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March 2nd, 2006, 1:53 PM
Listen to Me

Listen to me,
I would love you forever,
Never let him hurt you,
Never let him take me away.

Listen to me,
I would take care of you,
Hold you when you cry,
Brush the tears away.

Listen to me,
I would never leave you,
Never let you wander alone,
Never let you go.

Listen to me,
I would love you,
I would hold you,
I would stay with you,
I would never let go.

Always love you,
Always and forever,
Never let you go,
Never let him take me away.



I watch you,
As you dance about the yard,
Your feet pound the ground,
Your tail slices the air.

I hold you,
I smell your fur,
I feel your wet tongue,
On my face.

I pet you,
I run my fingers through your fur,
I fondle your ears,
I scratch your chin.

You, the great black beast,
With the pyramid ears,
And the curling tail.


(NOTE: This was my first poem ever, so if it sucks, that's why... Also, I was in miserable depression when I wrote this. =\)


Solitude, despair
The hooting of an owl
Asking who I am.
I answer back
That I do not know
Yet the owl continues
Paying no heed
To me.


No Matter

No matter how far apart we are,
I’ll always love you.
No matter if you’re in America or England,
I love you forever and always.
Never forget, my love, how much I love you.

I think about you every day,
Longing for you to come to me,
When will you realize, my love,
How much I love you?
When will you realize…?



I’m happy,
I’m sad,
I’m everything in between.
But when I’m with you, baby,
I’m all smiles.

Love you forever,
Ever and always,
When you leave me, baby,
I won’t live without you.
I’ll never love another man.

I can’t go on,
Now that you’re gone,
I’ll miss you forever,
Goodbye, my love.


Go Ahead

Go ahead and cry,
It’ll make you feel better,
Go ahead and cry,
It’ll wash the pain away.

Go ahead and laugh,
It’ll make me smile,
Go ahead and laugh,
It’ll make us both happy.

Go ahead and sing,
And I’ll sing along,
Go ahead and sing,
And I’ll listen to you.


That's my poetry as of right now. Enjoy! ^_^

Criticism welcome.

March 5th, 2006, 1:32 PM
Hola, Peeders. Your poems are quite nice. They capture the emotions you were experiencing very well. Overall, I would say that these specific works of yours have more of a mournful, lonely tone, other than one or two exceptions. If you were going through trials and difficulties at the time of writing, you have certainly captured it in these.

Well, nothing more I can say, really. If you are still facing tribulations, I hope they improve, and I look forward to seeing more of your work.

March 8th, 2006, 4:52 PM
I just have a love that I'll never get to meet, that's all... o_o; So Iwrite a lot of love poems. Meh...

March 8th, 2006, 4:54 PM
It's okay. *shrugs* I know the feeling, and I tend to write a lot of love poems myself. Anyway...keep up the good work. *scampers off*