and onto the battlefield.

"I don't mind the sun," she told him, "it's only when it's this hot that I don't like it. Oh, and I go by Eve." she added. Like her grandmother had always said, 'Better a distant friend than a nearby stranger', and Eve had the feeling she would need a friend in the tournament. There were co-operation matches as well as standard battles, and if you already know those you have to work with things seem much better. Before she could say anything more, Raven had averted his eyes, and Eve could only blink. He had an intense gaze, one that was almost hypnotising; she had barely noticed, but she had been staring.

She was about to say more, but Raven's attention had switched to the houndoom 'morph a few feet away. Eve recognised him as the pokemon that had been in front of her in the queue; he had left in a terrible hurry, Eve guessed he was either very anti-social or very Hasty. She fell silent as Raven began to speak.

March 6th, 2006, 8:40 AM
OOC: Hey! Guess who finally dug herself out of studying?! ME! XD No seriously, I have numerous tests this week that needed some studying and a speech on manatees to write (*squee!* Manatees ROCK!)... but I shall finally make an opening post. >.> My apologies, Kogenta, for taking so long.


"Ah... I wish Mom and Dad could see me now," said a girl's voice. She sounded a bit somber, but not full-blown sad. Her voice also had a strange sound to it, a sort of tone that was only obtainable by members of the Pikachu and Raichu family of pokemon.

A small grunt was heard from her side, down near the ground. It was a small Pikachu, his fur ruffled and matted in some spots, dirt stains on his feet and bottom. It was clear that he was a wild pokemon, and he stood looking grumpy with his arms folded.

{I don't like this place Arin... there's too many weird people around. Too many people like you,} the Pikachu grumbled, shooting suspicious glances at passerby.

"Like me? Well then why aren't you shooting me a suspicious glare?" Arin spoke with a hint of hurt, as she was previously unaware of how her companion felt about morphs such as herself. Arin used to be a regular, content human girl, but when the mutation wave hit, she had ended up becoming part Raichu. It showed on her features; the tinted and slightly fuzzy skin, the large Raichu-like ears, the long tail that now bobbed curiously behind her, and the large, yellow cheeks. She had even, much to her dismay, gotten chubbier like a Raichu. Luckily her chestnut brown hair was still intact, along with the other parts of her body that didn't have some strange Raichu feature. Her clothes were tattered, a testament to where she lived; the forest.

The little Pikachu, Denki was his name, stared up at Arin with a frown, {You're you. You're not them!} he said, pointing to a rather hyper-looking Squirtle morph that went racing past them, spitting out water at a girl.

"Oh Denki... do me a favor and quit being prejudiced," Arin said, shaking her head slowly. She was looking around for where to register for the tournament she was to enter. She had been training for a time with her adoptive Pikachu family so that she would be ready for today. The tournament was all about getting back to normal, and was one of the reasons that Denki was in such a bad mood. Arin had lived in the forest with her Pikachu companions for some time now after the mutation wave had killed her parents. Denki had grown quite attached to the girl, and he knew that once she returned to her normal state, there would be no more living in the forest. He knew that she would go back to being a full human, and probably go catch poor pokemon such as himself and make them fight each other for fun. All humans were like that... selfish.

Denki looked up at his friend again, {I'm not prejudiced, I'm right.}

"Ugh... I give up," Arin said, talking about both things that were in her mind, "Where in the heck do I register?!"

{How about there?} Denki pointed, indicating a congregation of morphs and a receptionist desk.

"Oh," Arin replied sheepishly, "I- I saw that!"

Denki shivered a little, his yellow fur fluffing a bit, {Arin I'm outta here. There's too many of them around here! It's making me nervous so I'm gonna leave for a while. I'll check up on you later okay?} He waited patiently for her to respond.

She looked down at him with a nervous look, "Okay. Bye."

The Pikachu smiled, and got down on all fours to race off, {Watch yourself okay? I'd be really sad if I lost you.}

"Mm," was all Arin could manage, thinking about some of the morphs she would face. Surely there were others that were tougher than she. She had tried to work on her combat with rock and ground types, but her skills were still quite shaky in that area. She had a dagger, but that was hardly any use against rock pokemon. She had to use other abilities that Raichu can learn to try and overcome her weakness. She could do it... but it wasn't perfect.

She went up to the receptionist counter, Denki had already dashed off with his lightning-quick speed. After waiting a short time, the guy in front of her was finally done, "Excuse me, I'd like to register?" she asked when she got up to the receptionist.

The receptionist looked a bit tired and winded, and Arin could see why, she had been serving all of these morphs... some of them angry looking, some of the nervous, there was certainly a wide range of people here. The woman handed Arin some forms, and she filled them out quickly, wondering if "forest with Pikachu" was a good enough address. The woman took it though, and soon enough Arin was through registering.

'Now what to do? I wish Denki would come back. At least then I'd have someone to talk with...,' Arin thought to herself, looking at a couple morphs talking out of the corner of her eye by a drink machine. It looked to be a Milotic morph and an Umbreon morph.

"Maybe I'll just sit down somewhere," she said in a slightly nervous tone, trying not to look at the disturbingly creepy Houndoom morph that was some distance away. 'Houndoom probably eat Raichu... I'd better steer clear of that,' she thought quickly, inching the other way.

OOC: Whew! I hope that's all okay. You guys are all just standing around the same basic area, correct? *shrug*

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 6th, 2006, 9:17 AM
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March 6th, 2006, 10:10 AM
(( Look if your gonna complain when i have a injured shoulder then i'll break your **** skull aite? ))
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Alter Ego
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"Hey you. You a pyro?"

Rave - who had momentarily amused himself by casting particularly malicious looking glares towards a slightly chubby Raichu morph who had recently entered - looked up as Raven adressed him, slowly turning his baneful red eyes to meet the Umbreon morph's.

"Recon' I might be." he replied simply, absent-mindedly bringing about a small orb of intensly hot fire which took up hovering just a few centimeters above his right palm and which he then took to carelessly tossing from one hand to the other, the Will-O-Wisp sending a distortion through the air it passed which blurred the Houndoom morph's features slightly, "Who's asking?"

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 6th, 2006, 10:58 AM
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March 6th, 2006, 2:46 PM
OCC: Crap i missed alot O.o

IC:Magnet heard an announcment that him and a skarmory were going to be fighting in the battle arena. Tha announcment could be heard all over. "Will Magnet and Samuel please come down to the battle areana, Magnet and Samuel." "Also spectators are allowed to watch." The voice from the intercom said. Magnet opened the door to his dorm room and started floating towards the battle arena. Other morph's staring at him and whispering to one enother as he went down the tourney hall. "I hope Samuel will be okay." He thought. "Because my moves are super effective on him." Magnet came to the arena enetrance door. The security Morph opened it up. He floated in.

He came to a normal looking areana. It had a similar look to a pokemon battle arena. Magnet looked ahead to see Samuel waiting for him. The crowd cheering. Magnet floated to the center. They shook hands (Well one of them did anyway.) "This arenas first battle! Samuel versus Magnet!" Magnet got into a fighting stance. "I hope this goes well." he thought.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 6th, 2006, 3:08 PM
He just sighed some he turned round as the other Pokemorphs went into where they were heading to as he walked back outside of the building he looked about as he rested his head on his hands sighing a bit as he started to then talk to himself a little "Why did i have to get wound up in these petty little kiddy fights...a respectable adult Charizard like myself...i'll never figure out my own teenage mind sometimes..." He then roughly sighed some as he looked back in the building heading back inside.

March 6th, 2006, 3:20 PM
Sighing as the Carizard morph left she then walked over to a different wall and leaned against it with her food against the wall and her arms crossed as she usually had them. She hadn't noticed until a few seconds after that she was now only a few feet away from the Houndoom morph. Shrugging she looked over at him and then over at the Umbreon morph again.

Turning her head away from them she pulled out some stones and made them float above her hand and she twirled them around slightly. The three swords that hung on her waist moved slightly as she focused. Soon she returned them to her pocket and looked around at the other morphs. Her eyes went back to their regualr midnight black and she looked slightly strange for being part Espeon. Espeons usually loved the sun and being happy, but not her she hated the sun and loved to be in the darkness. Most of the time she was either depressed or angry.

March 6th, 2006, 4:25 PM
"Three, two, one..." The announcer said. "Good luck." Magnet said under his breath. "Battle!!!!!" Cheers starting coming from the crowd as Samuel lunged at Magnet with a fury attack. Magnet dodged, and let Samuel skid on the floor, Before shocking him. Magnet sent out a thunder attack at Samuel. Yellow bolts coming from his body. Samuel hit the wall. It made a crater. Samuel got up, and looked very weak.

Magnet aimed another one at Samuel, this time he dodged it. The Thunder bolt made a crater in the ground. Samuel sped at Magnet with agility. He spread out his wings for a steel wing attack. Magnet dodged but got cut a bit by it. "I'm sorry Samuel." said Magnet. "But I must finish this now!" Magnet began charging up a Big ball of lightning. "Oh my!" said the announcer. "It looks like a zap cannon attack!" Magnet winced at his words. Moves shouldn't be called out like that. He then aimed the electric ball at Samuel, which made him hit the ground even harder. He was unconsious. "And Magnet wins!" Magnet started hearing cheers from the crowd. He looked up at the sun for a minute. Then he floated out of the areana, with great pride.

March 6th, 2006, 4:56 PM
[OOC: Wow . . . I was gone for about one-and-a-half days and this happens. ^-^;; It seems that I missed quite a bit.

I probably should have mentioned this earlier. But, I am not permitted to use the computer on Saturday night until Sunday night. And, on Sunday night I may only use it for homework. So, from Saturday night until Monday afternoon every week I will probably be absent.]

Having registered, Io strode away from the line--flicking his ID card into the air and catching it with a deft snatch. Slipping the plastic card into his pocket, he began to wander about the stadium--noting each morph he came across as well as the layout of the area. Winding his way carefully through a crowd, Io suddenly stumbled forward as another form bumped into him.

"Ah, sorry!"

Regaining his balance, Io swiftly turned to identify the source of the voice. It was a Meowth morph, sitting nervously on the ground where she had fallen. Staring uncomfortably at the girl for a long moment, Io studied her features. That look on her face . . . It seems disturbingly familiar. The Skitty morph's eyes widened slightly as a sudden realization dawned on him. Wait . . . Cute Charm didn't-- His thoughts were interrupted as the Meowth morph sprang up and clasped his armoured hand.

"I-Is there any way I can apologize or something? I mean, it was really rude of me and all . . . M-maybe we could have lunch together or something in the cafeteria . . . ?" Her voice trailed off as a redness entered her cheeks and her eyes avoided his.

Argh. It did. Without a word, Io pulled his hand free of the Meowth morph's grasp and fled. Dashing through the stadium, Io dodged a number of other morphs, gritting his teeth angrily. Of all the Pokemon I could have gained the DNA of, why a Skitty? No matter what I do, no one takes me seriously anymore.

Rounding a corner, Io brought himself to a sudden stop. Standing before him were a Houndoom morph and an Umbreon morph. Before the canine floated a single tongue of flame that shifted and rippled the air about it.

Seeing a dog type morph, Io automatically felt himself tense. Suppressing the hiss that arose in his throat, he could not prevent his ears from pricking upward as he fell silent and watched the scene before him.

March 6th, 2006, 4:58 PM
OCC: Wow lol ps: Samuel is a character i made up, srry for the short one, couldent think up of any thing ^^'

Magnet began floating away into the regestration area. He bumped into Io. "Oh sorry." He said. He continued along only to see other morphs. Giving him a thumbs up because of his great battle against Samuel. He smiled at this. One even confronted him and asked for his autograph. "Hmm one battle and im already popular..." he thought. He looked back to see the same little mudkip morph, staring at him.

"Hey again little guy." He said. "Did you like my battle?" The mudkip morph nodded. "I'm sorry but I have to get going." said Magnet. The Mudkip morph waved good-bye as Magnet floated off.

March 6th, 2006, 5:15 PM
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March 6th, 2006, 6:13 PM
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March 6th, 2006, 8:24 PM

Mika made a completely valid complaint

ALTER COMPLEMENTED ME! -squees and bounces 'round-



What are YEW looking at? >.>;;;;;;


"Un. I see your point...." Raven nodded lightly, his voice still calm as a gently flowing stream, "And I guess I should say it's good to meet you... and it is. Most of these people... Hardly trustworthy if you catch my drift." He paused, noting full and well that she was about to make a comment when other words drifted past his now perked ears.

"Who's asking?"

Raven turned back towards the mutt and couldn't help but place his head in his hand and shake it softly. Well the morph was certianly arrogent, self centered, flamboyant; well, no, that was pushing it but he was certianly showy. Had his fire skills been pathetic, Raven would've immediatly written off the other male on his possible list of allies. He trully detested people, esspecially other males, who acted liked they owned the world when they were truly worthless. This male, whoever he was, wasn't useless. His skill was fluid and smooth; obviously well refined.

"...I am" He blinked lightly, forcing eye contact with the other. If the mutt looked away he wasn't worth Raven's time, "Name's Raven. Who the heck are you?"

March 6th, 2006, 10:03 PM
Turning her head Star saw a Skitty morph near by. She could already tell he wasn't to comfortable with the Houndoom morph right there. Rasing am eyebrow she watched him for a minute. Even though Star was fused with a cat-like pokemon she was fine around the Houndoom morph. Shrugging she walked over on the other side of the Houndoom staying a few feet away from him at the same time she yet again leaned against the wall.

"You alright?" Star then asked the Skitty morph. It was plain to see that the morph was very tense already. Her tail lashed back and forth wildly as she waited for an answer.

Hive Mind
March 6th, 2006, 10:16 PM
OOC: I may be gone through Mon-Thursday because of school.

Christine smiled at the Charizard morph and stated, "You're pretty good looking your self." Then she directed a blizzard right between the Skitty and Houndoom morphs. "Why can't cats and dogs get along…" Patting the Charizard morph on the back she asked, "Hey, I didn't catch your name, what is it?"
She looked over his form, smiling at the good structure of his body. Then she tested the sharpness of his nails. Soon she had a file out and began to file his nails sharp. "Always keep your weapons sharp. Claws included." She showed him her cleverly sharpened claws.

OOC: I want to bring in another character too, if that's ok at the time. Like:
Name: Silver Auruion
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Blaziken
Appearance: Plate armor like dragon scales surrounded by orange cloth. Red hair. He has yellow eyes. From the elbow down it’s like a Blaziken’s arms & hands. He has a short red feather tail. His legs are also like a Blaziken’s.
Personality: Doesn’t take things too seriously unless he’s fighting or flirting.
History: He’s Christine’s friend and has been trying to get her to be with him for some time. All of his family is still alive, even some unchanged noticably.
Weapon(s)/Armor: Plate armor like dragon scales surrounded by orange cloth. And a dagger with two blades of opposite directions attached by a diagnal blade in the middle. Gems are tided to it for decoration.
Other (Optional): Attratched to shiny objects.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 7th, 2006, 5:04 AM
He merely waited in the waiting area as he closed his eyes some, he really didn't want to have to fight a girl, but if it was the only way to teach kids a lesson about fighting, or picking a fight with anyone, he assumed it was the only way as he softly sighed some more his burning tail burned to the side of him he was begining to get very bored as he just then stood with his eyes closed waiting for her as he slightly mumbled under his breath. "Why must i fight kids, kids will never learn" He continuely mumbled this under his breath slightly aggitated.

(( Okay why are we still going on about all that buisness, its over so can we stop with the OCCness, its better to just do our posts and do this RP, ^_^, hope were all cool. ))

March 7th, 2006, 9:51 AM


"Oh my...," Arin mumbled to herself, seeing the two dark-type morphs suddenly engage in a conversation. She just got the feeling that one of them was going to get torn to pieces by the end of it. There was a boy, who looked to be a Skitty morph, that seemed to find the situation quite interesting too; however, unlike Arin, he seemed to be tensed instead of afraid.

Arin felt a pang of guilt. How was she supposed to compete and win in this thing if she was afraid?! She gathered herself together, and then went up to the drinks machine, and decided that a good cover to make herself get closer to these guys would be to pretend she wanted a drink. This was a good idea, because she actually wanted a drink.

