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April 4th, 2006, 6:55 PM
This is my first Pokemon Fanfic. Hope you all enjoy. It gets better as it goes.

Sonic’s Quest
Prologue (I know it is short, sorry.)

One day a 13-year old boy named Josh was playing in his yard with his Arbok, Sonic. When all of a sudden, Sonic jumped up and bit Josh. He fell deathly ill. The doctor was unsure of his survival. Josh’s parents were so upset that they sent Sonic to the pound to be put down. After a few months, Josh miraculously healed. Just in time to hear the news of Sonic’s escape from the pound. Josh went outside and saw a dark figure jump out of the bushes, scared his pets, and disappeared. Josh quickly realized that they jumped the same exact way as Sonic did on the day that Josh was bit. It was then that he knew what he had to do, he had to get Sonic back at any cost. With his parent’s permission and the help of his pets, he left on a quest to get his best friend back. The pets that he took with him were his Pikachu, Growlithe, Skitty, Spearow, and Mareep.

Chapter 1

As Josh was walking down the path outside of his village, the shadowy figure jumped out again and Josh could see it clearly now. It was some sort of hybrid pokemon. It had Gengar’s body, Machamp’s arms, Golbat’s wings and Mightyena’s tail and fangs. "I am here against my masters will. He can not find out I was here." It said. "Woah, you can talk?" I said, shocked. "Yes, I can talk. I am here to warn you and apologize. I did not mean for you to get hurt when I scared Arbok. My master just wanted me to scare it away, so he could catch it. My master and the rest of Team Hybrid are after Sonic for its unusual high speed. Team Hybrid is an evil organization that steals specific pokemon with high points in specific stats and fuses them together to create super pokemon. I am a rebel. I usually warn the people that they are getting ready to go after. That is why I am here. I have to go. Goodbye." It told me as it dissapered. "Wait, who are you?" I yelled. "I am Scmibamp." It yelled out of the abyss. Josh continued walking. He got into a battle with a trainer almost right after he started walking again. A little kid named Joe challenged him. Josh sent out Pikachu and Joe sent out Staryu. "Stupid move. Hahaha." Josh said mockingly. Pikachu blasted Staryu with a Thundershock. The Staryu amazingly shrugged it off and blasted Pikachu with a powerful Water Gun. Pikachu went flying into a tree. It had fainted. "Woah, how did you beat my Pikachu with a Water Type." Josh asked in amazement. "Don’t get so cocky kid. I ain’t no regular trainer. I already have a few badges. You’re goin down." Joe yelled back. I sent out Mareep. Joe kept out Staryu. "That’s it Joe, no more mister nice guy. You’re goin down." Josh yelled. Mareep hit it with a powerful Thunderwave. The Staryu was instantly paralyzed. "Just a note, I ain’t no regular kid either. My parents are both world-renowned breeders. So my pokemon are specially bred. Now who’s goin down. Mareep unleashed a sever Take Down, instantly fainting Staryu. Joe then sent out a Charmander. It used Metal Claw and Mareep fainted. Josh sent out Spearow. Charmander let out a screaming Flamethrower. But, Spearow was too fast. It avoided the attack and let out a powerful Tri-Attack. Charmander froze solid and fainted. Joe was out of pokemon. "That was a great battle." Josh said. "Whatever, punk. Just take your money and go." Joe yelled as he ran off. He walked for a few days with a few miniscule battles before he met up with Tom. Tom is a kid that lived a few towns over from Josh. They had met a few times, but never exactly gotten the chance to be friends. "Hi, your Tom, right?" Josh said. "Ya and your Josh, right?" He said. "Yup, that’s Me." said Josh. "I heard about the accident and I was coming to your town to help you find Sonic. I am not sure how I knew you were going on a quest. I just knew. Although, I did have a dream. In this dream, a weird pokemon named Scmibamp was talking about you and Team Hybrid and then I woke up. I suppose that is how I knew about it. My pokemon should help us out a little too. Especially with the rumors of another team going around. Team Misc. They use creatures from different worlds. My current team is Abra, Sandshrew, Ponyta, Onix, Delibird, and Ledyba. Now, shall we stop at the next city? And then continue our quest for Sonic." said Tom. "Sure, I could heal my pokemon and buy some items." Josh replied.

