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February 24th, 2006, 4:07 PM
In tha remote area of the johto region lies the famouse andes Mountain.This Mountain is famouse for its great size and healing waters.Deep with in the mountain is clarity lake and In the middle shows a small Island home to a mysteriouse pokemon called Mewtwo.

Mewtwo stand increadbly still at the egde of a cliff staring up to the light blue sky admireing its beauity.Leting the cool breeze of the wind inbrace him he relaxes his body."what a beautiful day"spoke Mewtwo.He constently stared at the sun questioning,thinking,wondering why?

Back in Mewtwo's lair where he watches the humans get around the mountain on his screen computer Pikachue and Meowth browse's around searching for Mewtwo."Mewtwo,Mewtwo"!they both called as their voices echoed.

"where could he be"?Meowth questiones.they contiued to search but found no trace of him.they stoped to think where he could be.After a short while of brainstorming Pikachue finaly comes out with an idea.

"the roof"!Pikachue blurts out.

"the roof"?Meowth repeating.

"you know the roof is where he always goes to be alone to think.you know Mewtwo.the lonley type".with the thought of his where abouts they headed up the satir leading them to the roof.

As they reached the top of the staires steping into a blinding light of the sun Over to the right was Mewtwo standind at the egdeof the cliff.they ran over to him in a relief exspression on their faces.

"Mewtwo"!they both called out.hearing his name be called Mewtwo turns around to find pikachue and Meowth staring up at him.

"hm"was the only thing Mewtwo said.

"where have you been we've looked every where for you"!Meowth said as if they where responsible for him.

"I have been here the hold time.I wanted to be alone for awhile."Mewtwo expained.

"I told you he wanted to be alone".pikachue pointed out.

Ignoring Pikachue Meowth focuses on Mewtwo."well if you came here to be alone than would you like us to leave in peace then"?

"no,you don't have to leave.It was starting to get lonley up here anyway".Mewtwo lied.he realy didn't want them here but they were his onley closes friends besides the other clones and he didn't want them to think he dissliked them.

All three of them stood their together on the roof waching the moon just bloom into the night sky.As they stood there Mewtwo thought to himself as he wachted a pigdy and its young one fly across the sky"I wonder what its like to have a mother.To be brought up into this world normaly."the rest of the night he dreamed of what it woulde be like to have mother to care for and for her to care for him.

Mewtwo's new life chapter 2:New faces

February 27th, 2006, 12:33 PM
For the most part, your story started off pretty good but after that it was very confusing to follow. Meowth and Pikachu seemed to just come up out of nowhere, it would be better if you added a back story to it as to why Pikachu and Meowth have an association to Mewtwo.

Also, the grammar needs some work, I'm going to tell you bluntly.. its near impossible to follow. Try reading it over and correcting the mistakes, because when someone comes to read your story, they won't really bother to, if its too hard to understand.

But nonetheless good try ^^'