View Full Version : "The Soldier"

March 8th, 2006, 1:48 PM
well nobody likes to post in my poem threads but i'm still going to post them anyways......

He's dressed in green
His look is mean.
As he stands in the dirt,
With blood on his shirt.
He looks around,
And can't believe what he's found.
He's shot men beside him,
And those who denied him.
Suddenly he remembers when,
He could sit back and relax with his kin.
How it was just to sleep in a cot,
And everything was just forgot.
As if hit by a train his best friend falls,
The battlefield was muffled with shouts and calls.
His hands are shaky, and his knees are weak,
He feels like he's reached the end of his peak.
This hasn't been fun,
The battle's almost done.
Many tried,
But most of them died.
As he stands on the deck,
He wonders what's next.
His destination is fixed,
But his thoughts are mixed.
As he steps off the train,
He shouts, 'We'll remember you in vain!'
As they break the Vail,
He says, 'It's a story I just can't tell.'