Chapter 2

Josh and Tom walked into POD City. A city devoted to Pod or Cocoon pokemon. The entire town was filled with trees, big, small, and just plane weird. There were even a few Sudowoodos. Every tree, including the Sudowoodos, had a cocoon pokemon in it. Since there are only four-cocoon pokemon, there were a lot of duplicates. Tom and Josh went to the pokemon center and healed their pokemon. They then went to the pokemart to but some items. They each bought two Potions, five Pokeballs, four Full Heals, and a bike. They left the pokemart and went into a park. Tom went to get a drink from the vending machine. It had twenty different kinds of pop. Tom put some money in and a Pepsi popped out. Meanwhile Josh was walking around looking at the pokemon in the trees. He saw multiple Kakunas, Metapods, Cascoons, and Silcoons. He walked over to a weird tree. This tree had branches that were glowing a weird shade of black. He walked over to it. Just then, a weird pokemon popped out and looked at him. It looked like all of the Cocoon pokemon combined.

"Tom, get over here. Look at this tree and pokemon. It must be Team Hybrid." Josh yelled across the park they were in.

"Man, I think your right." Tom responded when he got to where Josh was.

The pokemon had the body of a Metapod, the head of a Kakuna, the eyes of a Cascoon, and the color of a Silcoon.

"How right you are. It is from Team Hybrid. But how do you punk kids know about us." A deep voice said from behind the glowing tree.

"Who said that and why should we tell you how we know." Tom yelled back to where he thought the voice had come from.

"Yeah, he’s right. We don’t even know who is talking to us." Josh threw in.

A tall man with black hair, blue jeans, and no shirt, but a vest jumped out from behind the tree with another freaky hybrid pokemon next to him. The pokemon had the body of a Golem, the head of a Scyther, the arms of a Crawdaunt, and the wings of an Aerodactyl. Its name is Aerocrawthergolem.

"Woah, that’s creepy." Josh and Tom yelled as they both sent out a pokemon.

"I never said I wanted to fight. I am Hybrid Member Cypher. I just wanted to talk about some things, like how you kids know about the mysterious Team Hybrid. And what are you doing here. We run this town, now get out." Cypher yelled.

"So, you run this town. That’s nice to know. I am sure Officer Jenny would like to know that. And we are not leaving, yet." Josh said with a smug smirk on his face.

"If it’s a fight you want, then it’s a fight you got." Yelled Cypher.

Tom sent out Sandshrew and Josh sent out Pikachu. The mysterious Hybrid member (of course) sent out Aerocrawthergolem. Aerocrawthergolem fired an extremely powerful Aerobeam at Sandshrew and Pikachu. Pikachu did a back flip to avoid the attack. Sandshrew quickly dug underground and avoided the attack. The Aerobeam went flying past and destroyed a nearby fountain.

"Holy crap, this guys serious." Tom said as he looked at the burning wreckage that once was a beautiful fountain.

"We had better get this battle over with fast, before anything else gets hit or someone is hurt." Josh said in major agreement with Tom.

"Good job, genius’. You finally realize that I am not playing around. Now, let us get this over with so I can get on with my life." Mocked Cypher.

As soon as the Aerobeam flew by, Sandshrew and Pikachu used Mimic. Two Aerobeams hit Aerocrawthergolem before it even saw them coming. It went flying backwards and destroyed a playground full of kids. A shadowy figure jumped in and saved the kids just before the blast hit. The shadow dropped the kids off at the pokemon center and flew away. Josh knew immediately who it was.

"Thanks, buddy." Josh said, just barely above his breath.

