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March 19th, 2006, 7:31 AM
Ahem. A friend of mine who is a dark lord of cloned evil let me use his RPG scenario. So, since I was bored and wanted to do something here besides wait expectantly for PMs, I'll be starting it.

This is NOT necessarily the RPG thread. It can be just the sign-up thread. Depending on my mood, I'll make another thread JUST for the game (which will be long, I alert thee).

It's not an RP for beginners, but for people who ARE good at roleplaying. Or at least that don't suck.

If this is against the rules, sorry, but I did not see anything against making separate threads OR against an RPG made mostly for people who are older than 15. (Not that it will be, but younglings are not really wanted here.)

The Second Coming
Excerpts from Kai Seliro’s InfoLog
“Trainers around the world! I have important news to announce to you all!

“As many of you may know by now, Blackthorne City is under my control, and control of the Gym has been passed to me. This may have brought you unease, but the announcement I am about to make will rest your fears.

“You see, for years, it has been believed that humans belong to a superior specie, and that Pokémon are nothing but lower beings, that only deserve to be commanded. But this idea is wrong! I have studied much about this, and now I have all the evidence to show that we were, originally, Pokémon as well!

“Pokémon are merely separate variations of our original specie… our bodies share such an amount of similar DNA code that we cannot put such a line dividing us from them, no, we must use a new type of organizing to let us all possess the same rights. No longer shall Pokémon be treated as beings that are made only to serve us! They have the same rights as us… and as such, we also are not above capture. From now on, humans are allowed to capture other humans!

“But the means to capture ourselves are different from Pokéballs. Those items do not work on us, for reasons we cannot understand. But the necklaces recently sent in the markets were designed to override this weakness. By pressing the necklace’s crystal, a signal is sent on the rest of the chain, and thus it can be used to lock on a human. Once locked, the human now becomes one of your own Pokémon, and it can be trained.

“Do not worry about the human’s rebel state, as the necklace will slowly stabilize the emotional levels, until the human becomes as loyal to you as a common Pokémon.

“From now on, it becomes law that all humans shall be allowed capture upon defeat, and thus the strong shall prevail! Stay tuned for special bulletins regarding these new conditions. This I, Lance, the Champion, declare.”
“To all trainers… the POKéMON League requests your aid!

“It’s been known that Lance has allowed the illegal capture of humans, and thus this order has been followed by countless trainers. However, Lance’s command is insane, and therefore, he must be stopped for the good of humanity.

“The POKéMON League requests that all trainers who haven’t gone in the insane quest to capture all humans to join the Special Forces, a group that will aid the Police Force in the battle against Lance. Additionally, all POKéMON Centers are closed until second notice, and all Monster Trainers, as these new groups call themselves, are banned from joining all League events until they surrender their command over humans. Police Forces are allowed the use of suppressive weapons, such as tranquilizer guns, to detain all suspect trainers.

“These are desperate measures, but the times, unfortunately, demand it. It has become obvious that Lance will not surrender his control over the Blackthorne Gym, and nor will the trainers who have taken control of the various Johto and Kanto Gyms. These criminals must be stopped before even more people suffer in their hands.”

“A mysterious trainer has been capturing Gyms all over the land of Hoenn. It is unknown where the leaders are, or even where the trainer will strike next. The four remaining Gyms are to stand in alert mode, and all challenges are null and void until second notice. This is to secure that the rest of Hoenn does not befall the fate its western half has.”

“Lance’s forces have been defeated, and Lance himself was arrested for invasion, coup, and uprising against the country of Nihiron. He was judged guilty, in unanimity, and shall serve 99 consecutive life sentences in Kelberi Prison, without rights to freedom, and until the end of the League.”
“It is with great despair that this announcement comes to pass. For while Lance has been defeated and the attempt at total domination of his failed, he succeeded at a vital point – the capture of humans. It is now attested that he was correct in his beliefs, and that humans, truly, were once Pokémon. Therefore, human capture must be put on the same position as Pokémon capture, and receive the same treatment.

“Humans are now settled as specie number zero-zero-zero. The decisions as to whether adopt a bestial treatment belongs to yourself, but be aware that such division means you will live in the wild, and capture shall not be undisputed, unlike the newest capture rule, where both humans must agree upon capture once defeated. Also, all capture battles must have witnesses, to attest the validity of the match.

“Additionally, Pokémon will now be allowed the use of money, use of human institutions, and, if one desires such, rights to capture and train their own Pokémon.

“While it has been argued much as to whether or not reveal to you these findings, it was ultimately a majority vote that you will not be left in the dark. However, before any attempts at forceful human captures occur, the following laws must be observed, as they will now be respected through all the regions, under pain of license loss, arrest, and imprisonment.”
Visions of a Forgotten Past
“ORDER IN THE COUNCIL!” squawked Ho-Oh, perched on a tree resembling a judge stand. Around him, were the various Legendary Pokémon: Mew, Lugia, Celebi, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys.

The meeting of the council was to argue a very important point, which was deemed as required by Ho-Oh: the existence of Mewtwo, a being of Darkness. Currently, only he supported the destruction of Mewtwo right now, before he could destroy the universe, as it could come to pass.

“I am telling you, brother, to stop this uproar. Mewtwo has been created just recently, and thus far we cannot take any chances based on a belief of yours. Not only would that be unfair, but it would be against everything we support,” Lugia reprimanded him, keeping his calm. Of course, the same could not be said of the phoenix.

“Again with that point? We cannot allow him to destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to create! Our lives may be immortal, but our existence isn’t! We are still vulnerable to unnatural deaths!” Ho-Oh replied angrily, his feathers burning. He would probably burn himself to a new death at this rate.

Mew shook her head. “Mewtwo is still a living being, and we can’t kill every being for having the capacity of committing evil acts. If such mattered, humanity would have been destroyed long ago, and all those Pokémon you have seen torturing their preys needlessly, raping them in manners that defy nature, and even the natural cycle of life and death is destroyed by their quest to survive.”

“This world won’t matter, anyway, even with Mewtwo’s destruction. There are beings – humans, Pokémon, and even some I dare not speak the name of, that have been hoping for the return of something far more dreadful than Mewtwo’s existence. Even they pray to me, wishing that I grant them the horrors they believe pure,” Jirachi added, a comment that made the others feel uncomfortable.

Deoxys was the first to break the following silence. “Sister Mew and Brother Jirachi make good points. The true nature of Mewtwo is unknown to us, and thus we should wait until we have notice of his evil intents before doing anything. I believe, however, that Sister Mew isn’t telling us all the reasons for her positioning?” he asked, using a curious tone.

Mew shifted uncomfortably. “Mewtwo was made from my own cells… despite the various changes the humans made to him, he is still a half-Legendary, having several of my own powers accessible to him. We may not be related, but I feel related to him.”

Ho-Oh flared up, but the gaze of the others was enough to stop him. “Fine! We shall not destroy him on the spot, as we should, but we shall deny him our powers, and he will never stand above us in rank or role. Shall we vote on that?” he asked, annoyed.

Most of the others found that acceptable, and so there was an almost unanimous vote cast.
“Giovanni Carloni, you are under arrest for attempting a take over of the region of Kanto, and an attempt at a Monster Trainer uprising!” said a 12-year old Ash, Pallet Town’s finest junior officer, when he finished the battle at the final hideout of Team Rocket leader Giovanni – the Viridian City Gym!

Despite his loss, Giovanni allowed himself a smirk. “Hah! So you believe that arresting me will do any good? It will take YEARS for Team Rocket to truly disband! As long as my followers believe in my return, they shall double- no, triple their efforts! While YOUR office boys stay there, waiting uselessly for our defeat, we shall defeat you where it hurts the most!” he told the young boy, before taking out another smoke bomb, and quickly throwing it to the ground. Before Ash could stop him, he was gone.
Memories of a Leaving Father
The world as we see it now…

Things have changed greatly in the last eight years. First it had started with Lance, taking over the Blackthorne Gym and City. Enslaving its inhabitants, he soon called all trainers to arms, bringing forth such a dark era. Friends battled each other, and the loser had to submit himself, and not a badge, symbol, or even a Pokémon, as some used to do. Slavery soon became the newest sport, and so war raged, bringing to life true chaos. But it is not important… the war came to a stop. Lance was stopped, and so were each of his subordinates. I can attest for this, at least.

