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March 19th, 2006, 7:18 PM
I know many of you are tired of the Inuyasha stories that seem to be everywhere, but they seem to be the only ones that I am successful with. I originally posted this story on GaiaOnline about an hour ago, and I figured some of you might enjoy reading it. I also have another one, but I'll save that for later.

I'm sure many of you have wondered, "Why is Kikyo the only one with a reincarnation? What about the others?" Well, I have decided to answer that question.


A young miko stood at the base of a great tree, a bow in her hand, string still quivering. She stared hatefully at the male hanyou she had just pinned to it with her sacred arrow, and watched as a pale purple jewel fell to the ground softly. The boy stared back, wondering how his love could have done this to him. He noticed that her shoulder was soaked in blood, and wanted badly to help her, no matter how much she had just hurt him. He watched in pain as the miko stumbled over tree roots to find the jewel.
"Kikyo....why? Why did you do this to me?" he whispered faintly.
"You betrayed me, Inuyasha!" she spat at his feet. Men, women, and a small child with an eyepatch rushed toward her as the spell in the arrow forced the hanyou into eternal sleep.
"Big sister, are you okay!?" the young girl said.
"No, young Kaede. I am dying."
"Big sister!"
"Kaede, you must cremate my body with this Sacred Jewel." the miko enclosed the faintly glowing jewel into her younger sister's hand.
"The Jewel will burn with my body so that it will never again be used for evil purposes the way.....Inuyasha has...." The miko's life ended, as she kneeled in pain before the Sacred Tree. Both she and her hanyou love were to rest in peace for eternity......until Kagome Higurashi was born.

Cue intro music! :laugh: Just kidding. First chapter is finished as well. I plan to make it longer than my usual, too.
Chapter 1

Kagome Higurashi sat in front of a blazing fire in the middle of the wilderness. A silver haired hanyou sat in the branches of a tall tree above her. The moon shone brightly on the two of them. She stared into the flames, thinking about the day gone by.

"Inuyasha?" she said timidly. She was riding on his back through a bright green valley, a giant cat demon running through air at their side. The hanyou grunted in response.
"You know how I was born with the Sacred Jewel in my body?" she questioned. Inuyasha said nothing.
"And....you know how I'm...Kikyo's reincarnation?" Yet again, no reply.
"Well....I was wondering, what if you had a reincarnation? And Miroku? Sango?" she spoke of the riders of the giant cat demon, a monk and a demon exterminator.
"Yeah? So?" Inuyasha said at last. Kagome scooted herself up higher onto the hanyou's back.
"Well....if they exist, they probably live somewhere near me, and probably have some of your's and their powers. I could do a little research, and......."
"No." Inuyasha cut her off mid-sentence.
"Wha-why?" she said, glaring down into the back of his head.
"Because I said so, that's why." Inuyasha sped up so as to get away from the cat demon, Kirara.
"So? What kind of a reason is that? What's the real reason?" Kagome said.
"Like I said." Kagome suddenly thought of a possible reason and smirked.
"Is it because you think he may be....stronger than you? Maybe......nicer? Cuter? More attractive?" Inuyasha's face turned as crimson as a rose.
"N-no! It's not that!" he shouted at her. Kagome smirked again.
"Then what is it?"
"I-it's just as I said! I said not to, so you can't!" Kagome sighed and rested her head on his back. She felt an earthy aroma drift through her nose as his soft silvery hair tickled her face.
"Don't worry, Inuyasha. He could never be you." she whispered so that only he could hear her. She soon fell asleep in his arms.

She stretched, yawned, and pulled her sleeping bag over to where she sat. She pulled the soft fabric close to her body, and laid down in front of the fire. To her surprise, Inuyasha spoke to her.
"Kagome?" he whispered.
"Hmm?" she answered, still staring into the embers of the fire.
"Don't....." he hesistated.
"Don't what?"
"Don't......don't ever.......leave me." he stuttered. She knew he had thought hard and long about how he was going to say this to her, after what she had said today. She understood exactly what he was trying to say.
"Inuyasha....I couldn't." Not another word was spoken as the two of them drifted off into sleep.

Aww....too cute, eh?

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nyaaaaa ^^ Cuuute. I am curious about where you are going with this one.

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Heh heh....thanks. Next chapter?

Chapter 2

The golden sun rose early over all of Feudal Japan. Kagome felt the warmness of it on her face despite the trees blocking its rays. She yawned as she sat up, and scratched her head absentmindedly. She took a quick glance up at the tree where she had seen Inuyasha the previous night to find that he wasn't there.
"Must've gone out for a run...." she said to herself. She felt a lump of warmness on her lap, and looked down to see Shippo, a small kitsune, cuddled in a ball and dozing happily. Sango lay nearby, her own demon companion curled up nicely by her head. Miroku stood behind her, watching her sleep fondly.
"Well, Miroku, I see you're up early." she said softly to the monk. He nodded without glancing up at her.
"Do you know where Inuyasha has gone?" he whispered. Kagome shrugged, carefully sliding out of her sleeping bag so she wouldn't wake Shippo.
"My guess is that he went out running." she slid her shoes on and stood.
"I'm going to go for a walk, alright? I'll see you in about 15 minutes." Miroku looked up at her this time.
"Be careful." Kagome nodded.