"What did you say, Josh." Tom asked while looking at the playground.

"Oh…nothing, Tom. Let’s finish him off." Josh reassuringly said to Tom.

"Oh, how touching. NOT. You two are severely getting on my nerves and are going down." Cypher yelled to us over the noise of burning metal.

Amazingly, Aerocrawthergolem got up from the wreckage and fired another Aerobeam at just Pikachu this time. Aerobeam may be a beam attack, but oddly enough it is a physical attack. Pikachu used an amazing Counter attack and sent the Aerobeam flying back at Aerocrawthergolem. It was a direct hit. He flew into a house, completely destroying it. Josh looked at the house with anger and disgust.

"Don’t worry kid." A feminine voice from behind Josh said.

He turned around to see a team of Policemen and Firefighters standing there putting out the fires and getting people to safety.

"Officer Jenny, what do you mean don’t worry. Do you see that house?" Josh yelled back to where Officer Jenny was standing.

"I mean, don’t worry. That family is all on vacation and there entire house and everything in it is insured. So it’s no big problem." She yelled back.

"Ok, that’s a relief. We are gonna finish him off now." I said as I turned back to the pile of rubble that had buried Aerocrawthergolem just moments earlier.

"Just finish him so we can have control of our town once again." She said.

"You can count on us." Josh and Tom yelled back to her.

As they thought they had won. An explosion came out of the rubble and a light flew up into the sky. Aerocrawthergolem had gotten angry enough to use its most powerful attack, Aeroblast. The next thing anyone knew was that meteors were falling toward the town.

"Evacuate the town to the cave outside town." Officer Jenny yelled to the police and fire squads.

"Mareep, Growlithe, Skitty, Spearow. Help them evacuate town. Save the people and pokemon." Josh yelled as he threw all of his Pokeballs to the ground.

"Abra, Delibird, Ponyta, Onix and Ledyba. Help Josh’s pokemon." Tom yelled as he too threw down his Pokeballs.

"Hey, we ain’t finished here!" yelled Cypher.

"We never said we were." Josh and Tom said.

As everyone worked hard to evacuate the city, Josh and Tom continued their battle with Cypher. Sandshrew used Rock Slide. Tons of powerful, heavy rocks flew at Aerocrawthergolem. They hit it hard, but it got up and used Rock Slide. Tons of rocks flew at Sandshrew. But luckily he dodged em by digging.

"What the crap? Did he just copy your move." Josh asked Tom.

"It’s probably just a coincidence. He is a rock type." Tom told Josh.

"Your probably right." Josh said.

Pikachu used an amazing Volt Tackle. It hit Aerocrawthergolem hard. Yet, it still got up and used Volt Tackle. It hit the shocked Pikachu hard and it went flying.

"Now I know it wasn’t a coincidence. The Pikachu Family is the only one that can learn Volt Tackle and its only through special breeding. What gives?" Josh yelled out.

"Woah man, your right. That’s not fair." Tom replied.

"Well, if you must know. Aerocrawthergolem can sometimes activate its special ability that is kinda like a Mirror Move, except much better. It can send back any move with twice the force." Cypher said while still mocking us and laughing.

"That’s not right. Cheater." Josh and Tom yelled.

"We gotta finish him off even faster now or he’ll finish us with our own attacks." Josh said to Tom.

"Yeah, lets do it." Tom said.

"Pikachu, use Thunderbolt. Sandshrew, use Swift." They both yelled.

The amazing Swift flew from Sandshrew’s mouth and was instantly hit by the powerful Thunderbolt from Pikachu. The electrified stars flew at Aerocrawthergolem and hit his hard before he could copy the attack. He fainted.

"Your done, Cypher. Now just give it up." Josh yelled.
Cypher recalled his pokemon and jumped on top of the tree near him. When all of a sudden, a helicopter came out of the tree and Cypher jumped on.

"I am outta here." Cypher yelled as he flew away.