However, things would not go back to normal. Humanity had tasted power… and it enjoyed it. Slavery became a normal thing in our lives, like breathing or eating… And thus, more and more slaves started to appear. Hoenn recently lost its League, due to conflicts about the Gym Leaders’ actual states. Kanto, the country with the least amount of takeovers, has struggled greatly. And Johto… I cannot tell; my mind wanders whenever I think of that place… my homeland.

It isn’t something I ever thought would happen, but I leave the rest of the legacy to my son. He will understand once he succeeds on the test I am laying for him… a test that shall judge him.
The Plot
If you have followed the entire thing, you may have noticed that things are a bit different from usual. Humans are also slaves for people, and Pokémon have received such rights that now, the only thing that actually makes them different from other Pokémon is that Pokémon can’t speak the human languages.

This RPG deals with several mature concepts, and an open mind is absolutely required to allow you the highest amount of pleasure derived from this game.
The Rules
1%) ALL characters from ANY sort of canon, with certain exceptions, are available. So, if you can’t think up an original character, you’re more than allowed to use one from the animé, game, or mangá – with certain adjustments.

2%) All ideas, questions, and such go through my thorough inspection, before being used.

3%) ALL characters must have full sign-ups, including the ones that aren’t important. Chances are they will be.

4%) You can have up to six Pokémon and a Slave at the start of the game. These numbers are variable, and you must also respect the class’ characteristics.

5%) Every Pokémon starts with a maximum of four moves. These can be of ANY type the Pokémon can learn, but make sure to explain where they were learnt somewhere (PM or post). Also, be wary that moves may work a bit differently, given how it's in my vision.

6%) For Pokémon, age works differently. After about a year after birth, the Pokémon is deemed mature (in general, the following Pokémon automatically evolve upon coming of age, although not necessarily). By comparison, said Pokémon would be at the human age of 5, although it would be technically as intelligent as a preteen or teen.


7%) There are NO random encounters; all trainers you meet have been created especially for this task, and you won’t have to battle anyone you don’t want to battle. This leads to the point below.

8%) If you want to have ANY Pokémon or Slave in your team besides the ones you start with, make up a list containing all the ones you want to find in your path. Arrangements will be made later for each match. Be aware of one thing, however: the list is UNCHANGEABLE. You forgot to list something? You lost the chance.

9%) Given how different characters have different bios, special points will have to be discussed for future plot activity.

10%) NO Legendaries are allowed, mostly due to plot reasons, but also because I want to stop you people from being über-idjits.

11%) Listen to me, and don’t bug me.

Light Azumarill
+ Mika +

And, just so you people can see it and not attempt to do anything...

March 20th, 2006, 11:40 PM
Okay, I'm a little younger than 15, but I'm ready to watch practically anythign and I'm writing an R rated story, so maybe I could pass as an exception of sorts? Whatever you like.
Name: Fujiwara (however, she is most known as Fyuuyi- FIE-oo-yi)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Class: Thief
Personality: Fyuuyi steals for the poor, and is profusely generous to all but those who she can afford not to be generous towards. She has many aliases around the regions and travels frequently. Even if she may appear casual and friendly at first, Fyuuyi's actions are sly and she is not always meaning things seriously, therefore hiding her real emotions and past. Her generousity towards the poor and unfortunately is not accompanyed by pure friendliness and she has a strange dread for children of all types, which may show a bit of her totally hidden past. Nothing much is known about Fyuuyi and nobody remembers exactly when she 'appeared', or started stealing and appearing on wanted posters. Ridiculous rumors say she was born from the pure evil of the times when human slaves were first allowed, also the time when she made her major crimes. People may not know this, but Fyuuyi is not afraid to kill and has done so many times in the past. Although she commonly uses informal language, Fyuuyi hides her high intelligence which she uses many times in other conditions.
Specialty: Her slyness allows her to escape the forever hunting police and she is very fast at changing her appearance, and may sometimes appear in disguise as a member of the opposite sex, a beggar, a handicap, or even a child. Fyuuyi avoids long rifles for an unknown reason.
Appearance: Fyuuyi is slender and rather tall, and her red eyes are one characteristic that many identify her eyes, serving as one of her few known weaknesses. Her long blackish-brown hair goes beyond her shoulders in length but she often regards it as 'a worthless mess of two and a half feet'. Her skin is pale white, producing the idea that she may have been an albino before she (according to rumors) dyed her hair. Strange scars line her legs, back, arms, and one long scar stretches across her chest in the shape of a crescent.
Clothing: Fyuuyi typically wears long white boots, shining black gloves, and ties her hair back with a shiny red band. She has a long black cape fastened to her body by a cloth around her higher chest that is in the fashion of a belt. Fyuuyi has a long sleeve shirt to cover up most of her scars and wears white gloves under a metal wristguard that shows a distorted symbol of a crude object that many people regard simply as a 'Fyuuyi Mark' that she leaves behind herself after a crime scene that she is proud to announce to the world that she committed. She also wears a small and tight necklace made of simple small chains and a small triangle with the Fyuuyi Mark on it hanging from the chains. Fyuuyi occasionally wears silver monocles that hide the colors of her eyes.
History: To be revealed later, if that is all right.

Age: 8
Gender: Male
Specie: Umbreon
Personality: Aruruji is hopelessly loyal towards Fyuuyi and would go to the ends of the earth to follow her. He is with her at all times, keeping guard, listening to her, or simply being loyal.
Specialty: Aruruji is incredibly smart and perceptive, and is very quiet. THis serves well for Fyuuyi when she wants him to steal something.
Appearance: What an average Umbreon looks like except for a cloth tied around his forehead, under his ears.
History: Aruruji has no memory of his past trainer, just remembers being a little Umbreon who had evolved at an early stage lying abandoned in a cardboard box in the middle of the cold rain. Fyuuyi picked him up and trained him, and now he tries to forget that he knew he actually had a past trainer.

=-Move List-=

Please tell me if I missed anything.

March 21st, 2006, 5:05 AM
Name: Captain Samuel "Sharpshooter" Redwood

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Class: Officer

Personality: Sam is new to the world of police, and does not act how a proper police officer should act. Sam has a very weak heart, and is wounded if he sees another human or Pokèmon in pain. Because of this unnatural weakness, Sam is often manipulated by people of a higher I.Q., or a more broad way of looking at the world. However, Sam understands his job, and deals with criminals to the law, in a kind manner, which is why most criminals decide to commit criminal acts while he is on duty. Despite this slight disadvantage, Sam is a very good police officer, as he can plan and execute plans with such ease that his fellow officers have taken to folowing him in a pinch, including people of a higher rank than his.

Specialty: Sam has a very steady arm, and when he raises his revolver, he hardly ever misses. His aim is true, and can hit a bull's eye, from twice as far as the Major to whome he reptorts to. His uncanny skill has earned him the nickname "Sharpshooter" amongst his fellow officers.

Appearance: Sam is tall and lanky, there's nothing anyone can do to stop that. Eventhough he has no intentions, he is thin, and even if he hogs, he doesn't become fat, but only gains weight. Sam's height has come into several good uses, as well as bad onces. His eyes are a lovely emerald green in colour, that shine brightly in the midst of darkness. His hair is brown in colour, and when not under a police hat, hangs neatly down to his shoulders, and covers his left eye. he cannot leave his hair loose during polic hours for obvious reasons.

Clothing: When working, sam wears the typical blue pants, with a green and red shirt, and a blue jacket on top of that, with a small police hat seated on his head, with a pair of black shoes donned on his feet. But when Sam is not doing police work, he tends to lean towards baggy clothing, ad loves the colour black. Some people believe that Sam is gothic when they see him in his black clothes, but he is not. Only fond of black, and after all, who wouldn't be.

Sam grew up in Kanto, fortunately away from the beginings of the war, although Kanto got dragged in later on. As a child, Sam looked at the television reportsof the atrocities that Giovanni and his henchmen were causnig upon Johto and then in his teenage years, Hoenn. These things greatly angered Sam, and he would often spends nights sitting up in his bed, wondering if the Apocalypse was coming true, all because of one man's insane beliefs and doings. When Sam became sixteen, he earned the right to choose his job. Sam had always wanted to do something to stop the terrible Giovanni and his army of Monster Trainers, so he decided to become a Police Officer.

