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February 28th, 2006, 12:25 PM
no seriously dude yall dude man tell me what you think of this thing i wrote dude its like a poem and stuff actually more like a song like rock song with a rap like end thing yea man

its called peer pressure

verse one ( like punk rock )
people live in untapped dreams
life and love, sarcastic actin as if
they knew
they knew
that im on the outside
looking in and all i see is you
peer pressure
peer pressure

and if you say
you've came to stay
baby wipe that smile off
of your face because

you made a fool out of me
and obvios - ly
i cant try any more harder
to act like ive moved on
in front of my freinds
tellin girls on the phone
the feeling wasnt as strong
as i thought it was

verse two ( like punk rock still )

people act so strange sometimes
ask about me and you and if only
they knew
they knew
it would never work
looking at your smile and i feel hurt
peer pressure
peer pressure
i wanna be next to you
peer pressure
peer pressure
i wanna be next to you

Bridge x1

Chorus x1

Guitar Solo

Verse Three ( Rap )
she wanna hold the glory /
talkin' bout i smoke reefer and thats bad dawg she used to roll it for me /
yea i dont know what wrong wit shortie /
but i know the story i know what you did was wrong/
home girl thats why im moving along /
done told all my friends im done through wit you and you gone /
dont even know why i wrote this stupid song / awwww
but wait a minute /
aint it just crazy when its /
just me alone and i keep seein your face /
it just eats me away /
i stopped cryn' /
when i realize you couldnt stop lien' /
and im gettin so tired of waitin on you ive stopped tryn' /
and if it wasnt for all the things you did
and all the things i said
your memory wouldnt be so dead yea

then like man i dunno dude like man i was stoned when i wrote it man and it's kinda hard to follow but man it was str8

dance dance biotch

February 28th, 2006, 12:49 PM
Song lyrics are more fit in the poetry section~ *moves* ^^;