The idiot flew right into a meteorite and his helicopter went down just outside of town. The police squad rushed out there to get him.

"Josh, what are we gonna do about these meteorites?" Tom yelled to Josh.

"Can you have Abra move them to the abandon field behind the town?" Josh asked Tom.

"I can try. Do it Abra." Tom said.

His Abra started working on the meteorites. But it was not looking good. When a little girl came into town to talk to Tom.

"I have a side team of all Abras. They can help." She said as she called them all to help.

The Abras helped out Tom’s Abra and the meteorites were safely placed in the field. The town’s people were so thankful, they prepared a feast for the kids. The girl introduced herself as Tracy. She told Tom and Josh about her team and past. She had a weird dream about Team Hybrid and this very day. She knew she had to meet them today and join them on their quest. A few minutes later, the police came back and said that they couldn’t find Cypher.

"In my dream a weird Gengar looking thing told me about Sonic and what had happened and it told me to join you." Tracy said.

"Ok, if we are gonna be travelin’ together, we should have proper introductions. I am Josh, a 13 year old from Cliff City." Josh told his new friends.

"I am Tom, a 14 year old from Creamville." Said Tom.

"I am Tracy, a 12 year old from POD City." Said Tracy.

Tracy went home and told her parents what had happened and that she was leaving on a quest with her new friends. Her parents gave her some supplies while she got together her team of pokemon. They were Rhyhorn, Machop, Hoppip, Vulpix, Squirtle, and Sudowoodo. Her parents bid her farewell and they were on their way.

Chapter 3-The Path of Doom

Before they left, Tracy’s parents and other locals warned them to be careful. The forest that they needed to go through was known as "The Path of Doom" There were some very weird happenings in there and reports of odd, non-pokemon creatures.

"Be careful as you pass threw the forest, kids." Tracy’s mom said.

"She is a big girl. She can take care of herself, plus she has friends and her pokemon with her." Tracy’s dad said.

"I’ll be fine. Don’t worry. I am with Josh and Tom. We all 3 have pokemon, nothing to worry about." Tracy said in response to what her parents had said.

"Don’t worry. We’ll take care of her." Josh and Tom said in unison.

"Like I need your help. Well, let’s go. Bye mom. Bye dad." Tracy said as she tackled Josh and Tom and they all walked away.

They stopped at the shop and bought some supplies. They bought food, water, and items. Then went off into the forest. The towns people stood and watched them until they dissapered. The forest was dark and creepy when they got in. All of a sudden, they heard a noise and jumped while pulling out their pokedex.

*No data found. This is not a pokemon* said the pokedex.

There was a giant skeleton thing standing in front of them. It did not look friendly or happy.

"Then it’s not a pokemon." Tracy said in confusion.

"Guess not." Said Tom in wonderment.

"Then what is it." Josh asked, just as confused as the rest.

"It’s a Summoned Skull. A creature not of this world." Said a squeaky voice from behind a nearby tree.

"Who goes their, show yourself." The kids all yelled.

"Ok, if you wish." Said the voice,

The next thing they knew a girl jumped out from behind the tree. She had on a pair of blue jeans, a black shirt, and a red hat with a big M with a Pokéball inside on it, the rim of the hat was yellow. At this time, she threw down 2 weird looking Pokeballs. Two more weird creatures came out. The Pokeballs were blue on top, black on bottom and red in the middle with a big M on the top in yellow letters.

"I am Misc. Grunt Hajime. I am a proud member of Team Miscellaneous, or Misc. for short. The other two thing that I sent out were Impmon and a Skulltula." She said.

"Ahh, it’s a little imp and spider." Tracy said with a scream.

"Hey, who ya callin’ little, ya punk." Yelled Impmon.

"Don’t call me a punk, ya little mini jerk." Tracy yelled.

"Woah, it can talk." Cried Tom.

"Of course it can. Unlike pokemon, all digimon can talk human language." Hajime replied.