When Sam first signed-up at the Kanto Police Academy, it seemed like he would never achieve the final exam, but he worked hard. He learnt three different forms of martial arts, and took on the sport of basket ball to pump his arm and leg muscles. When he finally passed the exam two years later, he joined up as a Private with the Police Force in Kanto. It took him a while, but soon, he moved higher and higher in the ranks, until he became a Captain, with his own contingent of people, who reported to him.

Sam was the reason that one of Giovanni's main men was captured, and because of his steady arm with a tranquilizer gun that Giovanni's henchmen didn't free him from prison.

Pokèmon Team:


Name: Infernox

Age: 7 Years, 10 Months

Gender: Male

Species: Arcanine

Personality: Infernox is very focussed on whatever work his master gives him. If Sam tells him to go and get something, nothing will be in Infernox's mind, except the task at hand. Because of this, Infernox dislikes friendships, for he feels that they only get in his way when he is doing something, and bother him, breaking his concentration. The only person that Infernox talks to is Sam, and no one else. Infernox is different form his master, for he cannot be distracted by seeing someone in pain. If he does see somone in pain, he just thinks that it is the way of life, and continues his business. Sometimes, he can be pretty mean and cruel bcause of this.

Specialty: Infernox strengthens, the more damage he takes, and can actually make is Flamethrower three times as powerful when he is weak, and in a rage.

Appearance: Infernox is your average Arcanine, about the same height, and slightly less weight. However, his legs are sleeker and more musclar, as he has had seven years of practice to strengthen them, and make them more powerful. The two main canines on his bottom jaw jut out when he snarls, as his jaw was wounded at a young age, and he has been like that ever since.

History: Infernox was born to two Arcanine parents, Urthstripe, and Mara. Soon, however, he was captured by someone who taught at Sam's school. It was fortunate that the teacher enjoyed teaching sam, and was sam's favourite teacher. When the teacher heard that Sam was going to go to the Police Academy, he gifted Sam with Infernox, who had been a petty Growlithe. Since then, am had trained hard and long with Infernox, to make him the tough battler he is today.

Movelist: Flamethrower, Dragon Breath, Extremespeed, Slash


Name: Tempesta

Age: 2 Years, 6 Months

Gender: Female

Species: Pidgeot

Personality: Tempesta is very friendly, and enjoys a talk with her fellow Pokèmon every now and then. It is extremely hard to make her shut up once she starts talking. Very friendly, Tempest takes off after her master, for she cannot bear to see another being in pain, and will do everything in her power to help the wounded. Tempesta isn't the best of fighters because of her hesitancy to hurt others, but in times when she sees other innocent being sin trouble, and it is someone's fault, she would do everything in her power to stop the person from doing anymore harm

Specialty: Tempesta is faster than anything ever seen on this planet. Normally, a Diglet, or an Electric Pokèmon would have the faster advantage, but tempesta has scared many opponents away by her speed alone.

Appearance: Tempesta is your average Pidgeot, no larger, no small, and just perfect by Pokèmon standards. Her wings are muscular, making her then fast flier that she is. her talons are darker than normal, but still posses the power to scare people with a single look at those sharp powerful rippers.

History: Tempesta was catured as a Pidgeotto by one of the people at the Academy as a resent for Sam when he graduated and joined the Kanto Police Forces. She never really got to know her capturer like Infernox did, so she doesn't long to be back with him. She was trained hard by Sam, and became the powerful Pokèmon.

Movelist: Whirlwind, Steel Wing, Hyper Beam, Toxic


Name: Hydrix

Age: 2 Years 1 Month

Gender: Male

Species: Kingler

Personality: Hydrix is calm and collected, being an almost perfect Pokèmon. It takes its work seriously, but is not as focussed as Infernox, while he does have fun, but is not as wild and uncontrolable as Tempesta. However, he is very protective of Sam, and if anyone, or anything hurts Sam, he will hunt him/her/it/them down, and literally kill them. Sam is having trouble taming this wild personality. But, this put aside, Hydrix is a very hard worker, and will try his best in battle.

Specialty: Hydrix never gives up, no matter how weak he is. Even in the weakest of states, he will still fight back, even if the end id inevitable

Appearance: Hydrix is your average Kingler, with oversized front claws, a claw-like head, and two eyes, greatly accustomed to see underwater.

History: Hydrix was originally captured, to serve as a Pokèmon of the Kanot Police Forces, and stayed there for quite a while. However, when he was still a wee Krabby, he was sent on a mission with the newly commissioned police officer, Sam. On that mission, Sam battled long and hard with Hydrix, and it evolved, proving to help him capture the criminals they were after. Because Hydrix evolved, the Police Commander in charge allowed Hydrix to become a permanent member of Sam's team.

Movelist: Bubblebeam, Guillotine, Crabhammer, Ice Beam

OOC: Thanks for telling me about the accent, but I've gotten too used to doin this one. I'll change it by the time we RP, though. Lemme see...I use Alt + ... Also, what do you mean by too "up". I'll complete the Pokèmon forms later...when I have time...

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March 21st, 2006, 6:16 AM
Amaya: Your character is good, but there are a few flaws.
A: Can't be an expert in firearms if she's a thief.
B: Forgot to add information about Pokémon (even why she doesn't use them, if she doesn't).
Also, the slavery has been happening since Lance took over. It didn't stop, just became more controlled.

Deathspector: Pretty good. While it's a bit too, erm, 'up' for the level, I suppose it can go... soon. Unfortunately, you messed up on the Pokémon profiles. Also, the 'future catch list' is to be PM'd.

Both of you are in pre-acceptance. If you can make your characters get better, you'll be accepted (but I'll have to judge them).

PS: Pokémon is written with the ´, not the `.

March 21st, 2006, 6:22 AM
Okay. I added my pokemon, and I fixed up some other stuff. However, Fyuuyi's past explains her skill at weapons because she was originally not a thief, therefore I request permission to keep that information in my character profile.

March 21st, 2006, 7:34 AM

o_____o I. Want. To. Join.

>.< But you see, I'm ill at the moment.

Is there anyway you could accpet my application (And by accept, I mean read. xp) later in the evening? I really need a nap/I need to read over your rules and the like again and then it'll probably take me another hour to fix up a good enough rp sample and profile. -nodnod- I trully want to I've got COOKIES... if you'll accept cookies. :3 Because everybody loves cookies.... or maybe cake? I do have cake. :3

<3 Cake

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Amaya: PM me with her past so I can confirm it. Also, you misunderstood me. There's a POKéMON sign-up area just BELOW the normal sign-up area. While you can put your Pokémon on that option, you NEED to put their profiles. Otherwise, I won't know what it can do, will I?

Mika: I'm not going anywhere. Besides, I set this up very recently. (By the way, I don't really want food... sorry.) So, yes, you can take a month if needed.

By the way, pay attention to whatever I tell the other dus, since that might help.

March 21st, 2006, 11:45 AM
*dies* That was long. ^-^ But long's good, I like long.

I shall try and summon up a character out of thin air to join with!


Name: Shia Stone (Not in relation to Steven Stone ^^;)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Class: Nurse

Personality: Shia is not the typical, bubbly and happy nurse. She is serious, business-like, and to the point. She seems like the kind of person that never laughs, though she does laugh often; when things are funny. Loyalty and doing the right thing are two values that she covets. Many people are put-off by her serious attitude, and thus is probably the reason that she has no center of her own. She preferred it this way though, seeing the Centers as a place that was condoning the slavery of humans and pokemon alike. She considers herself a healer, a peaceful person, not a tool of power or war. She wants no part of capturing humans, and though she owns three pokemon, they are more like partners than slaves to her. They do not participate in battles unless they are to train them up. Pokemon that are hurt by them are always immediately healed by Shia. She isn't some wimpy girl that one day wishes for world peace; she has already come to the conclusion that such a dream is silly and only an ideal that can never be realized. This doesn't prevent her from expressing her opinions and doing what she can to help; she just doesn't believe in pointless whining.