She tried not to cast wary glances at the group of morphs, and lumbered up to the machine, digging out som change from her pocket. Her dress hadn't had a pocket in it originally, but an old friend of hers had offered to help create one. Arin felt a little more comfortable as her mind pictured Mrs. Yalts in her head. It was a much more pleasant face than that Houndoom's... or that Umbreon's really. She would be okay, she just had to remember that they were all people like her, all of them were the same, despite how different they looked.[/color]

March 7th, 2006, 10:26 AM
{ooc| *groans* I'm trying to evolve my Feebas... it's beauty rating is nearly full, but it has a full circle of stars. I tried to feed it more pokeblocks, but it says 'it won't eat anymore'. I also levelled it up, expecting it to evovle, but it didn't. So now what?}

Eve watched carefully, as Rave cast a will-o-wisp attack. It was incredibly pretty, and Eve had to fight remind herself that it was, in fact, a damaging attack. A dangerous attack. She took a step back from the houndoom; there was no doubt about it, he was a wily, brusque creature. Thank God I have type advantage, she thought to herself. I wouldn't like to face him without some sort of upper hand.
She smiled cautiously. "I'm Eve," she added.

The miltoic morph glanced up, only to see a slightly chubby, plush looking girl with a long jagged tail approaching. Eve didn't need to think twice to know it was a Raichu morph; this girl was an peculiar mirror of the lightning types, with her fuzzy cheeks and curled ears.
Eve smiled politely, and stepped backwards so her massive tail did not get in the way.

Alter Ego
March 7th, 2006, 11:19 AM
OOC: Ehh...get a new Feebas. =P You can't expect it to evolve into a Milotic if you feed it just any kind of rubbish now, can you? If you get one with an Sp.Attack raising nature then you'll have it easier because those develop more Beauty. Still, you should use some high-end berries like Kelpsy to get your pokéblocks potent enough. Oh, and if it's Impish, Careful, Adamant, or Jolly then don't bother at all, because those natures dislike Beauty pokéblocks and just won't develop enough of the stat, no matter what blocks you give.

Incidentally, how come everyone is able to tell what morph Rave is, straight off? With his hood up you can only see his eyes, which could just as easily belong to a morph of a Mightyena or an Absol. Sorry if I'm being a prick here, but this strange immediate species identification that always crops up in pokémorph RPs kind of bugs me. -.-


A dangerous grin spread across Rave's face at Raven's reply.

"Now, now...that's not a very polite way to start a conversation, is it?" he asked in a silky voice, continuing to send the Will-O-Wisp back and forth at a constantly increasing pace until he abruptly launched it upwards, the flame glowing brightly as it soared through the air before he promptly clench his right fist, as if trying to squeeze something he was holding in it to pieces, the flame immediately flickering and dying away.

"Now let's do this correctly, shall we?" the Houndoom morph continued, taking a hold of his hood and promptly pulling it down; finally displaying the whole of his face, the short, pitch black hair, and the two curved horns close to his head which gave him a distinctly demonic appearance. He nodded very curtly in the briefest of bows, focusing his blood red eyes onto both Raven and Eve in turn.

"I'm Rave." he said simply, "Pleasure to meet you, as they say." his voice was definitely dispassionate as he spoke these words, "And if only our stout little mouse-friend here..." he cast a meaningful glance at Arin "could stop staring so blatantly and introduce herself it could be even more of a pleasure."

March 7th, 2006, 2:45 PM
Magnet came to see four morphs. One was a houndoom morph, the other was a milotic morph. And the other's were an umbreaon morph a vaporeon morph and a riachu morph. The just stood there talking. He liked the looks of this. "At least im not the only sane person here..." He thought. He decided to go over there an introduce himself. It took him a while because of all the other morphs running around, and crowding.

He finally came up close enough to see the houndooms and everyone elses features. He hesitated in talking. "uh, Hi im Magnet." He said. He wasint one to talk alot. Man of few words, as some say.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 7th, 2006, 3:12 PM
He then opened his eyes as he noticed the Magneton/Magnemite Morph enter to talk to the other Morphs he sighed some as he walked towards where the others were as he leaned agaist the wall again as shook his head with his eyes closed. "You kids...you won't ever understand..." It didn't seem to show what he was thinking but he was sure gonna show them what it ment to fight, and get pounded as he began to speak out aloud once more. "You kids...will never learn, i guess its up to me to show you what i mean."

March 7th, 2006, 3:25 PM
OCC: Im a magneton

"I might be a kid but..." Magnet hesitated. "I just won a battle." Magnet didn't understand how the Charizard morph didn't hear the announcment about Magnet winning. " I would fight you." Magnet said. "But you have a type advantage and, I don't fight people right off. Its weird. Like having a routen, and breaking it with something else." Magnet floated back a bit. "I don't like hurting people," "But if its how im gonna get the cure," "Ill keep on doing it."

Magnet didn't kill the people he won against, He just knocked them out. To the other unlucky ones with low stamina, He had no choice. Magnet closed his eyes and began to remeber the good old days back on the farm, with Magnet. He then opened his eyes and said, "I hope i don't have to fight anyone I know."

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 7th, 2006, 3:29 PM
"And you honestly beleive that I entered this....this...areana so that i could beat up on you kids, oh no, I entered this to prove a point to you like younglings, that you shouldn't be even fighting, of course if its the only way to make you little ones listen, from an experienced elder like myself, then that is how it shall be, do you under me child?" He then kinda sodered off as he awaited for his match.

March 7th, 2006, 3:34 PM
Magnet made a "Yeah, whatever" Gesture. He looked forward to see a computer inbetween the morphs he was talking to. He slid his card in, To see the rankings. He looked at his ranking. "Hmm, B+, not bad." He thought. "For only one battle."

Mostly all of the other morphs had no score yet because they hadn't started to battle. Some were chicken, some had to wait eagerly to fight. Magnet was one of them, but he didn't like hurting other morphs. But that is what this tournement is about. To fight for the cure.

"I hope im going to win the cure." He thought.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 7th, 2006, 3:38 PM
He then opened one eye as he looked towards the Magneton Morph. "And what is this CURE you speak of...a cure for what exactly?, to our extience as a PokeMorph?, i would rather live my life as a PokeMorph than a ordinary Pokemon...."He sighed some closed his eye and waited for his name to be called out. As he waited he strongly watched the Magneton, since he might be a bit better than the rest and so he would have to be very careful of him, afterall if he went and got beat up by a little kid, he would be done in for.

March 7th, 2006, 3:45 PM
"Your right...." He said. "Being a pokemorph is kind of fun.." "But the dangers in each battle, live or die." Magnet came to think of what it would be like without anyone in the hoenn region. He shuddered.

"Becoming champion is not easy. As for myself, the first time being a pokemorph..." His voice trailed off as his eyes closed. He then looked around at all the other morphs walking around and asking for battles. He then went in a corner and fell down, eyes closed.

March 7th, 2006, 5:18 PM
[OOC: Er, sorry Alter Ego . . . ^-^;; I suppose, on Io's part . . . instinct? ::weak excuse::

And, Hive Mind, your second character is accepted.]

Lurching forward as something metal struck the back of his head, Io narrowly caught himself--quickly whirling about as his ears stiffened in anger. That's the second time today someone's run into to me! Whoever did that's going to-- As recognition dawned on Io, he felt himself relax slightly. It's that Magneton morph from earlier . . . Turning from Magnet as he floated away, the Skitty morph paused as a voice addressed him.

"You alright?"

Shifting his rose-coloured eyes, Io briefly studied the speaker before replying, "For the moment, yeah." As he began to calm, Io felt himself begin to switch to his more Skitty-like persona. And, despite himself, one of the morph's ears twitched curiously as he asked, "Who are you?"

Suddenly, a wintery blast shot between him and the dark morphs that stood a short distance away. Though he automatically stiffened, Io neither protested or retaliated. And, the fury that flashed through his eyes was gone more quickly than it had arrived. After casting a brief glance toward the Vaporeon morph that had released the attack, Io returned his attention to the Espeon morph who had spoken to him previously. Turning one ear toward the other group of morphs to listen to their conversation, Io then waited for Star's reply.

March 7th, 2006, 5:28 PM
Raising an eyebrow after seeing all the pokemorphs around her she looked at the Skitty morph. "My name is Star." She said with a slight shrug. Then she studied him closely. "You are?" Star then asked while mentally yelling at herself for asking. Her tail continued to lash behind her.

Her eyes turned emerald as she waited for an answer from the Skitty morph. Why am I being social? She asked herself in her head. Setting her question aside as an icey blast was shot near her. Shivering she looked back at Io.

March 7th, 2006, 6:51 PM
Magneton floated away when he forgot something. "I forgot to apoligize to Io!" he thought. He floated back. Only to see a white blizzard go inbetween Io and Star.

He came over. "Hey, Io, you alright?" "I didn't mean to run into you. It was foolish of me. I should watch were im going next time." He looked over to see star. "Weird..." He thought. "Espeons are usually cheery in the sun.."

March 7th, 2006, 7:48 PM

-hands Genta-sempai candy- :3 Dai-jou-bu. -patpat-

And I didn't notice his hood was up. o.o My bad.

And sorry the post is botchy, I've got a splitting headache. ^^;


The mutt had certianlly proved Raven's suspicions. He was a definate show off who seemingly got off on making people uneasy if not frightened. He sighed lightly just thinking about the headache this was going to be, his hair falling in front of his eyes again, more and more of it falling out of his ponytail holder. I absolutely positivly cannot stand people like this... They seem to have the opinion that they rule over everything thing and everyone around them... Geez... what have I gotten myself into this time....?

Shaking his head softly, Raven shrugged, "Don't expect a handshake." he retorted in almost the same pitch and tone as Rave before turning towards the Raichu, "Don't insult her, she can't help being the way she is." He waved his hand lightly in her direction, "But you're certianlly not forced to sit over there, you can come over here or stay, I honestly don't care." Turning towards Eve, he muttered quietly so as to make sure only she heard his following comment, "Don't take your eyes off the houndoom. I don't trust him for a second."

Quickly withdrawing to a silent position, he pulled a pair of sunglasses from his pocket and slipped them over his eyes before looking around a little more, completely ignoring the water blast from the Vaporeon, "Now, can somebody tell me where I register? This place is too packed for me to see anything clearly..."

March 7th, 2006, 8:15 PM
[OOC: ::accepts candy:: ^-^ Danke.]

"My name is Io. A pleasure to meet you," the morph replied, tilting his head in an almost friendly manner. As a slight smile entered his features, he heard Magnet speak. "I'm fine, and don't worry about it," he replied, his reddish eyes quiet and calm as his smile grew warmer. Mentally, however, Io was furious--berating himself for involuntarily acting kindly toward others and, within his mind, snapping in irritation at any possible object or being.

Hearing a voice behind him, the Skitty morph glanced toward Raven. For a brief moment, the smile vanished completely from his features as he viewed the Umbreon morph. "Registration is in the front lobby," he replied slowly, still studying the dark morph as he raised one hand to indicate the direction. After a long moment, he added at a more normal rate, "The lines have probably cleared up by now. It shouldn't be too difficult to register."

March 8th, 2006, 4:35 AM
Star forced a small smile on her face. Then sighing she let it fanish. No matter how much I try to even force a fake smile it's impossible. Was the thought that ran through her head. "Depends on how you define pleasure." She muttered quietly. Crossing her arms as usual she watched the Umbreon morph for a mintue then raised an eyebrow as she looked at the Magneton morph.

Shrugging it off she started to wonder why he was still looking at her. Sighing she took out the stones again and made them float above her palm. Her eyes turned back to black as she made the stones in a different directions.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 8th, 2006, 6:47 AM
He sighed some as he looked about and then tapped his arm on (MariaJet, dunno your morph) As he then lightly spoke to her. "Excuse me, are you in this battling tournament" The Elderly Charizard Morph exclaimed to her as his Wings moved back and forward a little as he seemed bored waiting for his battle. "I beleive we was ment to be battling, or are these battles just randomly for when you want to fight, or are you picked out?"

March 8th, 2006, 4:06 PM
[OOC: Just a quick reminder to everyone in this roleplay: Please remember to make your posts a minimum of 4 lines--preferrably more. If you do not have enough content for four lines, feel free to wait until you do. Quality, not quantity. ^-^ There is no need to rush this roleplay, ne?]

Before Io was able to reply to Star's comment, he found himself interrupted by a Charizard morph. Though at first evincing slight surprise, he quickly calmed and said nothing. Allowing Star the opportunity to answer the other morph's inquiry, Io simply turned and started away--pausing to glance back and raise his hand in slight farewell to the Espeon morph.

Striding past the Houndoom morph that stood a short distance away, Io felt his ears stiffen and the hair on the back of his neck bristle. Though it was involunatary, the Skitty morph could not suppress the sudden surge of irritation and distrust that arose within him. However, consciously forcing his cat-like eyes to remain on the path ahead, he continued on.

"Attention, all participants in the tournament."

Io came to a sudden halt as a voice echoed through the building. Pricking his pale-coloured ears upward, the Pokemorph listened attentively to the announcement that followed.

"Registration will close in fifteen minutes, and the elimination rounds will begin in a half hour. Opponents during these rounds will be randomized via computer, and the results will be displayed on all stadium monitors. Further details will be announced later. Thank you."

As a solid "click" was heard, indicating the PA system had closed, Io relaxed slightly--lowering his cat ears to their customary level. So, a half hour . . . I wonder who my opponent will be.

March 8th, 2006, 4:12 PM
Name: Ben
Age: 11
Gender: Male
Description: My Character likes to play with pokemon not caught. He has never caught a pokemon because well he is half pokemon wich is called a pokemorph. He has Light Blue Pidgeot wings and a Light Blue Charizard tail and his akin is light blue http://i50.photobucket.com/albums/f349/shadowben2/Myfavoritepokemorphform.png
Personality: My Character just ask to play with them because he likes to be active.
History: My Character was a Freebirth wich means he was born from two pokemorph's. His mom was a Pideot and his dad was a Blue Charizard for some reason he was blue so thats why my character is blue. They lived on a Island called Pokemorph Island. All the pokemorphs lived there because well many weren't born a pokemorph some were just inject with pokemon DNA but after they had a kid is wasn't pokemon DNA it was in their blood then.They were injected by Team Rocket. They were the cause of pokemorph's. After they did that they caused a Pokemorph war started by the Legend ash Ceth'um that was on the pokemorphs side.
Other: He was born with these attacks Flamethrower, Blast Burn, Fly, and his last attack is Sky UpperCut
RPG Sample: * Ben was walking down the road he lived on when a Rocket Agent attack him *
Ben: " Get off of me! "
Rocket Agent: " Boss we caught a Pokemorph good thing we didn't get caught. "

March 8th, 2006, 4:14 PM
OOC: Shadowben, Kogenta already said that no one else can join. Sorry for this all OOC post. I'll post an IC one later.

March 8th, 2006, 8:40 PM

"Choukashou...." Raven mumbled lighlty under his breath, getting up from his position against the wall and pattering over to the registration desk, his tail and cloak swishing behind his broadly quick step, "...bloody pa system..." he mumbled, ears flicking back in iritation, "...could've said something sooner..."

Stepping up to the counter (After he cut in line with no regards to the people behind him) Raven stuck forth his ID then quickly pulled it back and gave the lady his more current ID, "Gomen. Now, register me." His shaded eyes were concealed from the very iritaited lady's sight but it didn't stop him from narrowing them. He was seemingly very iritaited that he'd just now found out about the stupid registration system.

"Like... yeah... You like... cut in line hun." She nodded her head lightly, smacking the watermelon gum, a scent he trully despised, loudly and obnoxiously, "You need to like, wait in line." She pushed his ID back towards him, "Like, go."

His ears layed flat against his skull, "Ma'am? You didn't hear me." He flicked off his sunglasses, peering right at her with his yellow optics of doom and pwnage, "Register. Me. Now." His arms leaned against the counter as he pressed a little closer to her, lowering his tone to barely above a whisper, "Unless you wanna lose your ridiculous hair style."

She narrowed HER eyes back at his... but gave in and registered him so he'd stop staring at her. Handing him the two plastic cards, she monotonly explained how the plastic thingamabob was useful for like, eating an sleeping and competeing and stuff and would he like, have a nice day but Raven had departed with a slight bow the moment he'd gotten his card.

Walking BACK over to Eve, he leaned against the wall beside her again, "So now we've got what, 20 minutes to kill?"

