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March 30th, 2006, 6:28 AM
Summary: A curious school boy + A mysterious cave + A puzzle = Trouble when Zack finds himself stumbling upon the Unown Cavern and a friend.
Rating: G...? Yeah, probably G, PG at most.


"Zachary Peter Schuler! Hold it right there!"

Zack instantly cringed, halting in mid-step. Slowly, he turned around and peeked over the giant rock he had hoped would be enough to hide him. It seemed like nothing, however, could save him from the X-ray vision of his now enraged teacher. Fearing that he would anger her further by taking his sweet time, his innocently jogged back to the crowd of students huddled around the Ruins of Alph Visitor Center.

There the teacher stood, both hands on her hips, a scowl pasted on her face. She opened her mouth, but shut it again and shook in head in annoyance. The class knew what she was about to say anyways, so she simply turned around to continue the tour.

"Wow, you got middle-named," Zack's friend Brandon said, catching Zack's attention with a friendly punch to the arm. "Where were you sneaking off to?"
In reply, Zack pulled a pamphlet from his coat pocket, printed with the picture of a strange stone slab surrounded by several smaller stones. In the background was a wall adorned with hieroglyphic patterns.

"I wanted to find this," he replied. He turned the page, revealing a map of the Ruins and pointed to a cave in the northern section. "I know where it is, but..." He nodded towards the miffed teacher ahead of the group.

Brandon looked up at the back of the teacher's head and then back to the map thoughtfully. "Y'know, I'm not interested in this sort of stuff, but I do like trouble!" He grinned evilly.

He had five minutes, give or take. Seven at best. It all depended on how well Brandon's plan worked. Zack has to admit that he was a little bit nervous as he sneaked to his goal, following a separate group going in that direction. When the other group passed by the cave, he stayed behind, made sure no one was watching, and dove into the entrance.

"Huh, it's empty..." he observed upon adjusting to the dim, lantern light. He had expected the place to be swarming with archaeologists. "I guess it's their lunch break." Zack smiled and, unable to contain his curiosity anymore, wandered to the back wall. Tentatively, he ran his fingers over the hieroglyphics, worried that the stone would crumble at the lightest touch.
"They look like English letters," he thought aloud, tracing their shapes. "E...S...C...Escape?" Zack backed away from the wall, shook his head, and turned to the stone in the center of the room.

"And this must be that stone thing from the picture..." Once again, he brushed the stone, one of the small square ones surrounding the blank stone, but the stone moved with his hand! He withdrew his hand in shock. "Whoops...Was that supposed to move?" The student took the moving stone under his fingers and pulled it into the middle section.

"If all the other pieces move...It's a puzzle! Awesome!" Before long, all sixteen stones were arranged in a four-by-four grid, the engraved patterns on each stone forming the shape of the ancient Pokémon Kabuto.

Suddenly, the rock under his feet collapsed, a huge web of cracks marring the surface. A second later, the rock vanished into the darkness below, dragging Zack along for the ride.

For the first time in centuries, a voice was heard within the hidden Chambers of the Ruins of Alph. More specifically, a scream was heard, followed by a loud thud as Zack hit the floor. He sat there for a few seconds, recovering from the fall, and looked up with a glare. "What sort of puzzle was that! Don't I get a prize?! Ugh..." Wincing, he carefully stood and brushed the dirt from his clothes. "Where am I now..."

Wherever he was, it was underneath where he was supposed to be. Such a large cavern had to be a good distance under the surface. He took a step, but tripped over...something. The lost student looked down at the ground and stepped back. He had tripped over a groove in the floor made in the shape of those hieroglyphics. Looking around, he was that the floor was entirely covered with large symbols. He walked up to the first group in the top left corner of the room and began reading:

"Our Words Shall Remain Here For The Ages.
Thus We Shall Erect a Pokémon Statue Outside.
They Possess Great Insight And Reject The Outside World.
We Humans Must Learn To Walk In Harmony With Them. We Depart For Their Sakes."

"What...What is this?"

Suddenly, the floor began to glow, lit up by hundreds of unblinking eyes opening. One by one, the Unown symbols lifted from the floor. All at once, the soft chorus of their cry began, each symbol dancing in rhythm. Zack stood mesmerized by the scene, until sense finally struck him.

"I've got to get out of here." Acting as fast as he could, Zack turned and ran, looking for an exit as he ran. He almost shouted in joy when he found that he was running almost exactly towards the way out. As he reached the doorway, he felt something pound against his back and, as he looked to see what it was, found several of the Unown racing after him, but immediately stop upon reaching the light from outside. He sighed in relief and began slowing down.

"Wow, that was insane...Those things weren't hieroglyphics after all..." Zack sighed again and took a step, resulting in a loud chirp from the ground. He jumped away, resulting in a flurry of panicked chirps until he looked down. There at his feet was a tiny green bird. It looked up as he looked down and their eyes met, the bird not blinking or looking away at all. Zack tilted his head to one side and the bird's eyes widened before it hopped away to safety behind a rock. The boy just laughed.

"Heh, I've tried that before, little guy. It doesn't work," he said, kneeling down and holding out a hand. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you." In reply, the bird peeked around the rock and stared at the hand. After a moment, it slowly came out and lightly pecked at his hand. "Sorry, no food."

The Natu took another look at Zack and hopped into his hand. "Whoa, wait, what are you up to? I can't take you with me!" Zack gently dropped the Natu back onto the ground, but it just hopped right back up unto the back of his hand. "No, bad birdie!" This went on for another minute of so before Zack entirely gave up. "Fine, you can come, but don't expect too much hospitality." Almost instantly, the little bird Pokémon hopped from his hand to the top of his head, burrowing itself in his red hair. Zack could only roll his eyes at this and accept his new friend.

"You wouldn't happen to know the way out, would you?" Natu replied with a flapping of wings. "I guess that means yes? Or no? I can't speak bird, you know."

Over the rocks came a solution with a sudden flurry of classroom noise, most of it calling his name.

"That's my class..." he realized and froze. "Oh, man, I've been gone for way too long! Come on!" Zack began scrambling over the rocks before he got into any more trouble, the Natu clinging to his hair for dear life. In seconds, he was over the rocks and grinning down with embarrasment at his classmates.

"Um, hi guys!"

And just as he expected, the time-bomb teacher exploded.

Within the cavern was another sort of explosion as the Unown still danced their mysterious dance, wavering with the flow of time...


Yay! It's done! Yeah, I thought it might be a little long for an RP sample, but here it is! And the end was sort of rushed...X_x But it was fun and that's all that matters! ^^;

March 30th, 2006, 5:23 PM
It was fun to read, too! Very interesting...huh, Natu is that small? Interesting, very. But so cute! This could easily turn into a fun story, Muse. ^.^

March 30th, 2006, 6:23 PM
Yeah, I think I may redo it someday. Make it longer and all. I really would've liked to give the Unown a larger part ^^;

And yes, Natu is pretty small. *goes to look up the size* 0'08"! Yep, very, very small! She's so cute! X3 (Yes, the Natu in this story is actually a 'she'. Zack just doesn't know that yet.)