Specialty: She can cure most minor injuries with the medicines she has. Pokemon healing is no problem for her. Human healing is fairly easy, but when the injuries are more serious, they will need to be taken to a facility somewhere. This is also the case with pokemon. She may be able to heal bruises and lacerations, but broken bones need X-Rays and sometimes surgery, things she cannot do simply because she is not an owner of a center.

Appearance: Quite short on the height scale, Shia is sometimes hard to see when in an area with a lot of activity. She has dark orchid (hey! The color I'm typing with!) colored hair that has large curles in it. It's only down to shoulder length though, otherwise it would get in her way of healing. She has fluffy bangs too, that hang just above her eyebrows. Her eyes are a light, crystalline blue, and her skin is a milky white color. She is out often, so one would think she has a tan of sorts, but try as Shia might, all she can obtain is a milky white.

Clothing: She wears a dark blue pair of shorts, along with a lavender top that has short sleeves. Not the typical attire of a nurse, though since she prefers working out in the field, it doesn't matter to be in constant formal attire. She does have a typical nurse dress though in case she is called to help in a center that is overloaded. She's a pretty simple person, so she doesn't have many accessories. She has a silver ring that is on her right middle finger, and a locket that she wears with her old friend's picture in it. She also has a side bag that holds all of her healing medicines and potions and such.

History: Shia grew up in Slateport, in a family that has had quite a few women become nurses. Her mother wasn't one, but her aunt was. Shia's mother is quite happy and easy-going, and Shia's father is quite serious and a lot like Shia. He was a trainer that specialized in water pokemon, and gave Shia her first pokemon, a Tentacool. Tentacool are jellyfish pokemon, and though they are dangerous to swimmers, their toxins can be used to create many antidotes and remedies; such is the case with many poison pokemon. Shia was close with her Tentacool, and loved it very much. However, it was killed by a ship one day in an accident as it was swimming too close to the harbor. A picture of Shia's Tentacool can be seen in the locket she wears, a testament to their friendship. He is her inspiration as a nurse.

Shia knew when she was young that she wanted to become a nurse. She went through proper schooling, but found that a nurse's life at a Center was rather boring and just not for her for quite a few reasons. So she was glad when her superiors decided that they needed a few more field nurses to go out and away from the centers to help wild pokemon and humans. She jumped at the chance, and has been much happier since. She has a special interest in poison pokemon, and is facinated with their uses in the field of medicine. She wanders about different areas that she is instructed to go to, looking for sickness and injuries. She is also occasionally asked to help out at Centers that are overtaxed, or are in need of an extra hand for some other reason.



Name: Alina

Age: 1 1/2 years

Gender: Female

Specie: Chansey

Personality: Alina has the personality of the typical Chansey. Happy, caring, thoughful, she is the perfect picture of what a nurse's helper should be. Sometimes she and Shia will disagree on how to act in a situation, but the one who does the final call is Shia. Shia always told Alina that they were equals, but this is hard to explain to a pokemon. Alina can become a little overbearing sometimes around patients, and fuss over those who she believes to be injured.

Specialty: She has a knack at healing, much like Shia. She can also make a healthy and energy-replenishing soup with the contents of her eggs.

Appearance: A regular Chansey, though she has golden bows tied around either of the finger-like projections that come out of her head (I think it's like hair... >.>). She also has a small side pack thrown over her right shoulder much like Shia. It contains some medicines and healing substances.

History: Alina was raised specifically to be a nurse's assistant. She was taught to obey, to be helpful, and to never question authority. When Shia passed the exit exam to become a nurse, Alina was handed to her as her pokemon assistant. Alina was perfect at first, acting subservient in every way she could. However, Shia didn't like this. She was afraid that if something should happen to her, Alina would be lost without her there to instruct her. She wanted an assistant that could handle things too, not be so dependent on her. So she attempted to teach Alina to trust her own feelings when dealing with patients. Alina is a Chansey, they were natural at healing. She gradually got Alina to work on one patient while she dealt with the others.

Alina's Move List:

Calm Mind (A TM that she was taught in training to help her focus on healing)
Light Screen


Name: Timoli

Age: 2 years

Gender: Male

Specie: Nidorino

Personality: Timoli is quite the contrast to Alina. He always seems like he's brooding, and always sees danger in the situation. He grumbles all of the time, and wishes that he could just leave everyone and be alone again, but of course, this is all talk and no action. He truly does love the attention that Alina and Raja shower him with, but he wouldn't let them know it. Timoli doesn't believe in relationships; he acts for his own benefit. Therefore, sometimes he does things that can be quite selfish and detremental to the group. It's basically up to the others to watch him and stop him before he can ruin something.

Specialty: Timoli can recognize a wide variety of natural plants, both healing ones and toxic ones. He's very helpful for when trying to find things in a forest, and is the strong fighter in Shia's pokemon. The poison from his horns and spikes can be used to make a special potion that speeds up the healing process. This must be prepared carefully though, and done the wrong way can end up killing the patient.

Appearance: A typical Nidorino. He wants nor needs no special accessories.

History: When Timoli was a baby Nidoran, he was travelling with his family, a wild herd of Nidorino and Nidoking that roamed the forest near Mauville. He got lost one day though amidst the chaos of a torrent of trainers that were capturing pokemon. He never found his way back. He lived alone for a year, evolved, and then Alina found him one day, injured by a wild Heracross. She healed him with Shia's help, and they decided to take him in considering he was all alone. He was too weak to go back to the wild anyway, for the injuries sustained gave him a limp. He will never reach his full potential as a fighter, so he grudgingly accepted his new life with Shia and Alina.

Timoli's Move List:

Toxic (A TM that Shia taught him recently; he still has issues getting it to work right)
Fury Attack
Double Kick


Name: Raja

Age: 10 months

Gender: Female

Specie: Ekans

Personality: Being quite young still, Raja is always bubbly, cheery and content. She finds humor in everything, and has a unique way of looking at things that only a child could. However, this makes her quite vulnerable, as children often don't have their instincts fully formed, and so she is prone to getting into trouble.

Specialty: Nothing right now, but Shia is trying to find a use for the Ekans' powerful venom. She believes that it is more potent than older snake venom, and so tests and research on it are crucial right now before Raja grows up. She's not a bad battler, and can sometimes scare off troublemakers.

Appearance: Raja's a lighter shade of purple than most Ekans, and also has a blue scarf tied around her neck. She is usually a bit dirty because she enjoys digging.

History: Raja doesn't have much of a history yet as she's so young. She has always been with Shia, Alina, and Timoli. Her egg was left at a center that Shia worked in for a week, and when no one came to claim it, the residing nurse decided to let Shia have it. They didn't know what would hatch, they just knew it was a poison pokemon based on color and smell. After she hatched, Raja thought of Alina as her mother, Timoli as her father, and Shia as her grandmother. This perception hasn't changed, much to the frustration of Timoli.

Raja's Move List:

Poison Fang (An egg move from her father, a Seviper)
Poison Sting

H-Man #89995
March 21st, 2006, 1:23 PM
I'm gonna have to add some data right now, which I kinda forgot earlier. Might help you people.

(No reviewing, due to the fact that it's incomplete.)

March 21st, 2006, 2:31 PM
I remember that Roleplay from the other board... and as such, I shall copy and paste my sign-up since I'll be using the same characters.

Name: Smith Void
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Class*: Officer
Personality: Almost never in a bad mood, has a strange, hard to understand sense of humor, has a very unique philosophy regarding Good and Evil. Because of his originality and overall apparent insanity, he has difficulty gaining the trust of people. In battle, he "closes" his mind, giving orders to everyone and keeping his cool even in impossible odds, constantly calculating and acting in a very strategic way.
Specialty: Large-scale battle strategies
Appearance: Strangely enough, Smith Void's appearance isn't quite set and is quite difficult to describe. "Non-descript" would be a fitting description... for he is so generic and ordinary looking that he may come off as unnatural and creepy.
Clothing: As strange as his body is, as strange as his clothing is. While "non-descript" is fit for the body... "non-descript" is the opposite of his clothing! He usually has custom-made articulated metal boots and body armor as well as a set of high-tech, lightweight gloves. He has a helmet that looks like one you would see in a science fiction movie and to complete his ridiculous appearance, has a bright yellow cape. Under the armor, he wear a pitch black suit of highly resistant clothes. The armor isn't for shows ; it's bullet-proof and protect him from most minor-medium Pokemon moves. Smith is never seen without his Blaster handgun, a custom pistol with an amazingly big capacity, a high rate of fire, and excellent piercing power ; the weapon was designed to inflict damage on protected humans and armored Pokemon... and rumors says that the pistol is equipped with a few other secondary functions that he keeps for special occasions where extra use of force is required...
History: No one knows where this man came from and why. He has seemingly no identity, simply going under the alias of "Smith Void". Extremely strange in behaviour and mentality, people tend to steer clear of him and his unique, acid humor... although those who come to trust him are quick to recognise his value and would entrust him with their lives. Although Smith Void works for the police forces of Kanto right now... it is obvious that he has other motivations than just mere peace keeping... although nobody has any idea what his true goals may be...