"What’s a digimon? And on another note, what are those other things?" asked Josh.

"Well, if you must know, A digimon is a Digital Monster from the Digital World. That Summoned Skull is a Duel Monster from another world. And that Skulltula is a spider creature from the land of Hyrule. Ya happy now? Now fight." Hajime yelled back.

"Ok, let’s fight." Said all 3 kids at once.

Tom sent out Delibird. Tracy sent out Sudowoodo. Josh sent out Mareep. Hajime sent the Summoned Skull, Skulltula, and Impmon into battle. Tracy and Sudowoodo took on the Summoned Skull. Tom and Delibird took on the Skulltula. And Josh and Mareep took on Impmon. Tracy was gonna take out Impmon, but the Summoned Skull tried to attack her and made her mad. The Summoned Skull fired a Lightning Strike at Sudowoodo. Sudowoodo jumped up and used Mimic. He mimicked the Lightning Strike. (Any one who has seen the Summoned Skull in Yu-Gi-Oh do this attack probabably have the same disturbing picture in their heads as I do as I type this. A Sudowoodo using Lightning Strike. :p Creepy.) Sudowoodo used a Rock Slide at the same time. Sudowoodo’s Lightning Strike/Rock Slide Combo hit the Summoned Skull hard and it went flying.

"How dare you use his attack against him." Hajime said as she recalled the Summoned Skull back into the weird Pokéball.

"Yay, I did it. How are you guys doing?" Tracy said to the others.

"Ya, were doin’ great." They replied.

Tom was still battling the Skulltula and Josh is finishing up his fight with Impmon. Impmon used Bada Boom, Mareep dodged it and used Thunderbolt. It fried the imp, but he got up and used a super powerful Bada Boom. Mareep was hit and when flying backwards into a tree. She jumped up and started glowing. She then evolved into a Flaafy and used a very powerful Thunderbolt and Impmon was fried.

"Ugh, how are some punk kids beating me?" Hajime yelled.

"We are just better than you. 2 down, 1 to go." Said Josh.

"The last one is almost done too." Said Tom.

The Skulltula used a weird String Shot. Delibird was trapped, but only briefly. She broke out and fired an Ice Beam at the Skulltula. It was frozen. It then did a weird spin attack and broke out of the ice. After it was unfrozen, it fired a beam from its eyes. It was a Laser attack. It hit Delibird hard but it jumped back up.

"Hey, only a few pokemon even know that attack and your using it with a creature from another world." Tom yelled in confusion.

"Right, but being in this world, they have begun to learn pokemon moves that match them too. How cool is that?" Hajime replied with glee.

"That’s not fair. In that case, I must defeat you fast." Tom yelled back.

Delibird fired a quick Ice Beam at the Skulltula. Josh and Tracy jumped in to finish it off, too. Tracy’s Vulpix fired a Flamethrower into the Ice Beam, which was still flying toward the confused Skulltula. Josh jumped up and had his Mareep fire a Thunderbolt in the attack. Now, the spider had a triple elemental combo attack flying at him. It hit hard and it immediately fainted. Hajime quickly recalled it and started to run away. She ran into a tall man in a dark cape before she could get far. She had been stopped from escaping.

"Woah, thanks, but who are you?" Tracy asked in wonderment.

"Hahahahaha, funny you should ask." The man said in a deep, raspy voice.

"That doesn’t answer her question. Who are you?" Tom said in response to the man.

"Oh, sorry. How rude of me. I am Team Hybrid Admin Kitel." He said very politely. "I was sent here to stop the annoying Team Misc. member that was spotted in this area, but I found the kids that I was supposed to find next first. How lucky."

"Why are you looking for us. What did we do?" Josh said.

"You have stopped our plans on multiple occasions. You are a nuisance to the whole team. And you’re a bunch of annoying punks." Kitel said, laughing.