The lanscape was beautiful at this time of day. The sun hit nature just right, makign it seem as though it were glowing. Kagome knelt down and sniffed a pale purple flower, most likely lavender. She walked through the woods slowly, being sure to take in her impressive surroundings and the lovely aroma.
Just as she was about to turn around and head back, she sensed a familiar aura. The aura of a rival, not only in battle, but in love as well.
Kikyo walked past her like she didn't exist. Not even a second glance as she dissapeared into the underbrush. Kagome let out a tiny breathe that she didn't even realize she was holding. She guessed that this was why Inuyasha had dissapeared, to go find his supposedly deceased lover. Kagome mentally slapped herself for trying to compete with her at everything. She knew Inuyasha cared for the two of them. So all there was to do was to wait for him to choose.
Though it wasn't the right thing to do, Kagome pursued Kikyo and began a conversation.
"Kikyo!" she said from a few feet behind her. Kikyo stopped instantly, waiting for what Kagome had to say.
"Er...I just wanted to say..." she stuttered. Kikyo stared ahead, not even willing to look back.
"Inu....Inuyasha cares for the both of us. I was thinking.....that....instead of trying to..." Kikyo spun around.
"What is it that we are trying to do, young Kagome?" she said softly. Kagome mentally slapped herself again for taking this risk. If Inuyasha showed up.....
It was as if he were on cue. He hopped down, right between them, and faced Kikyo.
"Kikyo..." Kagome couldn't just sit here and watch him tend to her every whim, and all that kissy goo-goo stuff they always did. She turned on her heal and began to walk away, but to her surprise, heard her name.
"Kagome!" Inuyasha called her.
'What, now you care?' she thought. She continued walking until she reached the camp.
Sango was awake, and she and Miroku were chatting. Kagome tried to look happy, but failed.
"Kagome, what's wrong?" Sango said to her friend. Kagome smiled.
"Nothing, nothing. Just...a stomach ache." she lied.
"Oh, Sango-chan, may I borrow Kirara? I want to pay a visit to my mom. I haven't seen her, Souta, or Gramps for a while." Sango nodded, and allowed Kagome to return home. She was back in the village and down the well before the day's end.

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*loves story so far*
I love this story D: Keep it up,I'd like to see more =D

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nyaaaaa ^^ Cuuute. I am curious about where you are going with this one.

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Nice story so far, I wonder where this story is going..

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*contains Inuyasha's colorful vocab.* have to make him seem in character, after all.

Chapter 3

"Well, hello, Kagome!" Mrs. Higurashi was surprised to see her daughter that evening. The family greeted her happily, and as they sat down to dinner, they asked her how things were going.
"Everythings...wonderful. Nothing really new, though...." Kagome played with her food rather than eating it. Her mother exchanged a worried look with her grandfather as Kagome's younger brother, Souta, gulped down his food.
"Where is Inuyasha this evening?" Mrs. Higurashi asked. Kagome sighed.
"Probably back in the woods with Kikyo..." she muttered. Apparantly, her mother didn't hear her. She pondered what could have gone wrong this time, and didn't say a word to her depressed daughter until after their meal.
After a few moments of silence, save Souta's constantly clanking fork, Kagome stood and puched in her chair.
"May I be excused? I'm...not all that hungry." her mother nodded, and Kagome washed her untouched plate. She then crept upstairs to study, being that there was nothing else to do.
Inuyasha's silvery hair blew in the wind. He stood in the moonlight, apparantly deep in thought. The small kitsune Shippo sat behind him, unaware that the hanyou knew he was there. Unwillingly, Inuyasha's hand moved for his sword, the Tessaiga.
How many times....have I saved her life with this? he thought. He sighed as he heard footsteps behind him. He turned slowly as the monk Miroku stepped toward him.
"Are you going to go and get her? Sango's getting antsy, even though she's only been gone since this morning. She said she had a stomach ache...but she'd be back by now. Did...something-" Inuyasha intterupted the monks words with harsh ones of his own.
"Monk, could you just shut up and let me deal with this on my own?" he yelled. Startled by Inuyasha's words, Miroku gave Inuyasha a stern look.
"Fine. Do it yourself." Miroku turned and walked back in the direction from which he came. Shippo stuck out his tongue at Inuyasha, then sprinted after Miroku, fearing Inuyasha's powerful fist. Alone now, Inuyasha was free to do as he wished.
He removed his sword from its sheath and stabbed it into the ground. He redundantly did it, until his strength seeped out of him like blood from a wound.
"Why...do...I...have...to...always...**** IT!" he used one last powerful blow to lodge almost half of the sword into the earth. He fell to his knees, his hands still on the sword.
"I can't choose...but I'm breaking both of their hearts slowly as this goes on....I can't..." Inuyasha felt the most frustrated he had ever been in his entire life. He couldn't make this decision. He would lose someone he cared about either way. But if he kept this up, he would break his, Kikyo's, and Kagome's heart. He kneeled there, awaiting the fatigue he felt to slowly consume him, but the time never came. His mind was too troubled, and he didn't know what he could possibly do to make things any better.
Kagome's stomach rumbled as she realized she hadn't eaten anything the entire day. But somehow, she didn't feel like eating.
"Well, I have to eat something, or else this noise is never going to leave my head." she clicked her journal shut, concealing a group picture of her and her friends from this time period. She had written a short entry about wondering how everyone was doing, and planning to go to school the next morning. As she crept down the stairs to make herself a midnight snack, she pondered what kind of gifts Hojo had brought her in her absence.
Probably some herbal remedies or something.... she thought. She reached the kitchen and flicked on the light. The room was almost exactly how she left it; the table in the center of the room, the counters looking tidy. One of the cupboard doors had been left open a crack, and Souta had left his library book lying open on the table. Kagome padded across the room and opened a cupboard door, pulling out a box of instant ramen.
"I've fed so much of this to Inuyasha, I think I've forgotten what it tastes like." she said to herself, and giggled. The memories of the day came flooding back. Just when she thought she had forgotten, he haunted her mind again. She shook her head and prepared her snack in peace.

End chapter. Romantic troubles, so....Kagome-Inuyasha-Kikyo-love-triangle-ish.