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March 13th, 2006, 10:19 AM
its not that good,but o well.

Onto the sea
I sailed my boat
And prayed that it
Would stay afloat

From dawn til dusk
From dusk til dawn
In search of love
I drifted on

What happened then
I don't recall
I think it was
A sudden squall

For when I awoke
I thought I died
At the sight of an angel
At my side

But lucky for me
That was not true
For I found love
And love was you.

Midori Chi
March 13th, 2006, 11:43 AM
Wow! This is very good! ^^ I like everything about it! Keep up the good work. XD

March 13th, 2006, 11:46 AM
thank you, i appreciate the comment :P

March 18th, 2006, 7:17 AM
This ones also really good...^^
And again I really like it..keep making them..I like reading them a lot.^^

March 25th, 2006, 7:04 PM
Wow another love poem from you and as good too. ^_^ That's such a great poem.