March 8th, 2006, 9:19 PM
A recognizable morph ran by Christine. He cut right to a short line, leaning on a wall. He was taller than many of the morphs around him. Christine watched him register, then laugh at the clerk. He directed her his information and even teased her a bit. Afterward he chatted with some guys before catching sight of Christine. He came to her with a bow.
"Why miss Chris are you hanging around this torch of a morph and not me?" He asked winking, though he didn't get the reaction he desired. He only got an icy gaze back. "Did I say something wrong miss?"

(OOC: Long story short, same person as Hive Mind. Wanted to post more but can't because I have to go to sleep now.)

March 9th, 2006, 10:18 AM
OOC: Hey! I CAN post more than once! XD

And about knowing he's a Houndoom morph... uh... is there really any other pokemon that could be that creepy?? Oh wait... *thinks of seeing a Rayquaza morph in a dark alley* nevermind.



"Ah!" Arin found herself immediately begin sweating when she heard the boy who had introduced himself as Rave, mention her. She stood up from getting her drink out of the machine.

Courage was not something that came naturally to Arin unless she was passionate about what she was doing, and she certainly wasn't passionate about interacting with that particular person. "Uh, er, my name's Arin," she said a bit shakily, clutching her drink tightly. She kept mentally kicking herself. How was she supposed to compete if she was like this?! She tried to look confident, but luckily before anything could really happen, the PA system came on and announced that registration was going to be closing soon. Arin looked up at the speaker.

"Good thing I've already registered...," she mumbled to herself. She then looked back at the other morphs, choosing to avoid looking at the one she had just introduced herself too. She instead looked at the morph that had moved her tail out of her way so that she could get her drink.

"Have you registered?" she asked the morph, who looked like a pokemon she had only seen on television before. She couldn't recall the name of it though.

Alter Ego
March 9th, 2006, 10:30 AM
OOC: Ehh...actually Io is the one with the best excuse for noticing Rave's morphness. After all, cats do have an instinct concerning dogs, and he'd probably be able to recognize the scent. As for the appearance...like I said, with the hood up and his tail covered by the cloak, the only morph-features visible are the blood-red eyes and the grey skin, both of which could just as surely belong to a morph of a Mightyena or an Absol.


Rave shook his head in mock-melancholy at Raven's surprise, although the Houndoom morph's expression betrayed a hint of amusement, his diamond-tipped tail beginning to lash back and forth a bit. Ohh...it certainly was fun to rile this grouchy little creature up.

"Insult?" he echoed, making his tone of voice one of utter surprise, "I didn't call her a fat rat now, did I? What was I supposed to say, then? Big-boned individual of rodental nature?" he shook his head, "I do believe that you, my rabbit-eared friend, are the one who could use a lesson in manners here." a dangerous glint ignited in his eyes at these words, but before the Houndoom morph could continue, the loudspeakers had taken the opportunity to forcefully interrupt all conversation in the area.

"It's about time..." Rave commented as the announcement was finished and Raven rushed off to do his sign-up.

"So..." the Houndoom morph continued, turning his attention back to Arin and noting the obvious fear in the Raich morph's demeanor, "Are you going to provide me with a name or not?" he fixed Arin with an intense stare from his blood red eyes, taking care to keep his gaze locked with hers. There were few things that guaranteed a rabbit-in-the-headlights reaction quite as well as locking eyes with the person in question.

March 9th, 2006, 3:09 PM
Magnet heard the announcment. "I hope I have a good oppenent." He said. He looked over at Io, who was walking away. He floated towards him and said, "Hey good luck." "I hope we can square off sometime." He needed a good oppenent. Samuel wasn't enough. After that he waited for his name to be called.

Leaning against the wall and watching the other morphs walk by, without moving his eyes in their direction. He looked up and thought, "Who will be my opponent?"

March 9th, 2006, 5:23 PM
[OOC: Once registration closes, any new characters you have cannot be participants in The Tournament (obviously). Also, though I will permit non-tournament participant characters, I would like to discourage them, being that I do not want too many random individuals capriciously appearing.

Also, shadowben2, MariaJet is correct. I am no longer accepting new people into the roleplay. Sorry.]

He good mood swiftly beginning to fade amidst the anticipation of the tournament's first round, Io responded to Magnet with curt nod. Then, as the Magneton morph positioned himself beside a wall to view the general tournament traffic, Io's attention returned to the Houndoom morph. At the moment said morph seemed to be rather focused on intimidating a Raichu morph that, in turn, seemed intent on not being intimidated--though currently addressing a third morph that stood in close proximity to the others.

Glancing at the nearest clock, Io noted the time. Registration closes in two minutes . . . That means I still have some time to burn. The Skitty morph's eyes glinted with a scarlet light. And, I'm just irritated enough to burn it in a good argument.

Returning his gaze to Rave, Io focused his eyes directly upon the Houndoom morph before speaking. "So, is staring how you get your kicks? Or do you like to pretend to fight, too?"

Io knew that the Houndoom morph was a skilled fighter. His every movement and very manner dictated that. However, Io's frustration and anger often overrode all reason. Further, the cat DNA fused with him provided no form of supression or self-control for sarcastic comments when regarding a canine individual. Thus, baring his fangs slightly in an odd smile, Io fell silent as he awaited a response.

Alter Ego
March 10th, 2006, 6:51 AM
Rave briefly turned his attention from unnerving Arin as the Skitty morph adressed him, a flash of anger briefly crossin the Houndoom morph's face before it was replaced by his usual calm, self-satisfied smirk.

"Inquisitive, aren't you?" he asked softly, his tail taking up a slightly faster pace beneath his cloak and his eyes gaining a dangerous, but also challenging, glint to them, "If I were you, little pussycat, I'd be more careful about what I asked. Curiosity did kill the cat, you know." he watched Io's attempt at a smile with a definite look of amusement in his expression, sensing the boiling temper right behind the facade. Dogs had always had a certain sense for noticing things like that, and this was a cat morph too, "But if you must know..." he continued, "I get my...'kicks' as you call them, from hunting." his smile grew slightly more savage, "Would you like a demonstration of that, kitty?" he scoffed dismissively at the morph in front of him, "You'd better just keep that dainty little nose of yours out of other people's affairs if you know what's good for you."

March 10th, 2006, 8:21 AM

As the hooded boy continued to stare at her, Arin had the impression that this might be how a rat feels once it has been cornered in an alley, with no place to go, and is about to be eaten for dinner. She tried to tell herself not to be afraid though; she had been the protector of those Pikachu along with Denki, and she had fended off many pokemon before that looked as scary as this Rave person.

As he turned around to address the male Skitty morph, Arin tried to gather her courage again.

She went up to the side of he and the Skitty boy, "My n-name is Arin," the Raichu morph quickly stated, "And I may be afraid of you now... b-but I won't be if we meet in the tournament." She had said it with a slight shake in her voice. She wasn't the bravest, but she had her moments. Actually, she thought herself crazy for even talking to this guy, after all, she would be better off just leaving it be. Her drink sat in her hand, unopened.

About ten feet away Denki stopped short and peered over to where Arin and the other morphs were. He frowned. {What're those guys doing to Arin?! They better not be thinking of hurting her or they'll be turned into cat-chow and... er... whatever that other guy is-chow!} he said with a growl, which coming from a Pikachu sounded almost cute.[/color]

March 10th, 2006, 8:39 AM
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OMG I LOVE YOUR SIGNITURE PICTURE MEL!! Amzing shading and colouring, as usual.}

Eve smiled shyly as Arin adressed her. She was always very wary of girls her age, but Arin - well, Arin was like she used to be. A bit on the chubby side. A bit...uncool. Eve couldn't help it; she automatically liked the girl.
"Oh, yes, I've registered." she replied, "I'm Eve! Are you...a raichu?" she asked tentatively.

She paused, as Arin began to talk to the...houndoom? She guessed it must have been, what with the horns. She was no greta shake at fire typs; water was her speciality, and always had been. Still, she hardly had to worry about him. She would wipe the floor with his proud rear-end with one Hydro Pump, she thought proudly. It was electric types she had to worry about.

{ooc| made it longer and less sucky)

Alter Ego
March 10th, 2006, 8:43 AM
"Afraid?" Rave tilted his head slightly at the Raichu morph's comment, once again turning his attention to her, "Why ever should you be afraid? After all, we are merely conversing here, no? Like completely rational human beings. But I'll hold on to that...promise you made." he added, his grin retaining its vicious quality, "After all...brave opponents are always much more fun." he took a brief pause.

"So...do what do you intend to do if you...win this quaint little competition?" he continued in a conversational tone, "Change back into a human straight away? Sell the cure to someone else? Maybe use it to save the whales?" he nodded towards the Wailord morph from before who had, undoubtedly with considerable assistance, managed to regain his upright position.

March 10th, 2006, 4:55 PM
At Arin's approach, Io briefly switched his glance to the Raichu morph. However, retuning his gaze warily to the Houndoom morph as Arin spoke, a subtle change entered Io's expression as his previously cold smile gained genuine amusement. Waiting until both the other Pokemorphs had spoken their piece, Io replied to them--addressing the Houndoom morph first as his previous irritation swiftly returned.

"Well, sounds like the little pup knows how to talk tough, too." The soft, rose-coloured shade of Io's cat eyes intensified to a piercing scarlet as his pupils transformed to slits. "But, for your sake, I hope you can back all that up."

Suddenly turning the full light of his luminous, crimson gaze toward Arin, Io added, "As for you--Arin, was it?" He paused, the amusment flitting across his features again. Hearing Denki growl from a short distance away, one of the Skitty morph's pale cat ears flicked. "It seems to me you have a little protector," he stated simply.

Stifling a humorless laugh, Io's eyes glinted as he cast a glance toward Denki--meanwhile turning one ear cautiously toward Rave in an effort to track his actions. A dog, cat, and two rats . . . Well, isn't this interesting?

March 11th, 2006, 6:50 AM

Arin was still afraid of the hooded morph before her, but she answered his question all the same, "I, I want to change back and help other humans to realize that we pokemorphs are not sub-human, and perhaps--."

However, she was interrupted by a growling Pikachu voice. {You bet she has a protect Pinky!} Denki said roughly, getting finally to where Arin was, and eyeing the two males with a suspicious glare, {And you,} he was addressing the other male, to whom Arin had just spoken to, {Quit smirking at her like that. What's with you, you think you're cool or something? You think your better than everyone else? Well you're not, you're just one of the many just like every human. An--.}

"Denki stop! You've done enough, and you've done what you came here to do... I... I think you should go," Arin interrupted, not wanting to see her good friend get eaten by someone. She grabbed him up quickly, drink still in hand, and walked a few feet away, plopping him down on the ground.

{Hey! What did you do that for? I was gonna pummel them!} Denki said angrily, throwing glares in their direction. He was reckless, and quite stupid when it came to the people he was close to. Arin shook her head.

"Denki that's precisely why I stopped you, I don't want you getting hurt, and... I think you need to go. If you stay here, and watch me go through the tournament, I think you'll end up doing something stupid," she said to the Pikachu, looking serious.

At first he made to protest her comment, but then his ears drooped a bit in defeat. {Yeah... you're right. I guess... if that's what you want,} he replied slowly.

"It is," Arin said in her still serious voice, "I'll be seeing you. Don't worry, I'll win."

{That's not what I'm worried about... but okay,} Denki said back, nodding to her, {Kick some butt Arin. Especially those guys! But... don't win.} With that, he raced off like lightning, and Arin puzzled about what he had said. He didn't want her to win? But... she had to. Well, he must have realized that their little friendship couldn't stay the same forever.

Arin then turned around and went back over to the others, "I'm sorry about that. Denki is a bit... reckless."

March 11th, 2006, 11:08 AM
At Rave's question, Eve glanced up. For a moment, she simply glared at the houndoom.
"Why would anyone want to change back?" she began, perhaps a little more agressively than she intended. "This way, we're far stronger than normal humans. We can protect ourselves now."
Her eyes drifted over to the waillord morph, and felt a slight pang of guilt. If I win, she thought, He can have it.

She blinked in confusion, as the Pikachu suddenly burst out in a fit of anger. It still took Eve by surprise, how she could now understand all these species without the slightest of effort. She rubbed her forehead, and padded over to the drinks machine. She still hadn't had her drink! After all this! She slipped a coin into the slot, and after several clunkings and whirrings, a bottle of water popped out.

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March 12th, 2006, 11:15 AM

Genta-sempai. I wanna bring another char but does it hafta be a morph? o.O

The person wun take part in the tourny, don't worry about that part. o.o

I'm really tired so this post may be total crap. ^.^;

sumimasen. T_T

Raven blinked softly, eyes widdening a little, "You... don't want to lose them either?" He tilted his head in Eve's direction, "...Without these.... powers I guess is the word for them.... I can't.... I can't protect anybody." he mumbled, quickly losing himself in his own thoughts, "...Excuse me" his voice was a little louder, making sure everybody heard it as he stepped to the right, out of the crowd. Rubbing his forehead, he wandered quietly in the general direction of the bathroom. These people were making him think which was making him question himself... again.

His hands touched the cool metal of the bathroom doors, snapping him out of his daydream. Pushing it open, Raven forced his hand twisted the knob, releasing cool cold water into the sink. He splashed the liquid on his face, his breathing slighly uneven. I can't lose my cool like that... I can't question myself, my origins or anything about myself... I can't allow myself to get side tracked...

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 12th, 2006, 11:18 AM
(( Ok i know I haven't been posting i will though don't worry, just had ahold load of graphics stuff to do and on top of that aload of coursework to also do but i will post ASAP ^_^ ))

March 14th, 2006, 5:24 PM
[OOC: It is alright, Kakashi Hatake. ^-^ And, + Mika +, if your character is not a participant in The Tournament, techinically they do not need to be a morph, I suppose . . . So, alright.

Also, for the purpose of the storyline, I will perform a slight time skip.

Thus, five minutes later, after registration has closed . . . ]

"All participants in The Tournament, please direct your attention toward the nearest video screen."

Io's ears again pricked upward as this announcement was made. After casting a quick glance about, he turned toward a large, flat-panel screen placed on a nearby wall.

"On each screen will be displayed the match-ups for the elimination rounds, which arena your match will be held in, and the time of the match. Every match will be limited to seven minutes. If both contestants are still able to battle at the end of the given time, the judges will decide the winner," the voice continued.

Studying the screen as he continued to listen, Io's rose-shaded eyes began to search for his name.

"The elimination rounds will narrow the contestants to a mere 200 morphs. So, even if you win your match, there's a chance you might not move on to the next round. From the winners, the judges will select only those they believe worthy to continue."

Here, the Skitty morph stiffened and glanced up toward a speaker, his expression evincing distinct dissatisfaction.

"Furthermore, to test your true skill, your opponent shares at least one of your types. So, good luck, fighters! The eliminiations rounds begin in ten minutes."

The already-familiar "click" echoed from the speakers, signalling that the announcement was complete. One ear twitching in annoyance, Io returned his gaze toward the large screen--still searching for his name despite the crowd of morphs that began to surround the monitor. Then, he found it.

There it is. Looks like I'm in the west arena, 10:30, fighting a Linoone morph named Taylor . . . He turned toward the clock. My fight won't be for a while, though. It's only 9:36. Ducking, Io slipped effortlessly through the crowd before making his way gratefully into the freer air of the area.

March 14th, 2006, 5:26 PM
OOC: I've been out of town for a while and so I ned to read through the posts because I wasn't able to find a computer while out of town. When i'm all caught up I'll post.

March 15th, 2006, 7:06 AM

Just a quite comment thinger. :o Is there anyway we can keep Charon's match til later? She's got exams and crap this week and she probably won't be able to post til Friday/Saturday-ish. And Genta-sempai, are any of the prelims PvP or is it all NPCs? I need to know before I post and my second char is just a minor char actually. xP Just Raven's little sister. -giggles- She's a morph but she's too young to compete in the tourny. Adorable really. :3 I'll post her char sheet after school.

March 15th, 2006, 4:47 PM
OOC: Sorry. I suppose I forgot to remind everyone . . . All the elimination rounds are versus NPCs (Non-Player Characters). Basically, create an expendable character to give a demonstration of your morph's abilities.