=-POKéMON Owned-=

Name: Ex Lightheart
Age: 2 & half (21 human years)
Gender: Female
Specie: Pichu
Personality: Fiercely independant, Ex refuses to obey any order at all whoever it may be. She also has a serious phobia of Pokeballs and consider most wild Pokemon as unintelligent animals and most trained Pokemon as brainless sheep. As such, Ex is very blunt and very harsh... but once you get through her hard emotional shell, Ex is a very playful, affectionate, and loyal Pokemon who is completely unafraid of any danger. Ex usually laugh or slap males who try to hit on her... although in truth, she is far from being insensitive to the charms of males all around her. Still, since her growth was stunted and her evolution prevented, males usually dismiss her as a kid... much to her relief.
Specialty: Melee combat
Appearance: Although her body is very similar to that of a regular Pichu... there are some interesting traits such as Ex having a more feminine, curved body. Her limbs are also longer, allowing for enhanced bipedal movement and a slightly more humanoid appearance and stance. Ex's eyes aren't the usual color either ; they are ocean blue. Ex is never seen without her blue pilot googles and her small blue backpack.
History: A Pichu whose growth was stunted thus causing a strange and unique phenomena: Ex is one of the very few adult Pichus in the entire world. But what is even more surprising about this Pichu is how Ex actually talks in human language ; it is unknown where this Pichu learnt to do that... but it does speak. Ex is not to be messed with ; all those who understimated her have suffered harsh defeat.

=-Move List-=
Volt Tackle

March 21st, 2006, 4:25 PM
Okie-dokie! After what seemed like a million years, I finally finished my sign-up!! ^-^ Hopefully everything's okay on it. I think my ages are okay, and I changed a few things about the pokemon as I edited it.

Ah, I PM you the future catch list, right? On that, do I use the usual pokemon sign-up form? Or do I just PM you what species they are?

H-Man #89995
March 22nd, 2006, 1:51 AM
Light Azumarill: Really good. Main problem is that Pokémon don't really like to 'think' (more info by PM, if you want). For the list, you don't need to overdescribe... just add gender, age, and species. You're in.

Zerodius: Yours is pretty good. It's in!

shadowben2: ...Uh... it needs lots of rework.

Deathspector: Well, I've found an alternative. Put 'Giovanni' rather than 'Lance', and it works. Finish the last Pokémon and you're in.

H-Man #89995
March 22nd, 2006, 12:10 PM
The human one and... everything. Compare yours to the others and you'll see what I mean. (Besides, this monitor is colorblind, so I can make neither heads nor tails of the colors.)

March 22nd, 2006, 2:53 PM
Well then I guess ok i'll delete my info.

March 23rd, 2006, 4:49 AM
Alld one...it seemed like a millenia...

H-Man #89995
March 23rd, 2006, 5:11 AM
Satisfactory, at least. Good enough to pass. You're in.

March 23rd, 2006, 8:12 AM
Okie, please note something here.

I'm working on two seperate computers with this posting (So I can work at school and home and actually get this thing done) so I've only got half of the required information. The other stuff is on my desktop and I will post that addition the minute I get home. I'm also aware I kinda went out of order in the profile. If that needs to be fixed, pm me and I'll fix it when I add the missing requirments.

The stuff missing would be: Poke Profiles and Personality. Those would be on my desktop.

:3 Thanks for bearing with me, onto teh profile.

Name: Mika Blackthorn


Gender: Female

Class: Trainer (Blackthorn Gym Heiress NOT current gym leader)

Speciality: Judo, Aikido, Computer Hacking and Dragon Type Pokemon

Appearance: Her elegent emerald green hair and her shimmery amber-like eyes are by far the highlight of her appearence. It flows softly against her strangely pale skin and rests just short of her pelivc bone. It is not however, worn down unless formal occasions require it to be so. Her hair is almost always up in a high ponytail on the top of her head, a few strands falling out and framing her young looking face. Though she has spent many a year in the sun, aside from her well built body, one couldn't tell that she'd ever been out of the house. Her skin is a light cream with a gentle blush against her cheeks.

Her body is very well built, there isn't even the slightest hint of fat on her stomach, arms, thighs, anywhere though she constantly states that there is as an excuse to train her body more than she probably should. Her arms and legs especially are well defined; she's not the pansy she knows she appears to be.

Clothing: it trully depends on what she's doing. When training, she can often be found wearing only a pair of gym shorts and a standard solid colored t-shirt, clothing that wears well and can take alot of sweat and damage before crumbling. When she's actually doing her job however, her attire is much different. Instead of the shorts and t-shirt, she's known to wear a pair of black shorts with a sleeveless dark green trenchcoat that's zipper zips down instead of up. Her hands are almost always, even when training, covering in a pair of metal plated fingerless gloves. As one would figure, she's not shabby with a needle and tends ot update every single artical of clothing she owns to make it more moveable and to add the emblem of whatever group she belongs to the clothing in some sort of way or another that stands out. However, if the need came for formal attire and wearing Kimono was rather unplausable, she might be seen in a very plain but elegant spagetti string dress. This though, is quite rare for her. She prefers to wear Kimono in such occasions but it isn't always exactly plausable.

For shoes, she wears a pair of mid-shin high black almost combat like boots with excellent grip on quite simply any terrian stray of ice. For training, she'll wear simple flat soled tennis shoes. She carries a tan messanger bag that is slung over her shoulder

Personality: Mika's ideal conversation is as follows





Unfortunately for her, most conversations don't follow along these lines. She absolutely hates talking to people more than is needed and cannot, absolutely cannot, stand hyper active obnoxious little girls who just don't understand the meaning of the phrase, "Shut the hell up!" She's almost always percieved as a shady character and she honestly wouldn't have it any other way. She dislikes people in general but understands quite clearly that she has to deal with people and work with them even though her first thought is to always go about it solo. She doesn't, however, tolerate any bad talk about the people at Blackthorn Gym, specifically when it relates to Lance's takeover. That will get the instigator punched in the mouth.

When she is around people she trusts, which is a very small almost nonexistant number, she tends to open up more and is less prone to silence around them.


I remember... I remember the days before it happened.

I remember when my life was normal.

When Dad wasn't a nut job.

When Grandpa was still free

When Mom didn't cry

I remember the days

Before Black Novemeber.

~ * ~

"Hell no... He's breeched the second gate!"

"Clair, hurry, take all the children and head for the Den, you can hide them there."


"Don't worry. I myself trained Lance... I myself will stop him."

I remember clinging to my mother's leg, scared silly by all the loud noises going on outside. My Mother was talking to Grandpa and she was crying. It was only the second time in my short ten year old life that I'd ever seen my mother cry. The first time had been only a few weeks earlier... When we found out that Daddy was coming home. Me? I didn't really care. I was just a little kid who was excited to see her father after he'd been away for almost two years. There was a fight back then. Mom yelled at Dad for running off and leaving her with me. He, according to her, wasn't properly caring for the illigitimate child he helped create.

Then again, I had no comprehension as to what precisely was going on. I just knew that everybody was upset...and I didn't know why.

~ * ~

"Mi-chan, stay in here, alright?'

"Mama I don't wanna!"

"Mi-chan! Promise me, whatever you do, you won't go outside."

"...I promise..."