"WHAT WAS THAT. DID YOU JUST CALL ME A PUNK. HE’S MINE" Tracy said with fire in her eyes.

"Ok, Trac. (Trace) You can do the honors." Tom and Josh said as they backed away slowly.

"So, you wanna fight me, then lets go." Kitel said. "Send out three pokemon."

"Okay, I choose Machop, Squirtle and Rhyhorn. Who do you choose." Tracy said as she threw three Pokeballs to the ground.

At that, Kitel grabbed a machine out of his pocket, typed some things, and aimed it at Tracy’s pokemon. The next thing anyone knew, three Pokeballs were laying on the ground. They all three opened. A Machamp, Blastoise, and Rhydon jumped out. Then Kitel aimed the machine at them and they all went into a vortex and emerged as one creature. It was a Blastoise with Machamp’s arms and Rhydon’s horn.

"Meet Rhystoischamp. The newest member of Team Hybrid." Kitel said with a smirk on his face.

"So, that’s how you get hybrid pokemon. Then why do you need Sonic?" Josh yelled.

"That was actually the most low tech way of doing it. The other way actually involves fusing special pokemon, these were just evolutions of your guys from our boxes." Kitel said.

"That’s not fair. I am just gonna get this battle over with!" Tracy said as she sent her pokemon into battle.

Rhyhorn used Rock Blast, Squirtle used Water Gun on the rocks from the Rock Blast turning them into mud. So now, a huge wall of mud was flying at him. Then Machop used Fire Blast right into the mud. So now there was boiling mud flying at him. It hit him hard and he flew threw a few trees. All the pokemon got out of the way just in time. The Rhystoischamp jumped up and used 3 attacks in a row to create a combo. They all three used Earthquake, which destroyed everything for miles. Many pokemon were hurt, but some Chansey’s came out of nowhere and took them away. There must be a pokemon center near by. Tracy’s pokemon all fainted from the attack. All of a sudden, a shadow jumped down from the sky and landed next to Josh.

"The Masters Scmibamp. Is "The Master" near by?" Kitel asked, bowing to Scmibamp.

"Not even close, I left him. I am here to help my friend." Scmibamp explained as he stood next to Josh.

Scmibamp unleashed a Powerful Shadowball. It hit the Rhystoischamp hard. It got back up and fired a Hyper Beam. As it closed in on Scmibamp, he used another Shadowball. The Shadowball absorbed the Hyper Beam and kept going. It flew at Rhystoischamp and hit it hard. It fainted immediately.

"I am telling "The Master" about this." Kitel said as he looked for his ride.

"He already knows. I left him and the base in rubble. Hurry back." Scmibamp said with a smirk on his face.

Kitel jumped into a ship behind a tree and flew away. Hajime also jumped into a ship and flew away. The good guys had once again prospered, thanks to Scmibamp and Tracy.

"Victory is ours!" They all yelled as Kitel flies in one direction and Hajime flew in another.

They continued through the forest, trying to get out. They were lucky that there was a Pokemon Center just beyond where the fight took place.

"w00t!" Tom yelled as the Pokemon Center came into view.

"Yay." Josh and Tracy said.

They went into the Pokemon Center and healed their pokemon. Then they rested and left to go on their way. When they got outside, they saw some rustling bushes. Inside of the bushes were a Magnemite, Spoink, and Shiny Beldum. They want to catch them. So they do. Tracy battles and catches the Spoink in a very unusually easy battle. Tom catches the Magnemite in an equally easy battle. Josh then catches the Shiny Beldum in another simple battle. It’s like they wanted to get caught. [:] They went into the Pokemon Center to heal their pokemon and put the new ones on their team. Tracy puts Machop into the box and brings out the Spoink. Tom replaces his Onix for Magnemite. Josh sticks his Mareep into the box and gets out his Shiny Beldum. The next thing anyone knew, a dark figure popped into the Pokemon Center. The figure emerged and introduced himself as Team Rocket Grunt Emerl.