March 16th, 2006, 2:44 PM
Magnet heard the announcment. He looked at the flat screen t.v. It read all the morphs and there next matches. He searched for his, then his eye caught it. "Hmm, Against a Scizzor named Mike....." Magnet said to himself. "At 10:37" He glanced at the match before him. he noticed that Io, the Skitty morph, was before him. So he decided to watch from the side lines. Magnet floats to the areana side line seats, seeing no need to sit down, hence he floats.

Magnet waits for the match to start, to see Io's abilitys. "This should be good." He thought.

March 17th, 2006, 5:51 AM

“….Oh hell.” Raven cursed silently, brushing the hair from his eyes as he silently took in what he’d just seen. I have to fight a Machop morph… right… off… the bat…Thankfully I have two hours before my match… I really need to get some sleep… Rubbing his forehead, he looked daringly towards Rave. That arrogant egotistical horned pyro was really starting to get on his nervs. The little twerp seemed to think he walked on air… Air that wasn’t good enough for anybody but him

“…Hn. Eve, when’s your first match?”

March 17th, 2006, 8:16 AM
Eve scanned the board, finally tracking down her own name. Underneath were her details, and in bold - Milotic. Eve bit her lip, and worked across. She was facing.... Marty. Who was a...
"Tentacruel. Brilliant." she muttered darkly. She never had been keen on those barbed water types, all who seemed to think themselves far superior to a milotic simply for their posion element. Eve had spent many a years trying to shoo wild ones away from her Dad's Milotic, Elegance. She had never been fond of them either.

Eve grinned at Raven. "He's got a lesson on his plate today, that's for sure!" She paused, and glanced up at the board again. He was facing.... a machop. Eve gave him a sympathetic smile.

Alter Ego
March 17th, 2006, 8:53 AM
OOC: First of all, I'm really sorry for not posting here in...um...ages. I've been pendling between business and fever all the time and I'm afraid that I haven't been as active as I should, or could, have been. Just couldn't get my writing together...-.-

That being said, I do have a small note; weren't all of the opponents supposed to have at least one type in common with the one they're matched with? *Blinks* I fail to see what type Machop and Umbreon share.[/Prick Mode]


As Denki entered the scene and began spouting treaths to all concerned, Rave merely gave the electric mouse a grin which seemed to hold a peculiar mixture of malice and amusement in it, although he was slightly dissapointed to find that Arin quickly shooed her little friend off.

"Oh, no need..." the Houndoom morph replied to the Raichu morph's apology, "I actually found him rather...amusing..." there was a definitely sadistic edge to his expression at this point, "And...I do agree with our fish-tailed friend here." he nodded towards Eve, "Why would I want this 'cure' when the 'disease' is so much more appealing?" the Houndoom morph was about to continue, but his attention was quickly diverted as the loudspeakers came to life once more, finally announcing the first pairings.

Test my skill, eh? Rave mused for himself as his eyes quickly scanned the list of pairings for his own name, This had better be good...

A slight hint of disapointment entered Rave's expression as he finally found his first opponent.

"A Sableye morph?" he thought out loud, scoffing dismissively, "Yami, eh? Always nice to know who you're about to maul, I suppose." the Houndoom morph's fangs glinted dangerously as his smile widened slightly...after all, he was mere moments away from getting to hunt again, and after all the bother of not hunting down the nearest prey he wasn't about to be too picky about his opponents.

March 17th, 2006, 10:25 AM
OOC: Heewo Alter! :3 *waves* I figured it must have been either illness or school or something eating away your precious time. I've been quite busy myself with midterms this week so I haven't posted too much either. XD

Oh, and to all in the thread:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I am wearing a: green shirt with my college's name on it, a green sweatshirt jacket ('tis cold today!), green socks with froggies on 'em, and my plastic green shamrock ring that I pulled out of a St. Patrick's Day cupcake back in 1992. Yep, 1992, the copyright's on the back of the ring. I keep weird things. ^^;

Oh, and I'm also wearing a pair of jeans; they're not green, but the way I went on up there it made it sound like I was wearing no pants. o.o

Anyway, onto the post. IC:


"Uh... I'll be sure and tell him that you enjoy his, er, company," Arin said to the hooded morph before her, not liking the way he looked when he had said his comment about Denki. She wouldn't tell Denki that though, the little Pikachu might actually do it.

When the tournament was explained further on the large screen before them, Arin felt a twinge of nervousness. Something with a type like her own? There weren't too many electric types out there, and she was really hoping she wouldn't get something like a Magnemite... she had never been good against those. She peered up to the screen to see who and what she would be fighting against.

It was a rather cheery-looking boy, who could only have been a Plusle morph. His wide grin and blonde hair were normal, though Arin couldn't tell if they were natural, or if they were an odd side-effect of being morphed with a Plusle. He had bouncy, thick light crimson ears that flopped along the sides of his head, and though Arin couldn't tell by the picture, she was sure he must have a little Plusle tail.

"Hi!" said a loud voice from behind Arin, "Looks like we're paired up for the next match, eh?"

Arin turned around to see the very boy who's picture she had just been looking at. She blinked, "Uh, yeah." Why was he talking to her so friendly? They were enemies, they had to beat each other.

"Well I must say that I am happy to have such a lovely opponent for my first match," he said with another big smile.

Her right eyebrow raised slightly, Arin could barely come up with what to say to that. "Er... yeah," she stated, feeling a little self-conscious. Now he was hitting on her?!

"My name's Peter by the way. I'm a Plusle morph if you couldn't already tell, and I see you must be a Raichu morph!" Peter the Plusle morph said happily, holding out his hand for a handshake, "May the best morph win!"

Arin took his hand and shook, trying to think of him only as an opponent, and not as a cheery, rather cute boy. How could she expect to win when she didn't hate her opponent? It was one thing to fight people you didn't know, but a whole other story to fight those you do know. She didn't say anything else to him, wanting to keep herself separate, wanting to ignore the fact that everyone here was alike in some way, that they all had been deeply effected by the mutation wave.

'Oh Denki... if only I hadn't made you leave... I know you would have chased this guy right out of here, and then I wouldn't be going through this right now,' she thought to herself, her mind thinking of several different things at once.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 18th, 2006, 9:03 AM
(( Ok i haven't had a chance to post, yet again because of coursework, so i wanted to know is it my turn to battle i know i should just post about what i'm doing before hand but i just haven't had a chance so could someone tell me, again i'm sorry for my major abscence. ))

March 20th, 2006, 12:45 PM
[OOC: Kakashi Hatake, I am permitting characters to choose their time of battle during the elimination rounds. Thus, if you need your battle to be a little later, it is quite acceptable.

As to the Machop and Umbreon type match . . . If they do not have a common type, I request that you change your opponent. ^-^;; My apologies.

::random:: I once had/currently have a character named Yami . . . ]

Making his way casually toward the west arena, Io tilted his head as the PA system again activated. By this time, a number of morphs had already arrived at their respective arenas, particularly the ones with early matches. This left the main area of the stadium relatively open and caused every sound to reverberate and echo sharply. Still strolling at a leisurely pace, Io listened worldessly to the announcement.

"The time is 9:45. The elimination rounds will now begin." The PA system clicked off.

A thin smile crossed Io's features. Short and sweet. No doubt most morphs are ready and eager to fight. If they're not watching the matches, it wouldn't surprise me if the morphs with later battles are training outside to burn extra energy. Allowing himself a cat-like yawn, Io's fangs glinted in the sunlight as he stepped into a glass-roofed hall. Stretching slightly, a light of burning scarlet edged the Skitty morph's eyes. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to my battle. I've been too irritable lately. It'll be good to finally have something to take out my anger on. Slipping his hands into his pockets, a sadistic satisfaction crossed Io's features. Definately good.

[OOC: As a sidenote, the judges do not stand beside the arena as would be the custom for normal Pokemon matches. They stand in a dark-glass "judging box" and announce their decisions via microphone.]

March 22nd, 2006, 7:48 AM

>.> Fine. Is a flying type alright then?






Alter Ego
March 22nd, 2006, 8:25 AM
OOC: Meh, it would have to be a Murkrow in that case. The morph would have to be part Dark since it's Umbreon's only type.

And yeah, I think I recall you mentioning your character some time, Kogenta. I just chose that name because it was a fairly easy derrivation from Sableye's japanese name Yamirami. xD


An amused smirk spread across Rave's face as he overheard the conversation between Arin and her coming opponent. Despite being such a tawny little squirt, the Plusle morph had certainly displayed a measure of cunning by charming his opponent so, it would truly be quite interesting to see if the Raich morph could pull off a proper fight with all those bothersome emotions in the way. But of course, the Houndoom morph was more interested in his own battle, one which, he noted, was just about to start. Silently making his way to his own quarter, the eastern arena as it were, Rave could almost feel the bloodlust in the air. There were people outside, this his senses clearly told him, people who had come to witness this glorious spectacle, the ancient gladiator games reborn. It was at times like these that Rave found himself most in touch with the human race, times when their pretenses of honor and morality were overriden by their true nature, the nature of a killer who considered violence and death the most envigorating forms of entertainment around, and they would get what they had come for, oh yes, perhaps even more than they'd bargained for...

Pushing these musings away from his mind, the Houndoom morph stepped out into his side of the arena, the bright sunlight briefly irritating his eyes and the crowd bursting into an excited bustle as their long waiting finally seemed to have come to an end.

March 22nd, 2006, 8:30 AM
OOC: *dies* Yayness!! Kingdom Hearts 2!!! I'm so excited!!! Although, playing that game non-stop is gonna kill my eyes. X.X Oh well, it's worth killing my eyes. Go Kingdom Hearts go! >=) And I've been very careful not to look at spoilers for it too. I know NOTHING! Just seen the previews and a few screenshots (one with a very cute lion cub Sora :3) and that's all! It shall be glorious! /KH2 stuff.

>.> This guy sitting next to me in the computer lab really smells badly of cigarettes. Ick.

Anyway... IC:

"Ooh! When's our match?!" Peter the Plusle morph asked in his cheery voice. He looked up at the matching screen with wide eyes and excitement. Arin looked up there too, she was curious after all, and so she read that their match wasn't until 11:00.

It wasn't too far away, but Arin wished that the boy would just go away, or at least do something to make her mad so that she wouldn't feel so bad when beating him. She had to win, regardless of what the other morphs thought. She didn't want the extra powers that came with being a pokemorph, she didn't want to be able to learn awesome attacks, she wanted things to be the way they were for her. Also, she knew what was to come. She knew that though people tolerated the morphs now, in a few years, whose to say the general public would still favor them? Already there were people that were wary of them, suspicious of them, treated them as if their brains had been dumbed down. If this continued, then soon enough people would be catching morphs and treating them like they already treat pokemon. That would not be right. If Arin could change back, she could be a voice for the other pokemorphs, that you don't become dumber when you change, that there is little difference. She could be an advocate that someone would listen to; for no one would listen to a girl with Raichu ears and a tail.

But... those other morphs... they didn't want the antidote. So why were they here? Were they here simply to fight? How sad... that all they cared about was fighting, to care about it so much that they would compete in some tournament like enslaved pokemon.

Arin didn't know, maybe the others didn't want their rights as human beings anymore.

"Hey...? You there?" Peter's voice sounded as he waved his paw-like hand in front of Arin's face, "What's up? You worried you won't be able to beat me?" He grinned.

Arin sighed a little, "Yes. Yes I am." She paused, "Peter, why are you here?"

"Me? I'm here to have fun!" he said with a smile.

This seemed a bit off-putting to Arin. She had seen some really dangerous morphs around here, surely a Plusle morph knew he stood little chance at coming out of this thing in one piece?

"Well, I'm gonna get a bite to eat and then watch the first match! See ya in our match Arin!" Peter said suddenly, giving a friendly wave to match his friendly smile, and turning to leave. Arin followed him with her eyes for a moment, then wondered what she should do.

Nothing with Peter, that was for sure. Seeing him for this short time already made it harder to go through with beating him, but she would beat him. He was only here for fun, but Arin wanted the prize, and she intended to win it.

March 22nd, 2006, 7:38 PM
Magnet watched amused at the little coversation Arin was having with a plusle morph. "Hmph, just like a plusle. To win their hearts first, but devestate them in the arena. What a shame." Magnet said as he shook his head. He decided he needed some time to kill so he went over to talk to them, bumping in a few other morphs that were in a mad hurry to get to there arena. He came up to them and asked Arin, "Are you planning to use the cure on yourself if you win it? I sure am. I want to be myself again." He looked to the side and saw the Plusle morphs face, cheery as always.

He turned around as someone tapped his back. "Hey, were in the next match?" It was a Scizzor morph, he had Scizzor claws and wings, he even had Scizzor eyes. Black marks alined his body. "My names Mike, Nice to meet you!" He smiled as he said it. "Wow I've never seen a Magneton before! I bet your really skilled in the electric attacks." Magnet nodded as he said, "My names Magnet nice to meet you! I hope we have a good match, so good luck!" Magnet turned his attention back to Arin.

March 23rd, 2006, 9:50 AM

"Huh? Oh, um, really?" Arin replied to the Magneton morph. She looked a little nervous about him as she remembered a certain past fight with one of these pokemon. Though, he seemed nice enough.

"I was planning on changing back too. I thought that was why a majority of people were here... but I guess they just don't care that they've become the playthings of regular humans. It should be obvious that this tournament was a move to make all of us look like crazed beasts that love to fight," her eyes scanned the other morphs around them, "But everyone here is so much more than that. In fact, pokemon themselves are more than that. I wish people would respect animals more."

If Denki had been there, he would have instantly agreed with Arin. Together they were radical advocates for pokemon rights, and dreamed of a world where the two had equal rights in the eyes of the law. This was how Arin had always felt.

March 23rd, 2006, 11:40 AM
Magnet shook his head. "Yes there all drunk with power because they all have new abilitys." Magnet looked at the clock. 10:05. "Well I have to go to my arena, see you around!" Magent floated down the hall with mike, finally stopping to see a crystal encrested door. "Not to bad for an entrance door." Magnet said. He went to the far side of the arena, crowds now excited that thie fighters were here. Mike stood on the other side and looked around. Magnet got into a fighting stance. "We will now begin the first battle of the day." said the judge. Magnet looked to the side to see them in some sort of box. He looked back at Mike. "Good luck." Magnet said under his breath.

March 24th, 2006, 7:50 AM
"...Joy... a Murkrow." Raven sighed, rubbing his forehead, "Hey. All of you. Anybody figured out the order yet?" He was hoping they'd all have matches somewhere near eachother. He, himself, was a klutz at directions but his gut was empty and he wanted to find the food court. Nothing was going to stop his quest for yummies, "We might want to go get some food before we fight. Nobody really wants to pass out in prelims from lack thereof." Letting the hair fall back into his eyes, he leaned back against his wall perch, arms folded under his chest, "...It's up to you all."

Personally? He didn't care if they came or not, he could probably get Eve to show him where the food court was as he was unable to really find anything that wasn't in the dark. Rave though... it would be interesting to talk to him a bit. One thing Raven wasn't entirely happy about was his lack of knowledge about this whole Wave thing. Living his "sheltered" life had prevented him from really learning anything about the others... period. And it was driving him nutts the way his curiousity was making him socialize. If he got it out of his system he could return to his silent synical self which in truth was what he wanted.

March 25th, 2006, 12:53 AM
Eve was still scanning the crowd for her challenger. "A tentacruel... A...oh!" She gapsed out loud, spotting her partner by the reception desk, apparently complaining.
He was relatively good looking, with smooth blue hair that looked distinctly shiney, and two large pink orbs atop his head. His hair covered one eye in an emo fringe, covering one eye. What pretty eyes they were too, black and green! His skin was green too, the same colour as a tentacruel's tentacles. The ends of his fingers were splayed, like the tips of a jellyfish's stinger.
He was dressed in tight drain-pipe jeans and a stripey black-and-grey jumper - He looked incredibly human, despite his 'condition'.

Eve glanced at Raven, but as his attention was elsewhere, she decided to approach her opponent, albeit cautiously. For a moment, she just stood beside him, watching him curiously. He was ranting about something, but Eve wasn't really listening.
Eventually he turned to her, his black-green eyes watching her skeptically. "What do you want?" he asked sharply.
"'m your challenger. Eve." she nodded her head in the direction of the board. The tentacruel looked, and his face fell into even more of a frown.
"Ah...." he eyed her up and down, no doubt sizing up how much of a challenge she would be. Eve felt herself blush. "This will be...interesting..."
Eve nodded, not really knowing what to say. She made her excuses, and returned to Raven.

