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March 13th, 2006, 2:39 PM
Chapter 1: A new Region a new life
About a year ago a new region was fourmed by a under ground valcano. Or at least some people think that. There are different reason people belived that happened. But that is the most logical reason to people. Whe the island was formed the other regions Kanto,Johto and Howen sent there best pokemon reschercers. Kanto sent Proffeser Oka, Jhoto had sent Proffeser Elm, and Howen had sent Proffeser Birch. They were gone for a week and had return to tell everyone about the new pokemon that had inhabit the island. They wernt excactly sure how they got the on the island but most didn't care. A month later a group of pokemon traniers and reserchers went to the island. They made a way of life on the region. months went by and civilation grew and eventullay people started to live on it. They had named the region Kito because the best resechers is proffeser. Kito and they named it after him. Now many live on the region as with gyms and the pokemon league

Chapter 2 will be up later.