But I didn't. I didn't stay. I followed silently behind my mom, ducking behind rocks for cover. I wanted to see my Daddy... And nothing was going to stop me. But when I looked around the corner, I quickly became very very frightened. Grandpa was kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily. Mama was behind him, pokeball bared, "You traitorous swine! He RAISED you, he trained you, he LOVED YOU and you repay him with... with THIS!?" She pointed at the collar that was quickly draining my Grandpa's energy from him, leaving him with only enough to barely stay conscious.

~ * ~

"Was she really a part of Lance's group?"

"We know she followed him... but as he is her father..."

"True. We can't expect a young child to abandon her father."

"...But she was trained by him."

"In the art of capturing humans?"

"No. He trained her in martial arts... and in wielding Dragon Pokemon."

"...So we should continue to moniter her?"

"We have no choice."

I don't remember how long I spent in that facility... I just remember being cold and wanting my parents or my pokemon for that matter. All I could do though, is wait in that dark room they put me in and sit patiently til they returned to ask me more quesitons I didn't understand or hopefully to bring me food.

~ * ~

"What do you mean she's gone?"

"We can't find her anywhere, shut down the facility!"

"It's too late, the cameras caught her heading off towards town!"

"That brat... Send a team after her!"

I just kept running even though the sirens at the prison ward behind me kept blaring their ugly sounds at me. I didn't know where to go or what to do; I was only eleven after all, soon to be twelve, and kids that age have no idea what people are supossed to do let alone what they themselves should be doing. Never the less, I was still suprised when I ran smack dab into a man's black suit, spiralling back and falling flat on my bum in the grass.

"Little girl." he said, his voice fluid as rain, "Are you lost?"

~ * ~

"She's gotten through the ranks so quickly..."

"It's to be expected. She is his child after all..."

They were right. I was like am... still am like him. I'm no longer part of Team Rocket, I left that profession the day I turned 15. Now... I don't know what my purpose is. Part of me wants revenge... but the other... wants to clear my family's name. I wear my family's crest on my back... and I'll never ever take it off.

Pokémon: I don't really understand the whole age thing so I'm writing the human equivalent for my pokemon. ^^; Gomen Nasai


Name: Tina

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Specie: Dragonite

Personality: Tina is the substitute mother for Mika. She snaps at the child for a stupid move, coddles her when she's sad, protects her from danger, she's like a paid body guard. She was Mika's first pokemon, a pokemon given to her back home when she turned four. She has seen Mika through all her experiences and is understanding of all her little quirks

Specialty: Being motherly, blasting away meanies

Appearance: Nothing different except for the shiney gem-embeded headband on her forehead.

History: She was Mika's first pokemon, a pokemon given to her back home when she turned four.

Move Set: Dragon Dance, Fly, Thunder Bolt, Dragon Breath


Name: Saki

Age: 16

Gender: Male


Personality: Saki, like Tina, is very level headed. He's a very calm pokemon which is in sharp contrast to the general stereo type of Gyarados. He likes to sleep in the sun, swim, fuss over Mika and battle. Other than that, he doesn't really care about much. He can be a bit of a prankster if he's around Rain too long though, Mika often has to keep them on seperate sides of her belt to prevent them from plotting something ebil

Specialty: Surf. He enjoys dousing people with water for no apparent reason

Appearance: Just your normal Gyarodos here

History: Saki was actually given to Mika through a scammer and oddly enough, the girl kept the fish and worked hard to get it to evolve. Because she put so much effort into it, Saki has alot of respect for his trainer

Move Set: Surf, Rain Dance, Thunderbolt, Twister


Name: Rain

Age: 9

Gender: Male

Specie: Larvitar

Personality: Rain is the brat of the group. He believes that he always knows best and people who don't agree get twaped with a headbutt. He believes that he himself is the most important member on Mika's team and will state this to ANY and ALL other Trainers he meets along the way. He's very stuck up and each time he loses a match, he'll blame it on something other than himself. Also likes to bite people for no apparent reason.

Specialty: Being bratty, biting people

Appearance: Nothing unusual. He does, however, wear the one badge he ever earned in a contest (Cool Contest, Normal Rank) on his black collar, just to show it off.


Move Set: Headbutt, Dragon Dance, Crunch, Earthquake



Age: 5 months old


Specie: Togepi

Personality: Togi is very much like a human baby. She finds delight in the smallest of things and is adorable in everything she does. She plays a very sharp contrast to her trainer and is completley unaware of it. She always has a cute little smile on her face and enjoys to be luffed by any and all when she's not sleeping. She's a very giggly little baby and is almost deathly attached to Mika. While she will go to other trainers, coordinators (etc) she becomes very noisy when and if Mika disappears from her line of sight. She'll bawl and scream til Mika is either within her sight range or until she's nesteled safely in Mika's arms. She also hates to be stuffed in a Pokeball and is almost always carried by Mika.

Specialty: Metrenome skills that do damage and being a ball of adorableness

Appearance: She is easily muted with a pacifier but other than that, she's not really all that different from any other togepi aside from her little sky blue eyes

History: Mika tripped over an egg while travelling in Johto at one point and after cursing madly at it, discovered it was an unhatched Pokemon egg. Her natural motherly instinct took over and she hatched the egg, becoming the little one's Mother with no problems towards it what so ever

Moves: Metrenome, Charm

H-Man #89995
March 23rd, 2006, 10:02 AM
Pre-accepted. Add the required info and you're in. The list of Pokémon to be caught is to be sent by PM.

Also... due to certain... 'complications'... the RPG will be paused for arrangements. So you guys can keep sending info in, and I'll judge it.

(Plays the 'Survival of the Fittest' theme.)

H-Man #89995
March 23rd, 2006, 3:34 PM

I am already starting to work on the introduction. It should come shortly (after everyone is done with their profiles...).

March 24th, 2006, 7:41 AM

OKAY. After much blood sweat and tears (Okay... just a cherry coke. ¬¬; ) I finished the profile. :3 -nodnod- If anything's still missing, hit me over the head with a stick or... have Melissa do it if you don't want to. xD I betcha she would.

Anyways, I'm done. :3 It's ALL DONE.

And next week is spring break

And Kingdom Hearts 2 comes out on Tuesday

-is happy-

H-Man #89995
March 24th, 2006, 7:42 AM
Well, it's good enough. Accepted. Now if only Amaya would post...

March 24th, 2006, 7:47 AM

Amaya-chan? She's probably got school. Spring break is next week for alot of kids across the USA. o.o if she's from there. If she's from the UK, they pretty much have Exams last week this week and next. o_o School = teh ebil

I can type at school cuz my 2nd hour teacher is awesome like that and doesn't care. xD

H-Man #89995
March 24th, 2006, 7:52 AM
Oh well. To use the space, I guess I can ask you people whether anyone here would be interested in a D&D'ish campaign for 12th-15th level chars. (Yes, it's that hard.)

H-Man #89995
March 24th, 2006, 2:16 PM
Dus, I'd like you all to PM me on the starting locations!

H-Man #89995
March 28th, 2006, 7:36 AM
Ahem. Given how there are already enough characters, the game is set to start next Monday. If no more profiles are sent or adjusted until then, there'll be no more options. Okay?

March 29th, 2006, 7:24 AM
Wow! This is a cool story :D

H-Man #89995
March 29th, 2006, 10:45 AM
If you're not going to join, do not post.

H-Man #89995
March 31st, 2006, 2:58 PM
Amaya/Nyxi: Smogon (http://www.smogon.com) is your friend. Just take up to four moves from the lists.

March 31st, 2006, 10:02 PM
Okay. I edited my signup. How many signups do we need until we start the Rp anyway?

H-Man #89995
April 1st, 2006, 1:32 AM
Okay, accepted. All you people need to do now is... wait for me to finish those posts.

April 1st, 2006, 2:02 AM
Finish what posts? ((posting so I don't tyype less than the allowed limit))

H-Man #89995
April 1st, 2006, 4:59 AM
Intro post and stuff post.

H-Man #89995
April 10th, 2006, 7:08 AM


The RPG and the Discussion parts will come up soon.

H-Man #89995
April 10th, 2006, 10:07 AM
The Second Coming
Discussion Topic
Here is where we will talk about the game. Currently, I believe it is my duty to add some more information. Therefore, the following paragraphs are all to help those who play.