"That was awkward..." she muttered.

{ooc| Alter, is there any way to get the trainers in your match call to want a rematch...faster?
I miss versus seeker... I might just trade my pokemon to LG and train them on there, it's so much easier to get a rematch.}

March 25th, 2006, 11:23 AM
Io stood at the edge of the east arena, the "stadium-style" seating permitting him an unobscured view of the battlefield below. Folding his arms and leaning against the nearest wall, the Skitty morph silently studied the fighters that stood facing one another below. On the opposite side of the arena, above the seats, rested a "box" windowed with dark glass. Within this box could be seen a single shadow that leaned over the silhoutte of a microphone. As the tension and excitement within the arena increased, a message boomed out from the speakers--each word in almost perfect unison with the identical message being spoken in every arena.

"Match one of the Slateport Pokemorph Tournament . . . begin!"

As the two morphs below sprang toward each other, another morph in the stands half-rose in excitement. Seeing this, Io himself straightened. And, as the other morph turned, allowing Io to view his profile, a smirk crossed the Skitty morph's features. So, that's my opponent.

The Linoone morph's hair was of moderate length, though rather unkempt, and fell at random intervals before his face in uneven bangs. Cream-coloured, though streaked with a warm, earthen brown, the hair was parted by a pair of Linoone ears that rested at the side of the boy's head and were eternally cocked as though one ear were somehow broken. Though occasionally partially covered by a stray wisp of pale hair, the Linoone morph's eyes shone with an undaunted, almost unnatural, sapphire light. Eyes sparkling even more brightly, the boy leaned forward to view the match with increasing intentness. As he did this, his brown-striped tail flicked involuntarily about.

Io returned his weight to the wall behind him, seemingly satisfied. The kid seems to enjoy watching fights. Later, I'll see if he's any good at them.

[OOC: ^-^;; Though it was originally simply named "The Tournament", the name seemed too vague for an official announcement. So . . . I changed it. :: sweatdrop :: Sorry . . . ]

March 25th, 2006, 11:50 AM

How refreshing. This Magneton morph really seemed to be quite nice. Arin thought that the majority of them here would be like him, wanting to change back. Then all of these others... well, maybe they were the minority and just happened to be clustered together. Whatever the case, perhaps they were just drunk on power and needed a quick lesson in the tournament.

"Get it together," Arin told herself, "There's a reason you're doing this. If movies and television have taught you anything, it's that the underdog with altruistic reasons always prevails! You can do it!"

Arin hadn't watched all of the movies though, not all of them ended up like that. Oh well, she wouldn't think of those ones.

"My match... it's soon, I WILL beat that Plusle guy," she said, refusing to use his name for fear of going soft.

Alter Ego
March 25th, 2006, 12:01 PM
OOC: To answer your question, Charon...why yes there is actually, just put a pokémon with the Lightning Rod trait in your first party slot. That will increase the amount of calls you get and so also increase your chance of getting rematches.


"I'm sorry sir, but you'll have to wait for your turn."

Rave let out a frustrated snort as he heard the words, briefly glaring at the security guard in front of him, a rather rotound and extremely generic and non-descript man, with countless small rivers of swear running down from beneath the cap on his blad head.

"Fine..." the Houndoom morph replied at last, casting a disdainful glance at the two morphs fighting just beyond his reach, "When's my match, Rave versus Yami, then?"

"Let me check..." the man replied, procuring a rather messy-looking notepad from beneath his uniform and quickly tracing down a series of hastily scribbled notes with one of his fat index fingers, his eyes occasionally darting for a nervous glance at the Houndoom morph in front of him.

"Ah, here you are. West arena, 11.00. They rescheduled the fights at the last minute so yours was transfered, but you can go to the spectator seats to watch until then, if you like."

"I might do at that..." Rave replied dismissively, not offering the guard as much as a word of thanks as he proceeded to leave the area with a brisk stride, his tail lashing fiercely beneath his cloak. Typical... he thought darkly, Just typical...of all the fights to reschedule... the Houndoom morph absent-mindedly unleashed a puff of toxic gas into the air without even paying heed to it, briskly pushing aside whatever morphs came his way.

Meanwhile in the shadows, just barely out of the Houndoom morph's line of sight, a peculiarly small morph let out an amused chuckle. Physically, he looked about twelve, with large, crystaline compound eyes that glittered slightly in the light of the hallway, standing in stark contrast to his dark-purple skin and almost equally coloured hair which stood up in a series of small but rather sharp-looking spikes pointing upwards, a pair of slim, pointed imp ears sticking out from between the locks of hair. In the way of clothing he looked pretty much like your average youngster, save the lack of a baseball cap and the far darker colours of his t-shirt and shorts, dark green and grey respectively.

"Impatient...aren't we?" he asked the world in general, "This is going to be easier than I thought..." the Sableye morph let out a slightly louder cackle of laughter, quickly melding with the shadows around him and dissapearing out of view, determined to track his comming opponent and find out a bit more while he was at it.

Kurosaki Ichigo
March 28th, 2006, 1:08 PM
(( I will be temp absence from all the RPs i'm in cuz i'm not realli feeling well so letting you all know. ))

March 28th, 2006, 9:02 PM
Mike lunged at Magnet with blinding speed. It was so fast it looked like there was more then one of him. He then turned all metal and gripped Magnet with ferosious force. Slowly, crushing. Magnet had his eyes half closed. He was about to lose. He then placed his magnets on Mikes body and sent out an electricity shock. Mike winced, then let go and stumbled backwards. Magnet took advantage of this by using a sonic boom attack which blew back Mike. Magnet phased and un-phased around Mike. He then let out a Tri-attack. Three colours of blue, red and yellow hit Mike. Mike then froze up. The crowd cheered.

Magnet then concentrated and black clouds came over Mike. Magnet closed his eyes. He then opened his eyes and a flurry of yellow lightning came down to strike Mike. The ice cracked. Then it all fell down and Mike fell backward.
Twitching at the electricity surging through him Mike was carried off by medics. The crowd cheered at Magnets first won battle. He floated out. Many fans coming out to greet him. He shoved his way out of the crowd and into the cafiteria. "Battling sure does raise my appitite." He said.

March 29th, 2006, 12:00 AM
((Apologizes for her absence. And hopes she wasn't booted out.))

March 29th, 2006, 12:55 AM
I have a Morph for you if you'll accept it. PM me if u will.

Name: Void

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Absol

Appearance: Void's face is the greyish-black colour of Absol with startling blood-red eyes that catch and hold his opponents gaze distracting them. He has the black curved spike and the white thing it joins onto with the greyish black hair that goes down to his waist. He has white skin on his body which he hides by wearing a purple cloak. he also has the tail of an absol and the claws on his fingers and toes but he never wears gloves or shoes because he prefers the natural touch of grass.

Personality: Loyal to friends but when angry he loses all self control and fires volleys of dark pokeball like eb=nergy which allows him to control the minds of all whom they hit. He lost his Absol friend when the mutation wave hit and was inconsolable for weeks.

History: Liam was an ordinary boy, a bit strange because he liked nothing more than to take off his shoes and socks, go into the forest, let his Absol friend Void out of his Luxury ball and walk along the forest path with the grass in between his toes. Liam loved all pokemon and nature itself but most of all he loved his Absol. He had wandered off when he was 10 and stumbled accross an extremely angry Beedrill. And he met Void there.

Weapon(s)/Armor: His weapon is his Absol tail which is razor sharp and unbreakable.

Other (Optional): He has heard about the tournment and its prize. he wants to get it so he can replicate it so he can give it to everyone he meets to give them the option of becoming human again.

RP Sample: The beedrill was about to strike him down with a poison sting attack when he heard a sharp cry. An absol jumped in front of him just in time to stop the beedrills attack and bit the beedrills stings till they bled, the beedrill couldn't stand this and flew away defeated. Since that day Absol became Liams one and only pokemon that went everywhere together and defeated any foe. Liam had been feeding Void when he felt a slight increase in heat, he thought nothing of it but when he heard a scream from the forest his head whipped up and stared at the many pokemon and people running out of the forest and past him into Rustboro town, He saw a massive red and white shimmering wave in the sky coming towards him and terror grew in his heart, "Run!" he told his friend Void. They ran and ran but the wave kept gaining on them, Liam tripped on a sharp rock and went down on his backside. he was the wave above him and Void tried to shield him from it but as the wave passed over and through them he started to grow hot. he looked at Void fearfully but his friend had started to fade away in the heat."No" he shouted and then all went black. He awaoke a few hours later in the dead silence of the night and looked around hopefully for Void and when he couldn't see him he knew he had gone. he put his head in his hands and cried. when he had stopped he looked at his hands startled. they were white. he got up and looked in a puddle at his reflection and he knew that he had fused with his beloved Void.

Alter Ego
March 29th, 2006, 5:25 AM

I have a Morph for you if you'll accept it. PM me if u will.

Sorry dude, but Kogenta already said that he wasn't accepting any new RPers. Please read before you write, m'kay?

Anyways, I don't have anything to post IC on at the moment, so you'll have to excuse this pointless little OOC here.

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April 4th, 2006, 8:32 AM
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April 4th, 2006, 4:07 PM
OOC: Actually, the RP has not moved for some time. And, you have not been removed from it either.

Also, pokemonmutator, Alter Ego is correct. The RP is no longer accepting any applicants.

April 6th, 2006, 6:58 AM

-rubs defibulator pads together- LIVE RP LIVE -smacks MW with said pads- <3 yay it lives


>.> Cuz I messed up




Also... if anybody has the POTC Soundtrack... Listen to the track "He's a Pirate" when Raven starts beating up teh birdy. XD Cuz I watched way too much POTC and Bleach and played too much KH2 the other day. (<<; don't... ask)


He just barely missed it.

The flying beak that is.

That was aiming for his head

That instead was stuck into the wall

About five inches from it.

Raven wasn't phased by it either. The others had already left for their various matches and he'd been waiting for his turn to see the competetor board and see as to who he was supossed to fight. He'd caught wiff of one very foul smelling bird and had just enough time to roll to the side before the bird would've had him in his talon.

"Yo ho ho Matey! I be Blackbeak the bravest pirate to ever sail the seben seas with nay a friend to help me outside me crew! I docked me ship in ye old harbor and came to this Tavern for the Tourny that shall rid me of this Dead Man's Curse that has taken from me me sea legs and replaced them, well, one of them, with talons! The other I had to get replaced." His hands on his hips in almost a Peter Pan style, the man standing before Raven looked like a fictional pirate from the story books one might've read in the nursery. The classical ragged tunic and pants, the typical bucket shaped hat, the scabbered sword... he was everything you'd expect and more. His wings were ragged and torn, his hands had been replaced with claws and his mouth was nothing more than a wooden beak. His one talon was covered in scars and the other had been replaced with the classic wooden leg

He was quite the comical character and Raven couldn't help but smirk, "I guess that makes you my opponent?"

"Aye! That be right me new found matey! That be right!"

"...Well we've got five minutes til we're supossed to beat eachother brain's in."

"Aye! That we do! Let us go arm in arm, til death do us part."

"...You stay the hell away from me..." Raven's hands flashed together and the boy vanished, reappearing a good ways beyond the other, "...don't be late. I hate it when opponents don't show."


The positions were chosen randomly but like he almost always did, Raven ended up with the red side.

Throwing his cloak to the side, he fully revealed his body to some now squealing girls. They weren't exactly the ugly body builder type nor were they skinny muscle less arms. He looked very very nice for a boy his size and it was obvious from the screams in the crowd that they approved of him. Unfortunatly, he hated this type of press. Hopefully he'd gore up the fight enough that he'd avoid any would-be fans. Hopefully. He wasn't sure that was exactly plausible at this point.

But that pirate bird was really starting to piss him off.

Bouncing around like an idiot was one thing but bouncing around while cursing at Raven in Pirate Tounge was another. He couldn't understand half the bloody insults but it was obvious from the lack of seating around them that his smelly crew of morphs in the stands understood every word and were simply licking it up like cats licking milk from a bowl.

Oh how he hated that.

As the bell was rung, Raven's body disappeared before reappearing in another location then repeating the process all over again. It wasn't agility or double team but a very clever renditon of Faint Attack and it was beginning to anger the pirate. He cawed loudly, taking the the skies and decending upon the other as quickly as he could but Ariel Ace after Ariel Ace failed. Raven had been angered

Angering Raven?

Not a wise idea.

The enviroment around him began to darken as a thin mist covered the sunlight and sparkles decended from the sky around the Umberon's body. The Moonlight had not only cured his fatigue but it had also filled him with a strange sort of confidence, something he'd been lacking a few minutes before.

The Murkrow was getting desperate now. Even tho the other had only landed a few hits, he'd hit the bird hard and it was starting to show. The "Yo ho ho! and Arrghs" had begun to die as the quiet pants had begun emitting from the once boasting matey's mouth. He was getting tired and Raven knew it. He'd been waiting for it and the more the pirate thought about it, the more enraged he became.

"Insolent whelp!"

"Thank you!"

"Bloody Traitor"

"I do try."




"...that'd be a yes."

The other was seemingly out of PP or something to that extent as he could no longer fly and had resorted to a semi sword fight. This pirate obviously didn't use his sword much as the thrusts were so weak that even a child could dodge them. Raven toyed with the pirate almost mercilessly, bouncing from side to side, his metal plated gloves blocking a blow from time to time.

Just a little more now...

In a flash t'was all over. Raven had delivered one small but deadly Shadow Ball into the other's side, sending him flying into the stands where he was delcared out of bounds, thus giving Raven the victory. The boy did not smile or wave at the cheering crowd, he meerly picked up his cloak and reattached it to the straps on each shoulder and walked out of the arena

That had been a complete waste of time.

April 8th, 2006, 11:30 AM
Io made his way down a deserted hall, his scarlet eyes glimmering faintly in anticipation of the approaching occasion. Looks like it's finally time for my match . . . Bad luck for my opponent. As Io continued forward, the wild cheers of a crowd began to echo about him--escalating exponentially and finally reaching a full roar as he stepped from the dark passage into the flood of light that was the arena. Pausing to study his environment, Io saw that his opponent had already arrived at the arena and now waited on his side of the platform. One of Io's ears twitched in what might have been anticipation as he climbed the steps to the battlefield.

As a voice from the loudspeakers announced the match, the Linoone morph cupped his hands about his mouth, calling, "Hey, Skitty morph, let's make this a fun match! Hope you're a good fighter!"

Io's eyes narrowed. "For your sake, I hope you're a good fighter, too," he hissed quietly before shouting his brief reply. "Just start fighting!"

The Linoone morph smiled, obviously somehow interpreting Io's response as a friendly sign. Then, with a flick of his tail, the Linoone morph sprang forward with a direct Tackle.

He's quicker than I expected. Io flitted to one side, dodging the attack. However, even as Io moved, the Linoone morph moved with him--changing direction and accelerating to a combination Quick Attack and Headbutt. Io was scarcely able to brace himself before his opponent's head slammed full-force into his stomach. As he was knocked back, Io swiftly extended his claws and clamped them firmly into his opponent's arms, dragging the Linoone down with him.

Halfway through the fall, Io twisted with cat-like dexterity, causing the Linoone morph to land beneath him. Tearing his claws free from the other morph's arm, Io slashed them in an "X" pattern--a Double-Edge. Springing back and away from the Linoone, Io gasped for air as he felt the damage dealt by his own attack.

Stumbling to his feet, the Linoone morph laughed as he quipped, "Well, in the end, it was all worth it. At least the odds were evened a bit, right?"

Confused, Io remained silent--awaiting an explanation for his opponent's cryptic taunt.

Laughing again, the Linoone morph extended his open hand, displaying an item for Io's benefit. Io's ruby eyes widened as his gaze automatically darted from the item to his wrist, and finally returned to the item. As realization dawned upon him, Io finally found words and snapped, "When you attacked earlier, you used Covet! That's how--"

"--I took your Silk Scarf," the Linoone boy finished before adding, "Bingo! Don't worry, though, I'll give it back after the match."

Io merely hissed in reply as he began to circle the enemy morph. Tying the cloth about his upper arm, the Linoone then entered a defensive stance as his bright eyes tracked Io's movements. As Io began to circle closer to the Linoone morph, his movements became somehow irregular and difficult to track. Then, Io vanished--this being immediately followed by an unseen force slamming into the Linoone boy's back. It was a Faint Attack.

