View Full Version : Goodbye...Again

March 20th, 2006, 4:13 AM
well heres another one of my poems. like i said, there are so may things happened to me for the lest few months


now im crossing this road alone
going from here to there
looking for the person who can make me feel better
who can help me forget you

but still...no matter how hard the expedition
or how far ive searched
it somehow ends me up to you
but i just feel bad knwing your near

so what do i really have to do?
to forget everything we did together
i dont want to even talk to you
coz you remind me of the sadness my love cost

i dont seem to care anymore
when i can see or hear you crying
why do you need me anyways?
coz you have him by your side

you want to know why?
because youve wasted everything
you didnt thought of what you did before crying now
i dont think ill go back to you again

coz im happy the way i am
i dont care if i lost a special person like you
i have other friends i can put my attention to
so i think im wasting my time making this poem

i feel like im giving this to the air
who doesnt seem to know how to read
coz you threw the first sign of my ignorance to you
you still think i love you...YUCK!!!

sorry but this world we built has got to go
i have to leave as soon as you figure it out
im taking the early boat
onto a new land where i can find another happiness