Character Data
Every character has his or her own basic file, which will be explained from now on.

Normally, the profile will look like this:

-Hero A-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon A-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon B-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon C-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon D-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon E-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

-Pokemon F-
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)

All humans start with 3000 Pokéyens, which are used to pay for various items and services.

A human character can carry about fifty different items as long as they are light and small enough to fit his/her bag. Additionally, certain items can be placed on other items, increasing space and reducing the number of items. Most characters are allowed a Pokédex, and they can buy a Pokégear or Pokénav if they want to.

In-Battle Information

-Hero A-
Life Force (5) (||||||||||)
Resonance (70%)

-Pokemon A- =PARALYSIS=
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)
Resonance (20%)
Limit (100%)
PP (34)

-Pokemon B- =FAINTED=
Life Force (0) (||||||||||)
Resonance (0%)
Limit (0%)
PP (14)


Enemy A (|||||||||||||||||)
Enemy B (|||||||||||||)
Enemy C (||||||||||||||||||||||)
Enemy D (|||||||||||||||||||)

HP and other values are displayed using meters. Each individual bar is one unit. The number next to the HP meter for friendly characters represent the number of extra meters they have for one meter can only contain ten units of energy. If an attack received is greater or equal to the amount of HP in a particular meter, that meter will be totally emptied, the number of meters will decrease by one, and the next meter will absorb the remaining amount of damage. This process continues on until the damage has been totally absorbed or until the character run out of HP. If the latter happens, the user must decide if the character faints.

Next is the Resonance meter. Each time a character effectively pulls off some kind of teamwork, the meter will go up. If the character argues or do moves that hamper the other characters, the meter will go down.

Soul Unison happens when a human lends his energies to his Pokémon in order to power up an attack. This attack will be more powerful than normal, but it is incredibly exhausting; the Pokémon will be unable to attack again for the following round. Non-offensive moves will be able to affect all Pokémon on one side (even those inside of Pokéballs), but they have the same restriction as offensive moves. It depends on the Resonance meter; for high increases, the Pokémon must successfully deliver the attacks its trainer ordered, on the turn they were ordered.

Limit Breaking happens when the Pokémon suffers enough damage in battle, physical or emotional. If a Pokémon reaches critical state, ALL Pokémon on its side that are witnesses to its damage (including the damaged Pokémon) will automatically be able to use their Limits. A Limit is a powerful combo that can knockout or even kill an opponent in one hit… but the cost is heavy; if the opponent is still standing, the Pokémon will act on its own and disobey orders. Limits are divided in two types:
Berserk: The Pokémon will be unable to do any action that does not cause direct damage to the opponent.
Despair: The Pokémon will be unable to do any action that causes damage to the opponent, and will only be able to avoid defend from attacks.
It depends on the Limit meter; whenever you suffer some sort of damage, it increases.

When the characters find themselves afflicted with such states, the Limit meter will start to go down. Once it reaches 0%, the status problem is removed and the meter will start refilling normally.

Now, finally, there's the PP meter. Every Tech uses a single PP. Now, at the beginning of every fight, PP is fixed to 20. Not using Techs for one turn increase PP by 5. Combos, Limits, and Soul Unison techs which may involve the use of several Techs require one PP for every Tech mixed in (for example, if a combo involve Ember, Metal Claw, and Tail Whip, it will consume 3 PPs, one for each move).

The final explanation is for the bosses' energy meters.

Enemies have only one layer to their HP meter; once it turns red, they're defeated. Bosses, however, might have more than one layer of HP... You see, striking a boss will drain a meter and reveal the one under it. To win, the yellow one must be drained. Those who played the Mega Man Zero games know what I am talking about. Layers for boss meters go as such:

White -> Green -> Blue -> Yellow


Now, about raising the characters' levels.

There is no experience here. Instead, one's performance in battle and the creativity and description will determine if I give you "upgrades" or not at the end of battles.

I'll usually give one of those three:

-Extra HP meters (Max HP increased)
-New moves
-Opportunity to evolve a single trained Pokemon (once given, you keep it; can use it whenever you want. Try to fit in an interesting story scene, if possible)

Pokémon start with 10 HP, and they gain a set amount on every level gained. In case the Pokémon lacks any of its starting attacks, it will learn them on the first level up.

Humans, on the other hand, have a different way to work. They start with 6 HP and, rather than gaining a set amount of HP, they will receive a variable amount depending on whether they took damage or not during battle. If so, the amount of HP gained will increase slowly or quickly (depending on how much health the character lost compared to the amount of attacks suffered; however, very strong attacks will give a high amount of HP, regardless of the latter point).

To learn new moves, simply state if your character learns the new move on it's list of naturally learnt moves or create a new mix (combo or custom attack) and PM me with the stats.

It's that simple, really.

Other events might cause your character to get stronger but overall, beat baddies in style and in a clever way and you'll get extra HP, new moves, and the opportunity to evolve trained Pokemon.

Battle Information

How are battles in this RPG? Well, they are different from usual battles. In most games, they involve a high amount of variables, from attack chance to inflicted damage. In this one, however, there are no variables: every attack has a set damage. Defense is calculated on type advantage/disadvantage: you take more or less damage depending on whether your type(s) is (are) resistant/weak to the element.

fight determine which side get the initiative.

Then, whoever has the Initiative begin the fight. If it's the enemy, then skip this part.

Each user will post ONCE. In their post, their character has the right to do ONE action and only ONE. This action can be anything ; positioning your characters on the field, reloading/recharging, unleashing a technique, using attacks, attempting a combo, taking a defensive stance, charge up for an attack, using an item... you can do almost anything.

Once every user has posted what his characters shall do, the actions are carried out in MY post. Unless the users specify it, ALL CHARACTERS OF A SINGLE SIDE ACT AT THE SAME TIME. The order at which the actions are posted doesn't matter.

In my post, I will specify what is the enemy's Reaction... in short, what they do with the attacks going toward them. Keep in mind that you have the right, during Reaction phase, to execute only ONE action, may it be an evasive maneuver, blocking, countering, using a tech, using an item, whatever you want. But keep in mind that even if there are several attacks are all coming for your character, you have the right to only ONE action. The first strategic element is there; it's hard to avoid (both for you and the enemy) several simultaneous attacks with only one action.

Once you're done writing the Reaction, you must write your characters' Action in the SAME post. The Action is actually the same thing that when your characters had the initiative.

Both sides continue on taking turns with Actions and Reactions until either one side is eliminated completely or until an event interrupt the fight.

Experience and Leveling Up

There is no experience management; I'll simply mention at the end of the battle according to how well the characters did during battle if the characters have the right to receive upgrades. Upgrades come in those forms:

- Increase in HP and other stats (HP boosts are given automatically but when other stats are increased, you must confirm to me if you want your character's stats to increase and must select a single stat to increase among those three: offense, defense, speed, agility. Offense is in both physical and special attack. Defense is the same but for the defensive value. Speed is the character's speed and me allowing you to make longer combos. Agility is your character's reflexes and ability to react quickly.)

- Learn new moves (you choose which move you learn. Note that the 4 moves limit can and will be breached)

- You are given the permission to evolve a trained Pokemon (you can use it whenever you want... like you can choose to make your character remains in it's current form forever)


A Pokémon cannot harm a human needlessly; while this may seem strange, what it means is that, so long as the Pokémon does not deem the human a ‘valid’ target (by being attacked by the human, for example), it will not focus on him. Attacks that hit all characters normally have their effects diminished so that humans do not take damage.

Effective hits aren't quite as powerful as in the games for the reason that Life Force determines the amount of energy the character has before falling into a state of coma as opposed to fainting.

This means that moves have a LOT less significant effect and must be added up to really show big effects ; Recover won't heal nearly as much, super effective aren't quite the one-hit KOs they were in the games, that kind of thing.

Also, note that element is a LOT less important. How the attack is pulled off, speed of the attack, piercing power, and the body part struck is a LOT more important. As a whole, a neutral strike to a Wobbuffet’s tail or a Beautifly’s wings will inflict MORE damage than a 4X strike. Also, a 4X strike could pretty well inflict next to no damage if a limb is struck or if the character doesn't absorb most of the shock, letting itself be sent flying or transferring the damage into armor or something else (think: Pikachu when he counters Thunder in the anime... except transposed to ALL forms of attacks).