Stumbling forward, the Linoone morph swiftly regained his balance before whirling about and dealing a direct Slash toward Io's chest. Io immediately raised his armoured arm defensively before him--neutralizing the blow. As the Linoone attempted another Slash, Io vanished, reappearing before his opponent in another Faint Attack. On this occasion, however, Io did not strike the other fighter. Rather, extending his claws, he merely pressed them lightly against the Linoone's throat.

"Don't move," he hissed. After a slight attempt to escape earned him a few trickles of blood on his neck, the Linoone seemed satisfied to submit to Io's advice for the moment.

Remaining with his claws at his opponent's throat, Io's eyes began to faintly glow as an unseen wind formed itself about him. Strange voices began to fill the air--voices that wove themselves into alluring, numbing melodies.

Despite the gravity of his situation, the Linoone morph's bright eyes grew dim as his eyelids drooped closed. And, as the final notes of the divine aria echoed through the arena, Io removed his claws from his opponent's neck, permitting him to freely fall to the ground. The Linoone morph was asleep; Sing was successful.

Standing coldly over his unmoving opponent, Io's claws shone dimly in the light as he prepared for a final Double-Edge. Without hesitation, the Skitty morph struck downward.

"Halt! "

Io froze at the sudden announcement from the loudspeakers--attempting not to fall forward. As he regained his balance, the morph straightened and turned toward the judge's box as he retorted, "What?!"

"This battle is over. Linoone Pokemorph Taylor is unable to battle. The winner is Io."

Almost as though by obligation, the crowd suddenly began to cheer. Flicking blood from his claws, the cat morph wordlessly retrieved his Silk Scarf and descended the stairs of the battle platform. Entering the hall that led from the stadium, Io's eyes narrowed in annoyance as he muttered, "Tch. They could've told me sooner."

[OOC: Technically, Linoone does not learn Quick Attack. ^-^;; I attribute Taylor's Quick Attack to artistic license . . . ?]

April 9th, 2006, 9:47 AM
OOC: Well... let's see... since Io's match was at 10:30, and I think Rave's match and Arin's were at the same time, 11:00, so I'll just assume it's time for both of ours now. ^-^

Mine will take two posts. Or if no-one posts by the time I come back to post, I will edit this.


"Oh boy... here it comes so...," Arin mumbled to herself, suddenly feeling so much more inadequate than she had before. Why was it so easy for years of confidence building to ebb away within a few seconds? She closed her dark brown eyes slowly, trying to convince herself that this would be easy.

She was making her way to her match, walking through the crowds of contestants awaiting their turns. The place was like an organized mess, and Arin wasn't even truly sure if she was going in the right direction. There were different fields to this place, and hers was in the eastern one. She the saw signs telling her she was in the right place, and breathed a sigh of relief. This relief was short-lived though, for she saw Peter ahead of her, walking into the arena. She didn't know what to think as she saw his Plusle tail bob out of sight.

Peter had seemed like a nice person, and Arin didn't truly want to hurt him badly. No... she couldn't allow herself to think that! She had to win, she had to beat this boy, no matter what the cost! She wished she had a friend to talk with before the match....

{Arin...?} came a voice from behind. It was Denki's, Arin could tell.

"I... Denki you're still here?" Arin said, not turning around.

Denki shook his head, {I can't just leave you all alone. You're my... my best friend. So, even though I hope you loose the tournament, I also wish you luck. I know, it doesn't make any sense, but how I feel about it doesn't make any sense either.}

Arin rubbed her arm a little, "I'm glad you feel that way. I'd better get going."

{I'll be watching from the stands!} Denki replied with a smile that went unseen by Arin. The little Pikachu then darted off, running through a hole in the nearby stands and no doubt finding a place for himself to witness the match in solitude.

Arin smiled too, and then walked into the place Peter had, gearing herself up for the fight ahead of her. She had lived with electric pokemon for quite some time now, so she was ready for an electric type. This was... easy. So why did she feel so unsure?

There was Peter, and he looked a little nervous and gave a little wave as she entered her side of the platform. She didn't make eye contact with him, but looked at the crowds around her. There were a lot of people here, and she vaguely wondered if maybe her sister was here. She turned her attention back to the match start though, and tried to settle on an attack to use.

She decided that perhaps she should start with non-physical attacks. A Light Screen would be a nice start to help protect her.

Peter smiled at her, and began coming toward her. Arin hesitated, what was he doing? The match had started! What... what should she do?

He got to about a foot away from her, and said to her, "Ready for me Arin?!" His voice was cheery and excited. "Here I come!" he said, positioning his body a little differently. Arin didn't know what to do.

"I... uh yes," she said, confused.

Peter then shot out a torrent of electricity, aimed right at Arin. It flew through the air, looking almost beautiful as it danced toward Arin's body. Arin was too stunned to do anything, and merely stood there looking stupid. The electricity hit and Arin felt a painful, skin-crawling feeling as she fell to her knees.

"Ahh!" she screamed, and then got up again, feeling a bit painful, but not hurt too badly. He was pretty good at aiming and firing electricity for someone who seemed so inexperienced and cheery. She decided to test his defenses with an electric attack of her own, her cheeks lit up a strange glowing white and let forth a burst of white electricity. It flew at Peter with great speed, and the boy looked a little shocked to see so much coming at him. He tried to move but the electricity caught him, and he fell onto the ground.

Arin moved a little closer, wondering what was going to happen next. As she got close to him, she realized that he was... crying. She suddenly felt her anger at his attacking her fade as she rushed up to him, looking concerned.

"A-Are you okay?" she asked, her eyes wide. She was about to ask again, but then saw that the boy was smiling. She frowned, and was then knocked away with a powerful blast of electricity. He body flew about ten feet, landing hard on the ground. She pulled herself up to look at Peter, who was coming ever closer to her as she lie on the ground.

"Heh, you really thought I was that nice?" he said, smiling at her with a smile that was not cheery at all, but really rather evil looking. Arin was stunned once more.

"You people are so guilible. You think just because I'm a Plusle morph that I'm cheery and nice, wanting everyone to win," his voice seemed quite irritated, as if he wasn't just referring to Arin, "Well I'm not. Things aren't always what they seem. I hate being this pathetic pokemon form. It's so weak and stupid." He looked as if her were charging up an attack, electricity encircling his body in strange waves.

Arin felt all of the doubt suddenly erase from her mind, and she stood to face the boy with a thunderous expression. "You... you tricked me! I'll show you that no one messes with me!" she said angrily, not liking the fact that she was so easily decieved. Peter's expression remained confident, but Arin leapt back a few feet, and multiplied herself about twenty times in a Double Team. This would buy her some time. He had given himself the upper hand in the beginning, but she was the stronger one. She just needed a plan....

April 9th, 2006, 3:02 PM
Magnet was in the crowd. "What did I say? The happier the Plusle, The dirtier the tricks." He looked down at the stadium, concered at Arin. "Hmm, If I was in that situtation..." Magnet pondered for a bit. He tested this idea out for himself. He made an absorbing electricity trick. Pieces of electricity coming from him and into a big ball. He then let it go and the electricity dissappeared. He was breathing hard. He was so weak, he had difficulty getting up. He then cupped his hands around his mouth. "Arin! Make a big ball of electricity and make the energy from it suck up power!" This was sure to make the Plusle morph weak enough to strike. Security went up to him and warned him about giving advice to the battlers, or he would be kicked out next time. "C'mon Arin, you can do it." Magnet thought.

Alter Ego
April 10th, 2006, 6:57 AM
OOC: A bit of an unnecessary artistic license, mind you...you could just have given him Extremespeed instead since Zigzagoon (And thus also Linoone) can get that in pokémon Collosseum. ^^


"Finally!" Rave said out loud as the time for his battle finally arrived, the Houndoom morph immediately setting off towards his designated arena with a proud swagger, walking past the far less enthusiastic-looking Arin without paying almost any heed to her. Why should he have, anyway? The mouse was amusing enough to toy with as a passtime, but compared to the thrill of a real battle that was nothing more than petty child's play.

"It is now time for the next match!" a voice from the loudspeakers announced as Rave stepped into the arena, "Rave versus Yami, begin!"

"With pleasure..." Rave said quietly, quickly scanning the battlefield with his eyes in search of his opponent, where said individual was didn't remain a secret for long, however, as the Houndoom morph suddenly felt a surprisingly hard hit to the back of his head which briefly caused his vision to blurr, forcing him to flinch.

"What's the matter, pooch?" the Sableye morph taunted, having just landed on the ground a short distance away from Rave, "My Fake Out attack too much for you?"

"You'd wish!" Rave growled, lunging forward with his razor-sharp teeth in clear view, ready to lay a Crunch on the pesky little creature. Yes...he was in battle once more...he could feel it, not only from the small throbbing in the back of his head but in his mind, his spirit...his whole body, the feral instinct surfacing at full in delight of what was about to happen. He could almost feel his fangs closing in on that wretched little creature's throat, hear the scream that would ensue, feel the rush of energy that the blood would grant him, taste...sand?

Rave immediately snapped his whole attention back to the fight, finding himself face down on the arena and quickly getting back up, spitting out the dirt from his mouth and twirling around to spot Yami once more.

"You've got to try harder than that!" the Sableye morph commented, letting out a malicious cackle of laughter at his opponent before leaping backwards and assuming a bold pose, "Come on now...pooch." he said, holding out his hand and gesturing for Rave to come closer, "Show me what you've got, hotshot!"

"I thought you'd never ask..." the Houndoom morph replied, his eyes igniting with he full manic glow of his anger as he tossed his cloak aside, revealing both his diamond-tipped tail, which was now lashing fiercely back and forth, and his Houndoom horns. Relishing his newfound mobility, Rave quickly began gathering up all the heat he could muster into a single, devastating orb of energy which he held suspended in the air between his two palms, the sphere rapidly growing in size and brightness and causing the air around it to ripple and distort until it had finally reached its very limit, at which point Rave lunged forward, dissapearing from view in a Faint Attack and reappearing behind his opponent where he unleashed the whole payload straight into the Sableye morph's back, causing several members of the audience to gasp as the tremendous blast sent the small figure flying across the stadium until he came to a halt at the far side, a cloud of dust and debris gathering around the boy.

"Who's laughing now?" Rave asked with a sadistic grin, sending off another blast of heat, this one a Fireblast, easily identified by its characteristic shape, which bore a peculiar resemblance to a very crudely drawn stick figure.

"That would be me..."

"Huh?" Rave quickly spun around to face the direction of the voice, slightly shocked to find his opponent sitting up on the edge of the judges' box, dangling his feet and looking extremely pleased with himself, an all too common trait among those who had just pulled off a very convincing Substitute.

"Why you little-!" Rave exclaimed, quickly lunging towards his opponent. This time the Sableye morph didn't dodge, however. To the contrary, he lunged forward, efficiently catching the Houndoom morph in mid-air and, with a few complicated and extremely dexterous twists, turning him around and driving him into the ground face first with a Seismic Toss.

"This is almost too easy..." the Sableye morph said, grinning maliciously as he insolently sat down on his opponent, "You think you're such a big tough guy that you can beat anyone by just throwing power at him, don't you?" he asked, slamming Rave with a Night Shade to keep him down on the ground, "Now that you've just successfully wasted your energy on that pointless show of power, what are you going to do to little me, hmmm?"

Rave glared at his opponent with utter hatred, muttering something in a dry, cracked voice which was so weak that his words were inaudible.

"What was that?" Yami demanded, leaning a bit closer and grabbing the Houndoom morph the collar of his shirt, "I said what was that!"

"Payback..." Rave replied in a sadistic voice, suddenly shifting his body out from beneath his opponent and grabbing a firm hold of the surprised Yami, an eerie aura suddenly encasing both of them as the Houndoom morph unleashed his attack on the opponent, thin wisps of a transparent white colour emerging in all directions from the Sableye morph's body, the energy fueling his attacks quickly seeping away.

"Gah!" Yami exclaimed, attempting to wrest his arm away, "A Night Shade will put you in your place, pup!" he brought his arm back in a sweeping motion, spectral energy gathering around it as well, only to fizzle and die off.

"I-" Yami exclaimed in surprise, attempting another Seismic Toss with just as poor results, "How-you...you..." a horrified expression suddenly spread over the Sableye morph's face as he came to a revelation, "You used spite! You drained away my moves while I was talking you cheat!"

"And that's a completely correct answer from contestant Yami" Rave announced in a mock-TV-show host tone, smirking at his opponent, "And now for your prize!"

Flames quickly wreathed around the Houndoom morph's arm before he unleashed them into his opponent, sending the Sableye morph a good bit backwards before they began whirling around him in a Fire Spin which looked quite impressive, diminshed powers or no.

While the members of the crowd were still trying to gather their witts and comprehend this sudden switcharound, Rave walked right next to the roaring flames in a calm and composed manner, stopping for a moment as if to study them while he listened to the screams of his opponent inside before he finally took a deep breath...and blew.

Under normal circumstances, Smog would hardly have been a lethal move by any measure, but when a sizeable cloud of volatile gases meets an equally impressive inferno of flames...things go boom, which was precisely what happened next, a devastating explosion causing the entire arena to tremble as it spread out in all directions, several spectators from the front seats diving for cover as the ensuing wave of heat swept forward.

When the dust and smoke finally cleared, the battlefield was a good bit changed, now bearing a sizeable crater and several scorchmarks. But what caught the people's attention foremost wasn't this change, no, it was the figure standing right in the middle of it, a tall male with pitch black hair, almost equally dark skin and a pair of curved Houndoom horns sticking out of his forehead, his blood red eyes glowing so brightly that they could probably have served quite well as flashlights if necessary. A manic-looking smile played across Rave's face, despite the fact that a good bit of his outfit had been scorched, one of the sleeves of his shirt still burning as he walked over to his fallen opponent. The Sableye morph was badly burned, curled up in a fetal position as if to protect himself, but still alive. After all, he was part ghost, Rave supposed that it had its perks, the little twerp would probably be allright as soon as he got together a Recover technique or two. Just then, the loudspeakers came to life once more, breaching the silence.

"Attention ladies and gentlemen! Can I have your attention please?!" the voice called out, no sounding a good bit shakier, "The judges have come to a decision! The winner is Rave!"

"Tough luck, imp-boy." the Houndoom morph whispered quietly as the crowd took up doing what crowds did best, cheering, if only a bit less enthusiastically than usual, "This..." the Houndoom morph continued, purposefully kicking his opponent in the stomach, the Sableye morph still being too weak to manage any more than the tiniest whimper, "Is for calling me a pooch. And this..." he trod on Yami's face with an equal purposefulness, "Is for ruining a perfectly good outfit."

With that, the Houndoom morph proceeded to collect his cloak and leave the stadium, not even bothering to turn his head as a couple of paramedics rushed forward to see to the Sableye morph's survival.

OOC: In case anyone's wondering, Rave surviving that blast is kind of based on his 'Flash Fire' trait. I hope that's acceptable. ^-^

April 10th, 2006, 9:26 AM
OOC: It seems acceptable to me. Doesn't Flash Fire make it so that you can't be hurt by fire attacks? I would assume a fiery explosion is like a fire attack. Fire is fire. ^^


Arin heard Magnet's suggestion, but she wasn't sure if it would work for her. She might be able to pull it off, but that sounded more like something a Magnemite could do easier. She had to do something though, for Peter's electric charging was done, and he was now ready to fire his attack.

She needed more time to think! She quickly crafted a Light Screen, her body glowing softly and mysteriously producing a glass-like barrier between the two. Peter tried to run to the side to fire his attack around it, but the barrier lengthened, preventing him from crossing. He grumbled and fired his electric shock anyway, several bolts of lightning flying towards Arin, and smacking hard against the screen. Some of them bounced off, while others made it through, striking Arin softly.

They didn't hurt too bad, and the brown-haired girl thought quickly about what she should do. She suddenly got an idea. Peter was a fairly thin-framed boy, he certainly wasn't all that bulky. She herself was a little chubby, and so she had a natural advantage there. She could inflict some good damage if she slammed him. Not to mention, she might even paralyze him from her Static ability. She would do that. Yes, that might work.

She then let down the mental light screen she had erected, Peter looking a little puzzled, wondering what she had in mind no doubt. She dashed forward, as fast as she could, and Peter was caught off guard, not expecting someone tht had just been on the defense to attack so directly. He tried to dash off at the last second, but Arin was too quick this time, her body smashing into his in a Slam attack. The two fell to the ground, and small electric sparks moved about Peter'd body. He had been paralyzed.

