View Full Version : What do you know about Pokemon USA Inc.

February 26th, 2006, 7:51 PM
I know that Pokemon USA Inc. is not going to be taking care of the pokemon dvds in the United States, but what do we know about Pokemon USA Inc. I can't find any website about them. Does anyone else know anything about Pokemon USA Inc. or are they just a mysterious identity.

February 26th, 2006, 7:57 PM

I assume you’re talking about this article (or if you’re not, you might as well read it): http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2005_Dec_23/ai_n15968394

They give you some info on Pokemon USA Inc. in the 2nd half of the article:

Pokemon USA, Inc., a subsidiary of The Pokemon Company in Japan, manages and oversees the property outside of Asia, which includes licensing, promotions, publication distribution and marketing of the trading card game, an animated TV series, movies, the official Pokemon website, and pokemoncenter.com - an e-commerce site.