View Full Version : Dark's Crash; Chapter 1.

March 29th, 2004, 5:54 PM
One day,in a Pokemon Lab owned by an evil proffesor,Dr.Dimwad,were a few tubes of green liquid.He walked back and fourth looking at each Pokemon in them."That meddling Jolteon..."He said."And that Flareon..."He went to his desk,looked at his past 'failure' plans.The paper says,

The Failed Plans
1.Capturing and mindcontroling legendary Pokemon,'Celebi'.
2.Killing the two world protector Pokemon,Latios and Latias.
3.Spraying 'Anti-Pokemon' on the Pokemon forests and homes.

The rest of the paper is ripped.But,then,Dr.Dimwad saw another paper just sitting on the floor."What do we have here?"He picks it up,he also wonders what it is.It hadn't been there the other day.Or yesterday.He reads the paper,it said,

The Ultimate Plan
A lot over one hundred years ago,many scientists have been trying to train and create the world's most fearful and most powerful Pokemon to date,called the ultimate PokeForm.But,it has been the world's biggest disaster.The creators have been attacked,and so was the world,by the lifeform itself!PokeLovers wish it had never happened,and never will happen.The creators of the PokeForm had been arrest,forever,and eventually,they disappear.From this information,no one has ever created mass distruction.Not even the world's most creative scientists,not one...

It had shown the recipes and chemicals needed to create the ultimate PokeForm.Dr.Dimwad frowned,then he started to smirk,then smiled.He had the thing he needed.But,what was he going to do with it?Control it to do his dirtywork?Use it to kill and humans?To kill Pokemon and all the world's protecters?He knew this already,but he was still deciding,what would it look like?Something ugly?Something mean?Something evil looking?Whatever the plans were,they don't sound good,and only he knows he's going to strike....

March 29th, 2004, 6:01 PM
oooooooh sound really good