"Tch!" he spat, the wind almost knocked out of him. He tried to push Arin off, but she got up on her own. He glared up at her.

"You're a very sad person," she said to him, looking serious. Then she made to slam his body again, but when she dropped to hit him, she only felt the ground.

"Huh?!" she said in surprise. Her deep brown eyes flickered to the place Peter now crouched, panting and obviously tired. He must've used Agility to save himself, but he looked too worn out to be keeping that up for much longer. Arin ran up to him, and he attempted to run away, trying to eek out some more speed, but failing to. Arin caught up with him, and lunged into his body, her bulk slamming him to the ground. He just laid where he had fallen, trying to get up, but not having the strength.

The announcer's voice became apparent. "The match has been decided! Peter, the Plusle morph, is unable to battle! Arin is the winner!"

Arin looked down upon boy, feeling sorry for him, but happy that she had won.

Alter Ego
April 10th, 2006, 9:57 AM
OOC: Erm...yep, it does. And not only that, if a pokémon that has Flash Fire is hit by a fire attack, any fire attack that pokémon makes gains an additional 50% bonus to damage. Quite lethal, and very beneficial in double battles. A sunnybeamer Exeggutor teaming up with an Overheat Flareon can wreak havoc on whole teams. >D Trust me, I tried that on Netbattle. You just need a Clefable to deflect some attacks while you set up. He-hee...works like a charm. xD

Erm...I just wanted to say that. Yeah. Sowwee for the spammish OOC...-.-

Kurosaki Ichigo
April 11th, 2006, 12:44 AM
(( Holy Christ XD, you guys have moved along a bit, i promise next post i do will be RP, just again with coursework and crap, its so annoying they give us work during easter holidays >.<, but yeah just letting you guys know. ))

April 24th, 2006, 7:19 AM
OOC: Um... *looks around* Posting time!! XD


"Ugh... I'm exhausted! That battle... took more out of me than I thought it would," sighed Arin, now sitting on a bench in a position that suited someone who had just been through a bad testing week at school. She didn't care if her legs were sprawled out for people to trip over, she was tired and needed some rest before her next match.

Denki suddenly hopped over to her, his messy yellow fur even brighter in the sunlight, {Arin! I told you this was a bad idea! Look at you, you're too tired to go on! I'll go get a guy so you can be dropped out of the tourn--.}

"No! Denki stop it! I thought you said you supported me...?" Arin said, sitting up a little more and looking at the Pikachu seriously.

The little mouse exhaled his breath in a 'hmph!', and crossed his arms as he frowned at her. {Fine... have it your way. That Plusle-human better watch it though! If I see him alive I'll wipe the floor with him! What gives him the right to trick you like that?! Ungrateful little--!}

"Denki! Shhh! You're making a scene!" Arin hissed, starting to get annoyed. She was grateful, however, to have someone that cared so much about her. Denki was a little louder and angrier than she would have wanted, but his heart was in the right place, and that was all that counted.

April 25th, 2006, 5:35 PM
Magnet floated over to Arin. "Hey, good job. You did good. If I was in the ring I would of never forgiven him for those tricks." Magnet looked at denki. He nodded. "If we ever face off Arin," He looked to her. "Good Luck." He said he then floated closer to her a bit.

He held out his hand to shake.

April 26th, 2006, 7:25 AM
OOC: I'm gonna assume that Magnet's "hand" is one of those horeshoe magnet thingies. XD


{Who in the heck are YOU?!} Denki said accusingly to Magnet, still caught up in his own anger over Peter the Plusle morph. Arin quickly leaped onto him and covered his mouth with her hands.

"S-sorry about him!" Arin stammered, her face a little pink from being embarrassed by the Pikachu, "He's an old friend. Er, thanks for your support Magnet. You're right about forgiving that guy... maybe if he had acted sorry for what he did I would forgive him, but he doesn't seem to regret it at all."

She tore herself away from Denki after giving him a warning look and took his 'hand' to shake it. "I hope our battle's a good one too...," she said with a nervous smile. She didn't sound one-hundred percent sure about her statement, but she didn't want Magnet to know that. She was trying to push certain memories out of her mind... ones that involved some certain Magneton. Those were times from a while ago... she was stronger now.

Denki folded his arms again and stood in silence. {Sure, fine, whatever. But if you're tricking Arin like that Plusle guy did, I'll give you a piece of my mind!} the little Pikachu said, his puffy red cheeks sparkling a bit as he thought of it.

April 26th, 2006, 7:33 AM
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April 26th, 2006, 7:45 AM
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Alter Ego
April 26th, 2006, 8:02 AM
Bother, bother, bother... Rave mused for himself as he strode down the hall, now donning a fresh set of clothes almost identical to the ones he had been wearing on the battlefield while still holding the burned tatters of the old set in his hands. The Houndoom morph soon came to a halt, however, as he spooted a familiar figure in his vicinity, no, two of them no less...

"My, my...isn't this a pleasant surprise?" he asked in a conversational tone, walking over to Arin whilst quite purposefully ignoring Magnet. After all, to the Houndoom morph's eyes it was nothing more than a plain every-day Magneton. He might have wondered what a seemingly wild pokémon was doing in the tournament area, but Denki was there as well, and, well, this was Arin...and she seemed like the kind of erratic Sudoowoodo-hugger hippie-type that spent all her free time talking with trees and holding protest marches, so he assumed that speaking to wimpy electrical types was just another one of the Raichu morph's quirky little hobbies.

"Arin, was it?" the Houndoom morph added in confirmation, stopping fairly close to the girl, "Oh, and I see you've brought your little knight in shining armor..." he cast a mocking glance at the Pikachu, "Squeaky, or whatever his name was. How nice. And I take it, this would be another one of your furry little friends?" he briefly nodded towards Magnet, "You do realize that this is a battle of pokémorphs, not trainers? I'm afraid your little servants won't help you in the battlefield."

April 26th, 2006, 10:09 AM
"E-eh?" Arin stammered, caught a bit off-guard by the sudden appearance of Rave. He truly did make her nervous, and she was by no means sorry that she had missed his match. He did not look like someone you would want to spar with. She was a little surprised, if not worried, that he had remembered her name. His comments that were far from the polite tone he took didn't really bother her, but she knew they would bother someone....

{YOU! I'll get you! I'll stuff those smarmy words right back down your throat until you choke on them!} he prepared to actually lunge at the morph before them, wanting to take out all of his pent up anger on the boy before him. Arin figured something like this was about to happen, so once again she pounced on her friend.

"Denki stop! You'll only make him laugh more at you that way!" she said sternly, "For once stop being reckless!" She must look so stupid, always having to interrupt her conversations because of Denki's attitude.

The little Pikachu knew she was right, he was certainly no match for that guy, and so the mouse nodded angrily, glaring all the while at Rave. Arin relaxed a bit and stood up, brushing herself off.

"You assumption happens to be wrong," she said plainly, addressing Rave's ending statement regarding her being a trainer, "Very, very wrong. In fact, it's so wrong for me that it makes me want to laugh." She paused for a moment, surprised at herself. Why was she saying it like this to him? Did she want to provoke this guy to bite her face off? She couldn't help it though... on this subject, she got quite passionate.

"I'm not a trainer. I've never had the desire to ever become a trainer, and I probably never will, so... these aren't my pokemon," she paused again, wondering if she should just drop it there, "Pokemon aren't just tools to be used by humans... they're living beings with thoughts and feelings. Just becaue they don't choose to live in the same way that humans have doesn't mean that they're below us. That's what I believe, and so I don't own any pokemon. This Magneton is actually a contestant in this tournament, whom I was having a lovely conversation with until you so rudely butted in with your accusations. As for Denki, he is a friend of mine that willingly wanted to follow me to this tournament. He takes no commands in battles from me, I assure you. He also plans to go back to his clan after I win this tournament."

She was determined not to let her nervousness around him get the better of her. Luckily the boy had stumbled upon a topic that gave her confidence when she spoke.

April 26th, 2006, 3:10 PM
Magnet nodded at Arin. He then looked at Rave. "I am a trainer. I don't use pokemon for tools. They have feelings and thoughts." Magnet said. "And i'd rather you not budge in like this. Being it rude. As Arin said. I assume you are a houndoom morph. Me being a Magneton morph, is posing no need to be a snob and act like your better then everyone else." Magnet said in a slow and calm voice. He was hoping the houndoom morphs temper was not going to get the best of him. He did not want another battle today. "And if you hadn't noticed, I am not made of fur, I am made of steel."

April 26th, 2006, 4:04 PM
[OOC: Er . . . cinnamon, I am afraid I must agree with Light_Azumarill. Thank you, but please refrain from posting if your post bears no relevance . . . ]

A sudden clapping split the tension as a faint laugh began to mingle with the sharp, rhythmic sounds. Standing a short distance away, Io clapped a few more times before lowering his hands to his sides. Though his smile was almost indiscernable, the Skitty morph's amusement remained clear. Approaching the group, Io quipped, "Glad to see you're all getting along--as always." After giving a slight nod of recognition to Magnet, he briefly complimented, "Quite the battle," before turning toward Arin.

"I'm suprised to hear something so bold from you. But, then again, we all have our moments, ne?" Io then glanced at Denki, his claws slowly--seemingly unconsciously--extending from his hands as his cat eyes focused on the mouse Pokemon. Then, suddenly withdrawing his claws, the cat morph merely smiled and shrugged slightly before turning toward Rave. Stark crimson began to bleed into Io's dull, rose-coloured eyes, indicating the beginnings of a tainting of his previously 'good' mood. His cat ears flattening themselves as his feline instincts aroused within him, the Skitty morph casually added, "Your battle was rather enjoyable to watch as well, if not vaguely disappointing and perhaps as disconcerting . . . You could have been killed." Io then fell into emphatic silence, intentionally leaving his latest statement to be interpreted however seemed best to the hearer.

Alter Ego
April 27th, 2006, 6:35 AM
"My, my..." Rave commented, shaking his head at the snappish remarks coming in from all sides before focusing his gaze on Arin again, "Such bravado...you'd almost think I couldn't hear your heart beating like a cornered little rabbit's. As for you, my metal-covered aquintance..." he cast a brief glance at Magnet, "You seem to have a very hypocritical way of defining rudeness, jumping at me with such insulting accusations before you even know who I am..." his blood red eyes glinted slightly, "...truly, you call me rude even though you behave no better yourself, eavesdropping on words which were meant not for you, but for our mouse-eared friend here..." he nodded towards the Raichu morph, "Really Arin, you should discipline your servants better, that's why I prefer mine captured. And incidentally..." the boy added to the Magneton morph, "I believe that the term you are looking for is 'butt', not 'bout. I would suggest investing in a dictionary, it would truly help you quite a bit...oh, and you might want to look up 'Irony' and 'Sarcasm' too while you're at it, both concepts are apparently quite foreign to you."

The Houndoom morph then listened calmly as Arin proceeded to preach on about pokémon rights and other semantic nonsense, "Yes, I see...very touching, I'm sure." his voice was continuously polite, "I am so glad I amuse you, after all...you and your quaint little bodyguard here..." he nodded towards Denki, "...are quite an amusing duo. But due tell me..." he added, quite visibly amused, "...what is it about me that evokes such violent reactions in supposedly civilized people like yourselves? Every time I try to have a civilized conversation, all I get from you is treaths and snappish remarks. Really..." he discreetly called upon his fire powers, amplifying the rays of sunlight which were passing in through the windows, particularly the ones which fell on Magnet. Yes, the Steel type probably wouldn't be too comfortable with that.

"Ahh...but the battle wouldn't have been half as educational for my dear opponent if I had finished him off straight away." Rave remarked at Io's comment, "Besides, I wished to extend the fun a bit...is that so wrong? I did tell you that I was in for the spirit of the thing, didn't I...kitty? And it really wouldn't have suited the spirit for me to die...even though you might have wished otherwise."

April 27th, 2006, 8:59 AM
Snappish remarks? What did he expect? Warm and happy greetings? Arin paused in thought for a moment. Had she been too critical of him? He hadn't really done anything to her personally... but there was just something about him that made her feel an odd combination of frightened and angry. Perhaps it was instinct from being combined with a Raichu... or perhaps it was his appearance that made her afraid. Still, his constant polite tone made her really angry. Why couldn't he just act the way he meant to? Was he just trying to amuse himself with them all? Did he really think he was that superior to them? She certainly knew she couldn't stand anyone who thought they were better than anyone else. People should be equal, they should be treated with respect and not in a condescending fashion. She frowned at his question, truly unsure of how to answer it.

Denki had had his fill of this conversation. It was angering him at how scared Rave was making Arin, and these other two boys were both very unfamiliar to him so it was making him anxious. Not nervous, for Denki rarely felt frightened; just anxious. Not to mention he was getting quite frustrated at trying to figure out what the word 'quaint' meant. He was sure it was some sort of derogatory statement but he couldn't be sure... his eyes narrowed at Rave... he would figure it out soon enough, and when he did that Houndoom morph would be sorry!

Arin looked up as she heard Rave address the Skitty morph as "kitty". She suddenly found her voice again, "That might have something to do with our attitudes towards you," she said matter-of-factly, "It usually makes people a little ticked when they hear you refer to them as something they'd rather not be referred to as."

It wasn't the whole answer, but it was some of it.

May 3rd, 2006, 5:05 PM
Io raised an eyebrow slightly at Arin's latest comment. More boldness, eh? Returning his expression to its previous state, the Skitty morph noncholantly replied, "Ah, my apologies then, pup. I forgot that the incompetent often take particular pleasure in what little they can do." Here, he shrugged, though he silently noted the increase of sunlight streaming through the windows. "I suppose my memory has never been terribly good." His scarlet eyes glinting like fire in the golden rays, Io bared his fangs in what almost seemed a good-natured smile.

I know I'm walking on thin ice--or hot coals, as it were. And, with the sun like this, fire types would have the advantage if a fight broke out. Somehow, though, I think I'm enjoying this. One of Io's cat ears twitched slightly. Heh. It's probably just my pathetic Skitty DNA that's doing all the talking for me now. At least now I know it's better for more than being sickeningly happy.

Alter Ego
May 5th, 2006, 11:13 AM
OOC: Ohh...question! Will there be scores distributed for these first battles or will those only be handed out later on? Just curious. ^^


Rave carefully concealed a smirk at Denki's expression, returning the Pikachu's fierce stare with a completely indifferent one and not ceasing to do so until the comments raining in from various sides forced him to turn his attention elsewhere.

"And once again I face hypocrisy..." he replied to Arin's comment, "Our cat-eared friend here has called me a pooch for the whole time, as you will recall, and in fact, he came at me with a clearly aggressive manner of speech the very first time we met. But of course...I must be the "bad guy" in this instance as well, no? After all...I've got dark skin and horns, that makes me obviously evil." he said the last part in a clearly sarcastic tone before turning to adress Io, "Don't rack your mind with our relations, Arin..." he added in a surprisingly friendly voice, "It all boils down to the old cat and dog relation, I'm afraid..."

"Are you still speaking, kitty?" he asked in a dismissive tone, "If you are then you are wasting your time, I happen to find our mouse-eared acquintance here far more interesting to talk with, so why don't you go find yourself a ball of yarn to play with and leave us sentient beings to our coversations, hmm? Not all of us consider childish name-calling the most important thing to do, you know."

May 9th, 2006, 8:08 AM
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"I... uh...," Arin stammered, unsure of how to reply. He was right... Arin had seen them when they had first met, though she was a short ways away, so she really wasn't too sure. Io had been a bit unecessarily rude to the morph.

She dropped her gaze guiltily. What was she doing? Did she think that because the person before her was a bit creepy that he deserved some sort of punishment? He really hadn't done anything to anyone here as far as Arin knew. Perhaps it was these blasted Raichu instincts that were making her ears twitch and her skin prickle in fear when he was around. It wasn't just him that she felt this way towards; earlier she had brushed past a Persian morph, and she felt an overwhelming urge to run far, far away.

Did she really want to make this guy mad at her? Did she really need to use up her energy in some argument?

