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March 20th, 2006, 12:03 AM
well finally, i have been online after some serious (well almost) studies and here is some of the poems i made:

A Broken Memory
now time has passed
and i really wasnt thinking my future would be like this
all alone...just thinking of you everyday
and how we spent our time together

you know? at first..when we got together
i was thinking of you as a normal person....a friend
i really want on the point of goin this far
of loving you till the end

ever scince i had that dream
eveything just clicked
i really didnt know why or what
it was suppossed to be

so, i started to feel good and happy
everytime i see you smile back at me
i felt at home and comfortable
i felt very happy for once

then i got tired of waiting and waiting
and i really had to do something
so as i wag getting myself ready
something went wrong....

the beginning of the week also
was the beginning of our everyday arguments
we kept arguing untill i had it
i couldnt take it anymore and i stopped caring for you

but i was being tore apart from the inside
i didnt know what to do
i kept blaming myself for loving you
i knew what i had to do....but

i didnt care when you where down
i still stood my head up
i didnt look down at you
and so, i started to fall again

i kept shouting from the inside
coz everytimei didnt know what to do
i feel like i want to die now
or maybe just fade away

now, as i see you in every ground i walk on
you seem to blend in with all the other persons
i dont even knew and talked
and continually...the pain inside grows

i dont think my heart can keep up with all this hurting
it cries moreoften now that i think of you
the more i ignore you, the more i get hurt
the light seems to fade....

i dont know if i should keep on going....
i dont know if we shold still reamin paths
i think i should walk alone
and i dont care if i get lost

so? sad huh? expect more coz may things happened these past few months...

March 22nd, 2006, 6:01 PM
That's so freakin sad. There are some spelling and grammar errors. ^_^ Its a great poem though. ^_^

March 23rd, 2006, 3:42 AM
aww thanks i really suck at spelling and grammar....