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February 25th, 2006, 2:02 PM
I don't really do chapters but when I tried it was pretty bad. I do short stories. Usually for holidays but sometimes I just go and do some original ideas.

Here is my Pokemon Christmas story back, way back.

There once was a Delibird. A lot of Pokemon thought he was the Poke Claus!. We start out in a small town named Agana. It was a town infested with Pokemon.

There were very small houses in which that any Pokemon can fit in. A little Pichu came out of the house. He seemed to be looking for someone or something. He ran s at a giant evergreen tree in the forest. He was standing there, just looking at the tall tree.

He knocked on a door and a Pinsir came out.

"May I help you?" the Pinsir asked.

"Yes, can you cut down this tree?" The Pichu responded

"No problem." He went behind the tree and cuts it down with its giant horns.

"Thank you very much! " the Pichu said happily.

"Don't mention it." The Pichu hired six Machamps. They put a lot of ropes around the tree and there were 3 Machamps on each side. Then, they stood it up and put it in the middle of the town. All the Pokemon came out, and to their surprise there was a giant tree.

"What do we do with it?" a Skiploom asked

"You decorate it!" the Pichu answered


"Well you take angels and Pokemon decorations."


After five days it was a snowy Christmas Eve. It snowed lightly. Everyone helped building the Christmas tree. They put lights all over. They put small pictures of every single Pokemon they can think of on the branches of the tree.. After two hours of hard work, they turned on the lights. It was a sparkling evergreen tree of lights.

The mayor, Slowking, told the Pokemon to put their Christmas presents under the tree.. Everyone listened to him and there was a bunch of presents all over, under the tree. "You will be able to open your gifts tomorrow morning" the mayor said.

The Pokemon all went to sleep. They were nice and cozy. When something happened. A Pokemon, or that it was believed, came as fast as it could. It put presents all under the tree. It went fast, but it tripped and had a sprained ankle. The Pokemon stayed there until the morning. One of the Pokemon saw it. It was a small Chimecho. It used Psychic to float the Pokemon and it floated until they were at the Chimecho's house. The Chimecho gently put the Pokemon on the bed. The mysterious Pokemon was a Delibird. He felt injured, like he wants to rest for one whole month.

A Chimecho used Heal Bell at the Pokemon sprang ankle. A small blue wave came out of its body, and went around Delibird. The Delibird took of out of the window, and flew back to where it came from. All the Pokemon were opening gifts, by the tree. They were shaking hands, hugging, and kissing. They were happy to get presents, especially from Poke Claus. They had a warm Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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