Denki raised an eyebrow, {Huh! Maybe you are evil because you have horns and are black. I have yet to meet someone who has those things and isn't!}

Arin sighed. "That's not fair Denki," she said to the Pikachu, finally coming to a decision, "He's got a point. Well then, I apologize for judging you too quickly. It's just... well, you must admit you seem a bit... creepy; not that it's a crime but, it's an explanation. Plus, I've already been made a fool of by that Plusle morph, and I'd rather not repeat the same mistake."

{Pfft... you'd better not make her regret this!} Denki growled in a low voice to the morph.

She paused, considering her thoughts for a moment, then she held out her hand. "Truce?" she said, awaiting a response.

May 9th, 2006, 7:03 PM

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He'd found his quiet space, sitting here in a tree just outside the dorms, sleeping quietly on the branch as the sweet scents of food, flowers and the nice silence of the afternoon due to the fact everybody was fighting through their various prelims. It was like his own little piece of heaven, just sitting there, relaxing, thinking about how easily he'd taken down his opponent. That idiot had barely lastest a few moments before he'd been returned to the dirt he'd come from, withering in pain after that final blow he'd been given. The umbreon couldn't help but break a smile, That... was an enjoyable fight. Yawning softly, he looked up towards the now somewhat setting sun, I... should get down before people start coming back... Seems that my...fellow morphs...live in housing units much like that of normal people.

Dropping down easily from the tree, he looked from side to side. ....Eve.... I should probably go find her.... She doesn't seem the type of person who's used to... crowd situations. She seemed... awkward around people... specifically male people... Drat, why am I worrying about her? She's just another person... God da-no, I won't think about that. I'll just find her and put her on a friggen leash or tracker or something so I don't worry like some stupid girl... Sighing, he shoved his hands into the pockets of his cloak, walking down the road towards the main lobby Why am I so concerned about that girl...? I... barely even know her... and I refuse to admit she's like /her/...but... could that be why I want to protect her from the slime here? Why am I thinking this anyways...?! Stopping his thoughts, he pressed through the main doors of the lobby, looking around for any signs of Eve and hopefully no signs of that stupid mutt or the blasted little kitty.

May 11th, 2006, 6:27 PM
[OOC: The purpose of the first round was merely that of entry into the tournament. Points will be awarded beginning with the second round.

As of yet, my judgment for each round rests on a morph's skill, creativity, the realistic nature of their tactics (to some degree; Pokemon in themselves are rather lacking in realism), and how well (descriptively, clearly, etc.) their actions are described.

To be fair, each roleplayer will submit their point judgments for Io. After averaging the numbers, I will round them to the nearest whole number. Your judgment of Io will not affect my judgment of your characters.

If you have any suggestions for an altering of the points system, I am open to them. ^-^;;]

Io's smile grew, his bared fangs now glinting as dangerously as he eyes. Though a quick retort rested on the edge of the fighter's tongue, he refrained from speaking, instead satisfying himself with a quiet laugh. Turning away, Io glanced back over his shoulder at Denki. In a single motion, the Skitty morph raised his hand and extended his claws before waving his hand in slight farewell to the Pikachu. "Good luck, mouse. Hope you don't get eaten." The cat morph's gaze shifted to Rave. "As for you . . . " Any lilt, sarcasm, or mocking vanished to be replaced by a more calm, serious tone. "I look forward to meeting you in battle." Granting a brief, curt nod to all others present, Io turned and started away.

Withdrawing his claws, Io slipped his hands into his pockets and strode through the tournament building, his eyes returning to their quieter, dull shade of frosted rose. As the Skitty morph made his way silently through a pair of glass doors into the open air, he paused, feeling his hand come into contact with the ID card he had earlier abandoned in his pocket. Holding the plastic card beneath his gaze, Io stopped to ponder it for a short time. Whoever's holding this tournament has a lot of money, that's for sure. But, even before he was morphed with an Alakazam, my father was genius. Beside that, after mother died, he was extremely driven to find the cure to the Pokemorph mutation. I can't help but wonder how this tournament's holder found the cure my father couldn't . . .

May 13th, 2006, 1:04 AM
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Eve had been walking for some time now.
Her fight had yet to take place, but her partner had disappeared. She had actually gone looking for the tentacruel morph, but after a good hour of wandering she still hadn't spotted him. Eve almost hoped he had gone home, and she wouldn't have to fight... but in a way, she wanted to, she wanted to prove herself.

The milotic 'morph glanced behind her. They're still following... she thought irratably, glancing back to the boys behind her. They were ordinary enough, dressed in jeans and footballs hirts sporting the names of their preferred teams. They were, overall, rather boring boys - but their companion was something else.
He was definetly a morph. Green wings fringed his arms, a beak protruded front where his nose should have been, and a jaunty feather protruded from his head. Eve swore under her breath. He was a morph. A Xatu morph. She kept walking, ducking behind a row of houses in the hope of loosing them.

For a moment, Eve actually thought she had lost them. There was no sign of the boys anywhere, and she gave a sigh of relief, leaning back against the wall.
Then the air began to buzz.
A moment later, something flickered into view infront of her. The three boys, clinging to the arm of the Xatu 'morph. They had teleported.
The three ordinary boys stepped away from the 'morphed friend and moved closer to Eve, a dangerous glint in their eyes.
"We want your money and your mobile phone-" they paused and exchanged glances, laughing lecherously. The Xatu morph was examinging his feathered arms boredly.

May 14th, 2006, 12:31 PM

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She was being tailed

Raven had come across the girl and her groupies a few hundred feet back. For the moment, he was simply following behind Eve, staying far enough back to prevent her from thinking she had a fourth stalker but close enough to jump in if they went a step further with a different motive

When they did box her in, their slurring faces and eager hands pressed towards her for her phone and money, Raven very coolly approached Eve from the side and came to a stop a few feet away from her, “…is everything alright here?” Thankfully the morphs had one thing going for them: Raven’s eyes were still yellow. They hadn’t switched to amber… yet, “…you’re not bothering her are you?”

May 15th, 2006, 9:41 AM
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The human boys burst out into racous gufawing at Raven's question. "Bothering her?" they exchanged glances, grinning. "'Course not, just harmless-"
"Shut up!" The Xatu morph had been watching Raven cautiously; he knew very little of pokemon, but his xatu instincts were screaming a warning. Umbreon. Dark-type. Predator. He took a step backwards, the feathers on his arms quivering. He turned to his friends. "He's a 'morph, don't you see?"
The other boys seemed unperturbed by their friend's fear. After all, their knowledge of pokemon was even more primitive than their friend's; how were they to know about type advantages?
They put a heavy hand on Eve's shoulder, and the girl flinched noticeably.

She cursed herself inwardly; don't show your fear! the voice inside her head cried. But she was scared. She had her Milotic powers, didn't she? Though... they were far too risky. Far too untrustyworthy. A simple slip of the tongue, a miscalculation, could make the wave of Surf she intended to simply wash them away into a murderous tsunami.

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Alter Ego
May 15th, 2006, 10:14 AM
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Oh, and your point system sounds fine, Kogenta. Just aslong as I don't have to do any of the . ^^


"How funny..." Rave remarked at Denki's comment, "I've yet to meet anyone who's short, loud-mouthed, and covered with yellow fur who would be good, so I suppose that putts us on equal grounds, no?" he let his gaze travel back to Arin, noting with a measure of satisfication that the Raichu morph was clearly confused now. [I]'Well, at least she has some manners...' he added for himself as an observation, not really feeling one way or the other about it, 'And in this company that seems to be quite a rare trait, this should be...amusing at the very least.'

"That's very insightful of you..." the Houndoom morph replied at Arin's explanation, still keeping whatever he felt private, "If a tad paranoid. But then again, constant caution is what keeps the predator from becoming prey, no?" his eyes glinted slightly at the last remark, although the constantly neutral tone of his voice made his words, at the very least, open to interpretation.

"I imagine that you do, kitty..." Rave replied calmly at Io's remark, briefly following the Skitty morph's movements with his eyes, 'But you won't feel that way about it when it's over...' he added in his mind, small sparks of fire briefly dancing around his fingers without him even noticing it, 'No...I don't think you will...'

May 16th, 2006, 3:07 AM

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"...leave her alone." He mumbled, hand tightening into a fist. The humans seemed to ignore him however and the moment they layed that obscene little hand on Eve's shoulder, Raven vanished, executing a Faint Attack that stopped short but put him right beside the boys. Attaching to the shoulder-grabbing hand's wrist, he twisted it down and around, effectively breaking the boy's grip. Had he twisted it further... well... the boy wouldn't have a wrist that wasn't broken. With his eyes flashing very dangerously close to an amber color, he pressed himself between Eve and the perverted teens, a hand to the side protectively, "Just what the hell do you think you're doing here? You, you Xatu morph, if you're in the tournament you better kiss that antidote goodbye if you and your little buddies don't get the hell out of here. Now."

Turning towards Eve for just a moment, he gave her the "Stay behind me and keep quiet" glare before turning back towards the boys. They wouldn't stand a chance if they fought but humans tended to be stupid.

May 20th, 2006, 6:37 AM
As Raven began to fight back, the boy's hand went limp and he automatically began to pull back. Still, it was too late, and once Raven had finished breaking his arm he wrenched himself away, coming to stand beside his friends. The Xatu froze up in sudden fear. He had fled from his own pokemorph fight, and here he was, facing his weakness. Very slowly, he gestured for his friends to come closer. When they ignored him, he strode over to each of them, grabbed their hands, and teleported, fleeing the scene without so much as an apology.

Eve gave a loud gasp of relief. "Thank..." she began breathlessly, "Thank you." She hadn't realised it at the time, but she had been holding her breath. She nearly fell against Raven, she was so relieved, but some how she managed to stay standing, after swaying very briefly.
She turned to him, lowering her gaze. Her cheeks flushed red. "I could have handled it myself..." she muttered in embaressment.

May 21st, 2006, 7:14 PM

“…good. At least one of them had a freaking brain of sorts…” Raven scoffed lightly as the last particals of teleportation dust faded away, “Freakin perverts… this whole blasted town is full of them, you outta travel with another person from place to place if you can.” Brushing the hair from his eye, he turned around to face Eve. Shaking, all but sobbing mess and still acting like had he not been nearby, everything would’ve been just peachy. He couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming urge to protect this type of person. And it sure as hell better be the morph doing this to me… I really hope I wasn’t born a sap.

"I could've handled it myself..."

“Like hell you could’ve.” Shaking his head, he pointed towards the lobby, “…let’s go back to the lobby at least? I don’t like this place… too dark even for me.” It wasn't the dampness of this place that was getting to him, it was the fact they were cornered in this very small little area with the walls that were so close together...it just reminded him of that room in that building... and he hated that building, hated it more than he hated overly femine women, "Please... I really don't like it here..." He shivered visibly, unconsciously.


Sorry it’s so short, PC deleted the original and I can’t remember the last sentence. If I remember it, I’ll add it.

May 30th, 2006, 1:56 AM
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With her curiousity rising, Eve watched Raven. Her face remained completely expressionless, but confusion showed in her eyes.

"...you outta travel with another person from place to place if you can." Was he...hinting? Hinting that they should travel together? She shook her head fiercely. Of course not, she thought irritably, Just look at yourself, Eve! Of course, she did, and looked down, seeing nothing but unflattering, fattening jeans and a baggy t-shirt that practically fell off the ledge her chest had created, suggesting quite a stomach as well.
She sighed,a nd turned her attention back to Raven.

The boy was shaking now, visibly, though Eve guessed he wasn't aware of it. This boy's got one hell of a demon on his shoulder, she thought slowly. Without thinking, she grabbed his hand, looping her cream fingers around his black ones.
"Come ON, then. I don't like it anymore than you do." Then she dragged him away.

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May 31st, 2006, 6:48 AM

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He blinked, blushing slightly when he was pulled out of the alleyway, and by a girl no less, by the hand. He wasn't simply blushing because he was embarassed, no, he was blushing because he was humiliated and he was humiliated because of his trembling. And it didn't stop until she'd held onto his hand long enough that he felt safe and it all thanks to his stupid morphed body that he was easily frightened now. Before, the only things that had scared him had stayed locked up so no one could see the weak little boy where as nowadays, his fears were as vibrant as the glowing rings on his ears. Stupid animal instincts were the bloody cause of that

And yes, it was beginning to piss him off.

But what could he do?

Nothing. Not a darn thing. Just like with his last "friend", Eve was quickly turning out to be a tamer and tho Raven hated them, people with that personality had more power over him than a gun pointed to his head and while he wished he could stop it... there was nothing he could do but be a good little kitty but he did, however drop her hand with his face still burning through his fur once they were back in the streets, the urge to tuck his cloak over his head rising but that wouldn't be a very good idea, now would it?

"...Let's go find those idiots we saw earlier. Your match starts in about an hour."

May 31st, 2006, 11:54 PM
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Eve had managed to find her way out of the alleys with ease, now those thugs weren't breathing down her neck at every turn. Eve never did well under pressure - she paniced, or chickened out, or choked up entirely. She had failed nearly every exam she had taken before the Wave, despite her bright intelligence.

She paused at Raven's words. "I guess they weren't too bad... The Raichu was nice..." she said absently. Certainly, the Raichu had been quite polite to Eve, but alreayd her pokemon's instincts were becoming stronger, and something within told her not to trust the electric mouse.

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Denki ruffled his already messy fur up in frustration. He was desperately wishing that he was much, much bigger in size so that he would be able to beat the Houndoom morph before him into a bloody pulp. Arin was concerned for his well-being, so he remained quiet, unable to think up a response that wouldn't get him killed.

"Um, yes, well, it is the way of nature," Arin said in response to Rave's words, "Even so, I hope not to become anyone's prey. I've got this electricity in my body for a reason, and I fully intend to use it." She was not frowning or anything; she trying to appear cheerful.

She wanted to win, and even though she disliked pokemon being forced to fight, she knew it was sometimes necessary. This was a necessary time, so were the times in the forest when she had protected the Pikachu.

The boy before her still gave her the creeps, but she just had to think of him as a boy, and nothing more. He was still a person, still someone's son, most likely someone's friend, perhaps someone's brother, maybe even someone's boyfriend. If she was going to fight these people she had met, she needed to give them respect as worthy opponents no matter how inhuman they seemed to be.

June 23rd, 2006, 2:05 AM
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Name: Scottura Wyvern
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Salamance
Appearance: Around 5'7, with a bit of a toned body. His skin is pale because he spends most of his time inside. His eyes are a light brownish-red and his hair is the darkest black. His hair is a bit spiky but really messy. Around his neck is a gunmetal silver necklace or pendant in the shape of a crown. He has a scar coming from his right shoulder blade to his left rib on his back. His clothes are black pants, black long-sleeve shirt with a dragon inprint on the back, black and red sneakers. He has red Salamance wings and dragon like teeth in his mouth.
Personality: Although he rarely admits it, Scottura is often quite withdrawn and introspective. He knows that there is a lot that he does not understand about himself, and this causes him to be irritable at times, and sometimes even to snap at friends. He changes for the better once he realizes that there are bigger problems than himself to deal with.
History: Ever since he became a pokemorph everyone didn't want to know him. He was treated like a pokemon for almost all of his life, then when the announcment came about the antidote to get rid of the pokemorph in affected people, his mother insisted he should compete, if he wanted a normal life ever again.
Weapon(s)/Armor: Buster sword and two guns.
Other (Optional): Scott turns to theivery when he has no food or money.
RP Sample:
A boy at the age of eighteen stands on a cliff. With the wind blowing through his black hair he sighs as his thoughts lead to the dream he had the night before. The wind suddenly calms down, and it becomes quiet. He wonders what has made the weather change till he hears a twig break, he turns around to see what had created the noise. A voice appears in his mind "...I mean you no harm, Scottura Wyvern..."
The boy replies shocked "H-how did you know my name...?"

July 8th, 2006, 7:49 AM

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Raven smiled, bonking her on the head lightly, "...you should smile more..." With that comment, he waved his hand for her to follow and wandered towards the general area the other pokemon's energies seemed to be emiting from.

Raven himself wasn't too sure about the other mores, that Skitty at the list of those he didn't want to mess with. Obnoxious, loud, thought he knew it all... those people burned him up but not as much as that Houndoom. Bloody thing acted so repulsively, so like the pokemon copies of himself and as far as that Raichu was concerned; Raven to be honest wasn't sure. The Two-Face idea was prominent but having seen her for around four or five minutes... he honest to god couldn't be sure.