"Those pokemon that you just caught escaped from our Lab." Said Emerl. "Now, give them back or I will be forced to take them by force.

"No, we caught them fair and square." Yelled all three kids.

"That’s nice. But they still escaped from our lab. And they are ours, so give them back, now." Emerl yelled.

"NO!" The kids yelled as they threw down their new pokemon for battle.

Emerl threw out a Treecko against Josh’s Shiny Beldum; Chikorita against Tracy’s Spoink; and Bulbasaur against Tom’s Magnemite and the battle was on.

"Let’s make this a fair battle." Josh said. "One on One matches. If you win any of them, you get the pokemon."

Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I’ll go first." Said Josh.

Treecko used Bullet Seed on Beldum. Beldum shrugged it off and charged into a Take Down. Treecko went flying; but caught itself by pushing off a tree. It then tried an Absorb to no avail. Beldum charged in for another Take Down. Treecko dodged it and Beldum hit a tree; snapping it into splinters. It turned around and charged in for a final Take Down. Treecko used Headbutt (why, I don’t know). They collided and as in the show, there was an explosion sending everyone flying. When the smoke cleared, Beldum was the only one left standing.

"I won!" yelled Josh.

"Grr, on to the next battle." Emerl yelled.

"I’m next!" yelled Tom.

Chikorita used Vine Whip. Magnemite shrugged it off and used Thundershock. Chikorita just absorbed it and used Tackle. Magnemite moved and Chikorita hit a tree. It fell down, all dizzy and fell over. It jumped back up and used Tackle again. This one connected, but still made it dizzy cuz it tackled metal. Magnemite than used Screw Drill. Chikorita was hit hard and fainted.

"Another win for the good guys." Tom yelled in excitement.

"Grrr. Just go to the next battle." Emerl yelled in frustration.

:"That would be me." Said Tracy excitedly.

"I havta fight some little punk girl." Exclaimed Emerl.


"Oh, now he’s doomed." Said Josh.

"Yup." Replied Tom.

Bulbasaur used Vine Whip. It hit Spoink and knocked it over. Spoink used Confusion. Bulbasaur smacked itself a few times before it snapped out of confusion. Then it hit Spoink again. Spoink was mad at this point, plus he was getting a lot of anger from Tracy’s furiousness. Spoink used a spectacular Psybeam on Bulbasaur. It flew into Emerl and he blasted off.

"You haven’t seen the last of me. I will have those pokemon!" Emerl yelled as he flew away,

"Let’s get outta this forest." Josh said.

The others quickly agreed. They walked for about 20 minutes and then they started getting into a really rocky part of the forest. They saw a person in a cape and stopped to ask for directions. As soon as they got to the person, he stood up and threw off his cape.

"Hello. I am Mark of Team Magma. I heard about those pokemon you got from Team Rocket and we would like them. So, HAND THEM OVER!" Mark said.

"No, why is everyone after our pokemon. Leave us alone." Said all 3 kids.

"I sound like a broken record, but let’s make this a fair battle." Josh said. "One on One matches. If you win any of them, you get the pokemon."

Once again, all agreed.

"I’ll go first this time." Said Tracy as she threw down Spoink’s Pokéball.

Mark threw out a Torchic. Torchic used Ember on Spoink. Spoink fell down; but quickly jumped up and used Psybeam. Torchic flew into a nearby rock, but jumped back up and fired another Ember. Spoink fired an Psybeam into the Ember. Spoink’s attack was stronger. It sent the Psybeam with Fire spinning around it back at Torchic. Torchic was hit hard and fainted.

"Ha, Ha. I won." Shouted Tracy as she recalled Spoink.

"Urg, whose next?" Mark asked.

"I am." Answered Tom as he threw Magnemite’s Pokéball.

Mark threw out a Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil used Ember on Magnemite. It hit hard; but Magnemite got up and used Thunderwave. Cyndaquil was paralyzed. Magnemite hit it with a Screw Drill and it fainted.

