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February 26th, 2006, 1:09 PM

In a hidden location there lives a bunch of scientists who have deticated their whole life to creating Pokemorphs to aid them in verious tasks.

Their powerful leader has ordered for the group of choosen humans to not only be merged with the DNA of a Pokémon, but to also be merged with the DNA of more then one Pokémon. They must specialise in only one certain type-Fire, Psychic, Dark, ect.

These Pokemorph are always on the bec and call of their master. Although, Kyros is the main leader of this whole organisation, he doesn't have the time to train these unusual creatures, which brings us to the point of this whole role play.

You either play as the Pokemorph or the trainer. There should be a total of seventeen morphs and trainers at most, but I don't think we'll go overboard. O_o

Some Pokemorphs contain the DNA of a Legendary or two. A while back he had sent a bunch of well-trained team members to collect the DNA of the legendaries, so that some of his morph creations will have a legendary's DNA in them.

This was because Kyros is greedy for power. He wanted the Pokemoprhs created, so that he could have all of the legendaries in his procession. He strongly believed that mixing the DNA of more then one Pokemon would make the Pokemorph more powerful. Especially those with legendary DNA.

Whether his theory was correct or not is unknown. There's really only one way to find out.


Apart from the usual no godmodding, chatspeak, messy posts, one-liners and so on I do have a few small rules.

1.You can only choose ONE element to play as-Psychic, Fire, Flying, ect: You also can not choose a type someone else has already choosen.

2.The DNA of your Pokémon form must be at the fully evolved form and has to be the same type as the one you've choosen. Example: A Fire Pokemorph can choose Charizard, Arcanine, Flareon and Ninetales, but not their pre-evolve/basic forms.

3.Using the DNA of a Pokemon with a double type is perfectly fine. This would include Houndoom, Pidgeot, Lanturn, Ludicolo and so on.

4.To add to the double possiblity, you can also choose the same Pokemon's DNA to add to your mix. For example, let's say that someone has choosen Houndoom as the mix of their Fire morph DNA. If you're the dark morph then you can also choose Houndoom as part of your dark Pokemon DNA mix.

5.The Pokemorphs may have been originally "programed" to obey their master, but they still have their own thoughts and feelings. Just because they were created to only obey their trainer doesn't mean they're going to. Prehaps your character is disobidient. That's perfectly fine. Or maybe they enjoy being ordered around. That's also ok.

6.The colours of your Pokemorph's fur, eyes, hair, skin, feathers, ect must be like those of your Pokemon form. For example, there are no green Raichus. However, there is a green Espeon and using the shiny colour version is completely alright. Mixing up colours is also ok as well. For example, a Lugia/Espeon cross can be covered in silvery-lavender fur due to the Espeon's lavender coat and the Lugias silvery-white feathers. A shine of white can also be added. Another example would be a Umbreon/Houndoom cross. The fur coat could be blue-black, due to the Umbreon's black coat mixed with a shiny Houndoom's dark blue coat. It creates a sort of blue-black mixture.

7.Adding the DNA of a Legendary is perfectly alright. Just make sure that it's of the correct type choice. However, two is the maximum I'll allow.

8.You have the same traits as your Pokemon form. For example, if you added the DNA mix of Absol to one of your four dark choices then you'll be able to predict disasters. A psychic with the Espeon DNA can predict the weather and the foes next move. Check an online Pokedex to see what kind of special capabilities your forms have.

9.Remember that two is the minimum and four is the maximum of Pokemon DNA you can choose.

10.I want good description of your character. As well as good details in your posts.


You can either play as the trainer or the Pokemorph. If you play as the trainer you'll be given a chance to choose which Pokemorph you want to train. Once you have choosen you'll be given a special watch that not only can tell you the time, help you communicate with other Pokemorph trainers, a map and a built-in recorder to record any messengers from people you want to keep, but it allows you to control your Pokemorph. Not fully, but enough to stop him/her from attacking you.

Each Pokemorph is fitted with a special silvery-grey steel collar around their neck. Whenever someone pushes the small silver button on their watch the Pokemorph with the matching element type of the watch starts to feel a head-splitting pain in their system. The button can be pushed at any time-even if the morph was being obidient. The painful join only lasts for a split second.







Pokemorph Trainer to:

Pokémon Team

Only six Pokemon are allowed and NO legendaries. You don't need to add in a list of moves that your Pokemon knows. If your Pokemon is capable of using it then by all means, use it. Just add in the Pokemon's name, level, personality and whether he/she is a shiny or not.

If you've choosen to play as a Pokemorph then you'll be forced to obey your trainer. You can be disobient or obidient, but don't forget that collar. Then again, maybe your trainer will actually be kind to you and not push that button even once.




Element Type:

Pokemorph DNA:





[CENTER]I've choosen to play as the Psychic Pokemorph, so that one can't be choosen by anyone else. Sorry. ^^'

Name: Iona

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Element Type: Psychic

Pokemorph DNA: Mew/Espeon/Lugia

Description: Iona's thick silvery-lavender fur has a very light shading of pink. Her huge feet resemble that of a Mew's, but of course the fur colour is different. Her short muzzle seems to be rather cat-like and is even filled with cat-like teeth. Her Espeon ears are huge, furry and have acute hearing. They're also dark purple on the inside. The gem on her forehead is like that of the amethyst stone.

Hair is the colour of lilac and eyes are a deep blue-violet with a slight silvery tinge to it, surrounded by a dark purple blade-like decoration. Iona's back is decorated by huge bird-like silvery-white wings with light silvery-lavender tips. Going down her back is two rows of blade-like spines-dark purple instead of dark blue. There are two of these blades near the end of her long, thick silvery-lavender furred Lugia tail.

Clothing: Iona's outfit consists of a ankle-length white leather jacket that has only one button done up across her chest area. You can clearly see the light purple top underneath that does nothing to cover her midriff. Her white jeans shorts are short and slightly loose.

Personality: Iona pretty much keeps to herself. She'll usually obey her trainer without question, but occasionally she'll get disobidient. Being a mind-reader can tend to give her a headache after a while and she even shows facial expressions based on what she's "reading". Iona loves to read and prefers to relax alone rather then fight or talk with others.

I'll only be accepting characters that are well thought of. I won't accept your character if your post is messy and lazy looking.