Element is still important; Shedinja isn't the only Pokemon who will have an elemental barrier in this RPG and trying to inflict damage with super effective attacks is far easier than by using not very effective attacks.

One final note... damage is NOT multiplied in the RPG but rather, act in a form of additions. Attacks don't have fixed attack values (when applied to the players, at least) and as such, while a regular super effective attack deals 4 to 8 points of damage, when applied to a player character with 10 max HP, the damage is reduced to 3 to 6 HP.

Well... I don't know if my explanation made sense but well... I hope it did.

Just for references... here is the basic chart I use for damage:

¼X (normal circumstances): 0
¼X (Fatal Strike): 4
½X (all body parts but weak points): 1
½X (weak points): 2
½X (Fatal Strike): 10
1X (limbs): 1
1X (body): 2
1X (weak points): 3
1X (Fatal Strike): 20
2X effective (limbs): 2
2X effective (body): 4
2X effective (weak points): 8
2X effective (Fatal Strike): 100
4X effective (limbs): 4
4X effective (body): 10
4X effective (weak points): 25
4X effective (Fatal Strike): 400
8X effective (limbs): 10
8X effective (body): 25
8X effective (weak points): 100
8X effective (Fatal Strike): 999

Regarding combos... you must make sure, when you make your characters execute combos, that you also specify how your character will act if one or more strikes miss (may it be in an alternate way the combo is carried out or specifying that your character will stumble, trip, and fall down if the combo fails).


Yes, there is a timeline. However, I found out the worst way that timelines suck majorly when they are really compact. So this is not the best job I could possibly do, but, eh, it’s okay enough.

By the way, this is by no means a truthful timeline. It is only what the public (and, therefore, you) knows. Also, whenever I indicate anything as ‘Beginning of RBY’ or similar, it is NOT the same events that happened in the games, but a variation.

17 Years Ago
- Ash is born.
- Gary is born.

15 Years Ago
- Ellen is born.

14 Years Ago
- Kenta is born.
- Marina is born.

12 Years Ago
- Kamon is born.
- May is born.

11 Years Ago
- Brendan is born.
- Wally is born.

9 Years Ago
- Lance becomes Champion.
- Giovanni becomes a Gym Leader.
- Agatha has an argument with Prof. Oak.
- Giovanni makes a deal with Lance; in exchange for funding, he will finance a study on Pokémon biology.
- Lance uses his influence to manipulate the League so his powers as Champion increase.
- The assault on Blackthorne; Clair is captured; Evergrande City is bombed; the beginning of the Monster Trainer War.

8 Years Ago
- Kai Seliro takes his family away from New Bark; he is sidetracked and taken to Kanto; there he manages to cripple the Slaver Base at Saffron, and rescue three Gym Leaders.
- Clair escapes through the Dragon’s Den, and meets the leaders of the Resistance. After a close escape, she invades the Goldenrod Radio Tower and shuts down the communication satellites.
- A Hoenn Elite travels to Johto, but gets lost due to several problems and ends in Kanto. The Elite leads an attack against Lance’s troops, successfully recovering several positions.
- A mysterious enslaver travels through Hoenn and captures all Gym Leaders. He then proceeds to Kanto for a meeting with Lance. No more info was found on him afterwards.
- An attack is made on Blackthorne, led by Kai, Clair, and the Elite. Lance is defeated there and arrested.
- The laws on human training are passed. End of the Monster Trainer War.

7 Years Ago
- Mewtwo is created; he rebels and runs away from a hidden laboratory.
- Several Monster Trainers join together to create the Starkies.

6 Years Ago
- Beginning of RBY: Ash joins the police forces. Gary starts his Pokémon Journey. Ellen travels to Hoenn for Gym Leader training.
- Ash routs the Rocket forces in Celadon. Gary collects his third badge.

5 Years Ago
- Ellen passes the preliminary exams and becomes a trainee of the Lavaridge Gym. Ash routs the Rocket forces in Saffron. Gary collects his sixth badge.
- Gary and Ash face Giovanni at separate times; Gary collects his last badge, Ash doesn’t manage to arrest Giovanni. The Viridian Gym is closed.
- Gary becomes Champion. Ash becomes an officer. End of RBY.

4 Years Ago
- Karen defeats Gary; the Elite 4 roster is changed.
- Creation of the Vikstar Foundation.

2 Years Ago
- Beginning of GSC: Kenta leaves on his quest. Kamon steals a Pokémon from Prof. Elm. Marina completes her studies on the Pokémon School.
- Kenta routs the Rocket forces on Azalea. Kamon faces Eusine. In Hoenn, Steven becomes Champion.
- Kenta reaches Cianwood Island. Kamon goes amiss. A terrorist attacks the Indigo Plateau. Marina solves the mysteries of the Ruins of Alph.

1 Year Ago
- Kenta routs Team Rocket on Mahogany and Goldenrod; Ash and him work together to defeat the Admins.
- Kenta defeats Karen. Marina becomes Prof. Oak’s aide. End of GSC.


The current status of each region is as follows:

- Kanto: The economy collapsed with the fall of Silph Co.. The League barely went bankrupt, if not for the help of Devon Corp.. Five of the Gym Leaders are slavers.
- Johto: It faces dark times. It is hanging on the edge of destruction, with the League abandoning the region shortly after Karen becoming Champion. Three of the Gym Leaders have some status as ‘official’ ones, but the region was nearly overrun by slavers.
- Hoenn: The League is all but dead; there are no Gym Leaders, for all of the Gyms belong to the same man. An attempt to recover was made with the creation of the Battle Frontier. Devon Corp. became the greatest company of all Nihiron.

April 11th, 2006, 1:24 AM
Yeahh... I think I understand everything, but aren't you supposed to make the first in-character post to get things started? 'Cause I'm nervous.

H-Man #89995
April 11th, 2006, 7:18 AM
I have, but the topic hasn't been accepted yet. So that's why it wasn't accepted... this is gonna be the discussion topic, anyway.

April 12th, 2006, 8:55 AM
Ah good, the actual thread is up. However, before I can post... um, which city was I in? I know that seems like a silly question considering I'm the one who told you, but that was quite some time ago, and I deleted the PM to make room for my Inbox. ^-^;;

H-Man #89995
April 14th, 2006, 11:54 AM
Okay, update:

During battles, in order to make it easier for me to write down your actions, they will be coded the following way.

O-The action worked. Some more info might be added in it.
X-The action failed.

Info can be health lost, damage recovered, etc.

H-Man #89995
April 15th, 2006, 2:38 PM
An alert:

As everyone here knows, Pokécommunity has this annoying tendency of going dead on us when we are about to post.

So, in order to speed this up, please make a Word/Wordpad document with the title 'THE FORBIDDEN CATCH', and write down your replies there (note: to hasten it more, already put the HTML code when writing).

Then, once you're done with each reply, copy it and paste it on the Quick Reply box. That way, if it happens that the site died on you, you can just try to post whenever you can.

This is just a recommendation, since the RPG has this tendency of slowing down whenever we need it.

Also, please check the NORMAL category, and not just the 'just updated' RPs.

H-Man #89995
April 28th, 2006, 1:24 AM
Okay... I think this should be noted now, since it might make you people understand.

I'm going by a three-strikes system for this game. If you mess up once, you'll get a warning. I may go easy on you if you mess up again... maybe I won't. Mess up again, and you'll get a disadvantage, depending on how severe the mistake was. Mess up again... and you lose control of the character for one month. Sorry, but I honestly don't want to see you people doing so many mistakes.

April 28th, 2006, 7:07 AM
Eh? o.o How many mistakes have been made so far? I mean, how could we all have made so many mistakes when it's only been just the very beginning...? You don't have to be that severe I don't think; just tell me when I've done something stupid and then I'll edit my post. ^^ Ah well... um, I understand.

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April 28th, 2006, 8:14 AM
It's not you. I just felt like mentioning it so that people can try to avoid making mess-ups.

April 28th, 2006, 8:42 AM
Ah, I see. ^-^ Thank goodness! I didn't think I had done anything wrong. I pride myself on following the rules accordingly. ^^