"Wow, that thing was weak." Tom exclaimed.

"It’s just young, that’s all. Just bring on the next fight." Mark said.

"The final battle belongs to me." Said Josh in excitement.

Mark sent out Charmander. Charmander used Ember and it hits Beldum hard. It jumped up and used Take Down. Charmander retaliated with a powerful Ember. It hit Beldum hard and sent it flying through a rock; shattering it. It got up through the thick smoke and flew in for one final Take Down. Charmander fainted from being thrust into a tree.

"My pokemon will be much stronger when we next meet." Mark said as he ran off.

"Once again, lets get out of this forest." Josh said.

"YES!" said the other 2.

They walked for probably about 15 minutes until they got to a stream. They stopped for a drink. As they were finishing drinking, something jumped out of the water upstream a bit from them.

"I am Sophia of Team Aqua. I would like your Team Rocket pokemon now, please." Sophia said.

"NO, they are our pokemon." All 3 yelled.

"Once again, broken record but; let’s make this a fair battle." Josh said. "Three on Three battle. You win and you get the pokemon."

"Agreed." Said all.

Sophia sent out Squirtle, Mudkip and Totodile. Our heroes sent out Beldum, Spoink and Magnemite. Squirtle fired a powerful Water Gun at Beldum. Beldum used a Take Down right through the Water Gun and hit Squirtle and turned around and hit him again. Squirtle fainted. Mudkip used Water Gun on Magnemite. It shrugged it off and used Thunderbolt. Mudkip fainted. Totodile used Bite on Spoink. It was hurt semi-badly. It jumped up and fired a powerful Psybeam at Totodile and then fired 2 more and Totodile fainted.

"Yay, we won!" Our heroes said.

"I will be back and I will be stronger!" Sophia yelled as she ran off.

They continued down the path and finally made it out of the forest. They were now in Mountainville.

This is the Extra Info. I will post it at the end of all chapters. It will be updated tho. It is for future references, incase anymore Teams show up or they fight someone again.

Enemies that have appeared in Sonic’s Quest.
Team Hybrid Grunt Cypher-

Team Misc. Grunt Hajime-
Summoned Skull

Team Hybrid Admin Kitel-

Team Rocket Grunt Emerl-

Team Aqua Grunt Sophia-

Team Magma Grunt Mark-

Trainers that have appeared in Sonic’s Quest.
Youngster Joe-

Good Guys that have appeared in Sonic’s Quest.
None yet

Hero’s Parties.
Shiny Beldum-Steel/Psychic



Bad guy Teams.
Team Rocket – All around bad guys.
Team Aqua – Water loving team that once turned good, but wanted power, so became evil again.
Team Magma – Land loving team that once turned good, but wanted power, so became evil again.
Team Hybrid – A new team that used Hybrid pokemon to steal other things.
Team Misc. – A weird new team that uses creatures from different dimensions.

oni flygon
April 4th, 2006, 7:30 PM
Hmm... =/

Overall, the story feels like it's rushed... you lack quite a bit in description as your battles are... gasp, dare I say it, anime-style battling! Well, in short, your battles are kind of boring and repetitive especially the fact that they're quite bland and with no description. The whole scrunched up dialogue in the beginning was quite ... a bit tedious to read since you somehow switched from first person point of view to third person point of view and there are some parts where they just sound too awkward. Otherwise, maybe reading these threads will help you... =D


I hope for you improvement

April 5th, 2006, 12:15 PM
I didn't learn how to do the posts correctly until after Ch 1. I wrote all of the chapters at different times. I am working on my battle descriptions, someone on my forum said the same thing. Thank you for the CONSTRUCIVE Criticism. I would never post this on some sites (or anything by that matter) *coughserebiicough* because noone knows about Constructive Criticism, another reason why I love PC. So, ya thanks. I am gonna try and get Ch 4 done soon and I will take into mind what you said.