View Full Version : One Moment

Lady Akita
March 3rd, 2006, 7:24 PM
Take a look at me. I'm stuck out here.
Look at yourself, living the time of your life
How much does it take for you to spare only one moment
To look at those standing before you
Us who admire you in every way
The ones who so desperately wish to live your ways
For they are the secrets to happiness
Those secrets it seems everyone else has mastered
While Im the only one who's left in the dark
Just how much does it take from the soul
When all you see is the blinding darkness
Since when will you learn to understand me
But when that day comes
Everything will be one moment too late
Each moment means so much to you
Yet each moment is one more of pain to me
One moment can make a difference
In different ways
Take charge of your moments
Make them useful instead
Let your selfish greed escape you for just a mere moment
As I close this letter theres only one thing I ask
The Almighty, please spare one moment
And teach me how to live

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